Belle’s Transformation

Belle staggered a bit on the odd pointy boots, absentmindedly wondering what kind of sadist could have dreamt up such a fashion statement, and thought back to when she had first awoken in this dreadful place.

She had awakened, horrified but still fully clothed, fastened by a short chain from a collar around her neck to a ring in the floor of what she had finally surmised was a basement level of some large building. The chain had allowed her enough room to stand, but was not long enough to allow her to walk more than a few feet before she was forced to hunch down to go any farther.

When she had tried to remove the collar, her horror had deepened when her fingers found the cold metal of a lock, holding it in place around her neck. The last link of the chain had been slipped through the hasp before it was closed. There was a similar lock on the other end securing it to the metal ring set with heavy bolts in the floor.

To any viewers, she provided an interesting spectacle of a young professional woman, dressed smartly in a dress and blouse with business jacket, black leather stilletto shoes, brown hair and green eyes. She had rather full lips, and at a bit over 5’-6” tall her considerable measurements were accentuated. Hers were natural breasts, and quite large - a fact that she had often tried to underplay out of a sense of prudery but had later embraced as an asset in finding jobs.

She had made it a conscious point to maintain a slim waistline and had worked long hours in the gym to make sure she stayed that way.

Everyone wanted a sexy receptionist!

She wasn’t sure how long she had remained alone - though in hindsight she was not sure she was not actually being observed at the time - but it seemed like hours that she had spent kneeling there and worrying at the lock and the collar trying to obtain release from either one.

Her cries for help had been in vain, of course.

A hazy glass window set into the roof above had allowed a dim light in, and this was how she knew she had spent at least the first afternoon and all night chained like that before she had seen another living soul.

About midday into her second full day in captivity, a cloaked figure had approached from deep in the shadows out of her sight. A low rough voice had rumbled out as the figure stretched a hand forth, holding a plastic bottle of water.

“Would you like water?”

Belle had fairly screamed in panic at that moment. “Let me go! What are you doing? You can’t do this to me! Please, just let me go and I won’t tell a soul. I just want to leave... please...” The entire time she had been going into full panic mode, she had been cringing away from the outstretched hand even though the sight of the water had made her aware of just how dry her mouth was by that time.

She realized her mistake when the hooded figure had simply turned and walked away. Though she had pleaded with the stranger to leave her the bottled water, she had been ignored as the figure disappeared into the shadows.

Frustrated, she had collapsed on the floor and discovered she had tears left after all as she had sobbed herself into a stupor.

It was only when the faint light through the window had begun to dim had she realized just how terrified she was becoming of being chained alone in the dark like that, and had experienced yet another panic attack. Still, no one approached her in the night and she sat huddled against the chill awaiting morning.

Next morning, she was not disappointed when the figure approached her again out of the shadows, again offering water.

“Would you like water?”

“Yes, please. Can you free me, please. I’ll take the water, but I really will do anything you want if you just let me go! Oh God I‘m so thirsty! Why have you done this to me? Please, just let me go.” Her questions had trailed off into a small hysterical whining sound at the end, but the stranger had ignored her questions.

“What will you trade for the water?”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I mean, what will you give me in exchange for the water?

Belle considered her next move carefully, realizing just what kind of demented game was being played now. She considered her next words carefully. “What do you want for the water?”

“Your coat, perhaps?”

Belle took stock of her situation. Though her purse was nowhere in sight, she was still fully clothed in a smart business dress suit with jacket. Even without the jacket she still would be fully clothed - and she desperately needed water!

“Fine. Take the jacket!” She held her hand out for the water, but the stranger made no move and didn’t speak. Realizing what the stranger was waiting for, she removed her business coat and tossed it towards the dark figure.

Immediately the stranger knelt and rolled the water bottle to her and collected the coat, leaving immediately afterwards.

Belle, for her part, chugged several swallows of the precious liquid and then forced herself to drink more slowly for the second half of the bottle.

As with the night before, she was not bothered and had to huddle a bit more uncomfortably in the night chill without her coat.

The next day was a repeat, with the cloaked figure demanding something in exchange for an apple and another bottle of water. Belle tried to negotiate one item of clothing for both the food and water, but the figure was unyielding and eventually she had given up her stockings.

The next morning, Belle was waiting when the figure approached, two earrings in hand in exchange for another bottle of water and an oatmeal protein bar.

Over the course of the rest of the week, Belle negotiated each day for sustenance, acutely aware at all times just how constantly hungry she was. A bucket had been placed at her disposal for the purposes of bodily functions, but she was becoming so dehydrated and starved she noticed she had less and less need of it as the days went on.

A necklace and shoe obtained a pear and water the next day. After that, she had sacrificed a ring and a bracelet.

Worried at how long this would go on, she had scrupulously negotiated, insisting that her shoes constituted two items and thereby receiving the needed water and food in return for going barefoot.

Finally, after she had exchanged a belt and her bra (removed in the darkness in anticipation of the next mornings exchange) for yet another apple and more water, she realized she was going to have to seriously consider her next trade.

She tried to negotiate for more food and water in exchange for her skirt, but her captor would not hear of it, and in the end she had reluctantly removed both panties and skirt in exchange for a banana and more water.

The next day was the one she had dreaded once she had realized what she had to bargain with, as she only had her blouse left now.

The stranger arrived with a stale slice of bread and yet another bottle of water.

“Please, can’t you let me have both for the shirt. I mean come on, I’ll be naked then. That has to be worth something, right?”

She had pleaded to no avail, reluctantly choosing the water even though her stomach growled at the sight of the food.

Weeping again, something that had become a nightly ritual, Belle had sat huddled with her arms clenched around her body, trying to stay warm in the increasing chill of the evening darkness, completely nude and still chained to the cold concrete floor. She knew the next day her jailor would return, but she would no longer have anything to trade him for food or water and worried as to what she would have to do to obtain either.

She had caught enough glimpses of him over the previous ten days to realize it was a man, probably close to middle aged, not bad looking but also somewhat scary in demeanor, healthy but not in a gym rat kind of way, with a pale scar down one side of his face, and she now realized she would probably have to offer more extreme trades for food and water.

For 21 year old Belle, the thought was terrifying. Her fears had been allayed, however, when the cloaked figure had suggested she put on the strange boots in exchange for the food and water. As an added incentive, there had been both an apple and a protein bar as well as two bottles of water.

Standing there, one arm clutched over her breasts and her hand over her genitals, Belle had agreed instantly.

The boots were ballet boots, though she didn’t know this was what they were called at the time, and she had to sit on the cold floor to slide them up her legs. The lower part, from just above the knee down, was a very stiff leather construction, with the upper part being more pliable leather. It took her over an hour to work her feet and legs into them, but in the end she finally managed to get them buckled at the thigh.

It was then that she realized she could only bend her knees but ever so slightly, and that her toes were now pointed and couldn’t flex.

Her captor made no further demands, simply rolling her food and water to her as she rolled awkwardly on the floor now, insisting only that she was not to remove the boots without permission.

The next day brought yet another surprise, when Belle agreed to place a leather hood over her head. Her brown hair spilled out of a small hole in the top of the hood, and she noticed it had some ridiculous looking ears connected at the sides.

Still, it was better than starving, though her tormenter insisted on securing the back of the hood himself.

This was the first time she had been in this close of a contact distance with him the entire time, and she had trembled involuntarily with her arms wrapped about her breasts as she felt his fingers work the lacings at the back of her neck. It was only after she heard a click and smelt something that she realized he had partially melted the nylon lacings, thereby forcing her to continue wearing the hood whether she wanted to or not.

Still, in her mind the extra food and water had been worth the trade.

The next day brought a strange sleeved device, and she was required to turn around and allow him to slide it up her arms. Once on, she was forced to remain in that position as she acclimated to life in an arm binder.

Her food and water were now deposited in a bowl, forcing her to lay on her stomach to eat and drink. With the boots on her legs, she was not unable to stand, but at least she could still eat.

The next day brought a surprise as she heard something being rolled into her world. That something turned out to be a treadmill.

Puzzled, Belle had listened to her captor offer to feed and water her if she would agree to walk the tread mill for one full hour.

Reluctantly, as her feet had not stopped hurting since she had put on the boots, Belle agreed.

It was excruciating!

Still, she had endured and in the end the jailor as good as his word as he once more fed and watered her as she lay gasping for air and sweating after the strenuous exercising. Not only was she out of shape, she was undernourished and almost dehydrated!

Still, this went on for at least two weeks and in the end, though her feet still ached fiercely, she could do the required exercise without collapsing in exhaustion.

Instead of continuing the program, the jailor had instead lengthened the time on the treadmill. Her food consisted almost exclusively now of various fruits and grains and nuts, and Belle would have killed for something with red meat in it!

She was always hungry!

Another side effect, one she had not anticipated, was she was also always horny! She didn’t know what the problem was, but her captor did. He had been slipping drugs into her food and water on a regular basis. Not enough to make a drastic change that was noticeable, but rather the buildup of the drugs in her system over time had nudged her libido into high gear. It was almost comical to him how wet she always seemed to be - but with her arms bound she had no chance of satisfying her needs.

Eventually, the final change took place and Belle found herself accepting a large bit in her mouth. She wondered how in the world she would be able to eat or drink with it between her teeth when she realized she had other concerns. She was forced to bend over as a large anal plug with long flowing brown hair that perfectly matched her own was shoved without ceremony up her ass.

Screaming about the bit, she had been led back to the treadmill. All of her sessions before had been for no more than an hour or two. This time, she saw the machine set for a full 4 hours. Panicking, she tried to pull back only to have her ass smacked with a riding crop.

Whimpering, she reluctantly climbed onto the machine. Her bit was tied off to the cross bars she would normally have held with her hands and she started walking. As she started to exercise, she was surprised when a rope noose was slipped down over her head, settling about her slim neck before being pulled upward so it was snug. The lead line from her bit to the treadmill was removed.

She suddenly realized that if she stopped walking she would hang herself!

Even as this realization sunk in, she noticed her captor had brought in furnishings. A table and comfortable chair. Next, a cloth was laid over the table and wine was laid out in a bucket of ice. A place setting was arranged and not more than 15 minutes later she heard voices and the scuffing of footsteps.

An elderly man came in then, taking his seat at the table. What Belle could only assume were bodyguards stood on either side as her captor, now dressed in a business suit himself, personally served a hearty meal of steak to the old fart. It was several long minutes before Belle realized she knew this man. He had been her last employer!

He had hit on her until she had complained to human resources, and now here he was watching her literally walking for her life! How long could she keep trudging along before her legs gave out?

Now even more terrified and entirely self conscious of her nudity on a whole new level, Belle tried to focus on putting one aching foot in front of the other as the assembled men stared unabashedly at her nakedness.

Belle could smell the food, and her stomach began to growl once more, so loudly even the men noticed and laughed at her.

The first hour was an easy walk. The second hour was more difficult, though she had grown used to it. The third hour was agonizing.

Sweat was pouring out of her body in torrents now, and she gasped for every breath. Her lower body was one massive ache as she forced her muscles to continue plodding on mindlessly. More than once she had missed a step and felt the noose tighten around her throat. Even picking up the pace didn't reverse this, the noose had not then slackened but had rather remained tightened.

She was afraid she would not make it, and the tears she had been suppressing this entire time sprang from her eyes in rivers that matched the sweat exuding from her young and fit body.

“I do believe she has finally comprehended what her fate is to be.” said the old man. The one who had been her jailor said nothing, only observed her dispassionately now as if he were watching a science experiment.

At over 3 ½ hours now, Belle was staggering. The noose had grown tighter and she could feel herself struggling harder for every breath. More than once she had stumbled and fell, hanging by her neck as her legs kicked and fought to get back underneath her on the constantly rolling surface of the treadmill.

She was a fighter though, and found reserves she did not know she had and continued on even though the noose was significantly restricting her breathing. She could see spots before her eyes now.

When she did steal a glance at her audience, she couldn’t help but notice how the old man was leaning forward now, anticipating her demise as he watched her breasts heave and swing with every step, watched every rivulet of perspiration trickle down across her body, noticed how moist her pubic area now was.

This was the end. She knew she was done for. She stumbled again, her legs quivering madly as muscles knotted spastically. A grunt was all that was heard as her weight came down on the noose and she couldn’t get her feet back underneath her for the last time. She felt it tighten more than it had the entire length of the ordeal and knew she was about to die.

Then the treadmill stopped. She had made it the entire four hours! Realization gave her one last surge of strength as she stood on wobbly legs and turned to stare at her tormenters.

One of the bodyguards, at a slight gesture, walked over to the treadmill and confirmed the timer had run out. The old man looked disappointed, but the man she had spent the past month with looked impressed.

Finally, the old man spoke. “Please reset the machine for another 4 hours, thank you.”

Belle stared in horror as the body guard reached over and began to adjust a dial. She could only shake her head and weep. There was no way she could do it again. She had barely survived it the first time! She looked pleadingly at her former employer, then at her captor, shaking her head in denial now.

She had passed their test, damn it! It wasn’t fair! It was then she felt the conveyor moving once more under her feet. Somehow the brief respite allowed her to recuperate enough to start walking again, though she knew it was hopeless. They were literally going to walk her to death!

It was only then that she heard the sweetest words she had ever heard in her life.

“Such a shame to waste such a fine piece of ass.”

She hazarded a glance at her kidnapper, stumbled, and refocused on walking while trying to hear as much as possible now.

“Yes, but she rejected me! Me! How dare that strumpet think she was too good for me!”

“True, that was impertinent of her, but think of the possibilities. If you end her now, it’s over. If you let her live, you can enjoy her torment for years to come.”

“Hmmm... you may have a point there. What do you propose? I can’t very well take her to my downtown penthouse apartment!”

“I have a solution for that. I know of a pony girl stable in the next state over that specializes in this kind of matter. All of the livestock are the same as Belle here - involuntary. The owners are quite discreet, I assure you, and you can enjoy years of service from this young filly.”

Belle’s hopes began to soar for the first time now, if she could just keep forcing her feet to move she might survive. The hope gave her new adrenalin even if the noose was choking her to death.

“Sounds like a good plan, but I had so anticipated seeing her naked body swinging in it’s death throes, watching her feet kick uselessly. Seeing the last expression on that pretty face of hers. That’s what we have been training her for this whole time, after all!”

“True, but you can do that anytime you want. This way, you have the option.”

“Very well, you’ve convinced me. You can take care of the arrangements then?”

“Certainly. I’ll let you know when I have her moved and she is ready for your use.”

“Done. We’ll adjust your fee and settle up when she is relocated to the stables. Now if you will excuse me, this has been a very entertaining afternoon but I have to interview some new applicants for secretary.”

With this last statement, the old codger rose and shook hands with Belle’s captor, then walked away with his bodyguards in tow.

Belle, for her part, continued to march on, frantic now to be released from her torment. The old man had agreed to it so why was this guy waiting?

“Well, I guess I need to get you down now.”

He stopped the machine and removed the noose from her neck. Belle collapsed immediately into a whimpering pile at his feet, every muscle screaming in pain and agony as her lungs felt as if they were on fire from the air rasping it’s way down her throat now in great gasps.

On the one hand she was grateful, he had saved her life. On the other hand, he had kidnapped her for money and placed her in this position in the first place! Still, Belle figured if it had not been him then her former boss would have just found someone else to do the dirty work. That someone else may have been content to let her die.

She staggered as he dragged her to her feet, crying openly now with each tortured step as he marched her across the room to the chair. Instead of letting her sit in it, he walked her around behind and forced her to lean over the back, her sweaty ass in the air now.

She knew what was coming, and in spite of her torments was surprised at just how aroused she was at the prospect. She still didn’t know she had been slowly drugged, but it didn’t matter to her captor as she felt his hands grasp her hips from behind and flip her pony tail out of the way.

She had no idea what a pony girl ranch was, but it had to be better than what she had experienced thus far ...

The End

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Belle's Transformation