The New Regime
by Roy Jones

It was Thursday; Thursdays always seemed an anticlimax, they weren’t Friday so you couldn’t look forward to the weekend yet, and Wednesdays were the day when you had passed the summit of the week, “What were Thursdays for she wondered?” Interrupting her reverie Nina opened her locker and quickly slipped off her coat and shoes. After placing her coat on the coat hanger and putting her shoes on the bottom shelf of the locker she turned to see how Helen was getting on.

Helen was undoing her blouse.

“I don’t know why you bother with all that. You know you’re just going to have to undress anyway.”

Helen sighed. “I don’t like to think about it. I’m still not comfortable with this; anyway you hardly wear clothes at all nowadays! So you’re used to it.”

Nina reflected that Helen was probably right; then she looked at her watch. “Hurry up! We’ve still got to get ready.”

Helen glanced at her own watch and immediately stopped dawdling and practically ripped the rest of her clothes off and threw them in the locker.

“I’d hang them up properly; you don’t want to earn a demerit for untidiness, if they get creased!”

Helen nodded and quickly hung up the rest of her clothes. Nina turned to close her locker and glanced again at the short notice that had been stuck to the inside of their lockers:

Specialized Affairs Discipline Regime

  1. The award of merits will mark exceptional performance.
  2. The award of demerits will mark poor performance.
  3. Each Friday afternoon the week’s merits and demerits will be totalled and the merits will be subtracted from the demerits.
  4. Demerits carried over from previous weeks will be added to the current total (positive or negative) and the resulting total will be used to decide the level of sanction.
  5. A positive total will result in sanctions being applied for the duration of the following week.
  6. The sanctions are graduated and cumulative: i.e. a level three sanction includes the levels two and one sanctions.
  7. Demerits in excess of level one will be carried over to the following week: i.e. if one week a level two sanction is applied, the following week a level one sanction will be applied; assuming that no further demerits are awarded during the first week.
  8. Where possible, paralegals will be responsible for administering sanctions to each other.
  9. Both Merits and Demerits are not awarded lightly so sanction levels are set at the following values: 3 demerits for the first level sanction. 2 demerits per level thereafter.


  1. Depilation. Each morning, before work begins, the sanctionee will be shaved to remove all body hair in the genital region.
  2. Bondage. The sanctionee shall be hobbled and cuffed whilst in the office. Activities that she is unable to perform for herself will be performed for her.
  3. Display. When not engaged in work related activities, the sanctionee will kneel on a display stand, with her legs spread and arms raised with hands resting on the back of her neck. The sanctionee will be displayed for a minimum of 3 hours per week.
  4. Arousal. During each period of display the sanctionee will be stimulated so that at least one orgasm will be experienced during each display period.
  5. Chastisement I. After each display period the sanctionee will receive 5 strokes of a soft leather strap to be administered one stroke to each breast, buttock and one stroke to the vagina.
  6. Chastisement II. Two strokes.
  7. Chastisement III. Three strokes.


Should a person feel that demerits have been awarded unnecessarily or unfairly then she shall have the option of an appeal before the rest of the staff. If the appeal is successful then the demerits shall be cancelled and replaced by the same number of merits; if the appeal is unsuccessful then the same number of demerits shall be awarded again.

As she read the notice through, she considered again the stupidity of appealing the award of those final demerits last Friday!

Both she and Helen had endured Level 1 and 2 Sanctions in the weeks since that fateful meeting.


“Ladies, would you join Donny and me in my office for a short meeting.”

Nina and Helen looked at each other questioningly; and reluctantly, they each pushed back their chairs and stood up. Helen was still not used to being nude; so she reached for a notepad and clasped it to her chest.

“You won’t need to take notes,” said Sarah with a smile, “just come as you are!”

Suppressing a shudder Helen put down her notepad and followed Nina up the stairs to Sarah’s office.

As she entered, Donny came through the connecting door. Helen blushed a deep rose as she noticed the appreciative look he gave her. She sat down as quickly as she could and pulled her chair close to the table to maximise the coverage that it gave her.

Sarah remained standing whilst Nina and Donny made themselves comfortable.

“Since the party a few weeks ago Donny and I have been thinking about the implications of our new working arrangements for our discipline procedures. As the ‘Specialized Affairs’ section we have a reputation to maintain, so we can’t have anything as mundane as fines or suspensions. Therefore in consultation with Donny (and others) I drew up this schedule.”

Donny handed out copies of a single sheet document. Sarah carried on talking.

“You need to read it first and then we can discuss it and make any changes that you all feel are reasonable.”

Helen and Nina looked speculatively at each other; ‘Was this the voice of reason; from the LegalLady?’

Sarah continued. “Anyway I’ll get a charge out of knowing that you agreed to do these things, if you ever have to do them!”

That was more like it! Nina and Helen started to read.

When both Nina and Helen had finished studying the document, Sarah spoke again.

“Right! The floor is now open for discussion.” and sat down. Nina was first.

“This looks like a finished document, apart from the odd ‘to be decided’. Are you willing to change any of it?”

Helen nodded.

Sarah looked thoughtful.

“Look, I never like to present draft proposals, so I’m sorry if this looks cut and dried. I did speak to Jim and Brian too; in fact Brian suggested the display sanction and levels 4 and upwards were Jim’s idea …”

She thought for a moment, “… well I may have added something to them. But the basic idea was his though. Anyhow, the answer to your question is: yes it’s all up for grabs, apart from the main principle that is.”

“And what’s the main principle?” asked Helen.

“Oh, I thought I’d made that clear. The discipline regime should be unusual, consensual and humiliating. I think that the last bit is essential otherwise there’s no deterrent is there?”

Sarah smiled and carried on.

“We’ve tried to give you the chance to ‘make amends’ within the week. That’s why there are demerits and merits and we’ve allowed for appeals too; note that the appeals committee is the rest of us, so unless you’ve really annoyed your co-worker you will have at least one sympathetic voice on the committee.”


In the end, of course, nothing substantive had been changed and all of them had agreed to abide by the new regime. Even, surprisingly, Sarah and Donny. Though less surprisingly neither of them had earned a single demerit in the weeks that followed.


It had been nearly two weeks after the start of the new regime before either of the two paralegals had earned enough demerits for a sanction to be applied. And so it was Nina who had to suffer the daily indignity of being shaved by Helen before she started work. (Actually after the first day of razor burn Nina decided that shaving meant any form of depilation and substituted a bikini-line depilatory cream.) However it was still Helen’s job to apply it and wash it off. The next week both of them had earned a level one sanction and mutual depilation in the company showers each morning became the norm for the following week.

After that things settled down with both girls earning enough merits to offset any demerits that they had earned. As they settled into the regime they became blasé. Two weeks ago Nina had earned a level two sanction; with Helen accompanying her with a level one. Even this had not been too bad; the chains had been merely inconvenient. Then had come that fateful Friday …


At first Nina had been sanguine about earning three more demerits until Helen pointed out that she had three demerits to ‘carry over’ from the current week. After a quick calculation she realised that she was only one demerit from a level three sanction!

Donny interrupted her reverie. “Nina. Where’s that research on the Palmer case. I need it for the three o’clock hearing and I want to read through it.”

Nina went very still. “I thought you meant next Friday; I haven’t started it as I thought I had plenty of time. I’m sorry; I’ll get on it right away though. I’m sure I can have something on your desk you can use if I work through my lunch hour …”

Donny looked cross. “Don’t bother I'll get a continuance …”

Nina looked relieved.

“… Meanwhile you can take two demerits to help you to pay attention to a partner when they ask you to do something.”

“But that’s not fair! It was an honest mistake! You can’t give me two demerits just for a simple mistake.”

“Are you appealing my award?”

“Yes. I can’t believe you would give me any demerits just for mishearing you!”

Donny looked thoughtful. “It’s your right of course, but I’d think twice if I were you.”

Nina had stuck to her guns; swept along be her own sense of self-righteousness and the fear of a level three sanction.

And it all seemed to be going her way; she had been eloquent, cogent and persuasive in arguing her point. Unfortunately it had all been brought to nothing by a simple question from Donny directed at Helen.

“Could you tell me what I asked Nina to do first thing this morning?”

“You asked her to research the Palmer case and you apologised for the short notice, but you needed it first thing this afternoon.”

Nina looked despairingly at the other three. “Oh God you did! I’m so sorry Donny; I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Sarah spoke. “I don’t believe a formal vote is required, since all parties now seem to agree about the facts. You were awarded two demerits and those will stand and along with the further two penalty demerits that brings you to …”

“… 7 demerits for this week, Nina, plus 3 from last week making a grand total of 10!”

Donny paused, he had only considered the implementation of up to level three sanctions and he wasn’t sure what to do about a level four. “I believe that’s a level four sanction. I’m not …”

Sarah smiled her best ‘cat who got the cream’ smile and interrupted. “I have just the equipment we need!”

Nina groaned inwardly; of course she did!

“After the Tami Smithers case was completed I came across the mark two retainer device and nipple stimulators. I think they’ll be just the job for the arousal part of the sanction!”


“OK I’m finished, let’s go and get ready.”

Helen was carrying her chains and Nina lifted a box from her locker that contained her chains and the rest of the equipment. They both shut their lockers and twirled the combinations. They would be unable to open them for the next eight hours or so; unless one of the partners gave them permission.

They made their way to the shower room. As Helen required less preparation she went first. Sitting on the edge of the shower she spread her legs wide giving Nina an uninterrupted view of her vulva and anus. Carefully Nina applied a thin film of the cream. As she did this Helen’s colour darkened; neither of them had yet got to the point where they weren’t either embarrassed or aroused by this procedure. Helen closed her eyes, and then opened them again as a jet of cold water from the shower landed on her.

“Oh! You …” words failed her.

Nina grinned. “Sorry. I was too quick; anyway that’s you done now.”

Helen grimaced. The water had warmed up and they couldn’t afford the time to wait for it to cool down so she could return the compliment. Anyway Helen had to fit the retainer device to Nina and that was embarrassing enough for Nina. They swapped places and Helen ensured that Nina was hair-free also.

Helen opened the box and removed a U shaped piece of clear plastic with bumps and protrusions on the inner surface. This was the devilish refinement of the retainer device that McMasters had produced for Tami Smithers to wear. Nina squatted down slightly, while Helen applied lubricant to the inner surface of the U. She knelt down and pulling the upper ends of the U apart she gently eased it between Nina’s opened legs. There were two larger stubby probes that met her anus and vagina. The longer of the two entered her vagina with little effort, but the anal probe required coordination on Nina’s part. However, after three days practise they now had this down to a fine art. Next Helen was required to ensure that Nina’s vaginal lips were well separated and located in specific channels on the inside of the U. Nina groaned with embarrassment.

“Sorry, but I have to do it.”

Nina nodded. Helen adjusted the U so that Nina’s clitoris was properly located and then she checked to ensure that the final, tiny probe was located just at the entrance to Nina’s urethra. She removed a clear plastic belt from the box and threaded it through stiff loops at the top of the U. The belt was adjusted for Nina's waist and then locked closed. Nina stood up and groaned slightly as she felt the probes shift within and around her. The device cruelly exposed her entire genital region; and this was only the beginning! Nina wondered again at the twisted genius that had devised something that was both as shaming and arousing as this was.

“Ok nearly done.”

“Don’t mind me! Just wait ’til it’s your turn.” This was said without heat and Helen merely smiled. The outer door banged and a minute later Sarah breezed into the shower room.

“Hello ladies.”

Helen glanced at her watch.

“Don’t worry, I’m just early,” said Sarah and stood watching her two paralegals as they finished their preparation.

Helen bent down to retrieve the longer of two plastic probes. Quickly she slathered lubricant on, privately she wondered why she bothered; Nina produced enough of her own by this stage. Pressing a hidden recessed button caused the front probe to be loosened allowing it to twist free. A collar of clear plastic kept Nina’s vagina open and the second longer probe slipped in without effort and clicked home. A similar procedure with the anal probe saw it replaced by something substantially longer and heavier than the original ‘locator’ anal probe (though not as long as the vaginal probe) and again it clicked home.

“Let’s get you into your chains before I switch you on.”

Nina nodded, unwilling to speak at this point until she got used to just how invaded and exposed she felt. She was grateful to Helen for giving her this respite before she switched on the retainer. All too soon the chains were fitted and Helen knelt down and pressed a second small switch on the anal probe. Immediately Nina gasped as the retainer went live.

The inside of the U shape was lined with invisible electrodes, that both carried information to the CPU in the anal probe and stimulating charges from the CPU to her most sensitive places. The probe within her vagina opened out into some sort of demented Christmas tree shape and extended to ensure close contact with her cervix and various other spots within her vagina including the one most commonly known as the “G” spot.

“What’s it like?” Sarah asked with frank curiosity.

Nina took a shuddering breath, “Be my guest.”

“No, seriously, how does it feel?”

“Like I have a watermelon inside me! It doesn’t hurt or anything, but it seems to be touching me everywhere.”

“Oops! I forgot the nipple stimulators!” said Helen and with more haste than care she attached them to Nina’s highly aroused nipples.

“Ugh!” the CPU in the device recognised the new peripherals and immediately restarted the calibration process.

“I really … uhh … oooohhhhh … hate it when … oh God! You do that!” moaned Nina.

“Sorry!” said Helen with a slight smile; the cold water had been repaid with interest!

“Oww!” the self-test over, the device had recognised that Nina’s arousal level was greater than the value pre-programmed by the remote control and had taken steps to reduce it!

Sarah leaned over and picked up the remote control for the retainer from the box and looked at the display. “You really ought not to leave it set at level zero!”

“Actually I prefer to get it over with straight away. At any other level I can’t concentrate properly. Since you’re here and I have 45 minutes of mandatory display time still to do can I do 15 minutes of it before we start work?”

“I suppose so. Donny’ll be disappointed though; he likes watching you cum!”

Nina blushed darkly at this reminder.

“Still, perhaps he should get to work earlier. Don’t forget Helen’s chains though, I believe she’s still serving a level two sanction.”

It was the work of a moment to attach Helen’s wrist and ankle cuffs and a minute later the odd procession left the shower area and made their way to the raised dais that had been placed in the centre of the work area that was part of the ground floor. It was padded and three small depressions in the padding showed where Nina’s knees and feet had been placed over the last three days. A small countdown clock, like those used in chess matches, showed 45. Only when Nina was properly in position could Helen press the button that started the timer.

Reluctantly Nina got into position; knees widespread; hands interlinked on the back of her neck. Offhand she couldn’t think of a position that exposed her more thoroughly, at least one that didn’t involve medical equipment anyway. Helen pressed the timer button. The small sound interrupted Nina’s pleasant daydream of what it would be like to have Sarah in this position.

Sarah gave the remote control Helen. “Start her on level two for five minutes, then level four for the next five … no seven minutes, and level five for the last three.”

Helen looked sympathetically at Nina. “O.K., you’re the boss.” Usually they left the stimulation until the last few minutes of Nina’s display period; the sanction said nothing about continuous arousal only that she should achieve at least one orgasm during each display period. Helen turned the dial on the remote until it read “2”.

Insidiously the device started to arouse Nina; she felt small feathery touches around her nipples and along her vaginal lips. Next the probes within her started to undulate and she felt stronger caresses around her “G” spot. Now the sensations were getting stronger and Nina felt herself accelerating towards orgasm … and then the sensations stopped. The device had raised her arousal level and would now maintain it until told to do otherwise. Helplessly Nina thrust her hips back and forth in a vain effort to achieve some further stimulation; she looked pleadingly at Helen. Helen shrugged her shoulders and looked at Sarah.

“Don’t worry Nina, only 12 more minutes to go!” said Sarah smiling brightly and with that she sprang youthfully up the stairs to her office.


“Uhhhhhhhhhhh” Nina moaned gently as another feathery touch on her clitoris and around her urethra caused her hips to undulate once more. Suddenly further stimulation occurred as Helen turned the dial from 2 to 4. Once more the touches came thick and fast, but more strongly now. Nina’s thoughts grew more disconnected as her concentration turned inward and she was unaware that her audience had grown by one as Donny came into the office.

“How much longer has she got?” He asked Helen.

“Another 4 minutes at level four and then 3 minutes at level 5.”

“Sarah’s already here then I presume?”

“How did you guess?”

This conversation took place over a background of heartfelt moans and grunts, as Nina was kept mercilessly at the high level of arousal dictated by the device, without ever being allowed the release of orgasm. Nina’s face, chest and breasts were now noticeably flushed and perspiration collected between her breasts and flowed unevenly down her stomach, driven by her ragged breathing.

Finally the seven minutes were up and Helen turned the dial round to “5” and watched with fascination as her friend was washed helplessly into one long three-minute orgasm. Frantically thrusting her hips backwards and forwards as her body was driven to react in a primeval fashion to the relentless stimulation provided by the device; Nina was driven from crest to crest.

Sarah leaned over the balcony. “I think that’s enough for now. Be careful how you bring her down.”

Helen nodded and over the final minute of her fifteen-minute display period she turned the dial back to zero.

“Nina, my office in ten minutes please,” Sarah’s voice floated down from the balcony.

“Yes Sarah.”

She climbed unsteadily down from the dais and took the towel that Helen offered her.

Another day at the office had begun!


“We’re having a visit from a prospective new client later this morning,” said Sarah as Nina came in. “His name is Crown Prince Nasim; his father is the Sultan of some tin pot Arab principality that’s nothing but sand and oil. I need you to do some general research on him and his country. He’s due here by 11:00, so I need something by 10:00.”

“OK. I’ll get right on it.” Nina turned to leave.

“That was quite a show just now; I hope you’re not getting too tired by all the exertion.” Sarah couldn’t pass up the opportunity to embarrass her assistant and watched with interest as Nina coloured up and stammered a reply.

“N … no I can cope, thanks.” And left quickly before Sarah could twist the knife still further.


“… There isn’t much on the man himself. He was educated in England at Eton and Oxford University – Magdalene College.”

Sarah looked up; she had been reading a copy of Nina’s notes. “Is that pronunciation correct?”(Nina had pronounced it ‘maudlin’.)

“Yeah, I remembered someone telling me about it from a trip round Europe. The British have some really strange names that are pronounced nothing like the way they are spelt. Like ‘Featherstonehaugh’ and ‘Cholmondely’ should be said ‘Fanshaw’ and ‘Chumley’. It’s weird; but they’re British so what do you expect?”

Nina carried on.

“The place seems to be floating on crude oil. They call it the ‘champagne of crude oils’ because it needs so little refining.”

Nina looked up from her notes. Sarah nodded for her to continue.

“The country has very close ties with the UK; they’ve modelled their health, education and welfare services on the British and their political system too. They have an elected body which is where the real power rests and then an un-elected second body made up of the royal family and assorted Sheiks.”

Nina paused and looked up. “The next bit is really strange; they don’t have any written laws and they don’t allow lawyers.”

Sarah looked shocked. “They must have laws. The place would be like the Wild West without laws!”

“They do have laws, and courts, and judges. I said they don’t have any written laws. Apparently the grandfather or great-grandfather of the Sultan had a bad experience with an American Oil company back at the end of the 19th century and reckoned that lawyers were a ‘bad thing’. He also decided that the written law was also a ‘bad thing’. I couldn’t find out why. Apart from that the place sounds like a paradise. The money from the oil is split two ways. Half goes to pay for the infrastructure and the other half is divided equally amongst the population! There’s less than a 100,000 of them and so everyone is very well off and there’s no taxation.”

Sarah looked shocked. No lawyers; no taxation how could the place work at all?


“As Nina knows we have an important prospective client arriving in 10 minutes or so. I’ve called in a favour or two and discovered that he’s well into the ‘lifestyle’ as a dominant; so it’s lucky that both of you happen to be in chains.”

Sarah looked speculatively at Helen and Nina, who were sitting at their desks in the main area.

“While he’s here I’d like you two to behave submissively. No sitting on the furniture. Kneeling in the display position when you’re not occupied with work … that sort of thing. O.K. Carry on.”

Helen looked stricken. But before she could say anything though Donny took pity on her and asked her to start tidying the library.

Sarah spoke again. “Move your chair (and Helen’s) into the meeting area and move a couple of the footstools next to your desks; you can kneel on them for the time being.”

Nina nodded and started to do as she was asked. “After you’ve done that I think you have time for another fifteen minutes display time, don’t you?”

Not trusting herself to say anything Nina hurried to swap the chairs and the footstools and get into position on the dais. If she were lucky then she might just have finished before the Prince arrived; once settled she called to Helen to come and start the timer.

Less than a minute had gone by before Nina heard the sound that she had been dreading: the sound of the outer front door open warning. Sarah leaned over the balcony and called to Helen. “Go and welcome our guests and bring them to the meeting area; remember to be demure!”

‘Demure!’ thought Helen. ‘I’m naked and in chains! How can I be demure?’

Specialised Affairs had no receptionist, although they did have a large foyer. The outer doors were linked to a chime and were glazed with one-way glass so the foyer was hidden from the gaze of passers-by. The inner door could only be opened from the inside. With some trepidation Helen went to greet the Prince. She could see from the CCTV screen by the inner door that he wasn’t alone.

“Don’t keep the Prince waiting Helen!”

Steeling herself and blushing deeply, Helen opened the inner door.

“Welcome to Specialised Affairs. Will you follow me please, Sir?” Being careful to keep her eyes lowered she held the door open as the Prince and his retinue entered.

“This is a most pleasant welcome. It almost reminds me of home!” The Prince spoke in the clipped accent of the English upper classes. “I believe I have an appointment with Ms. Sarah Wickland and Mr. Donald Bell? In the meantime however, and in view of your attire, would you excuse me for a moment?”

Turning to the two smaller members of his party. “You may revert to standard dress code.”

Helen watched wide-eyed with curiosity as the two quickly opened their long robes to reveal that underneath they were naked. Surprisingly they were not both women as she had assumed from her quick glance at the TV monitor, but a man and a woman. Most definitely one of them was a man as eight inches of erect penis was revealed. “Take their robes please Hamid.”

Turning back to Helen the Prince asked. “Could you tell my driver where he may put the robes while we are here?”

Weakly Helen gestured towards the coat rack that stood near the door. “There are also lockers if you would prefer, Sir.”

“These will be fine. Wait here please Hamid.” Hamid nodded and placed the robes on hangers. Meanwhile Helen started to lead the Prince and his two … slaves she supposed that they were, to the meeting area where Sarah and Donny waited impatiently.

For once Sarah seemed unsure of herself. The Prince was a tall and imposing figure and the sight of his naked retinue was unusual to say the least. Extending her hand towards the Prince she said. “Welcome. I’m Sarah the senior partner here and this is Donny my assistant.”

The Prince took her hand and bowed over it. “I’m delighted to meet you both.” He shook hands with Donny and, gesturing to his two naked companions, said, “I hope you don’t mind me taking advantage of your dress code?”

“No that’s perfectly O.K. That’s one of the reasons that Specialised Affairs is in a separate building now. Would you like a drink before we start?”

“Not at the moment.”

“Helen, Nina has 10 minutes to go, could you put her on level three for 5 minutes; level four for 3 minutes and level five for the last two minutes.”

Helen nodded and turned to go.

“Oh I’m sorry I forgot, this is Helen one of our paralegal assistants.” Sarah introduced Helen who blushed again to be the centre of attention. “If you would step this way I will introduce you to Nina the final member of our team.”

Stepping around the partition brought them to work area, which was dominated by the sight of Nina kneeling on the dais. Her hands were resting on the nape of her neck and her knees were spread wide. Helen hurried to the desk and picked up the remote control. Nina stared pleadingly at Sarah. The blush that had heated her face now deepened and spread to her breasts. Then Helen turned the dial to three. Her mortification was complete as she was helpless to prevent the rising tide of her arousal from making her hips undulate erotically and she moaned with shame and lust.

“This is Nina our second paralegal.”

“She is most decorative. I presume there is a reason for her being like this?”

“She is suffering the consequences of some poor performances last week. We felt that our disciplinary procedures needed to be somewhat more … ah creative in our section and this is the result.”

The Prince walked slowly around the suffering paralegal. Nina had thought that she had tasted the very depths of shame and humiliation the first time she had been made to orgasm and it hadn’t seemed to get any easier as the week progressed, but at least she had only been seen by Sarah, Donny and Helen. Now she realised it had been nothing. This was a whole order of magnitude worse!

“A most entertaining device. Where did you get it?” Sarah explained some of the history of the retainer. During which Helen turned the dial from three to four.

“Uhhhhhhhhh.” A moan escaped from Nina, level four was almost intolerable. Coherent thought was prevented as incessant touches and vibrations to her most sensitive and erogenous zones kept her at that delicious state of near orgasm without allowing her to achieve it.

Further discussion tailed off as Helen moved the dial from four to five and once more Nina was pushed over the edge as orgasm after orgasm was helplessly wrenched from her; panting and groaning she made an arresting sight. With a nod from Sarah, Helen started to lower Nina’s arousal level.

The Prince spoke again. “I particularly like the exposure that the device gives; it’s not often that it’s possible to have such a clear view.”

By this time Nina’s arousal level was close to zero and now her humiliation was complete. Here was a total stranger closely examining here sexual organs after having witnessed her in the throes of an extended orgasm! Could things get any worse?

Sarah leant forward and stopped the timer. “Say ‘hello’ to the Prince, Nina.”


“Hello, Your Highness.” Keeping her eyes lowered submissively Nina greeted the Prince.

The Prince gently raised her head with his finger. “There’s no need for such formality. ‘Sir’ is quite sufficient!” Nasim winked broadly as he said this and Nina saw that his eyes twinkled merrily. She smiled back disarmed by his obvious self-parody.

“As you wish … Sir.”

“Right! Let’s get to it shall we? Nina would fetch the blue file from my desk and bring it to the meeting area. Don’t forget your notebook we will need notes to be taken.” Sarah spoke briskly.

The Prince spoke, “Our laws don’t allow written records when legal matters are involved. Would you mind if our meeting was videoed?” He looked at Nina, taking Sarah’s acceptance for granted. Nina looked confused, was he really asking her for permission? “You can rest assured that the video record won’t be viewed by anyone, unless we become involved in a dispute with your firm, and only then if the trial takes place in my country.”

“Uhh that’s O.K. I guess.” Nina turned to do as she had been asked.

“Thank you.” The prince reached into his pocket and removed a small but expensive digital video camera and held it out to his two naked companions. As the girl took the camera the Prince’s watch beeped. The Prince turned to Sarah. “I have certain rituals that I required my slaves to perform at certain times. Would you object if they performed them here?”

Sarah shrugged. “Of course. Go right ahead.”

“As you can see I require my male slaves to exhibit their arousal at all times; unfortunately it’s difficult to exact a similar requirement for female slaves, so each hour I insist that they are aroused almost to orgasm. Since I don’t have access to such technology as you appear to; I prefer to use a more … direct approach! Proceed!” This last was directed to the two naked slaves.

With an air of resignation the girl placed the camera on the nearest desk and then bent forward, arched her back and spread her legs. The boy stood behind her and placed his penis at the entrance to her sex. With a smooth and firm thrust he entered her. The girl’s head rose and her eyes opened wide, and then closed as she smiled enigmatically. The boy started to thrust regularly and the silence of the office was broken with the ‘slap – slap’ of the front of his thighs contacting the back of hers. The boy leant forward and started to pinch and tease his partner’s nipples. This elicited a moan.

“Of course neither of them may achieve orgasm without permission; the penalties can be quite severe if they do.” The prince looked speculatively at his two slaves. “Though I do believe that they occasionally fail on purpose!” The two slaves managed to look both aroused and bashful at the same time. The Prince’s watch beeped again and the Prince signalled his two slaves to stop. The boy withdrew from the girl who turned round and knelt before him and started to suck clean his penis. The boy groaned. “Stop teasing him! Esme!” The girl stopped what she was doing and stood up. “Now where were we?”

Nina had, by this time, returned and led the way to the meeting area. Waiting for Sarah and the Prince to be seated she knelt with her knees spread wide and waited with her notepad and pencil poised.


The meeting went well and the Prince decided that, on the basis of their obvious competence as well as their acceptance of his lifestyle, he would be retaining their services. Nina was dispatched to prepare an agreement for everyone to sign. On her return the Prince dropped his bombshell. “You realise, of course, that a written agreement is not considered legally binding in my country? We will also have to have a video record of both of us speaking the terms of the agreement and agreeing to be bound by them. We need two witnesses one chosen by each party … and finally we all have to be naked. It’s supposed to be symbolic of having nothing to hide.” The Prince shrugged apologetically, “What can I say; Great-Granddad was a barbarian!” This last was said in a tone of voice that said precisely the opposite. “It does make our courts interesting places to visit though!” The Prince raised his voice slightly. “Hamid! I need you to witness an agreement.”

Nina was delighted! Just for once the Sarah and Donny would be experiencing something of what she and Helen felt every day!

Both the Prince and Hamid undressed with an efficiency and lack of modesty that suggested a long familiarity with this requirement. Sarah and Donny were more tentative; but eventually all parties and witnesses to the agreement were ready. Thankfully the agreement was short; it became obvious now why the Prince had insisted on simple, easily memorable sentences; as they had to speak the agreement without referring to the written version. Finally all parties and witnesses signed the original document. Both legal systems satisfied, the camera was turned off and everyone who was allowed to, got dressed.

“Well that was … interesting.” Said Donny, “You did promise me that working for you wouldn’t be boring!”

“Well what can I say, I always keep my promises.”

“May I ask who your supplier was for the device that Nina is wearing?” The Prince interrupted. Everyone automatically turned to look at Nina who blushed, as she was again the centre of attention. She wasn’t normally this sensitive; but the device’s presence was a continual reminder and she couldn’t shake off the feeling of exposure.

“Yes of course, I’ll let you have their details before you go. Would you like a demonstration of all the features?”

“That would be most diverting.”

Reluctantly Nina moved back to the dais at Sarah’s request. She just knew that things were going to get seriously embarrassing before the session was over.

“As you can see it’s made of a clear plastic. This makes it easier to fit the device properly. Because each person is different there is an initial fitting process and then the plastic is ‘set’. It’s not difficult; we did it by using the shower, as long as you’re careful with the spray it’s not too difficult. You have to get it over 40° centigrade. The whole process only took a half hour from start to finish. That’s right isn’t it Nina?”

“Yes, about that.” Nina had been coping with the humiliation by withdrawing mentally from the situation. Sarah’s question had forced her back to the here-and-now in a most unwelcome fashion. She blushed again.

“I don’t understand all of the technical details, but it uses body heat and movement to keep the internal batteries charged. I think the nipple stimulators have to be recharged separately; but that’s simple you just stick them in a special charging unit for a couple of hours. I think you get a week or ten days use from a single charge. The main unit uses that cell-phone technology … sharks tooth … something like that anyway, to communicate with the nipple stimulators.”

“Bluetooth” Nina was again forced into the present as she responded to her boss’s deliberate mistake.

“Thanks. The remote is simplicity itself. There are really only two controls. This dial gives you five levels of arousal, well six I suppose if you count zero, from slightly aroused which is level one.” Sarah turned the dial to one as she spoke. Nina’s sharp intake of breath and deepening colour showed her renewed shame. “All the way through to orgasm at level five.” Surprisingly Sarah didn’t suit her action to her words and Nina was left suffering the occasional touch and vibration of level one. After a minute or so she turned the dial back to zero. “The second control is the hidden under this sliding cover.” Sarah slid open the cover to reveal a small button, coloured red. “This starts the device’s self-test and calibration routine. You have to do this the first time you use it on someone. It takes about five minutes.”

Nina looked at Sarah with horror! She wasn’t going to press it was she? Nina remembered the first time she had worn the device last Friday. The humiliation as Helen had fumbled about fitting the device for the first time, the shame and arousal as she had adjusted her vaginal lips into the recesses … and then that awful five-minute ‘calibration’ period, as the instructions had so euphemistically put it.

Sarah pressed the button.

One by one each separate stimulation device and electrode was activated starting at its minimum setting and ramping up until the stimulation became slightly painful. Most of the time Nina was able to resist giving Sarah the satisfaction of seeing any obvious effect; but the clitoral and urethral stimulators caused her to moan and jerk. All this time Nina was dreading the final phase where the device would bring her to orgasm three times each time refining its control of her erogenous zones. After two minutes the self-test was over and the final calibration phase started. Nina was overwhelmed, as she was stimulated to an extremely quick orgasm. A barrage of tiny electric shocks dropped her arousal level to zero. “Oww!” The Prince and Sarah were watching Nina intently and Nina felt the full force of her humiliation without the buffer of her arousal. “Uhhh.” The device had started the second of its ‘calibration orgasms’. This one, Nina was able to recall from last time, explored the depths of her responses. Conscious thought deserted her as the device brought her to a second orgasm this one was more shattering and she was unable to control herself as she grunted and thrust her hips in helpless abandon. As the device dropped her arousal level to zero for the second time. She felt her face flame, as she seemed to blush all the way to her toes.

“Did you know that blushing is confined to exposed skin? When you’re dressed only your face is involved, when you’re nude a blush can involve the whole body.” Sarah addressed the Prince.

Nina’s colour intensified and then all further thought on her part was forgotten as the device built her up over the final minute and half to her third and final orgasm. The last orgasm was the device’s final test of its control over the wearer’s responses. Each arousal level was reached and held for ten seconds as the program in the device checked that its control was complete. Level five was held for the final twenty five seconds as the device completed its final checks. Throughout this impersonal testing Nina was helpless to resist the waterfall of arousal as she was swept along into a final series of orgasms that left her slumped bonelessly on her side.


Sarah retrieved the towel that Helen had brought down earlier and handed it to Nina, who listlessly wiped the perspiration from her body. How did the saying go? ‘Horses sweat, men perspire, women glow.’ This random thought occupied her for a few seconds whilst she put off contemplating what had just happened. The first time it had only been Helen who had witnessed the ‘self-test’ as Sarah had left after she had supervised the initial fitting. This time though … she consciously redirected her thoughts away from the abyss of shame that awaited her in that direction.

“Fascinating! Of course I’d like to see the whole thing from start to finish. If you don’t mind?” The Prince provided a welcome interruption of her, increasingly unwelcome, thoughts.

“I think that can be arranged. Hel…”

“I don’t think we need to trouble your other assistant. Perhaps you would model the device yourself?”

“Well I hadn’t …”

“I believe I’ve made a ‘reasonable request’ under the terms of our agreement don’t you?” The Prince’s eyes glittered and his face took on a dangerous cast, it was surprising how quickly the temperature appeared to be much lower than the 23°C that the air-conditioning had been set to.

Sarah looked toward Donny for support.

“I’m sure we wouldn’t want to offend the Prince this early in our relationship would we?” Said Donny, she wasn’t getting any from him; she’d gone too far this time.

With a resigned sigh and a look that didn’t bode anyone well in the future, Sarah started to remove her clothes once again. “Nina would you get one of the spare devices from my office, they’re filed under ‘Miscellany’?”

Nina scurried away to do as she was bid.

By the time Nina had returned, Sarah was naked once more.

“You’ll have to be depilated Sarah, otherwise it won’t fit properly.”

“Fine. Let’s get on with it shall we. Please excuse us for five minutes or so whilst we attend to it.” This last was direct at the Prince.

“Lead on MacDuff. I think I need to see all of the process, don’t you think?”

Sarah gritted her teeth and nodded. For the second time that day a strange procession made its way across the office; this time towards the showers. Once there, with a skill born of many weeks practise Nina soon had Sarah as smooth as the proverbial newborn baby. Throughout the process the Prince and Donny had been interested spectators and Sarah’s colour had stayed a fetching shade of pink.

“You need to stand with your legs spread at least shoulder width apart and with your knees bent slightly.” Said Nina. She opened the package and removed the device. In its ‘unfitted’ state it was a lot less stiff. Checking that both locator probes were present she opened a tube of lubricant and spread it all over the inner surface of the device. While Sarah was getting into position Nina fitted the belt through the loops and adjusted it to so that it should just fit over Sarah’s hips. Threading Sarah’s legs through the large loops thus created she brought the device into contact with Sarah’s vagina. Gently spreading her lips Nina pushed the first locator probe firmly into Sarah.

“Ahhh.” Sarah was unable to contain a sigh as the vaginal probe was seated within her. Nina then brought the anal probe up and behind Sarah and pressed gently between her ass cheeks.

“Bear down, like you’re going to the bathroom,” said Nina. Sarah’s face flamed carmine as she obeyed her assistant and she felt the anal probe settle within her anal passage.

“Almost done now,” said Nina gently. She knew how shaming this procedure was and, while she was cross with Sarah for running the self-test, she still felt some sympathy for Sarah, having been through this herself. Sarah looked at Nina gratefully. Then she moaned softly as Nina gently widened the separation of her vaginal lips and settled them into the recesses of the device; then again as Nina settled the clitoral and urethral stimulators into position.

“If you could hold the front in place while I tighten the belt.” Nina suited her actions to her words and made sure the belt was fastened tightly. “You have to have it tight the first time or else everything slips and you have to start again.” This was said from bitter experience and she shuddered slightly at the memory of it. “Now you step carefully into the shower and I will spray it with hot water.” She turned to the onlookers. “It’s a simple process, you spray it with water at over 40°C, you just have to make sure that you spray everywhere and water has to get to the inside as well as the outside.” Turning to the shower controls she set the thermostat to 45°C and started to spray the device with water from the shower.

After 5 minutes of spraying the device externally Nina gently directed the water inside the device. This caused Sarah to gasp and wriggle, as the water was quite hot for such an intimate place. Another few minutes saw the heating complete and Nina closed off the shower. She tapped the front of the device with her knuckle. “As you can hear, the hardening process has finished; next we dry off the device (and Sarah) and then we will fit the active probes and the nipple stimulators.” Suiting her actions to her words, Nina grabbed a clean towel and carefully dried off the device and the bits of Sarah that had got wet. Sarah stepped out of the shower. “Next I’ll fit the nipple stimulators, you’ll feel some pressure but it doesn’t hurt and you soon stop noticing it; most of the time anyway!” This last was spoken to Sarah as she fitted the stimulators. “Finally we’ll fit the active probes.” She released the front locator probe and reached for the active vaginal probe.

“Do you mind? I would like to see how the probe is fitted,” said the Prince. “Oh I see there’s a collar of plastic that keeps the vagina open when the locator probe is removed. Fascinating you can see most of the interior of the vagina.”

Sarah’s colour deepened and spread at this reminder of her exposure. Meanwhile Nina had lubricated the vaginal probe and clicked it home. Removing the final probe and inserting the active anal probe took a few moments more and the Prince ensured that Sarah’s sense of shame was heightened by further comments on the pinkness of the interior of her rectum.

“Now we’re ready for the initial calibration. We’d best go somewhere where the floor is softer as it gets very intense. You also should be sitting or kneeling before we start.” Sarah nodded, not trusting herself to speak; by this time her whole body was a flaming scarlet blush.

Even switched off the retainer was stimulating; ‘how did Nina manage with this all day?’

“Kneeling on this dais would be best don’t you think?” said the Prince as they approached the area where Nina had been kneeling when the Prince had first seen her. Sarah climbed unsteadily onto the dais and settled into position; unconsciously spreading her knees so that the fitted into the depressions that Nina had made. Reaching around her, Nina located the hidden switch on the anal probe and pressed it. Sarah gasped as the vaginal probe opened out and extended.

“You were wrong! It feels like a pumpkin!”

Nina was cheered by this show of bravado on Sarah’s part; she’d been worried by Sarah’s docility. Nina steeled herself for the final act.

“I believe I would like to ‘do the honours’ don’t y’know!” and so saying the Prince plucked the remote from Nina’s grasp and sliding open the hidden compartment he pressed the red button.

With morbid fascination, and not a little lust, they watched as Sarah’s erotic responses were put through their paces. First there were the unexpected gasps and grunts as the individual stimulators were ramped up to a point were the stimulation was almost painful. Next was the test of Sarah’s orgasmic response to maximum stimulation. Thirdly there was the test of how deeply the device could cause her orgasm to be and finally was the test of the device’s ability to hold each arousal level in turn. After the first orgasm Sarah’s helplessness and shame had seemed total but the second orgasm had shown her that there were entire vistas of humiliation still to be experienced and the third orgasm had shown her that there was a whole world of humiliation and shame to be experienced of which she had previously known nothing. Finally the endless five minutes had been completed and Sarah found herself lying in the recovery position on the floor.

“You fainted, but we managed to catch you before you fell onto the floor. How do you feel?”

“Tired, Nina …” Sarah took a deep breath this wasn’t easy for her, “I’m … oh this is so trite! … I’m sorry for putting you through this earlier. If I’d known it was like that I wouldn’t have done it. No one should have to do that more than once.”

Nina wasn’t sure what to say to this. “Um, that’s O.K. I guess …”

The Prince spoke. “If you’re sincere about your apology to Nina; how about completing the last fifteen minutes of Nina’s display time for her? I can add that to the Video record of the fitting and we can file it with the contract. Obviously I will provide your firm with a copy for your own records.”

Sarah looked at Nina and nodded. Placing herself back on the dais she spread her knees and placed her hands on the back of her neck. The Prince handed the remote back to Nina and spoke again, “How about 5 minutes at level one, 4 at level two, 3 at level three and so on. That should add up to 15 minutes.”

Nina pressed the start button on the timer and turned the dial to one.

Sarah gasped as the device began its devilish work.

Impulsively Nina thrust the remote for Sarah’s device into the Prince’s hands. Quickly she pulled a footstool in front of Sarah and knelt it the display position. She spoke to the Prince, “I can’t let her do this alone; I did deserve the demerits and I knew what I was signing up for.”

The Prince nodded and taking Nina’s control he turned the dial to one also.

With mechanical precision the devices kept Nina and Sarah at that first level of arousal; vainly they attempted to increase the stimulation by writhing gently. Gentle moans signalled the fact that the dials had been turned again and their movements gained speed. By the time the dial stood at 4 both women were helpless to prevent their hips from grinding lewdly and the office was treated to a continuous chorus of gasping and groaning as the devices prevented them from achieving release whilst holding them at the knife-edge of impending orgasm. Finally the Prince turned the dials to 5 and Sarah and Nina screamed as they were washed helplessly into a prolonged orgasm.

On the stroke of 15 minutes the Prince turned the dials slowly from 5 to 1 and finally to 0. Sarah and Nina yelped simultaneously as small and painful electric shocks brought them down to earth unexpectedly. Nina was the first to recover – this was not here first time after all – and helped Sarah from the dais on which she was still kneeling.

“Thanks. Why did you do that?”

“I don’t really know. It just seemed the right thing to do…” Nina’s voice trailed into silence as she became aware that she and Sarah had been the centre of everyone else’s attention. The Prince smiled enigmatically and nodded at Esme to stop filming. Nina blushed deeply as she realised that her 15-minute trip to erotic oblivion was now immortalised as digital video. At least she hadn’t made the journey alone this time! The Prince spoke, “I’ll send you a memory stick with a copy of the agreement and so forth tomorrow. I’d keep it safe if I were you. Thanks for the demonstration; I look forward to a long and productive relationship with your firm. Perhaps next time you and your team would like to visit my country as my honoured guests.”

Nina and Helen exchanged glances; a trip out of the office would mean they would have to stay dressed whilst they worked! The Prince continued with wicked smile, “Obviously the whole trip could be deemed to be ‘at work’ and therefore your assistants would have to abide by your dress-code at all times. But that won’t be a problem, and it would make their packing for the journey a very simple affair …”

Helen looked to be in shock and Nina just stared at the Prince in horror.

“It’s just a thought; I’ll leave the final decision up to you.”

With a final smile and a round of handshakes and kisses the Prince and his entourage left the office with a speed that was deceptive.

Sarah looked speculatively at Helen and Nina and then noticing the clock said, “Don’t just stand there the Prince isn’t our only client and I have some travel arrangements to see to! Come and help me out of this Nina.” Imperiously she swept off to her office, Nina in tow.

“Thursdays always were an anticlimax.” She thought ironically.