In Celebration of Birthdays
by  Rob and Roni

My first “birthday spanking” came a few weeks before my 31st Birthday – I will never forget the twinge of excitement I felt when Rob explained, “Since it is a “birthday spanking” it has to be with you in your Birthday Suit.”  The excitement (and apprehension) as I peeled off my bathing suit and he led me naked into the adjoining office was almost beyond description.

About half way through that first spanking is when I realized that he had done it again.  Rob has a way of opening doors in my soul that I either never knew existed or never admitted they existed.  But, with him it really doesn’t matter – sometimes I wonder how I hide any thoughts or feelings at all.

That next year was a hard one – officially we were not to have any contact with each other for a variety of reasons.   I can’t count the number of times we talked on the phone; and between my posts on “Jenn’s World”, and his to “2TouchTheHeart” we must have exchanged close to 5,000 electronic expressions of love.

Since I had openly admitted that spanking turned me on, and I knew that likewise it really excited Rob, I wondered what he would have planned for our my birthday, the first time we could openly be together.

The kids had been with us on the 17th of July, but had left after the celebration to spend the weekend with their Dad (my ex).  So my 33rd Birthday began somewhat quietly.  I was up early for a 3.2 mile run at first light – Rob had, for a change, beat me out of the house, obviously I knew that he had something planned – I just didn’t know what.  But, he loves so much to surprise me and his creativity seems endless.

I picked up the newspaper out of the driveway after a brisk 27-minute run and went around the house to the pool deck.  There I stripped off my running shorts, top and sports bra and dove into the pool for a few laps to cool off.

After swimming I showered and rinsed the chlorine out of my hair at our outside shower.  From the fridge at the outdoor wet bar I grabbed a cold liter of pure water.  Since the pool area is completely surrounded by a privacy fence I didn’t bother to even wrap myself in a towel as I sat down to look over the morning paper.  I’m really not sure if this is the best use of my time – but it is one habit that I picked up from Rob – he reads the paper every single day.

After only a few moments out of the corner of my eye I saw Rob coming outside walking quietly towards me.  I turned to greet him and thought it odd that he was fully dressed - khaki slacks, white shirt, and lightweight navy blazer.  (His “I’m calling on an important client” outfit.)

Without saying a word he pressed his finger to his lips and motioned for me to be quiet and turn around.  As I did he placed a blindfold securely over my eyes and said, “This is an abduction.  Stand up, put your hands being your back and be quiet.”

Somewhat stunned I stood up.  Quickly he placed a pair of handcuffs on my wrists.  I felt the padding and knew that it was one of the novelty pair that we kept in the nightstand.  Novelty yes, but they locked still the same.  Sometimes when he is feeling in his really “Dominant mode” Rob likes to restrain me when he fxxxs me.  Sometimes it really drives me crazy when he brings me to climax repeatedly when I can’t even free my arms.  So of course I wondered what creative idea he had up his sleeve...

“Come with me.”  I could tell he’d grabbed my towel and thrown it over his arm.  Pushing me through the house he locked the patio doors behind him.  I realized we were at the front door when I started to offer some resistance.

“ROB!” I hissed, “I’m stark naked.”

“I can tell,” he replied, “this is a ‘come as your are’ abduction.”  Through the front door we walked and out to the front drive.  I knew the landscaping more or less shielded this part of the yard from the street.  But I was still uncomfortable.  He gently pushed me to a waiting car.  I could tell he was arranging a towel on the seat (which is good because I hate from my butt to stick to leather seats.)

He then unlocked my right wrist and helped me into the car.  Judging from the headroom I realized this wasn’t one of our cars.  After I was seated he told me to place my arms behind the front seat and to grab my free hand.  Since it was a contour bucket seat it was fairly easy reach.

Then I realized he was securing my free arm and I was now literally locked in the car.  He then pulled the seat belt over and secured it.  The belt rubbed against my right  breast and I realized that my nipple was very hard.

Suddenly I felt very vulnerable.  I was totally naked, with my hands cuffed behind my back and couldn’t even attempt to cover my nakedness if I wanted to.  As Rob got in the car I asked, “You do have clothes for me?”

“No.  This is birthday abduction. You need to be in your birthday suit.  You know like the first time back at my office.”

“But, but,” I protested, “my clothes were still in my reach I didn’t actually go anywhere naked.”

“Oh come on Jenn, I’ve been threatening to take you some place naked long before we were ever married.  The idea makes me hard, and your pussy wet!  It’s an exciting idea - don’t you think?”

At this point I didn’t know what to think.  It was exciting, and terrifying.  I was no longer worried about my spanking.  “What about indecent exposure,” I asked, “won’t that put a damper on things?”

“This car’s windows are deeply tinted and the front glass has such an angle that you can’t see clearly unless your standing directly beside it looking down.  And don’t worry - we won’t be sitting anyplace long.”

I didn’t know what kind of car it was but I could tell it was quick as Rob ran through the gears.  By the smell it was also obviously new.  Rob had got a lot better about doing things, like major purchases on a whim.  So I wondered what this new play toy was.

Then I realized he was pulling off the road into a parking lot.  “Don’t worry,” he assured me, I parking where you can’t be seen.”   Then he was gone.  Alone and naked, again I was scared.

A few minutes later he was back with a bag of goodies.  I smelled the yeast of some kind of pastry even before he unwrapped the item.  I had heard that when one sense is lost (such as vision) another picks up the load.  I made a mental note to see how much I could “see” with my eyes blindfolded.

“Taste this,” he said, as he put a French croissant to my lips.  It melted in my mouth.  Tenderly he fed me and wiped the crumbs off my lips as I ate the freshest, warmest pastry I had ever experienced.  Then he took out a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice and held it to my lips for me to sip.  His care and tenderness were very impressive.

After I finished he quickly swallowed his own food and gulped down some juice and we were headed out on the road again.  “New French bakery,” he explained, “I made a note to try it – today seemed like a great time.”

Though I couldn’t see I felt by the speed we were getting on the Interstate.  Since I couldn’t feel the sun on my side it was my guess that we were heading South and if he had been heading up to I-4 and Disney traffic would have been a lot heavier at this time of the day.

He put on some classical CDs and casually chatted about the kids, this week’s scripture readings, his new book, business, the weather, and the some investment ideas – just as if everything was perfectly normal.  I couldn’t relax because of my condition and so I finally asked, “What have you got in mind?”

With almost a wicked snicker he said, “You’ll find out soon enough...”

I could tell that he wanted to really make my first birthday together one to remember...

After about an hour I realized I had drunk a liter of water and a cup of juice and could really use a bathroom.  I wondered if he had figured this in his plans.  “Umh – I don’t know how to say this - but what about a bathroom?”

“It’s ok, we’ll stop up here in a few minutes.”

Great.  We’ll stop – maybe he was kidding and he has some form of cover-up.  Absent that I was wondering how long I really could hold it.

The car was slowing down and it was clear we were getting off the interstate.  He drove a minute or two in a new direction and then pulled off the road.

“We’re at a seldom used rest stop,” he said as he unlocked my left wrist.  “There are no cars in the lot and I’m going to come over and walk you into the restroom.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to use the men’s room so I can help you.”

Granted we had used the men’s room at the beach and other places together – but, I always had on at least a swimsuit.  Still stunned, but I also knew the answer of how long I could hold it – not much longer.

He opened the door and helped me out.  He locked my hands in front of me and quickly walked me up the path to the rest stop’s facilities.  The surface turned from asphalt to dirt to sidewalk to cold tile.  He gently led me to a stall and ushered me in.

It still felt weird being naked in a men’s room but nature was truly calling.  I relieved myself and wiped awkwardly because of my cuffs.  He then took me to the sink and helped me wash my hands.

The mix of emotions was incredible.  He was as tender as caring for a child – which in essence I had become – but he was forceful in that it was clear I was to remain naked and restrained and he would call the direction of this little adventure.

Quickly we retreated to the car.  There I was again restrained with my hands behind the seat.  It had been some time since my abduction began.  The deprivation of my sense of sight and freedom of movement was still both freighting and exciting.

As we headed back down the road and onto the Interstate Rob began talking. “You have beautiful breasts,” he said and he gently started caressing first one breast and then the other.  He rubbed my nipples, which were already standing up, and I was on the verge of coming right there.

“I love how you’ve shaved your pubic hair; it really shows off your beautiful little pussy.”  And again his fingers started exploring.  Then my body betrayed me as I slightly twitched in my seat.  His fingers pushed gently into my waiting pussy, which by this time was very wet. . .

As he touched my outer lips I let out a soft moan.  This only invited him to push deeper and then he made the discovery, “I figured as much you’re very wet – I figured this whole exercise would turn you on!”

“Well sorta...”

“Sorta nothing – you’re very, very wet you can’t be far away from a climax...”

With that his fingers dove deep and then started stroking my pleasure points.  I was soon moaning and groaning and positively couldn’t keep still in my seat.  And he was right in a matter of moments I groaned and my body erupted with a short, but powerful, climactic explosion!  Rob has brought me to a climax with just his fingers many times before.  He can make me come in so many ways.  While nothing beats his cock in my pussy – he knows how to love me.

As my breathing returned to normal I realized he was talking, “While I won’t give you the details, I’ll give you this ‘food for thought,’ later I will spank you with my bare hand, after that with a paddle and then finally, I’ve decided to take it to the next level.”

“What do you mean?”

“Tonight – while restrained – I am going to whip you with a belt.”

The tone of his voice, and his actions so far left little room for doubt.  He was very serious.  Trying not to act timid I said, “Three spankings for only one birthday?”

“Well, in ‘01 I didn’t get to do it on your birthday – in ’02 I couldn’t do it all – so, I’m sort of putting them all together.  Plus, I couldn’t decide which was best, so I decided to give you all three and then let you decide.”

“How will I be whipped?”

“Beautiful you know that I can’t hurt you – but, I can still let you feel the sting of the belt and the anticipation of it.”

I didn’t know what to think.  Spankings are “fun.”  Yes they sting and sometimes my bottom gets quite red.  And while I knew it wouldn’t be real pain I still didn’t know what 
to think about a belt. Jokingly he had threatened to take his belt to me in the past – but he always fell back on the old familiar hairbrush or my favorite his bare hand on my bare bottom.

My other concern was his tone and expression; “You will be whipped.”  He had never referred to our games as anything but spankings – not whippings.

Snapping me back to reality he said, “But enough of this.  Let’s enjoy the day and each other’s company – I’ve never seen you look sexier and more desirable...”

Around 11:00 am (I asked) we pulled off the Interstate and proceeded along another road.  Around noon he reached in the back seat and covered me with his jacket.  I started to ask “why,” when I realized we were stopping and he was opening the window.  (We had gone through at least one toll plaza before but with SunPass he didn’t even have to slow down.)

“Mr. and Mrs. Robbins will be checking into one of the beach houses...”

We must have been on some sort of resort.  He mentioned that a friend owned a home on South Seas Plantation on Captiva Island.  But, surely he wouldn’t be taking me to a friend’s house without a stitch of clothing to my name.

“OK you’ve probably figured out that we’re at the resort I told you about that my friend has a private beach house,” he announced, “he is out of town – but told me to make ourselves at home.”

‘Whew,’ I thought to myself, ‘I guess I can handle anything else – I HOPE!’

The house was only about another three minutes up the main road – the moment we were past the guard station his coat was off and I was again naked and exposed.  I didn’t know it then, but the front door and the driveway can be seen from the road but not clearly because of vines hanging from the stately oak trees.

I just hoped that if I had to walk to the house naked that no one would be in position to see me.  But, that is where trust comes in – Rob will never allow me to be hurt, or put in danger – JAG said it best a couple of years back, with Rob, “We are in Good Hands.”  So, Rob undid my left wrist, came around and helped me out of the car.  The leaves cracked under my bare feet.  He gently led me up the one flight of steps (all new beach homes are built at least 8' above mean high tide.)

Once inside he led me to the sofa and gently pushed me down.  “Pull your legs up on the cushions,” he instructed.  “Now clasp your hands under your knees.”  He quickly secured my free hand and left me semi-curled-up on the big overstuffed couch.  I couldn’t really see anything, but I knew you could still see that I was very much naked.

He went to the phone and called one of the resort's restaurants and ordered a light lunch for two.  Then he went back outside I assumed to retrieve something from the car since I heard his door as well as the trunk open and shut (I was getting pretty good at listening).

A few minutes latter the doorbell rang.  It was our food.  I expected him to at least cover me with his jacket or a towel but to my shock I heard him open the door and invite the room service attendant into the house.  Judging from the voice it was an older teenage girl.

Then I realized they would have to come right past me to set the food down on the table.  As Rob and the girl entered the room I was wishing I could sink through the couch.  This was one of several firsts:

        -The first time anyone had seen me naked on this trip; (but it wouldn’t be the last)
        -The first time a stranger had ever seen me naked
        -And, obviously the first time anyone had seen me naked, blindfolded and cuffed.

Based on her stammering, “Wh-er-e, do uh, you uh, want uh, the food?” She was taken back to see me in my compromised position.

Rob calmly said, “Over on the table will do fine – and don’t worry that’s my wife – she’s into a little role play right now, ‘the abduction.’  Say hello dear (with his voice aimed at me).”

I managed a meek, “Hi, I’m fine, it’s just a game...”

As he walked her back out of the house I heard him say in a loud stage whisper, “I’ll be spanking her later tonight.”  I guess this was just to make sure he kept the intensity level just as high as he could.

Coming back towards me he unlocked my right wrist and walked me over to the table and helped me sit down.  Then he secured the open cuff and my left hand to the leg of my chair.

“I wish you could see how erotic this setting is,” he explained, “but alas for the game to have full effect your blind fold has to stay on for now.

I ate awkwardly because I had to feel for my sandwiches, chips and drink; AND even though I’m left handed I have really worked on developing my ambidextrous abilities.  I just never thought I would need them for a situation like this.  You would think that after several hours the nervousness about being naked would have left me – but it hadn’t.  With every sound I was convinced someone was coming in to find me. (Later I would begin to enjoy my nudity – but at this point I was still too embarrassed.)

After we finished eating Rob released me from the chair and again cuffed my hands in front of me.  He took me into the master bedroom and again helped me find my way to the bathroom.  Even though it was not uncommon for us to use the bathroom in front of each other this setting and this simple act really intensified the situation.

After I washed my hands he led me to the edge of the bed.  He sat down and took me firmly by the arm while announcing, “It’s time for your first spanking.  You will receive with each of these punishments the traditional 33 swats, and one to grow on for a total of 34.”

“Since you are going to receive such a paddling a whipping tonight it is very important to make sure you bottom is warmed up.  Do you have any questions?”

“You won’t really hurt me?”

“Beautiful I intend to spank, then paddle and later whip you as hard as necessary to give you the birthday discipline that you will never forget – please lay across my knees.  It’s not always the sting; it’s the buildup that goes with it.”

There was nothing else to say.  I lay across his lap and waited.  The wait was not long.  SMACK!  His hand hit solidly on my right cheek; and then five seconds later (he must have been counting) SMACK he popped on my left side; then SMACK the middle – he then repeated the pattern.

I jumped with the first hit but he merely pushed me down hard across his legs.  The khaki felt rough against my breasts and stomach.  Spankings never make me cry – they make me hot and horny!  With each succeeding SMACK by butt got warmer and was really beginning to sting.

By the time he reached 24 and I knew there were ten more coming I knew I would make it.  For the first time I felt on the verge of tears, even though it had to more be emotional than physical.  I almost wanted to release and cry – but I fought the urge.  It was a hard spanking and I also knew what else I wanted NOW.

But Rob had other ideas – he suggested we “rest” for a couple of hours.  I didn’t want to “rest” I wanted him to FXXX me -- but for some reason Rob was denying both of us any further sexually release as he set the stage for the evening.  I knew it was his plan for my birthday celebration, but if I could have gotten my hands free I would have taken matters into my “own hands.”

At four o’clock he again announced, “It’s time.”  This time I was led to living room and a large overstuffed chair.  He uncuffed my right wrist and instructed me to lie across the arm.  He then stretched out my left arm and fastened the handcuff to the leg of the chair.  “Just a taste of what is yet to come...”

I was impressed with how creative he was being with this single pair of handcuffs. There wasn’t much time to think about it though because I realized he was standing beside me and “phase two” was about to begin.

He first took the hairbrush that he bought even before we were married and laid it across my butt- it was a smooth wood and I knew the feel very, very well.  Then he ran it over my back down my legs, touching the bottom of my bare feet, and even up to my armpits.  My breasts were between the two arms of the chair and he was able to reach under and gently jiggle them.  He was gentle there – on my butt he had other ideas.

The first stroke was square on my backside.  “One,” he added for effect.  I jumped but my manacled arm held me in place.  “Youch,” I said and not for effect, “that stung!”

“As will the next 33,” he replied.

The next hit was below my buttocks on the tenderest part of my thighs.  I again yelped..  He was waiting almost ten seconds between blows.  Another one came just above the last one.  The brush was just long enough to register on both cheeks at the same time.  It wasn’t that it was hurting per se – maybe he was right, the build up played more importance than the actual hit.

By ten, I was no longer wondering if the intensity would cause me to start crying I wondered if I would have to beg him to stop.  Then I was hit with another concern: We had no “safe word.”  Our play had never been aggressive enough to need one.  What would I do if I begged to stop, and he thought it was “part of the game?”

At fifteen I realized a tear had just run down my cheek.  By twenty I was softly crying out loud.  It was stinging not hurting, and yet I didn’t want him to stop – I also knew that even with the tears I was again getting very wet.  Surely he would fxxx me after this. I know the pleasure and pain receptors are close together – maybe the more it stung the more intense the pleasure.

“29,” “30,” “3l,” I was sobbing, “32,” “33,” and one to grow on SMACK!  As with the first spanking the last hit was the hardest.  He made no move to let me up.  Instead I felt a cold sensation on my burning rear and realized he was rubbing a cool creme on my very red bottom.  Kneeling down at my head he gently wiped my tears and kissed me softly on the forehead.

“Rob,” I said in a throaty whisper, “I need to feel you inside me.  That’s where the fire really is burning!”

“And I want you more now that ever before – but we’re going to wait until after your whipping.”

“I don’t want to WAIT, I want you to FXXX me hard and deep RIGHT NOW!  This was so intense,” I explained, “I don’t know for sure that I can take being whipped.”

“You really have no choice.”

His voice was still gentle but firm and left no room for discussion.  I would be whipped.

His self-control was beyond my imagination.  If I was this horny how could he keep from ravaging me?  I had never experience anything so intense in my life.  The flood of emotions was causing so many questions.  Would I be able to stand being whipped?  What choice did I have? Would we finally make love after the whipping?

Never in my life had I ever dreaded something happening and wanting it to come so quickly so that something else even better could happen.  “Please,” I started, “my bottom is on fire – but I need to feel your cock inside of me.  If not my pussy, please let me have it in my mouth – please!  If I have to whipped go ahead and do it NOW!”

“No Jenn,” he responded, “not yet.  You are going to have to wait.”

I heard him start to undress and thought he was changing his mind.  But NO – he walked out of the room and left me still anchored to the chair.  I realized he had left out the back door and was down on the pool deck.  I heard the splash and realized he was swimming laps while I was hot and bothered in more ways than one.

I don’t know how long he was gone.  I must have dozed off when I realized he was unlocking my arm, which too had fallen asleep by this time.  He stood me up and walked me to the bathroom dressing area.  There he removed my blindfold and for the first time in ten hours I was allowed to see.

My eyes blinked several times trying to adjust to the light and seeing again.  On the vanity was a small suitcase.  “You’ll need to get ready for a nice dinner,” he explained, “we’re going to the Bubble Room (a local island favorite spot) for an early dinner – our eservations are for six.”

Quickly I opened the suitcase expecting to find at least a slinky dress or a pair of slacks and a top.  It contained cosmetics, my rings, a gold chain, toothbrush and paste as well as my “real” hairbrush.

“Rob!  What about clothes – I can’t go into a restaurant in the nude!”

“You will tonight.  This is a laid back island town.  I’ve already made arrangements.  We have a private back booth.  You will walk in the restaurant with my jacket draped over your shoulders.  When we’re at our table I’ll remove it for you and you’ll sit down in the nude, just as it was perfectly normal.”

I was too stunned to reply, finally the words came, “Naked in public!?!”

While it was the most interesting, erotic, and freighting meal of my life I don't want to spend a lot of time on it because the whipping that followed soon blocked out the ordeal of my nude dining.

As Rob had announced I was driven naked to a local restaurant.  Though not cuffed I was blindfolded for the drive so I still hadn't seen the new car that was being used to transport me during my "abduction".

At the restaurant, true to his word, I was led in with Rob's blazer draped across my shoulders.  It hid my nudity; in fact I could have worn it as a real funky "suit dress”, except tonight I was not allowed to wear anything.

As soon as we were in the foyer my blindfold was removed.  And, once we were seated in the back of the restaurant, so was the jacket.  The wait staff ignored the fact I was naked and were attentive without giving me the impression that they were leering.  I must have an exhibitionist streak in me, because I found it not only erotic, but exciting for these strangers to be waiting on my while I sat there completely nude. (Well, I guess I wasn’t completely naked I had jewelry on.)  On at least one occasion I called one of the servers over to fill my water glass to make sure he got a good look at me in the buff.

No, I wasn't "comfortable, but I was aroused.

After the meal, I was again blindfolded and for the walk to the car allowed again to cover myself with Rob's coat.  In the car the jacket came off but I was to remain blindfolded for some time.

We took a complete ride around the island.  (This allowed the sun to quietly slip into the Gulf of Mexico.)  The windows were open and with the heat of the day broken the wind felt good against my bare skin.  The tension was building with each passing minute.  I knew I was to be whipped.  Rob knew he was going to whip me.  We both knew that lovemaking would follow.

Finally, we were back at our friend’s home.  Naked, Rob led me out of the car – but not into the house.  Instead we went through the parking area under the house and I realized we were headed for the back yard and the private access to the beach.

I felt as he removed my gold necklace, my small diamond stud earrings, ankle bracelet and even my wedding ring.  "I want you COMPLETELY NAKED," he explained, "these will be safe in my pocket until tomorrow."

In the middle of yard is an old-fashioned wooden picnic table.  I was led to it.  Rob placed a towel over one end, and bent me over the table. He then instructed me to put my hands behind me knees.  No sooner had I complied that I felt the cuffs being secured to both wrists.  I couldn't stand up; my breasts were digging into the towel and I could feel the rough wood underneath.

"Sweetheart," my husband said almost tenderly, "the final stage of your birthday discipline is about to begin..."

"I'm scared – can I have a safe word in case this gets too intense?"

He thought for a minute and then his Miami connection kicked in, “OK, no mas, no mas."  (Spanish for No more, no more.  Since I don't speak Spanish and only know a few basic phrases it was a pretty safe bet that I wouldn't say it unless I really needed to.)

Jenn, I don’t want this to hurt in the sense of pain – but, I do want you to feel the sting and the excitement…” He unbuckled his belt and I heard him pull it from his pants.  It wouldn't be long now.  He positioned himself behind my bare ass and I heard a "swoosh," followed almost immediately with a "smack" on my behind.

"Ouch!"  I exclaimed, "That stung!" I don’t know if I can do this...” I realized that a 1" belt focused all the energy of the hit into a small area whereas the brush and the hand spread the impact across the entire buttocks.  Could I take 33 more?

Less than five seconds latter came the second, and then the third, and a fourth.  I still don’t know if they really stung any worse than a good spanking, but by now this whole scene was so intense that I wanted to scream with each smack.  I muted my screams into the towel.  I knew the nearest house was a couple of hundred yards away but the beach was only about 100 feet and guests sometimes strolled the surf at sunset.

The blows kept coming 5 smack, 6 smack, 7 smack.  He was using my entire backside from mid thigh to the top of my butt.  He started at the top and worked his way down.  He seldom would land two blows to the same place but when it did I was on the verge of speaking Spanish!

At 17 I realized I was halfway there.  By now I was softly crying into the towel.  But I knew that because I’d made it through the first half after a hard spanking and paddling then I could take 17 more!

20, 21, 22, He was really using my thighs more than he had with either his hand or the paddle.  I could tell he wasn't using a lot of force but the sting was still greater than the brush had been a few hours earlier.  During the earlier punishments he had not talked except to count out the blows (until now).

"What do you think of your birthday," he asked.

"Finish it!  I want it to be finished and then I want to feel you inside of me," I shrieked.  I didn't want to take time to discuss anything I just wanted it over!

29, 30, 31, 32, I was crying and wanting it to end.  For now I wasn't focusing on any future sexual activity.  My butt was on fire – but I wanted to prove I could take it.  33 and then the infamous, "One to grow on!"

The 34th smack of the belt (the 102nd time I had been hit in the past seven hours) was the truly a real hard hit.  If they would have all been like that I would have screamed, "No mas, no mas, no mas!"  Then I realized IT WAS OVER!  I had done it.

The adrenaline surged and the fire was masked.  I cried out, "Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Rob I did it: I took more than I ever thought possible.  Now let's really start a fire!"

"You need some cold cream on your buns," he started, "and then we'll see recreating the scene from 'Here to Eternity'."

Leaving me restrained he ran up the back stairs to the house, retrieved the cold cream, and then ran back to me.  Remember at this point I still had the cuffs on; I was blindfolded, and bent over a wooden picnic table and only 100 feet from a public beach.

Gently he again started applying the cold cream.  This time he allowed his fingers to sneak between my legs and into my pussy..  I moaned in response and he pushed further and deeper inside of me.  It goes without saying he met with little resistance in that I was dripping wet with anticipation.

Then the cuffs were off and the blindfold.  Rob had at some time stripped off his clothes and he too was naked.  Taking my hand we threw caution to the wind and ran across the sand and into the warm waters of the Gulf.  While I don’t think he meant to and it was not deep the belt broke the skin in a couple of places.  The salt water intensified the stinging of my behind.

We waded out till the water just barely covered my breasts.  We started kissing - soon we were wrapped around each other and our tongues were digging deep in each other's mouths.  With a free hand I ran my hand down and found Rob had a throbbing erection.  Without any thought or regard to our public location I threw my arms around his neck and locked my legs around his butt.

With just a little guidance I impaled myself on his massive hard-on.  The effect of weightlessness makes thrusting interesting but we were both even more aroused than anything that either of us had ever dreamed of experiencing.  (And this says a lot, since often when we make love, we almost leave our bodies.)  My bare breasts were digging into his chest.  His large hands grasped my butt that he had so thoroughly spanked and our kissing was at a passion even higher than our normal level – and when we kiss our souls connect – so this was some serious kissing!

Without much warning I realized I was starting to climax.  At almost the same moment Rob started to moan and I realized we are going to have one of those great simultaneous orgasms.  We both truly exploded – I don't know what kept us from drowning.  As the waves of pleasure subsided I realized I was sobbing into his shoulder from pain, from release, from happiness!

As we came back to consciousness we disengaged from our romantic coupling and started to look around.  We were fortunate the beach was empty and no one had seen our x-rated (NC17) episode.  Slowly, we made our way back to the shore.  Naked, arm in arm, we made our way to the outdoor shower.

We let the cool fresh water run over us – it felt great against my stinging backside.  Rob took a natural sponge and a bar of soap and started washing me all over.  He was getting aroused again – as was I.  In spite of this we finished the shower, dried off and headed for the master bedroom.

The thoughts of our day and evening led to two more lovemaking and two more climaxes for each of us before we finally fell into a state of exhausted slumber.  I woke me up before Rob the next morning – quietly I slipped out the back to swim in the ocean (remember II was still naked).   There was a young couple a few hundred yards down the beach but I could tell they were looking for early morning shells.

I swam a few hundred yards off shore and then back.  By this time my shell hunters were only about 30 feet away.  The exhibitionist streak came out again as I walked slowly out of the water past the stunned couple through the back yard and up our stairs.  The man was still staring so I waved before I went inside.

By this time Rob was waking up and I curled up next to him.  Again, we made love – it was our fourth time in ten hours and it was great!  After a quick shower we raided our friend’s kitchen before we prepared for trip back home.  It was then that I realized I was several hours away from home without a stitch of clothing to my name.

Rob put on his khaki pants and threw me his shirt.  "This should get us home," he said.  Then he threw me a key and asked, "Why don't you drive home?"

I put on the shirt.  We didn't bother cleaning up because Rob knew that his friends wouldn’t be back before the maid came in and straightened up on Monday morning.

As I opened the front door I did a double take.  The car that had been the instrument of my abduction was a deep metallic burgundy three-series BMW.  It was just about the size of my Toyota.  While it was a beautiful little car, it really didn’t fit Rob. I wondered, almost out loud, why he would rent something so small, and expensive for this outing. (With what he served up a Rent-A-Wreck would have been fine – I really wouldn’t have cared at all.)

I knew that at one time he had owned a BMW and really enjoyed it, so I figured this must be part of the fantasy package for him.  Sooner or later, we would break down and get him a better car, but it just wasn’t high on the list with so many other pressing things.  ‘Maybe, if the book deal closes,’ I was thinking to myself… he does so many things for me – I was just overjoyed that we found a way to keep my piano...

Then I walked back around and did a double take as I saw the front plates.

Then I broke out in tears.

The plate read, "HERS"

He always thinks of me first.