Wednesday Night Bedtime
by Ray and Mittens

Wednesday night, 8:00 pm, bedtime.† It has been just after dinner, say six thirty, when Vickie kissed her boys goodnight and retired to her room.† A young enough age that daddy could see to their every need, they thought nothing of her absence.† For Vickie it was a blessed night off!† Don supervised the boys downstairs as Vickie took a nice shower, blow-dried her hair, and looked at her reflection in her vanity mirror as she buckled her gag into her mouth.†

The first few times they had tried her gag they were acting out kidnap stories and the like, things couples do when experimenting with bondage, and Vickie complained that it would really work lots better if she had the chance to adjust the thing in her mouth.† Pretty much ever since, it was easy enough to let her get the basics on herself; that made sure that nothing got pinched when it shouldn't.†

Once Vickie got her gag snug up behind her teeth she went to work on her bed.† The fake bear-skin rug that spent most of its time in her bottom drawer came first, then a fresh towel from the bathroom, then the clean bucket from under the bathroom sink, with about an inch or so of water in it, and a tea towel.† Add the vibrating penis dildo on top of the towel we're all set.† Vickie went back to her vanity and got out the last things for now.

Vickie slid the gleaming black leather hood over her face and down, pulling her chin into position first then the sides then the back, smoothing everything down with her hands with a pinch and pull here and there till it was perfect.† She reached around and started working the laces, stopping now and then to adjust her hair, which she was wearing in a loose ponytail that joined just below the nape of her neck.† Vickie puckered her lips around the ball in her mouth as if it was the sourest lemon, worked her throat for a gulp or two then swallowed.† She would need to repeat this procedure off and on all night, or slaver her own face and chin with drool.†

Once her laces were tightened down and held fast in a cord loop Vickie reached out for her collar.† Turning it over and over in her hands till she was quite certain which way was up, down, left and right, front and rear, Vickie reached up and fastened the buckle, laying the tail end deftly upon a U-post buried in the leather.† Gathering up a padlock in one hand and a 30-foot piece of chain in the other, Vickie reached behind her neck and managed to padlock the chain to the U-bolt on her collar.

What happened next varied depending on Vickie's mood.† If she was feeling languid, and wanted to spend more time with her vanity, she might drop her chain to the floor where she was, and play with or wipe down or straighten out any portion of her vanity that she thought she could handle totally blindfolded.† Other nights she would be more interested in her arrangement of her bed, and she would carry her chain over to the bed, rest most of it on a corner, then feel around here and there to make sure that object she would need were near her reach.† Other nights she felt hurried and rushed right into the master bathroom,

Vickie always held out a hand as she walked to the door to make sure she didn't walk right in by accident.† Always right in front of the door was a plastic two-stair step stool and Vickie could reach the ceiling if she stood on it.† And that is what she did.† She reached up over her head and felt for where she knew the snap was and snapped up the free end of her chain.† She could still use her hands if her puss needed a last wipe-down but otherwise after she had tossed the step-stool out into her bedroom somewhere she would usually just sit on the toilet with the lid down, doing anything to avoid touching her puss.

Sooner or later bedtime would happen and Vickie would catch the sounds of scampering feet and squeals from the stairway and hall, then poof all quiet again.† Ahhh, minutes later Don would click the door open.

Don would usually begin by grabbing the chain close to Vickie's neck, guiding her to her feet, then licking her nipples till they glowed they were so perky.† The exact details from night to night are not interesting, and in the end Vickie was on the bed and her chain was solidly snapped to the frame.†† Don would use his fingers and tongue for a while but Vickie's basic goal was to have the freedom the get herself off, lost in her own fantasies, and when Don's measured breathing filtered through Vickie's heavy leather hood and reached her ears, she reached for that tea towel and started to play!

Thursday morning, 4:00 am, alarm clock.† Don of course would be the one to rise and turn it off.† After he took his own quick piss Don would tap Vickie awake on whatever body parts were available, then Vickie would find the bucket and take her own quick piss.† A wipe-down with the fresh tea towel and back on her bear skin, Vickie got peace, quiet, and time to play as Don took his shower, took his time getting dressed, then got the boys up.†

As soon as the boys were out the door to school Don was usually ready to go in to work, once he freed Vickie of course, but he was rather senior in his department and could arrive an hour or two late sometimes.† Sometimes Don would have fun with Vickie, guiding her silently with taps from a 3-foot dowel rod till she was on her knees straight up facing the wall, bent over facing away from him, or any position that he cared for her to hold.†

One day Don left and left Vickie chained up.† She was terrified at first when she realized how she had been abandoned.† But the fact is Don had only driven the car around the corner, had walked home, tiptoed in and seized her in a huge hug when he slipped into her open door.† His goal was to get Vickie confident in being chained up when he was gone.† He succeeded!† Maybe too well, Vickie wanted to be chained up now as often as possible.†

Don changed things just to keep from being annoyed.† Sometimes he felt himself just a serf, and he made Vickie's bondage more stringent just to get even.† It worked well!† One night Don chained Vickie's neck chain way in the other direction from where it always was before.† "No bed tonight" Don told his silent and naked lover.† Vickie sat without moving, absorbing the information.† She felt a distinctly unfamiliar tug from her neck chain, and she knew very well that her neck chain was fastened just as solidly as ever. And still fastened to the frame of her bed.†

When he went to bed that night, without a word, Don grabbed Vickie's chain about a foot from her collar and guided her to her feet.† Funny, Vickie always thought of this as the start of an adventure not the end.† We shall call it the middle.† Don walked her over to the corner of their bed where his feet slept then he guided her down to her knees and lower, then he fastened her to the foot of his bed with about a foot and a half of slack.† Click!† Vickie heard the light switch go off but otherwise could tell nothing different.† There were faint squeaks as Don lay down and curled up.†

Vickie had been left alone, naked and chained, on the floor.† Don had silently moved her bucket and towel, she discovered as she rolled over, and she happily played with herself down there on the floor for the rest of the night, till she got too tired to play.† This was the part she loved most, being all by herself to play!†

Nest week, next month, who knows...† Thursday morning, 4:00 am, alarm clock.† Vickie this time responded to the alarm.† She had to piss in her bucket before she woke up Don.† Her neck chain was now almost fifty feet and now she could sleep on the bathroom floor (with her rug!) and still sleep with her leather hood locked onto her with a heavy padlock she had fastened herself.† Don got tired of getting up early and laid down the law, if Vickie wanted to play with herself all night Don was all in favor, but she was never going to be able to stay that way if she didn't learn to go in a bucket.† There was the people toilet, there was the bucket, Don was totally tired of needing to un-fasten her to use the toilet if she wanted to sleep in the bed.† Vickie had to learn to use a bucket.† She did.

Friday morning, 4:00 am, alarm clock.† Don knew it first but when Vickie just couldn't pee it was clear that they had just gone too far.† No more adventures from Wednesday to Friday without her gag coming off for long enough to give her food and water.† Vickie was so weak she stayed in bed for three days, but got back into things without a hospital visit so it was cool.†

Here we go, playing around now with all kinds of cloth gags that will allow Amy to have juices, shakes and water without taking her gag out.† All the good cloth gags were tried, new panty hose being first then scarves, panties, large menís socks, tea towels and wash cloths.† In the end the tea towels ended up working the best but they all had the same problem.† Once they got soaking wet and then chewed on for a couple of hours, all the cloth gags got too small to be any fun anymore.† They all had the same problem of needing protection to keep Vickie's throat from being blocked if she swallowed wrong.† But they really did have the good side of allowing Don to water her.† Everything they tried besides plain water would taste really sour five or six hours later so they didn't like that part, Vickie wanted those weight watchers milkshakes not plain water.† They went back to the ball gags.†

Thursday morning, 4:33 am.† Vickie climbs into bed and snuggles up against Don, playing with his man parts gently, wishing like heck she could be licking him.† Sooner or later she wakes Don up.† Don does his thing in the toilet and comes back into Vickie's vicinity, recently cleaned and fresh.† Don fastens a new chain to the foot of the bed, plays it out, and passes the free end to Vickie.† With a padlock.† Vickie tries her new chain several ways and decides she likes it best around her waist.† Click!†

Shaking his head, Don unlocks Vickie's neck chain and her collar at the same time, then helps guide her hands as she pulls off her hood.† She reaches up and takes her gag out herself.† Don waits.† Vickie works moisture and motion into her jaw, begins to kiss Don on his abdomen and work her way down.† With a satisfied grunt Don explodes in her mouth.† They both consider what-if Don refastened her gag now...† No, she needs more moisture.†

Vickie at this point is focused totally on her game.† Don has assured her, if she uses this chance to talk people-talk or take any other people-type actions, he will return her to the world un-tethered in any way, and there we go.† Vickie really wants her hood back on, she loves the security of her chain and her hood and she sucks Don like she was hungry because she really is hungry.† Wow!

We end the story for now because Don and Vickie have simply run out of things to do.† He moves her around on the end of her chain from here to there, then locks her chain back down three or four hours.† One time he pulled her backwards out to the truck and drove her around in the bed with her neck chain securely fastened down, bare to the air.† The big problems are the six-hour wall, the ten-hour wall and twenty-hour wall.†† That one didn't work so good.

How can Don and Vickie adjust their lifestyle so that Vickie does not need to get unchained for a water break twice a day?† Can Vickie really go from Friday night to Monday morning with a ball gag in her mouth and the same chain on her neck?††††

Break times: Vick is double-locked, Don takes off her neck lock and almost everything above her shoulders comes off.† They started using an ace-bandage blindfold under her hood when they figured out that she could stay blindfolded even with her mouth free, but aside from that the hood is off the collar is off and so is the chain.†† Several blindfolds have been tried and the ace bandage remains the favorite, with wash cloths underneath.† Totally blocks the light but so light and airy to wear!† Back to our story...

Tuesday night, 9:00 pm, bedtime.† The boys were a few years older now and they had just never been caught.† One way to avoid detection was to vary the routine and tonight it was varied.† Don had managed to get home for a quick break at lunch time and had gotten Vickie naked and chained in the few minutes he had between his road stops.† By nine Vickie was ready for a break then she could go till morning or even noon, no problem.† She loved it when Don could leave and walk away with her chained up somewhere totally secure.† Play play play!† When he'd get back to unchain her, first place to go is the shower!†

This week Don had bought a new thin chain, 300-pount test, and he had turned her tits purple double-wrapping it around them at the base making them sort of pop out.† Don used a pliers and a shackle to fasten the other end of the chain to the bed frame then tossed the pliers casually out of reach.† Vickie had no clue how purple her tits were but she gulped down two bites of a tuna sandwich and a weight-watchers shake and a full cup of water before Don was holding her gag up again.† It was like her third gag, after a year or two of steady use you just need a new on now and then, the balls stay okay but the straps just get chewed up.

Well there you go.