"You're Fired!"
by Raul Roget
Copyright 2007 Adults only!

Chapter 16: A Long Night

Slave realized it was an order too late, recognizing his growl as promise of further punishment. With a fluid movement, Ramos came off the bed, onto his knees, leaning forward, a subtle way of telling her she was not allowed on his bed until further notice.

She crawled around his leg and moved forward. She kissed each cheek fervently, trying to transmit her sorrow that she was such a bad slave, but her tongue remained mute. He didn't need the message anyway.

Ramos reached back and pulled his ass cheeks apart, an invitation she dare not refuse. She leaned forward, holding her breath. When she inhaled again she smelled fresh soap. She silently thanked her Master for the small favor. She pressed forward, her flaming cheeks meeting his pale skin. She kissed, this time tasting the soap.

Satisfied, he hobbled and hooded her and flogged her path to the basement dungeon. Slat lay, hooded and silent, unmoving as the Master and punished slave passed her

Slave was surprised to feel nipple clamps go into place, followed by one on her tongue and four more on her pussy lips.She went into the bottom of the Hole, followed by the chains that held her, only by their sheer weight. When the last link fell into place, Slave could hear water running. In a minute she felt the first cold rivulet reach her body, chilling her instantly. She shivered in her blanket of chains that refused to move.

The water torture was insidious. Water ran constantly, right by her ear, she assumed filling the Hole. She could feel the glacier water rising infinitely slowly around her trapped body. In the wee hours of her sleepless night, it had reached her chest and sank her breasts between pillars of ice. When the water reached her neck, slave fear took over.

Something was wrong. The drain was closed, so she would drown, slowly. The shutoff valve wasn't working. The sound of water running into the Hole continued. She could feel the icy wetness tighten around her throat. She opened her mouth a dozen times to scream her fear, but each time remembered she was a slave being punished and closed it again. A scream would be considered a protest, meaning another night, or a week of nights in the cold dark Hole.

The running water masked the sound of the lid being removed. Her first inkling that her ordeal was over was the sudden movement of one of the chains. As each length was hauled up she tensed her stomach, guarding against another accident. She choked when her collar suddenly tightened and pulled her bodily from the water. Most had already drained away, but the iron held the cold.

Ramos removed her hood and hobble, slapped her hard on the ass and sent her to wake Slat.

While Slat squatted over her hole, Slave removed the breast clamps that Slat had been wearing for several days. There was no serious damage to her skin, beyond a few red marks where the dull points had pressed into her. A thin red line marked the outline of the straps that held the clamps hard against her chest.

Slave had an impulse to put them on her own breasts, but she instinctively knew that Ramos would punish her cruelly for taking an initiative like that. Ramos happened to be watching, saw the way she almost caressed the clamps and made a mental note to fulfil her wish. He watched as she put them back on Slat, tightened exactly as they had been before.

Slat's time on the treadmill and the merry-go-round steadily improved, despite being hampered by the bobbing of her unsupported breasts. She was totally unaware that while she was hooded, and otherwise occupied, Slave was following her on the equipment, getting her own exercise. The big difference was that Slave was supervising Slat, while her own workout was personally controlled by Master Ramos.

The physical difference lay in the relative strength of their arms, a factor of roughly five to one, so Slat was - in theory - getting only a fifth of the punishment Slave was enduring. It didn't work out that evenly in actual practice, because Slave made up for her lack of muscle power by hitting oftener. The mental difference counted for a lot. Ramos was driving Slave at the very limits of her mind. Slat was getting Slave direct, plus the mental strain that filtered to her from Ramos, modified by whatever Slave added. Slat was often just as confused as this arrangement sounded.

Neither of the two slaves failed to benefit from the training. The intensified focus on Slave pointed up some of her remaining rough edges and what she passed on to Slat was basic slave knowledge that was vital to her training and bluntly, her survival.

Ramos decided one day that it was time for some role reversal. He called the two slaves into his office and calmly announced that Slat would spend the day training Slave. Slat's face lit up with pure pleasure, her mind racing with all the things she wanted to do to her nemesis. Slave came as close as she had ever come to rebelling, but Ramos gagged her before she could say a word.

Slat tightened the ballet boots unmercifully, then dragged Slave unerringly to the apparatus both hated the most, the merry-go-round. In seconds Slave was helpless in the harness, locked in as a subtle insult. The rest of her training was anything but subtle.

From somewhere, Slat came up with a big flat piece of iron, which she attached to Slave's boots. The whip snapped and Slave took a hobbled step. The iron tapered to a knife edge at the front and it promptly dug into the sand, deeper with each step. Slave was able to move it, thanks to the muscles she had built, but the strain showed on her face by the time she completed the first round. Slat seemed intent on an 'eye for an eye' retribution for her endless treks around the sand box, her whip constantly in motion. She obviously didn't realize, or perhaps was ignoring the fact that tomorrow would very likely see their rank reversed and Slave would be in charge again, drawing on her very long memory to make life miserable for Slat.

Late in the day, Slat made the mistake of leaving Slave free of any restraints other than her wrist and hobble chains, on the way to another torture instrument. Slave, totally fed up with Slat's mean-spirited revenge, picked a fight and in seconds the two were rolling on the floor, pulling hair, biting and screaming at each other. Slave had her wrist chain around Slat's throat but she couldn't get enough leverage to choke her.

Ramos was there immediately. He picked up the high pressure hose and knocked both of them off their feet and sent them slamming into the wall.

"Stand up!" he barked. They untangled themselves and stood, met by a blast of the hose that knocked them down again.

"Do I need to repeat an order?"

On shaking legs they stood, only to be knocked hard into the wall. They stood and were promptly knocked down again and again, until only Slave could make it to her feet. She reached down and with her last strength got Slat into a standing position. The two waited, eyes closed, expecting to be punished again by the hose.

Instead, there was the sound of chains. Slave opened her eyes when she felt her ankle jerked, looking down to see a chain being locked from her leg to a floor ring. Ramos grabbed Slat by the ear and bent her head down, inches from the chain.

"You fucked up! You should have had THAT chain locked to THAT ring and to THAT ankle."

He emphasized each word with a stinging slash of his whip. He turned on Slave.

"You fucked up! A slave does NOT fight with another SLAVE! You KNOW that!"

Both slaves cringed before his blast, expecting the worst in the way of punishment. Neither dared look him in the eye, or they would have seen the anger on his face. They didn't need to see it to know they were in serious trouble. Ramos locked a floor chain to Slat's ankle and disappeared for several minutes. Without a word he unlocked them and herded them into the room where the Hole lay waiting.

The Hole was now two. A divider had been placed in the middle, separating it into two halves. The slaves were made to crawl down into their half and sit, crouched over, head down, legs bent sharply.

"No talking. No noise. Not one peep. Write me a letter when you're ready to come out," he added, sarcastically. The lid dropped into place and the two sat, in total darkness.

Both were at the 'I'll kill her!' stage at this point, very close to ignoring his orders and quite ready to start to scream at each other again, but being knocked down again and again by the hose had taken most of the starch out of them. Both knew they would have to renew their strength before they could go after each other. Not that they would get a chance again. Ramos would see to that.

Slave could feel her claustrophobia getting worse and Slat had neglected to empty her bladder so both were under considerable strain. Slat had no idea what the penalty would be for soiling the Hole, and she fervently hoped she could somehow avoid the inevitable. She doubted that the divider would stop her puddle, giving Slave a motive for another round of revenge. Slat was beginning to smarten up and one of the first things she realized as Ramos was putting them in the Hole was that her appointment as Slave's trainer was the first thing she had forfeited. She surprised herself with the vehemence with which she berated herself for stupidly leaving Slave loose. She was even harder on herself than Ramos had been. The only thing lacking was a whip to emphasize her chastisement.

Time was their worst enemy. They had no idea how long they would have to spend in their cramped position and for that matter they had no idea how long they had already spent as prisoners. When the lid came off it only revealed gloom that barely lit their contorted bodies. Leather hoods robbed them of even that illumination. They were pulled from the Hole one at a time and allowed to use the floor hole, whipped dry in lieu of paper, made to drink a quart of tepid water and without ceremony dumped back in the Hole. They got to keep the hoods, which made things even blacker.

It was near the 48-hour mark before Ramos relented and pulled them out for good. Both slaves pressed their lips to his boots and kissed them fervently, but as Ramos watched, they jostled for position, shoving each other. Angry, he was about to throw them back in the Hole, but he decided he needed to have them where he could read their body language and better gauge the effectiveness of his punishments.

He picked up two of the electrified eggs and made them lubricate them in their mouths, before shoving them up the winking rectums that reluctantly received them. Ramos fiddled for several minutes with the remote. They watched with mounting fear as he finished, and made a show of placing his finger on one of the buttons. Tensed for a shock, they saw him put down the remote. He walked away, returning with two big steel balls, with a three foot chain and ankle shackle. He locked one on each slave's ankle, then went back and recovered the remote.


He looked down at them, flat, their eyes glued to the floor an inch above their noses. He pushed the remote until it was against Slave's cheek. He raised her head and slid the remote under her nose. She resisted the pressure of his hand, knowing what was coming. He cleared his throat, prepared to punish. Slave dropped her head, her nose pressing the red button on the remote. Both girls screamed at the same instant, legs jerking and trembling. The flogger scorched each in turn.

"Noise is not allowed."

Ramos walked around them, checking.

"You will crawl to the opposite ends of the dungeon. You have five minutes to meet in the middle, before the program kicks in. When you are ready to make up, you will both announce it as you meet. Otherwise, your crawling continues with suitable encouragement until you do decide to get along with each other. I will not tolerate you two squabbling like you have been doing. You didn't learn anything from two days in the Hole, so let's see if you learn anything from getting your assholes fried. Noise, other than sincere reconciliation will be severely punished. Get crawling!"

It didn't work. Ramos could see both of them stiffen when he said 'make up.' Neither one wanted to be the first to show weakness and give in and cooperate. They made three trips, meeting each time with nose in the air, trying to impress each other with their 'don't care' attitude. It wasn't until Ramos, showing evident disgust and anger, cranked the controls to maximum and continuous and let them feel the full force of the eggs that he got any reaction.

Slat, with her low tolerance for pain, was the first to knuckle under. She increased her crawling speed and arrived at Ramos' feet a few seconds before Slave. She waited until Slave was close.

"Sorry, Mistress."

Slave had been prepared to pass her by, ignoring her, but being called by her title stopped her. She fought the current coursing through her body long enough to look Slat up and down.

"Sorry, Slave."

Ramos clicked the 'off' button.

The two slaves turned to him, each kissing a foot, careful to avoid touching each other. In unison they repeated, "Sorry, Master."

They were not out of the woods. Ramos rumbled, "So I'm a sorry Master, am I? I resent that, so you two will do some more crawling. Pull those eggs out, rinse them off and come back to me."

The slaves made a beeline for the sink. They crawled hurriedly, holding the eggs in their teeth, back to where Ramos was standing, tapping an impatient foot. He ordered, "Swap eggs. If either of you makes a face there will be Hell to pay. In your mouth!"

"You will crawl to the end and back. The first to spit out her egg loses. If you both spit them out before reaching me, the punishment continues, at a higher level."

The race was on! Slat got halfway back before the low level current was too much for her, making the fillings in her teeth vibrate painfully. She lowered her head and oozed the egg onto the floor as gently as possible. God forbid that she should damage any of his property.

Slave made it past Ramos, barely. She too deposited the egg on the floor, the last wave of current sending her tongue fluttering. Slat was close behind her, out of breath. Ramos pointed to Slat.

"Ask me to allow your Mistress to punish you."

Without hesitating, Slat responded, "Master, Mistress. Master, Punish."

"You do realize that this is your fellow slave that you have been fighting with for three days?"

"Yes, Master."

"You must be wondering how she will treat you. For instance, what word would you use to describe your punishment at her hands.

"Severe, Master."

"Consider your answer carefully. You allowed a slave to possibly escape by not keeping her correctly restrained. You fought with a fellow slave. You lost in a contest. Remember, 'A slave never loses.' Perhaps you would like to change your answer?"

"Yes, Master. Extreme, Master."

"When your Mistress is punished, she may have a choice between 'regular' and 'special.' If I were to give you that choice, which would you take?"

"Special, Master."

"To recap, you have agreed to accept extreme, special punishment for your part in this incident. Correct?"

"Yes, Master."

"As I informed your Mistress, 'Special' includes punishments that otherwise might be classed as 'cruel and unusual.' You will accept any punishment your Mistress sees fit to award you, correct?"

"Yes. Master."

Slave eyed her skeptically, disbelieving her sudden flip-flop. She wondered, almost aloud, if Slat was suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. To willingly accept the trap that Ramos laid for her, right out in the open, was a bit beyond comprehension unless there was some problem at the brain level. Nobody could have that bad a guilt complex - or could they?

Ramos went to the wall and selected one of the 'nasty' whips, a pencil-thin leather wrapped spring with a tiny leather flap at the tip. He held it down to Slat, allowing her to kiss it. Then he handed it to Slave, who repeated the act, making Slat kiss it a second time.

Ramos bent down and released one lock holding the hobble chain. He left it locked to the other shackle. With his foot he kicked her legs apart, farther and farther, until she was almost in a split. He nodded to Slave, who started Slat moving with an underhand zinger into the apex of her legs. By the time she reached the egg she had abandoned earlier, the whip had taught her to crawl by throwing her legs forward and then shoving her body through them. The strain on her hips was enormous, and the steel ball was entirely uncooperative, but as Slave would put it, "I didn't feel a thing!"

Chapter 17: Tough Love

Slave crawled from the dungeon to the bedroom. As before, the door was closed. She knocked gently. Nothing happened. The lock didn't click. She knocked a second time, as gently as the first, unwilling to arouse Ramos' ire. Again, nothing happened.

Worried, she cast about for some alternative. The one idea that came to the surface was, "He treats me like a dog."

She wriggled closer to the door and reached up and scratched on the panel with her fingernail. She whined, once. (Dog, for 'let me in.')

The door opened immediately. Ramos was reading. He didn't look up, but she moved into the room to let the door close again. She made a beeline for his boots, lavishing even more spit and polish on them. Finished, she lined them up exactly to the edge of the floor board, then lay, her nose pressed flat, her collar jabbing her in her throat.

By the time he finished reading, Slave was in agony. She refused to move a muscle despite repeated cramps in her ankles and feet. Each wave seemed to be worse than the previous one. She knew all she had to do was get up and stand on the cramped foot to relieve it, but standing in front of her Master was a foolhardy stunt she would no longer even consider.

Ramos moved off the bed. He walked to a closet and picked up a heavy iron object. He brought it to where Slave was lying. Treating her like a puppet, she found herself suddenly in the middle of the object. A steel collar fitted above her regular collar. There were shackles welded at each end of a bar which went across her stomach and a second bar held her ankles apart. She was almost curled into a ball, with her back bent forward to accommodate the collar. She also discovered that she was totally helpless. It was one of his modifications of a restraint he had seen somewhere, and his version was far more stringent than the original.

A large ring was mounted on the upper back of the device. Ramos picked her up by the ring and effortlessly set her down on a table. He positioned her right at the edge and then, without saying a word,  presented her with his fully hard cock.

She did her best, a blow job that would have rated a 10 almost anywhere. He groaned his way to a spurting climax, silently daring her to match him groan for groan, as he knew she could come just from having her mouth on his cock. Slave was left between a rock and a hard place. If she came, even if he allowed it, she would be punished. If she came without permission her penalty would be far worse. If she showed excitement, to please him, or failed to show the proper excitement, she also exposed herself to some unknown punishment that he might dictate on a whim. She considered the restraint a severe punishment in itself. She wondered how long he would last locked in this device before he would demand to be let loose. While she was thinking this the answer to seeing him in it came out as "When Hell freezes over."

Ramos looked at it in quite a different light. He would agree with Slave that it was a punishment, but it also made a convenient and compact package of the inmate, which could be handled with one hand, leaving the other free for the whip or a little nipple twirling. He still felt that Slave needed more time to contemplate her sins, so without further ado he picked her up and hauled her to the basement. He hooked the crane cable to her ring and lowered her into the Hole, leaving her hanging an inch or two above the floor. He turned on a blinding floodlight that destroyed the shadows in every corner of the Hole.

Her back was already in full scale rebellion over her cramped position and her arms and legs were nearly as bad off. She was worried to death by Ramos' silence. She wished that he would bawl her out, whip her senseless and get this over with so she could make a fresh start with him. He gave her no indication of what lay behind his almost ruthless punishments. She knew the questions she had to answer with a 'No' were staged, to give him an excuse to punish her. He didn't do it very often, but when he did, she knew she was in for a lengthy session.

Right now she was staring at the walls of the Hole, remembering her experiences in this punishment from Hell. She shivered, remembering the icy water creeping up her neck, helpless to stop it. She kept looking up, as if expecting heavy chains to rain down on her again. Several times her nerves lied to her, telling her she was sitting in a growing pool of water.

Her ankle decided this would be an opportune time to cramp again. She brought tears to her eyes banging it against the metal bar in a futile effort to get the cramp to stop. This was more of Ramos' deliberate frustration. If she were in the bottom of the Hole, she 'might' be able to put pressure on the foot to stop the cramp. Instead, it dangled, inches above the bottom.

Slave realized she had her eyes shut. She tried to open them, but snapped them closed as the blistering light from the flood lamp burned, even through her eyelids. She knew this was an idea picked up somewhere in the 'real' world. Torturers used thousand watt bulbs to prevent inmates from sleeping. The only thing missing was the over-loud rock music, torture by itself.

It was impossible for her to sleep so she spent the night in self-examination, mentally listing her faults and her good points. She had no idea if she would ever get a chance to discuss the list with Ramos, but she memorized it just in case. She made a face when she realized that she actually wanted him to treat her like this. He had yet to do anything to her that she couldn't cope with. His cruel streak turned her on and left her breathless, reinforcing what she had come to realize as her love for him. She had no concrete evidence that he had any love for her, but she believed strongly that he did, evidence or no evidence.

As might be expected her brother Rick became the focus of her thoughts. She hadn't and wouldn't stop hating him for unleashing all the perverts that had made her life a mess. She felt a small amount of sympathy for Slat, but it had more to do with his putting her here, rather than the adultery, which she couldn't condone. She wondered if it might have made a difference if she had told Rick he was being cuckolded. After turning it over in her mind she decided that it probably wouldn't have affected things, other than to bring them to a head a little sooner. Rick would not want others to know that he was married to a cheating wife.

Slat also had plenty of time to think, and her thoughts often turned to Rick. It was fortunate for her that he hadn't visited after she had been sent to Ramos, as she probably would have made an ugly scene. She knew the deck was stacked against her but her hate was equally as strong as Slave's. Right now, despite the months of training focused on her being a willing slave, she was more than ever determined to refuse to serve Rick, and let the matter come to a head.

She was sure she was signing her death warrant by taking that stand, but she felt she had no other choice. The family wanted their pound of flesh and cast Ramos as the butcher. Now if Ramos would take her as his slave.... well, that would be a completely different story. One thing stood in her way - Slave. She hadn't progressed far enough into her slavery to accept sharing a Master. Rick had unwittingly shared his wife with other men, but that, to Slat, was completely different.

She had plenty of time to consider the matter of sharing from a lot of different angles, but it would be many hours of thought before she would realize and accept her guilt for sleeping around.

Her mistake in leaving Slave loose and the subsequent fight and swift punishment came in for a lot of thought too. Despite her overtures, Slat did not like Slave, and as might be expected, violently hated her training methods. One thing Ramos and Slave could take credit for was turning Slat into a pragmatist. She held her mind together by doing anything necessary to survive. The two held the key to her current and immediate future, so she turned with the wind and conceded defeat at the appropriate times.

Ramos was too good a trainer to let her actions go unnoticed. He understood her better and better, and contrary to Slave's assessment of Slat, he thought of her as very alert and very concentrated. She didn't get away with her concession during his punishment. He accepted it for what it was, a means of getting by, getting along with a goal in mind.


Slat's mornings went like clockwork, the identical routine day after day. Her daily lover on this day was an ass man, so she was rotated in her bonds and had to provide an especially eloquent plea to get him to properly ream her. He was big, broad across and long, so Slat suffered until he broke through her sphincter and into her colon. Slave was in her usual position, right by Slat's hooded head, really riding her about having to take such a big cock up her ass.

"How does it feel to have to beg a man to fuck your ass, something you hate anyway, and then discover he's way too big for you? I'll bet you'd love to have it stuffed up your cunt, or in your mouth, but you don't get a choice. You get torn apart, just for a man to enjoy your body! Think what it would be like with him doing this to you if you were a lesbian."

Slat gritted her teeth, concentrating on a vain effort to relax her muscles so the big intruder didn't hurt so much. She knew that both the sodomy and Slave's cruel remarks were part of her punishment, so she suffered in silence. Speaking, except to answer a question was suicide. Beyond an occasional nod, Ramos listened but didn't say anything. The riding was excellent training for a novice slave.

The needle and ring ritual marked something of a milestone. Slat had seven rings down her left labia and six rings in the right, so this morning's piercing would complete that set, still leaving her clit for last. As always, the piercing was done without anesthetic and Slat under standing orders not to make a sound. The two rows had been installed using a punch rather than the hot needle. The punched hole was enclosed in a grommet and then the ring was fed through the grommet.

Whether the punch slipped or hit a nerve they didn't know, but Slat greeted the last grommet with a screech that set everyone's nerves jangling. She clamped her mouth shut, but it was too late. Ramos photographed the completed set, ignoring her silent plea for mercy. He had a plan for a day that neither Slat nor Slave would enjoy.

First came the daily four hours of exercise and weight training. Once Slat got over the initial fatigue resulting from the radical change in her lifestyle, she progressed rapidly, losing fat and replacing it with muscle. Slave didn't leave her alone for a minute, constantly jawing at her, picking on the slightest defect in her movements, humiliating her when she was unable to pick up a heavier weight. Slat was slowly building a full head of steam, but Slave was experienced enough to keep her just below the boiling point, but still getting the proper exercise.

Slat and Slave spent the afternoon kissing. Or, what looked like kissing. Following lunch, Ramos brought out a double ball gag. Two balls were coupled together. The two slaves were brought nose to nose, a ball went into each mouth and the straps were locked behind their heads. Both were wearing wrist chains behind their backs and hobble chains that were locked together.

Neither one knew quite what to make of their predicament. They were helpless to do more than glare at each other and Ramos had given no hint as to his purpose. He didn't say a word, just strapped them together and walked away.

Just looking got very boring, very quickly. Slat tried to make an overture with her eyes, but Slave was either having none of it, or couldn't translate the look. Slave then decided to go down to the dungeon, where they could find a pallet to lie on and perhaps take a nap to while away the time. She had no way of explaining her plan, so the movement of her foot caught Slat by surprise and she automatically resisted, thinking for a moment that Slave had lost her balance and was falling. Slave glared at her and moved her foot again. This time Slat cooperated, but in doing it she stepped on Slave's foot, drawing a mumbled curse from behind her gag. As Slat jerked back they both nearly did go down.

By then it dawned on both of them just what Ramos had planned for them. They would have to cooperate to do anything beyond standing in the middle of the room. Cooperation was the last thing on their minds and the last thing they wanted to do with their counterpart, but Ramos had ensured that they had no choice. They tried to go down the stairs, but their lack of balance scared both of them into retreating back into the living room.

With no other option, they stood, staring into each other's eyes in utter boredom. They were surrounded by comfortable chairs and couches, but both knew they were drooling and one drool spot on Master's furniture would be a disaster. Within minutes the first sticky strings of drool had slid down their tightly pressed breasts and on down their bodies. Their tongues tingled at the thought of licking up the mess among the stiff rug fibers.

When Ramos finally released them, they spent an hour cleaning the rug. He was disappointed, because his idea didn't seem to have had any effect. Tomorrow would be another day, and he had a plan that would do the job. No two slaves were going to give him problems!

He watched closely the next morning, but he could see no effect. Slave was as nasty as ever, leaving Slat nearly in tears as she begged to be fucked. Slat couldn't do anything right in her exercise period and Slave was on her back the entire time.

When they were finished, rather than having lunch, Ramos led them to an empty room. Empty, except for two large boards leaning against one wall. He picked up the first one and revealed the hole in the center. Slave recognized it as a Chinese cangue. Slat had no idea, until Ramos closed and locked it about her neck. He fitted and locked Slave, then disappeared, returning with a tray, with two dog bowls of bread crusts and a pitcher of water and two glasses.

"This is your lunch, and supper. If the bowls and pitcher are not empty when I come back, you will sleep as you are."

The door closed and locked. Slave immediately realized that this was a continuation - with refinements - of their being locked together in a kiss. This time, they would starve unless they cooperated. The cangue wasn't particularly heavy, but it was large enough so that it was impossible to reach around it to her face or head. Their hands were cuffed in front of them, but that could change in a second if Ramos didn't see any cooperation.

Slat had never seen or heard of the device that she could remember. As soon as it closed on her neck she recognized the effect it was going to have on her - on both of them. Since neither of them could get food or water to their mouths, they would have to convince each other to cooperate and feed each other.

For some reason the impasse seemed to trigger stubbornness in both slaves. They knew they would be punished for rebelling, but neither was willing to initiate even a truce that would allow them to eat or drink. As if on cue, the melting ice in the pitcher collapsed with a tinkling sound that was loud in the quiet room. Slave realized she was very thirsty.

Ramos also had a stubborn streak, much more pronounced than that of the two slaves. He had the added advantage of being able to order the other two to obey. It was annoying, but fine with him if they wanted to balk at cooperating. It just meant that they were earning themselves some serious punishment. Normally he would have cracked down at the first sign of stubbornness, but he was certain that both of them needed a much more violent object lesson that would end this rebelling once and for all.

Dinner time came and went. Ramos watched the two slaves continue to ignore each other. He muttered a curse and headed for the room where they were being held. Both slaves jumped when he slammed the door open.

"You have exactly sixty seconds to make up or you will be charged with disobeying a direct order. You both have racked up enough black marks already to keep your asses tenderized for the next three months!"

It took them most of the precious seconds to work out a position where each could reach the other's mouth, but both were chewing vigorously when he came barging back through the door. Stomping up and down, his face red with anger he gave the two slaves a memorable ass chewing, centered on wasting his time and wasting their precious training time. Stinging under the verbal abuse the two ate faster and faster until they were swallowing half chewed crusts.

Ramos pushed them away from the empty bowls and the pitcher. He found five crumbs, and administered five zingers to each one, letting them share the blame equally. He sent Slat to the corner to do her business and Slave followed immediately, both blushing at his close scrutiny. He pulled two narrow strips out of the floorboards and motioned Slave to one of them. He moved her into position and the end of her cangue slid down into the hole until her head was resting on the floor. Slat got the same treatment in the other hole. Once in the hole, neither could get purchase to pull the cangue out again, so they were pinned to the floor.

Before leaving them he announced sentence: "By morning, you will have memorized an itemized list of your bad acts, ranked in order of importance. Any omissions, or any out of order, earn you 10 hours on the merry-go-round with a minimum number of circuits, with a ball and chain on each ankle. Your sister slave will be responsible for meeting your quota and will replace you if she fails to keep you up to the necessary pace."

The door slammed and the light went out, leaving them in total darkness, pinned to the hard floor.

Chapter 18: A New Development

The cry came our of the darkness, almost a wail: "Mistress, sorry."

"Oh. Can it, Slat! Talk like a human being. We have a problem and we need to talk. One word at a time will take all night."

"I'm sorry, Mistress for getting you in trouble with Master."

"We both got ourselves in trouble. More important right now is getting ourselves out of this mess. I'm not looking forward to sleeping like this, especially with the sore ass that we'll have before this is over. He's pissed enough to just leave us like this for days."

"Mistress, I didn't think he could, or would beat us, just for being a little stubborn."

"Slat, a Master can punish you for ANY reason, or no reason. He has his own stubborn streak so he makes sure that we don't have one. It's just one of the many things a slave is not allowed."

"I don't know how many rules I've broken, let alone the penalties; and I've never been able to memorize anything. I had real problems in school, where they want you to memorize things."

"We have all night, since we won't get any sleep in this rig, so I'll help you as much as I can. Right off the bat, put 'Disobeying a Master's Order' at the top of the list. We're going to be faulted for not immediately cooperating, with another 'Disobey' charge tacked onto that. 'Wasting Master's Time.' You heard him. 'Wasting Training Time'..."

The list went on and on, far into the night. Slave felt at times like she was talking into a black hole. Even though Slat was responding, Slave wasn't at all sure that her words were penetrating. She used the opportunity to review everything she could think of that Slat should know about being a slave by this time.

Slat was concentrating, feeling for the first time that she was actually learning something. When morning came, she knelt before Ramos, still locked in the cangue, and to her own amazement was letter perfect in her list, the penalties and her apology. Without comment, Ramos dismissed her and she crawled to her place next to Slave.

Slave crawled forward and knelt before Ramos. "Master, I am not prepared. I beg punishment for my failure."

Ramos opened his mouth, but he was interrupted by a shout from Slat. "Master, it is I who should be punished. Mistress spent the entire night teaching me what I must know as a slave. I spoke her words. Now I speak them again: 'I beg punishment for my failure.'"

"BOTH of you deserve to be skinned alive. You could have done this days ago! Slat. I will warn you once. Never yell at your Master. When you've attended to your morning visitor you and your Mistress will report to me for punishment."

"Yes, Master."

Slat got her belly button ring. Slave reminded her several times that they were saving the most painful ring for last.

When they reported to Ramos' office, he was holding another modified gag. This time it was two ring gags, so closely coupled so that there was barely room to get them behind the front teeth of both slaves.

"Stick your tongues out."

Hesitantly, their tongues met as they wondered what Ramos was up to.

"Put your finger on your own clit."

Stranger and stranger.

"Your job is to make the other slave come before you do. Your fingers are not to leave your clits or you automatically lose. You will also lose if you stop using your tongue. There is a time limit so if both of you climax, both will lose."

"There is no change in my standing order. You are prohibited from coming and will be suitably punished when you do come."

The first tongue contact had started their juices flowing and when Ramos gave the order to start, they both attacked savagely with their tongues. Both treated their clits as if they expected a momentary electric shock. They were both quickly aroused.

After several minutes, Ramos ordered, "Swap clits."

The two slaves rubbed hard and fast, stepping up the pace of arousal. After a few seconds, the order was repeated. Slat almost made the mistake of rubbing her own clit as hard as she had rubbed Slave's but caught herself in time. Her tongue worked frantically, repelling Slave's invading tongue that was raping her mouth.

They swapped back and forth several times until the constant friction was too much and both climaxed at the same instant. Both had reached a dazed state where they were unsure whether they were rubbing themselves or the other.

"Tie. Both had a forbidden orgasm. Both of you are to be punished."

Ramos was prepared. Both slaves felt the bite of spring clamps on their clits, complete with swinging weights. They were fitted into restraint frameworks that locked at the neck, wrists and ankles, leaving them barely able to move. Ramos had his usual incentive snapping at their heels before they could crawl out of range. The farther they got from him, the slower their pace. Ramos snorted in anger and in quick strides was between them, sharing his whip.

"If I have to spend my time keeping you two moving, you are going to bitterly regret it. Now get your asses in gear and GET MOVING!"

Both stepped up the pace, hampered by the weights. Both tried to match leg movement to the swing, but it only made it worse.

Later Ramos returned. He had seen enough on the monitor to tell that both were near exhaustion and in pain from the clips.

"One more lap," he ordered, "faster than any previous lap."

Both slaves groaned to themselves in unison. They were beat, and any speedup wouldn't last more than a few feet. They could tell Ramos was extending their punishment, but there was nothing they could do about it other than to silently endure the constant series of lashes that was urging them on. They both lost the race and were sent directly to the treadmills, where they walked for an hour before Ramos removed the clips. In exchange they were forced to run for 10 minutes.

Slat got her tongue stud the next morning. Ramos finished with her and turned to Slave.

"Now, you."


"The Hole is waiting and I have a bag of ice cooling in the freezer."

Slave bowed to the inevitable. Ramos raised her head, grasped the tip of her tongue and pulled it up and out, clamping both sides so she couldn't pull it back into her mouth. Slave had watched Slat getting her stud, so she knew exactly what was going to happen, and when it would hurt the most. The worst was the sizzle as the red hot needle touched the moist surface of her tongue.

Ramos watched as she slowly accustomed herself to the ends of the stud sticking out above and below her tongue. The stud was far enough back so it was not a threat to her teeth. Gingerly she had tried extending her tongue and there was still a small gap between it and her teeth. Talking was another matter!

Both of them felt the whip before they could talk coherently again. The mushy sounds gradually turned into understandable speech, much to their relief. Ramos didn't give them any time to feel sorry for themselves and minutes later Slat was walking the merry-go-round and Slave was cracking her whip.

The next morning there was a change. Slat had to watch as her visitor masturbated and sprayed semen all over her face. Then she had to suck his cock to a second orgasm, which took most of an hour and left her sweating and exhausted. She barely felt the punch as the first of her earring holes was made.

Rather than the usual exercise period, Slat and Slave reported as ordered to Ramos' office. They knelt before him, fearing the worst. Routines were rarely interrupted or changed, so they expected some form of extreme punishment was about to land on them. Ramos cleared his throat and made an announcement, but nothing like what they expected.

"Both of you know how to suck a cock. Neither of you are lesbians. Sucking cock and licking pussy are two wholly different activities, so it is time you learned the ins and outs of muff-diving. As slaves, you may be called on at any time to perform on anyone. 'I don't know how' is going to earn you stripes that will keep you from sitting comfortably for weeks. I intend that 'you DO know how,' so that you never need to insult a Master or Mistress with your lack of knowledge."

He raised his voice, "Girls, come on in."

The door opened and two women came in. One glance identified them as whores. One whiff and the two slaves could smell knock-off perfume and sweat. A second whiff included jism.

The two slaves watched, open-mouthed as Ramos described their fate.

"These two ladies of the night just got off shift. They are tired, sore and crabby. You two will have to keep them awake long enough to show you how the pros lick pussy. They have whip rights over you, so you can be sure that failing to learn your lessons will be painful. For that matter the whole course may be painful as both these girls are into bondage and discipline. You will treat them with the utmost respect due any Mistress, and you will obey every order willingly and instantly. They report any problems, and you will suffer."

The taller of the two, a dyed platinum blond, or blond wig, pointed at Slave and crooked her finger. Slave and Slat didn't dare look at each other. Slave knee walked, stopping in front of the woman and offering her the leash. She held her head down, staring at the high heeled boots she was wearing. 

The leash jerked, nearly overbalancing Slave. She caught herself and followed on her knees to one of the bedrooms. In seconds the whore was nude, lying on her back on the bed, her legs spread invitingly. She spoke for the first time, "Let's get this over with fast, so I can get some sleep. You ever sucked pussy before?"

"Yes, Mistress. Years ago."

She reached down and parted her long, jagged lips.  "Get your tongue in here. I'll tell you what to do.

Slave knelt to her task. She looked at the pink gaping hole and a mental picture of the hundreds of cocks that had been in and out of it flashed across her mind. The stale aromas coming from the open crotch gagged her, but she fought the urge to puke and inserted her tongue, sweeping up to the enlarged clit. In seconds she got the rhythm from somewhere and she had the whore moaning with delight.

It took only a few seconds to bring her to a lengthy climax, certainly not faked, her hands holding Slave's head jammed into her pussy. The woman emitted a gurgling cry and fell back on the bed. She lay still for all of a minute before opening her eyes.

"Hell, you don't need any puss training. That's one talented tongue you've got. I'd pay good money to have that available at the end of my shift each night. That stud is something else. I'm going to get one of those myself."

She lifted herself up on her elbows, tits flopping across and back.

"Do you think you could do that again?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"This time, not so fast. You had me over the top before I even got a feel of your tongue."

"Yes, Mistress."

Three orgasms later the woman was out like a light, snoring gently.

Slat didn't do as well. The whore made Slat undress her and kiss her breasts and on down her body. She barely made it to the bathroom to puke in the toilet. When she did get her tongue working the woman complained constantly, 'too fast,' 'too slow' or not in the right spot. She didn't seem to be interested in having an orgasm, but her repeated orders finally got Slat on the right track and produced one small, but satisfactory climax.

Both whores slept through the day. That afternoon, Slat and Slave knelt in Ramos' office and listened to the two critique them. Slave was praised, while Slat barely made passable, but her teacher did add that she learned fast.


Ramos thanked them for their service, and then made a point of handing each one a one hundred dollar bill while the two slaves watched. Once they left, he turned to the slaves.

"Slat, you need lots of practice. For the next week, you will spend an hour each evening with Slave, learning the fine points of pussy licking."

"Yes, Master."


Hours of training paid off. Slat had learned everything that Slave could teach her. Ramos had brought in a pair of gay friends who had different viewpoints on the art of sucking a cock. It was an experience that neither of the slaves would forget as it was a first for both of them.

Neither of the men wanted to have the slaves actually touch them, but at Ramos' insistence, they gingerly allowed the slaves to suck them off. They really balked at using their cocks in either of their other holes, but again at his order, they submitted and gritted their teeth to avoid showing any sign of enjoying the acts. Actually, Slat's man had to have his cock sucked repeatedly by the other man in order to keep it up.

They were - not surprisingly - beginning to show some interest and beginning to slightly enjoy being aroused and sucked by the slaves. When Slave and Slat had a chance to compare notes, both found that the rather weird experience was very beneficial to their education. Had anyone asked, Ramos would probably have agreed that he learned a thing or two from the pair.


The training continued. Rain or shine, there was a male visitor on the doorstep promptly at 8 a.m. Ramos had the punch ready, and Slat wore a new ring to celebrate her latest 'conquest.' She had six, neatly spaced, in the outer edge of her ear. The other sported four, with two more to go. Every morning Slave reminded her that she was one ring closer to getting her clit ringed.

Slat was in the best physical shape of her life. She had searched out every shred of fat in her body, with the help of Slave who kept her sweating on the exercise equipment. Slat could lift as much weight as Slave could, and matched her in several other areas of strength or endurance. She could run five miles on the treadmill and finish barely out of breath. More often than not they wound up in a tie as Ramos had continued to exercise Slave. Despite his repeated quoting of their slave mantra - "A slave does not lose," he made no effort to punish whichever one of them lost, but it kept both of them holding their breath, expecting to be disciplined. They did their best to stay out of his way, do everything they were told and be model slaves.

Ramos knew perfectly well what was going on. He secretly kept track of wins and losses, intending to confront them to begin a period of vigorous competition to further instill his control over their lives. He treated the fact that they were more obedient and willing as an expected part of their lifestyle. They were purposely or unconsciously raising their standards to match his own. Either way, it would be easier to find an excuse to punish them.

With their improved performance came thoughts of the future. Rick had given him the green light to do with Slave as he chose. Her response to training made him more and more certain that he wanted her as his personal slave. However, he realized that his original idea of marrying her was not going to work out. She would have jumped at the chance to marry him, Ramos was certain. She showed every sign now of being in love with him. All he needed to do was transform that love into a commitment to be his slave.

Slat was still an enigma. She had started out way behind Slave, and then did a remarkable job of catching up, both physically and mentally. She showed some signs of being in love with her Master, but Ramos could tell that even though the two slaves had made up, there was still an underlying current of jealousy. He sighed and concentrated on the work on his desk.

The next item on his list was rope. He had to stop and think where there was some rope stored. Since he had spent most of his time and quite a bit of money on steel restraints, he had pretty much ignored the aspects of rope bondage.

Chapter 19: Much Ado About Rope

In short order he found a drawer full of rope, selected several lengths and called the slaves to his office.

He showed them a length of rope.

"Your education has been sadly neglected. Neither one of you knows a slip knot from a granny knot. You know each and every steel restraint we have, but you've never been exposed to rope bondage, which is what most Masters are into. Slat, you arrived tied up in about a quarter mile of rope, but I'm sure you had nothing to do with tying it, just with suffering from the type of rope used. That happened to be hemp, which is almost as bad as horsehair. You two are going to spend the next several days learning the ropes, as it were."

He pulled a coin from his pocket. "Slat, call it."

"Heads, Master."

The coin landed as she spoke, bounced once and laid flat, the tail side up.

"That gets you the modeling job for tomorrow. You'll switch off the next day. Slave, you are to tie her in a hog tie. If she gets loose before morning, you will be the model for the rest of the course. You do know what a hog tie is?"

Slat was glad he hadn't asked her. She would learn later that Slave had recognized it as the purpose of one of the steel restraints.

The rope Ramos brought was soft cotton. He made both of them hold out their wrists, and first rubbed a length of hemp across them. Then he did the same thing with the cotton rope.

"Remember the difference. You would experience hemp mainly as punishment, or if you happen to wind up in the hands of a real sadist. With cotton rope, the slave can stand hours or even days of tight bondage, as long as the circulation in a hand or foot isn't restricted. Breast ties are another matter. Both of you are big enough to have your breasts roped, but the ties have to be carefully monitored."

Ramos handed the rope to Slave. "You'd better pray she doesn't get loose!"

Ramos could tell that any contest between the two would be lopsidedly in favor of Slave. To even things out he spent over an hour with Slat, teaching her the different knots and their purpose. He tied her up several times, a couple of times loose enough so that she could wriggle free, but he was careful to point out that escaping from a tie more than likely would lead to severe punishment, as Masters hate to be embarrassed by their slaves. He explained the differences between the straight tie, the punishment tie and the symbolic tie. Then he tied her several ways that she found impossible to untie. She quickly learned that knots are always placed where they were impossible to reach, making the pointed comparison with steel restraints.

Slave did some practice of her own. The last thing she wanted was to do a poor job, allowing Slat to escape her bondage. After her morning 'chore' Slat got the fifth ring in her ear and reported to Slave. She took Slat to one of the bedrooms and had her get on the bed.

"This is not going to be comfortable. The longer you stay tied, the more it's going to hurt. Your job is to escape this tie. My job is to make it impossible to get loose."

With that, she grabbed some rope and started tying. Wrists were tied together. Ankles were tied with a second rope. Both were cinched by loops at right angles to the tie. A third piece of rope pulled ankles and wrists together, behind her back, pulling Slat into a low arch. The doubled rope continued on, looping under her belly, knotted and the ends knotted above her elbows. Slave checked her work carefully, testing for any slack and making sure all the knots were impossible to reach. Satisfied, she smacked Slat's ass with her open hand as a signal to start her escape.

Slat writhed like a nest of snakes, fighting her bonds. She tested every strand of rope, searching for the slightest mistake that Slave might have made. She found one loop that lacked the tightness of the rest and concentrated on it for long minutes before discovering that it led nowhere and there wasn't enough slack to affect any of the knots. Slat sighed and relaxed, knowing she was not going anywhere.

Slave's whip whistled and splatted on her thigh.

"This is not a day of rest! For as long as you are tied, you keep trying to loosen a rope, break a rope, trying your best to escape."

She underscored the order by blindfolding Slat. She couldn't see any of the knots behind her back, but losing her sight was clearly a punishment. She immediately renewed her efforts, even trying to saw through a rope with the sharp edge of her fingernail. Slave warned her again, "Master ordered you to escape. If he catches you wasting time rather than doing your best to get loose, we both are going to be in a heap of trouble. Any punishment I get I'll more than double, passing it on to you, on top of whatever he does to you himself. Think about what he is likely to do to you for failure."

Slat shuddered, visualizing some particularly painful discipline, closely followed by a series of a dozen or more flashes of punishments that would keep her screaming for hours. Even Slave visualized a couple of really nasty scenes that she would avoid at all costs.

Ramos and Slave kept an eye on Slat through the monitors. Slave made regular visits, taunting Slat for not escaping, hinting at the punishment she might receive and touching her up with the whip to keep her energetically trying to break loose.

Well before dinnertime, Slave announced that Slat had failed, and that Master had ordered punishment to be deferred. She took her time, slowly untying the knots that had held Slat prisoner for several hours, again taunting her for failing to escape her bonds. Slat was stiff and in pain from her cramped position, but she discovered that her constant movement had mitigated much of the pain, at the expense of rope burns on her wrists and ankles. By the time she was fully untied dinner was ready so she went straight to the dining room.

The next day, Slat got the last grommet in her ear. "Two more," was the warning. "Both are going to hurt."

The pain in her ear made it hard for Slat to concentrate, but she was determined to give Slave the same treatment she had received. She almost succeeded, but in the final hour Slave found some slack and had one knot almost loose when the time was up. Ramos took note of that and chewed out Slat, again deferring punishment for both of them.


Slat's head was in a vise, holding her tight. Ramos used a curved needle to burn the hole in her septum and used the needlenose pliers to fix a grommet in the hole. The ring would come later, after the septum had healed. "One more," she was told, "the one that REALLY hurts." She automatically clamped her legs together, a vain attempt to protect herself from what was coming. She knew it was going to be worse, but right now her nose felt like a blowtorch was aimed up each nostril.

Later, for his own amusement, and their punishment, Ramos knelt the two slaves by his bed and tied their nose rings together and to a ring on the bed frame. Neither dared move a muscle. Before turning out the light he sprinkled some pepper on their noses, warned them about making noise of any kind and turned out the light and went to sleep. He woke twice, penalizing first Slave and then Slat for sneezing, even though both had suppressed their sneezes to almost whisper quiet.


The big day had come. Ramos reminded Slat as he personally whipped her, that he had the needle ready to ring her clit. Slave reminded her, as she washed her off with the hose, that as soon as she was finished with her 'date' that she would be experiencing unbearable pain. Even her 'date' brought it up, threatening to wait to fuck her until her last ring was installed. He described in graphic terms exactly how it would feel to have a stiff cock pressing and rubbing against her ringed clit.

The repeated reminders and the ever-present pressure to excel as a slave were driving Slat to the brink of despair. As each additional ring had brought her closer to the moment when she would be pierced through the most sensitive part of her body, she shrank into herself, vainly trying to protect her clit from the impending torture.

Slave answered the door as Slat was finishing cleaning up her 'date.' Slave knew why Terry ignored her nudity, but she felt a momentary pang that she hadn't warned Slat that he was gay. She still had a bitter memory of the trick Master and Terry had pulled on her and she had no doubt they would do the same stunt with Slat, after he had ringed her.

Slat was fastened to the table, still warm from her 'date's' body. She flushed with shame as she heard Ramos invite the "date" to stay and watch, surprising herself, because she thought she would never feel shame again after her slave training. It was an important lesson, because she realized that she felt proud when her Master admired her body.

Terry and Ramos stepped away from the table and conversed in low tones. Both slaves tried to hear what was said, but the two men were careful to keep them from hearing their discussion.

Terry laid out his instruments on a table beside the one that Slat was lying on. Her legs had been spread past horizontal, opening her bare pussy to everyone's view. Slave knelt on the far side, and then reached for Slat's hand to hold tightly in her own. She squeezed it in a silent plea for courage. Ramos stood at Slat's head and the man was watching from the other end.

Terry surprised all of them by using a hypodermic to inject an anesthetic into the area around Slat's clit and in the whitish pearl that peeped up beneath its hood. The needle hurt, as all needles do, but Slat had lost all feeling in the area in a couple of minutes. She and the spectators were not told that Terry was planning a very special ring job for this particular clit.

Even though it didn't hurt, Slat could feel the needle piercing then inching slowly through her flesh. It gave her a creepy feeling, but she thanked her slave gods that she had been given the shot beforehand. Three more times the needle penetrated. Slat was on the verge of fainting, but Slave's hand kept her from collapsing.

Terry finished, examined his work, and then looked at Slave.

"You're next."

Shocked beyond words, Slave looked at Terry, then at Ramos. Neither was smiling. It was not a joke. She squeezed Slat's hand one more time before the three men lifted her bodily off the table and onto the cell bed.

Slave reluctantly sat on the table and swung her legs up. Lying back she spread her legs, saw Ramos glare and spread them even wider. She was strapped down tightly, with no slack anywhere. Terry produced another hypo and injected her. She winced from the needle, and then relaxed as her flesh went numb.

The procedure was the same. Four times the needle entered her. Four times she felt it move through her without pain. She moved her head, trying to see. Ramos growled and she stopped moving instantly. Finished, they unstrapped her and laid her beside Slat. Terry and Ramos shook hands with the "date", who then left, and then conversed again in quiet tones, glancing several times at the two slaves. Terry handed Ramos some pain pills just before leaving. Ramos got a glass of water and held the two heads up, one after the other, so they could swallow the pills.

As the numbness wore off, both slaves could feel a dull ache in the area around their clits. Ramos had cuffed their wrists behind their backs to ensure they didn't try to touch. Slat had been first, so her numbness wore off before Slave's but both were very thankful for the pain pills. Neither said a word, but both were wondering just how bad it would have been without the anesthetic.

The two slaves were pretty much out of it for nearly 24 hours, thanks to the heavy sedation. When she could finally think coherently, Slave wondered to herself why they hadn't been forced to accept the rings without the anesthetic. She was starting to think that more than just a ring had been installed in her flesh. She had watched as Terry worked on Slat, but most of the time his hands had been in the way, preventing her from seeing what was being done.

When Ramos allowed them to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, the surprises began. Both wore bandages so they couldn't see what was causing the unusual pressure between their legs. Ramos smiled to himself as the two slaves walked three steps and doubled over with loud groans as they came simultaneously. Slave finally straightened up and looked pleadingly at Ramos. He nodded permission.

"Master, what did you do to us? I came instantly, without any warning."

"I too, Master," chimed in Slat.

Ramos laughed.

"You're just overly sensitive from the needles. It will wear off. The rules have not changed. Orgasms are forbidden."

Neither slave believed his explanation. This was not a case of being sensitive to the needle holes in their bodies. Something else was going on. Wary of further orgasms, they walked with their legs bowed against their hobble chains, keeping as much pressure as possible off of their clits.

It was no small task, as each step seemed to excite their whole body. By spreading their legs they were able to keep things under control, but barely. Either would have given a lot to know exactly what had been done to them.

As the soreness wore off, the strange pressure seemed to increase. Both slaves were fixated on their clits, which Ramos continued to refuse to let them touch. He also pointedly refused permission to either question him, or discuss between themselves the things that were going on in their bodies.

He drove that home at the tip of his whip, lashing Slat severely when she started asking questions.

There were more orgasms as the two slaves worked back into their regular duties. Hands were back in front, but only with the warning that one touch would put them in the Hole for a month. Each time they came, Ramos reminded them that orgasms were forbidden and deferred punishment.

It was several days before the bandages came off. The unveiling drew mutual gasps from the two astounded slaves, who could see on the other's body what had been done to them. Instead of a ring, a shackle matching their breast shackles surrounded their clits. Both clits seemed larger, but on closer examination the appearance was caused by the expansion of the clit to accommodate the shackle bar.

Behind the shackle bar there was a second bar at right angles through the base of the clit, this with captured ends. Their clit hoods were raised by a ring that pressed on the clit itself. Seeing this array of hardware the slaves better understood the strange feeling of pressure that they had wondered about. Both had sinking feelings, realizing that the sensitivity of their bodies had been increased a dozen fold. Ramos would have a field day making them climax and then punishing them for the forbidden act.

Slave mentally counted, and came up short, a puzzled look on her face. There were three new pieces of hardware, or 'decorations' if Master preferred, but she distinctly remembered four jabs of the needle. She could see no sign of it, and she was tempted to get her nose right down in Slat's pussy to see if she could see where the fourth needle went.

It wouldn't have done her any good, because the needle hole had closed almost immediately, hiding Terry's surprise.

Ramos added to the tension by taking the opportunity to bawl them out for their callous disregard of orders by continuing to climax for no apparent reason. As far as the slaves were concerned they were 'forced' orgasms, which shouldn't count for punishments, but rules for slaves are almost never fair.

Ramos finally let them off the hook. "You are perhaps wondering where that fourth needle went. Go ahead and touch your clit. Put a little pressure on it."

Slave shrieked in surprise. Slat moaned, climaxing on the spot. Slave came a second later.

"Master, what did you do to us?" Slave begged.

"Terry and I decided it would be a good joke on you two to make your clits super-sensitive."

Ramos reached in his shirt pocket and brought out a plastic envelope. He held it before the two slaves where they could see the contents. There were several very tiny balls, each one covered with sharp points. They were so tiny that you needed a magnifier to see the points.

"Both of you have one of these little 'porcupine eggs' implanted in your clits. Both of you have experienced the exciting events which occur when you squeeze or apply pressure on your clit. Slat, kneel down and use your tongue on Slave's clit."

Slave opened her mouth to protest, knowing instantly what was going to happen. She didn't get a chance to say anything as a cry was wrung from her lips by the questing tongue. She climaxed, climaxed again, and again, before Ramos put his hand on Slat's shoulder and stopped her. He motioned to Slave, who quickly returned the favor, sending Slat into a multiple orgasm that wouldn't stop. Both slaves looked like they had been dragged backward through a wringer.

Chapter 20: A Visitor

Ramos explained to them that as the swelling went down, they would have less of a problem, but he made no bones of the fact that both were going to be slaves to their clits from then on. He did promise that if they were good, he would make some protective covers that would prevent undue pressure on the tender flesh and its irritating resident. He pointed out that Terry had developed the four piercings into a single package as each complimented the others. The big shackle, for example, stuck up far enough to deflect most direct pressure from the clit.

The two slaves took the news exceptionally well. After initially becoming despondent over what they could expect and how it would affect their slavery in the coming years, they realized that they would be the ones to enjoy the benefits of having a super-sensitive clit that they could call on for instant gratification. That they would be punished was a given, but "Slaves are made to be punished," which meant that they would be punished anyway, so why not enjoy what little benefit they could find.

Neither of them were particularly anxious to get the protective covers, which smacked too much of a lead-in to a chastity belt. So far, Ramos had never brought that up as anything more than a threat, but he could easily lock their pussies away on the slightest pretext, and what good would a super-clit be if you couldn't reach it?

Slat's 'dates' stopped coming. The original agreement that Rick and Ramos had reached had effectively expired. This had no direct effect on Slat's status. She remained, and would continue to remain a slave. She would continue to be trained in all aspects of her bondage. For Slat the relief from her daily bout with strange pricks was muted by her fears for her future. She was secretly convinced that once her training was complete she would be sent back to Rick, to live out her life in a tiny cell at his mercy. When she compared the treatment she expected from Rick with her current situation, Ramos won in a walk.


The doorbell, that prophet of doom, rang. Slat was sent to open it. She gasped aloud, dropping her face to the floor. One glance and she recognized Rick's father, the titular head of the family.

Ramos heard the clash of her chains and walked to the door. He greeted the man, correctly suspecting he was one of the family.

"My apologies. The slave has forgotten her manners and will be suitably punished."

He spurned her with his toe. "Go to the dungeon and lock yourself in a cell. Crawl!"

The well dressed man introduced himself.

"Mr. Ramos, I'm Frank S. I'm sure you know my last name by now, but we do have to be a bit careful."

"I certainly understand that. Obviously I didn't expect you, or you would have had a proper welcome at the door. Again my apologies."

Frank got right down to business. "Apology accepted. I'm not at all surprised by her reaction. The last time she saw me she was begging for her life as she hung over an abandoned mine shaft."

"I take it she offered to become a slave instead?"

"Not without considerable persuasion. She fought like a tiger, but we had too much evidence on her to let her get away with cuckolding my son. We let her down the shaft until she was up to her neck in water and the rats were swimming out to her. She held out until one bit her on the ear. We offered two suggestions, the rest of her life in a cell, or the rest of her life as a slave. She begged to become Rick's slave.

Ramos nodded. "I'm curious as to why Sandra was allowed to degenerate under the thumbs of some of the lowlifes that Rick hired for her. I know about the incident at the party with the security guard."

"Sandra got in over her head. Rick got tapes of a couple of incidents she was involved in and used them to blackmail her into a Master-Slave relationship. We found out later that she managed to get tapes of Rick cheating on Mera. The upshot was that Sandra was falsely accused of embarrassing the family and banished to this house and forced to live a life of subservience to Rick's every wish. We weren't aware that he hired a bunch of goons to beat her to death. You happened along at exactly the right time to save her."

"The guy I ran off was close to killing her."

"We know, and we appreciate the way you took care of that problem."

Frank moved in his chair, making himself more comfortable. "Speaking of problems, I have a new problem for you."

"Not another slave?"

"Slave, yes, 'another' is open to question, so hear me out.

"Rick had been using this place as a means of embezzling something over two million dollars from the Trust. This has nothing to do with you and actually began more than two years before you hired on. He submitted enough bills to furnish a thousand torture chambers. We recently decided we needed an accountant to keep the books for the Trust and that was one of the first things the man found.

"The family did not take this crime lightly. If we had complained to the police, he probably would have gotten five or ten years probation and never served a day in jail. The family decided on an alternative, which called for another visit to the mine shaft. He had several bites on his face and neck before he agreed to any punishment we chose.

"Since he had been directly responsible for putting his sister and his wife into slave chains, we felt it would be appropriate to turn the tables and let them make the rest of HIS life miserable. The family is prepared to pay you another $50,000 a month for the rest of his life and continue your unlimited expense account to purchase any needed or special equipment.

"In reviewing the tapes I detected some interest on your part in keeping the two slaves as your own when you are no longer working for us. The family feels that it would be appropriate for you to draw their monthly stipend from the Trust, as well as Rick's. This would amount to owning this house and drawing roughly $750,000 a month for the rest of your life. Now, I need to know if you are interested in such a deal?"

"Of course I'm interested. However, I'm going to be hard pressed to keep the two slaves from killing him the first day."

"Would it sweeten the pot if I tell you that Rick has been castrated? He tried to back out when he heard our terms and it took some stern measures to get him to agree. Losing his nuts gave him a whole new outlook on life, but it wasn't until we threatened to only leave enough so he could pee like a girl that he gave in. He is scared to death, knowing he is coming here to be trained as a sissy slave, with your two slaves as his Mistresses."

"Your two slaves." "Aren't you a bit premature? I haven't said 'yes' yet."

"Not with your lips, but your eyes, and your body language indicate enthusiasm."

"Frank, I know it's a bit unusual, but I would like 'my' slaves' opinions of this offer. With your permission, I want - at the same time - to offer them their freedom, or my chains."

"I have no objection. They will be welcomed back into the family. Mera has paid painfully for her mistakes and Sandra deserves better than she was getting. I'm guessing both will demand freedom."

Ramos shook his head, but didn't say anything more on the subject. He turned to the monitor controls. Slat sat in her locked cell, her head in her hands, the symbol of dejection. Ramos pressed the button to open the electric lock. She looked up, startled at the sound.

"Come to the office. Upright."

He called Slave on the intercom, with the same message. Both walked to the door, then knelt and crawled, first kissing Ramos' boots, then Frank's.

Frank had used his cell phone. The doorbell rang and Slat leaped to answer it. Two men wheeled a metal box into the hall. She thanked them, then returned and knelt before Ramos. Frank got up and wheeled the box into the office, dropping it ungently on the floor, to the sound of a weak protest from inside.

With practiced skill he broke the tape holding the top and lifted the lid. A carbon copy of the arrival of Slat, this was Rick, tied with so much rope that identification was almost impossible, but Slat recognized him at a glance. She giggled. Slave looked at her, dumbfounded by the giggle, then glanced into the box and realized that it was in fact Rick. She broke into a broad grin.

Ignoring Frank for a moment, she looked at Ramos. "Master, is that who I think it is?"

"Sandra, meet Sissy Slave Rickey Baby."

Sandra and Slat hooted with joy. With tears streaming down her face, Slat begged, "Master, may I kill that motherfucking bastard?"

"Where on earth did you learn such language? You and I will discuss this later, and 'No,' you may not kill... what you called him."

"Both of you. Look at me. This is important."

"You have a choice. You can remain as my slaves. You will be kept and treated as slaves. I will own this house and I will draw your payments from the Trust. You will have Sissy Slave to torment for the rest of his life and you will be his Mistresses.

"Or, you can have your freedom and I keep Sissy Slave. The family will accept both of you back, willingly, feeling that Slat has paid her penalty and that Sandra was unjustly forced into her life.

"You two may talk it over in the next room, or whatever you choose to do. Slat, it's time we changed you back to Mera, for whatever lies ahead."

The two slaves looked at the two men, then at each other. Sandra raised an eyebrow. Mera nodded. Sandra shifted her knees slightly and began to talk. Mera watched her lips and nodded agreement.

"Master, with all due respect to Master Frank and the family, we wish to be accepted by you as your slaves and remain with you. The fact that we get Sissy Slave as our own fucktoy is an unexpected and gratefully acknowledged bonus."

As one they went to their bellies and crawled to Ramos' feet. Each lifted one of his boots and set it upon her neck.

"Master, we pledge our service, our slavery, to you, our Master."


It took nearly an hour to unwind and unknot the cruel hemp that was torturing Sissy Slave. The two men watched as the slaves acted like children gathered around the Christmas tree. When at last they got a tottery Sissy Slave to his feet, they gave him a hint of what his life would be like in the years to follow. Sandra grabbed his empty ball sack and pulled it, jerking it against his leg. Mera stroked and fondled his limp dick, the last vestige of his manhood that would never give him pleasure again. She looked in his face, spat and cruelly twisted his cock. Nose to nose she said, "You're fired!"

The slaves put a collar and leash on him and headed him for the stairs to the dungeon. Faintly, the two men heard, "I'll flip you to see who gets his tongue up her pussy first."