You Asked For It
by Raul Roget
Part 1


A delicate pink glow colored each pert breast. The pink almost seemed to pervade the air in a halo around them if the glance was only casual. But, if the eye was paying attention, there was a difference. Pale around the turgid nipples, the pink deepened as the eye swept up to the face - changing to a brilliant red flushing the forehead and cheeks. It didn’t take an expert to deduce that this woman was embarrassed - very embarrassed.

The immediate assumption was that she was naked, bare, nude, perhaps chained and shackled for a command performance before her Master. Given the circumstances it would be hard to believe that her immediate predicament was of her own choosing. However this was not the routine “self choice” imposed by a Master on his slave. There was more, much more, involved. “And thereby hangs a tale.”

Chapter 1 - The Predicament

To begin with, It was not one eye, or even one pair of eyes taking full measure of her nudity. There were three sets of eyes riveted to her exposed charms. Even her own eyes dropped, mentally measuring the pink exposed flesh. Her skin tingled, both from the exposure and the unbidden lewd thoughts racing through her brain. She could not bear to look into the avid eyes that were assessing her.

One pair of eyes belonged to her husband, Wayne. The others were those of their neighbor, Terry, and his wife, Jolene. Not too surprising at this point, Jolene was kneeling beside her, just as naked, and equally as pink as Rita, making the same self choice.

Chapter 2 - “And so it came to pass”

It had begun innocently enough. Jolene and Rita over the months became fast friends, shopped together, took turns cooking on Saturday nights, and, like any two women, shared secrets. They were mostly mundane, mostly kidding remarks, but they often titillated each other by touching on the edges of their sexual experiences. That is, until the day the girls downed an extra glass of wine and Jolene blurted a comment about bondage, and her wish to experience being tied up. This struck a responsive chord with Rita. In something of an alcoholic haze the two admitted their matching desires.

Once sober, they both regretted their mutual exposure of their secrets and it was weeks before there was even a hint of sex in their conversations..The matter came to a head when Rita accidentally came across a bondage site on the Internet. It turned her on as it seemed to directly address her personal desires. The last barrier to expressing her interests went down in flames. That noon, during lunch in the Mall food court, Rita described what she had seen in detail. Jolene was visibly squirming in her chair as Rita sang the praises of the material she had been exposed to.

Neither husband was aware at that point that their lives were going to be radically altered. Both were fully aware that their wives were just plain randy, leading each pair to a lengthy evening in the bedroom, with the bed threatening to collapse from the recurring assaults. It was several days before the men had an opportunity to talk. By the time that both realized that something unusual was going on, both Jolene and Rita had become insatiable.

Talking it over, the women decided to enjoy the sudden surge and continue until the opportunity arose to demonstrate their interest in exploring bondage. However, Wayne spoiled their plans. As he and Rita talked, recuperating from a landmark all night session, he asked the one question that had been bugging him. “What’s with all these bedroom athletics?”

Rita squirmed. She had never lied to her husband and wasn’t about to break the string. To her horror, she felt herself getting wet as she related the chain of events. Just talking about it was getting her hot. She confessed to everything, pausing only when she mentioned Jolene and Wayne promptly tried to shift the blame to Jolene.

“No, Honey, we both were involved. Jolene was the first to say something, but I found the Internet site and told her about it. If there’s any blame, it applies to both of us.”

“I’m against the idea on principal. It’s not natural to be tied up to get a bigger bang. I’m going to talk to Terry about this. I think you two have gone off the deep end!”

Almost automatically Rita spooned her body against Wayne’s. “Don’t you like the way I’ve been in bed?”

“Yes, but it spoils it to know that a picture or a video is turning you on to perversion.”

“They turn me on,” she admitted, “but not as much as that big cock of yours. And, it’s not a perversion!”

With that she reached over him and her delicate hand found his cock, unexpectedly erect. She squeezed and ran her hand up and down a couple of times. Without warning he reared up, throwing her legs apart and slammed into her like a charging bull. Fortunately she was so wet that he slid easily to the very bottom of her love tunnel with the first stroke. She responded in kind, driving her pubic bone upward repeatedly, to meet his thundering thrusts .

They orgasmed together, draining the last drop of energy. Both fell asleep at once.

Chapter 3 - What Happens Now?

Breakfast was almost quiet. They discussed plans for the day, but neither mentioned “Topic A.” Neither one so much as hinted about the two forthcoming special meetings on that subject, leaving both in the dark as to those particular plans.

At lunch... “Wayne found out.”

“Ohmygod! How? What did he say?”

“I told him, and he is against the whole idea.”

“How could you?”

Jolene looked ready to cry. “Look. I’ve never lied to Wayne and I’m not about to start. He realized I was extra horny and started asking questions. He tried to blame you, but I think I convinced him that we were both involved. He said he was going to talk to Terry – which means you get interrogated - just like I did.”

Jolene sniffled, dug in her purse and found a tissue, to blow her nose. “What are we going to do?”

“First off, admit everything. If they blow their stacks, it will be over that much sooner. Be ready after you talk, because he’ll probably rape you just like Wayne did to me. It was easily the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Rita!!!” Jolene flushed brick red, embarrassed, but at the same time turned on.

After pointedly and slowly eating several bites of salad, Jolene’s face cooled and took on a look of concentration. “We need a plan.”

“Do we ever!” exclaimed Rita.

Chapter 4 -The Plan

Wayne and Terry had a very similar conversation, except that both expressed serious reservations. Neither were in favor of their wives involving them in bondage, and they were both dead set against the concept. Satisfied that they were in agreement, Terry remarked, “We need a plan.”

“Indeed, but how are we going to talk them out of it? I don’t want to have to turn Rita over my knee and spank her. That would just fan the flames, if I know Rita.”

“Well, picking up on that visual, what if we made them embarrass themselves, or humiliate themselves to bid us to agree with them?”

“That could do the trick. Jolene won’t let me near her unless the lights are out. We could make them demonstrate the equipment they want to use. I’d give odds they’d back down before all their clothes are gone, so it probably would never get to the cuffs and shackles stage.”

Wayne nodded. “I’ve seen a site or two on the Net where they did self bondage. I’ll bet all we need to do is pointedly suggest they demonstrate some of that. No promises, just suggestions.”

“Yep, I think we have a plan.”

Chapter 5 -The First Step

True to form, Jolene was carefully questioned, her answers seeming to float in the air in the dark bedroom. Just as the women had planned, she admitted everything, pausing only to be lectured by Terry. As expected, he ended the conversation by assuming the missionary position - which he always used - giving her a reaming that matched Wayne’s assault on Rita.

Saturday came, Rita’s day to cook for the four of them. The beer and wine flowed, but only in moderate quantities, adhering to an unspoken agreement centered on “Later.” The conversation covered every topic but bondage. Rita and Jolene washed the dishes while the men watched a football game on TV.

At last they ran out of excuses. They hugged each other for courage and marched into the living room, ready to accept their fate, hoping against hope that they could somehow convince the men that they weren’t perverts.

Usually the men would welcome them, patting a seat beside them as an invitation to sit and join in. Tonight they barely acknowledged the two and went back to their game. Rita and Jolene stood, awkwardly, rocking slightly from one foot to the other. Both realized they were being dominated, despite the protestations.

The game ended before either spoke up to protest. Wayne switched the set off and remained seated. He looked calmly at the two women, as if daring them to say something. The silence was electric. Wayne cleared his throat, loud in the silent room. “Rita, what you consider as the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you?”

A clear indication of her state of mind, Rita, had an immediate answer, “To have to take off my clothes in front of strangers.”

Terry addressed Jolene, “And you? You take your clothes off in the dark.”

Jolene wrung her hands, wanting to sink through the floor. “Yes.” It was barely above a whisper.

“Yes, what? Say it out loud.”

”Yes... To... have... to take off my clothes in front of strangers.” She finished in a rush of words. It wasn’t lost on her audience that her hips and thighs were moving, rubbing.

“You would have to expect that if you were in bondage, wouldn’t you?”

Jolene barely controlled the orgasm that had suddenly appeared as a white hot ember in her body. She hissed an answer, “Yesssssssss!”

Both men could see her obvious arousal. Wayne was perplexed, suddenly unsure of their plan, but Terry jumped at the opening. “Both of you seem to have your hearts set on this perversion. Neither Wayne nor I think that it is proper, so you are going to have to prove to us that there are benefits - not just for yourselves - but for your husbands. Why don’t you show us what you are willing to do to gain our approval. One thing - you each must have your husband’s permission at each step before you proceed. You will need to explain exactly what you intend to do in order to get our approval.”

Jolene gave Rita a despairing glance, already aware of the trap the two men had laid. Helpless to avoid it, she drew on inner strength and knelt in front of Terry. Her “Sir” was automatic, “Sir, may I remove my clothes?”

“I think Wayne would enjoy that, if you stand at arm’s length in front of him. You have my permission.”

Jolene and Rita swapped positions. Rita hesitated and took a step toward Wayne, but he held up his hand, stopping her, as all eyes focused on Jolene. Her eyes flew wide open as she stared at her husband. From the roots of her hair well down under her sweatshirt she was beet red, so embarrassed that she could barely breath. But she was so aroused that beads of sweat ringed her brow.

Jolene stumbled as her reluctant feet took her forward to stand in front of Wayne.

At the moment “Rattle-brained” fit Jolene perfectly. Hundreds of thoughts competed for room in her head. Most were overwhelmed by her acute embarrassment, but there were enough left over to thoroughly confuse her. The most horrific set up a drum beat in her temples - “Your husband is going to make you have sex with Wayne - probably make you suck his cock in front of everyone!”

Wayne leaned back and eyed her from head to foot. She could see in his eyes that he was undressing her, piece by piece. In her heated condition she couldn’t remember the exact wording of his suggestion, so to be on the safe side she knelt before Wayne, and again asked, “Sir, may I remove... my clothing?”

Her brain was twisted in a knot by her panic. She was panting, hyperventilating. Wayne’s words added fuel to the fire. “You have my permission. But, you must describe each body part as it is exposed. You will need my renewed permission to remove the next piece.”

Terry shot a quick grin at Wayne. He liked these new rules, and the way that they both added to the fun and increased the embarrassment. Both men were intent on teaching the women a lesson. At the moment they definitely had the upper hand.

With a fluid movement Jolene rose to her feet, stepping forward to be at arm’s length from Wayne. All he had to do was lean forward to fondle her tits or feel between her legs. Half her brain was determined to go through with the humiliation that she knew was coming, while the other half urged her to run for the door while she was still free. Both women were convinced that they would wind up in painful bonds before the evening ended.

Wayne continued to undress her with his eyes. She tried to ignore the stares while she caught her breath long enough to ask, “Sir, may I remove my jacket?”

“Go ahead.”

“The jacket covers my arms, shoulders and back.” She paused, waiting for a new order. It didn’t come, so she renewed her request, this time removing her sweat pants. “The pants cover my waist, my hips, thighs and my legs, as well as my ass cheeks.”

Jolene removed her sneakers and socks and once more stood upright, almost balking at the lust she could see in Wayne’s eyes. Certain that she was moments from being dragged into the bedroom, or even worse, right there on the floor with Terry and Rita watching. By this time she was blushing down to her ankles. Wayne was miles ahead of her slow strip, already mentally removing her bra and examining her flint-hard nipples.

“My bra...” Her hands froze on the catch behind her back. She could see more than just lust in Wayne’s eyes. He was telling her in no uncertain terms that he wanted to throw her on a bed and fuck her silly. She wasn’t ready for that. During their friendship she had seen the many admiring glances that Wayne had sent her way, and it was not the first time he had clearly been undressing her with his eyes. But this was different. She didn’t know what the men had planned and her guesses were wildly off the mark.

Rita was standing well to the left of Jolene, rooted to the spot as effectively as if she were ankle deep in concrete. To her utter dismay she could feel that her panties were sopping and there was a line of moisture down her thigh. She shifted her weight slightly, triggering another flood. She knew perfectly well that both men would spot the tell tale signs of her arousal and would use the knowledge to their advantage. Her thoughts matched Jolene’s - fully expecting to be demonstrating her cock sucking ability in the next few minutes - on a strange cock.

Wayne cleared his throat impatiently, his eyes burning holes in the bra in front of him. Jolene, lost in her own private hell, finally controlled her fingers and released the bra catch. Her breasts sprang forward of their own weight, pushing the cups ahead of them.

“My bra...” she started again as her hands grasped the cloth and pulled it away, “covers my two breasts and two nipples.”

The latter popped into view, magnificently erect, as if driven by a blow. Eyes smoking, Wayne focused on the real thing for the first time, no longer fueling his imagination. He gasped in admiration of what he was seeing. He added an order, “You will always use the common terms for your body parts. Those are tits.”

The last item of he unveiling were Jolene’s panties. It almost seemed she had a helping hand as she slid her reluctant fingers under the waistband and shoved them down past her hips, until they fell to the floor.

“My panties cover my clit, my cunt and my asshole.” She winced as she said the dirty words, a little self doubt creeping in to nullify her confidence. She could see a bulge in his trousers, which made her feel both better and humiliated, but hoping that it would further their own plans.

Not unexpectedly, the two men were having much the same thoughts, but they were tempered with their desire to end this threat of bondage coming into their lives. Both were doing “What Ifs” in rapid succession, fueled both by the obvious arousal of the two wives and their own unmistakable stiffies. Both considered the swap, but both rejected it immediately, recognizing the potential problems. But, there was another avenue to approach the problem. Wayne was sure the wives were fully convinced that they were moments from a swap. ‘So, let them keep on thinking that.’

Wayne kept Jolene in position in front of him, her feet spread well apart and her fingers locked behind her head, as Terry leaned forward, beckoning to Rita.

“I’d suggest, since you watched Jolene, you know the routine and can follow through without any further suggestions.”

Rita took up position before Terry and did the same verbal strip that Jolene had demonstrated. She was less inhibited than Jolene, but the situation got to her just as strongly, arousing her, embarrassing her and humiliating her all at the same time.

He stopped her as her panties slid down her hips. Stretched out, the wet stains in the crotch were clearly visible.

“Perhaps you could explain what that’s all about?

If possible, Rita turned a darker shade of red. She was trapped. “Sir my panties are wet because I am lubricating heavily, because I am so horny.”

“So, they are soaked with pussy juice?”

“Yes, Sir, my panties are soaked with pussy juice.”

“That’s good to know, since it looks more like you pissed yourself.”

“Sir, my panties are wet with pussy juice, not piss.” Her mini-rebellion was pointedly ignored.

Rita joined Jolene, standing on display for their two husbands. The men admired the view without comment, but the women could feel the burning stares. They were standing about six feet from the men, with Jolene still in front of Wayne and Rita in front of Terry.

Wayne grinned, but his eyes continued to threaten. Jolene was deafened by the cries to “Run!” But, where?

Terry spoke quietly. “Perhaps he would like to touch you. You need permission to allow that.”

‘Here it comes!’ Jolene wished the floor would open and drop her to the center of the earth. She puzzled how to obey his suggestion, knowing she was getting deeper into the trap the men had laid. The evening had barely begun and she guessed they would be sucking strange cocks before the night was done.

“Sir...” She wrung out the words, “May I have permission to be touched?”


Jolene knelt in front of Wayne, close to his chair. His hand brushed the tent in his trousers, drawing her unwilling attention to it. Then his hands poised, inches from her pink tits.

“Sir, may I have permission to have my tits touched?”

“Of course.”

“Mauling” was the term uppermost in her mind as Wayne’s hands were all over them. She dared not protest, despite the obvious excess that far exceeded even the most liberal understanding of “Touch.” Wayne’s fingers pushed and prodded, caressed and stroked for an eternity - a scant minute. He stopped, hands poised again. She knew his intent instantly.

“Sir, may I have permission to have my nipples touched?”


Wayne’s fingers went for her nipples like a dog to a fresh bone. Squeezing, rolling, pinching, jerking, suddenly biting.

Jolene shrieked in protest of the sudden pain, but Wayne ignored her, continuing to savage the hard knobs.

She failed to anticipate the next suggestion as Wayne dropped his hands, pressing against the upper slope of her mound. It was more than enough to show her what was about to happen. Jolene could feel her panic swelling. It was much too late to back out, so she drew on her inner strength merely to survive. Obediently, she asked a string of questions, permitting Wayne to fondle her, finger her ass and rub her clit. She knelt, legs spread wide as Wayne “touched” her, driving her to the brink of a climax.

She remained kneeling, head down as Rita knelt beside her and went through the same routine. Both wives had taken on a permanent pink color from the neck down.

Chapter 6 - Turn Around

Somewhat curiously, neither of the two women had climaxed, despite being subjected to an overload of stimulation. Instinctively they both didn’t dare climax without permission and both knew that if either had asked permission she would have been denied.

Terry and Wayne exchanged glances: ‘What do we do now?’ There were several things they would like to do but neither was ready to be first in suggesting a swap. As they considered their options, the two wives knelt silently in front of them.

Terry decreed the final humiliation: “Perhaps you two would like to give us a rear view.” Rita snorted in exasperation as Jolene moaned in an agony of emotions. Well paid porn stars allowed themselves to be photographed from the rear, but normal housewives wouldn’t be caught dead exposing “That!”

And that is what they exposed, turning in place after requesting permission to display their “camel’s foot.” What made it so much worse was the knowledge that they were being compared and judged. Both could feel their husband’s intense gaze scorching the puffy lips. Both were hanging on the verge of an orgasm, fighting to keep control in the midst of a fire storm of emotions.

The men waited, deliberately, knowing time was on their side. No matter how the women tried, they were barely able to keep their breathing under control and keep from writhing in place.

At last, Wayne got up. “Why don’t you stay put. Terry and I have some things to talk about.”

The two men walked into the hall, closing the door behind them. The women remained rigid, not even daring to glance at each other. Rita started to whisper something and Jolene shook her head violently, cutting her short. She had an uncanny feeling that they were being watched. The tiny camera in the far upper corner of the room recorded the interchange carefully on its tape.

Terry slapped Wayne on the shoulder. “Good job! But, I don’t think we convinced them. I could tell that Jolene was getting her rocks off from all the shit we piled on them.”

“Yeah. Same for Rita. If you’d scratched her clit with your fingernail she would have gone off like a rocket. I guess the next thing is the shackles and chains.”

“Ummmm, not so fast. If we ‘suggest’ that they demonstrate a lot of self bondage, that could bring them around.”

Wayne shook his head. “Really, I’m amazed at what they endured, without one squawk of protest. You have to give them credit for that.”

“You know,” Terry responded, “there may be something to this bondage, considering that both of us are sporting Viagra-style hardons.”

Wayne wasn’t ready to concede the point. “I dunno. It could just be that we have two very naked, very hot women in there. Well, I’m not going to concede just yet. You need to walk Jolene home without her clothes and then bang her good with all the lights on. At her suggestion, of course.”

Terry grinned broadly, nodding his head. He still had a swap in the back of his mind, but that could wait. In the meantime, Jolene would be getting a “stiff” workout.

Chapter 7 -The Long Walk Home

They walked back into the living room, where the two wives knelt. Wayne served as spokesman. “We’re not convinced.” He paused as both moaned their disappointment. “We think that you might like to demonstrate some self bondage. If it’s creative enough, we might take it into consideration. We’ll meet as usual, next Saturday night at Terry’s.”

Both girls groaned in unison. After what they had just been through, they felt that they would need weeks, if not months to accept the mental wringer they had endured. The big conflict came between what they had suffered and whether the suggested demonstrations would do anything more than get their husbands super horny. ‘We need a plan’ echoed through both minds.

Since the men had signaled that this part of the evening was over, both women knelt up. Rita asked Wayne, “Please, Sir. Request permission to restore my clothing.”

“Permission denied. Go to the bedroom.” Wayne couldn’t help smirking.

With a sinking feeling, Jolene made the same request to Terry.

“Permission denied. Prepare to walk home.”

“Terrrrry!!! Not without my clothes.” The first balk of the evening. Jolene was once again blushing.

Terry eyed her, enjoying her discomfort. “Instead, perhaps you would like to suggest that I tie you to the clothesline pole for the night.”

Knowing herself outfoxed, Jolene bowed her head, her voice cracking, “Permission to walk home, naked.” She forced the last word, hoping to avoid any new humiliation.


They said their goodbyes and walked out the back door. Wayne helped them on their way by turning on the floodlight. Jolene looked like a moth caught in the flame. She tried to hide behind Terry, but he would have none of it.

“Either you walk at arms length beside me, or you and the pole have a date.”

Jolene took up position, knowing that Terry would have no qualms in carrying out his threat. She was fully convinced that a stadium full of people were watching her every step. Actually the two houses were side by side, with lawn in between. The only possible place for a spectator was beyond the back fence, in the alley that nobody used.

At the foot of the back steps, Terry paused. Jolene stopped, one foot in the air, reaching for the first step. Terry remained silent.

“”Permission to enter the house.”

“Okay. The session is over.”

Jolene looked at him, puzzled. His face was half hidden in the shadows. “What did he mean?”

They walked into the kitchen. Jolene laid the bundle of clothes down on the counter. She saw no point in begging their return only to be removed as soon as they went to bed. She puttered, putting a few things away. Terry became impatient, but he knew just the remedy.

His kiss lasted forever, leaving her gasping for breath, the white hot climax that had been so long denied was fanned into flames.

“Bedroom? He suggested.

“I’ll be right there!”

And, she was.

Much later she whispered in his ear as he drifted off to sleep: “It was incredible.” He wondered very briefly if she meant the evening or the fucking.

Chapter 8 - Planning

Rita decided the old wive’s tale about getting screwed bow legged was true as she watched Jolene walking toward her in the mall. There was a distinct change in her appearance, and her legs were definitely bowed.

Rita chuckled as Jolene approached the table. “Looks like you’ve been run hard and put away wet.”

“Look who’s talking! I could tell a block away that you had been doing the bedroom tango. You’ve got that ‘well fucked’ look.”

“Jolene! Such language!”

“Hah! Get used to it. Looks like the boys want us to talk dirty. Turns them on. Men!”

“So, how was your evening,” asked Rita.

“On a scale of one to 10, it was at least a 20, maybe a 25.”

“That good, eh?” She grinned as Rita flushed anew. She felt like she had a permanent blush. But, it paled by comparison with the rosy hue on every inch of Jolene’s exposed skin.

Rita tossed her head. “Alright Smarty Pants, how was your own evening?”

Jolene hung her head, certain her friend could read the lust that remained from her bedroom experience. “He... He turned on every light in the room. Even brought in a couple of floor lamps. The weird part was that every time he turned on a light, I got hotter. By the time he got the last 200 watt bulb turned on, I was so turned on that I was literally bouncing on the bed. I was so damn embarrassed that I just about pissed in the bed.

“Then the bastard took me into the bathroom and made me squat with him watching, and then he wiped me! He made me brush my teeth and then take a shower with him. He soaped me from top to bottom, but he spent most of the time scrubbing my tits and rubbing my pussy. The whole time he’s standing there with a hardon you could drive nails with - and he wouldn’t let me touch it!”

“Then he marched me back into the bedroom and pushed me down on my back. He was on top of me - and inside me - in seconds. I lost count of the number or orgasms that he squeezed out of me. When I’d doze off, coming down, he would bite my nipples until I screamed. I’d wake up, grab him and start all over again.”

“So... You enjoyed it,” Rita teased.

“As if you didn’t”

Rita grinned. “Yes, Jolene, I did. I lost count too,” she admitted, squirming as a remembered one of the highlights.

“Which brings us to broad daylight. Our plan pretty much backfired.”

“Did it ever! I’ve never been that embarrassed in my life - not even my first visit to my doctor. There is a difference between a professional prodding and fingering, and a neighbor getting his fingers inside of you and rubbing your clit.”

“Agreed, but remember, I got felt up just like you - and just like you I had to let a neighbor stick his finger up my ass.”

The conversation was getting heated, but both realized that arguing wouldn’t solve their dilemma. Rita changed the subject back to the plan.

“It looks like Plan A didn’t work, so we need to come up with Plan B. Unfortunately at the moment there is no Plan B.”

“Well, they suggested self bondage. They must be paying at least some attention.”

“Probably. Wayne spends a lot of time on the Internet so I don’t doubt that he’s seen some of the porn channels. I’m sure Terry has too.” Jolene nodded. “That’s probably where that came from.”

“Perhaps we should do a little surfing of our own.”

“Right after lunch. I’m starved.”

“The right kind of exercise will do that to you.” Jolene grinned, matching Rita’s grin and they dived into their salads.

Chapter 9 - Surfing the Net

The two wives had their heads together watching the screen. Rita was doing the typing. She pulled up Google and started a search on self bondage. In seconds the screen lit up: “527,000 pages!”

Jolene wisecracked, “Oh, we should be done in plenty of time to get supper ready.”

“Sure... Ummn, let’s start at the top.”

The information was there, but in bulk quantities that precluded a snatch and grab operation. Both women were fascinated by the photos on several sites, showing girls wrapped in endless quantities of rope. They downloaded several photos to give themselves something to work with. If they were going to demonstrate for the men, they needed to know the product backward and forward.

They found pictorials on binding, and especially knots. As they dug deeper they found a variety of timers which would release their bonds after a given time, or a random time. Photos of girls locked in chains drew special interest. Rita made copies, so both of them would be able to study the information.

Friday, after lunch they gathered in Jolene’s bedroom to practice for Saturday night. Rita couldn’t resist teasing Jolene about all the lights in the room. Jolene took it with good humor, but she still blushed as memories of that night with Terry flooded her mind. She didn’t feel it was any of Rita’s business that they had renewed their wild coupling every night since. Since Rita was having the same experience with Wayne, Jolene’s bedroom eyes were duly noted without comment.

Jolene picked up the stack of photos and spread them out on the table. Both, in private, had gone through the pictures and had masturbated until their clits were swollen and sore. Each critiqued the pictures, with two specifics in mind: it must be enjoyable and arousing for them and the helpless state must arouse the men and get them to agree to bondage sessions. The two wives were unquestionably aroused, so it left the problem of choosing bonds that would pique their husband’s interest.

Several pictures were quickly discarded, showing sloppy, loose rope work. Rita held up a picture of a girl whose legs were wrapped in cords and her hands were handcuffed behind her back.

Rita felt a thrill just picking the picture up, but her assessment was brutal. “Wayne is going to take one look at that and complain that there was no way to spread her legs, so he’ll make some crack about using her mouth.”

Jolene nodded. “Terry will say the same thing. I’ll bet you lunch that he ‘lets’ me tie myself up like that and then sticks his cock down my throat.”

Rita agreed, “I’m not going to bet, but I’ll bet Wayne chimes right in and does me the same way.”

Jolene looked away, and with her back to Rita, asked, “What’s with them? I could have sworn that they were going to swap us and make us swallow right in front of everyone.”

Rita chose her words carefully. “I think they were thinking about it, but that’s not something you do to your wife - at least not without her specific permission. I’d put it under the heading of forced cheating, and neither one is going to make us do that. I think most of what you saw or heard was done deliberately to scare us and make us think they were going to swap us.”

Jolene sighed. “I think you’re right, but that was a dirty trick they pulled.”

Rita put her hand on Jolene’s shoulder and pulled her around to face her. “Look, don’t let it bug you. They aren’t going to do it and sooner or later it will be payback time. Keep it to yourself and bide your time. Now, let’s look at some more pictures, if your clit can stand it.”


“Don’t ‘Rita’ me. I have a feeling you’ve had at least one orgasm per picture!”

“Well, chaste girl! I suppose you are going to try and tell me you didn’t diddle yourself once.”

“Ummmh, maybe just one time.”

“And the Easter Bunny comes at Christmas. Liar, liar, pants on fire...”

“Okay!!! Lots. Now leave it be and check out the photos. Which ones do you like?”

“The one you’re holding, and these two.” She pulled two more from the pile. One was a girl tied to a hook over her head, with her ankles roped well apart. She was gagged and blindfolded. The other photo was a nude girl spreadeagled on a bed, with chains running from her wrists and ankles to the four corner posts.

She handed them to Rita, who looked at them as carefully as if she had never seen them before. Jolene opened her mouth to tease her, just as Rita came out of her daze.

“You realize we are going to be doing this in the nude, like last time?” The girls in most of the photos had a minimum of clothing.

It was Jolene’s turn to dwell on the past. She blushed and nodded. “He’ll make me walk home naked again, too.”

“And then you’ll fuck like rabbits for the rest of the night.”


“Find some more photos. Oh, I forgot. We’re at your house tonight. That means I’ll have to walk home naked as a jaybird, but I’ll make sure you get to walk me home. S’pose Terry will ask me in for a night cap?” she teased.

“Oh! You...”

“Now pay attention. We’ve got to select ties that will get them hard and keep them hard all evening.”

“”Okay, but looking at these pictures gets me so horny I could rub myself raw.”

“Likewise, but our goal is getting the men randy, not us. I’m hoping that seeing the ties ‘in the flesh’ as it were, will turn them on more than the pictures. Once we’ve selected the tie, we’re going to need to pay a visit to the Little Old Sex Shoppe to do some shopping.”

“Oh, God! That puts us right in the clutches of the real perverts!

“We’ll be all right. They are careful, because they know one complaint could put them out of business. They will keep the creepy customers in line.

Only partially convinced, Jolene agreed reluctantly to go, after Rita pointed out that the two of them together were not a tempting target.

The parking lot was more than half full, suggesting the store was full of customers, but to their surprise it was nearly empty. They were greeted by a girl who might as well have been topless, her rigid nipples tenting the see-through T-shirt she was wearing. She held out her hand to shake hands, her other hand following close behind.

Startled, Rita stammered, “You... you.... you’re wearing handcuffs!”

“They’re on special today,” she laughed, “and I get to model them.”

She held her arms over her head to catch the light on them, nearly pulling her T-shirt up to her chin, exposing more than the lower half of her DD tits.

Unabashed she lowered her arms, holding the cuffs out toward the two women. “I’m Ramee, what may I show you today?”

Rita looked at Jolene, but she was too busy blushing to be of any help. Rita looked at the girl as she held up her hands suggestively, then decided to throw caution to the winds.

“We’re trying to convince our husbands - who think we’re perverts - that bondage goes with sex and adds spice to the whole thing. We’ve surfed the Net and found some pictures that we’d like to copy live.” She reached in her big purse and pulled out the envelope with the photos.

Ramee considered her revelation for a moment, deciding whether this was some new scam, or a police sting. Seeing Jolene blush convinced her the two were on the level.

“Come with me and I’ll show you what we have.”

“We’ll need rope, chain, handcuffs, leather cuffs, ball gags, blindfolds, a timer...” Rita was reading from her list.

“All that, and more.” Ramee waved her locked hands in a sweeping gesture, presenting the back half of the show, where the walls were lined with bondage gear. She grabbed a parked shopping cart and led the way to the first wall, where hanks of rope, leather straps and chains vied for display space.

The three women spent nearly an hour selecting items from Rita’s list. Ramee added detailed instructions that would make things a lot easier. At the checkout counter they split the bill and paid cash, giving Ramee a $40 tip. As she thanked them, she handed Jolene her card. “I do programs for woman’s and men’s groups, even couples. Just like a Tupperware party. Call me if your plan doesn’t work. Good luck!”

Chapter 10 - Second Saturday Night.

Jolene and Rita would have been worried as they cleaned up after supper if both hadn’t been distracted by being totally aroused. Both had Maxipads taped inside their panties to catch the juices that both were exuding. Both had woken up hot and damp, their bedding smelling of their arousal. Well aware of the source and the reason for the aroma, both husbands reluctantly ignored it and went about their usual morning activities.

As one, both wives considered attempts to entice their husbands back to bed for a quicky, but they felt safer staying out of the men’s way. Besides, both had been well rogered before they went to sleep. The washer and drier got a workout, as the sheets had to be changed every day.

Now, the evening’s entertainment was about to begin. The girls didn’t look at it as entertainment but the men certainly did, but would never admit it.

The women walked into the living room just as the TV shut off. Both men looked at them, expectantly. The girls stood their ground for a few seconds, but they knew they didn’t have a choice. Rita broke the silence. “Permission to remove my clothes, Sir.”

Jolene gasped, even though she had known it was coming. She watched until Rita’s panties dropped around her ankles, took a deep breath and held it for several seconds in case either Terry or Rita would say something. The room remained silent.

“Permission to remove my clothes, Sir.” She held her breath, knowing Wayne’s answer.


When she finished, she stood in front of Wayne, just as Rita stood in front of Terry. Legs spread, fingers entwined behind their heads. Totally exposed. The men admired the scenery.

“Permission to be touched, sir.” Jolene was red as a beet. She went through the routine, allowing Wayne to fondle her, then Rita went through the same routine with Terry. Both men were careful not to carry their touching too far, intent on leaving the women hot and frustrated. Wayne had more of a problem because Jolene was already getting off on the embarrassment.

The men stopped, letting them cool down, but neither wife was able to relax, the unspoken threat of some sort of punishment if either had an orgasm keeping them at a near fever pitch. Up to this point in their marriages they never had suffered more than a light spanking. The men were perfectly content for the moment, savoring the predicament the unwitting wives had gotten themselves into, their eyes never leaving the nude women.

Rita fidgeted, feeling the men’s hot gaze on her body, unable to close her mind to her flaunted nakedness. She wanted to yell, scream, anything to stop the eyes. Her gaze flickered to the pile of her clothes, wishing for some magical power to cover herself. Ever alert, Terry saw her eyes wander and cleared his throat loudly, warning her. Her eyes snapped back, focusing on a spot on the wall just above Terry’s head. Terry savored his small victory behind a poker face, but he couldn’t hide the lust in his eyes, adding to Rita’s discomfort.

Jolene felt like she would explode at any second. She didn’t dare look away, even for a second. Her nudity in front of two men sapped her will, allowing the men to manipulate her with their unspoken commands. She was rapidly losing confidence that she could go through with their demonstration of self bondage, given the men’s obvious distaste for anything having to do with ropes or chains.

Using the last of her courage, she asked, “Permission to demonstrate self bondage?”

Wayne looked straight into her eyes. “Granted, but it’s not going to change our minds.” He glanced at Terry, who nodded in agreement. Rita asked and received permission, with the same tacit warning.

The wives went into the bedroom, each returning with a heavy box. They knelt in front of the husbands, establishing eye contact again, glancing down only to locate the items they were removing from the box. As one, they pressed the leather collars around their necks, attaching a length of chain to one of the D-rings with a small padlock. They turned the collars so that the chains were hanging down their backs. They bent forward until they were lying on their stomachs and bent their feet back, swiftly attaching the chain to each ankle. Rita brought out the handcuff key, hanging from a loop of small chain. She placed the loop around her neck, as Jolene matched her practiced movements.

With the keys buried in their cleavage, they brought the handcuffs behind them, threading one loop through a ring in the chain, before closing them on their wrists with a repeated metallic click.

Rita spoke. “Sir, we are helpless, until one of us can reach the other’s key.”

Terry laughed, “Are you foolish enough to think we’ll sit here and watch you squirm for hours, without some sort of payback?”

Just as choreographed as the women, the men pulled a pair of handcuffs from under the couch cushion, rolled the women on their sides and used the cuffs to lock the two back to back, ruining any chance of recovering either of the keys. It took only a moment for the wives to realize they had been had.

“You rats!” Rita screamed. “You bastards!!! You set us up! Of all the dirty rotten stunts!

Terry chuckled. “You know, it’s awfully loud in here. Perhaps we should quiet things down.”

Suiting action to words, the men quickly installed penis gags that made their point.

Wayne eyed the two captives, a broad grin on his face. “Since they’re going to be here for awhile, perhaps we should provide them with some entertainment.”

Despite the vigorously shaking heads and thrashing legs, dildos and butt plugs were installed in the proper holes. All of them were equipped with vibrators, which the men turned up to the maximum.

The men looked down at their captives, who glared back as they laughed and pointed out various aspects of their bondage.

Wayne took note of the glares. “Perhaps we should stop that,” he said, gesturing to their eyes. Terry agreed and in a few seconds had blindfolds in place. For the women this was the crowning touch, erasing their last contact with the real world. The men left them alone, allowing them to stew over their bondage and the neat way the men had turned the tables on them.

Hours later, a few minutes in real time, the wives felt hands all over them, one last jab at their humiliation. The handcuffs holding them together were released. Without a word they were picked up. Terry’s trip was relatively short, while Rita suffered the indignity of a lengthy journey draped over Wayne’s shoulder.

Jolene was the first to reach her bed, but nothing happened for several minutes. She felt hands at her neck, releasing the penis gag. The bed moved as someone knelt beside her. To her immense relief, she recognized Terry’s voice.

“Payback time. If you expect to be released any time soon, you’d better have your mouth ready for action. If you plan to bite, shake your head. If you want to give me head, nod.”

Jolene was primed and ready, nodding before Terry got the full sentence out of his mouth. Terry moved slightly and the tip of his rod touched her lips. Jolene denied was Jolene ravenous. She lunged forward as far as her hog tie would allow, burying the head of Terry’s cock in her mouth. He pressed forward, touching the back of her throat. Both could feel every muscle in her neck contracting, sucking his semen straight down her throat.

Wayne was enjoying a similar situation after getting Rita home. It took a little longer as she was still pissed at the men’s deception and she actually shook her head before finally nodding to agree to suck his cock.

Afterward, she waited expectantly to be released, but nothing happened.



“Aren’t you going to let me loose?”

Just then the vibrator in her pussy overwhelmed her and she was speechless for several minutes, coming down.

“Aren’t you going to let me loose?” she gasped.

“I’m thinking about it. Perhaps by morning I’ll have made up my mind.”

“Wayneeeeeee!” she wailed, already building to another orgasm.

He reached between her legs and shut off the dildo and the butt plug.

“You two were soooooooo anxious to get us to try bondage. Now that you’re tied up, you want something else.”

“You’ve got to admit, it was a dirty trick.”

“You seem to enjoy it.”

“Yes, but...”

“You want it on your terms, not ours.”

She nodded her head slowly, in agreement but reluctant to admit it. “Okay, we’ll do it on your terms, if we must.”

“Tell me you didn’t enjoy being bound?”

“Yesssss, I enjoyed it. Does that make you happy?”

“Of course. For once I was right.”


“I’ll take out the plugs, but you’re going to experience sleeping in chains. We’ll see what happens in the morning. I expect by then I’ll be ready to have you spread you legs for me.”

Rita accepted her fate, but not without a final salvo. “Admitted or not, that was a dirty trick, especially making us think we were going to be swapped.”

“I can’t imagine where you got an idea like that. Now be quiet, or the gag goes back in.”

“Kiss me, you bastard.”

End of part 1