Training Master

By Raul Roget

Copyright 2007

Chapter 26 : Rescue

Dotty stared at the man in the doorway, refusing to believe her eyes. She closed them, opened them, blinked rapidly but the apparition remained firmly in sight. Tall, blond, handsome - the ideal rescuer for a damsel in distress. He was dressed in a black coverall with a dark blue bullet proof vest over it and was carrying an assault rifle. He glanced back over his shoulder then almost ran across the cell to her. Dotty instinctively leaned back, still unsure.

But, when he flipped open the case and displayed his IRS Agent badge, she let go of the air she was holding in her lungs in a loud sigh. She sobbed, deep, aware that she was being rescued. She heard a sound and glanced at her cell mate who was staring wide eyed at the man.

Are you Dotty Stanslow?”

Unable to speak through her emotions, she nodded emphatically. The man pulled his radio from his belt. “Target A, recovered.”

Get her up here, top priority.”

Yes, Sir.”

He glanced at her chains, debating speed over comfort. “Are there keys?”

She pointed, croaking, “Hanging by the door.”

He was back in an instant and the cuffs and collar fell to the floor with a clang.


Fuck the clothes. I’ve been naked for months. Just get me out of here!”

The agent couldn’t avoid eyeing her body as he unlocked her cuffs. Dotty would hold her own in almost any beauty contest. He shook his head when he saw the traces of old and new caning and whipping on her back. He glanced at the other girl and from what he could see she was marked up even worse. On an impulse he turned to her and released her as well. The two women jumped into each other’s arms and began crying together.

Come on girls, they want you upstairs right away.”

They separated, got to their feet and then both reached and clasped hands as they followed the agent out the door, the first time they had been out of the cell without restraints and a blindfold. Like tourists they looked all around, seeing doors and halls for the first time.

When they got to the elevator, there were girls coming from several directions. Three agents were unlocking cuffs and already had an imposing pile at their feet. The agent walked them straight to the door. “Target A, top priority.”

You are Dotty Stanslow?”

Yes, sir!”

He glanced at the other girl, ready to make her wait her turn, but when he saw how they were clinging together he waved them both aboard without comment. The elevator filled rapidly. The door closed and the elevator rose. The two cellmates looked hard at each other and squeezed hands. The nearby prisoners who heard the exchange stared at the two, openly wondering what was so important about them.

John, on pins and needles, waiting, followed the radio traffic. He had been told that Dotty was “Target A,” so he was able to follow her rescue as she was brought up, handed some clothes and taken to him. She refused to let go of her cellmate and pulled her right along with her. The two were escorted by two agents right to the Colonel’s unmarked car. Dotty and the other girl were both clutching clothes, but neither made a move to put them on, brainwashed by months of nudity. John jumped out and swept Dotty into a bear hug. He whispered in her ear, “You’re safe.” She sobbed her relief into his shoulder. He grasped her shoulders and pushed her back, very obviously ogling her from head to foot. For the first time in months she felt a tingle of shame at being naked in public.

Girl, let’s get you into some clothes before the TV crews record you for posterity.”

Meekly, she handed the bundle of clothing she had been clutchng to John, who shook the pile open and found a tube top that covered her upper half. A pair of slacks fit snugly over her hips. Other than her shackled nipples trying to bore holes in the top she was dressed, but still barefoot.

Dotty hugged her cellmate again. “What’s your name, honey?”


John looked puzzled, “You mean...”

Everybody down there, even the guards, were forbidden to speak. We’ve been cellmates for months but never had a chance to exchange names. I was severely punished for saying the one word, ‘doctor,’ when I got an infection.”

Before we go any farther we need to get you two registered. They are compiling a list of the prisoners as well as the guards and they will be interviewing you at some point. They already have caught several of the guards who stripped off their clothing and locked themselves in a cell, pretending to be prisoners. It will go a lot harder for them than the ones that are cooperating with us. They’re easy to spot because they don’t have any whip marks on their backs.”

John, there’s a doctor and a nurse that took care of me, They did my piercings without hurting me and they took care of me when I got an infection from the Spanish Strap. I want to put in a good word for them.”

We’ll keep it in mind. I doubt that we could prosecute them, but at the least they’ll be out of work and the State Medical Board may impose sanctions on them."

John innocently asked, “What did they do for piercings?”

Dotty reflexively started to shove her slacks down, catching herself and blushing for the first time in ages.

Umm, they put a bar across inside my nose, put miniature shackles on my nipples and clit, and rows of grommets down my... pussy lips.” She added, “Don’t blame them for that. I asked for them.”

One of the agents stepped forward and curiously examined the two balls that held the bar in place. Gently he tilted her head back until he could see up both nostrils and see the bar. Without comment he stepped back but it was obvious that he couldn’t believe that someone would allow that to be done willingly.

Once again “Target A” was bucked to the head of the line, pulling Raylene with her in a death clutch. The two girls were identified and put on the list. Raylene admitted that she didn’t have an address, and was listed as a transient. When they finished registering, Dotty pulled Raylene to one side.

You don’t have a place to go?”

The girl sobbed and shook her head. “Then, you come with me.”

The girl looked at her through her tears and nodded.

Dotty was frankly puzzled. She was aware that putting someone in the prison cost an arm and a leg. She would have to take that up later with her and find out what was going on.

When they came back to the car, a TV crew was waiting. They had John already standing there and the two girls were immediately pushed up close to him. A reporter stepped in and the cameras started rolling as the first questioned John on his role in exposing the prison. Then they switched to the two girls, asking about their experiences in the underground cells. A second TV crew appeared, and then another and it was more than an hour before the last national crew was finished with them.

The Colonel called them into the car and they drove away, the first chance the girls had to relax.

I assume Dotty that you want to go home?”

Dotty looked at John. His reaction to what she was about to say would shape their future.

No. If you don’t mind, I’d rather go to John’s house. I’m so pissed off that if I go home I might kill somebody for what I’ve had to go through.”

She locked her eyes on John. To her vast relief, he nodded emphatically.


Stella was pacing the floor. The TV channels were all broadcasting the raid on the underground prison. Dozens of prisoners were being brought up from the depths, some seeing daylight for the first time in years. With each new load, Stella would stop pacing long enough to examine each face, looking for Dotty. She didn’t know that Dotty had been one of the first out, while she was still driving to the house from work, listening to the bulletins on the car radio.

She wanted to find the papers that Dotty had signed, the slimmest of evidence in her favor, but at the moment the only thing she had to go on. Donald had locked the papers away after confronting her, and she had no idea where they were hidden. Donald had closeted himself in his office after the first bulletin so she had no idea how he was reacting, or what he was doing.

She debated how to handle Dotty when she came home. She decided she couldn’t force her back in her cage or lock her in chains, because with all the attention the raid was getting, there were sure to be reporters wanting to ask Dotty questions.

She finally saw Dotty being interviewed, She watched intently and then switched channels, coming into the middle of another interview with her. Stella was beside herself. Dotty’s instant fame would mean she would have to tread very softly. Oddly, it never crossed her mind that Dotty would be gunning for her the first chance she had. She continued to make the mistake of thinking of her and treating her as a mindless slave.

Totally without a plan, Stella virtually admitted defeat as she sat and waited for Dotty. It was almost midnight when she gave up waiting. She went to bed, noting the light still coming under the office door.

Donald was waiting for Stella to knock. He was hoping that by now she had a plan to get them out of the jam they were in. Charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment would put both of them behind bars for the rest of their lives.

When she didn’t knock he gave up. He sat down at the computer and wrote out a confession, detailing what he had done and what Stella had done. He put his electronic signature on it and left it on the machine. Then he pulled open a drawer, got out a pistol and stuck it in his mouth and pulled the trigger.


The car pulled up at John’s house and the three got out, all of them thanking the Colonel for their fine treatment.

Get some sleep. The reporters will no doubt be camped on your lawn by morning.”

John hugged both girls and guided them into the house. He showed them to a bedroom with a big queen size bed, expecting that they would want to continue to be close together. Dotty looked at the bed and then rather oddly at John, as if she expected something different, but she didn’t say anything, so John let it pass.

They gathered in the living room where John supplied drinks and all three took deep breaths and relaxed. Dotty asked, “What’s the date?”

John looked over his shoulder at a calendar. “July 6.”

Dotty grinned at him. “Five months to the day from when I was kneeling before you in chains, giving you a blow job.”

Raylene stared at her, open-mouthed. The smile on John’s face confirmed his vivid memory of the incident.

Dotty turned to Raylene, “You see, I had an affair with John. I was trying to get Donald - my husband - interested in bondage. My mother suggested the affair would be enough to get him into the habit of punishing me. It backfired because my father and Donald made slaves out of mother and me. The story gets complicated from that point, but in order to humiliate me, they brought me face to face with John and made me - as a slave - give him another blow job. It was intended to show me that my slavery was more important than my marriage."

They?” Raylene spoke hesitantly, not sure if she should stay out of the conversation, but her interest was piqued.

I hope you are ready for this. They - my husband, and Stella, my hair stylist - decided if I was going to be his - or their - slave, I needed slave training. Stella had two slaves that came from her sister, so she convinced Donald that she was the best available slave trainer. This repeat was her idea.”

She took a sip of her drink, savoring it after five months of tepid water.

Stella found out I have a substantial trust fund and decided to get her claws into it by seducing Donald. She convinced him that I should be sent to the slave training school and the rest as they say is history.”

John added, “There’s another chapter you aren’t aware of. Stella told them when they were admitting you that you had tried twice to escape...”

What! Why that bitch!”

There’s more. They found an open shackle in the holding cell, called that an escape attempt and then you tried to open the lead seal on your pussy lacing and that made four.”

No wonder they were keeping such a close eye on me. Always an extra guard, lately two extra. Always double chains and locks. That explains all the excitement when they found the cuff open, but it doesn’t explain why I never heard a word about it. Three of the guards tried to rape me in that holding cell. One of them was on top of me with an inch of his prick into me when they were discovered.”

If you want, I’ll see what I can find out.”

Thanks, John, but I don’t care to go back through that again. I’m sure they’ll come across some records in the manager’s office.”

Mutually they decided to go to bed early. Dotty looked longingly at John, but he avoided her glance. When Raylene and Dotty were in the bedroom they shut the door, looked at each other and quickly stripped to their skin. They shared the bathroom, showered together, used the toothbrushes and climbed into bed. Dotty looked up at the ceiling, just visible in the glow of the night light. “Five months,” she breathed. The soft bed was uncomfortable to a body used to a stone floor. Both girls twisted and rolled, trying to get comfortable.

Exasperated, she crawled out of bed and started searching the dressers. She came up with two pairs of hand cuffs. She knelt on one knee and pulled Raylene to her. Grasping her wrists she cuffed them behind her back. As she went back around to her side of the bed she acted on a hunch and felt under the corner of the mattress. Her fingers met steel and moments later, Raylene’s leg was shackled to the corner post. She pulled out the shackle at the other corner, crawled into bed, locked the cuff, and then locked her hands behind her. The tight cuffs gave both girls just enough of a buzz to sleep soundly for the rest of the night.

Dotty woke with her bladder demanding attention. She ignored it, but finally had to exert her training to ignore it. She wasn’t going anywhere until John released her. She wondered if he slept late every morning.

Bearing down was exhausting her when John knocked on the door and walked in. He took in the two girls in their restraints and shook his head. They had kicked the sheet off and were lying bare. Dotty cocked one eye.

I should leave you here. Five months in prison and you can’t go one night without locking yourself up. Or did Raylene do it?”

Dotty had the decency to blush. “I did it,” she said. “But, if you’re going to leave us here, I’d better empty my bladder or you’ll have to change the bed in about five minutes. “Me too,” came a sleepy voice from the other side of the bed. Dotty, forgetting her tether, tried to swing her legs out of the bed. “I asked first,” she pointed out as she offered her foot to John for release. He ran his gaze up her bare leg as he twisted the key. He could swear her pussy winked at him.

She held her hands out well away from her rump expecting him to release her wrists. Instead she got a very firm pat on the ass and “Later,” as her only explanation. Raylene watched with really mixed emotions. She wasn’t quite sure if he was joking about leaving them or not. She obediently lifted her leg, watched him remove the cuff and run his eyes the whole length of the leg, but without getting the wink. She slid out of bed and stood with her arms out behind her, following Dotty’s lead. She got the “Later,” but only a gentlemanly pat on the rump.

Both returned to the bedroom, so accustomed to taking orders that they didn’t know where else to go. They heard his voice echoing through the house. “Breakfast is ready.” Too late they realized at the same time that neither had dressed. Dotty wondered as they gingerly followed their noses to the kitchen whether John had a dress code for breakfast. Would “Old habits are hard to break” be enough of an excuse?

He made no comment beyond a deliberately salacious leer that took in both of them. He spun Raylene around and removed her cuffs, then did the same for Dotty.


Chapter 27: A New Day

Sit down.”

The two girls looked at each other and carefully slid into two of the chairs. John busied himself in the kitchen for several moments before placing plates heaped with food the girls had only dreamed about. Two fresh eggs showed their sunny faces on each plate. They waited until he brought his own plate and sat down, then they dived in, starved. He enjoyed watching them eat and the three made small talk in between bites.

John was about to ask them about their experiences, when the phone rang. John answered and stood looking at Dotty. He made a face, expressing pain, then motioned Dotty to the phone. As she came to him he held out his arms and hugged her tight, sending an unspoken message of love.

It was Dotty’s father. He told her that Donald had been found dead in his office, his pistol still in his hand. She gasped and burst into tears. John grabbed for a box of tissues and handed her a wad that she used to wipe her eyes. Then she blew her nose as Phil continued to talk. Stella had found him but when she called the police she missed the confession on his computer, something she would certainly have erased if she had found it.

Dotty listened closely, then snapped an order. “Stella is to leave the house immediately and is not to be let back in until I give her permission. There are vital papers pertaining to what she did to me that she would destroy if she had the chance. Can I depend on you to handle that?”

Of course. I will stay at the house and with your permission I’ll start looking for his papers, and I’ll sleep there until I can get the locks changed.”

Go ahead. Please just make sure she doesn’t destroy anything.”

Are you coming by today?”

I don’t know. I hadn’t thought about it. John is helping me recuperate. I’ll let you know.”

I’m sorry I had to call with such bad news. We all love you and we’re glad you’re safe and we’re rooting for you. Bye”

John hung up the phone for her and hugged her close, letting her cry it out on his shoulder.

When the sobs turned to sniffles he leaned her back so she could see his face.

Dotty, you are welcome to stay here as long as you want. I know what going back to that house is going to do to you, so I think you should wait at least a couple of days.”

She nodded, blew her nose and returned pretty much to normal. Raylene reached across and held her hand. Dotty made a weak smile of gratitude.

John tried to make his question seem mild, but it came out as anything but. “Do you think your father can handle it?”

Dotty read the message, rather than the voice. She nodded.

Dad is the straightest arrow in the quiver. He’ll protect my interests at all costs.”

What did he think about you being punished by becoming a slave?”

He was all for it, because he felt that I had crossed the line by having an affair with you. I don’t know what Donald told you, but Dad punished Mother the same way. She’s been a slave ever since, and from the looks of it, she’ll die a slave. He hasn’t let up on her and if anything is becoming stricter and stricter with her. She’s not allowed to have any contact with me for a year. With Donald dead I don’t know if it will work out, but I know that Dad will never let up on her until she proves she’s learned her lesson. The big sticking point is that she advised me to have an affair to get Donald interested in bondage. I did, and look what it has cost us. And it’s all my fault.”

She burst into tears again, blubbering about being responsible for Donald’s death and repeating her guilt.

Raylene and John took her into living room and sat down with her between them. John grabbed the tissues and then let her cry it out. Both put their arms around her.

If I was going to blame anyone, it would be Stella. She really has fucked you over.”

Dotty nodded. “She’s to blame, but it’s still my fault.” More tears.

Say, have you looked into being a lawyer? They’re the only ones that think like that.”

Dotty managed a weak smile.

Look, lie low for a couple of days. You’ve had a harrowing experience through no fault of your own. Rest up, recuperate here, then tackle the house with a clear head.”

But, there are funeral plans that need to be made.”

Your dad is right there, and I’m sure he’s been to a few funerals, so stop worrying, and stop trying to work around me. I happen to know where there’s a room that’s stocked with chains and cuffs and shackles and all the good things that go with them. If you don’t stop this fuss you will find yourself in durance vile and you certainly won’t be able to ramble over to your house.”

That’s another thing. I want my car back from that bitch.”

We’ll get right on it.”

She felt a delightful surge when he mentioned restraining her. She looked at Raylene and the poor girl was just about over the top, listening to her host calmly warn that a new prison awaited Dotty. Since she had long since been infected with the bondage virus she was rapidly turning ideas over in her mind to get John to make room for her as well in his dungeon. She was listening with rapt attention to the interchange between the two, trying to put together the bits and pieces she was learning. That Dotty had been a slave for some time didn’t surprise her. True to the adage, “It takes one to know one,” Raylene already had Dotty pegged as a fellow submissive.

For Dotty this was a critical time in more ways than one. As Donald’s slave, she in effect became a free agent upon his death. Any Master could place a claim on her but her right of refusal was essentially a myth. If a Master chose her, she was his, and any disagreement on the point would invariably lead to continuing punishment until she saw the light. Her chief concern was that Stella could exert the same right over her. At this point that would be worse than the prison.


Stella looked in her rearview mirror and cursed. A police car was right on her tail. She put on her turn signal and pulled to the curb. A cop got out and walked up beside her window.

License and Registration please.”

The officer walked back to his cruiser. Stella tapped her foot in increasing disgust. She was hurrying back from lunch, with a good customer due at one. It was all ready 10 of. By 10 after Stella was ready to chew nails. She was just reaching for the door handle when he reappeared at her side.

You are being stopped for running a stop sign. However, there is some problem with your registration. Are you sure you gave me the right one?”

Stella wanted to snap his head off, but she kept her voice level. “Sir, that’s the only registration I have.”

I’m afraid you’re going to have to come to headquarters with me while we get this straightened out.”

But I HAD an appointment at one,” she snapped.

I’m sorry, but we can’t let you drive with this registration. Please follow me to headquarters.” Without waiting for her response he walked back to his cruiser, pulled out and then slowed to make sure Stella was following him.

Stella lost her case, when she stomped into the building and headed straight for the desk sergeant. She made the mistake of raising her voice, which ultimately would keep her sitting on a hard wooden bench for an extra hour while they ‘traced’ her registration. She had left her cell phone on the charger, so she was forced to use a payphone to call the salon and cancel her appointments. The desk sergeant had difficulty suppressing a grin as she ranted to Dale.

It was almost five when a clerk appeared with some papers. The desk sergeant gave no indication they affected Stella, but he read every word, even the fine print. At last he looked at Stella and crooked his finger to call her over.

We are impounding your vehicle until we can find the paperwork. You are apparently not the registered owner from what I have so far, so you will need to get a taxi. Get anything you need out of it before they tow it.”

Stella lost her cool. She yelled at the Sergeant, who listened silently. Then he quietly said, “I have a form here, charging you with disorderly conduct. This late in the day we’ll have to hold you overnight to appear in court in the morning. One more word out of you and I will execute this form.”

Stella was smart enough to close her mouth and stalk out of the door. A uniformed officer followed her and made a list of the items she removed from the car. She had to sign it, before he turned and went back inside. Nobody had offered to call a cab, so she had to come back inside and call on the payphone. When she was safely gone, the desk sergeant called John and gleefully related the events that he had triggered.

Stella’s troubles were by no means over. She told the cab driver Donald’s address. She had left for work before Dotty called. When they pulled into the drive, Phil came out. “You will have to find some other place to stay. You are banned from the house.”

But, but, but! My clothes, my jewelry.”

Send one of your slaves over. They are back in your house, in case you were looking for them.”

He watched as the taxi headed back to town, a smug smile on his face. He never had liked Stella.


Raylene and Dotty loafed, napped and loafed some more. Dotty lapsed into a semi-nightmare that quickly woke her up. Raylene was sound asleep. Lethargy overcame Dotty and she slept again, this time a pleasant dream. Dotty had decided that until she absolutely had to put clothes on again, she was going to remain nude. It fit into her plan to convince John that he should become her Master. She didn’t share that plan with Raylene but the girl took her cue from Dotty and left her clothing off as well.

John was obviously confused by suddenly having two nude women in his house. He would be the last to complain, but he wondered to himself just what they had done to the girls in that prison. Both were the right size and weight, saucy hips, big tits, but not too big and he would bet that they could easily hold their own in bed. He knew that Dotty was good on cocks and he suspected that Raylene was equally as talented. Just thinking about them wandering the house nude started his groin stirring. Thinking about them in relation to a bed guaranteed a bulge in his shorts.

Dotty was pleased. Nudity was having the desired effect on John. All she needed now was the right opportunity to get John to commit. It all came about as if it had been planned.

They ordered in pizza. Dotty happened to be closest to the door when the delivery arrived, but John refused to let her open the door. He tipped the man and shut the door. By this time both Dotty and Raylene were standing just out of sight. John laid the boxes down and walked over to them.

It’s nice to have such beautiful scenery, but I refuse to share it with the neighbors or delivery men. Until you go back to wearing clothes you stay out of sight.”

Dotty was pleasantly surprised at his forceful reaction. She almost went into slave mode to acknowledge the order, but she nodded instead. Raylene took her cue and nodded as well.

They ate, drank and relaxed, watching the local TV coverage of the aftermath of the raid on the prison. John perked up when they had a segment on the two judges who had been arrested. According to the reporter they had been caught in the act of granting immunity to several of the officials of the company operating the facility. Now they faced a string of felony charges that would put them on the wrong side of the bars.

It was Dotty’s turn to follow the next segment. They had several shots of the ‘turtle’ that she had seen. John had picked up the rumor about it, but here was proof. The woman who had been locked in the frame for so long was identified as the wife of the Police Commissioner. There were several shots of him being cuffed and taken to jail. The woman had been hospitalized for shock and was unavailable for comment.

The reporters had been taken on a tour of the prison. They examined a typical cell, just like the one that Dotty and Raylene had occupied. There was a shot of the abandoned restraints that had been removed from the prisoners before they were put in the elevator for the trip to the surface. The stair stepper, the treadmill and other equipment were displayed. Dotty was surprised to learn that the equipment was hooked to a generator, so the inmates had been supplying some of the prison’s electrical needs.

John yawned and announced that it was bedtime. When the girls came out of the bathroom they went past their room, headed for John’s room. When he came out of the shower he found two nude bodies like bookmarks on the edges of his bed. Both of course had their hands cuffed behind them and a shackle locked on their ankles. He stopped in the doorway and gazed silently at the tableau before him. Dotty raised her head and looked down her naked body, intent on drawing his eyes, but he was miles ahead of her.

I was lonely.”

Me too,” Raylene chimed in.

Why do I get the impression that you two exhibitionists want to be slaves as well?”

Dotty laughed. “Mainly because it’s true. We would both accept you as our Master.”

Dotty hadn’t bothered to ask Raylene, but she was certain that she would go along with anything Dotty proposed. She figured that if she wanted to be a slave, Raylene would too.

Just like that, I’m the Master of two horny slaves. And just how did I get in this pickle?”

Dotty was suddenly serious. “I’m guessing that you did a lot of research and got pretty deep into bondage before you realized that you were hooked. That and some educational videos of slaves and their owners pretty much convinced you.”

John half nodded, “I’ll have to add ‘mind reader’ to your resume. What happens if I agree to this?”

For starters, you get mobbed by two ‘really’ horny slaves ready to obey your each and every command.”

There are two of you, and only one of me.” He pointedly looked down at his stiff cock.

We’ll take turns.”

Much later, John, now known as ‘exhausted John,’ lay on his back with a slave girl cuddled in each arm. His hands were positioned where he could finger a nipple, keeping them at stiff attention.

Still in the afterglow, John had one loose end he was concerned about. He pinched, to get Dotty’s attention. She turned her head and looked straight into his eyes.

How come, with you being a widow for less than 24 hours, you are determined to be a slave, my slave, and wind up in my bed?”

Raylene was dozing. John pinched her nipple as well, feeling she should be in on the conversation, since it directly affected her.

I know this sounds like any port in a storm, but there are several reasons why I offered myself to you. First, I had a lot of time to think in that prison. I thought everything out, considered every aspect and decided that the day after I got loose, IF I got loose, that I would divorce Donald and put both him and Stella behind bars. Thanks to them, I lost five months of my life, got tortured, raped and beaten. That plus the months that I spent being punished by Donald and Stella before they put me away.”

My immediate concern is Stella, because she could claim me as her slave and I’d be helpless to do anything about it. As your slave, that’s not a worry, unless you decide to sell me to her. Even if you did, I wouldn’t have any choice in the matter.”

Lastly, more importantly, I’m in love. Not the usual love, but my love of your power. You exude power from every pore. You issue an order and I will obey, no matter what the cost. Call me a power freak or whatever, but make me your slave.”

Me too,” came from the other side, preceding a groan that indicated Raylene was in the throes of another climax.

Dotty turned more toward him and snuggled into his arm. “Now I’ve got a question. What’s with every bed in the place set up with chains and cuffs? Is there a dungeon here to go with all that hardware or are you expecting a consignment of Sabine women?”

There is, but it’s only open by appointment. As to why, I had a hunch you would come out of there with a continuing thirst for slavery and bondage. This has all been done in the past couple of days, after I found out they were going to raid the place.”


Chapter 28: Retribution

The burglar alarm went off at 2:30 in the morning. Phil grabbed his pistol and headed for Donald’s office. He was just in time to see a nude figure climbing out the window. He made a quick sweep of the house without finding anyone else. His call to the police got a quick response.

He told the investigating officer, “It was a nude woman. I caught a glimpse of her going out the window. I suspect that it was a slave owned by Stella Johnson. She has two that she keeps bare at all times. I checked the house and can’t find any sign of the other one. She was trying to pry open a filing cabinet to steal some papers.”

The cop shook his head in disbelief. “A slave? They’re going to laugh me out of the building if I report that.”

Then just report it as a ‘nude woman.’ It’s true and it will attract a lot of attention.”

Isn’t this where they found a suicide this morning?”

Yes, my son-in-law. Stella was working for him. His wife was one of the captives released from that underground prison, yesterday.”

Is there a connection here?”

Definitely. Stella and my daughter's husband conspired to put my daughter in that prison. He had documents proving her part in the plot that she is trying to get back. One of your detectives is already working the case.”

Great. I’ll pass this information along to him.”


John turned his head toward Raylene, who was looking adoringly at him, enjoying the remnants of her climax.

Are you Okay with this so far?” She nodded, vigorously, if a bit languorously, He turned back to Dotty.

After they made you give me a blow job, I questioned Stella’s motives. I suspected they were planning something, but by the time I found out about it, you were already in a cell.”

I’ve had a lot of time to think, as well. I couldn’t picture you going back to Donald after this, so I did some speculating as to how you would react to my assuming control over your life, making you my slave. You beat me to the punch by about five minutes, because I was all ready to ‘pop the question.’ Things got complicated when you showed up with ‘me too’ in tow, but that seems to be working itself out, as she’s just as much of a submissive as you are.”

Dotty laughed. “I must say ‘this is so sudden’ fits to a T here. Thank heavens we all want the same thing.”

John turned to Raylene again, noting the glitter in her eyes. “Now, how do you fit into this picture? Are you just along for the ride, or do you have some ulterior motive?”

Master, I need a firm hand to direct my life. You come highly recommended. If Dotty is happy with you, then I am too.”

John teased, “Ah! It walks, it can talk...”

And, it can fuck like a bunny,” she interjected.

Umn, you’ve already proven that. They listed you as a ‘transient’ when they were identifying the prisoners. Care to explain?”

Raylene deliberately shoved her nipple into his fingers, obviously enjoying his manipulations.

My story isn’t that much different than Dotty’s. I own a small company about a hundred miles from here. One of my board members decided he wanted control of the company. I woke up one morning tied in a sleeping bag and delivered to the prison. They are using my money to make me disappear.”

We’ll need to talk to the police about that, if and when I get you two bunnies to put some clothes on.”

In unison the two attacked his ribs, tickling him unmercifully until he yelled ‘Stop!’ Instantly they retreated to the edges of the bed. John couldn’t resist more teasing.

That’s what I like, instant obedience.” Looking from one innocent face to the other he realized the bunny twins would be a handful to control.

As a reward for a very satisfying evening, I am going to direct my slaves to entertain me by demonstrating their - I’m sure - talented tongues. I realize that there are some very pent up feelings involved here as you’ve been staring helplessly at each other’s bare bodies for months, so I am going to establish some house rules.”

First, this is not a speed contest. I expect quality, rather than quantity for my money so there will be no orgasms until after the 15 minute mark. You are free to have unlimited orgasms just so long as you are very vocal in celebrating each climax. Somewhere during the show I expect orgasms generated by nipple play, rather than clit play. By then you should be sensitive enough to climax on command. Poor performance, slacking or lack of enthusiasm will be punished appropriately. The best performer in contrast will be suitably rewarded.”

For Dotty and Raylene the instructions were the icing on the cake. Neither had yet spoken of it, but the months of denial had taken their toll. Well worn by an evening of threesome gymnastics, they still perked up at the opportunity to touch, kiss, lick and caress the appropriate body parts of their opposite number. The two looked at each other tenderly, savoring a moment they had dreamed of many times. Dotty stuck her tongue out through pursed lips. Raylene matched it, and as the heads drew closer, the tongues entwined as the girls savaged each other’s mouths. As one they turned in opposite directions and moved to each other’s nipples, then worked down and down until they were at the portals. Together they licked, matching clits rising to the occasion. Dotty was the first to come. Raylene won.


Stella was screaming at the two slaves huddled in the corner. The slave who had bungled the burglary attempt bore several fresh welts administered during the drive back to her house. The sun was coming up and that in itself was enough to set her off. She whipped the slaves into their dog kennels and went to the kitchen to make coffee and try to think of some way of getting out of the mess she was in.

She thought up and discarded several ideas, every one having at least one fatal flaw. The only idea she could come up with that had any hope of success called for some radical action and the consequences would be grave. She walked into her dressing room and prepared herself. She let the slaves out, ordering them not to leave the house, got in her own old car and drove to John’s house. She went to the door, pushed the bell, backed away two steps and knelt.

John had seen her come. He called Dotty and told her who was coming. Instead of going to the door, she ducked into the bedroom and grabbed a jump suit. She finished zipping it up as she moved slowly to the door. As far as she was concerned, Stella could damn well wait until she was good and ready. This was an occasion that called for clothes as her glance out the window had shown a naked Stella climbing the stairs to the porch.

She opened the door and leaned against the frame, consciously blocking Stella from entering. She knelt, clothed only in slave chains, a ball gag hanging from her neck. She had embellished the chains with nipple clamps and small weights that swung as she breathed. Dotty remained silent, waiting to see what Stella was going to do. She avoided eye contact with Dotty, her head well down.

When Dotty made no effort to greet her, she shifted her weight on her knees slightly.

Mistress, I beg you to take me as your slave. Punish me for what you have suffered. I am sorry for causing you harm."

Dotty’s laugh would have cut glass.

You Bitch! You Bitch!” She repeated it five or six times. “You steal five months of my life, have me raped and beaten and you want to be my slave. My dear sweet bitch you couldn’t live long enough to get all the punishment that is due you!”

I’d have to put up with your plotting and scheming day and night. You aren’t worth wasting any energy, let alone that much. I have all the evidence I need to put you behind real bars for the rest of your life.”

Stella rode through it, head bowed deeper and deeper, despair welling up like bile in her throat. She began to think of Donald’s death as the easy way out.

At that moment a patrol car pulled into the driveway behind Stella’s car. Two officers jumped out and ran for Stella. She turned, saw them and gave up, collapsing on the porch. Dotty grinned triumphantly, and turned and walked inside, shutting the door. John took her in his arms and held her tight. She leaned back to look at him,

I see you called the cops.”

Figured you needed some backup.”

Raylene was watching the porch from the window. She saw the cops examining her collar and chains. They found the keys in an envelope taped to her collar. They stripped her of all of the restraints, then one cop knocked on the door. When John opened it the man asked, “You want these?” pointing to the pile of chain.

Ah leave them there. Some slave might come along that needs them.” All three laughed. Stella looked pained. She felt that if she claimed them it would lead to more questions and more problems. At this point she was still unaware of the mountain of evidence against her already gathered.

She was placed in the back of the squad car and one officer got in her car to drive it to the station house. Dotty and Raylene watched from the window as the police drove away. Raylene looked at Dotty, “I can see why you hated her guts. She gives ‘bitch’ a bad name.” Dotty nodded and gave a tremendous sigh of relief. She hadn’t expected a confrontation that soon but she felt she had carried it off well. Her new Master agreed.


Maude found Donald’s hidden papers. Phil had brought her along, not wanting to leave her by herself, especially since she was overdue for some discipline. They had explored the house, found the dungeon and found a hanging spreader bar waiting for her wrists. She was immediately hoisted up and put through a double confession, to make up for the previous evening when he was at Donald’s house. Phil tried out several whips, none of them meeting his standards. There were plenty more to choose from, so Maude would have to play whipping post several more times. Unable to sit, Maude walked straight to a hidden button at eye level. It opened a panel that was hiding a file cabinet with the papers Dotty needed.

Phil gathered the papers into a pile, reading each one carefully and putting those pertaining to the prison in a separate file.

There were a lot of papers and Phil read until his eyes wouldn’t take any more fine print. As he read, his opinion of Donald sank, while his opinion of John soared. When he learned that John’s investigative work had resulted in Dotty’s rescue, his opinion of him went up even more. He still held Dotty’s affair against him, even though Maude had taken full responsibility.


Dotty arrived at the house, with Raylene right beside her to give her moral support. Phil and Maude came out and met them on the porch. John was right behind, waiting until the tears at least slowed. He could tell the visit was very traumatic for Dotty, since it was the first time in nearly a year that mother and daughter had seen each other. As she went in the house, everywhere Dotty looked there were things that reminded her of Donald, and worse, of Stella.

She told her parents at once that she had intended to immediately divorce Donald as soon as she stepped out of the prison. She saved the second part for a little later.

They were jubilant at the news that Stella had been arrested. Phil responded by showing her the pile of papers and told her that a detective was coming out to pick them up.

I’m sure there are some in there that refer to me as a slave.”

I made sure that none of them get to the police. There’s more than enough evidence as it is.”

Dotty decided the time was ripe for her announcement. “Mom, Dad, I’ve done it again. John has asked me to be his slave. He asked Raylene too.”

Neither of her parents were too thrilled. Phil had not had time to fill Maude in on John, so she was pretty doubtful, but she remained silent. Phil made the best of it, shaking John’s hand and congratulating him. Maude hugged Dotty, knowing from painful experience what the future held for her as a slave. As they held each other, Dotty spotted Maude’s collar. It gave her an odd feeling seeing the trappings of a slave on her own mother.


Raylene rented a car, then offered Dotty a ride, which she at first reluctantly refused. John’s assured her that he could survive for two or three days without his new slaves, so she packed a bag and they headed for Raylene’s home.

She went to the plant first. Dotty gazed at buildings that stretched for block after block.

Small company?” she said, accusingly.

Raylene flushed. “I hate to brag.”

They drove to the main office. Raylene led the way. When she reached the receptionist, the girl turned white as a sheet. Raylene was blunt. “Call 911. Get some cops here on the double.” The girl’s fingers were already flying on the phone. She walked into the office, slamming doors open as she passed them. The big wheels and the secretaries came running out to see what was going on.

When she had as large an audience as she could assemble she announced, “Contrary to deliberate rumors I am not dead. I was abducted and spent almost a year in an underground private prison, where they bury people they want out of their way.” She pointed, “The EX president of this company is going to jail for kidnapping, false imprisonment, fraud, theft and whatever else we can find wrong before he goes to trial.”

The police came through the door as the man turned to flee. But several hands stopped him and he was led away in handcuffs. The rest of the staff crowded around her, more than happy to see her back, literally from the grave.

Dotty felt like a fifth wheel as people looked at her rather strangely, obviously wondering who she was and why she was there. Raylene grabbed her and dragged her into the middle of the conversation where she told them that Dotty shared a cell with her for part of the time she was a captive.

Raylene sent everyone back to work. She walked into her old office where three secretaries were hard at work clearing out her desk and files. She warned them not to destroy anything until the auditors and the police had a chance to go through them. Dotty was given a desk at one side of the palatial office, complete with a heavy duty computer, almost matching the one on Raylene’s desk. While Raylene picked up the reins of power again, Dotty sent e-mails to John and Phil, telling them about her day.

Raylene’s personal secretary hovered over her, getting rapid fire instructions. By the end of the day Raylene had things under control and running smoothly. On the drive home, Dotty eyed her for several miles. She finally spoke, “And here I thought you were a submissive.”

I am. Died in the wool down and dirty masochistic submissive.”

Bull Shit! And I’m the queen of England.”

No really. I have what amounts to a split personality. I’m the driving force behind the company in the daytime and my friends tie me up at night and beat my ass to a pulp. You’ll see when we get to the house. I’ve been in seventh heaven with you and John for the last couple of days, and I know it will get better as we train him.”

Train? John? You’ve got to be kidding!”

No joke. He talks a great game but you and I are his first real experiment with live players. I’m not being critical. Like I said, I’ve been in seventh heaven with him - and you.”

The house pretty well matched the plant. It was easily the biggest and fanciest house in the secure community, set in a secluded corner. The drive was surrounded on both sides by hedges so the massive entrance doors weren’t visible until the last turn in the road. A butler and a maid waited on the steps.

They stepped out of character to hug Raylene, whom they obviously adored. She filled them in briefly, assuming they had already heard about her rescue. She asked about the house, issued a couple of orders and when she was through the two turned and walked back into the house.

Raylene grasped Dotty’s hand. “Follow orders,” she said in a low tone. Dotty looked at her, puzzled, but Raylene didn’t say anything more. When they reached the door, Raylene slipped to her knees on the cool stone. Dotty hesitated, and then matched her stance. The door opened and the two knee-walked into the hall. When the door closed behind them, a mechanical male voice thundered, “Strip!”


Chapter 29: Back to the Dungeon

Dotty almost laughed when she heard the ‘strip’ order. Her first thought was, 'John, with an attitude.' Her second was an unpleasant reminder of the prison and its impersonal treatment.

Just as Raylene had done with her, she now looked to Raylene for guidance in her strange surroundings. Raylene was already nearly undressed, swiftly shucking her power suit. Dotty easily caught up with her as she only had to pull her dress over her head. Typically female, she hesitated at removing her underwear until she saw Raylene sliding her panties down her hips, pulling them out of her crack. Hurriedly she popped the hook on her bra strap and her panties dropped a second later. The clothes went into two bins on the floor.

Raylene moved forward and reached into another bin, bringing out a collar and leash. She put the collar around her neck and locked it. She glanced at Dotty to make sure she was keeping up. Raylene lifted a pair of handcuffs out of the bin and snapped them closed on her wrists, ratcheted tight. Dotty fumbled with the unfamiliar hardware before getting her collar on and closing her cuffs. Raylene looked back and shook her head. Dotty felt, found slack and clicked the cuffs one tighter. They knelt for what seemed like hours before they finally heard heavy footsteps coming toward them. By then Dotty was on the edge of a panic attack, lost in strange country, facing unknown discipline or torture.

Heads bowed, eyes glued to their knees, the two women awaited their fate. Even Raylene didn’t know what the evening would involve as her ‘friends’ were charged with keeping life from becoming boring for her. Having Dotty along was a gamble, Guests were usually welcome, but if they didn’t go along with the scheduled events their enjoyment level was likely to be quite low, especially if the friends took a dislike to them. Added to that, Raylene was always treated to special punishment for bringing guests. Part of the agreement was that she had to accept whatever the friends did, regardless of her mood or state of exhaustion from a hard day at work.

Raylene could just see a small part of Dotty, out of the corner of her eye. She suspected this was traumatic for her and she longed to take her in her arms, comfort her and explain what was about to happen.

The footsteps separated into heavy and light. Dotty guessed a man and a woman. The man stopped in front of her and she could see a woman’s high heel boots in front of Raylene. She got her cue when Raylene bent forward and began kissing the leather in front of her. Dotty put her tongue to the leather and began worshiping it. She heard the slap of a leather strap on Raylene’s back, a freebie, as she was vigorously laving the leather.

Satisfied, the boots withdrew. Leashes were tightened and the slow procession moved through the hall. Dotty heard a snap and a yelp from Raylene, who was ahead of her. She could see an electric wand being used, urging her to greater speed. As soon as she speeded up, Dotty got zapped to get her to keep up with the crawling girl in front of her.

The procession moved to the dungeon. The two girls were brought to their feet, in front of two upright cages, barely big enough to accommodate a woman. The doors yawned open, inviting. The two were squeezed into the separate cages and they were secured to the bars with several plastic zip-ties. As they were being prepared, Dotty got a good look at their captors. She recognized them as the butler and maid from the front porch. The girl was dressed in black leather from heel to nose and the man was bare-chested, the epitome of the executioner of old. She shivered as she realized that Raylene controlled everything outside, but once through the door she and her guests were treated as slaves.

The erstwhile maid heaped verbal abuse on Raylene, waving her electric wand, “Couldn’t take it by yourself, could you? Had to have someone to hold your hand, afraid you’d wimp out.”

So, you had the nerve to bring ‘help’ without begging permission,” She moved the wand across Raylene’s nipples, the ‘Snap’ loud in the dungeon. “You know the rules.” Snap! “You get punished when you break the rules.” Snap! Tell your lover what happens when you break your rules.” Snap! “Tell her!”

I get caned. On my ass.”

And if we aren’t satisfied, what happens?” Snap!

I get caned. On my... Pussy.

I hate slaves who hesitate.” Snap! What penalty does that earn you?”

I have to ask for a ‘hard’ caning on my hands. If I flinch or lose position, the penalty is tripled.”

What is the purpose of that rule?”

To ensure instant, unhesitating obedience to any order by a Mistress or Master.”

Do you find fault with that rule?

No. Mistress. A slave owes her very life to her Mistress or Master. Unhesitating obedience is their due.”

The woman turned to Dotty. “What about you, ‘lover,’ do you hesitate when a Mistress speaks to you?”

No, Mistress!”

The woman had stressed ‘lover.’ Raylene had the decency to blush, vividly remembering their demonstration for John. Dotty blushed as well, secretly hoping this wouldn’t turn into a forced

Tell All.’

The man moved two electric cranes over the two cages, positioning them as the girl attached lifting chains. He raised them up and swung them over a large cistern, full of water.

He carefully lowered them until the water was lapping at their chins. Teasing, he asked, “Any last words?”

The winches were silent so there was no warning as Raylene’s cage sank until only the lifting chains were above the water. Several seconds later, as she saw Raylene’s cage start to rise, Dotty felt her cage dropping. She grabbed all the air she could before her nose went under. The water was clear so she could see the other cage start to drop and hers rose into breathable air again.

The back and forth slowed, so each cage was under longer. They got up to 30 seconds before Dotty missed and gulped water instead of air. She choked and expelled the last air in her lungs as the cage was pulled back up. Dotty spit out a mouthful of water, coughed and inhaled deeply, but the game was over and they were hauled back to stand on the dungeon floor.

Raylene got her caning, with Dotty forced to watch from inches away. She went through it like a trouper, refusing to give them the pleasure of an extra.

They were due for more humiliation as they found after a leashed crawl to the Master bathroom. They were not permitted to touch themselves, so the butler did the honors, wiping each in turn, a service that reddened their cheeks as they were required to thank him in graphic terms for wiping their pussies.

There was more than room in the shower for four, again with the ‘no touch’ edict. The butler washed all the untouchable parts for Dotty while the maid washed Raylene.

Bedtime unfortunately reminded Dotty of Donald as both of them were caged, left to hang in cramped discomfort six inches above what looked like the world’s most comfortable bed. The maid had a nasty sense of humor and made sure they saw the corner turned down invitingly.

Dotty wondered if they were going to be left in the cages all night. She was used to cage life, but it had been some time and unused muscles are more likely to cramp. Raylene was silent, so she didn’t dare break the silence. As she found out later, the two were waiting just outside, electric wands at the ready, to enforce silence.

They were awakened at dawn, put through an hour of strenuous calisthenics, showered, fed bread and watered coffee, did their makeup and only then were they allowed to go to the front door where their freshly washed clothes were waiting, and were allowed to remove their collars. When they walked out the door the butler, in uniform, had their car at the curb, doors open. He handed Raylene the key, after greeting her respectfully as “Madam.”

She drove at top speed, as they never allowed her extra time. She eyed the convenience stores they passed with longing. She would be an hour early for work, required to use the time clock, but the stockroom boy didn’t make coffee for at least an hour.

She looked over at Dotty. “I’m sorry I got you into this.”

Dotty’s grin was her answer for the moment. She had enjoyed it and told Raylene as much.

I’m going to have to stay one more night before we can go back? Think you can handle it?”

No idea what they’ve planned for tonight?”

No. I can call it off, but it will cost me. I’ll probably work standing up for the next week.

Well, don’t call it off on my account. I told you I enjoyed it.”

Even the cage?”

I’ll admit I had a bad moment or two. My husband and his mistress kept me in a cage and made me watch while they fucked in our bed."

Mistress as in fuck-around mistress, or with a capital M?”

Both. The bitch seduced my husband and made me her slave.”

I can see why you hated her.”

Most of Raylene’s day was devoted to meetings. She had numerous questions regarding operations while she was gone. The auditors had already tracked several suspicious bookkeeping activities, tightening the noose around the neck of the man who had her abducted.

Dotty kept busy at the computer, keeping John and her parents aware of what was going on. She got an e-mail back from John, asking for more details on their bondage evening. He seemed particularly interested in the dunking cages. Dotty advised him in no uncertain terms that being dunked like that was a scary process, requiring expert hands at the controls.

The staff treated her like a princess. Whenever Raylene’s secretary wasn’t busy she hovered nearby, jumping to fill Dotty’s every wish. She had premium coffee, her choice of juice and the woman even whispered in her ear that eggs and bacon were available in a special room in the company canteen, reserved for the officers. Raylene took her in tow and led her through the buffet line for lunch.

On the drive home, Dotty could see that Raylene was tired from a really hard day, but when she raised the issue Raylene shook her head and said she was fine. She seemed pensive, which Dotty chalked up to being weary, but again denied there was any problem.

Dotty could tell there was a problem as soon as they reached the house. The butler was barely civil to them, just within the parameters of his job. He accepted Raylene’s routine orders, then with a brusque nod walked back into the house. Raylene had a hunted look, which she quickly hid from Dotty.

Once they got inside the door, the problem started to reveal itself. In Raylene’s box a stiff, high posture collar replaced the regular collar, a signal that her ‘friends’ were displeased. She wrapped it around her neck, careful to pull the straps as tight as she could get them. The handcuffs had been replaced with heavy manacles. She closed them on her wrists behind her, then turned to Dotty. “Please help me.” Dotty puzzled over the restraint for a second then realized the chain end went to a ring on the back of the collar. She pulled and Raylene’s arms climbed her back, her fingers flexing helplessly. Dotty stopped pulling when Raylene’s elbows nearly touched.

Tighter, please.” Dotty gained two links before Raylene nodded. Her elbows were touching and her hands were just above the collar ring in a classic reverse prayer. Dotty put on her own collar, missing the leash. She looked in the box and saw the leash coiled around a wire hook. She slipped the two prongs up each side of the cartilage until she felt the tips go past the rod in her nose. She pulled down on it, hooking the rod. She snapped the leash on the loop and then handcuffed herself, squeezing the last click out of the metal loops.

Instinctively Dotty knew that Raylene was in for a rough evening. She mulled things over and over in her mind, trying to figure out what Raylene had done to set them off. It quickly dawned on her that in the press of getting her business back on track she had neglected to inform her keepers that she was bringing a guest back for a second night. Repeating an offense had to be the reason behind the special treatment they were getting. That set off a new train of thought. What, if anything, was being done to prevent her ‘friends’ from taking over all her life, rather than just part of it? She fervently hoped there was some contractual provision protecting Raylene. Then too, she hadn’t been protected from abduction, so what good was any contract?

They heard the footsteps approaching, but from that point on the similarity with the previous afternoon ended. Cattle prods had replaced the electric wands and they went straight to the tenderest parts.

The butler dressed Raylene down in the crudest of terms, slut, whore, gay, berating her for bringing a second unannounced guest, using the prod to make her repeat and repeat the rule that she must notify them at least three days in advance whenever she wanted permission to have a guest in the house. The abuse went on so long that they had to stop on the way to the dungeon to replace the batteries in the prods. The two women welcomed the brief respite from the shocks, but it only lasted a few seconds. Dotty had never experienced the prods before, so for her it was especially painful, made worse by her feelings of guilt for being responsible for Raylene’s punishment.

It was also the first significant use of her nose bar. Dotty hated it from the first tug, knowing herself helpless to resist any hand that was connected to it. The slightest twitch brought tears to her eyes. Perhaps the worst was the knowing look by the person controlling her.

Once in the dungeon they removed Dotty’s cuffs and replaced them with a leather single glove, drum tight from above her elbows to her fingertips. The ring at the tip was hooked to the crane and raised until she was balanced on tiptoe, her arms raised painfully high behind her. Her head was encased in a harness and tied back to a big hook that had been shoved up her ass, keeping her head raised - to watch.

Raylene’s hands were finally released, ending her agony, but they were fitted with leather suspension gloves and swiftly bound to the ends of a spreader bar that lifted her questing toes just inches above the floor, renewing her pain. She apparently knew, or at least suspected what was about to happen to her, but Dotty didn’t have a clue. From the preparation she figured Raylene would be whipped, but she never imagined the form it would take.

The maid busied herself hanging two small blocks of wood on either side of Raylene, and several feet from her. The blocks were slightly below hip height. While she was doing that the butler was treating both girls to the sight of his preparations to the whip he obviously intended to use. He oiled it carefully, caressing the fine braided leather, swinging it several times to get the feel of it, in the process thoroughly cowing his audience. The whip was one of the nastier of the variety that hung on one portion of the dungeon wall.

The verbal abuse continued through the preparations which were conducted at a snail’s pace, to drag out the fearful anticipation. Dotty gave the pair high marks for professionalism but that didn’t do a thing for her peace of mind. At least with pros they weren’t as likely to suffer accidental injuries.

After Raylene had repeated her rules for what seemed like the 20th time, her sentence was announced.

For breaking the same rule twice in two days, you are penalized ten strokes of the whip on each leg. Upon my order, ‘left’ or ‘right’ and ‘up’ or ‘down’ you will move the appropriate leg and hold position until your next order. When the order is ‘up’ you will raise the leg until you can touch the block with your toes. You will maintain height through the stroke. If you lower your foot below the block at any time until ordered, the penalty will be doubled and the blocks will be raised an inch.

Dotty watched in horror as the scene proceeded. The butler cum executioner made Raylene kiss the oiled whip, and then lick it from one end to the other. Something had been mixed into the oil which had an absolutely foul taste. Raylene wanted to spit to clear her mouth, but this was not the time or place. The man positioned himself. “Left, up!”

Raylene raised her leg, touching the block easily. The man watched, eying her exposed and spread pussy. He reached down and pressed three fingers into her. They came away damp. “Better have that sopping, for later,” he warned. The whip whistled and snapped, leaving a red garter on her upper thigh.

Left, down!” Raylene gratefully dropped the leg, wincing as fresh pain shot through her shoulders.

Right, up!” The orders went on and Raylene had garters on both legs. They got up to seven before she faltered. She failed to get her leg up high enough to touch the block. The butler nodded and the maid dutifully raised the block, but her ‘inch’ was closer to two. Raylene twisted her shoulders and forced her leg up the extra distance, adding two whip marks to her collection.


Chapter 30: What Are Friends For?

The last blow finally fell. Dotty could see the marks on Raylene’s thighs, as evenly spaced as if they had been drawn with a ruler. Her two torturers allowed her to ‘rest’ by draping her along a sawhorse and then tying her to it. Up to that point Dotty had been pretty much ignored, but the maid lit into her with more than enough verbal abuse.

Slut, you saw what you caused by coming along on this ride. You are not welcome here and the quicker you get your ass on the road the better off you will be. As long as you are here, she is going to suffer.”

Behind her, Dotty saw Raylene shake her head, a silent message to ignore them. The butler saw it and punished her with a swat from the cane he now held. Intent on causing pain, the butler reached beneath the sawhorse and attached nipple clips with a taut chain between them. He jerked on them, watching Raylene’s face until she started crying.

Dotty’s arms were numb from her lengthy duress, hanging from her arms. Her toes, bearing much of her weight, were screaming for relief. She expected that once Raylene was taken down that they would relieve her as well, but the two walked out of the dungeon without a backward glance.

Dotty was Hell-bent on breaking the rules and talking to Raylene, but she realized that if more punishment was meted out, Raylene would bear the brunt of it. She was astounded at the amount of punishment she was already getting and spent some time trying to equate that with what John was likely to give her. Thinking back she attached much more weight to Raylene’s comment about training him. What made it worse was the reality that they would be facing John in less than 24 hours.

She stared at the wall, wondering if Raylene really wanted to go this far, or had somehow been coerced into hiring her two ‘friends’ to mistreat her. She mentally added pain freak to submissive to describe her.

Later she watched -forced - as the butler stood behind Raylene and fucked her from the rear. Then Raylene had to watch as Dotty muff-dived the maid. Once the two were satisfied and both had been tongue washed, it was time for a shower and bed. They were informed that all the beds were taken for ‘invited’ guests and the two were left in a cell overlooking the dungeon, to sleep on the floor. It was too close an association and Dotty had repeated nightmares that she was back in the prison. Even Raylene had some bad dreams.

Dawn brought physical training, dry bread and even weaker coffee. Because she wasn’t going to the office, Raylene had to give the butler a blow job, kneeling in the shower, and Dotty had to do the maid again.

Raylene was dressed down again for bringing an unwanted guest and warned that she had bad marks to erase for leaving without informing them, ignoring the fact she had been kidnapped. The maid ticked off a whole grocery list of faults that were on her ‘to do’ list, so she warned Raylene that she would be extremely busy when she returned, and “would not have time for her unannounced and unwelcome guests.”

The two women silently removed their restraints and dressed in the chilly hall. The butler came for a last check, and then disappeared to get the car. The maid continued to abuse both of them right up to the moment when the door opened and they walked out. The butler had a pleasant smile, bid them a safe journey and closed the car doors once they were inside.

With a screech of tires Raylene wheeled into the first convenience store they came to, coming back with two huge plastic cups of coffee and a half dozen rolls. The two giggled like schoolgirls, released from the strict discipline of the house.

On the road home, Dotty dug right in. “You deliberately didn’t tell them that you had a guest, for two nights.”


You didn’t, did you? Answer my question!”

No, I didn’t. Bet you didn’t know I’m a pain freak.”

The only thing lacking is a sign - I’m a freak.”

PAIN freak!”

Ah, ah, ah! Touchy this morning, aren’t we?”

You started it!”

Geez, don’t take my head off. You’re changing the subject. That was outright torture they subjected you to, right in front of me. It makes me wonder what they do to you when there are no witnesses."

Some of it is a bit worse, I’ll admit.”

A bit worse? Who are you trying to kid?”

I’m paying them handsomely to do these things to me. Thanks to plenty of money I’ve been able to enjoy my fetishes.”

What’s to stop them from getting greedy, locking you in a cage and taking over your money?”

Several things. Those two are the most kind and caring people you every want to meet. I had to really bribe them to even take the job. Secondly, I pay for a 24/7 system that keeps a camera on me at all times.”

It didn’t save you from getting kidnapped.”

No, because old RT took advantage of a glitch in the system. That will be cured, the guy responsible for it will be fired, and life will go on.”

So what happens if your guards take a feed from one of your escapades and put it on the Internet, or sell copies?”

Same situation. There’s a non-disclosure clause so if they do it, I then own their company. There are also some built in clauses for my company that protect me. ”

On the way up, you mentioned training John. After seeing your setup I can see you’re right. But, John is a lot milder than what you’re used to. You’re going to get bored the first day."

"Yes, and No. John will train very well, I’m sure, and once he’s trained he’ll far outshine my two friends. Being on his string will be at the opposite end of the scale, right where I am now. I said I wanted a man with a firm hand to control me and nothing here will change that. Enjoy your relatively unblemished hide while you still have it. John is going to surprise you.”

I’m all for the firm hand, all right. But I still think you won’t get enough out of it to keep from getting bored."

All I can say is ‘stick around for the roller coaster ride.’ John will fool you.”

They rode in silence for a few moments. Raylene asked, “What does John do for work?”

You know, I don’t have the slightest idea. He may not even be working. We’ve never talked about his work.”

Interesting. I’ll have to ask, first chance that I get, as I need a man for a top level opening at the company.”

Having him up there would certainly solve the commuting problem but I don’t know whether he’d be interested. It would also be interesting to see what he would do with your two ‘friends’.”

I think the three of them would get along famously, at our expense. Umn, change of subject. Tell me more about this unwelcome guest bit they pulled on me.”

Pure bluff. I have to give them three days notice to get permission to have house guests. If I only give them two, they each get a hundred dollar bonus. One day and it’s $200 and an unannounced guest earns them $500. Your two-day stay will earn them $2,000 each. In addition, I’m all theirs from Friday night when I get home to Monday morning. Lucky Monday isn’t a holiday as I’d be stuck in the dungeon for another 24 hours. They make sure I don’t enjoy holidays.”

Whew! I’d work for wages like that.”

It’s worth it to have good help. The company is making money faster than I can spend it, so it’s nice to have an enjoyable vice that I can afford. They’ll welcome you back with open arms while at the same time bitching that they don’t want you around."

Are you planning on keeping them on?”

Yes. Actually it won’t be long. They both are in their 60s, even if they don’t look over 40, and they are ready to retire. Besides what I’ve paid them over the years, they’ve got a lot of company stock, so they can retire in luxury.”

Ralene broke a lengthy silence as both girls thought about the changes ahead.

You know, If John did take my job, there’s an extra room or two that you could move into. You’d have direct access to the dungeon."

All right, ‘small company’, how many rooms is ‘One or two?”’

Raylene grinned. “22 rooms, 18 baths.”

Great gobs of goose shit. Are you kidding?”

The butler and the maid have their own wing.”

I would hope so! It looked big, but not that big.”

Grandeur befitting the company president. I inherited it from my father.”

Why didn’t he just buy the Taj Mahal and move it over here? Very nice!”

When they got to the house there was a car in the driveway. Neither one was sure what the protocol for coming in from outside was, so they winged it, walking up the steps to the door, just as it opened. John took both of them in his arms, whispering, “We’ve got company.”

Dotty made a motion to the top button on her blouse, questioning whether to strip. John shook his head and brought them into the room. A man seated on the couch jumped to his feet. He hesitated for a fraction of a second, unsure of his welcome and then hugged Dotty and shook hands with Raylene.

John introduced them, “Dotty, Raylene, this is Doctor Baker and his assistant, Nurse Cray." Raylene nodded, but Dotty bent down and hugged the nurse, explaining, “This is the nurse and the doctor that took care of me at the prison.”

The doctor responded, “Yes, and she put in a good word for us, probably saving both of us some prison time." The doctor and Dotty looked at each other and both said, “Are you all right?” at the same time. Everyone laughed and the doctor hugged Dotty again.

Raylene, listening to the conversation and remembering Dotty’s comments about the doctor came right to the point.

Doctor, what are your immediate plans?”

I’m not sure. I haven’t had a chance to look around. So, I’d have to say, I don’t have any plans."

I’m planning on establishing a health care clinic for my employees. Would you and Nurse Cray be interested?”

I, we, certainly would.”

Dotty laughed. “She’s going to tell you it’s a small company. Hell, it’s bigger than the State of Rhode Island.”

Raylene smiled. “She exaggerates. We have just under 3,000 employees.”

The doctor whistled. “That’s a lot of patients to take on. “I’d say you will need at least four doctors to handle that.”

If you’ve got three more of your caliber, we’ve got it rolling."

I can bring you a resume whenever you like.”

That won’t be necessary. Dotty’s recommendation is enough for me. If you can report for work Monday, that will be great.” She dug her card out of her purse and handed to him. Then she gave him a second card.

You’ll need a place to stay while you’re getting settled up there. This has directions to the house and the gate code to get in. The butler will show you your suite.”

Suite? What am I getting into?”

Dotty almost choked laughing. “Doctor you are moving from Hell to Heaven in one jump. This ‘little’ house of hers has 22 rooms and 18 baths!”

Raylene, not to be outdone, threw in, “Oh I forgot the apartments over the garage, That’s another 12 rooms and seven baths.”

Dotty teased, “She sublets to Greyhound Bus Lines.”

Raylene changed the subject after the laughter died down.

Doctor are you and Nurse Cray an ‘item,’ as they put it?"

The two exchanged glances and both nodded.

And, are you two into bondage?”

The doctor got red in the face but Nurse Cray nodded as she blushed.

I had a hunch. Nurse Cray, what IS your first name? This is way too formal.”

Krystal, with a K.”

All right, Krystal with a K, when you get settled in, ask directions to the dungeon. You’re free to use any of the equipment for your fun and games. You’ll find the butler and the maid very experienced.”

Dotty chimed in, “And that, dear friends is not an exaggeration.”

The doctor looked at his watch. “We must go, but I will be in touch with you Miss Raylene.”

Skip the Miss. We just aren’t that formal. Glad to have you on the crew.”

The doctor hugged Dotty once more, thanking her for her help and then eyed Raylene, standing with her arms stretched out, and hugged her.

Goodbyes said, they returned to the living room. John freshened the drinks and they resumed talking. Once more, Raylene had the floor.

John, I don’t think any of us know what you do for a living. You’ve been hearing our family histories, but not a peep out of you."

Not too much to tell you. I’ve been working off and on as a consultant for expanding businesses, got some money in the bank from an inheritance, and that’s about it.”

That’s about what I wanted to hear in order to offer you a job. I’m in serious need of a chief operating officer. The last one is in jail for kidnapping me.”

In any other circumstances I’d question that, but knowing the background, I’m interested.”

Well, then, you’re hired. Report for work Monday morning.”

Hey, wait a minute. I thought I was the heavy, the Master who barked orders.”

Dotty jumped in, “That’s what I said to her, in different words - that you were the Master. Her exact words in response were: ‘I am a dyed in the wool, down and dirty, masochistic submissive.’ If you believe that, you should hear her barking orders at her company headquarters!”

Dotty! Don’t give away ALL my secrets!”

What’s to give away? That you have a split personality, that you have to have permission from your maid and butler to enter your own house, or that they tan your ass every night?”

John held up a placating hand. “Down, girls. Quit before this becomes a battle you’ll regret. By the way, what are you two doing in the house with clothes on?”

The two raced for the doorway and, still glaring at each other, they stripped. The glares gave away to grins and when the clothes were out of the way they embraced tightly. Meekly they returned to the living room and knelt before their Master.

He stared them both down, one after the other. Watching Raylene’s reaction he asked, "What does this job pay?”