Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 9:  The Planning Stage

Master Allen and Major spent the evening in town, enjoying a steak dinner, returning to the ranch well after midnight. Slave martha had locked herself in the office tiger cage for the night. One of the spare bedrooms had been readied for Master’s guest.

Major found slut kneeling by his bed, one wrist chained to the upper corner of the bed.. He called to Master, “I’m too wasted to do anything but sleep. What do I do with this slut?”

Master came into the room, holding his remote. He pressed a button and one of the night guards answered. “Take slut back to the bunkhouse.” Seconds later there was a knock and slut was led away. “Night.” “Night.”


After a hearty breakfast, the two men inspected the trailer, evicting the two slaves, who were sent to their respective jobs.  Master was visibly surprised when he began checking the bondage equipment from Master George’s ranch. Major’s description of “two or three boxes” was grossly under counted. There were three boxes in the first closet they opened and more boxes in every cupboard and closet from one end to the other. There were even six boxes in the back of the truck. Slut was enlisted to help unload and move everything to a storage shed next to the house. As needed they would be taken down to the dungeon. By the time she was through hauling she had counted seventeen large boxes.

Master had watched with growing interest, picking up items from the boxes as they were moved out of the mobile home, mentally comparing them with his current equipment. Much of the new equipment duplicated his, but he realized that the way things were going he was going to need all this and very probably some more as well. Slut was told to make a complete list of all the items, a job which took all day to complete.

Once the mobile home was empty, Major started the truck and moved the trailer to a spot east of the house, away from the corral and barn. The land sloped gently away, giving the viewer a clear and beautiful picture of the mountain range in the far distance. Two of the ranch hands brought cement blocks and stacked them to hold the mobile home straight and level. By dark they had skirting around the sides, a wooden step at the front door and short trenches to install water, sewer and power lines.

Before sunup the next morning two dozers and three backhoes arrived on long lowboys. By sundown a prefab septic tank and leach field had been completed and six hookups for mobile homes were complete, with room for at least four more. Christeen and Dahlia were moved to the bunkhouse and the foreman and Verna were established in the big mobile home. Major stayed a second night, this time using slut and keeping her in his bed. He had been busy on the phone as soon as he learned what Master was planning and reported that he had four more double-wides on the road, bought at fire sale prices.

The convoy of trailers arrived at midday and everyone pitched in, so by evening all of them had running water and electricity. Jacob, the night guard, and his girl Ramona got the first one that was completed. All of them had three bedrooms, so the other three night guards got the next one. Three of the cowboys went into the next one. Master had hired two cleaning ladies who were put in the last one.

Master stood and surveyed his new 'city.’ One saving grace, it was not your typical mobile home court. Rather than being jammed against each other there was at least a hundred yards between them, giving all of them an unusual amount of privacy. Since there were acres of space this was not a problem, and it helped ensure that any screams went unheard. He had no doubt thought that there would be more couples appearing who would need accommodations. The living arrangements were of course subject to change.

Christeen and Dahlia had been moved into the room vacated by the cook. They took advantage of all the confusion to play some bedroom games, unaware that the security cameras were recording their every move. The tapes clearly showed both girls having multiple orgasms. They were called to Master’s office. Neither was seriously concerned, although such a call indicated something important was going to happen.

As they knelt before Master’s desk he directed their attention to the big screen in the corner. It lit up and both girls gasped as they witnessed their tongue play in vivid greenish color from the infrared camera. Master shut it off and read them the riot act. “You are uncollared slaves at the moment, so your slave oath doesn’t apply. However, my ranch rules match the oath for ANY female on the property, so I will punish you in the same manner as a slave.”

He got up from his desk and loomed over them. “You are scheduled to be collared day after tomorrow. Right now your choices are to either leave the ranch as a free person and never come back, or accept your punishment, which will continue after you are collared. You both have begged to be collared, I’ll remind you.”

“Master, I accept your punishment and beg again for your collar.” Dahlia was the first to speak.

“Master, I accept your punishment and beg again for your collar.” Christeen squirmed slightly as she spoke.

Master Allen looked down at them. “Christeen, you are a lesbian?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Beside any other punishment you are forbidden to touch any female on the ranch for 90 days. If you touch one, even accidentally, you will report to me for additional punishment. For that same period you are to proposition any unattached male and offer any sexual service you can provide, on a daily basis. Is that clear?

“Yes, Master.”

He called the foreman on the intercom. “Is the box ready?”

“Yes, sir.”

He looked at the girls. “Follow me.”


They knelt, looking at the box. Neither liked what they saw. They liked it even less when it was opened up. Dahlia was ordered to climb in. She had to squat while shackles were locked on her ankles, short-chained to her wrists locked behind her. Her head poked up through a hole in the top. A crescent-shaped piece of wood slid across the top and down, tightening the hole, trapping her head.

Christeen was treated in the same fashion. The two girls looked at each other, a wooden wall between their bodies. A board was shown to them. It had a large penis gag mounted on each side. Both girls had their heads forced back as the board was installed and with some effort the gags slid home, more than filling their mouths. The board fitted in a slot in the box. More wood cast a shadow over their heads. It was fitted into other slots. Each girl was now staring at boards that surrounded her head on three sides. They could hear the sounds of the ranch and feel the heat of the sun, but could see nothing but a featureless board. Their sole recreation was sucking on their penis gags.

That evening there was a conference in Master’s office. Master, Jeff and slave martha spent most of an hour discussing business. The main topic was slut.


Collaring day dawned like any other day. Dahlia and Christeen were unlocked from their separate beds and taken to the double box. They already thoroughly hated it, especially since Master had never set a time limit on their punishment. 

Christeen had nodded when she should have shaken her head, in response to a question. The sides of both boxes were opened and several shovelfuls of sharp gravel were strewn on the floor for them to squat on. The clear message - screw up and both of you get punished.

Slave martha was juggling several jobs, finishing the book work, preparing the collars, supervising the slave’s punishments and mentally checking off all the other things she needed to do before the ceremony.

Punctually at a quarter to one all the people on the ranch began to gather at the bulletin board. A ranch hand escorted the two slaves from the box, leaving their wrists and ankles chained. Jeff the foreman marched his proud slave in her ever present serving chains and placed her prone on the ground facing the low dias where Master would stand, alongside Christeen and Dahlia.

Jacob showed up with Ramona, who only moments before had been stringently hogtied while she sucked on his rampant cock. She was put on her belly with the other slaves. Slut knelt well behind her Master, beside slave martha.

Master turned and located slut. He ordered, “Slut, front and center.” Fearing the absolute worst, she walked her knees from behind him to in front of him, facing him with her back to the audience.

Master Allen let her sweat for an eon - at least 30 seconds.

He cleared his throat. “Would you like to join the other slaves?”

She broke at least two rules, looking up into his face, utterly astonished, even as she stared, hearing the low murmer of comment from the gathering. “You... mean?

“Yes, you get your collar back, but if you forget again to call me Master you will hang by your thumbs until your memory is perfect.”

“Yes, Master. THANK you, Master!”

Looking up, as she scrambled to drop on her stomach beside the other slaves, Master addressed the crowd. “No, I’m not getting old and feeble. The foreman and slave martha both interceded for her as we need trained slaves. He nodded toward Verna and Ramona. “These slaves have to be trained in turn. Slut is not as dumb as she has been forced to act for several months. She did the stupid, and she has paid a severe price for it, but she will be invaluable to the training school we are planning. She will be on probation for a month and if she stays out of trouble she will be promoted to number 2 slave.”

The ceremony began. One by one the old and new slaves were accepted and collared, each awed by the sudden change in her life. When slut’s neck received her collar and the lock closed with finality, Master looked down at her and announced, “I collar you as slave petra.” She went rigid, fighting her body that had been steadily building arousal as each collar was closed and locked. Now, to regain her long lost name nearly cost her control. Master was well aware of what was happening and responded to her thanks by saying, “Go ahead.” Her groaning climax marked her as a natural slave.

The five fresh slaves were alternately hugged by their Masters and by slave martha. Slave christeen and slave dahlia got only their hug from martha and were immediately taken back to their box, to resume their punishment, no longer 'free’ women but slaves being disciplined. Later, Master walked up to the boxes, rapped loudly on the top of the wood surrounding their heads. “One week.” They could hear his footsteps walking away. As one they moved, wriggled, probed, forever exploring their tiny prisons, searching in vain for a comfortable position.

Luckily for them, consignment to the boxes didn’t mean 24 hours a day. They were let out for toilet breaks, meals and any duties that needed attention. Christeen was badly needed in the office and Dahlia’s evenings in the bunkhouse were more important than allowing them to sit idle for hours. They were also allowed to sleep, chained, on a bed every other night for five hours.

Slave Petra immediately was invited to participate in the on-going meetings discussing plans for a slave training school. Although she was a bit rusty, she quickly regained the respect of the others, and was able to draw on her experience to make several very practical suggestions, most of them being adopted into the plan.

Gradually emerging from the discussions was a program that would work at several levels, to match the needs of potential clients. For the near future the planners had rejected taking on any unwilling trainees, concerned that legal problems would be too serious to warrant taking a chance. The discussions were halted while Master Allen spent a full day talking about the idea with a lawyer. The news he brought back confirmed the decision to go only with willing parties and included several tips on how to handle their training.

Master Major located two trailers that were mobile classrooms, solving another problem for them. They were put on pads near the trailer homes and connected to the utilities. Master Allen invited Major to become a partner in the new venture, but for the moment he declined. He did indicate that he might reconsider before very long. Master Allen was anxious to get him involved as he had many key connections in the slave trade.

Meanwhile, the two slaves had completed their sentence in the boxes. They were at once put to work teaching the new slaves and the boxes disappeared from the driveway. They lost their private room and were relegated to separate beds at opposite ends of the main room in the bunkhouse.

Meanwhile, slave martha finally got a chance to examine the list of bondage equipment that Major had bought for them. Her “Wow” was not unusual, as the list looked like the stock of a king-sized adult toy store. She of course had been on the receiving end of some of the bondage items at Master Georges, but she had no idea he had been that well equipped. His bondage gear had been kept in a special room, locked and off limits to his slaves.

She compared t he list with Master Allen’s inventory and found that there were wide variations. On a few things, such as handcuffs and whips, the combined total would have equipped a regiment of slave girls. For other things like ankle and wrist cuffs, there were matching amounts that swelled the total to an adequate number for their plans. However in several areas there were pieces of equipment that they didn’t have and in a few instances things she didn’t know existed, or had no idea what they were or what they were used for or how to use them.


Master was called to the phone. He came back a few minutes later, grinning broadly at Jeff and slave martha. He refused to answer any questions until the other two slaves, christeen and dahlia hurried to join them. When they arrived, out of breath, Master commented, “Somewhere there is a God.”

He grinned again. “I just got a phone call from George’s son. He caught his sister stealing from the estate. He wanted to punish her right there, which was when he discovered that she had sold all the bondage gear - and kept Master Major’s check as well. Now he wants to send her to us, to train her to be a slave. He agreed to the first figure I gave him, which was $15,000 a month with a $50,000 bonus upon delivery. He volunteered an extra $10,000 if we used at least one of every piece of gear on her that Master Major bought.”

Master Jeff raised the point. “That’s not willing.”

Master Allen responded, “The lawyer said if we have a signed contract, in this case from the brother, that it is legal enough to get by. She is going to stand in front of our camera and announce that she is willing to enter our training program. She’ll play hell trying to prove coercion. Besides, she isn’t going to complain and get busted for stealing from an estate. That would get her 20 years.”

The three slave girls were dancing and hugging each other. “That’s the best news I’ve heard in months, said martha. “She’s a bitch,” the other two said, almost in unison.

Master Allen ordered, “OK, back to work. You can be on the welcoming committee.”