Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 8: Two Slaves Arrive

Most of the crew was on hand as a welcoming committee when the big dual-wheeled truck rolled into the yard, towing a 50 foot 12-wide trailer. The rig had set off the remote alarm when it came in the gate, giving everyone a 20 minute warning to be ready.

Master and slave martha were among the first. She was anxious to see her friends again. Master wanted to make sure everything was fully prepared. The bunkhouse door closed after three of the ranch hands and one of the new night guards came out. It opened again and Master chuckled. Foreman Jeff came out, holding a short leash attached to chains that in turn were locked about Verna, the cook. Verna, the newest trainee slave, wore absolutely nothing other than her chains.

There was no question that she wore them proudly. Her head was high, even though her eyes were fixed on the ground in front of her. She gave not the slightest hint that she was embarrassed by her nakedness. Seeing her regal entry it was hard to believe that she had rejected every male on the crew at one time or another.

It almost seemed as if Jeff had been reading Master’s mind. His trainee slave was outfitted with a set of serving chains, which ran from her wrists, through rings on a wire-thin belt around her waist and down to matching thin steel cuffs on her ankles. She was gagged, and when she passed Master to take her place kneeling beside Jeff, Master could see the dildo protruding from her distended ass. The only thing missing were the nipple clips.

Master clapped Jeff on the shoulder. “Man, you’re a fast worker. I’ll bet you got her in bed too.”

The foreman grinned half sheepishly. “It was every bit as good - hell a lot better than good - as you said it would be. I even think she could give slut a tip or two. And, she was a virgin to boot.”

“I’ll be damned! She never said a word.”

“Once she got over the shock of my being her Master she begged for my collar and then begged to be fucked. Her exact words were: ‘Master, I beg you to take my virgin pussy.’ That was another offer I couldn’t refuse.”

“I’ll bet she had her eye on you all the time.”

Jeff moved the leash slightly and Verna tensed for an order. “I dunno, but I’ll make her tell me before long.”

Verna took all that in, keeping her face impassive, basking in the praise from the two Masters. The soreness between her legs reminded her of their sleepless night of rough sex. She had been surprised by the skill with which Jeff had mounted her, in several positions, bound and unbound, wringing several scream-inducing orgasms from her sweat-soaked body. Only the first of the screams had been allowed to echo through the bunkhouse, trumpeting the loss of her virginity. He had left the door open for all to hear. Now he closed it and the rest of her screams were stifled behind a cruel gag that she had willingly accepted.

She suppressed a shudder as she remembered the unbidden vision that had come to her as one orgasm faded into the next, a vision of her lying staked out naked on one of the fire ant holes, thrusting violently with each bite against her Master’s rampant organ. She was instantly aroused, and wet. She assessed her growing need and wondered if he would find the time to torture her. She didn’t need anybody to tell her that she was already hooked.

By now slut had come from the bunkhouse, equipped by the boys with a heart-shaped chastity belt and cuffs that joined her wrists and ankles behind her back.  She knelt beside slave martha. Slut held her head firm and carefully moved her eyes to examine Verna.

Slut had laid on her bed in shackles, left on the edge by one of the night guards. She had watched the foreman lead Verna on a leash up the stairs to his room, her hands cuffed behind her. She had heard the deflowered virgin’s scream and knew instantly its portent, the knowledge jolting her so close to the edge that she screamed her frustration into her pillow. Now, she tried to decide if she was imagining it, or if Verna really looked ‘well fucked.’

Right behind slut had come Jacob, one of the newly hired night guards. He had his trainee slave, Ramona, on a tight leash, less than six inches of leather between his fist and the girl’s nipple ring. He put her down on her knees next to slut and then walked forward to stand beside Jeff.

Major climbed down from the cab and greeted them. “Allen, you old bastard, how in hell are you?” His eyes took in the kneeling slaves. “Nice scenery you’ve got. Want some more?”

Master Allen returned the greeting in kind. “God, you look like you’ve aged fifty years since the last time I saw you. Looks like those slaves wore you to a frazzle. And, what do you think this is - a dumping ground for used slaves?”

“Nah. They showed up on my doorstep, begging for a Master. I’ve got all I can handle so I figured you’d be the likeliest choice, especially since you already have one of the trio.”

He walked to the trailer door and opened it. “Come on out, sluts.”

Master’s slut reddened, the casual use of the term getting under her skin despite her best efforts to keep her poker face.

It was questionable whether the girls in the trailer heard the order. The loop of a chain leash hung on the inside door knob. Major tugged and first one girl, then the other carefully felt for the step and then answered the jingling tug of the chain and knelt side by side. Both girls were wearing punishment helmets that ran from their necks up, as tight as skin, the only openings for their nostrils. There was a slight bulge over the ears, indicating soundproof padding. Very narrow leather lacings passed through armpits and back behind the neck, anchoring two curious tapered metal tubes that extended from their shoulders to several inches beyond their extended fingers, with the ends closed, effectively preventing them from bending their elbows or using their fingers.

Major grinned at Master Allen. “Caught em frigging each other.”

Master nodded. It was unique, but an obvious remedy for slaves that didn’t obey.

Major nodded toward the trailer again. “There’s a matching pair of leggings in there that have a fun heel. Not any fun for the girl wearing them though.”

None of the three kneeling slaves could quite suppress the shiver that the word ‘fun’ elicited. Each wondered who would be the first to ‘model’ the restraints. In a slave’s world, anything new was more than likely to be painful, humiliating and certainly not ‘fun.’

Major seemed to have a perpetual grin. He nodded again toward the trailer. “There are three or four boxes of ‘surplus’ bondage equipment on board. I stopped by George’s place and bought everything he had. You can have it for what I paid for it - $2,000. The daughter damn near ran me off when she found out I had his two slaves with me but greed got the best of her. She’s a real bitch.”

Slave martha nodded her head in agreement as she had seen her in action. She ground her teeth as she wished she could see her chained in severe bondage and under her thumb.

Master Allen must have been thinking along the same lines as he told Major, “Maybe I can think up something to take a little of the starch out of her.”

Major left the two slaves on their knees and walked forward to shake Master’s hand. Master Allen in turn introduced him to Jeff and Jacob, and the other staff members. Last he pointed to each slave and said just their name, to identify them, not to introduce them. He deliberately saved slut to last and gave her some special attention.

He pointed his finger. “Slut. She lost her collar because she was stupid enough to stage an escape. She’s been telling the world how dumb she is ever since. Why don’t you give her a number between one and a hundred.”


Slut responded instantly, shouting, “I AM THE STUPIDEST, DUMBEST IDIOT ON THE PLANET!”

Major didn’t react to her shout. He muttered, “If she tried to escape she’s lucky to still be alive.”

Master responded, “At the moment she’s the lowest ranking human on the ranch. She’s one step below the cows and the other livestock.”  Major shrugged, seemingly pleased.

“How about a drink while I write you that check?”

“Aren’t you going to inspect the merchandise?”

“I know pretty much what George had and if you got all of it, it’s well worth the two grand.”

Major pointed out, "I meant the slaves.”

“That too. My girl has pretty much filled me in on them. Umm, what do I owe you for the trailer - and gas to get down here?”

“Not a cent. I needed to get down in this area anyway for a business deal, so this was just icing on the cake. I couldn’t get a nickel for the trailer. A big dealer up there went belly up and saturated the market when they auctioned off his stock.

“Keep an eye out for me as it looks like I’m going to need some more housing, Any real good deals would be welcome.

“OK, now about that drink?”

“Jack and ice?”


Master Allen turned to his slave. “Get the drinks, then get your two girls out of their bonds and get them settled somewhere, and have slut or someone show them around. They probably will go back in the trailer tonight. “I’ll talk to them when they are ready.”

“Yes, Master. At once.”


Christeen and Dahlia knelt patiently, used to endless waits in the life of a slave. Despite their bonds, both were technically free women, able to walk away from the ranch and never look back. However, both were so immersed in their slavery that they hardly considered it. They both wanted to be collared again and it was unfortunate that they had wasted the time and money on a useless trip to Colorado. News travels fast in the bondage community but not quite fast enough to bring them immediately to a new collar.

Master Major had been curt with them when they showed up unexpectedly. His gruff instructions were to act as slaves even though they had no collars. They had earned punishment simply by breaking the almost standard slave rule prohibiting sexual play without permission. They had been treated to a sound thrashing in addition to the helmets and arm tubes. Neither would sit comfortably for several more days.

Major had chained them to separate beds in the mobile home, releasing them only long enough to squat beside the road to relieve themselves. Helmeted, they had no opportunity to enjoy the scenery for the two day trip. He carefully drew the shades down before briefly removing the helmets for food and water. He had stopped at the gate and released them, attaching the leashes ready to display them.

Slut got the job of escorting them around the ranch buildings. She showed them the bunkhouse, describing her duties there. They had nothing to eat since breakfast so slut took them to the kitchen for a sandwich. Verna was still wearing her serving chains but the big dildo was no longer in sight. Slut laughed to herself as she wondered if it had been shoved out of sight up her rectum. Her little brown rose winked at the thought.

Afterward they toured the barn where slut pointed out the stanchion and showed them how it could be locked about their necks. Outside, she led them to the fire ant nests, describing what had happened there to her brother and his friend. As she chatted she noted that the stakes were still there.

A big long-eared jackrabbit appeared from under a bush, eyeing the three humans. Slut demonstrated her submission to the animal, bowing, then prostrating herself and shouting s mantra before rising again. She had to explain the whole gamut of punishment that she was subject to, to satisfy their curiosity.

As they came back by the corral, properly impressed by the punishment horse on each top rail, slut saw slave martha waving to her.

Respectfully she asked her charges to hurry as Master Allen was waiting. She filled them in on the special rules about doorknobs and kneeling as they hustled along.

At the door she demonstrated, knocking on the lower panel, waiting on her knees for someone to open the door and stayed on her knees as Master opened the door and ordered them in.

Master went back and sat down in his chair, taking a long look at his new charges. “You are?

“Master, my slave name is Christeen.”

“Master, my slave name is Dahlia.”

“An exotic?”

“No, Master. My first owner named all his slaves after flowers.

“Do you like the name?”

“If it pleases Master.”

Turning his attention to the other girl, asked the same question and got the same answer.

“Christeen, why are you here?”

“Master, I beg your collar.”

“And you?” Same answer.

Several minutes later they had answered all his questions and convinced him that they were serious, not that he had any doubts on that score.

“Very well, I will accept you as my slaves. Martha, come here please.”

When she appeared in the doorway, he continued, Slave martha is the number 1 slave here. You will obey any command she gives as coming from me. Christeen, I’m told that you are trained as a bookkeeper. You will spend as much time helping martha as is needed. For the moment your additional duties will be to serve with slut evenings in the bunkhouse. You are her superior, but you will defer to her instructions in the same manner. You and Dahlia will sleep in the trailer for the time being”

Looking at the other girl he ordered, “Dahlia, you are experienced as a cook. Verna, the chief cook is already in training to become a slave. You will assist her as needed. Again you are her superior, because of your past slave training, but her word is law. If there is time you will assist with her training. In the bunkhouse you will make yourself available if either of the other girls needs time off.”

“Final question. Do either of you have any reservations about servicing the crew?”

Almost in unison came the “No, Master.”

“Any questions?”

Dahlia asked, “Master, does this mean we’re going to be gang banged?”

“That was the first question I addressed when I started this with slut. The crew respects you and never more than one person at a time will approach you for sex. On average slut has been handling two, sometimes three men a night. This is a fringe benefit for the staff and they are not about to abuse it - or you. You are to do anything they ask, in any position they require, in any bondage that they specify.

Christeen asked, “Master will there be women?

“At the moment, No. The only women on the ranch are all slaves or trainee slaves. However, as slaves you will have no opportunity to object.  Or, were you hoping there would be women?”

Christeen turned red. “Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”

“One last piece of advice. You got punished severely for playing sex games with each other. The rules here are even stricter and the punishments are devastating, so keep your hands at home and out of your own pussy as well. Slut probably already has described parts of her punishment. You will do well to heed her lesson.”

“Thank you, Master.”