Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 7: A Slave Begs a Master’s Collar

There was a knock on Master’s office door. He opened the door to find the cook waiting. She was wearing a denim shirt and jeans. Master held the door open. “Cmon in. Have a chair.”

Verna hesitated, then startled Master by kneeling beside the chair, rather than sitting on it.

“What tha...” he muttered under his breath. He looked closely at her as she composed herself, noting the body language in his expert way. His gut told him she was on a mission.

“What can I do for you?” He already knew.

She fought to get the words out, twisting on her knees, her hands, suddenly behind her back, fingers flailing.

“Sir, I...

“That’s Master.”

Verna gulped and corrected herself. “Master, I... want... to... be... a... Ah, your... slave.”

“But, I already have a slave.” He was determined not to make it easy for her. The decision to renounce freedom and take a slave collar should not be a spur of the moment action.

“Master, I have seen your slaves. I envy them their collars.” Her words came easily, as if the dam had broken. “They are what I want to be. I need someone to decide when I take my next breath, someone who will direct every facet of my life from now on.”

“You are the only cook we have.”

“Master, if you order me to cook, that will be my task.”

He changed the subject. “Did someone suggest this, put you up to it, dare you to do it?”

“No, Master. I watched slut, chained, helpless, loving her chains, enjoying being ordered to perform sex acts, doing them because she was told to do them, for their enjoyment, not hers.”

“What will you do when the men walk in for breakfast and see you in serving chains, with a gag in your mouth, clamps on your nipples and a big buzzing dildo up your ass?”

"I will serve them proudly, as a collared slave.”

“What will you do if I assign you to join slut in servicing the crew?”

“Again, I will service them proudly, as a collared slave.”

"I will be your owner. You will own nothing. You will give me your savings, your money, your clothes, everything. Is that what you will do willingly?”

Without hesitation she responded, “Yes, Master.”

“You would have to be trained every minute you are not at your stove.”

“Of course, Master.

“Will you accept training from slave martha and from slut, whom you would outrank?

“Of course, Master”

“Would you accept another Master if I ordered it?”

Momentarily puzzled she seemed to shrug it off, and answered again, nodding her head as if to emphasize her agreement.

Master said, "I will probably accept you as a slave, but I want to think about it and make sure that all my questions are answered. Go do your cooking and I’ll call you. Thank you for coming to me. I am honored that you wish to be my slave.”

“Thank you master. The honor is mine.” She got up to leave.

He chided her. “Slaves in training do not stand in my office. They kneel. A training slave or a slut cannot touch a doorknob in this house. You wait on your knees for someone to open it for you.”

She acknowledged the rules and walked her knees to the door, which Master opened.

Her final “Thank you, Master” was clear and distinct. Master nodded, watched her hurry toward the kitchen and walked back into his office, shaking his head slightly. Putting his collar on her was an excellent idea, but he had something else in mind, a plan forming even as she talked.

He got on the intercom and called the foreman. When he answered, Master said, “Jeff, do you have time for a Jack or two? I’ve got something to talk over with you.”

While he waited, he walked across the hall to the open door opposite his. “Martha, I assume you heard the conversation. What do you think?”

Momentarily surprised by the question - asking a slave’s opinion - martha almost forgot to slide off her chair to kneel before her Master.

“Master, I think she will make a very good slave. She reeks of submission. If she got turned on watching slut be a slut she is going to be an excellent candidate for a collar.”

“Can you train her? She has a hectic schedule as it is.”

“Yes, Master. I suspect she will train very rapidly.”

“Very well. Order another collar and we’ll have the collaring ceremony a week from today.

The foreman walked into the hall and greeted Master. He left an order with martha for the bottle of Jack Daniels and glasses.

Once the two were settled, glasses in hand and the first appreciative sips taken, Master cleared his throat.

“I’ll get right to the point, Jeff.” How would you like to have a slave of your own?”

“What in the living hell would I do with a slave?”

“You aren’t gay are you?”

“Hell, No! And if you weren’t a friend...”

Master chuckled, “Sorry, couldn’t resist. Back to the point - a slave of your own.”

“My point exactly. What in hell would I do with a slave? What brought this on?”

“You’re stalling!”

"I repeat, what brought this on? Which slave are you giving away? Why would I want a slave?”

"She could keep your balls warm on a cold night.”

“Well, I’ll admit, that does have possibilities.”

“Ever tie a girl up like slut and fuck the shit out of her?”

“As a matter of fact I’ve done that twice with slut since she moved over.”

“Did you do her in your bedroom?”

“Nope. I followed orders and did her in the main room with half the crew watching. She’s dynamite in bed.”

“Picture that in your bedroom, behind closed doors.”

“I can. I can! Are you giving me slut?”

“No. Guess again.”

Jeff raised his head and motioned with it to the office across. He mouthed, “Her?”

Master shook his head. “Guess again.”

The foreman frowned, thinking hard. "I give up.”

Master debated teasing him longer, but there was work to do. “How would you like Verna as your personal possession”

Jeff sat, stunned. “My god, that hot ass? She’d wear me out in a week. I’ve been panting after that ever since she came to work here.”

“All you have to do is tell your slave when and where and how and how much sex and she will follow orders. Or she will as soon as martha gets her trained.”

“Jesus, I’d be as dumb as slut if I didn’t take you up on the offer.”  He affected a simper, “But this is so sudden!”

“Half an hour ago your new slave was kneeling right beside that chair, begging for a collar.”

“Oh God, I would have given a hundred dollars to watch that.”

“The last question I asked her was whether she would accept being given to another Master. She agreed, so you can make her beg for your collar for a week if you want. I’m planning the collaring ceremony for a week from today. I told her I would call, but you can take over for me on that. Just call her in and tell her what’s happening. She will have to turn all her possessions over to you, any property, savings, everything. I’ll have martha run off a slave contract for both of you to read.”

Master paused. “For that matter, have her read it to you so that you are sure she understands it. I’ve alerted martha and she will start training her immediately, working around her schedule...”

The phone rang, interrupting him.


“Hi Major. How’s it hanging?”

“You what? You’re kidding me!”

“OK. Bring it on down and we’ll show you the bright lights of town.”


Master hung up the phone, grinning. “Never rains but it pours! That was Major Jennings, an old friend up in Colorado. Seems he has a house trailer he wants to give me...” He paused for effect, “Along with the two slaves that are living in it!”

“Two more! This is turning into a fucking slave ranch. We won’t have room for cows if you keep putting up homeless slaves!”

“As a matter of fact.” He stopped and called martha in. “Your two slave buddies are at the moment in a house trailer that my friend is giving me, and it’s headed this way. You will stay the number 1 slave, so I expect you to handle all the new collars. There’s still time to get them into the collaring ceremony if you order them right now - and order some extras, just in case.”

“Right away, Master.”

Turning back to Jeff he gulped the small amount of whisky in his glass and laughed again. “How about if we put one of them to work in the kitchen to help your slave and keep the other one in rotation to fill in if someone is sick or having their period?”

“That would work. But, it brings up another point. Remember I said my two cousins were looking for work? Well, one of them, Jacob, is into the bondage scene a lot heavier that even I realized. He’s ready to go to work right off, but when he found out what we’re doing out here he wants to bring his girl, Ramona, with him and get her trained.”

“Now this is getting serious. Martha are you off the phone?”

She came into the room and knelt.

“Suddenly, we’re running a surplus store. If Jacob comes to work here, he wants to bring his girl for training. Can you handle a pair of trainee slaves, the two slaves coming from Colorado and slut?”

“Master, it will work. The two from Colorado are well trained. One has five and the other six years collared, so they can help me with the trainees and slut. One of them helped me with the books for Master George, so if I can have some of her time it will give me more training time.”

She shook her head. “Master I’m amazed they got that far. A young, experienced and trained slave will bring six figures in an auction, maybe more if the woman is willing to be a slave and willing to serve. Someone should have spotted them and taken them in.”

The foreman whistled. “God, I had no idea these girls were so valuable. I joked about this being a slave ranch, but maybe it isn’t that bad an idea.”

He thought out loud. “We’ve certainly got the talent to open a school, and the barn could be converted to a second bunkhouse fairly easily. You can pick up a house trailer for a song, so we could house the staff and use the bunkhouse as the slave area,”

Jeff rubbed his chin. "I sure hate to see us getting any closer to skirting the law. Wouldn’t it be better if we just made a training school out of it? Once trained we return them to their Master or Mistress and as long as the girls willingly sign an agreement to participate in the training, we’re in the clear. I don’t want some irate mother coming out here claiming we raped her daughter.”

“Whoa, whoa,” said Master. These are great ideas but we need a business plan. “Martha?”

“Master, I can run one up in about two hours.”

“Good. Get at it.”

Master said, “We don’t have to decide today, so let’s all think about it overnight. Jeff, I supposed you’ll have other things on your mind.”

“Yeah, you bet.” His face turned red. After all it would be completely new ground for a 40 year old bachelor. He stopped at the door, looking back at Master. “It might just be that I would need a bit of training too.”

Both men broke up laughing. Jeff was handsome and had never lacked for a female companion. Much like his slave-to-be he had never found the right girl. He was privy to everything that went on at the ranch but Master noted that he might need a pointer or two in how to handle a slave.