Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 5: The Invasion

The vibration under his pillow woke Master. Instantly alert he nudged the slave. He whispered in her ear, “Be quiet. We’ve got intruders.” He punched a button on the vibrator, which would signal the foreman and the night guards.

Seconds later her cuffs were open. Master handed her a heavy revolver. “Keep it out of sight. Don’t shoot unless you are in real danger.”

He opened one of the night stand drawers, revealing the control panel for the security system. A red light was blinking. The signal came from the tiger cage in the front lawn. He flipped on the microphone and heard a muffled curse. He turned it off again.

On silent feet he walked into his office and lifted a Winchester off the gun rack. He put the gun between his thighs to muffle the sound and worked the lever, loading it. He debated whether to meet the intruder outside or wait for him to come in the house. The outside doors were never locked so it would be easy.

A whisper of sound came from the radio. Master put the plug in his ear. The foreman asked and Master explained. “Go outside and get him, or them, before they get a chance to get inside.”


Master strapped on his night vision goggles, using them for the first time. A silent prayer that they would work was answered and the room lit up before his eyes. The foreman had a pair as well, so Master assumed that they were better equipped than the intruders.

Staying close to the floor he moved to the window at the front of the house. He looked in the direction of the pit, but a reflection from the glass hid the dark figure lurking there.

Without a sound Master left the house and cautiously looked around the corner, toward the lawn. The goggles now showed movement, but not a person walking or running. He heard another muffled curse. Moving closer he could see that there was a man there, but he seemed to be kneeling rather than walking or just standing.

Rifle at the ready he walked boldly up to the kneeling figure. Looking down he discovered that the man wasn’t kneeling, but instead had one leg buried to the thigh in the ground. Swiftly Master patted him down. There was no sign of a weapon so he left him right where he was. The man had fallen into the tiger cage, trapping his leg against the partially open grill. Master got a grim satisfaction that the hole where slut had labored for weeks had served an unintended purpose.

Master leaned down and laid the rifle barrel across the man’s ear. He whispered, “Stay put, and shut up. Not a peep.” The intruder was nodding frantically when there was a yell and sounds of a brief scuffle at the bunkhouse. Master moved the muzzle of the rifle under the man’s chin and lifted. “Just the two of you?”

The man squeezed out a choking “Yes.”

Master pressed a button. The yard lights came on, turning night into day. A group of men were moving toward his office. He called to them, “One of you men bring a bar.”

Both the men were brought into Master’s office. Since neither had a gun, Master decided to have a bit of fun with them. First, both were asked repeatedly if they were alone. Both denied there was anyone else. Seconds later they were sporting leg irons and heavy hinged handcuffs.

After getting a good look at them, Master decided that they were not your typical thugs. In fact, just the opposite. Both appeared to be in their early 30s. Both were good looking, one blonde, one with reddish hair. As Master watched them he noticed the blonde looked vaguely familiar. “Names?”

The blonde said “Ralph Terris.” The red head responded “Ralph Speecher.” Master shook his head, puzzled. Neither name was familiar. He noticed that both were carefully testing their cuffs, obviously their first experience with them.

“OK, what exactly is going on? Why are you sneaking onto my ranch at 2 a.m?” The two Ralphs looked at each other, but neither spoke. Master shrugged and brought the rifle up from behind the desk, aimed between them. “Same question.”

Ralph looked at Ralph. The one named Terris spoke up. “It’s my fault. Don’t blame him as he’s just along for the ride.”

“Trying to get into my bunkhouse at 2 in the morning is not 'just along for the ride.’“

“Please, I’ll explain. I’m trying to find my sister. I’ve been looking for several years. I got a tip she might be on your ranch.”

“Ever heard of driving up to the front door in daylight and knocking politely and asking?”

“Sir, I was told she was being held prisoner, as a sex slave. Ralph came along to help me.”

Master noted the new politeness, but forged ahead with his interrogation. “So you show up, without weapons, expecting to rescue the fair maiden from the white slavers without a fight.”

Terris looked crestfallen. He reluctantly nodded, his face flushed. “Something like that, sir.”

Master looked down at him and shook his head in disbelief. “Do you have the vaguest idea how stupid, how dumb this stunt is?”

He didn’t wait for an answer, instead posing a new question, for which he already knew the answer. “Your sister’s name is?”

“Petra, sir.”

Master looked at the foreman and winked. "I might have known. It must run in the family.” The foreman chuckled.

“Go get her.” The foreman nodded and headed for the bunkhouse. Terris looked surprised and opened his mouth to ask a question. The gun moved slightly in his direction, shutting his mouth quickly. They waited in silence.

Both men looked at the door as slut walked in ahead of the foreman, nude as usual. Terris gasped, his eyes open to their maximum. Master suspected rightly that this was the first time that Terris had ever seen his sister completely in the bare. Apparently unconcerned at seeing him she knelt down beside him, calmly looking at the floor and ignoring him.

Master asked slut, “Before this goes any further, are you being held here against your will?”

“No, Master.”

“Did you sign a blood oath, renouncing your freedom and accepting my collar, as my slave?”

“Yes, Master.”

And you lost your collar because you staged an escape, merely because you were bored?”

She hung her head but the answer was clear. “Yes. Master.”


“I am too dumb to spell stupid.”


“I am too stupid to spell dumb.”

“Two of your favorites. Why?”

“Master, I made the dumbest, stupidest mistake in my life, pretending to escape. I regret it bitterly, not because I am being punished, but because I destroyed your trust in me.”

Master said, harshly, “Who would have thought, two dumb people in the same family. Your brother just staged a stupid rescue mission to save you from my clutches.”

The girl went from calm to absolute outrage and anger in an instant. She turned to her brother as if seeing him for the first time. “You prick, I told you years ago that I wanted nothing more to do with you - not after you tried to rape me. I hope they hang you by the balls in the hayloft! I thought I was the dumb one in the family, but you take the cake!

Master studied the situation for a moment, then began issuing orders. He called slut to one side and conferred quickly with her. “Can you make that rape charge stick?”

She nodded quickly. “Master, my mother caught him. She wouldn’t do anything at the time.” She added. “You’ll never know how ashamed I am to have to be naked in the same room with him.”

Master patted her on the shoulder. “Go into my bedroom and fill in your Mistress. If you can find some clothes you can come along to watch.”

Master didn’t hang them in the barn. Slut was wearing one of Master’s T-shirts that came halfway to her knees. She hurried to catch up with them, intent on revenging herself on her brother.

The entire crew was up and about, raised by all the racket. By the time they got to the barn all of the ranch crew were following along. Even slave martha had found a second T-shirt. It had all the earmarks of a lynch mob, and the mood got even uglier when word of slut’s near rape was passed around. After a short search a pair of very large ant hills were found and the two men were stripped of their clothing and staked down in the form of a classic Indian torture.

Ironically it was one of the multitude of spots where slut had recited her punishment mantras, so she was quite familiar with it. She had spent only a few seconds standing between the two ant hills, but it had been long enough to garner several stinging bites. She and the rest of the crew stayed back where only an odd sentry ant patrolled.

The two Ralphs started struggling immediately. Master looked down at them. “Those are fire ants. They like to bite, especially when they are mad.” Even as he said it Terris yelped as an ant bit his thigh. Slut stood silently watching, remembering, praying to the ant gods to direct them straight to her brother’s cock and balls.


In the morning, the foreman and three hands went out to the anthills. They herded the naked two back to their car, which wasn’t even turned around for a getaway. Tossing them their clothes they watched as they scratched their bites, too busy to even get their clothes on.

The foreman directed: “Get the hell off this ranch and never come back. If either of you breath one word to anyone, that rape charge will become official business.”

The crew watched as the men finally dressed, slid gingerly into the car and disappeared down the road to the highway.


Slut knocked at the door and Master let her in. She took her place in front of his desk, reporting as ordered. Master looked down at her and recognized that she had something on her mind. She was still under gag order, so he gave her an out. “Was there something you wanted to say?”

“Master, thank you for stopping my brother and punishing him. He’s had it coming for a long time. I am sorry for the disruption this caused for everyone.”

“You are welcome. It’s the least I can do after your years of devoted service. You may be lower at this moment than at any point in your life, but it will be up the hill from here.”

“Master, I’m sure he intended to kidnap me to finish the job that Mom interrupted.”

Master nodded. “The sheriff was waiting for them at the highway. They’ve been charged with attempted kidnapping, trespassing, home invasion, assault and conspiracy. The other Ralph agreed to testify against your brother. The judge in this district is noted for lengthy sentences, so I don’t think they’ll see daylight for quite some time. Oh, and they had guns in their car which makes it a high class felony.”

“Guns?” She looked up questioning. “But they didn’t have guns.”

Master winked at her. “They did when they were arrested.”

She thanked him again and turned to leave.

“Slut, your gag order makes it difficult to talk to you. As of now it’s lifted. Go put a notice on the bulletin board. Oh, and take down that 'good time’ notice. Everyone has seen it.”

“Thank you, Master.”


Master and the foreman, Jeff, shared glasses filled from a bottle of Jack Daniels. The two had become fast friends in the relatively short time that Master had owned the ranch. The foreman and several of the crew were holdovers from the previous owner, so they knew the place like the back of their hand.

The foreman spoke first. “Close call.”

Master nodded. “Thank heaven we got that security system in when we did.”

The foreman nodded agreement. “That Speecher character was 10 feet from the bunkhouse door, and the gun rack would have been right around the corner.”

“Did you catch him?”

“No, Tony, one of the night guards spotted him and made the tackle. He deserves a bonus for a job well done.” He sipped his drink, then added: "I think we need a third night guard. Two aren’t enough if we’re going to get visitors like this. We need one more for days off and vacations.”

Master chuckled, “You mean they want days off in spite of having that nice pussy on call all the time?”

The foreman laughed too. “It damn sure guarantees that they show up for work every day!” Then he asked, “Do you think there will be any fallout from this?

Master shrugged. “I seriously doubt it. The Sheriff is becoming a good friend and he will make sure that as little as possible gets into the paper. He knows what I’m doing and says there’s no law against it as long as nobody is forced. The kid that’s covering the courthouse for the radio station must be another one of slut’s relatives. He’ll take any story we feed him.”

He sipped and added: “We’d better start locking the vehicles and buildings at night. I never thought it would come to that, but times are changing.” Another thought struck him, “It’s going to be expensive, but I want a sensor hidden out by the highway. These guys got way to close.”

The foreman picked up a catalog lying near his elbow and riffled through it, finally showing Master a page. “That would work without having to bury a cable all the way in here. It would feed the power line and then we tap off here to get the signal.”

Master made his decision. “Give Tony a $100 bonus and a $20 a week raise. I’d feel more secure if you could add two more night guards. Go ahead and order the remote unit for the gate, and anything else you feel you need. With this new equipment we can integrate them right into the system.  “Do you think you can find a couple of hard workers that can put up with sharing the bunkhouse with a slut?”

The foreman grinned. “Sure. I’ve got two cousins who are looking for work. I can vouch for them and I know they will keep their mouths shut. Matter of fact I think one is into B and D with his girlfriend. He’s kept that so quiet that none of his immediate family even know about it. I found out by accident. Since she’s a subbie it won’t get in the way of his working here and bonking the slut.”

“Go ahead. Offer them the job. Give them the skinny, but don’t forget to warn them about the down side as well.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll give them a call right now. And, thanks for the whiskey.”

“Any time.”