Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 4: Slave martha

Master was having second thoughts. Less than a week into the new regime it seemed to be coming apart at the seams. It was obvious that slave martha was holding back, treating slut with the proverbial kid gloves. At the same time she was interacting poorly with the staff. Most of it could be chalked up to the new situation, but there were growing signs of possible major problems. Master wondered if he had rushed things, going faster than martha could assimilate them.

One thing he knew. Taking the slave to his bed had been the highlight of his changes. She had drained away the hurt and disappointment in a single night, leaving Master exhausted. Whenever he thought of her the vision of her sweat-streaked body filled his mind, lying provocatively, spread-eagled in her chains, welcoming him again and again.

But that was only one part of her duties. There was a growing list of problems that had to be addressed at once. Master called the slave from her office. She appeared moments later, knocking at his office door, kneeling. He opened the door and she quickly positioned herself in front of his desk.

Master got straight to the point. “I’ve got some problems. Some, if not all of them are your problems.”


“Why are you giving slut so much leeway? You are supposed to be punishing her, not sucking up to her. You are the slave, she is the slut, so you are her superior. Why isn’t that working out?”

“Master, I’m trying to get into her head, find out what makes her tick. I need to know in order to make her punishment effective. She is a complex individual. I’m not used to a personality like that.”

“I don’t want excuses. Didn’t you tell me you were first slave for Master George?”

“Yes, Master... but...”


“Master George was not my first Master. My father abused me and sold me as a slave to a rich neighbor. They both treated me as a submissive, but my next owner made me dominate another slave. I’ve had to switch back and forth ever since my teens.”

“Which do you prefer?”

“Master, I am a slave. A slave is submissive to her Master, so I prefer submission, but it is the Master’s choice.”

“I’ve already told you my choice. You WILL dominate slut and you WILL make her life miserable until I tell you differently. As you’ve already learned, I won’t touch her for any reason. That is your job. I expect results.”

“Yes, Master. I will obey.”

Master changed the subject abruptly, as he had another thought. “Have you used that tongue of hers?”

The slave didn’t even blush. “No, Master.”

“From now on her first duty each morning when she reports from the bunkhouse will be to service you until you are satisfied, right here,” pointing to the floor in front of his desk.

“Yes, Master.”

“I’m sure the cook will appreciate her practicing. You might want to send her to the cook to volunteer her services. Cook never seems to have time to get into the rotation in the bunkhouse.”

“Yes, Master. Will that be all?”

“One more thing. I’m getting reports that you are having some difficulty with the staff. Throwing your weight around. I remind you that you are a slave. Everyone here at the ranch with the single exception of slut are your superiors and their orders, their wishes are my orders and my wishes. You dominate slut, but you submit to everyone else. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master. I will obey.”

“Think up a good punishment for yourself. We’ll take it up later.”

When later came, it was decided that martha would spend all her free time for a week in the tiger cage, allowed out only to do her bookkeeping and to handle slut. She had suggested two days but Master overruled her. Besides, he had the authority to pull her out of the cage for a quickie in his quarters at any time, day or night.

Wednesday had become slut’s chain day. She was sent to the barn where she had to lift each heavy chain off it’s hook and drag them out into the sunlight and place them in neat, straight rows. Someone would come by to inspect and if there was a link out of line she had to stand up, bent at the waist and accept ten strokes of a willow switch.

The object of her punishment was to turn the rusty old links into bright smooth metal that gleamed in the sun. She had an ample supply of emery cloth and several files. The chains were in deplorable condition, some of them looking like they came dragging behind the Mayflower. Years of neglect had taken their toll and rust was everywhere.

Really there was no point, other than to punish slut, in bringing out every chain in the barn each time. Working at full speed she was never able to clean up more than a few feet of a single chain, rarely making her quota for the day. Early on she was punished by being forbidden to sit while she was working, so she had to squat over the chains. Missing her quota or the discovery of a link not fully cleaned meant she dragged the chain locked to her ankle the next day.

She spent her lunch breaks locked in the stanchions in the cattle stall, bent over at just the right height to be taken in the rear. Usually only two or three of the staff found her, the rest of the crew somewhere out on the range. If they thought of it they brought her a sandwich and a bottle of water.

Other than being serviced, the staff pretty much left her alone. Now that slave martha was her superior, slut was inspected much more often and found herself being punished frequently and painfully. By pushing her, martha got her to meet her chain cleaning quota more often, but it was at the expense of other punishments which kept slut on her toes.

The change in slave martha was immediately apparent to slut. The slave became the domme from hell to fulfill Master’s edict, so slut was doing some serious suffering right along with a strict indoctrination covering her slut status.

She was being taught first to be a slut, to live up to her name. Humiliation waited at every turn.  Her leash seemed to always be snubbed close to the nipple ring that substituted for her missing collar. To slut’s dismay, the slave started participating when slut serviced one of the crew, criticizing every move, offering a steady stream of instructions which slut had to follow instantly.

Having two naked women in their room always drew a crowd. While some of the biting comments were intended merely to embarrass slut, she also learned new techniques and new methods of satisfying the crew members. A favorite of the crew was when martha made slut describe everything she was feeling as one of the men pumped into her body. She was forced to beg to have her tits mauled and her nipples squeezed and twisted, beg for fingers up her cunt or in her ass. Then she was made to hold her arms open and beg one of the men to fuck her, offering all three holes for his choice.

Master had given slave martha a leather belt as a symbol of her office. Hanging from it was a leather flogger. It was always in evidence when slut was servicing the crew and available if there was the slightest doubt or hesitation in slut’s service.

There was no letup in the required shouting of the humiliating slogans for slut. She had heard ‘boring’ so many times she winced at the word. She was instructed by martha to learn a new slogan each day and martha made sure she had ample opportunity to hear ‘boring’ again. Almost every one had the words ‘stupid,’ or ‘dumb,’ or multiples of the words.

Punishment for a ‘lack of enthusiasm’ in her bunkhouse bed was swift and certain. The cowboy didn’t complain, but the slave did. Dawn found slut just outside the bunkhouse, giving the time, locked in heavy wooden stocks that circled her neck and wrists. She was nude, and shivering as she greeted the frosty dawn.

“Stupid says it is 7 A.M.”

“Stupid says it is 7:01 A.M.”

Shouts of ‘boring’ could be heard from inside.

“Dummy says it is 7:02 A.M.”

“Dummy says it is 7:03 A.M.

More ‘boring.’

“Stupid says it is 7:04 A.M. She promises to be VERY enthusiastic in bed.”

The door opened. A nude, fully aroused cowboy stood, waiting. “Welllllll?”

The slut’s restraint was unlocked and she was snub leashed into the warm room. The door closed.


Master and the ranch foreman are talking.

“How is the crew taking to all this?”

“Surprisingly well. I fully expected just what you had discouraged, but there has been no attempt to gang bang her. The boys like their jobs, the good pay and now the fringe benefits. I doubt that they will screw it up. They get their kicks humiliating her.”

“What about the slave?”

“Now there’s an interesting gal. There have been one or two comments that they’d like some variety, but they know your word is law. By the way, what’s her story?

“Pretty much what I’ve already told you. I had her on the carpet and she admitted to being abused - and sold - by her father. Apparently she’s been through a string of Masters and had to switch from domme to sub at a moment’s notice.”

“Not too many of the true switch-hitters around. You’re lucky.”

“Well, one thing about it, she’s picked up a whole bag of sex tricks. She wore me to a nubbin the first night she was here. That after walking 10 miles.”

“She’s been teaching slut and there’s been a definite improvement in slut’s capabilities. You know, I can’t get over the luck you had in finding her. If you hadn’t been reading your mail at the box, she might have gone on by.”

“Well, she couldn’t have come at a better time. I was getting a bit nervous about handling slut and hard up for a piece of ass, if the truth be known.”

“Hmmn, I’ll bet... Oh, one other thing. There have been some complaints that martha is trying to dominate the crew.”

"I know. She’s had her ass chewed, and was punished already for that, so I don’t think there will be any problems. She has been forcefully reminded that everyone on the place except slut are her superiors. If it happens again, let me know right away. The only one she gets to dominate is slut.”

“That must be a headache, dominating slut one minute and subbing for you the next.”

“Ah, but that’s what she gets the big bucks for.”

The rather cruel joke signaled the end of the meeting and the foreman walked away chuckling.


A note from the cook was hand delivered by slut. She returned with the Master’s thanks and instructions to give her head as soon as she had some free time.

The note contained a devilishly humiliating punishment which martha instituted the next morning.

Slut was given a hat and boots and led to the barn, where an already saddled horse grazed. She took the flogger in her hand and pointed to the horse. “Besides every human you are now ranked below every living creature on this ranch. Horses, cows, rabbits, deer, coyotes, foxes, mice, rats, or anything else on four legs.”

She went on. “This means that you will get on your knees and then prostrate yourself before every animal you see. I don’t care if there’s a pile of cowshit a mile deep, you get your belly to the ground. You then kneel up, shout one of your mantras and then thank the animal for listening. You will ride for two hours and bring back a count of every animal you see. When you get off the horse you will do the same thing as when you got on.”

The “Yes, Mistress” response was quick and enthusiastic. Slut had learned her lesson on that score. She knelt, dropped onto her belly and told the horse exactly how stupid she was, then climbed aboard and walked the horse away. Martha watched, chuckling when slut encountered a rabbit before she had gone a hundred yards past the barn. Slut was learning that humiliation was martha’s middle name.


There was a spurt of activity on the ranch. Slut was relegated to her cow stanchion for several days, breaking the busy routine that now took every waking minute. She had company, as martha used the opportunity to hold classes in slut behavior. They could hear trucks driving back and forth, but the sounds were meaningless.

When the last truck disappeared, martha left for an hour and then took slut around and showed her parts of the new security and surveillance equipment. Seemingly there were cameras everywhere, but even martha hadn’t been shown where some of them had been installed.

The lesson was driven home as martha explained that Master intended that nobody would leave again without his permission. Since slut was the only escapee, the expensive system was obviously intended for just one person. As it turned out, it affected others as well.