Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 3: A Hard Ride

Going after the mail quickly became a regular 'treat' for slut. Each day she grimly rode the wooden horse in the truck bed, standing in the too tight boots when the truck was moving, sitting on the sharp wooden "V" on the saddle when Master stopped, shouting one of her stupid mantras at every living thing they saw, including at least one rattlesnake.

If the truth be known, the apex of the "V" had been carefully rounded on Master's orders. Even so the delicate tissues between the female legs were crushed between bone and wood, whatever the shape. Master was quite pleased with the effective punishment meted out by the simple device. He had no compunctions about using physical chastisement but he made a point of using a mixture of physical and mental penalties, actually leaning more to the latter. Humiliation was one of his favorite weapons.

Winter was nearly gone but on the rare day when it was snowing, or the wind dropped the chill factor, slut got to wear clothes for the three mile ride. From some long forgotten surplus store Master had purchased several pairs of ultra heavy canvas overalls, originally used by hard hat divers to protect their rubber diving suits from snags and tears. a matching jacket protected the arms.

The canvas only bent easily when it was wet. On slut, directly against her skin the hard cloth showed the greatest reluctance to accommodate her feminine form. If she had been asked her opinion, she would have compared it unfavorably to steel wool rubbing on her tender parts. But, nobody asked so she suffered in silence. Master thoughtfully cut away a slot through the crotch to allow her private parts to retain full contact with the wood. One side effect of that was a freezing draft up her lower body.

For slut the worst part of the ride was to sit, facing the highway while Master took his sweet time reading the mail. There was very little traffic on the road, because a new highway had taken most of it, but usually at least one pickup or a car would zoom by while she sat there. She could tell by the sudden slowing that they had seen her. Her back was to Master and she didn't have permission to turn around so she was unaware that he was carefully watching each vehicle until it was out of sight, prepared with an explanation if they stopped and backed up.

She settled into a terrorized routine to speed the waiting, moving her head back and forth to where the highway disappeared from sight in either direction, always afraid the next car would lead to exposure. One day she was startled to see a figure come into view. Someone walking, a good half mile away. Master had his window rolled down so she could have called him, but she didn't dare.

Her gag rule, in effect now for several months, had no exception to fit this. If she warned him, Master would easily decide that it had not been an emergency and thus did not warrant breaking silence. at the current high level of her punishments she didn't dare take the chance.

As Master continued to read his mail, slut kept her eyes on the approaching figure. When it was within 300 yards she realized it was a woman. Master caught a glimpse of her in his mirror at about the same time. She was obviously looking at slut.

When she got to the ranch road she stopped, never taking her eyes off of slut. Master watched, without moving. after a long moment she walked up the road to stand beside the bed of the pickup, looking up at slut. One glance had taken in the reins tying her hands and the bolted boots, the only visible signs of her restraints. She glanced at the mailbox and her eyes widened as she gasped, reading the Master's name. Her knees hit the dirt as if they had been shot out from under her.

Master was out of the cab in an instant, stopping with his boots planted inches from her knees, staring down at her. He was startled by her sudden reaction and even more surprised when she backed up enough to allow her to kiss the tips of each boot.

"And you are?" Master asked.

"Master I am - or was - slave Martha, collared by Master George."

"Yes, Master. Master George died last week. I and two other slaves were turned out to find new Masters.

"So you chose me."

"No, Master. I didn't know until I saw your name on the mailbox. The name was familiar because Master George often spoke highly of you."

"All right. Slave, get in the cab and we'll discuss this further on the way to the house."

"Yes, Master."

Slut watched her with foreboding. This was a new development but slut had a sinking feeling that it would be of little if any benefit. It was much more likely to cause her some serious problems. She could feel jealousy squeezing her throat like a hangman's noose. She hadn't expected an introduction, but it hurt to be so completely ignored. For the hundredth time she was reminded sharply of her place. Slaves got to ride on a comfortable seat in the cab, out of the wind. a slut rode the wooden horse.

Adding to her woes, it seemed as if every cow on the ranch had lined up to welcome the new slave. Perforce, slut had to serenade each one with her mantra, complete with slave Martha sticking her head out and describing it as 'boring!' Martha was obviously getting a quick and detailed description of slut's status and duties.

Two of the ranch hands were detailed to get slut off her high horse. Slave Martha was taken directly to the computer and Master dictated a lengthy directive outlining the new order of things on the ranch. On the ride home Master had agreed to collar her as his slave and explained the variety of duties she would take on.

Master called the foreman on the intercom and set up a gathering of the crew at the bulletin board immediately after supper. Then he went to make his own arrangements. The new slave posted the notice on the bulletin board in preparation.

When the entire crew was assembled, slut was posted beside the board, warding off attempts to read the new notice, not even getting a chance herself to read it.. Master came from the house, leading a fully nude, barefoot slave by a cord to her tied wrists.

Master stood in front of the bulletin board and directed the slave to lie on her belly before him,. Slut watched with tear streaked cheeks, then knelt in back of Master. She remembered her collaring, the formal rite of making a slave. So long ago. Now, so far from her grasp. Master had not bothered to tell her what was going to happen, so she would find out things right along with the ranch hands.

Master glanced at the setting sun. There would be time.

"Before you lies a woman, bound, without clothes, on her naked belly in a position of total submission, begging a chance  to renounce her status as a free woman.

"Woman, what is your desire?"

"Master, Mistresses, other Masters, honored guests, I plead with you to make me a slave. I beg a collar."

"Are you willing to serve in every capacity? "

"My body, my mind, my soul are nothing if I cannot serve completely and without reservation, even onto death. I renounce my freedom."

"What experience and knowledge do you bring with this plea?"

"Master, I have served 10 years as the collared slave of the late Master George.  I hold a doctorate in computer science with a minor in business administration."

"Are you willing to give up all your worldly possessions, renounce station or position, own nothing?"

"Yes, Master."

Slut managed to keep her face impassive. She was stunned.  a beautiful woman, highly educated, with twice as much experience as a slave. She could see her own future getting darker and darker.

A final question: "are you willing to sign a contract with your own blood, ending your status as a free woman?"

"Master, if it were possible I would give every drop of my blood, do absolutely anything required of me, to achieve your collar."

The ranch foreman stepped forward. He helped Martha to her knees and then his knife cut the loops on her wrists. She slid her fingers across the red welt's, comforting them for a moment before giving her hand to him. He turned her hand over and pricked a finger pad with the tip of his knife. Blood welled up and she gathered it with an antique pen and wrote her name at the bottom of the clipboard he held.

Master picked up a box. In two quick steps he was standing in front of the kneeling woman. "Having renounced your life as a free woman and having given evidence of a sincere desire to become a slave, I grant your plea and collar you as my slave." Reaching into the box he removed the collar and placed it about the slave's neck. The click of the lock carried to every witness.

"I collar you as slave martha."

The new slave continued to kneel, reaching up to delicately feel the metal around her neck. Knowing herself fully, completely collared, with no turning back. She prostrated herself, wriggled forward and kissed the toes of Master's boots. Keeping her eyes down she said her first words as once again she accepted slavery over freedom. "Thank you, Master."

Slut got her first good look at the collar and couldn't repress a gasp. It was 'her' collar! To her horror it was the collar that Master had taken from her neck and thrown in the manure pile. She flushed to her waist, totally and completely humiliated.

Master heard the gasp and rightly guessed the reason for it. Deliberately he reached down, grasped the slave's hand and brought her to her feet, hugging her to him for a brief moment before she went and knelt beside slut. She glanced briefly at the girl and then faced front.

Master announced, "as you already can see, there are some major changes occurring here in my lifestyle. I have posted a list of the changes and since many of them affect slut, she is going to read the board again. "  Slut jumped to her feet before the sentence was complete. She began reading.

The first paragraph introduced slave martha, naming her as first (and only) slave and went on to accord her most, if not all of the privileges and responsibilities that once belonged to slut.

One of the key points affecting the staff was the re-establishment of the "look, don't touch" edict once applied to slut before she lost her collar.

The second paragraph repeated slut's bottom of the heap status, indicating that she was in a punishment period of indefinite duration. It affirmed her sexual "anybody, any Time, anywhere" status. Slave martha, who had written the notice, followed along, careful that slut was not misreading any of the directive.

Following was the lengthy list of bunkhouse rules. There was a surprise addition. a set of bondage equipment would be moved to the bunkhouse and the crew was allowed to pick one bondage item to add to slut's costume each morning, to be worn all day. Then came the kicker. If nobody was around to select one, slut would have to pick two before she could leave the bunkhouse.

The third paragraph caught everyone by surprise. The tiger cage under the office floor was now the slave's nightly quarters and slut, effective immediately, was relegated to a bed in the main men's room of the bunkhouse. She was to be spread-eagled in chains on the bed by the staff unless she was being punished elsewhere.

Master had informed the slave that she would spend the first night in the tiger cage, but the second night would be in his  bed. After that, "We'll see," Master did tell her that he hadn't had any sex since the escape attempt.

Slave martha had licked her lips and promised, "Master, I will do my best to erase that bad memory. My body is yours."

The next paragraph referred back to slave martha, who would take over the company books because of her experience.

The last paragraph was a reminder of the $1,000 reward for a fitting punishment for slut. She glanced over the board to find any other references to her, trying to avoid the pinned note. Master put his finger on it, forcing her to read it. She blushed, "For a good time, call slut."

The crew broke up, jeering slut. Everybody liked her, but they had to abide by the rules of her punishment, which meant no favoritism. actually everyone probably leaned over backward to ensure she was getting the full effect.

Master motioned the two girls to him. He led them into the office. Both knelt at the door, then walked their knees to a spot in front of his desk.

Without preamble he set down their status. "Slut, you are now low man. Slave martha is your direct superior. Your punishment phase is extended indefinitely. She will be responsible for ensuring that you don't lack for things to do.  Wherever possible she will administer any special punishments and duties to ensure that they take up as much time as possible, so that you won't be bored."

He looked at slut again. "She is fully aware of the stupid escape attempt and other things about you and your schedule of punishments. as you read on the board, I have placed a $1,000 reward for the best punishment of the year for you. The money will ultimately come out of your hide. Since martha doesn't need the money she is not eligible, but martha, you will come up with a minimum of two special punishments a month. I will decide when and where your ideas will be used, so you will have to clear them with me."

Looking at slut he said, "It's quite a comedown to have a complete stranger come in and take control of your life, even wear your collar. If you want to go down the road, now is the  time to say so. You have no collar, so you are free to leave. Is that what you want?"

The girl barely hesitated. "No, Master... Master, may a slut speak?"

"Remember, my gag order is in effect. You do not speak to anyone unless you are asked a direct question." He watched the frustration build in slut's eyes. Her eyes sprang wide open when she heard him say, "What was it you wanted to say?"

"Master, I do not want to leave. I made the worst mistake of my life staging an escape. I swore to myself, and I swear to you - and to slave martha - that I will do anything, accept any punishment to regain my rank as a slave. I will accept any pain, any humiliation, any embarrassment, any disgrace to restore myself to your good graces."

She looked at the kneeling girl beside her. "Master, I was jealous. I think I still am, a little. I need to be punished severely, so I beg proper punishment for my fault. I must look up to her as my superior, but there are many things she can teach me, many things I want to learn from her to become a better slut."

Master looked down at her calmly, although he was quite pleased with her statements. "Jealousy is forbidden to a slut. To a slave for that matter. We will arrange a special punishment in the morning. It will be quite severe, befitting your crime."

Master looked at both of them and warned, "This is an example of something I will deal with very harshly. You need to tell me immediately - as slut did - if you have broken one of the rules. If you fail to tell me, I'll find out eventually and you will really hurt. Your punishment, slut, will be severe, but it will be tempered with the knowledge that you reported it to me. Next time, you tell martha, as she is now your boss."

He started to send them away, then added, "Never, ever, lie to me. I detest liars. If either of you lie to me there will be several portions of your body that will be a bloody mess for starters. You'll have plenty of time to practice screaming. Do I make myself clear?"

As one the two said, "Yes, Master!"

"You slut, report to the bunkhouse. I'm sure one of the boys is waiting with a shackle in his hand, ready to tuck you in for the night."

Obediently she repeated, "Yes, Master" and knee walked to the door, waiting as he got up from his desk and opened the door for her. She headed for the bunkhouse at a trot. Two of the cowboys were waiting for her.

Master watched for a moment as she hurried. Then he turned to slave martha. "I think I'm going to postpone your first night in the cage," pointing down to the barred opening she had been studiously avoiding.

He walked over to the door to his quarters, opened it and said, "Come."

She rose and thanked him even as she glided through the door, a smile of anticipation on her lovely face.