Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 18: Another Disrupted Class

Several of those who were in hearing range of the occasional shrieks that announced another bite on tender female flesh seemed to feel that the two slaves were getting off easy. That assessment differed greatly from the viewpoint of the two helpless victims of the fire ant assault. They had discovered to their horror that the first bites were causing them to lubricate and their juices had a magnetic effect on any ant in range. They still considered themselves as being treated unfairly. Their ordeal ended at sunset but the memory of insects crawling on and in their bodies was the stuff that nightmares feed on.

The video of their experience was quite popular with the crew and was rewound and repeated frequently for several days. Master Bill sold the tape to the porn network where it triggered an interesting reaction.† He brought it up as several of the partners, who now included both the carpenter and the farrier as they got together for their morning coffee in the new and bigger dining room.

"I had an interesting chat with the network marketing person yesterday evening," Bill said, "seems those ĎA-framesí that Arlo made for the girls have drawn a solid dozen requests to buy them. It looks like, if Arlo can make them, the network will sell them in their store."

Arlo looked surprised. He thought about it for several seconds, rubbing his chin absently. He cleared his throat. "I can make them, but wonít that interfere with my work for the ranch?"

"It would," said Bill, " but I think the best way to handle this would be to make this a ranch project, pay you for your work and then have the ranch sell them. That way we will be taking all your output, and the ranch will have priority for our needs here. For that matter,"† he turned to Roger, "we can do the same thing with the carpenter shop and the things you are putting out."

Roger nodded. "Iíd been thinking about asking you if we could do that. From what you are telling us thereís a substantial market out there." Bill nodded in agreement. "Iíve been doing some surfing on the Net and a lot of the stuff that is out there is seriously overpriced. I think we could knock at least a third off what they are charging and still give the company a profit. Iíll get back with the network and see what we can work out."


As slave martha was working at her desk, Master Allen came through the door. She heard him coming and was on her knees beside her chair when he came in. He got right to the point.

"Iíve been watching some piss-poor cock gobbling from those two and from what I hear some of the other slaves arenít too sharp on the finer points. I think your next class needs to cover some of the basics and then get into some of the tricks in pleasing a man. Before they get out of here I want every one of them to be able to take any size and any length on down their throats and enjoy doing it. It would be a good idea to give them some supervised practice on some of the different size tools that are available."

She added a suggestion. "Yes, Master. They can start practicing on some of the dildos that are here, too."

"OK, get whatever and whomever you need together. Right now, I want to see if youíre qualified to teach the class. Open wide!"


The first class --verna, christeen, rachel and theresa -- were assembled and kneeling in place several minutes before the scheduled 7 p.m. time. The fifth member -- slut -- been waiting all day in her special spot. She was kneeling in a custom built cage that Arlo, the farrier, had made especially for her. The bars formed a rectangular base, with diagonals running upward along her sloped back to her neck. The narrow neck opening sloped down a few inches in front as well, allowing her to move her head and neck forward and backward, but limiting side to side movement.

Her enforced position didnít mean that she had been idle, merely suffering the soreness of overused knees ill suited to supporting their ownerís weight. A larger than average dildo with simulated balls was hung from a rod over her head and presented to her unwilling lips. One of the security guards had used his electric prod twice to arouse her interest in constant, feverish activity with her tongue and lips, from the moment her cage was locked. Even as her classmates gathered she continued to practice, spurred by the promise that the third application of the prod would be for a full 30 seconds.

The class started right on time as four other men joined slutís trainer. Slave martha explained the blow job topic right from the start by asking the five men to remove their pants. Three were circumcised. Of the five, one was still flaccid, two were half-hard and the other two were fully engorged, aiming proudly upward. She pointed out the differences to the five slaves and explained some of the different things that they could occur.

"You frequently will have no idea what you need to do to get your Master fully erect. He may not have had sex for a week or he may have just masturbated or screwed another slave. Your task will be to take whatever he hands you and give it 100 percent enthusiasm. He no doubt will give you instructions."

"Some masters will give you verbal commands. Some will gesture. Some will grab you leash or your collar. Some Masters like to take your ears in both hands, or some will use your hair or hold your head to set the pace. When your mouth is full of cock is one of the few times that you donít respond with your usual ĎYes, Master.í You obey the order, instantly showing you recognize the order and are obeying."

"Donít just jam your Master into your mouth. Kiss the head before you do anything else, enjoying the taste of the lubrication that will be coming out. Use your tongue. Use your lips. Use your imagination and above all remember exactly what moves your Master enjoys most, as he will want them repeated every time you suck him. Donít forget his balls and sac. You may be expected to kiss them, lick them or take them in turn into your mouth. Remember too that although they call it a blow job, you will be sucking instead of blowing to ensure the most pleasure for your Master and to ensure that you get every last drop of his seed."

"Any slave worth her salt will eagerly swallow every drop. Iím still going to remind you of your duty, because some Masters will seriously hurt you if you disrespect their juice. All Masters expect you to swallow, but again you must be prepared for any special orders or instructions."

"Now, I want all five of you to take your dildoes and demonstrate how you would treat your Masterís cock if you are ordered to give him a blow job."

Each of the five slaves started kissing and licking the artificial cocks. Even slut demonstrated the skill she had learned in her day-long ordeal. Martha walked about, offering a suggestion or criticizing an awkward or poor performance. She paid special attention to slut, but was unable to find fault.

As she walked, she talked. "Swallowing isnít the end of the job, which is a very important point. Most Masters expect you to clean up after yourself. That means capturing any spillage and using your tongue to clean up Masterís cock and balls. If -- Heaven forbid -- any drops on the bed, or a rug or the floor, youíd better be down there working on it long before Master tells you to. They hate that so itís a major hurdle to avoid."

"Some Masters like to pull out and spurt all over your face. You smile. You hold still. You stick out your tongue for any that might fall into your mouth. You donít frown or pull away or turn your head. Sooner or later he may decide to shoot it up your nose. In that case you breathe very, very carefully as neither he nor you want that in your lungs. At all costs avoid blowing it like snot out of your nose, or coughing it up as you will have to retrieve it with your tongue."

She continued, "As you can see, giving a blow job is an art. A slave cannot, and will not be allowed to give a Ďgoodí suck. If you value your hide, it MUST be an excellent job. It MUST be superb, the first time and every time. We will be repeating this class several times before you become qualified slaves. Before you leave the ranch you will have blown every Master and your training will continue if even one Master is not satisfied with your skills."

Finally satisfied she walked back to stand in front of the class. "Now weíre going to try the real thing and transfer your skill with plastic to human flesh. Stan, will you start with slut and have her show how she will do..."

Not unexpectedly, the lesbian slut began to fuss, shaking her cage and turning her head away. Sounding like a grade B movie she cursed, "Damn you, get that fucking thing out of my face or Iíll bite it off at the roots."

She got the whole sentence out before Stan stepped back, shoved his prod into her right nipple and gave her 30 seconds of pure hell. She screamed every iota of air out of her lungs, choking as her cry died away into silence. She gagged, finally opening her airway and sucking her lungs full. The prod struck again, the instant the second scream started, with exactly the same effect. Slut however, weakened by the first shock, shut down, her bellow cut off like a door closing. She slumped against the inside of the cage, her eyes open, staring, but glazed, breathing hard.

Upstairs, Master Bill watched his sister being punished, on the big monitor. He nodded in triumph and grinned at Master Allen. "Boy, did she deserve that!" Master Arlo laughed. "That and a lot more."

A dental gag was produced and installed, nearly unhinging her lower jaw. Closing her mouth to bite was no longer an option. Stan presented his now rampant cock, with the business end of the prod right beside it. There was no reaction from slut, not even a groan of protest. Her tongue moved, whether a silent plea or a silent invitation immaterial. He slid the head into her gaping maw, half nervous that the gag might not prevent her from biting. He felt her tongue stir. She licked, slowly, tentatively.

He backed out. Her tongue followed, across the gag, reaching. It curled back and forth laving the purple head, showing the watchers that she was now following orders.

For Stan the feeling was exquisite. Knowing that every movement of that tongue was forced upon her by his mastery of her, the exact opposite of her sexual preference, gave him a rarely experienced thrill.

He pushed forward, surprised when she moved forward as well. He could feel the thick head pushing into the back of her throat. He bent forward above her, to give her throat a better angle. He could feel his cock inching deeper, but slut was running out of air. He pulled out far enough for her to breathe and shut her throat again, and again. She swallowed and another half inch of cock disappeared through the gag and down her throat. She swallowed again and he came, sending white gobs down her throat in several spurts that drained him dry and cost her her life-giving air.

As he pulled out she groaned deeply as she filled her air-starved lungs. He waved the prod in front of her watering eyes. "If I remove the gag will you clean me up?" She eyed the prod and his still hard tool and nodded. At once she bent forward and cleaned his balls and then his cock.

Following right up, martha asked, "All right, class, what did you learn from what you just saw? Verna?"

She couldnít resist. "Mistress, anyone can suck cock at the end of a prod."

"Anything else?"

"Yes, Mistress. We have to be ready to preform even when we are restrained or hindered."


"Mistress, He was long enough to go down her throat. How did she keep from gagging?"

Stan spoke up. "She spent several hours learning to control her gag reflex, using a long dildo. You have to know how to do that or youíll spoil the whole process. Itís just like sword swallowing. You get the mouth and neck lined up and down it goes."

"Thatís very true. Theresa, what did you see"

"Mistress, didnít she swallow when he was in her throat?"

"Actually she swallowed twice. The first time opened her thoat so he could go in farther and the second time the swallow caressed the head of his cock, just like squeezing it in your hand. Iím told that the feeling for the man is exquisite."

"How can she breathe with that monster in her throat?" Rachel asked. Everyone laughed.

"You canít breathe, to be blunt. You have to have complete and utter trust in your Master, knowing that his pleasure comes first. Itís one more reminder that your very life depends on your Master. Iím sure you noticed that Master Stan pulled out far enough to let her breathe several times. Asphyxiation play is a popular bondage discipline, so controlling a slaveís air supply is, as I said, one more reminder. Sooner or later, you may find yourself in a position where you have to beg to be allowed to breathe. Be ready for it, because it will scare the piss out of you. Itís definitely one of those things they warn you not to do at home."

"There are things you can do. If your hands are free you will be expected to use them to rub and caress the Masterís cock. If you are faced with a cock that is too long for you, measure what you can take and clasp one hand around him, so that you can slide down at full speed until your hand stops you. You can use the other hand to masturbate him while you are sucking or licking the head. Oh, and this is one time you can spit on your Master without getting beheaded or something worse. Spit is the usually† accepted lubricant when you are massaging a Masterís cock. He may suggest something else, so be careful."

"Now, time is running out, so I want you four to pair up with the four Masters and give them the best blow job theyíve ever had. They, and I will be watching you, so keep your mind on your work and your ears open. I see the Masters are all ready, which will save you having to get them up."

In seconds all that could be heard was the loud slurping of four slave mouths. Loudly, martha ordered, "Do not swallow. Hold it in your mouth for further orders."

The two experienced slaves, theresa and christeen, despite being lesbians, did quite well. Verna seemed to have been home schooled as she was doing very well for a novice slave. Rachel had learned a lot from Jacob so they were all pleasing both the Masters they were blowing and their teacher.

All four Masters came in a period of less than a minute. Four slave mouths full to overflowing waited, as the slaves wondered, but not for long. "Steve, make sure your slave has her head back as far as it will go and her mouth wide open. Slaves, deposit what you have in your mouths in her mouth. This is her punishment for disrupting the class."

Leaning her head back, slut clamped her jaw shut. Steve slid the prod under her chin and pressed it against her throat. She got the message and opened wide, very wide.

She was kissed four times. Wet slobbery kisses that filled her mouth with jism.


The sounds coming from her were inhuman as she tried to gargle with the thick stringy white liquid that was sliding down her sore throat.


She gulped, almost choking again.

"Class dismissed."

Master Arlo came down the stairs and walked over to Martha, congratulating her on her handling of the class. He told her, "Iím going to take charge of your trouble maker for awhile and see if I can teach her some manners. Besides, I have some new restraints I want her to model."

He dragged a box over next to the kneeling cage. Ankle shackles, wrist cuffs and a plastic tie at her collar welded her to the back of the cage. A handcart was wheeled in, the cage was lifted, loaded and headed for the blacksmith shop. Slave martha watched, not at all unhappy to see her in the work hardened hands of the farrier.