Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 17: Crime and Punishment

Arlo Danse, the farrier, suddenly became the man of the hour following on the heels of the escape plot by marcy and slut.  The decision was made to publicly punish them in as many different and humiliating ways as could be found. Danse agreed to make some new and different restraints that the Masters hoped would be as effective as ramona’s yoke.

It got that name even though she had never worn it for more than a few minutes in private and the ex-bank teller Beth had made its public debut. The redhead really had the temper that is often the unfair burden that redheads are accused of, and it came near the boiling point almost as soon as her training started. This was the last problem slave martha wanted on top of getting the other slaves under control.

The knowing looks, the sly grins were dealt with summarily, but the punishments of necessity were light because she was being watched closely by the Masters to ensure that she didn’t try to find out who her mysterious Mistresses had been. Despite her expertise in sizing up people she was at a total loss as to who they were.

The fact that neither had spoken a word in her nearly disabled hearing range and the few sounds they made were filtered by the  leather left her helpless; one further embarrassment to add to the totally humiliating night. Master Allen never mentioned it and she didn’t dare broach the subject and possibly set off a further round of punishment. She had only to walk to the window and see marcy and slut’s plight to feel her position threatened.

What martha didn’t know, and wouldn’t find out for some time was that everyone on the ranch, with the notable exception of beth, marcie, slut and martha, had heard the very arousing details of exactly what was done to martha and why. Several days after that four-way tryst a video recording was screened for the crew and the slaves that covered everything that had occurred in Master Allen’s bedroom that night. Again the four were excluded.

Gunther, one of the security guards once worked as a film editor. He did a professional job of editing out any sequence where either one or both girls could be identified, taking out any sounds they made at the same time. A couple of key sections where the action would be lost, he fixed by blurring the girl’s faces. A second version was edited, with Master Allen’s face blurred as well. Identifying martha was not a problem as the leather punishment helmet covered most of her face.

Master Bill made a couple of phone calls and traded some messages on the Internet and announced that one of the porn sites on the Internet had agreed to pay $5,000 for the second tape and exclusive rights to air it. He chuckled. "They took one look and asked if we had any more."

Several days later he reported that the web site manager had contacted him, saying that copies of the tape were being downloaded so frequently that their system was threatening to jam. He repeated and stressed their interest in any new tapes.

Bill and the other Masters discussed the possibility. As Master Major put it, "We’ve got the location and the talent and stars who will work for nothing. How can you beat a deal like that?" The key argument was over whether to script the films or just film what came naturally. The upshot of the discussion was the decision to look into just what would be involved in doing more films. From their point of view it sounded like a profitable addition to their slave training school.

Marcy and slut spent their nights in the dungeon, their days in the yard and their evenings on their backs in the recreation room that once was the bunkhouse. For two lesbians this was undoubtedly the worst part of their punishment, since all of the men could demand to be serviced at any time when they weren’t working.

The two had their personal guards, to keep them from trying another escape attempt and to keep them apart to prevent them from conspiring to do anything they were not allowed to do.

The two guards had unlimited power over their two charges. The slaves had to beg permission to do anything other than breathe and woe betide the girl who coughed or sneezed without permission. Being men, the guards of course had service rights over the slaves, but like the other men they had to wait until they were off duty. However blow jobs were allowed at any time when they didn’t interfere with other duties. The two girls were still on a quota system, so the guards got more than their fair share of propositions.

Their two guards became the principal funnel through which the blanket punishment filtered. Master Allen’s order to complain and find fault with the two was enthusiastically taken up and enforced. Day after day they were charged with at least one major and several minor violations, so it was not at all unusual for them to have three or four days of special punishments backed up, waiting to be served.

The two slaves were, like the other slaves, kept in chains. There the similarity ended. Their chains wer heavier and much less forgiving. Before moving out of the dungeon at dawn their sleeping chains -- leg irons and handcuffs behind the back -- and the chains, locked to the wall and their collars, were removed. They were replaced with double strength transportation chains.

These featured chains linking their collars to their wrists, which in turn were locked to a belly chain, and chains down to the ankles that were several inches too short. This ensured that the chainee would walk either like a bow-legged ape, or with their knees sharply bent. They had started out with a 12-inch chain between their ankle shackles, but repeated rule violations and complaints had shrunk them to a mere two inches. Watching them inch across the yard was an exercise in planned frustration.

Neither one dared to complain. Any time they were together, which was extremely rare, they were fitted with punishment helmets and gags. They had tried to communicate between their cells in the dungeon, but a sensitive microphone picked up their whispers and set off an alarm which brought a very irate Master Allen out of his living room armchair and down the stairs to deal with the problem. They were gagged and chained to the bars of their cells, spending the rest of the night mute and standing upright. They would spend the next day suffering some new cruel and unusual punishment ordered by Master Allen. They did not attempt to talk again, especially after marcy was caught making a face at slut.

Master Allen had learned a lesson from slave petra’s escape fiasco. One part of it had paid off with catching another escape attempt before it even started. He also had taken petra’s complaint of boredom to heart. He made very sure that as much as possible marcy and slut would never lack for something to do, or some goal to meet.

The most visible part of his planning was using the two slaves as models for the new restraints that were coming out of the carpenter shop and blacksmith shop. Both shops were in full production. As a result the ‘twins’ as they were often referred to, rarely wore the same restraints two days in a row.

One morning it would be their transport chains, now frequently embellished with add-ons. These might be chains (usually useless) connecting or encircling body parts that were already helplessly linked together. Their principal purpose was to add weight and discomfort. There were always the basic hindrances that did have the single minded purpose of seriously limiting the ability to walk, which left running as an impossible dream.

One of the first items were a pair of the dreaded "T-Bars." They were very simple in design. The T was pulled over the feet and legs and pulled up until the collar was locked around the neck. A pair of handcuffs behind the back made the victim helpless. A well placed flogger could persuade even the most helpless to move, even walk, or a parody of a walk. Pain is a marvelous incentive.

Next it might be a throwback to slave petra’s chain day when she dragged lengths of chain locked to her ankles. The following day their wrists and ankles were locked together, leaving them bent over sharply as they hobbled about. Slut was wearing her wooden collar with the steel collar still dangling open, hanging from the front of the wood. Marcy got the next wooden collar out of the shop and her steel collar was dangled just like slut’s.

The first of Danse’s steel creations began arriving at the dungeon and the two reluctant models were outfitted anew.

Danse had used one basic design and made three different restraints. Each one had an adjustable spreader bar bolted around the ankles. One extended only to the waist where a steel belt anchored the top of the inverted T. The second model extended upward to a second and third belt that bracketed the breasts and the third model went further up the back and ended in a locking collar.

Nobody bothered to ask the girls about their reaction to the three models of course, but if they had the rarely given chance to speak they probably would have described trying to move in them as ‘nearly impossible,’ ‘impossible’ and ‘don’t be ridiculous!’ However, they walked, their guards encouraging them with stinging willow switches.

As soon as a pair of yokes had been produced, their use was added to the lengthy and rapidly growing group of restraints. A typical day would find the twins bolted into the yokes with heavy hooks hanging from the ends of the yoke, just out of reach of their hands.

They would be taken to opposite ends of the compound where buckets of dirt waited. They had to move the yoke just right in order to snag the handle. The second one was worse because the swinging bucket at the other end gave the yoke a life of its own. Once loaded the slave was sent to the far side, meeting her sister slave near the halfway point. The girls would then spend the day moving dirt in endless circles that had no other practical purpose, other than punishing and humiliating them.

The men would make a point of ‘meeting’ the slaves. Since they were forbidden to put their pails on the ground, they could not properly greet each Master or slave. To punish such violations, the slaves were required to carry one or more of the switches attached to a hook on their collar. They had to bow, careful not to go deep enough to touch the ground, and beg the offended party to use the switch on them. Being switched by one of the other slaves hurt the most -- if you counted in hurt pride.

Hot or cold, wet or dry, the two slaves suffered in silence. The guards had nice air-conditioned guard shacks with a picture window to keep the slaves in view at all times. On the hottest days the girls were given sunscreen, but never were allowed to seek shade. Either gagged or under a gag order, they had no way to beg for water without incurring a switching in payment.

Danse’s next project were two models of a device known in some circles as a ‘spider.’ one was intended for inside, the other outside. The inside model had a spine of strap iron, with riveted legs, some of which reached the ground. The center leg went down to become a collar and those on each side went down to an L-shaped piece that had a locking strap just below the elbow and ended in a locking wrist iron. Two rear legs spread wide and went down to another L-shaped piece with a strap below the knee and an ankle iron. Along the spine were straps to pin the girl’s body to the spine. The result was a human body firmly attached to unyielding iron, held on all fours and inviting to all comers.

The outside version was similar, but with several notable differences. The arm and leg restraints were jointed so that they could move, allowing the inmate to crawl, dragging the 40-pound framework with her. This version was renamed the ‘scorpion,’ because of the tail which made a large spring mounted loop before returning to wriggle and jostle at the vaginal entrance, threatening to enter with every movement. Incarceration in either version meant being helplessly exposed to view or touch, or worse.

Punishment had been promised for trying to talk to each other when they first were placed in cells in the dungeon. However it had been postponed until certain low-priority restraints came out of the shop.  personally delivered them. Master Allen had  set them up right next to the path the two followed carrying their buckets of dirt. A single glance was enough to explain their purpose. They looked too simple, worrying both girls. They had to wait until the next morning to find out what was going to happen.

Just before dawn they were brought from their cells and chained and gagged, just like any other day. ‘Dressed’ they were slow marched to where the two metal restraints were waiting. By the time they walked across the yard the sun was coming up and a crowd began to gather.

They were ‘undressed,’ leaving a pile of chain on the ground. They stood, nude, heads bowed as Master Allen read the charge and pronounced sentence. "You are to be locked into these A-frames and taken to your place of punishment to spend the day. You will not be gagged so that we may enjoy your appreciation of this new hardware. However, there will be a microphone between you and one word from either of you will mean we’ll repeat this day tomorrow."

Willing hands placed the girls in their respective frames which consisted of two steel rods joined at the top, with a third rod at the back to keep the frame from falling backward. On each upright were straps for the ankle and just below the knee. Two more straps near the top held the upraised elbows and wrists. This left each girl sitting on the dirt, leaning back slightly, and powerless to change position.

Master Allen nodded and two men picked up each A-frame and walked toward the barn. Both girls frantically tried to recall anything in the barn that might be used to punish them. Both thought of the many chains that still hung there, but they remained puzzled.

They were even more puzzled when they were carried past the barn door, along the side of the barn. Marcy suddenly had a premonition and opened her mouth to beg. Master Allen was watching her closely and cut her off, "Not one word from either of you or we do this again tomorrow." The sinking feeling in slut’s stomach turned into a leaden ball as she too realized what was going to happen. Both girls were going through agonies, picturing their open slits touching the ground right on top of the ant hills. Only the dire threat of a second day kept them from screaming for mercy.

Master Allen was strict and a practicing sadist, but he was smart enough to know that disturbing the fire ant’s nests would result in hundreds of bites that could cause problems. Although he had staked out the two Ralphs on the ant hills, he had no intention of repeating that level of punishment. He didn’t need to, because the two slaves were punishing themselves, more in a few seconds than he could inflict in a full day.

The girls would have been surprised to know that Master Allen had spent almost two hours scouting the nests. He had designated two spots, about 15 feet from the nests where the slaves would average about a bite every ten minutes. Marcy started sobbing with relief when her frame was planted away from the ant hill. She was facing the hill and could see every ant that moved in and out. The second frame was put down and slut went through the same tide of relief. Wired up nerves did their trick. Both immediately imagined they could feel ants crawling inside them, stiffening as they awaited the first bite on their super tender flesh.

"We’ll all enjoy hearing you scream and yell, but not one word. You will get water to drink at noon." He turned and led the group back to the compound. The two slaves resolved that no amount of torture would drag one single word from their mouths. The Master had warned of a second day. What he didn’t say was what scared them silly. How close would he move their A-frames on a second day?

They waited for the first bite. A man with a video camera continued to take pictures.