Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 16: Slave martha Is Humiliated

Slave martha walked up the stairs to her office, proud of this minor but all important perk - the right to tread where other slaves were forbidden - that went with her title as first slave. She also was proud that she had caught slut before she could do any damage or try to escape.  She let it shape her face one step too far. Master Allen spotted the look of pride as he glanced up from the work on his desk as she turned to go into her office.

He called to her and she came back quickly and knelt in front of his desk. He didn't let on that he had seen anything. He did say that he wanted her to plan for a night in his bedroom, reeling off a string of his favorite tools that were to be close at hand. He also specified that she bring her leather helmet, also one of his favorites, closing by saying, " Put your helmet on, and then use your restraints to place yourself in a position I will enjoy."

While she made a trip to the dungeon Allen made a quick phone call. Martha came back up the stairs, her arms full and disappeared into the Master's apartment. Allen closed the door into the hall just as there was a knock on the door. One of the new security guards was tightly gripping the chains of two of the slaves, ramona and steffanie. Ramona was carrying the yoke that the farrier had made. Allen motioned to ramona to put one end of the heavy metal restraint on the floor as the two knelt in front of the desk. He thanked the guard and sent him on his way.

He turned to the big monitor and tapped a couple of keys on the computer. The picture cleared and all three could see slave martha kneeling on Master Allen's bed, her head down. More finger tabs gave them a side view, which revealed that for the first time she had a ring through the recently installed grommet in her septum. The ring in turn held a tiny chain that was fixed to the footboard of the bed. Her arms were pulled behind her and locked in fleece cuffs.

He glanced again, to double check that she was sightless beneath the thin tight leather of the helmet. Then he gave the two slaves their instructions. "You are not to speak and not to make any sound that could identify you. You are to start out by locking her in this yoke. You will have to turn her over to do it."

"Make sure that her nose chain is always tight, but not taut. You may touch her anywhere, caress her, pinch her nipples or her clit, which will drive her nuts trying to figure out who you are. I will protect your identity and I will make sure that she doesn't try to get back at you for whatever you do to her. You will ignore any order she tries to give you and you are to obey only my orders or direction. This is intended to humiliate her, not hurt or harm her, so keep that in mind. I don't want to have to put you two in the big box out in the driveway."

"Yes, Master," they responded in unison. Rising, they carried the heavy yoke between them and followed Master Allen into the bedroom. Martha heard Allen's boots on the floor, but the two slaves came on silent, bare feet. They both stopped beside the half of the oversized king bed where martha was lying. Master reached to the nose chain and disconnected it from the bed. He grasped martha by the shoulders and turned her to face the head of the bed, lifting her to a sitting position.

The two slaves laid the yoke across the bed, raised up on a pillow. Ramona held the collar open as Allen unlocked her cuffs and laid her backwards into the collar. The lack of support allowed her head to tilt backward and in a second the nose chain was tight to the footboard again. Allen locked one wrist to the yoke and then leaned across her but steffanie was already finishing that part of her bondage.

She had to climb on the bed to reach it, at the same time giving martha an inkling that something unusual was going on, as she felt the slight sag of the bed. "But," her mind raced, "He was on THIS side of the bed a moment ago." The crazy idea that someone else was in the room was immediately discarded. But...

"Master?" Her question quavered and nearly cracked.

"Yes, slave?"

"Master, is there someone else here? "OHH MY HOLY SHIT!!!!"

Master had motioned to the two girls poised at her sides and nodded. Four small feminine hands had descended, touched her on both sides of her rampant breasts and then pulled away sharply on cue.

Their hands were replaced by the callused hands of a rancher. "I watched your class today and it reminded me that you never finished your punishment for trying to dominate the staff. I figured, what better way to teach you humility than to spend the night with two of your students, two slaves, not only watching what happens to you but actively participating in putting you through a night of embarrassment and humiliation."

"Master?" Her voice again almost cracked with the plea.

"For the rest of the night you will not speak, except to answer a question with 'Yes, Master' or 'No, Master'. Understood?"

"Yes, Master." The three took note that martha's face was red as an apple. Obviously his message was getting through.

"You have earned your first stroke of the cane by failing to greet me properly when I entered the room. Raise your legs."

Martha lifted her legs from the bed, spread wide in open invitation.

"Higher." The female hands grasped her ankles and helped raise and spread them. The whippy cane sliced low and fast into the two exposed cheeks. Martha was impressed enough to emit a low gurgling shriek. The whiteness turned to red, a streak across it marking the trail that others undoubtedly would follow.

Now that he had her rapt attention (another pun she would not appreciate) he added some new rules. "You will not try in any way to learn the identity of my lovely assistants. They in turn are charged with fully informing each of the other slaves and of course the staff, exactly what went on in this bedroom tonight. I want all of them to know that the mantle of authority you wear is there only at my order, and I can change my mind at any time. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Master."

Steffanie had found a pulley among the toys. She hooked it to the bed, ran martha's nose chain through it and brought it out to the slave's right hand which was clenched in a tight fist. She slapped the knuckles with a ruler. Martha opened her hand. Steffanie laid the chain across it and moved her fingers closed by prodding them with the ruler. Master directed, "Keep it tight at all times. If I see it slack it's going to hurt, big time."

Very delicately martha moved her hand until the chain was nearly flat between her hand and the pulley. She fully understood the different pain levels of tight and taut. If the two
untrained slaves didn't realize how much a nose ring could hurt it would become a very long night. Her only hope was that Master would keep them from deliberately abusing her ultra-tender septum.

Through the leather over her ears she heard faint sounds she could identify as those of a mouth on a cock. Her humiliation went up another notch and to her horror she recognized an overpowering jealousy. That should have been HER mouth on Master's cock, HER hands caressing and arousing his body!

She caught herself wondering - and visualizing - what else was going on that she couldn't hear. She cursed the helmet, even as she recognized the total loss of power that was to be her fate. She saw herself in front of a class in the dungeon, every face grinning at her, every mind knowing every titillating detail of her humbling.

The ruler prodded under her thigh. She raised her legs, felt her ankles gripped, pulling her higher, wider. The bed moved. Something hard pressed against the entrance to her vagina, slid into the moistness. Balls pressing against her inner thighs. Elated, she translated the sensations - Master was fucking her!

Too late she remembered. Master ordered, "Slave fuck!"

She flushed crimson at the crudity, a strange reaction for an experienced slave, even as her body exploded upward to meet his slow strokes in and out of her. Flesh slapped flesh, loud in the quiet room, as she met each thrust. The violent movement was raising hell with her nose chain but she had no time to worry about that as she strived to fulfill her Master's order. 

From long experience she could tell when he was about to climax. Suddenly her vagina was empty. There was movement on the bed again. Sounds near her head. Slurping. Mouth sliding up and down, stifled grunts. Master's loud groan a he came.

Feminine lips touched hers. She almost automatically turned her head away. A hand tugged her nose chain. Reluctantly she turned her head back. Lips touched again, pressing. A tight seal. Open. A demanding tongue. Open. The full load of his orgasm, mixed with female saliva sliding down into her mouth. The order, "Don't swallow."

She visualized herself as a wastebasket, fit only to hold discarded junk. Instinctively she knew that with her head slanted backward she would be unable to stop the inevitable slide down her throat. Her saliva would dilute the white strings in a steady trickle. Master would punish her with the cane for disobeying his order. Already she recognized her faults and craved punishment. It would come, but only when Master decided. All her power was gone.

Of course, Master was enjoying her discomfort fully. He was fascinated by the two green slaves who seemed to be taking to domination with ease. Steffanie had some experience as a slave, but Ramona's experience was limited to what her boyfriend had taught her, as a bottom to his top. She hung back slightly, but she seemed to be learning, both from steffanie and from Master with every breath.

Ramona became the cleanup crew. Steffanie took on the role of teacher, pointing to dabs of juice that mustn't be overlooked, and pointing to his ball sack. Master was half hard by the time she got through. He raised a finger and pointed it between martha's legs, pointing again to emphasize her clit.

She felt the insistent ruler pressing her thigh. Automatically she raised and spread her legs. She thought of herself as a robot. Signal. Operate. Signal. Do it. Even as she lifted her butt slightly off the bed she wondered if it would be the cane for some, as yet unrecognized fault, or something else.

It was something else.

She half dreaded, half expected, half resisted, but she had no choice. Lesbian fantasies flooded her conscious mind as two, count them, two girlish tongues lapped and sucked at her opening as two small heads shoved her thighs even wider. Tiny mouths nibbled at her sensitive labia, teeth nipping in a concert of little shooting pains that drove her up the wall. Dimly she heard an order from her Master, "Jerk." She had forgotten, as Master knew she would. His mouth was open to repeat the command when she jerked smartly on the chain buried in her fist.

The pain. Her brain discarded all sensation except pain. Her nose flared in a nova of pain. It became a holy grail, a purpose. It would make her come. But she couldn't. Her Master's order was clear. A slave does not have an orgasm without specific permission. She had to ask permission. Asking anything meant punishment - the cane. Was it worth it? To come, and then be  caned?

The answer came as circuits to her spasming vagina were restored just in time to recognize a curling swipe of a probing tongue on her clit. The decision was not hard at all.

"Master, a slave begs permission to come."

There was silence. The twin tongues stopped in mid stroke. Master looked at the two slaves and raised an eyebrow in question. As one they shook their heads. Master couldn't help grinning at them.

From out of the blackness of her helmet, that she now thought of as her punishment helmet, came Master's voice, "Permission denied for thirty minutes. You will kindly inform us of any impending orgasm and will be suitably punished for violating my orders."

He looked at the two grinning slaves. "Slaves, I believe you were doing something? Let us continue." Two already experienced tongues picked up where they left off, without missing a stroke.

Master moved until he was kneeling on both sides of martha. He bent down and took one of her turgid nipples in his mouth, sucking it, then nipping it carefully with his teeth until her already rapid breathing started to get erratic. He moved forward on her chest, his erect tool aimed for her raised chin. With both hands he clasped her breast flesh and squeezed it into a soft tunnel clutching him. Martha was sweating lightly but not enough to lubricate, so he opened the tunnel and spit. Closing the gap he started to slide in and out of this artificial vagina he had created from her own body parts. The reaction was much the same as if he had been between her legs. She begged.

"Master, a slave is about to come. Please, Master?

Without prompting the tongues turned into hands assisting martha in raising and spreading her legs. Master could very well have solved the leg location problem with some rope to one of the many hitching points on the wall and ceiling. However, Master rightly felt that making her position herself each time added one more bit to her humiliation. He could only guess how embarrassed she was by being handled and aroused by the two female slaves who seemed to be permanently on post between her now raised and wide spread legs.

They got out of the way as the cane did its duty with perfection, but were immediately back in action before her legs dropped back on the bed. Martha realized in some back corner of her mind that the pain of the cane and the pain in her nose were actually adding to her arousal. She would never admit it, but there were the makings of an exquisite pain slut in that well built body.

The next interruption came seconds before martha would have had to declare another orgasm emergency. Master leaned over martha and said, "Open." She opened her mouth, long since empty. "One stroke for disobedience. Swallowing without permission." The cane got another notch.

At the end of the thirty minute period, Master offered his suffering slave a choice. "If you come now, you will not come again for the rest of the night, with double penalties. If you wait for an hour, you can have as many orgasms as you wish."

If he had been compassionate, he would have phrased the question so that it could be answered with a yes or no, but compassion was not on the schedule. She suffered another caning when she selected the hour. Master continued her need to report impending orgasms.

With her timing established, Master decided to give her a different problem to face. Addressing the room he commented, "I think we can make this slave come just by playing with her breasts. Why don't you two see if you can't refresh her memory of what an orgasm feels like by mauling those big bouncy breasts? I would think that some special treatment for those overgrown nipples would be in order too."

The two girl slaves didn't need a second invitation. Faces still wet with martha's juices, they attacked like twin attack aircraft zooming in for the kill. While hands squeezed and pressed and twisted, teeth and lips blitzed the hapless nipples and had martha screaming in bursts of sound that were limited only by what little air she could squeeze in between yells.

The power of suggestion is a wonderful thing that can move mountains. In martha's case it threatened to wreck every internal control. Panting, she gasped out, "Mmmaster... A slave is about to come. Please, Master."

The mauling stopped. Bodies shifted. The expected order came, "Permission denied. One stroke for disobedience."

The legs went up. The cane came down.

Master tapped ramona on the shoulder. She turned to him and he motioned to her crotch and then to martha's face. Steffanie was assigned to finish his long delayed orgasm. There was another, short delay.

ramona had never done several of the acts before. Getting a muff dive on her vagina was also a first. For a few seconds she was unsure whether she could go through with it, but once she had settled over martha's mouth she gained confidence.

However, martha had her own ideas about what she would or wouldn't do and getting her tongue anywhere near another female - or certain parts of a female was about at the top of her would NOT do list. At the moment her options were nil. She turned her head as far as she could, only to have the edge of that infernal ruler slice up into her armpit. She squawked and turned her face upward. A light tug on her nose chain unleashed a frantic tongue that was also a virgin in the realm of girl-girl sex. She learned, just as quickly as ramona did. Once started, both enjoyed it.

Martha did so well she was invited to an encore with steffanie. Once she had gotten both girls off she was near exhaustion. She wondered idly what had happened to Master's sperm. The last thing she remembered was his steel-hard cock sliding between her breasts. He hadn't come back then. Her question was answered when steffanie slid up her body and kissed her, Martha could smell Master on her face even before she opened her mouth. She was surprised when ramona bent over her and kissed her, sucking most of the juices into her own mouth for another first.


It was still dark when the two slaves were sent to their trailers. The sun was shining through the window when martha awoke, still helplessly locked in the yoke. Master was already up. In more ways than one.

She was still moist. He slid into her with ease and after Master nodded permission she greeted the new day with a gut wrenching orgasm that drained her completely, as he matched her stroke for stroke.

She would teach her classes for several days while standing up. The knowing grins lasted most of that time.