Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 15: Iron and Wood

As work progressed new assignments were handed out to the working partners. Master Allen was named as the human resources manager. Priority was given to adding to the staff. Two vacancies were created when the security guard detail was increased to six men. Allen filled them immediately with a call to the Sheriff, who recommended two experienced men.

One of the guards had shown his aptitude by building the stocks and the wooden collar that slut was wearing. Allen decided to promote him to chief carpenter and put him to work on a batch of collars and other wood restraints. That of course created another vacancy, which the Sheriff promptly filled, seeming to have an inexhaustible supply of talented or experienced workmen.

During one conversation the Sheriff had mentioned a farrier. Since there were still horses on the ranch that needed periodic shoeing Allen contacted him and learned that he was an accomplished blacksmith. Jacob knew him and acknowledged that he had made a set of iron restraints for Ramona.

Allen asked to see them and a few minutes later he was examining a set of wrist irons that were made from two pieces of heavy strap iron that bolted together, holding the wrists several inches apart. The second was similar, except that it immobilized both wrists and ankles, spread well apart. The third was a yoke, with a collar riveted to the center and wrist shackles at the ends. Holes were drilled beyond the hands and heavy rings installed, either to connect to something, or to secure a load. The other two had holes, again with a heavy ring to attach to a chain.

Allen consulted with the other Masters and showed them the fine workmanship that the restraints demonstrated. There was more discussion and the decision to use the house trailers to house the slaves and to set up a carpentry shop in the barn and build a separate building to house a blacksmith shop. The danger of fire ruled out putting it in the barn.

Arlo Danse, the farrier, came out to the ranch for an interview and was introduced to the partners. Master Allen took him on a tour, spending extra time looking at the dungeon and the equipment brought over from George's ranch. He was hired on the spot, sworn to secrecy and immediately began setting up a skeleton blacksmith shop, while the permanent building was being erected. For awhile it looked like an outdoor barbeque, with the forge as the centerpiece. Once he hauled in his work trailer, converted from a horse trailer, he had all his tools on hand, ready to go to work.

Setting up the carpentry shop was not as easy as the only equipment Roger had were his hand tools and some small electrical tools. Allen had him make a list of the equipment he would need. As soon as the shop was finished, taking much of the main floor of the barn, Roger drove to town and came back with a full load on the pickup. A large table saw, a cutoff saw and a band saw were the key items. A truckload of lumber showed up. Roger made a trip to a small sawmill and got a load of heavy oak timbers to build the stocks and other wooden restraints. Some would be copies of equipment already there but the influx of slaves had outdistanced their resources.

As the workmen finished up, Allen and martha completed a schedule of training classes for the slaves. Once the hole had been made for the door between the old and new dungeon, the noise level dropped enough so that martha could hold classes in the old dungeon, while work continued in the new part.


Slave martha had decided to break the slaves into two groups. She had several reasons. Trying to work with the other eleven slaves would be more than she could handle. She also wanted slut and marcy in different classes and to split the lesbians as well. Ramona and verna were kept together. She also decided that she would teach the same class to both groups. She showed her class assignments and lesson plan to Master Allen, who approved them with a couple of very minor changes, at the same time complimenting her work.

Five of the slaves and slut reported promptly at 7 p.m., entering through the construction where the slave's door to the dungeon would be installed. Even in the small group there already were differences. verna wore her serving chains, giving the impression that they were welded on her for life. The other four had standard slave chains, while slut wore the same double thickness chains that were her special cross to bear, along with the awkward wooden collar with her steel collar still dangling from it. As first slave, martha wore no chains, but her collar, belt, wristlets and anklets remained in place to remind her of her status. A single link on each piece symbolized the absent chains.

Kneeling pads had been laid out on the dungeon floor. There was a chair behind martha's desk, which she would sit on sparingly. As soon as the last slave knelt she began with her orientation. Her first task was to warn the slaves, "In a few minutes at least three of the Masters will visit this class. Normally you would prostrate yourself beside your mat and kiss their boots. While in this classroom you are exempt from the kissing, but you will prostrate yourself before them, as a fitting welcome for their inspection. You are not to speak unless a Master asks a direct question. You will respond by thanking him for asking, and then answer directly, if possible with a 'Yes,' or 'No, Master'."

As she spoke she was watching the new slut. The girl kept her face impassive, seeming to listen to the instructions, but martha could tell from her eyes that she was up to no good. An open rebellion in front of the other slaves and the Masters would undermine her authority. She continued to talk, moving slowly around the room. When she was behind slut she picked up a slim chain that was anchored to a ring on the wall. She slipped the end of the chain over a lock and stepped forward, snapping the lock shut through a ring on the girl's collar before slut even knew something was going on.

Slut knew instantly that her plan had been foiled. Unwilling to admit to herself that martha was smart enough to suspect a disturbance, she blamed slave marcy, who was the only other person that knew about it. Their altered plan was to disrupt both classes. It had been made in hurried whispers when the two thought they were unobserved. If they both had been in the same class they might have overpowered martha and at least escaped from the classroom. She'd never done it, but slut was confidant that she could hotwire one of the trucks and make their escape from the ranch.

The curt order startled the other slaves. All of them stared stiffly to the front, as now was not the time to disobey orders. The kneeling slut glared at martha, slowly rising to her feet in a deliberate show of resistance. It would cost her.

In seconds martha had her wrist cuffs disconnected and reconnected, pulled up snugly in a double hammerlock with her fingers resting against the wooden collar. Too late, slut struggled and tried to swing at martha, but she was too quick for her and had her arms in a helpless position.

"You bitch!" she shrilled, fighting her bonds. Martha calmly walked to a supply cabinet and came back with a penis gag in one hand and her stun gun in the other. Slut shrank back trying to avoid what was coming, but the chain to her collar stopped her short. Cornered, slut stopped and opened her mouth to curse at martha, who used the opportunity to shove the big gag well back in her mouth. She stepped forward until her face was inches from slut's angry visage. She held her hand in position to use the side to drive the gag further into her mouth. She quietly asked, "Would you like to choke on this for awhile?"

Since slut could feel the tip a fraction of an inch from her throat and already threatening to trigger her gag reflex, she submitted and shook her head carefully. Martha wrapped the straps around her head, hair and all and buckled and locked the gag into position. Slut's fingers curled and clenched impotently behind her head.

"Prone!" was the next order. Helplessly slut knelt awkwardly and pitched forward, her big breasts taking most of the punishment of a hard landing.

"Nose to the floor! Harder!" Martha had unhooked the flogger on her belt and let it drag across slut's back as she pressed her face to the floor. Slut wasn't getting any air around the big penis gag in her mouth and with her nose squashed she was in danger of running out of breath, but martha was keeping a close eye on her for possible problems.

Martha walked to her desk and pressed a button. A minute later five of the Masters walked into the room. Slave martha went to her knees and greeted them. All of them were looking at slut. Master Jeff nodded. "Good job. You handled that well. She is to be punished and then we'll call the Sheriff and dispose of her."

Master Bill announced, "Marcy, the other half of this little conspiracy is already locked in the stocks in front of the bunkhouse. She's headed for jail too."

Slut was devastated. Her escape plot had been stopped cold and now she was headed for a jail cell. She knew marcy well enough to know that she would spill her guts at the first opportunity. To make it worse she wasn't at all sure whether it had already happened.

Slave martha listened to the Masters with a puzzled expression on her face, then realized that the security system had picked up the two plotting. She guessed correctly that the threat of jail had been resurrected to scare both of them. Her fast action in neutralizing slut had been coincidental but averted a confrontation with the Masters who had been watching the classroom on a monitor in Master Allen's office.

Master Major raised one foot and placed it on slut's head, forcing her nose a bit flatter. "She's flunked this class, so she gets to sleep in the tiger cage on the front lawn. She and marcy will get a bucket of cold water dumped on them every hour during the night. They ought to be an interesting sight by tomorrow morning when they come back here for some questioning." He lifted his foot but slut was afraid to move, even to allow more air into her starving lungs. Major lifted her head by her hair and let it drop back, allowing her to breath a little more normally. She was sure her nose was broken.

She was also sure that she was about to be beaten. Her body tensed at any movement near her, as with her head down she was able to see only a few inches on either side of her face. She had recognized martha's flogger when it was dragged across her back, but she already knew that there was a wide variety of whips hanging ready, none of them the kind you would want to meet in a dark alley or even broad daylight.

It startled her when two of the men lifted her effortlessly and placed her again on the floor, in the open barred cell. One of the men got a block of wood, then bent down and lifted slut's head by the hair and slid the block under her chin, forcing her to look at the classroom. He didn't even bother to warn her not to move, knowing that she was now too scared to deliberately disobey.

With order restored the men left the classroom and went back upstairs. Martha used the opportunity to impress on the slaves the house rules. Slaves were to enter the dungeon only through the slave door. If by chance they were upstairs, they would have to leave the building and come back in through the slave door. "The stairs are off limits to all slaves, at any time." Slave martha was exempt from that rule and a number of others, but made no mention of her perks.

Next, she explained the rules for upstairs. "The Master's quarters are off limits to all slaves, unless assigned or requested for duty there." She explained the rules for doors and requiring kneeling at all times in Master's office and in her office.

She went on to review other rules that some of the slaves were already familiar with, such as always greeting a Master by kissing his boots, using the words 'Master' or 'Mistress' in every instance. "I know it's hard to do," she added, "but unless you are asked a direct question keep your thoughts to yourself."

"Always ask permission to speak." She glanced pointedly at the silent slut in her cell. "The use of abusive or profane language such as you heard earlier is one of the quickest ways of getting in deep trouble. The lesson you have just learned is a vital one for every slave to remember. You do not call anyone a bitch or a bastard. You may think it, but for a slave, this can have disastrous consequences. Slaves are not allowed to keep secrets. You are not only subject to discipline but Masters have some very effective tools to extract your deepest, darkest secrets."

"At this point you know only part of the events that occurred here. You heard a Master pronounce sentence. If you haven't already spent some time in the stocks any slave that has can tell you that it is a very efficient, painful and degrading punishment. You are forced to be helplessly available to any male of female for any sexual service they can devise."

"I want you to think about spending an unspecified amount of time in the stocks... Then I want you to think about how chilly it gets in the springtime in New Mexico at night... Lastly, ponder what a bucket of cold water will do to your composure, every hour on the hour. If you've ever come out of the shower into a cold room you'll get the idea."

Martha could easily see that her message had hit home. Every slave was totally focused on what she was saying. When she glanced again at slut she could see her eyes were wide open and just plain scared.

"The tiger pit is even worse. You are much more cramped. The ground is nearly as cold as the air and any breeze will feel like it is coming off the North Pole. The water will make mud that is difficult to get off, requiring a thorough, lengthy cleaning with a hose. Of course the water will be cold as few Masters will waste hot water on a slave who is being punished."

Turning to a new topic, martha explained the life of a slave. It would be the first of several talks on the subject, preparing the girls for whatever life, and a Master or Mistress might hand them.

"All of you have accepted slavery as a lifestyle. Some willingly, some grudgingly but all of you are now prisoners of your decision and to be blunt, prisoners of your Master or Mistress. You have signed contracts, with your blood, giving yourself to someone to own you, not as one human marries another 'for better or worse, to love, honor and obey' but as a piece of property that your owner can do literally anything to."

"Imagine the worse thing that could possibly happen to you. Christeen, what would you fear the most?"

"To be gang raped, Mistress."


"To... have a man take me up the... ass, Mistress."


"To show me in the nude to other people and make me have sex with them, Mistress."


"To have sex, with other people watching, Mistress."

"As slaves, you will do any of these or a hundred other humiliating, distasteful, embarrassing or disgusting things that your owner will expect you to do willingly and with enthusiasm and vigor. It is important to your future health that you learn to do everything - and I mean EVERYTHING that your Master tells you to do. No questioning, no stalling, no hesitation, no reluctance. Masters expect, and get, instant, unreserved obedience from their slaves."

"I'll repeat one point to emphasize its importance. Never, ever, under any circumstances question a Master's order or you will regret it bitterly and at length.

"A few of you are natural slaves, born with a submissive streak that only abject slavery will satisfy. The rest of you have a major project ahead - learning to think as an object, rather than as a woman. That's very blunt, but it is only a foretaste of how you will be treated as a slave."

"Class dismissed."