Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

The Construction Phase

Monday morning brought with it the thunder of big diesel motors as trucks rolled into the yard at 7 a.m. Dozers and backhoes headed for their assigned work. The three principal stockholders shouldered the responsibility of getting their particular project completed smoothly. Master Allen took the bunk house. Major had several pads to add to the trailer park, while Bill directed work on the addition to the office building, which was on top of the new addition to the dungeon.

It had been decided that the contractor would put in the footings and support walls for the dungeon and the inside walls and equipment would be installed by the ranch workers afterward. They would also break a hole through to the old dungeon and install a door. Work on the barn would wait until most of the other projects were complete.

There was no sign of the slaves. All ten had been sequestered in two of the house trailers, one behind the corral and the other in the trailer park.. All were gagged as a precaution, Beth was outfitted in her chin-cup gag again and slut and marcy had to get acquainted with penis gags, a shape that they cordially hated. All of them wore handcuffs behind their backs, along with a length of small chain locked to an ankle that allowed them to reach the bathroom.

Master Allen had been busy on the phone. He had persuaded one of the local doctors to do the testing necessary on the five new girls. The appointment was for 7 p.m. well after the workmen would be going home as well as being well after regular office hours. Master sent Jeff into town to rent a nine-passenger van, big enough for the girls, plus a guard and driver.

Over lunch Major brought up the need to pierce all of the slaves for both control and decoration. After some discussion it was approved as a good use for the construction down time. A call was made to a local tattoo artist who also did piercing. Jock agreed to come to the ranch on Tuesday evening, bringing along Sara as his assistant. He would be able to do four the first evening and the other six as soon as the girls' test results came back.

Sara's first job was to demonstrate her bosses' expertise in piercing. To do that she had to disrobe, a matter of removing a single dress. Her nose had a grommet in the septum, big enough to support a substantial nose ring. Her nipples had four holes each, with mini-shackles in front and three bars behind, in the body of the breast, two of them crossing and the third vertical.

A ring with a large stone adorned her belly button. Below, she sported a solid row of 11 rings through her labia, with the 12th spitting her clit and hood.

The rings and bars were of varying sizes and thickness, allowing the men to chose what they wanted. Master Allen, Major and Bill had examined Sara closely, and at Jock's invitation handled the jewelry and pushed and tugged at the pieces. Sara visibly preened at the attention and her nipples were standing at attention in short order.

The first piercing session went like clockwork. Jock did the piercing and Sara immediately inserted the correct rings or bars. Each of the four slaves got a grommet for a nose ring, two nipple rings with bars behind them, a belly button ring and two on each lip, with a fifth through the base of her clit and its hood. The five lesbians would have an additional piercing -- a stud through their tongues.

As Jock thoughtfully explained to his captive audience, "We don't need no pain killers for slaves." Since nobody had bothered to remove their gags, the slaves suffered in silence.

The test results for the five new slaves came back negative on Wednesday. The doctor started pumping Master Allen, trying to get details. After a bit of fencing Allen gave the doctor an outline of what they were planning to do. The doctor appeared familiar with the concept of sex slaves and soon posed the question of investing in the operation. Allen knew they would need the regular services of a doctor, so he invited the man to become a partner, explaining the working arrangement already in place. The upshot was that the girl's exams were free and the doctor's check for $150,000 was quickly delivered to the firm's cash box.

Much the same thing took place with the tattoo artist. Only the amount was different, but his check for $10,000 went into the kitty and one more partner was added. All of the slaves that came through would need piercing. In the course of the negotiations Jock admitted to a near-slave relationship with his live-in lover, Sara. She in turn served as his assistant on a full time basis, including nude demonstrations which brought in a lot of extra business.

Jock and Sara came back on Friday evening and finished the other eight slave girls. Master Major lined them up and inspected the new jewelry. The piercing had been expertly done and despite differences in body and breast shape, they matched perfectly from one end of the line to the other.

After the workers left Bill moved the new trailer from behind the corral to the trailer court. The new pads were almost done. Another day's work and this crew could begin work on the barn.

The partners agreed to put Bill to work on the marketing end. Major had commented, "Anybody that can come back out of the blue with five new slaves should be in charge of receiving and shipping." Bill used the living room in one of the trailers for an office and started making phone calls to his contacts. At dinner that evening he announced to the partners, "I've got a buyer for the lesbians."

"Already? You're kidding."

"Nope. No kid. A group of investors up in Nevada are building a ranch out of Reno that will be exclusively for women. They want all the lesbians they can get. They offered $200,000 for each of the five we have, but I pointed out that ours will already be clean and trained, so I got a firm offer of $250,000 each."

Major scratched his head, then shook it in half disbelief. "That would put us in the black the first year. I knew there was money in this, but not that much."

Bill nodded, then pointed out, "Too, that's a very specialized market, but with an abundant supply. Hetro slaves will bring more if they are fully trained, because there is more demand for good ones."

Allen changed the subject, "It hasn't come up yet, but where do you guys stand on male slaves? There should be more than enough rich widows around to make them readily marketable."

Bill nodded, but his response was rather negative. "I don't think we should try and do both in one place. If we had completely separate facilities and the women to run it, it would certainly be worth looking into, but I'd want to wait and get this operation fully self-sustaining first. As it happens, I came within an inch of bringing Beth's boyfriend back, but I didn't know how you would react to that."

Major and Allen both nodded. Major said, "Good thinking. We are only beginning to learn what we're doing with female slaves. Males are a whole different ball game. For the time being, we need to steer clear of any male slaves."

Bill got in the last word, "There's always the fact that they could be used to keep the lesbians in line."


After being cooped up in the trailer all week, the girls were anxious to get some fresh air and sunshine. Marcy got into hot water almost the moment she stepped onto the ground. Jeff was inspecting the trailer court and marcy greeted him respectfully, then started to walk past him.

"Slave marcy!" The tone was curt. She turned and knelt before him. "Master?"

"Did you forget, or were you deliberately insulting a Master?"

Marcy gulped, "I forgot, Master. I beg punishment."

"Address my boots. Properly!"

Marcy dropped to her belly and began licking the foreman's dusty boots. They were shiny with her saliva when he finally said, "Enough! Kneel up."

He walked around her, already knowing what he planned for her punishment, but deliberately delaying announcing it. Finally he spoke. " For insulting a Master, you are restricted to the trailer for this weekend, as on weekdays. Gag yourself and lock the chain to your ankle. Make sure you are clean and your tongue is limber and prepared for heavy usage. Someone will come for you at the proper time this evening."

"Yes, Master. Thank you for punishing me. I will not forget again to honor a Master's boots."

Master Jeff walked away, knowing she would not move a hair until he was out of sight. The whole incident reminded him of the first time Verna teased him by pretending to refuse to kiss his boots. After putting her in a strict hogtie he had made her start at the top of his head and lick him all the way to his feet.

Since she was unable to move, he carefully presented the flesh he wanted licked. He had used his hand while she worked, spewing as she finished his toes. He made her lick up his juices but refused to let her swallow, instead releasing her and making her crawl several times to the bathroom to deposit them in the toilet. He added to her humiliation by offering to let her drink from the bowl, but she demurred, well aware she would be punished for dishonoring and refusing his seed.

Slave martha had to spend the day inside as well. Her book work called, a mess that needed much of the day to clean up after the fast moving events of the previous weeks. She looked longingly at the sun, but orders took precedent.

As might be expected things were not going well for slut. It was slowly beginning to dawn on her that she was being targeted by the men -- and her fellow slaves -- with unwarranted criticism. She had fallen prey to the same oversight that had trapped Marcy and barely had time to complete a punishment before another was heaped upon her.

She had started out with the heavy steel collar, only to have it replaced with the equally heavy wood collar. Having to hold her collar in one hand while she worked with the other was a pain, but shortly she was assigned to a wheelbarrow on a make-work project.

She was forced to beg that her steel collar be hung from the wood, so that she would have both hands to handle the wheelbarrow. The collar was left open, one side banging her chest with every step. Her job was to dig three holes, one in the yard, one in a spot behind the barn and the third on the far side of the trailer park. The dirt from one hole was hauled to the next, and on in an endless circle of useless work. Bill never went near her, but watched her intently on the security monitors, a smile or a wide grin flitting across his face as he enjoyed her struggles. Whatever love he had once had for his sister had evaporated in a flash when he discovered she was a thief.


One of the guards -- formerly the night guards, now security guards -- and got Marcy shortly after supper. She was led to the dungeon, where the other eleven slaves and most of the men were gathered, the men seated in rows of chairs, the slaves kneeling in front of them.. Marcy spotted the large rolling table in the center of the room and mentally confirmed her guess that she would be participating in some mutual muff diving for the titillation of the audience. It would turn out that she was only half right.

A jerk on her leash startled her out of a daydream of carnal pleasures. A row of boots awaited her ministrations. When she reached the far end, she continued to crawl, circling in front of the slave girl at the end of the line and kissing her way back to the start. To her surprise, while she was kissing the slave feet, the table was rolled away and replaced with a chair-like apparatus which Marcy had never seen. She knelt, awaiting orders. She found herself licking her lips in anticipation.

Slave martha was called. She knee walked to the chair, rising to seat herself, with her legs over the arms, spread in wait for a tongue. Another slave rushed forward to loop and tighten the straps that made it a bondage chair.

Master Allen directed, "This is a contest of skills and will. Slave marcy is to make slave martha orgasm in less than 10 minutes. Slave martha is to resist and evade an orgasm. The loser gets to work on the next slave." He didn't bother to tell slave marcy that all nine slaves had been injected with a local anesthetic that left them with no feeling at all in their pussies. For all practical purposes their clits were dead meat.

Nearly two hours later, slave marcy knelt, helplessly reviewing nine failures. She was randy enough to fuck a rope, but there was no indication that she would get any relief. Her tongue was sore, swollen and rasping her gums or the roof of her mouth with the slightest movement. The worst had been slut, once her Mistress, now just a nameless slave.

She had always been able to give slut multiple orgasms, but tonight she might as well have licked on a block of wood. Self-doubt reared its ugly head. Had her once-superior technique utterly failed her? Had her highly-reputed tongue lost its magic touch? She herself showed every sign of arousal, from flinty nipples down her flushed and speckled chest to the slime seeping down her leg from her winking vagina. Not one of her supposed victims showed the slightest hint to match.

The men knew better and smiled among themselves. The slaves knew, but not one had the desire to disobey and tell slave marcy what the real problem was. Even slut, who was as familiar with that tongue as with her own, was mentally gagged by the threat of a particularly vile set of lengthy and painful punishments that were graphically described in a whispered message in her ear just before marcy arrived.

Slut thought her brother was somewhere behind her, but when it was her turn to mount the chair, she searched in vain for his face. He had left and gone upstairs, to watch on the big monitor as she was licked and sucked.

All of the sex tools and gadgets in the bunkhouse, including the stock bed, were moved to the dungeon while the construction went on. At the end of the evening's program, marcy, as the loser, spent the night in a cell, sleeping on the concrete floor. The stock bed was assigned to slut, who was first made to demonstrate all of the features and the various positions she could be restrained in. She suspected that it was for Bill's benefit, but knowing that did her no good at all. She was put to bed on her back, with all of the body restraints and the neck restraint in place and her arms locked in a wide, welcoming embrace for a lover who would never come again.