Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Master Bill

Only Master Allen, Master Major and the foreman were on hand when Bill Andrews rolled in at mid-morning Friday. Rather than the Cadillac, Bill was driving a big truck that nearly matched Major's vehicle. The noise of his arrival quickly drew a crowd. Even more interesting, Bill was towing a 12-wide trailer that exactly matched the four that Major had bought.

Andrews got out of the cab and walked forward to shake hands all around. Master Allen motioned to the house trailer, "Where the devil did you get that?"

"When I was here before I saw the trailer park you had built. I figured you could always use a matching unit, especially when I saw that a branch office of the dealer Major got his from was located in Pueblo and was having a going out of business sale."

Major spoke up, "I'm surprised you saw anything the last time. You were out of here before the dust had settled from your coming in."

"Oh, I saw a lot. I liked what I saw and I'd like to get in on the ground floor, to coin a phrase. I hope you'll accept this in lieu of an initiation fee."

Allen and Major grinned and broke out laughing, almost covering Bill's bewildered "What did I say?" Allen was quick to shake his head. "Couldn't help that. WE were all primed to ask you to invest. We saved you a partnership, but every man on the ranch has bought in. We'll talk about this in a bit, but I'm interested in seeing the little watchdog you brought back."

"Oh, she's a feisty little bitch. Screamed like a banshee when she found out why I was there. Kicked and scratched and threw stuff at us, but she shut up fast when I told her I was calling the police. She knew all about the money, knew it was stolen and knew where the safe was. I had one of the hands with me and she spilled enough to us to put her away as an accessory to the theft."

He added, "Seems like 'jail' is the magic word. From that point on she gave in and she has been quiet as a mouse on the trip down here. I told her just enough about what was in store for her, to really scare her. I've got her convinced you and Major are Master's from Hell. "Would you like to see her?"

Master Major chuckled. "After you, Satan."

Master Allen responded, "No, after you, Beelzebub."

Bill led the way to the trailer, put the step down and unlocked and opened the door with a flourish. A woman emerged, fully restrained with transport chains, her wrists cuffed and padlocked to her belly chain. A brightly colored cotton dress was her only garment. She looked down, carefully navigating her hobbled legs and bare feet down the steps. Once on the ground she waddled several feet from the door and knelt, studiously keeping her eyes on the ground.

"Next," said Bill, drawing every eye back to the doorway.

Another woman, dark haired, dressed in a drab cotton skirt and worn blouse, with identical chains, came down the steps and stood beside the kneeling woman.


The third woman was a dirty blonde, hair that really was dirty. Her dress looked like a made over feed sack. She stood, hands fitfully pulling at her belly chain.

"Next!" He ordered.

Another woman stood in the doorway for a second and nearly missed the step, unused to her chains. Bill caught her arm, steadying her until she reached the ground. She stood with the other women. Her dress had seen better days.

"And... Last!"

Master Allen watched, his jaw slack. Major had his mouth open, both astounded by the bevy of females that Bill was producing like a magician pulling doves and rabbits out of a hat.

The fifth woman was a knockout. Flaming red hair, a body that wouldn't quit, legs to slake your thirst and dressed to the nines in a business suit, crisp while blouse and a tie. The effect was offset by her bare legs and naked feet, and the super-sized travel irons that embraced that lovely body and shortened her steps to inches. Unlike the other girls she was gagged with a leather harness that cupped her chin and covered her mouth almost up to her nose. She got down the steps after a short struggle and joined the other standees, leaving the first woman as the only one kneeling.

"That's it, folks," said Bill, closing the door with a deep bow to his audience.

Master Allen got his jaw back under control. "Is this some sort of joke? I expect one slave and you come roaring in with five. Explain yourself!" He pretended to be upset, mostly for the women's benefit, as they had focused on him as soon as he spoke.

"OoooKay," Bill drew it out. Master Major interrupted him, thundering, "KNEEL!"

Only the last girl hesitated and in seconds there was a row of five kneeling girl-slaves.

"Now, as I was saying," said Bill. "Number 1," pointing down at the first girl, "is Marcy, the watchdog bitch who was guarding the house in Pueblo. She is an accessory to the crimes committed by my sister, so she is going to join sister..."

"Now known as 'slut'" interjected Master Allen.

Bill stopped short, savoring the information for a second. A broad grin creased his weathered face. "Oh I like that! Good touch." He backtracked and started the sentence again, "She is going to join 'slut' in the most rigorous training that this school can provide." He looked down at the girl, who was shivering at the prospect, not at all sure at this point what the school was, or what training it might impart.

"She too is going to be booked in for an indefinite period." Marcy shivered again, pulling helplessly at her belly chain.

He moved behind the next three girls, pointing separately to each one as he identified them. "This is Rachel, Steffany and Theresa. Watchdog volunteered slut's address book, after a little persuasion, and the names of the three previous bedmates that slut had on the string. Rachel was on welfare and the other two were living in a homeless shelter after H... 'slut' threw them out. The officials were happy to be rid of them, so it didn't take much to convince the girls that they had a brighter future down here. Somewhat brighter, at least."

He looked them over again. "I think all four will clean up pretty nicely, although they will need to be checked for any bad germs they might have acquired." He surveyed the four. "As you might possibly have guessed, these four new trainees are lesbians. He looked them over again. "I'm sure the Masters who will supervise your training will do their best to convince you of the error of your sexual preferences."

The fifth girl was looking daggers at the audience in front of her but she didn't dare turn to glare at Bill. He walked behind her and fingered a strand of her bright hair. "This, dear friends is Beth. Beth is not happy to be joining us. She is here for one reason, she was caught taking a bribe and altering bank records. She too was given the choice between a long, long prison sentence and -- to put it indelicately -- slave training."

"Seems Beth has a history. She was the bank teller who helped slut steal my money. The officers of the bank had suspected for some time that she was on the take and this finished her. The bank wanted at all costs to avoid any publicity and the bank president liked my suggestion enough to pay for her training. Even as we speak he is preparing his basement for a long-term 'resident.' Oh, and I don't think she is a lesbian. Her boyfriend was banging her pretty regularly. I had to throw a real scare into him before he stopped objecting to her new life without him."

This obviously was the first time that Beth had heard the full details of her fate. Her face was a study as disbelief, denial, rage, fear, embarrassment and a variety of other emotions crossed her flushed cheeks in rapid succession. With a sinking feeling she realized that her decision to avoid jail and disgrace was more a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. She felt betrayed that her boyfriend had given her up without a fight, but she rightly suspected that they knew he was in on the crimes she had committed. A life as a sex slave for the bank president had zero appeal.

Bill had given her the impression that the training would be a snap. He had reinforced it by letting her dress in her best office clothes, only at the last minute locking her and the other four girls in their transport chains. He wanted to put on a show and they would be the actors whether they wanted to or not.

She did know what was coming next, as Bill had warned them that they would lose their clothes before anything else happened to them. That 'anything else' sounded to the women suspiciously like a gang rape as soon as they were nude.

Bill removed their chains. Then, the order: "Strip" All five hesitated a second or two but clothes rained on the ground after that. The girls expected to be whipped into accepting rape, but there wasn't a whip in sight, even though they were nearby, to be used only in the event of trouble.

When all five were bare, Bill, at a nod from Master Allen put the chains back on. One of the hands carried a heavy box and dropped it in front of the kneeling girls, making a loud noise as the metal pieces in the box banged against each other. Bill looked in the box, smiled devilishly and reached in and pulled out an iron collar. His audience, to a girl, looked horrified. "This is a work collar." He left further explanations to Master Allen as he collared each woman, locking the heavy iron on her neck.

Master Allen instructed, "You will wear this work collar while you are training. They are not comfortable and are meant to remind you every moment of your slavery. Every slave on this ranch has either a work collar or a Master's collar. You can lose your collar, or never get one, or you can successfully complete our training as quickly as possible and earn a Master's collar."

"Be warned. If you screw up and lose your collar you lose any status or privileges you might have earned, and become and will be treated as the lowest form of life on this ranch. Once you get settled in, I urge you to have slave petra detail what happened to her after she staged a fake escape attempt, and learn a lesson from it."

"If you are stupid enough to try to escape, it is three miles to the highway, with lots of cactus thorns underfoot. There is an average of one car an hour on the highway, making your chances of getting a ride very slim. Slave petra learned her lesson the hard way. She walked, trotted and ran that three miles barefoot, naked, at the end of a rope tied to my saddle horn, returning to the ranch in disgrace. We abhor violence, but I remind you that a slave who escapes can anywhere else expect a bullet in the back of the head and a shallow, unmarked grave."

"We do not tolerate lesbian activity. The rule here is 'Don't touch without permission.' Some of our most painful punishments are reserved for violations of that rule. You are fair game for any male, day or night. You will each be expected to solicit at least one man a day, in any manner or position he chooses."

"We will be inundated with workman beginning next week. You will be kept out of sight and your training will continue with lessons that can be taught in a room. Attempting to contact any of the workmen will be treated as an escape attempt."

Master Allen detailed a number of other rules before assigning quarters for the new girls. "Bill, if you would move that trailer over behind the corral, we'll keep all five in it, one each in the bedrooms and one each on the two couches. I want them isolated and separated until they've passed their medical tests. Verna can make arrangements to send food over, as I don't want them out for any reason. Just put temporary jacks under the trailer as we'll move it as soon as they're cleared."

Bill joined them in the office after a few minutes. A toast was made to the new slaves. Master Allen started the conversation with some quick business. "You're all right with becoming a partner here?"

"You bet. This looks like my kind of operation and I want in.
I have about $300,000 to put up for my share."

Major whistled. "That's a lot of partner."

Allen nodded. "We're going to need every cent. The revised business plan that martha just worked up indicates we're going to need a million plus to get this off the ground. We don't need it the first day, but the bills are going to mount up. I've already had to pay the contractors extra to get them off some other project and lined up to do our work."

Bill smiled. "Well, one solution would be to use some of the money that slut stole. She's going to be stuck here, and she'll never need money again, so we can use some of that. I promised it to you anyway, but we can speed things up if necessary. That would raise my share to $500,000."

Master Allen spoke. "I figure my share, including the land, at about $750,000. We can't use the land to pay the bills, but it saves having to spend some of our nest egg."

Major held his head. "Boy, this high finance. I'm dizzy from all those zeros floating around."

Allen took the kidding. "I hope the staff doesn't feel that way." He turned to Bill. "Every man on the place has signed up as a partner. We set the minimum at $5,000."

Bill responded, "I think I can raise some money at my ranch too. There are several of the boys who have money stashed away. I'll see what I can come up with."

Major had the last business word. "I might have an iffy or two that could come through with some more if we need it."

Master Allen changed the subject. "Bill do you have a slave?"

Bill looked sheepish, "No, not for some time. I've been meaning to get one for quite awhile.

"I'll be blunt. Are we preparing slut to be your slave?"

Bill chuckled. "Don't tempt me. It would be fitting, but I'm still old school. She's family and you don't fuck with family.

"That brings up a point. We already have christeen, now we've got five more lesbians..."


"Six. You forgot to count slut."

"My sis... Hell yes, she's five. I think Father knew, but I'm sure the rest of the family didn't know it. She didn't encourage visitors to her place in Pueblo."

He backtracked and started again. "With that many we're going to have some problems. We'd have to keep them locked up 24 hours a day. This has turned into a lesbian training school, which is not what we intended at all."

Allen responded, "There's one -- expensive -- answer, chastity belts for all of them. But the good ones are a thousand dollars a crack -- pun intended."

Major agreed. "It would be worth it to not have to follow them 24 hours a day. We've got cameras everywhere, but I'll guarantee those hotties will find someplace out of sight. It should be interesting because we're running out of men for them to seduce."

Bill broke up the discussion in chortles as he said, seemingly innocently, "Well, since I'm now a Master, I could volunteer for their attentions."

"Just hold your damn horses until they get tested." Allen added, "There's still christeen and dahlia if you're running hot."

Major asked, "Is there anything more about these gals that we should know? How did you manage to convince them so easily to come along with you?

Bill said, "It helps to have a 250 pound assistant along for muscle. The biggest troublemaker was marcy. She was yelling that she could beat the rap in court -- which I seriously doubt."

"I checked out all five of them. The two homeless girls, stephanie and theresa had no families of record anywhere and the best I could come up with was a distant cousin for rachel, the one on welfare. Beth may have a problem, as she has family, but the bankers told me the family disowned her when they found out what she'd done. If that sticks, then we don't have a problem. The boyfriend will be too scared for his own hide to attempt to trace her."

Then, Bill had a request. "May I see what's been happening to her --slut?"

"Sure, Go ahead and look around. Come back by the office and I'll have the tapes for you."


Allen gathered the tapes and fed the VCR for a solid two hours of slut's misadventures. Bill expressed the most interest in her session with the cube in the dungeon. His smile was cruel. It was probably good that slut didn't see it.

Master Allen told him, "You'll see her tomorrow, working. It should be interesting. The staff has been ordered to find fault with every move she makes. She already has been punished several times. You will enjoy seeing her sleeping accommodations, too. I'll show them to you on the monitor later.