Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 12: Little Things Come in Big Packages

Master called a staff meeting. Jeff and Jacob were on hand, as Masters, with their leashed slaves. Since one of the topics was the new slut, she was unceremoniously hustled off to the cow stall in the barn, out of earshot.

Master then introduced Major as the newest Master on the ranch and as a partner in the training school.

Major, with the polish of a radio announcer, thanked the crew for their loyal service, told them how glad he was to be included in the project and warned them that there were hectic times ahead.

“Opening a training school is not an easy job, especially since we have a limited amount of facilities. We are going to be inundated with workmen for several weeks. This is going to call for vigilance on your part to ensure that they are totally unaware of the lifestyle we are living. Wherever possible our crew will do any work that might impinge on our dungeon and any restraints that the slaves are wearing. The collars, I’m sorry to say will have to come off as will any visible chains. I’m sure you Masters can adapt, and can think of some hidden methods of bondage as the need arises.”

He turned to Jeff and hid his grin. “Master Jeff, you are going to HAVE to put some clothes on your cook.” That sally drew a big laugh as slave verna had been cooking and serving in the nude since before she was collared.

“The rest of you slaves will have to be dressed as well, just as when you moved in the trailers. We can’t have you distracting the workmen, because speed is important on this project. We don’t want any tall tales or rumors carried out of here, either. I want to close by saying I’m very proud to be working with Master Allen, whom I’ve known and called a friend for many years. Again thank you for your loyalty.” He looked a little startled when the crew applauded.

Master Allen clapped him on the shoulder and stepped up to the podium. He joked, “As the junior partner in this operation he may have to grit his teeth to call me friend before this is over.”

He too thanked the crew for their loyalty. “The workers will be here from about 7:30 in the morning until about 6:15 at night. We can resume our activities for the night as soon as the last vehicle clears the highway gate at night and we’ll have about 15 to 20 minutes warning when they come in in the morning. I just don’t want some naked slave running for the trailer park at the last moment.”

“At the same time, if any of the workers express an interest in working here, bring them at once to Major or me.

He added, “One more thing. As most of you know, Bill Andrew’s sister was brought in yesterday. Her current status is permanent trainee. She has admitted stealing over $400,000 from her brother. She has confessed, the money is being recovered and she is now holding the shitty end of the stick, since the recovered money will be used to pay for her complete and rigorous training.” This drew an appreciative laugh.

He turned and looked at the slaves lined up on their knees behind him. “The confession was the direct result of a method used by slave petra to punish her for attacking three of the slaves. Fortunately, none of them were injured. Sister helen is now the new 'slut.’ From now on your and our priorities will be to teach her the meaning and all the nuances of being a slut. As of this morning she is fair game for all of you. She also confessed to being a lesbian and she is under strict orders not to touch any female on the ranch, without permission. Either Major or I will be glad to approve any request.”

“Now, I know that all of you like slave petra and since she has been pardoned, you have welcomed her back. However, I suspect a few of you took it a bit easy on her when she was slut. I know that most of you dislike, or even hate the new slut. Fine! You have our permission to mistreat her, and make her life miserable. I don’t expect you men to give her satisfactory marks for her sexual prowess for months to come and I expect the women to be frequent visitors to my office with sexual harassment charges and other complaints about her. I want her in constant hot water with Major or me. She wants out of here quickly. It’s going to be your job to see that she stays. And stays.”  There were more laughs.

“Master Bill will be back on Friday. You’ll have Friday and the weekend to show him that you mean business. I hope to convince him to become a third partner in this venture. Thanks again.” He too got a round of applause.

As the meeting broke up, slut was brought back from the barn, only to go right back, assigned the task of cleaning the main floor from one end to the other. The cow herd had been sold, so the barn was surplus, and was scheduled to be remodeled as part of the school facilities. The tools she was given were barely adequate for the job. The man supervising her had already picked overlooked corners to complain about and added insult to injury by mounting her on a hay bale and then complaining that she didn’t return his thrusts properly.

Poor slut didn’t realize that this was the opening gun of a salvo of complaints that would dog her for as long as she remained at the ranch. If she had realized it, she would have blamed her brother. Bill of course knew nothing about it, and wouldn’t until he arrived.

Jeff and Jacob hailed the two men as they started for the office. “Can we talk with you two for a minute?”

“Sure, come on in.” Since it was still working hours, Allen didn’t offer them a drink. Instead offering ice water or a can of pop. Both declined.

When they were settled, Master Allen asked, “What’s on your mind, gentlemen?

Jeff served as spokesman. “We’d both like to buy into this partnership. I was all set to ask you when Jacob spoke to me about it.”

“Sounds like an idea. How much do you have to invest?”

“Well, I’ve saved up a little over $150,000 that I’d like to put in. Jacob has five thousand.”

“You two realize you could lose every nickel if this doesn’t pan out? Even if we make it work it probably will be two or three years before we break even, let alone show a profit. These are your life savings I assume?”

“We know. We’ve talked that point over very carefully. I trust you fully, I’m getting to know why you call Major friend, and I know Bill Andrews is as honest as the day is long. That leaves us holding out some money and hoping you two will accept it.”

Master Allen nodded. He looked at Major and he nodded as well. “We’d be pleased to have you as partners. For that matter, any of the hands that can come up with the $5,000 can get in. I’d like to see as many as possible on the ownership side of this setup.”

Major nodded agreement. “I’ve been known to make a loan or two getting a business started, so if they don’t have the dough, have them talk to me. One thing’s for sure - we need working partners.”

The four men stood up, shook hands on the deal and went back to work. Allen closed by saying, “My lawyer is working on the partnership agreement and should be done in a day or two. Can you clear the money within 30 days?”

“Sure, no problem.”

Master Allen had martha post a notice on the bulletin board. Word got around fast and by evening four more of the ranch hands had signed up. To a man, the rest wanted to sign up but either didn’t have the cash, or couldn’t get it out of the investments they already had. Major lived up to his word and passed out loans, so that every man on the ranch was now a part owner. Since every woman on the place was a penniless slave there was no need to solicit them for any money. Master Allen was careful to promise each of the slaves - except slut - a permanent place on the school staff, reassuring them that they would not be sold without ample notice, if ever.

Slut was aware that something was going on around her, but since none of the others bothered to mention it to her, it would be some time before she realized that she had been pointedly left out of the loop.

Slut was much to busy for gossip. Her shirking her cleaning duties resulted in her getting bread and water for supper, with a return trip to the barn to satisfy a new supervisor and clean the forgotten corners by flashlight. She was not permitted to 'waste’ electricity by turning the barn lights on.

Two complaints from the men were noted and determined to be grounds for introducing a new slave bed into the bunkhouse, designed and built by one of the night guards who was handy with tools.

The apparatus was a distant cousin of a real bed. This new piece of furniture matched discomfort with every comfort of a normal bed.

It took three men to lift it and drag it into the main room in the bunkhouse, which would soon to be turned into a full fledged recreation room for the staff.

The construction was solid, massive oak. Heavy elephantine legs supported a narrow plank, from the foot to where it met a cross plank that extended a good four feet in each direction. Atop that were shorter, double upright planks with holes instantly recognizable as stocks. At each end of the cross plank were single stocks cut for a wrist. At the foot there was an upright with ankle holes. In brackets on the legs were planks with larger cutouts, made to fit the chest, waist and knees of a reclining body. Hinges, hasps and latches were carefully placed, well out of reach of anyone held prisoner.

Any contact with the slave bed would be on bare wood, although the area where another person might straddle the body did have comfortable padding. The slave bed could be used in several ways. With the prisoner on her back, a head rest supported, with a postage stamp size pillow to rest her head. With the headrest removed and the prisoner on her stomach, her mouth would be in perfect position to accept the nearest male organ.

The bed was adjustable, so that the slave could also be made to stand in front of the head end and place her neck and wrists in the stocks, an invitation to rear entry.

Lying down, the arms could be locked away either beside the head or stretched out to the sides in welcome. The legs would go in the stocks at the far end, and the foot end plank split on heavy pivots, so that the prisoner was spread and open since the feet were drawn down tight against the wood they were in perfect position to suffer the strap or cane.

Despite having filled her daily quota, slut had to invite all the men in the room to help her send the bed on its maiden voyage. Only one accepted her crudely worded offer, but the others made a point of crowding around, offering advice to their buddy.

Buddy gave her a quick reaming and stopped. He slapped slut on the shoulder, making her open her eyes. He tore into her, "Aren’t you even awake? Didn’t you ever hear of a slave fuck?”

“No, Master.”

“Then damnit, listen up! A slave’s sole purpose is to make her Master enjoy it. She matches every stroke of her Master. You come off that bed six inches, making your damn ass meet him like a freight train, every time. You bounce like you were trying to escape through that little piss hole of mine. You DO NOT let your ass ride sidesaddle while you take a nap. Got that?”

“Yes, Master!”

“Then get your dead ass in gear and give me a ride! I want to hear that flabby flesh slapping that board hard enough to hear out on the highway. Now, GO!”

She tried. But her best was poor, hampered by the wood across her neck, wrists and ankles.  He stopped a second time, bawled her out again, but he finished up almost without her. Her lack of practice was all too apparent. After he rolled off of her, she slept, exhausted, her micro-pillow her only comfort. She had a series of nightmares, running down a road naked, her brother firing a rifle at her.


The night guard had also made a neck stock out of a four-inch thick oak plank. It had only room for the neck hole, but it made up for that with weight. Even with the hole there was nearly ten pounds of wood. Master Allen noticed when he locked her into it for the day that she was reacting to it much like her cube. She was breathing hard, almost panting by the time he finished. He made a mental note to ask her the effect after she had worn it for awhile. It seemed to him to be a potent restraint that would punish, but would allow the slave imprisoned in it to fulfill almost any duty. He called the man over and asked him to make two more, with several D-rings for tie points.

Slut had been given a work collar made of half-inch thick iron. It was the same as the collars now worn by verna and ramona. The workmanship was intentionally crude, giving the impression of being hastily shaped from metal rescued from a scrap heap. A closer look disclosed that the workmanship beneath the facade was superior. Once locked the collar was not leaving the fair neck it surrounded.

As Master Allen unlocked slut’s collar he got an idea for some further punishment. He handed the collar to slut. “Kiss your collar. It is a symbol of my authority over you. Carry it with you and hold it before you respectfully at all times. You are forbidden to put it down for any reason. If you’re unable to do your work with one hand, come to me and I’ll find a suitable punishment for you. From now on you will kiss any restraint as it is added to your body and again when it is removed. “

He watched as slut held the collar before her, her delicate fingers caressing it, worshiping it as if it were the Holy Grail. Rather than lift it to her lips she bowed over it, giving it a kiss that would have seared a mortal, but was lost on the cold, inanimate iron. Still holding it before her she lifted a hand to the wooden stock on her neck. She pushed one side up against her cheek, twisting her head to reach it with a matching kiss.

To slut the symbolism was overwhelming. To Master Allen it was one more reason to take her to the dungeon for further interrogation, his interest piqued by her apparent past experience. He felt that he needed to get further inside her head in order to properly train her. But that potentially interesting task would have to be postponed until the ranch was past the construction stage. He was sure that Bill would have some insight into what made his sister tick.