Down and Dirty
by Raul Roget

Chapter 11: Questions Asked

Master Allen was interrupted by the opening of the dungeon door. Slave martha had finished a task and followed them, as Master Allen ordered.

Helen had remained silent as the three sat or knelt in front of her barred cell. Her eyes had widened with fear when she saw Master Allen bring the black wooden cube and set it in front of her. She knew he was doing it deliberately to rattle her, but she also realized that she was very likely to feel it squeezing her head before this meeting was over. A wave of nausea threatened and she felt dizzy facing her phobia.  There was visible evidence of her reaction in a tic that suddenly disfigured her cheek and neck.

Master Allen's voice was loud in the room. “Do you always greet your Masters in this fashion?”

The innocent question jarred her out of her funk. She shot to her feet, her chains making an ugly sound. She dropped back to her knees and fluidly prostrated herself before the men, reaching forward with both hands. She pulled their boots toward her, raised her head and kissed the toes fervently. She gently pushed the boots back and reached for the other two. Again the kisses, her tongue clearly visible. She remained on her belly, waiting for Master to let her kneel.

“Aren't you forgetting your place?”

Helen knew instantly what he meant. She belly crawled to where slave martha was kneeling. Martha stood up. Helen reached through the bars and pulled first one bare foot and then the other to her mouth for smothering, liquid kisses. Martha looked at Master Allen, a question in her eyes. He smiled and nodded.

Slave martha looked down and just as the hand was returning her foot she ordered, “Clean my feet. To the ankles. And hurry!”

Smoothly Helen pulled the foot back between the bars, her long slick tongue reaching for the grimy foot before it reached her. Minutes later both feet were gleaming, wet to a perfect line around each trim ankle.

“Kneel up. Where did you learn to do that? For this and other questions I ask you, you will respond fully and in detail. If you lie you can expect to become more than well acquainted with this box.” He reached down and caressed the wood with his hand. Her eyes followed his fingers, a mouse watching the snake.

She was silent as she got back up on her knees. "Master, I learned it from my Father, George. He would punish me for bad grades in college by making me train with his slaves. He... He also punished me when he caught me having sex with one of the ranch hands.”

“Did he treat you like a slave?”

“Yes, Master. I wore the same chains as the slaves, slept in the same beds, shared their punishments, worked under the whip with them, doing the hard labor of the ranch. I received special, extra punishments when I was caught having sex.”

“And? I distinctly remember telling you to fully answer my questions. You are to volunteer every important fact pertaining to my question.”

Helen tested Master Allen's patience almost to the limit, afraid of the reaction her next answer would cause.

“Master, the special punishments. They were... my first experience with the box there between your knees. The cowboy who... They made him make the box and put me in it and lead me around and around the ranch buildings. They told him exactly what being trapped in that box would do to me. Then they showed him what it did to me. They made him wear it. Then they made him torture me with it.”

“They made me do it naked, in my slave chains. At the end of an hour, my father would make me lie in the dirt on my back.  He lined up the whole crew to watch. Then he forced the cowboy to masturbate and shoot his load down the tube into my screaming mouth. Two of the other cowboys were ordered to flog me while he was doing it. I had the screaming fits from being locked in that thing from the first minute. My father kept me in it exactly an hour at a time, but it seemed like a whole day. The worst was when he took it off and then promised to put it back on again later. I'd scream my head off and promise to do anything other than go in the box, but he would ignore my pleas and lock me in it again for another hour.”

“I had to do that for a solid week. I was a basket case for a month afterward. The last time I wore it, the cowboy was gone when they finally took it off again. I never did learn what happened to him. For all I know he may be buried somewhere out on the ranch. I learned my lesson. I haven't had a man's prick in me since.”

“So, you are a trained slave.”

“No, Master. I only had two months of training, 10 years ago. I'm a long way from a fully trained slave. I have no experience pleasing a man, so I must learn.”

“Men. You didn’t mention women.”

“Master, I have years of experience with women. I have had at least one woman living with me ever since I left the ranch and went to Pueblo. The girl there now is a submissive that has worn a collar for four years, but I’ve never gone through the collaring ceremony and made her a real slave.”

“Then you are a practicing lesbian?”

Helen moved her arm, as if to ward off the question. "Yes, Master I am a lesbian.”

“Let me make one thing clear before we go any further. You touch any woman on this ranch for any purpose whatsoever, without permission and you will get reacquainted with your screaming fits. There will be no female sex play without my permission. Since you need practice with men, you will be expected to start tomorrow and service at least two men a day in any manner they chose, in public. Sort of a ‘get acquainted with the crew.’”

Master Major turned to him. “If you’ll make that tonight, I’ll teach her a trick or two by morning.”

Master Allen roared. “You horny bastard, I might have known you wanted to shag this pussy. OK, OK.”

“What in hell did you think I wanted? I chartered a plane and rented a car to be here for this! The least she can do is put out for me.”

“All right! But you don't count on her quota...  On second thought you’ll screw her so many times it will fill her quota for a week. Now, do you MIND if I get back to asking questions? ”

“It's your dungeon, go ahead.” Master Allen swung at Major's hat, intentionally missing as his target ducked and swung an arm in Allen's direction, also missing.

“Are you aware that you are costing your brother a small fortune to have me train you?”

She hung her head and nodded. “Yes, Master. He told me exactly what it will cost, and what it will cost me. When I am trained he is going to put me on my back for the entire ranch crew and make me pay it back that way. He promised to beat me one day for each day that I am ‘lying around’ in training. I hope to learn fast as he is heavy handed with his cane.”

“Is your brother into the scene at all?”

She tossed her head, remembering. “That bastard. He watched me being punished, obviously getting a big kick out of seeing his kid sister naked. No matter where they sent me, or what Father had me doing, Bill was right there watching, never taking his eyes off me. He came in his pants the first time they let me out of that box, when he saw what it did to me. He never touched me, but he would order me to stand in front of him so that he could 'inspect' me. He would touch my chains, stroke them, and then laugh at me. I know Father encouraged him to do things like that to me, to embarrass and humiliate me.”

“How about since then?”

“Master, I’ve heard through the family that he has had several girls at his home that were treated like slaves, but I don't know anything beyond that.”

“You realize he's likely to do more to you than just touch your chains when he comes back?”

She slumped and a bitter sob escaped her lips. “I know, Master. I deserve it.”

“What's the story on the money you stole?”

Helen winced, shaking her head, wanting the question to go away, but she had no choice. “I stole the $2,000 check that Master Major gave me and I emptied one of the boxes at the bank. There was $200,000, part of father's estate.”

She stopped, opened her mouth, closed it again, fear suddenly distorting her bright face. She opened it again, but nothing came out. Master Allen couldn’t resist.

“Cat got your tongue?”

Helen suddenly slid forward, her breasts dragging on the concrete as she flopped on her belly. “Mercy, Master, Mercy!” Head down, she sobbed. “You told me to answer fully and not to lie.”

She raised her head, but couldn’t face them, dropping it with her forehead pressed to the floor.

Muffled, her voice was shaking. “Master, there was another box. I emptied that and bribed the same teller to destroy the records so Bill wouldn’t know about it. There was another $200,000 in that one.”

Major swore, “Good God almighty!”

Master Allen gritted his teeth. “I have a feeling that brother Bill is going to come down here and personally supervise flaying your hide from head to toe. He is going to be one unhappy man!”

Helen remained in position unmoving, her vision of coming events choking her throat in a vise.

“Master. The money, all of it, is in a floor safe in the master bedroom of my house in Pueblo. I wouldn’t tell Bill because I thought I could get him to share. He got the ranch, so I felt I should have a share of the money.”

Master Allen could be cruel. “Look at the mess your greed has caused. You are fair game for my crew for as long as we and Bill want to keep you. I’ll make you a bet that Bill will spend every dollar in those boxes to extend your training way beyond what you bargained for. Whether he wants to or not he is going to be a Master and you, sister, are going to be a slave. You are very probably going to spend the rest of your sorry life in chains, without two cents to rub together.”

Master Allen flipped open his cell phone and called Bill.

“Hey Bill. Got some good news and some really bad news... Your greedy sister just confessed to stealing another $200,000 from you.”

“The good news? Sure. All the money she stole is in a safe in the floor of the master bedroom in Pueblo... Yeah... Ha! I win my bet! I said you'd do that... Thanks. You're welcome to come over and watch any time. Bring your favorite whip... The combination? Just a minute..." He glared at Helen and sarcastically asked, “I supposed I’ll have to torture you to get the combination?” He sounded so hopeful.

“21 right, 3 left, 15 right, 2 left.”

Master repeated it on the phone,  “Are you going after the money? I don't blame you. There's a subby guarding the place, so bring her along. We’ll settle up for her when you get here... Thanks, Bye.”

Master snapped the phone closed. "Her sentence is now ‘forever, plus six months.’" She’s paying for the entire stay and we get the completion bonus before she even starts learning her trade.”

Master snarled at Helen, “Get your ass on your knees, NOW!”

She obeyed instantly, absolutely all the fight gone out of her.

Master read her the rules. “You can kiss helen goodbye for a long LONG time. Following an old tradition around here, you are to answer to 'slut' until further notice. As you already know, you are not to touch any of the women and are to solicit any of the men that you can. You will be chained 24/7 in a suitable weight as determined by your trainers. As slut, you are the lowest person on this ranch, and again, following tradition, you will bow to every living thing, other than birds, that you encounter in your training. Your training hours are the length of the day - 24 hours. You will train and work seven days a week with no holidays and no days off. You will also willingly volunteer for work whenever you are between training sessions.”

“Your training progress will be assessed on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Failure to meet your goals for each assessment will mean appropriate punishment.”

He looked down at the box, making sure she saw him.

“Anyone on the ranch has the right to charge you with an offense, for any violation of the rules and either punish you themselves or send you to one of the slaves for punishment. In serious matters, such as theft, lying or escape attempts the complaint will come directly to me for immediate action.”

Slut knelt with her head bowed. Master snapped, “Look at me. She raised her head, a bit listlessly. “Do you understand the rules?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You signed a paper admitting yourself to my special training program, saying you were doing it willingly. Do you still agree willingly to be trained?”

“Yes, Master, I agree willingly, with no reservations.”

“Very well. You will accompany Master Major to his bedroom and satisfy his every wish and obey his every command.”

“Yes, Master."

“And, you will perform for him with much greater enthusiasm than you are displaying at the moment.”

“Yes, Master!”


Over breakfast the two Masters discussed the previous day's events. Major chuckled. "It would be a dirty trick to collar slut's sub and put her in charge of slut's training.”

“If she can switch I’ll probably give her the job. I can imagine she’ll come down here pretty fired up when she finds her mistress in our training program.”

Major nodded. “Allen, are you still interested in having a partner?”

“Sure. Know any smart people that would be interested?” Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

“Son of a bitch, insulting a man over breakfast! I’ve got my business deals running smoothly and I’ve got some money to invest, so I'm interested. This is too much fun to miss.”

“What did you do, crack one of Bill's bank boxes?”

“Aw, that's dirty! Say, if there's room for more, I’ll bet Bill would be interested.”

“I'm planning on talking to him when he brings the new girl in.”

“So help me, one of these days these gals will stop falling in your lap.”

“I hope not. It's been a good run of luck so far. Word of mouth seems to be working just fine.”