Clitty Clitty Bang Bang
by Raul Roget

Adults Only

“You clitty clitty bang bang, No?”

My Asian princess had difficulty learning English. This was her way of asking me to lie on top of her and pound her pussy and clit hard. My answer was always, “I clitty clitty bang bang, Yes!” I’d be a damn fool not to take her up on her offer. Even after she could speak English fluently she used the suggestive phrase when her panties got in a bind. Pretty much on a daily basis.

It wasn’t a question of her lacking an education. She spoke four languages fluently and God knows how many Hills dialects before she even heard her first English word. As she discovered, English is about the hardest language on the planet to learn. I happen to be an English teacher, so I had the very pleasant task of teaching her the words like pussy and tit and ass.

Really it was highly educational to lie in bed with her and touch the various parts of her body and my body and have her say the words - and of course punish her when she got them wrong. She was a true glutton for punishment in every sense of the word. She’d deliberately screw up, calling it her Pussy “Cat,” or her Coat “Tail.”

But, when it came to actual screwing, she knew all the words and then some. In perfect, accent-free English she’d urge me to “Stick that big hunk of cock so far up my twat that I can lick the head!”

I tried... oh God how I tried, to do just that. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced muscles clamping your joy stick like a string of hose clamps then rippling up and down, like one of those moving billboards. I swear she could lie perfectly still and twist your cock 180 degrees with those clamps.

That paled in comparison to what she could do with her mouth and tongue. One slurp and you were ready to fire the main battery. Two slurps and you wanted to fire for effect, but somehow she made you wait, and wait for that third slurp, while her tongue was doing impossible tricks on the top and bottom of your dong, as well as on both sides. This she called “Blow Blow Bang Bang.”

Her throat was a bottomless pit. I’m well endowed, but she took me until her nose was jammed flat in my pubic hair. The head must have reached almost to her stomach and the suction felt like it actually was that far. My balls are too big for most girls, but she could easily get both of them in her mouth at once. She’d grind her teeth on both of them at the same time and I’d be howling at the moon until she reluctantly stopped.

I gave her a quota of ten mispronounced words a day. I warned her repeatedly, “Ten or more and no clitty clitty bang bang.”

She’d pout at me and head for the bathroom. I warned her again, “No clitty play clitty, either.”

Then she’d really pout. Next she added, “Clitty Suck clitty,” to her fund of knowledge. I never turned that down either as one thing usually led to another and ultimately her clit got banged, which was what she wanted all along.

Just for fun, and to pay for some deliberately boggled words, I put her on a strict orgasm code. She was allowed as many orgasms as she or I wanted on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but no orgasms on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. This gave us the term “Clitty Rub Clitty Day,” which pretty well describes it.

It didn’t take much of this to evolve into pet names for each other. As you might guess, she was “Clitty” from the very first day, while I became “Bang” very shortly thereafter. Somewhere along in there she got in the habit of jerking my zipper down, fishing out my rapidly hardening cock and with a firm grip, inviting, “You come bang clitty.”

Up until then I had always been a pussy banger, but Clitty soon taught me the error of my ways. There are at least 99 things you can do with a clit that can be enjoyed mutually. Clitty knew them all as well as a whole textbook of modifications and foot notes. Speaking of feet, don’t tell me you never massaged a clit with your big toe. “Clitty Toe Clitty,” of course.

I haven’t taught her the F word, or the S word, which ought to lead to some interesting variations. As far as I know she never has heard or seen them, or I’m sure she’d be using them on a regular basis.

Copyright 2008 By Raul Roget