Amyís Bondage
by Raul Roget

Copyrighted material, not for those under 18 years of age.

Chapter 81 -- Resolution or Solution

Things in the General Managerís wing went smoothly for several weeks. Glen used the opportunity to consolidate his position and solve problems other than paperwork. He had managed to keep up with the paper for the time being, but there were a couple of personnel decisions and the Real Estate section was pressing for a meeting. None were anywhere near the crisis situations of recent memory.

Opal and Sara Mae bore the brunt of it. Glen even brought Amy to the office and put her to work filing, but without some training she would be of little help on other tasks. The two girls took note of Amyís "over dressed state and silently considered the odds that they might soon be similarly chained. After failing to tell Glen about her regular whippings, Sara Mae had been skating on thin ice, but a couple of hastily scheduled "make up" sessions pretty well cleared her plate, but not without a warning that a second offense could have "complications," as Glen liked to put it. It was a ploy that worked wonders, leaving the threat hanging and allowing the slaveís fertile mind to imagine horrendous punishments for that next fuckup.

One morning, when he came to work there was a note with a telephone number in his In box. All it said was: "Is your wife-slave looking for a job?"

He showed it to Amy, without commenting. Her eyes widened, but she said nothing as she handed it back. He stuck it to the side of the In box and began working.

An hour later, Opal announced one of the residents. Glen got up and greeted him, while Sara Mae wheeled a chair up to Glenís desk. Amy never looked up, busying herself at the file cabinet. They shook hands and the man looked around, pointedly at Sara Mae and Amy. "I need this to be strictly confidential."

Glen nodded. "Nothing said in this room leaves the room."

"Sir, my wife has been arrested for attacking my mistress - my slave. She pled guilty after seeing the security tape of the event. The judge offered her two choices - a month in the Discipline Barracks, or a year as a slave, with all that comes with it. She much prefers slavery. I understand that you have been through a similar situation with your wife-slave and Iíve come to you for advice."

Glen leaned back and studied the ceiling for a moment. "Itís not going to work. Your wife will be constantly trying to regain the† power she lost, and your mistress will take every opportunity to make her life miserable. You will wind up with a divorce, and weíll wind up with a serious security problem."

"There may be another solution, which Iím just getting ready to check. Give me a couple of days and then call for an appointment. You were lucky to catch me in the office as Iíve been out more than in."

"Thank you sir. "Iíll call in two days."

Glen glanced at the clock. He had a noon luncheon. After he left, Amy noticed that the note was gone. She started to worry.

After a quick lunch, Glen made his excuses and left. As soon as he could he dialed the number.

"Steel Restraints, Marvin speaking."

Glen knew the man would have a Caller ID so he didnít bother to introduce himself.

"What kind of job are we talking about?"

"My business is expanding like you wouldnít believe. I need at least two more slaves to model my products. The word on the grapevine is that your slave wife has finally straightened out - and that sheís a pain freak. Thatís exactly what I need - a little feisty and a lot of tolerance for pain. I donít whip my slaves, but spending the day and evening in some contorted bondage is worse that a whip - but they live through it."

"Sounds interesting. However, I canít let my wife be seen in that setting."

"Not to worry. The guy in the next store makes discipline helmets that fit like paper on the wall. Nobody would recognize her in one of those. They are made to wear for days at a time, so thereís plenty of leeway."

"Alright, what are you paying? Before you answer Iíll remind you that you tried to bribe me when I first got here."

"Iím really sorry about that. I had been told that it would make it easier for me to do business here."

"Very soon, Iím going to spend a few minutes getting you to reveal who made that remark. Right now, I asked about pay."

"Standard slave wages, $5 a day and room and board."

"She will be returned to the castle each night after work. Weekends free?"

"Okay, $10 a day. Weekends free, or days off during the week. Plus she gets a choice of a free restraint at the end of each month, and a $100 bonus at the end of a year."

"Acceptable. You mentioned you needed two or more slaves?"

"I did. Iím way short-handed."

"I have a free woman that was sentenced to a year as a slave. She beat up a slave that was her husbandís mistress. Too rough for you?"

"Hell, no! I get that kind of deal all the time sheíd get $5 and room and board."

"One more thing. No fucking, or objects. Back or front. Blow jobs all right, but donít overdo it. I donít know what his requirements will be. He and I will get back to you." Glen hung up.

That evening, Glen called a Mistress meeting after chaining Amy to the bed with a vibrator screaming away in her pussy and a similarly endowed butt plug in the place where it was supposed to be. She started out still worried, but by the time Glen closed the bedroom door she was incoherent in speech and in thought.

He stood in front of his girls and came right to the point. "I have a job offer for Amy. Steel Restraints wants to hire her as a restraint model. I want your opinion, since she is a major part of your responsibility. Open time."

Several were tempted to remark "good riddance," but even in open time the comment would be unacceptable.

Selene was the first to comment, "Theyíll recognize her in a minute." Several nodded agreement.

"The owner will provide a punishment helmet. Nobody could recognize her in that."

"Is she going to stay there 24/7?"

"No, sheíll be brought here after her shift at night, and she will be here weekends. I have refused permission to fuck her, although she will be allowed to do blow jobs."

"Have you told her about this?"

Glen looked at Jane rather strangely. "Jane, she is a slave. She, and all of you are slaves. She and you do what I tell you to do. I WILL talk to her, mostly to inform her as to what is going to happen to her."

He addressed them all. "In the next few weeks you will no doubt be assigned what passes for permanent jobs around the castle. I have specific jobs in mind for several of you. Opal and Sara Mae will continue to man the office. Georgina will remain in charge of the Executive Wing and will bring in slaves to do the dirty work. Selene has been spoken for. That leaves Sarah and Jane. I want your resumes on my desk by noon tomorrow."

"Oh, one more thing. Opal and Sara Mae are brown belts. Effective at once Georgina and Selene are red belts. Georgina remains first slave. Any problems and you will volunteer to join Amy for a week of demonstrating restraints. Thatís all for now."

The Mistresses lined up, kissed Glenís shoes and walked away. Georgina remained behind. "Master, thereís no getting around the fact that sheís a pain slut. She will be off our hands in the day and all yours at night, so sheís getting the best of both worlds. Sheíll get more than enough pain to satisfy her working in that store."

"Iíve already made arrangements for a security camera where she works and in the back where the slaves are kept at night. One false move and he will get a chance to experience his own restraints."

Selene walked away from the meeting with a puzzled expression. She had thanked her Master for the red belt, not exactly sure why she was being promoted. She already had been promised a green belt.

Georgina put her straight, later that evening. She knocked on Seleneís door. When she opened it Georgina was holding a red leather belt out to her. Georgina was already wearing hers. They sat on the couch, where a proud Georgina filled her in.

"You now hold the highest slave rank in the castle. We now outrank all the male and female slaves, and all of the residents. You outrank everyone, except Master, and the Board members.

For a short time there was only one, that Becky wore, as Masterís personal assistant."

"But why me? I havenít said boo since Iíve been here, or done anything."

"Master told you, before we left the States, that he wanted you to run the slave training facility. Remember, he said, ĎSelene is spoken for,í so he intends that special job for you."

The two mistresses shared a bottle o wine and headed for their separate beds. Georgina was tempted to invite Selene to join her, but chickened out at the last moment.


Glen and Amyís conversation went much less smoothly. Glen went straight to the point. "Iíve got a job for you, Steel Restraints, in the Mall, needs a couple of models. It will be long hours and lots of boredom and probably lots of pain as well."

"Iíd be recognized in a second. No way. Iíll stick to the dungeon."

Angry, both at Amy, and at himself for blowing the explanation, Glen automatically reverted to the old Glen. Amy found herself dragged to the wall, where she was chained to the hooks. She resisted, but was no match for Glenís angry strength. As he fixed her shackles he growled, "You will be wearing a punishment helmet so nobody is going to recognize you."

With that he began to whip her, his anger flowing through the leather to the cringing slave. She took a dozen lashes without complaint. When he paused, she interjected, "Iím sorry, Master. I will obey and do the job."

That was the crowning touch, flaring Glenís anger into a roaring inferno. He hit her again, much harder.

"Why the Hell didnít you say that in the first place? I could have just ordered you to do the work. Damnit! You are a slave. You do what your Master tells you to do and you donít give him any shit about it."

"Yes, Master, I will obey."

"You start tomorrow. Be ready at 9:30. You begin work at 10. You will take orders from Marvin. If he disciplines you, you can expect a second dose when you get back to the castle."

"Yes, Master."

Glen called the other man and told him of the offer. There was no hesitation, "Iíll have her there at 10. Thanks very much for your help."


Amy was ready right on time. Glen had ordered that she wear only her wrist cuffs and sandals, in addition to the punishment helmet which enclosed her entire head. With it she wore a hollow gag, to which a tube could be attached to give her water, or liquified food. Selene went with her and turned her over to Marvin after he signed the necessary paperwork.

Selene looked worried when she returned. She headed straight for Glenís office. Kneeling, she reported, "Master, I donít trust that Marvin. He acted as if he had some other plans for both Amy and that other slave that came at the same time."

Glen pondered for a second. He trusted Seleneís judgement and was immediately concerned about Amyís safety.

"Get Sarah and Jane and take up positions in the Mall where you can see what goes on in Marvinís shop. Take cell phones along so you can talk to each other and let me know whatís happening."

Fifteen minutes later his phone rang. Selene sounded both excited and scared.

"Master, he has put both girls in head cages, strung them up in front of his shop and he is whipping them - with a big, long bull whip! Heís telling the crowd that one is the wife of a high ranking official and heís going to reveal her identity at 11 OíClock!"

"Watch every move he makes, but donít interfere. Iíll have Security there very shortly! Stay on the line and tell me anything that happens."

Glen laid the phone down and reached for the red emergency phone that had just been installed. In seconds he told the operator what was happening and was promised an immediate response.

Glen took his own advice and stopped his car several hundred yards from the Steel Restraints shop. As he walked toward the shop he could see the two slaves hanging before the shop and even could faintly hear the crack of the whip.

A Security vehicle came around the corner, siren blaring as it cut a path through the gathering crowd. It screeched to a halt, just as another car came in from the opposite direction. Marvin turned to see what was going on and then turned to flee. A bull horn stopped him in his tracks. He raised his hands in surrender and knelt down on the floor of his store.

Glen arrived as the officers were cuffing Marvin, and two other officers were cutting the ropes holding the two slaves, letting them down gently. Glen got a glimpse of Amy, just enough to see several red weals from the cruel whip. An ambulance rolled up and the medical team quickly examined the two and applied healing salve on their wounds. Both were placed in the ambulance and it headed for the hospital.

The crowd quickly dispersed, assuming it to be a simple case of slave abuse. Glen waited until things had quieted down, then introduced himself to the sergeant in charge and indicated that one of the two slaves was his wife. He gave him the name and phone number of the other slaveís owner. When he told him that three of his slaves had been watching the developments the guard asked to talk to them. Glen looked around and saw all three of them, watching, but hanging back to avoid getting involved. Glen waved them in and they described what they had seen.† Glen vouched for them, identifying them as his slaves.

Amy and the other slave were held overnight at the hospital and then released. Glen visited Amy and apologized for putting the two girls in danger. Amy turned away the apology, pointing out that the life of a slave is never easy, and some days are worse than others.

Glen had immediately called the other man, and then met him at the hospital. After they visited their wives, Glen invited him to have dinner with him. In the course of the conversation he found that Aidem had been a store manager in Minnesota before coming to the castle. Glen noted the information, a plan beginning to take shape.

The next morning, Glen had a full report on his desk when he arrived for work. As he had suspected, Glen had a record that included several assaults on women. How he managed to get into the castle, and open a store were matters he tossed right back at Security. The report showed that only four slaves were found in the underground dungeon - no better word for it. They told the guards that at one time there had been 25 or more slaves locked up there. The dungeon was a page out of medieval jails, with tiny cells and heavy chains that were locked to the slaveís collars.

Further investigation revealed that Marvin was making a tidy sum selling slaves to the President before he was deposed. At the bottom of the report was the notation, "Transported to the National Prison for interrogation."

Glen chuckled. Amy would get a boot out of that!

At the moment, Amy was stiff and sore from her ordeal. She was healing rapidly, but one or two of the weals would leave scars. Glen was already looking into finding a plastic surgeon who could erase them. As could be expected in this large an operation, a good one was due to arrive from England in two weeks. There was hardly a specialty that wasnít either represented among those already on the castle grounds, or would be coming in during the next several months.

The real estate meeting brought up one point that Glen had approached before, an increasing number of potential residents who wanted to bring minor children with them. Glen was still strongly against the idea, pointing out that an adult community could not have young children seeing naked slaves at every hand. He did suggest that they consider buying a resort, either on the coast or up in the mountains, well away from the castle, where grandparents could have their grandchildren visit them. The concept met with instant approval and the wheels started turning to make it happen.

Chapter 82 -- Problems

Amyís welts healed fairly quickly, but not before she was again the topic of conversation. The other slave had been interrogated by Security and Ralph had told him on the phone that the girl had been badly mauled and raped, but, to quote her, "nothing like what he did to the other slave."

He told Glen that he was releasing the hold on Amyís medical records, now that the investigation was almost complete. Ralph also told him he didnít need Amyís testimony as he already had more than enough. Glen growled, "Iím going to find out anyway. She never said a word about it."

Before talking to Amy, Glen called Dr. Steve and told him about the call.

"Is there any sign of anything unusual in her medical report?"

"Hang on a second. Iíll bring it up on the computer."

He was silent for almost a minute, reading to himself from the screen.

"They found some deep vaginal bruising, a couple of small puncture wounds on her left hip and some very small first degree burns, barely visible, but a lot of them, from her upper neck to her feet."


"She had some very rough sex. The odds are that she was struck by a Taser on the hip, and the burns could be from a low power cattle prod, or some kind of stun gun."

"What have you got that would kill that bastard, very slowly?"

"Donít tempt me. Thatís one SOB Iíd like to put through childbirth with his legs tied together!

Murphyís law had been waiting in the wings. No sooner had he hung up the phone when people started filing into his outer office, the phone began ringing off the hook and general chaos erupted. It was well after dark when the two slaves and Glen turned out the office lights and headed for the Executive Wing.

Amy was waiting patiently, on her knees, holding a tray with his drink. Supper got a quick re-heat in the microwave, but it was still edible.

Not much later, Glen and Amy headed for the bedroom. He chained her down in her favorite spread-eagle pose and then crawled in beside her. He waited a couple of minutes to see if she had anything to say, but she was silent.


"Yes. Master?"

"You didnít tell me what Marvin did to you before we got there."

"It was nothing, Master. Iíve had worse."



"You have two strikes against you already, so I would be very guarded, if I were you, in what you say next. You withheld information from me that was very important to me and you skirted the border and told me at best a white lie, at worst another of your lying lies."

He leaned on one elbow, half over her, as he watched a tear slide down her cheek. Amy looked like she was in shock for a moment, then grimly shut her mouth, hurt to the quick by his reference to her previous lies.

"I will repeat my question, and let you think about an answer, that will agree with what Dr, Steve and the head of Security told me. You are very lucky that they donít need your testimony, or you would be headed to the DB as a permanent resident. Now, what did Martin do to you before we arrived?"

She spat at him, "Iíve had worse, Master."

"Well, I guess half a lie is better than nothing. You said it was nothing, the first time you answered. Now you didnít mention that statement the second time I asked. Oh, and what about the rule that a Master never asks or orders twice?" His tone was increasingly sarcastic.

Amy glared at him for a moment, then turned her gaze to the ceiling.

"Iím waiting."

She swung her gaze to look directly at him.

"Go take a flying fuck in the lake... Master." Contempt underlined each word.

Glen couldnít believe his ears. He stared down at her, unable to say a word. She opened her mouth and he knew exactly what was coming. "You bastard! You farmed me out to a sex predator, just so you could collect my wages. You had to know that he was running a slaver operation. You had to know that delivering me, in chains, was an open invitation to him to do anything he pleased with me! I wonít tell you what he did to me, because it would only give you ideas the next time you feel like punishing me. Right now if I had to choose between you and him it would take me a while to decide! Iím all done with you. Tomorrow, you can write me a check for what I have in the bank and Iím getting the Hell out of this loony bin!"

Glen had listened with mounting anger. She was right in most of what she said, but he was not about to let her go away mad and jeopardize the whole operation. At the moment she was angry enough to tell the world what was going on here.

She interrupted his train of thought by suddenly thrashing on the bed.

"Let me OUT of here. I never want to see you again. Get these fucking chains off of me NOW! She pulled so hard that she scraped skin off one wrist, even though the cuff was lined, and several drops of blood landed on the sheet.

Glen had calmed enough to know he needed help. Lots of help! He buzzed Georgina on the intercom and asked her to come quickly. He stepped out of the bedroom and pulled out his phone and called Dr. Steve. He quickly filled the doctor in, with a background of her shrieks and cries.

When Dr. Steve walked in, Glen had tightened the chains to keep her from injuring herself and finally in desperation had gagged her, nearly getting his fingers bitten in the process. She was unable to move her body much, but she made up for it by thrashing her head back and forth in a never ending cycle.

The doctor examined her, felt her pulse and Georgina and Glen held her head so he could look in her eyes. He prepared an injection and again they had to hold her to avoid breaking the needle. In a few seconds her head lolled to one side and she was asleep. All three visibly relaxed. Dr. Steve called for an ambulance and after she was taken away he told them that he was putting her in restraints in the locked Psychiatric Ward until he could figure out what brought on this outburst. He finished, "Iím just afraid that thereís some connection to the tumor that we removed."

"When can I see her?" Glen asked.

"Not for some time - a week, perhaps 10 days. Something you did or said triggered this and she isnít likely to forgive you."

Glen had a pained expression. "Before you came she accused me of deliberately sending her to a sex pervert, or rather a sex predator. I didnít know it, but I should have checked him out much more thoroughly. Iíll admit she was right in most of what she said. But the whole idea was to get her occupied in some way that would satisfy her increasing desire for pain, not to harm her. She knows better than her crack about her wages. That would have gone in her trust fund."

"Itís good to know what set her off as I may be able to use it to get her back to rational thinking. Iíll put the head psychiatrist on her case and see if we canít come up with some answers. The whole staff is involved right now in a study of slave reaction to a variety of things - stimulation, torture, sex, punishment - right on through the alphabet. Amy could provide some valuable information for the study."

He saw Glen start to open his mouth to speak and quickly added, "Itís nothing that will hurt her in any way and she may well benefit from their findings."

Glen was sick at heart. He blamed himself for almost the first time for Amyís problems. Later he would visit the psychiatrist himself to talk out the problems he was having with her.

Dr. Steve called the next day and the news was not good. "Glen, Iím afraid sheís gone completely off her rocker. She broke one of the hospital restraints trying to get loose. We had to sedate her heavily, almost a coma. We took an MRI scan of her brain this morning and Iíll phone you at once when I get a report."

Glen was grim when he hung up. The news later made him even grimmer.

"Glen, there are signs that the tumor is growing again, or itís a new one in nearly the same place. Itís affecting a different area of the brain, causing the outbursts. "Iím sorry, Glen, but weíre doing everything we can."

"Anything you need, Iíll have it shipped in."

"Right now weíve got everything. I appreciate the offer and Iíll take you up on it if something comes up missing."

Glen called Dr. Saslo to fill him in. He reacted the same way Dr. Steve did, offering anything the Board could do. Glen could only answer that it was up to the surgeons.

Glen told Georgina the information. She shook her head, "Iím sorry for her, and for you. It must be a terrible strain."

"The worst part is that my mistakes put her in the hospital."

"You canít take all the blame if that tumor is back."

"I know, but Iím responsible for her and I should have done a better job checking that bastard out."

Georgina put her hand on his shoulder to comfort him, a move she made at her peril. "Master, you know, and I know, that you were doing it for her benefit. You need to talk to the other slaves and explain what happened."

"Good idea. Iíll talk to them at supper. Spread the word for me."

After Georgina left, there was a knock on the door. Jane was admitted. She went through the slave ritual perfectly, kneeling up after kissing and licking his boots. "Master, may a slave speak?"

"Of course. Open time."

"Master, this slave would like to volunteer to take Amyís place, only until she is able to resume her duties."

"The hours are long, and the pay is poor." He spoke in a manner intended to draw her out.

"Master, I have been trained, both at home and here at the castle. Georgina has spent hours teaching me how to be the best slave I can be. I know how hard Amy worked to please you and I am willing to work just as hard."

As she spoke he tapped the keys and brought up her resume. He read through it. She was well educated and smart. There were gaps in her experience, but most were matched with other work at which she had excelled. There was no indication of a job before she went to work in his house.

"Why did you come to my house as a maid?"

"Master, I thought it would be a way to reach you. I wanted to work in real estate and I had hoped that I could get you to hire me, or train me. I was frustrated by Georgina, who refused to hear of me approaching you. I do not blame her, as she was doing her job."

"You waited a considerable time before you volunteered for my bed. As my PA you will many times be in a position where you have no control over what happens, or who makes it happen to you. Can you handle being a pawn in the politics that we seem to be embroiled in?"

"Yes, Master. I am obedient, to a fault. Your wish is a command that I will honor with my last breath. I owe you my full allegiance as your slave, and I have no reservations."


"None, Master."

"You took an oath to keep anything you see or hear confidential. There would be times when you would know secrets of extreme importance. Would I need to administer the oath again? Perhaps torture you - as is my right - to determine if you failed to abide by your oath?"

Jane dropped to her belly and feverishly kissed his boots again and again.† "Master, I will uphold that oath to the death. Feel free to question me, torture me, if you have the slightest doubt of my loyalty."

"Jane, I donít doubt you for a moment. You have been loyal and I am sure you will continue to be loyal. My purpose in saying these things was to impress upon you the vital importance of keeping secrets. Jeanne was sent to the DB and lost her job because she bragged she was working for me. Amy said she wanted to leave, but she knows too many secrets to be allowed out of here until she has been cured, or has returned to normal, or both."

"Master, I am well aware of how Jeanne screwed up. Being forced to remain here does not appeal to me either, but I am willing to chance it, in order to work for you."

"Remain as you are."

Glen speed dialed Georgina. "Please come to my office at once."

"Yes, Master."

She looked startled when she recognized Jane on her belly before Glen. Her first thought was that Jane had done something terribly wrong and Glen was about to punish them both. She started to kneel, but Glen waved her to him impatiently.


"Slave Jane would like to climb up in our group. She has volunteered to be my PA until Amy gets back."

Non-plussed, Georgina backed up a step. She had drummed in their heads that a slave does not volunteer, except in certain prescribed areas where willingness would earn points. This was definitely not one of those areas.

"Why, Jane?"

Nose pressed to the stone she answered, "I wish to serve my Master in his time of need."

Georgina looked at Glen. Glen looked at her, raising his eyebrow in a question. Georgina carefully nodded, making sure Jane could not see her. Masters made decisions of this magnitude. She felt honored he had asked her opinion. She added a few words to cover their exchange, "She is a good worker, a hard worker, always willing and obedient. I think she would make a good, temporary PA."

"Thank you, First Slave Georgina, you may go."

She bowed, turned and hurried from his office.

"It will be a major change for you, from the end of the line to a red belt. There will be jealousy. How will you handle that?"

"Master, I will offer them a day in my shoes so that they will know what they are jealous of and how foolish they are."

"And, if they continue?"

"Master, there are ways, as you well know, for a ranking slave to make life miserable for a lower rank slave. They will quickly learn not to mess with me."

"Will the rise in rank affect you?"

Jane could see the trap. "It will only make me prouder to serve you, Master."


Jane stood proudly before him, nude, her nipples turgid in the glow of his power.

"Slave Jane, you are now my temporary Personal Assistant. As such you are entitled to wear a red belt, which signifies that you are one of the two top ranked slaves in the castle. As a red belt you are entitled to wear clothes any time you are outside the Executive Wing. Inside, you will continue to remain nude, except for the belt and shoes."

He paused. "Clothing will consist of a pair of shorts and a white blouse. Pants, rain gear, sweater or other items in inclement weather. "Is that clear?"

"Yes, Master. Thank you Master."

"Bring your belt, which Georgina has, to the meeting at supper. I will announce your new job there.

"Thank you, Master."

Chapter 83 -- Promotions

As soon as everyone was finished eating, Glen rapped on his glass. The hubbub of female conversation stopped instantly, as if a switch had been thrown.

"I have a couple of announcements to make. First, First Mistress Georgina, please stand."

Georgina actually blushed at the special attention. She rose to her feet, drawing every eye to the red belt about her waist.

"Mistress Selene, please stand."

Again all eyes were on the red leather about her loins.

"Slave Jane, please stand."

Jane was naked, except for her shoes and her wrist and ankle cuffs.

"Georgina, please do the honors."

First, she knelt before Jane and carefully removed the cuffs, first from her ankles, then from her wrists. Georgina walked to a box on a nearby table, opened it and brought out another red belt. She knelt before Jane and slipped the belt about her waist and buckled it. She didnít have to kneel to an equal, but did it as a special honor for Jane. The second thing not on the script was her kiss on the buckle and a second on Janeís lips.

Unbidden the other slaves lined up behind Selene and followed Georginaís example, congratulating Jane and accepting her as their new Mistress, although to a girl they were puzzled as to what was going on.

"All of you are wondering why Jane has been elevated to the rank of Mistress. The simple answer is that she volunteered to replace Amy as my Personal Assistant until Amy is able to resume work. It would be appropriate to congratulate her and honor her as you would a Master."

The girls jumped to their feet again, led by Selene, who hugged and kissed her new fellow Red Belt. The rest of the Mistresses went to their bellies to kiss her shoes. Glen waited until the last kiss had been bestowed and the Mistresses were seated again. The three Red Belts remained standing.

"You see before you three First Mistresses. They now outrank every person, slave or free, in the compound, except other Red Belts, the Governing board, and me. I have issued clothing directives for any time they are outside the Executive Wing. Georgina is the ranking Red Belt, sort of a Chief Master Sergeant. She is taking on responsibilities for the entire castle complex that will require the ability to give orders and have them instantly obeyed."

"Selene is essentially second in command, but she has other duties that will require all of her time and effort. I originally made her a Brown Belt, then a Green Belt, but that was before I got fully acquainted with the caste system here, so I have promoted her to Red Belt status."

"Jane has literally moved from the end, to the front of the line. She fulfils almost all the requirements for my PA, and deserves credit for her initiative in offering to take on the job. Any of you could have had the job if you had asked. I know this goes exactly opposite to the training that Georgina has given you, but once in a while we do disagree on a point. This is one of them. I admire willingness, and other characteristics that Jane has. Remember them and my words if another vacancy appears."

"These are not lifetime appointments. The belts can be taken away faster than they were appointed. Janeís promotion is temporary. She realizes that, and remarkably, never asked what will happen to her once Amy comes back to work. That will be a major consideration when I decide what she will do next."

The Red Belts remained behind when the other slaves left. As one they prostrated themselves before him and kissed his boots. In unison they thanked him for their belts. Each in turn vowed to serve him. He turned the tables by congratulating the three on their new rank, kissing each on the lips. Almost faster than the eye, Glenís tongue slipped between Janeís lips, reminding her of what was to come. Georgina caught it out of the corner of her eye and grinned to herself. She waited for the first opportunity and pulled Jane to one side.

"We have about two hours before Master usually goes to bed. Thatís time enough for a crash course in taking care of the boss. The PA does just about everything except wiping his ass when he takes a shit, and Iím not even sure that might not fall to you."

Jane nodded, and the two made their excuses and found a room where they could talk. As Georgina reeled off the duties of a PA, Janeís eyes got wider and wider. When she got around to describing events she could expect in his bed, Jane was aroused almost to the exploding point. Flushes of embarrassment spread in waves down her face, neck and chest, turning her breasts a delightful shade of pink. She suddenly grabbed for her pussy, but too late to stop a tidal wave of lubrication from running down her thigh.

She remembered all to vividly the events after she and Sarah volunteered for his bed. She had always thought she was destined to be a lesbian. But after being chained to the bed and being thoroughly fucked by Glen, with one or two of her fellow slaves watching every move, green with envy, she knew that she would never be a lesbian.

Georgina had been one of the watchers, but she didnít let envy† get in the way of her training of the other slaves. Loyalty to Glen was her middle name.

She led Jane to Glenís bedroom. The chains coiled at the corners and along the four sides of the double king size bed were not lost on her. Somehow they seemed familiar, even though she had not been in the room before.

Georgina showed her the closet, drawers for underwear, tie rack - "You can tie a tie canít you?" - She looked horrified when Jane flushed, hung her head and shook it slowly, side to side.

Fortunately she was a fast learner and in 15 minutes Jane was tying ties with the best of them. She would need more practice on a bow tie, but Georgina decided that it could wait, unaware of any social events that would require a tux.

With time running out, Jane was introduced to the concept of body washing - using her body to soap and rinse and scrub her Masterís body. That was too much and everything stopped while Jane had an orgasm. Once her head cleared, Georgina hurriedly covered some last minute details, then told Jane, "Good luck, youíre on your own. Call me whenever you need advice."

Glen walked into the room, right on cue. "Whereís my drink?"

Georgina whispered in her ear and pointed to the bar along one wall of the bedroom. Jane had worked as a waitress somewhere in the past, so she knew how to handle it and returned in a few moments with the glass on a silver tray.

"Good Night, Georgina," he said, pointedly. She took the hint, kissed his boots and hurried from the room. Jane froze.

"Lesson one. I donít like that much ice in my drink."

"Lesson two. Your job is to undress me, hang my suit, throw my underwear in the hamper."

"Lesson three. You prepare my shower at the proper temperature and lead me to it, where you wash me with your body. Did Georgina tell you about that?"

Jane went beet red. "Yes, Master. I... I had an orgasm from her description."

"Letís say you are washing my cock by sliding it between your soapy breasts. Would you... Oh! I see you would."

Janeís face rivaled a neon sign. Thinking of an intimate contact between their bodies, remembering the feelings he gave her before was more than she could handle, let alone control.

"If I said ĎStop that!í could you, or would you?"

In a matter of seconds she was white as a sheet, cool as a cucumber. "How th... How the Hell did you do that?"

"You have more power than you realize, Master. All it takes is your order and my body responds. I canít control it - but you can!"

"How about another orgasm, please."

Jane gave a strangled cry and fell onto the bed. There was no mistaking the physical evidence of a very powerful orgasm.

"Master, please! Each one of those block busters drains me to the core. One or two more and they will take me out of here in a bucket."

Glen shook his head. "I wonít do that again to you. "Iím sorry."

"Master, I am your slave. I learned from Georgina that a Master doesnít need to apologize. I am the one to apologize and beg punishment for presuming to demand something from you. If you wish to punish me by forcing me to have one orgasm after another, I will accept it and thank you for it. They are the kind that you remember for years and use as a measuring stick against which new orgasms are compared."

"What happens if I put Ďmultipleí or Ďhardí in front of that word?"

Jane gasped for breath, hanging on for dear life. "I... think," She said, slowly, "You... would... have... to... get.. .a... new... PA... Master"

Glen took her in his arms and hugged her. He wanted to laugh, but he was concerned that she might think he was laughing at her. "You and I are going to have a training class to see if we can do something about it. I canít have my PA turning fire engine red from one moment to the next."

Jane managed the shower scene with aplomb, and no sign of arousal other than her rock hard nipples that Glen took to be play toys, with appropriate squeezes, rolls and pinches. She discovered that rubbing her body on a body of the opposite sex was a mental turn on, very, very different from the physical turn on usually associated with such contact. The "ordered" orgasms had drained her physically, leaving her mind crystal clear and alert - and sexy!

After drying him, it came time for the bedroom scene. Glen surprised her by asking how she preferred to be restrained for "sex and sleep."

"Master, I have to think for a moment. Iím not that experienced. There is one position I like for sex, with my ankles and wrists tied to the headboard, but I canít sleep like that - too much pressure on the diaphragm. Failsafe is the good old spread eagle, so if I have a choice, Iíll ask for that. I realize itís akin to the legendary missionary position, but it gives you more of me to fondle."

"Hmmn. Are you by any chance ticklish?"

Janeís stomach nearly revolted. "Master, if you need to torture me, just tickle me. I get violent and worse."


"Master, Iím about to puke all over the bed. Tickle me and I WILL puke. Keep tickling and Iíll piss myself. Keep tickling and..."

"I get the picture," he interrupted. "Tickling is out, except on a rubber sheet."

From that point, it was almost standard male-female action, with the exception that the female wrists and ankles were snugly tied to the headboard, offering a framed target, first for his tongue, then his neglected cock. For her it was as grand as she remembered. For him, it was one of many, but well above average.

In the morning, Janeís bonds were released by the timer, which also gave her a wake-up buzz on her clit. She looked over at Glen, but he was still sound asleep. She debated her finger, but finger lost. Orders are orders. She made coffee and toast, waiting to fry eggs an bacon until someone was on hand to eat them.

Georgina ducked her head in and Jane waved her in, pouring her a cup of coffee.


"No, thanks. Diet."

Georgina sipped, watching Jane putter. Finally she asked, "How did it go?"

Jane responded by holding up her hand, finger and thumb making an "O."

"Perfect. Master discovered he could make me come just by ordering me, or asking me to do it. They were real wall bangers. Then he worked my clit into a frenzy with his tongue and then fucked me silly. Does that go on every night?"

"Every night!" It wasnít Georgina answering, it was Glen, just coming through the door, looking like death warmed over. He made straight for the coffee pot before Jane could turn around and poured a cup, which he nearly drained.

"We were just discussing your sexual prowess when you came in." Georgina could get away with teasing her Master, but she had to be extremely careful not to hit one of his hot buttons. Jane took it all in and started her morning flush.

"So I heard. Fortunately all I heard were good things. Bad mouthing Master can start you hurting real severe."

Jane looked at Georgina. As one they did their "Yes, Master."

Glen looked Jane up and down. Not hard to do as she was fully nude. "How was it for you?"

Jane went to beet red in an instant. "Wonderful, Master. I enjoyed it very much!"

"And what did you tell Georgina about it?"

Beet red went to flaming red. Even Janeís eyes seemed to take on a reddish glow. "Master, I told her it was perfect. Then I said that Master discovered he could make me come just by ordering me, or asking me to do it. They were real wall bangers. Then he worked my clit into a frenzy with his tongue and then fucked me silly."

"Is that information you would normally share with your friends?"

Red turned to white as she realized what she had done. She had an answer though.

"Master, Georgina is the highest ranking slave in the complex. She rules, on your order. She asked me a direct question. I could not, in all seriousness, refuse to answer without dire consequences. I would never have revealed that to a friend!"

"You have a glib tongue, Jane. Be warned, there are many things that must never leave this room. You have my permission to speak frankly to Georgina at any time, as part of your training. Donít let it go beyond that."

"I understand, Master."

"I wonít need your services until this evening. I suggest you spend the day at the Real Estate section, learning everything they can teach you. You are to take the brokerís licensing test as soon as possible. And, pass it!"

"Yes, Master! Thank you, Master."

Glen called the Real Estate Manager. "George, Iím sending my temporary PA over to train to be a broker. Can your people teach her what she needs to know to take the test?"

"Of course. Happy to do a favor for you. When are you coming by, yourself?"

"Iíll get there eventually, or if there is a crisis. Things havenít exactly been going smoothly in my area."

"Yeah. I heard your PA was in the hospital with another tumor."

"Iím waiting for more reports. They arenít sure yet."

"Sorry to hear that. Come by when you have a chance."

Glen hung up, staring at the wall. He wondered what Georgeís reaction would be when Jane showed up in clothes and a Red Belt, outranking him.

He tried Seleneís number but it went to voice mail. He called Georgina.

"Where is Selene?"

"Sheís just down the hall. Want me to get her?"

"No, just have her report to my office. I need to talk to her."

Chapter 84 -- Slave Training

Almost out of breath, Selene came into the office, obviously anxious not to keep her Master waiting. Sara Mae escorted her in, and softly closed the door behind her as she returned to her desk. Selene knelt to kiss his shoes, but he waved her off.

"I think Iíll add that to the list of perks you Red Belts have. A couple more," he grumbled, "and Iíll apply for the job. How about, ĎGreetings, Master,í the first time we meet each day?"

"Thank you, Master. It is appropriate."

"I wanted to meet with you several weeks ago, hence the references to your already being spoken for. The training facilities that you specified have nearly been completed. A few wiring jobs and camera adjustment and you can start classes. The 25 slaves we got in are gathering dust in the dungeon, so we need to get them operational right off the bat."

"Master, may I inquire where these slaves came from? Knowing their background will help me in giving them suitable training."

Glen shook his head. "At the moment, I canít tell you anything about them. I expect that problem will be cleared up in a matter of days, but they represent a serious threat to the complex that I donít want to risk."

Seleneís face showed her confusion.

"Trust me, it has nothing to do with you. The moment I can, I will give you as much information as possible. We have access to their histories on a web site, but thatís all I can tell you for now." He changed the subject.

"Your training facility is in the basement of the castle. You have to go through the dungeon in order to reach your area. This was one of your suggestions that the architects particularly liked. They have installed a walkway that is enclosed in steel bars through the center of the dungeon. Slaves entering or leaving the training area have to use the walkway which lets them see all the torture instruments and punishment equipment. There are steel gates, like a portcullis, every hundred feet. If there were a slave rebellion, the instigators would be isolated. You and your staff will have passwords that cause a ladder to drop down from the ceiling so you can escape the mob."

"Any time you are moving slaves back and forth, there will be a security person monitoring every movement. There are spray jets to immobilize anyone in a particular section, or the entire walkway. As a matter of fact, close to the gates, security can pop one person out of a crowd and put her down."

Selene listened in amazement. She had seen only sketches of the layout, but she was now hearing one after another of her ideas that she advanced months ago, being implemented. Some had come from her previous experience, some from the museum dungeon where Dr. Steve and Penny played and one or two from the bout with Shelby in the same private dungeon.

"You will have complete charge of your training rooms and the entire dungeon. Security is responsible for keeping up the dungeon, but you outrank every one of them, including the Section Chief. Iíd tread softly until they get to know you, but if there is an emergency or you just need help, call on them."

"Iíd suggest drawing several slaves from the pool, making sure you get some with experience. Thereís no telling whatís in this bunch in the dungeon."

Selene interrupted, respectfully. "Master, may I have Sarah? She has taken to slavery like a duck to water and she has a mean streak a mile wide, which is just what Iím going to need once we get going."

Glen frowned. "I donít want her abusing the slaves."

Quickly Selene clarified, "I said mean, but actually I meant that she is a sadist, just right for the job. She could take on a Marine drill sergeant and have him crying like a baby."

"That, I gotta see!"

"Iím sure you will be watching us, with all those cameras."

"I should turn them off and miss the show? Not on your life! I enjoy watching an expert doing her job. Thereís always something new to learn."

"Thank you for the complement, Master. I take it this job is what you were referring to at the meeting?"

"I wasnít joking. I had you signed up for this job and both Ralph and Dwight have tried to beat each other out and lure you away from me, so if this job doesnít work out, you have a job waiting for you in Security, or at the DB."

"Iím honored. Master!"

"Just do me a good job and Iíll really drop some honor on you."

"Iíll do my best, Master!"

"I canít get away at the moment, but if you want to go take a look, youíre welcome. Iíd still like to escort you through, as there are a couple of other people around here with ideas. We can do that sometime in the next few days. Your Red Belt status will get you anywhere down there." He sent her on her way and walked over to Sara Maeís desk.

"Learn anything, Big Ears?"

She slid out of her chair to her knees. Eyes down, she responded, "Yes, Master."

"So, just what was it that Big Ears didnít already know?"

"That would be an admission of ignorance, Master. I canít do that!"

"So, you are disobeying a direct order from your Master! That requires immediate corrective action. Get your sorry ass into the back room before I count to three, or it will be too sorry to sit on for several days. One!"

Sara Mae was already through the door into the room where the whips awaited her.

"Chain yourself!"

Glen walked to the door to the outer office. "Opal, hold my calls. I have a case of rank disobedience to take care of. We are not to be disturbed."

He walked into the back room, slamming the soundproof door behind him. Sara Mae was hanging by her wrists, her toes barely touching the floor. She was grinning. Their weekly whipping session had evolved into the interchange they had just gone through. Calling her "Big Ears" was her signal. The first snarl of the whip he had wrestled from between her teeth erased the grin as Sara Mae took the first dose of her bitter medicine square across her ass cheeks. When there was a pause long enough for a coherent thought, she made a mental note to beg Glen for an upright desk where she could work standing up.

She was sobbing with pain when he released her, but somehow it was never enough pain. She could remember having had only one orgasm in her life, under circumstances that were too ugly to repeat.

She wiped her thighs, wet to her knees, then spread her legs at a 90 degree angle with her butt wriggling invitingly. She had been doing this for several weeks and Glenís response was the same each time. He slapped her full on her pussy, almost knocking her to her knees, and sent her back to work. First, he ordered her to go out to the outer office and display her well whipped back and butt to Opal. The added humiliation put fire back in her somewhat jaded eyes.

Opal in turn had to count each welt, out loud, then raise her voice and inform Glen of the number. Sara Mae lived in constant dread that someone would walk into the office while she was bent over and witness the count. She never knew that Glen had given Opal instructions to lock the door before the whipping was over. So far, Opal had not expressed the slightest interest in a back room session, even though Glen offered it.

When the weekly ceremony was over and Sara Mae had very gingerly rejoined her seat, Glen asked, "What was the manís name - the one whose wife was with Amy?

"Stette... Aidem Stette. Hereís his phone number."

"Get him on the phone, please."

"Hello, Aidem. Are you busy?"

"Could you drop by the office, say in half an hour? Bring your slave along. I have an interesting proposition for you."

Glen stood up and greeted Aidem when Opal escorted him in. "Glad you could make it. I have a business proposition for you."

"Well, Iím retired, so it better be good."

"Okay, hereís what I have in mind. As you have no doubt guessed, Marvin is no longer in the complex. Iíd like to tell you the rest of the story, but the investigation is still going on. Youíll probably hear something in the next week or two."

"With Marvin gone the place is empty, except for four slaves, who are holding out mainly on snacks they had in the refrigerator. Iíd like to see you take over as manager of the store, which Iím told is the highest grossing shop in the Mall. I think you could easily handle minimal payments on a rent-to-own basis and still take a pretty handsome salary out of it. I can probably grease some wheels to get the project going. With the other slaves, and this one, you should be able to handle making and selling the restraints and your slave can model them. There are blueprints, a big forge and a couple of tons of steel strap to get you started."

"Wow, that sounds like quite a project. I never got a good look at the place as I was too anxious to get my slave-wife out of his clutches. When could we inspect the place?"

"Right now is as good as any time. The office can find me with a cell phone easily enough."

Sara Mae started to order a car, but Aidem stopped her. "You can ride with me. The front seat is empty."

His slave-wife looked pained, but quickly composed herself as she climbed into the back. She was not allowed to sit on the seat - the payback for some misdeed, so she had to lie in the footwell for the trip to the Mall.

The Mall was bustling and as usual there was a crowd around the Metal Restraints store. There were no signs in the window, but several slaves were peeping in the window, looking for a sign of life. One of the men nearby recognized Glen. "Sir, when is the store going to open again? I have a couple of items on lay away."

Before Glen could answer, another man piped up, "Iím ready to buy, if the place were open."

Glen stepped up on the platform. "Men, ladies, slaves, the store will re-open in the next few days. This gentlemen is the new manager."

He pointed to Aidem. Aidem in turn started to shake his head, then nodded. He could smell profit and he was experienced enough to realize that he was sitting on a bonanza.

His slave-wife was not quite as enthusiastic. The bad memories had returned as soon as she saw the store and at first she didnít want to even consider it - not that she had a choice.

The four slaves huddled in the rear portion of the shop, the home-made dungeon that Marvin had used to hold the slaves he was selling. Glen reassured them, gave them money for food and sent over blankets and sheets that were in short supply. He told them that the store would reopen in a couple of days, assuring them of a living. One of the four was the blacksmith who made the restraints. Aidem set him to work at once, turning out a hefty supply, since Aidem wanted to have an opening day sale. The other three slaves had some experience so they started helping the smith, who soon had a regular production line turning out steel parts.

When everything was running smoothly, Glen herded Aidem and his slave-wife back to the car. "Tomorrowís another day," he pontificated.

On the way back to the castle, Glen asked, tongue in cheek, "Do you think you might like to take the job?"

"Wellllll, I dunno. It has possibilities. Iíll have to think about it."

The slave, listening in the back, raised up and looked daggers at her husband-Master. "Take the job, you idiot!"

"That will cost you."

He braked to a sudden stop, popped the trunk and jumped out. He dragged his nude slave out of the car in front of a dozen amused bystanders. He jerked the trunk lid open and lifted her† bodily into the cavity, jammed against the spare tire. "For the rest of your year you ride with the spare, NOT up front! You and I and a whip will have a three-way when we get home!"

Aidem got back in the car and apologized to Glen for his slaveís actions. He started the motor to ensure she couldnít hear his next comment. "Iíll take the job. I put on an act, knowing sheíd lose it. I needed a good excuse to strip off some of her hide. She hasnít gotten completely used to being a slave, but she admitted that it had its moments. Sheís gonna stay a slave when her year is up, Iíd be willing to bet. One thing about it, sheís a whirlwind in bed now. She does things she wouldnít touch with an eleven foot pole before the judge made her a slave."

They rolled up to the entrance of the Executive Wing and Glen and Aidem talked business for several minutes. Glenís phone rang, and he made his excuses and dashed for the door.

The call was from Dr. Steve. They had operated on Amy and got a second tumor that was just starting. This time they only had to drill two small holes in her skull, one for the tiny scalpel, and the other for the camera.

"I tried to call you earlier, but there was some sort of interference. Iíll let you know when sheís out of Recovery, but you had still better stay away from her. We donít want excitement, or a relapse of any kind. This is a very crucial time for her."

Glen would rather be with her than anywhere else, but he was not about to ignore Dr. Steveís orders. He did go to the hospital, staying in the waiting room until the doctors were free. He gave a nurse a note telling them where he was.

Dr. Stefan and Dr. Steve both looked worn out, fatigued. They bore good news, just as they had after the first tumor operation. The second was benign again, they had gotten every particle of it and had zapped the root so it would not grow again.

While they were talking, a Recovery Room nurse approached them. Looking directly at Glen she announced, "She is asking for you, sir."

Glen looked at the two doctors, his unspoken question foremost in their minds. Dr. Stefan broke the silence,"If sheís asking, she either doesnít remember her outburst, or she does remember it and wants to apologize."

Dr. Steve nodded in agreement. "I guess itís safe." He was trying to remember an incident in the past, but it wouldnít come out of hiding.

Glen and the two doctors rode the elevator to the Recovery Room. They impressed on Glen the importance of keeping her calm. "Weíll wait just outside the door and if she flies of the handle again, weíll be ready to move in."

Amy was awake and alert. She watched him walk across the room to her bed. She motioned him down and whispered in his ear, "Did you bring my handcuffs?"

Glen eased back a few inches. "Maybe tomorrow, when youíre feeling better."

A little louder, still not carrying across the room, she said, "Iíve been a bad, bad, bad slave. Will you punish me for being bad? I lie here and I remember every bad name I called you. Then I picture the dungeon and I walk through it, trying to find some machine, some whip, some something you can wear out on me for each bad name I called you.

Glen held her hand. He whispered back, "Donít worry. you will get all the pain you can handle before you fully atone for that squabble."

He expected her to at least look concerned, if not fearful, since she knew more of his soul than anyone else. Rather, she had a look of bliss on her face. The little pain slut was actually looking forward to getting severely punished. Not at once, but once she was recovered, she faced a rigorous, painful future. Not that her past had been painless.

Chapter 85 -- Same Song, Second Verse

Amyís recovery was quite rapid, thanks to the advanced methods used to remove her brain tumor. Glen humored her, bringing her a pair of handcuffs. She watched him lock the cuff around one wrist and the other to the bed rail. She exhaled a sigh of relief, only then realizing she had been holding her breath.

"Tighter, please, Master."

Just as in the previous case, Glen tightened the cuff, then double locked it to prevent it from closing further. The bondage was enough to inflate her nipples and set her squirming in the bed. Glen studiously ignored her arousal, kissed her on the lips, told her he loved her - in spite of her outburst - and then left. The nurse came in, instantly perceived what had happened and injected a sedative that put Amy to sleep.


Dr. Steve, Dr. Stefan and Dr. Brock† paid a surprise visit to Glenís office a couple of days later. Both looked grim and Glen prepared himself for bad news, expecting little else from their showing up on his doorstep, as it were.

Since it was obviously a personal matter Glen shooed Sara Mae to the outer office to give himself some privacy, while he made the three doctors comfortable. There was nothing he could do about the security cameras that were recording every word.

After Dr. Steve introduced Dr. Brock, the hospitalís head of the Psychiatry Department, he came right to the point. "Donít worry, we arenít bringing bad news."

Glen visibly relaxed. "I thought maybe Amy had a relapse, or worse."

"No, nothing like that." Dr. Steve paused, and Dr. Brock interjected, "I assume you realize your wife is a pain freak?"

"She gave every evidence of it, long before I married her."

"Thatís what I thought, but I wanted to make sure. Glen, she has approached us, asking our permission to allow you to punish her for cursing you and attempting to escape. Frankly she is proposing punishments that would make an Inquisition torture master blanch."

He pulled a piece of paper from his inside jacket pocket. "As but one example - and this is copied verbatum - she wants you to: ĎBring me home in a tiny cage. If I can breath easily itís too big. Use those plastic cuffs to strap me to the bars. Each finger and each toe. Put my cage on a pedestal or a small platform outside your office. Put a sign on the cage, telling who I am and why I am being punished. Put two buckets with holes in the bottoms on top of my cage. Fill them with ice and water so they will drip on me. Keep them full all the time.í"

"She canít be rational! Not asking for something like that!"

"On the contrary, she is one of the most rational persons Iíve ever met. I was very skeptical, given her past history, but there isnít a single sign of irrational thought. She realizes that her acting up was a direct result of the two tumors, but she refuses to shift blame from herself for her actions. Sheís one out of a thousand who is willing to accept responsibility for her actions. Iíve warned her repeatedly never to propose a punishment that would harm her in any way, be life threatening or leave permanent or disfiguring scars."

"She is abiding by your orders. Other than whippings that might get out of hand and one or two other borderline injurious methods, the rest of her suggestions are much like the one I just quoted - grossly humiliating, uncomfortable to the nth degree, but non-threatening. She mentioned a week in the gibbet at the front entrance. Thatís almost as bad as a week in the DB."

"Did she tell you anything about what they did to her in the three weeks she was there? She was threatened with worse if she talked about it."

"This is one instance where doctor-patient privilege can be helpful. She told me, but I couldnít reveal it to you without both of us getting in hot water. Letís just say that, remorseful as she is, she will never willingly go back there for another stay."

"What do I do now? How do I handle this?" Glen looked perplexed.

Dr. Steve held out his hand to comfort Glen as Dr. Brock spoke.

"There isnít much else you can do, other than going along with her. She is very strong willed for a submissive and if you donít follow her lead in this she might very well become psychotic, or something worse. None of us want to see her spend the rest of her life in a locked ward, but itís a distinct possibility. Weíve discussed this at length and the best thing for everyone will be to give her what she wants. Dr. Steve tells me that you feel guilty for punishing her for events caused by the tumors, but I can assure you, after examining her, you really donít need to feel any guilt at all."

"As I said before, sheís one of the rare ones, that accepts responsibility. As long as she feels that you are severe enough in your chastisements, she is going to be very, very happy. Coming from a doctor, I realize itís a remarkable statement, but Glen, you are married to a remarkable woman. I know youíre sitting there listening to us, wondering ĎWhat woman, in her right mind, would do...í but thatís exactly my point."

"Sheís sane, lucid, very smart and she knows exactly what she wants and is willing to suffer the consequences when she screws up. She embraced slavery to be close to you. She got you to marry her, knowing it was a step down, rather than up. Now sheís going to be on your case until she is satisfied that she has righted all the wrongs she has committed."

"Do all three of you feel this way?" Glen was trying to digest facts that were close to heresy in his mind. He didnít want to punish Amy any more than he had to, but here was a Psychiatrist telling him to do the exact opposite.

"Yes," said Dr. Brock and the other two nodded in agreement. "We talked it over, considered every possibility and the one with the most likelihood of success is what we have outlined."

"May I see the list of her suggestions?"

"I not only have her permission, she begged me to be sure and present them to you."

When he handed over several sheets, stapled together, Glen held them up and asked, "All of you have seen these?"

Again, all three nodded. He scanned quickly down the first page. Several things stood out, but he needed to consider them at a slower pace. He nodded and looked at the three doctors, who were watching his reaction.

"Sooner or later, with all due respect, sheís going to regret talking to you, and making out this laundry list. Not only that, but I love her and the last thing Iíd want to do is hurt her."

Dr. Steve interjected, "From what Iíve seen, and from what she told us, you already had hurt her. She avoided saying anything critical about you, so I got the feeling that she in turn is in love with you. Iíd almost want to say Ďmadly in love with you,í but Iím not quite positive that she has reached that level. The one thing she mentioned was the humiliation of having to watch as you screwed one of the other slaves."

"She admitted that, as a slave first, it was far from being an unusual event in the life of a slave. I also got the distinct impression that the whole scene, the humiliation, turned her on in grand style. She is a complex person, even after you get to know her. At the moment she is intent only on becoming a perfect, or near perfect slave and she is more than willing to suffer to achieve that goal."

"Does she think she can order me around, make me follow her Ďsuggestions?í"

"God, No! Sheíd be devastated if she knew you felt that way. She bragged on you, saying that you would take her suggestions and put a new twist, or some attachment, something that would carry her idea to a whole new level, with the accompanying increase in the pain level. She is in awe of you as a Master. A good part of that is due to the very effective punishments you have meted out to her in the past."

Glen was fully aware that the three doctors were effectively pressuring him to do something they couldnít do, as doctors. It was going to be up to him to make her toe the mark, at the same time she was being severely punished for her foul mouth. All three would have vehemently denied any ulterior motive, but Glen, deep in the middle, could see clearly what was going on. If it didnít work, he would take the heat. That alone was enough to make him resolve to take her in hand. Hiding his reservations he nodded and said, "All I can do is give it a try. When does she get out?"

"Barring any complications we should discharge her day after tomorrow."

"Is it going to be safe to take her home in a cage?"

"If you want to go through with that, I think Iíll keep her one more day. What she proposed is going to be a shock to her whole body and Iíd like to keep her a little longer. She can probably stand 12 hours in close confinement without serious problems, but Iíd hold to that right now. Later, when her strength is back, sheíll be able to take four or five days, even a week if you let her out once a day."

Dr. Stephan, who had been quiet for most of the meeting, cleared his throat. "Glen, if you donít mind, weíd like a full report, say once a week, both to keep tabs on her and for some projects we are working on."

"How about if I send her up to report? She can describe what happened to her during the week and what she felt about it. You can see for yourself if she is being overdosed, and advise me accordingly."

"Excellent idea! We can make her part of the research."

Dr. Steve added, "I think you are aware that she resented being punished by the other slaves. She has recognized the fact that you are not always available to punish her, so thatís another milestone. She also admitted learning the hard way that using her marriage as a stepping stone wouldnít work, either with you, or with the other slaves. You need to impress on her that she is being punished as a slave, not as your wife. She can make the separation, but whether she can sell it to the other slaves remains to be seen."

With that, the doctors got to their feet, shook hands with Glen and walked out the door. Glen escorted them to the outside door and watched as they headed toward the hospital. He went back to his desk. Lying there were the sheets with Amyís suggestions. At the very top was the cage event, so important to her.

Glen started reading as he sat down. His eyebrows shot up as he read further down. Amy had assembled several dozen particularly strenuous punishments, garnered from who knows where. While each was roughly comparable, they seemed to get harsher and harsher and more humiliating on each succeeding page. Glen agreed, after the first read through, that the majority were more strenuous than painful.

He took the list along when he visited Amy. After kissing her, he sat by her bed, fingering the handcuff on the bed rail. He looked at her and she was smiling along with a good portion of pure lust.

"When do I get out, Master?"

He couldnít resist. "You would have gotten out day after tomorrow, but because youíre dead set on going home in a cage, you stay an extra day. And that, dear wife, is going to cost you, big time."

Amy brightened visibly when Glen mentioned the cage, and the threat did nothing to dim her enthusiasm. She knew that her message had gotten through. Now the next hurdle was convincing Glen that he should follow through on her other suggestions.

Acting as if she hadnít head his remark about "cost," she asked, "Did they give you the list I had made?"

"They did, and gave me instructions to follow it to the letter."

Amy blanched, knowing some of the things on the list were just window dressing, things she could talk Glen out of doing, but a blanket endorsement by the doctors was the last thing she expected.

"What did they say?" she asked, a bit weakly.

"They said that I should give you the punishment youíve been asking for. Thatís enough for a slave to know."

"Master, you mean..."

"They approved everything on the list. I intend to make some revisions and perhaps change the order, but you get to enjoy every one."

"Master, I deserve every one, and a lot more. Iím not going to enjoy any of this."

"Youíll have plenty of chances to dream up some new punishments to add to the list."

He glanced through the pages while she watched, much like a bird hypnotized by a snake. "I only see two whipping scenes. Lost your interest in being thrashed?"

He already knew the answer, but he was curious to see what her response would be.

"Master, you know I am a pain slut. I get off on pain, so a whip isnít really punishment. Discomfort, humiliation, shame - those are punishments that will make the most impression on me."

"I see you didnít leave out muff diving. I could have sworn you werenít gay." The sarcasm filled the quiet room.

"Master, you know very well that I am not gay! How humiliated would you be if you had to suck another Masterís cock? Thatís exactly how I feel having to lick pussy. I hate it! Hate the taste that Iím never allowed to clean out of my mouth. Hate the pussy hair stuck in my teeth. I canít think of a better way to punish me than to push my face into it and make me lick."

"I didnít see any cock sucking on the list. You must enjoy it."

"Master, I do enjoy it, if it is your cock. Otherwise itís as bad as pussy licking. To have to swallow another manís jism is enough to make me puke."

Glen glanced at the clock. It was time for visitors to leave, a rule that didnít apply to him, but he had more paperwork to finish, so he got up, walked around the bed and grasped her free wrist. Before she could complain he again had her arms helpless with a second pair of handcuffs. He paused. Amy recognized her cue, "Tighter, please Master."

He clicked the cuff twice and double locked it. She lifted her head, lips pursed. He dipped and met them with his own. He zipped his tongue between her teeth and withdrew it before she had a chance to react.

"No orgasms," he ordered.

He stopped at the nurseís desk, handed over the key and gave his instructions. Restrained at all times, except eating and bathroom. Someone with her at all times she was not restrained. He repeated, "No orgasms." The nurse grinned and nodded.

In the waiting room he sat down at a table, pulled out the list and made notes on it. He added two items at the end before folding it and putting it in his pocket.

As he drove back to the castle, he called Security. "Ralph, I need a favor."

"This late? Can it wait until morning?"

If the truth be known, Ralph was lying on top of his PA, banging her for all he was worth when the phone rang.

"Sure. Two days if you need it. I need a small cage for Amy. As a matter of fact a very small cage."

"What does she weigh?

"Oh, about 110, maybe 105 after this last operation."

"I have just the ticket. Youíll need a shoehorn to pry her into or out of it. Iíll send it to your office tomorrow."

"Thanks. Also a box of plastic handcuffs. Good night, and good night to whomever is panting in the background."

"Night!" It was abrupt and Ralph was already moving back into position. He never had liked speaker phones.