Amyís Bondage
by Raul Roget

Copyrighted material, not for those under 18 years of age.

Chapter 56 -- Winners and Losers

After lunch the classes started again. Amy and Penny were taken to separate rooms by their Masters. Both were outfitted with 3-foot spreader bars and their wrist cuffs were replaced with lined cuffs so they could be lifted by their arms. With toes touching the floor, they waited for instructions. Selene gave the same speech over the intercom in both rooms.

"This will be a dual test. Your Masters will at the signal slide these vibrators into your pussies. The winner will be the last to come. The second test will be to see which of you can hold the vibrators the longest. The first one to let it slide out loses both contests and will be appropriately disciplined. Three... Two....† One.... Go!"

Selene hadnít told them that the vibrators would be turned to the highest setting, a fact the two slaves found out as the vibrators slid into both of them at the same moment. As trained slaves both had experienced Kegel exercises to tighten the vaginal muscles, so losing the vibrator under normal circumstances was not likely. However, the competition had heated both the slaves so they were juicing almost constantly. The extra lubrication spelled disaster for one, or possibly both.

Both Amy and Penny had immediately figured out why they were in separate rooms. That way, neither would know who was ahead or whether or not they had lost their vibrator. The setup would have an unexpected consequence.

On orders from Selene, both Tom and Terry were tormenting the slaves, concentrating on their nipples, deliberately distracting them from the main contests. The anticipated effect would be to arouse the two slaves even more and combine nipple play with the effects of the vibrators buried in their pussies.

It didnít take long. Amy groaned, a deep guttural cry as she lost it and climaxed. She lost control of her muscles and the vibrator crashed to the floor. Seconds later Penny climaxed and promptly lost her vibrator, reflexively tightening her knees together against the spreader bar. Tom and then Terry reported. Selene barked, "Bring them in here. Leave the spreader bars on them."

The men disconnected the wrist chains and frog-marched the two slaves to the main dungeon. They knelt the slaves in front of where Selene was pacing up and down, slapping her hand with the crop at every step. Finally, she stopped pacing. "Were either one of you given my permission to have an orgasm?

"No, Mistress," came from both.

"Did Master Tom or Master Terry approve of an orgasm?

"No, Mistress."

"Did Dr. Steve or Master Glen tell you that you could ignore their rules while you are being trained?"

"No, Mistress."

"You both have suffered your Masterís wrath for losing in these contests. Do you have any idea how angry they will be for this disobedience?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Amy was seething. The rules Selene had laid down implied consent by their Masters. She felt Selene was using her own omission to punish them. Penny was going through the same thought process, heightened by her knowledge of the exquisitely painful discipline she had been promised by Dr. Steve. Amy was unaware of that promise, but she knew her own skin was in jeopardy because Glen would take this very seriously.

"Both of you will report to your Masters, after class."

"Yes, Mistress."

Both were cowed, anticipating a very rough evening. To add to their misery, they would have to explain exactly what had happened and then beg abjectly for punishment. Certainly a situation calling for a pound of flesh, at least from the Masterís point of view.

Selene announced the next event. A foot race to the far wall and back, spreader bars and on your toes! Hands were locked behind, to a wire belt. ĎSense of Balanceí was the key word.

Penny won. She had been trailing by a foot or two until Amy jerked too hard on the spreader bar, pulling her standing foot out from under her. Penny made her crawl to her, admit losing, and then kiss and lick her feet. Penny stopped her, made her stand up and repeat her slogan, then apologize to Selene for losing, repeat her slogan and again kiss and lick her feet.

Amy hid her feelings, but she was ready to chew nails. Another loss meant Glen would be unhappy and an unhappy Master is to be avoided at all costs. It made it worse that punishment meted out by Master Glen was carried out by a fellow slave, not by his hand. She wished that Glen were here to punish her himself, just as Dr. Steve punished Penny.

Selene was tempted to start, "For my next trick," but she doubted that either Dr. Steve or Glen would appreciate the humor. Instead she directed Tom and Terry to strap the two slaves down securely on exam tables in the separate rooms. She gave the two men several large chicken feathers.

Any tried to sink through the table when she saw the feathers. She could now remember very vividly the way Glen broke down her defenses with a feather when she was in the cage. She had no idea whether Selene was aware of that incident or not. It made little difference because now she must suffer against her fellow slave. Selene designated the cry of Ďmercyí as the admission of defeat.

Fortunately for Seleneís purpose, the two slaves were very evenly matched, ticklish at virtually every point on their bodies. Any Ďdeadí spots were mere inches from sensitive skin that would make them helpless with laughter. The odds were lopsided that neither could endure more than a few minutes without a crashing climax or a multi-burst.

Within seconds of the start, Amy was screaming hilariously as Tom played her ribs with his fingers, like a xylophone. Her arms were locked to the table above her head, exposing her armpits to the feather. Her ankles were spread and locked in wooden stocks at the foot of the table and Tomís fingernails alternated with the feather under her arches and between her toes.

Amy begged and pleaded for relief whenever she could catch enough breath to talk. Most of the time she was gasping for air between her howls of laughter. Tom ignored her, intent on seeing her beg for mercy, and if possible triggering another forbidden orgasm.

Penny was in an identical predicament. Terry was just as anxious to make her lose the contest and get in further trouble, so he went literally for the jugular, discovering that Pennyís chin and throat were both ticklish and an erogenous zone, causing Amy to pant with arousal and scream with laughter at the same time. As Terry discovered, even her ears were ticklish.

The feather had Pennyís nipples rigid and rampant. She shook like a mass of Jello, her breasts whipping from movement by some small unrestrained part of her body. Terry made her torture herself, holding the tip of the feather steady so it caressed her nipple as it moved from side to side. She couldnít breathe as long as he tickled her nipples, but in the time it took to work down to her belly button she drew full gallons of air into her starving lungs.

Penny knew she faced the inevitable. When the feather reached her clit she would explode, at least several megatons. Better to stop and lose than to have another expressly prohibited orgasm. Weakly, she cried, "Mercy."

Now she had to lie and wait until Selene announced the winner. Penny easily convinced herself that she had lost.

Amy had forgotten all about the contest. All that her mind could coherently process was the tickling sensations that drove to her very core. She felt like a string of Christmas tree lights, flashing on and off as various parts of her body were tickled. Fingers flicked her breasts and she convulsed against the straps holding her fast to the table. The imaginary lights lit like two floodlights as every bit of tissue in her breasts felt tickled. She screamed an airless scream as the feather went up her nose, first one side, then the other. She tried to shake her head violently, snorting air, trying to blow the feather away. Instead it crossed her cheeks, inflaming them and rewarding them with riotous laughter.

With her last ounce of control she clamped her sphincter against an urgent warning from her bowels, and another, equally as urgent from her bladder. An orgasm, never one to miss an opportunity, used the distraction to present itself, ready to go over the top. Amy knew she had lost the war. She gasped,† "Mercy."

Selene smiled, certain it had been a close call. She ordered,

"Bring them to the main dungeon, on the tables."

Selene and the two men looked down at them. Both the slaves looked haggard and spent.

"Amy, who do you think won?"

"Penny, Mistress."

Penny, who do you think won?"

"Amy, Mistress."

"You get five strokes apiece for wrong answers. If you hadnít already forgotten your mantra, you would have been convinced that you had won. You both are still thinking like losers. I will not have it! You are going to learn this, and practice this and remember this for the rest of your lives. You do NOT go into a contest expecting to lose!"

Tom and Terry released the two slaves from the tables. Once they were standing, Selene walked over to Amy and handed her the whip.

"You will whip Penny. Five strokes. If you slack or pull a stroke, your penalty will be tripled. Penny will stand and you may hit her anywhere you choose, except the usual places that are exempt."

Amy didnít have to be a rocket scientist to understand that Penny would in turn give her five strokes. She picked the least likely to hurt area, her ass. She placed the five strokes in a neat pattern, half an inch apart. They were required to hurt, and they did.

Penny, not allowed to soothe her tender tush, returned the favor, with five equally heavy strokes on Amyís butt. Both took their punishment in stride. However, Selene was not satisfied.

"One extra stroke each. You will each ask for Ďa hard stroke,í and name the part of the body where it will hurt you the most."

She handed the whip to Penny. Amy started to ask, but Selene interrupted, pointing to the floor in front of Penny. She knelt.

"Mistress, I beg your hard stroke on my breasts."†

Penny played it to the hilt.

"Arms at your sides."

She didnít like that.

"Clasp you hands behind your head."

That got Amyís arms completely out of the way.

Penny swung. Amy squalled like a hurt child. A white line across Amyís breasts turned to red and swelled rapidly into a raised welt.

Penny handed the whip to Amy. She knelt before her, watching her wipe the tears from her eyes.

"Mistress, I beg your hard stroke.... on my breasts."†

Amy swung. Penny yelled, and then cried.

Selene was satisfied for the moment. She dreaded Glenís reaction. Her intuition told her that in the morning Penny would be sporting a second, matching welt and she was certain that Glen would expect her to match the single line on Amyís breasts. To herself she cursed both of the slaves for the potential damage to their breasts, faulting herself for telling them to pick the worst spot. She could be in serious trouble with both Dr. Steve and Glen. The only saving grace was that neither stroke had broken the skin, so there wouldnít be scars.

Selene decided there would be time for one more Ďlessoní before supper. She had the two men get two sets of nipple clips. She positioned the two slaves on their hands and knees with their butts close together. Then Tom and Terry installed the clips, not on the nipples, but on the girlís lower lips. Selene warned,† "Make sure youíve got plenty of flesh. We donít want to tear something loose."

She inspected, felt and nodded. "Amy, Penny, this is a test of willpower. You will pull both sets of the clamps off your sister slave. You will get five strokes for each missing clamp. You saw the penalties for losing, so go into this test determined to win at all costs. I have a special penalty for losing this test, beside my whip, so you had better win!"

These were different than the sets she had used before. Rather than tightening under a load, these had an adjustable screw that tightened the clamp. They had less potential for damage, but whichever slave lost a clamp would know it only too well.

The test was inherently unfair, because of random problems with attaching the clamps with equal force, plus the variables of the thickness of the labia but Selene was determined to give it a try.† She cracked the whip once in the air to start the two pulling against each other, then started slapping the two rumps in a steady alternating pattern.

The two pulled apart as far as the clip chains would let them. With the chains taut they tried a straight pulling movement, but had to give it up quickly as the clamps dug into their tender flesh. As one would get purchase enough to pull the other often slid across the floor, towed by the chains, frustrating any effort to apply pressure enough to pull the clamps off.

Both realized that the only way to success would be to jerk the chains hard, Both would be sore, but hopefully not bleeding. Amy seemed to be the stronger, so Penny braced as well as she could and gritted her teeth, waiting for the jerk.

Amy lunged forward. She could feel the clips move, but none of them came off. She backed up and charged again, this time at a slight angle, putting all her force into one of the two chains. The clamp slipped free from Pennyís labia and clattered to the stone.

Amy scrambled into position, the chain taut. She backed up an inch or two then lunged again. The single chain pulled loose, again from Penny. Amy tumbled to the floor with the sudden release of the tension.

Both were sore and scraped, but no skin was broken. They knelt before Selene, the decision already made.

"Ten strokes for Penny."

"Mistress, Please give me the strokes instead. She helped me win by bracing herself. I could not have pulled loose without her."

"Amy, if you accept her whipping, then you also will have to accept the special punishment I planned for the loser."

"I will accept it, Mistress. I beg your punishment."

Selene administered the whipping. Penny watched, still astonished that Amy had interceded. Then Selene went to a closet in the dungeon and returned with a large box. She placed it on the floor and opened the lid. She lifted the contents carefully because of its weight. When the packing strips fell away they could see that it was a boot.

Closer examination drew a different assessment. It was vaguely shaped like a cowboy boot, but that was as close as it got. It was more a parody of a boot than the real thing. For one thing, it wasnít leather. At least not the outside, which appeared to be a formed steel plate. The heel slanted sharply to one side, while the sole tilted in the other direction, away from a rounded ball that protruded at the base of the big toe.

It was inside that the devil designer had done his worst. A plastic foot had been heated and then twisted severely in several places before it hardened again. Then it was used as a mold to build the boot around. Above the ankle a built in cuff locked the boot in place.

The boot was a modern copy of a real boot that was commonly known as the ĎOregon Boot.í They had been made and used in the Frontier days as a portable jail, as once locked on a prisoner, he could not walk without a crutch

Amy blanched when she saw the ugly monstrosity. She went nearer for a closer look, especially down inside the boot, but it was too dark to see any details. Selene had her sit on the edge of her desk while she and Tom fitted her foot into the top of the boot. They set the boot on the floor but it would not stand by itself so Tom had to hold it.

They had her put some weight on her foot until it slowly slid down and in. Amy winced as the angles and sharp corners dug at her foot. Her heel dropped in and she winced again. There were sharp points digging into the tips of her toes and into her heel. Tom turned a crank and the cuff tightened around Amyís ankle. He pulled the crank free and stuck it in his pocket.†††††

Selene had Amy put more weight on that foot. She shuddered as the boot twisted, growing more painful with each movement. She was unable to stand on it. If she tilted her foot back the slanted heel forced her foot against the studded sidewalls.† If she tilted it forward, the protruding ball took the weight and pushed hard against her toe, while the ankle cuff dug painfully into the joint.

Penny went to her rescue, determined to pay Amy back for her kindness in accepting her punishment. She took Amyís arm and put it across her shoulders supporting the girlís weight and the weight of the boot. Amy held the boot off the floor, no small task given the bootís weight. Even that brought new studs and sharp corners into play inside the boot.

Selene wisely decided that this was not the time to harp on winning. She could easily have ordered Penny not to help Amy, but that wouldnít have gained anything. Penny had worn the boot for 24 hours for breaking a plate, so she knew exactly what Amy was enduring.

Chapter 57 -- Lessons Learned

After classes ended, Penny and Amy reported to their respective Masters. As expected, both men were highly upset about their slaves having unauthorized orgasms. In separate calls that were not overheard, Selene explained to both Masters that it was part of her testing program. They agreed that it was a good test of the slaves under stress and that both slaves deserved severe punishment for ignoring the order.

Selene also explained the events leading up to Amy getting the boot, and Pennyís efforts to help her. Both Masters agreed that Penny should be commended for her act of kindness, but it was not to be allowed to interfere with the class routine. Glen suggested taking five strokes off the total to be duplicated for both slaves.

Selene expressed her concern that she was not getting through to the slaves with her message about not losing. Dr. Steve cautioned her that submissives by nature tend to have less confidence in themselves, as evidenced by their desire to be ruled by someone else. "Youíre a natural dominant," said Dr. Steve, "and you always want to win, no matter what. Have some patience with their instincts and donít let yourself get upset about it. When theyíve been in the scene as long as you have, they will assuredly understand your concern. Having them learn the slogan is a great idea, so reinforce it every chance you get."

When Amy made her telephone report to Glen he listened and asked questions as if he hadnít already heard the full story. He was pleased that Amyís version matched, almost word for word, with what Selene had told him.

He bawled her out first for losing, then congratulated her on volunteering to take Pennyís punishment, including the boot. "Thatís the mark of a good slave, accepting blame whether or not the incident was your fault. Iím going to reduce your punishment for losing, to note your progress in other areas."

The next morning a gaunt and weary Amy made her way to the breakfast table, using a crutch that Dr. Steve had provided. She had been unable to move the awkward mass on her foot into her cage, so she had tried to sleep on the floor, but the constant nagging of the dozens of little punishers in the boot had kept her awake.

She had a second stripe to display, matching Pennyís extra welt. Most of the swelling was already gone although neither girl would at the moment care for even the gentlest of caresses on that part of her body.

After breakfast, Selene told Amy to make her way to the dungeon. Selene came down a few minutes later with Tom and Terry. Tom had the key to the boot and Selene gave him the go ahead to take the boot off. It took the combined effort of both men to remove the boot because Amyí foot had swollen to nearly twice its normal size. There were several scratches and dozens of red dots where the skin had been pushed inward, but the skin had not broken. Only one spot was oozing a short trail of blood.

Selene asked Amy for comments about the boot, calling Open Time.

"Mistress, I had heard of the Oregon Boot, but this was the first time I had seen one, let along having to wear one. I can readily see why it was so popular as a portable jail. I would not move an inch in it unless forced to at the end of a whip."

"As you can see, there are a lot of near puncture wounds all over my foot. Thatís the diabolical part. No matter what surface you contact inside, there are sharp points or angles waiting to hurt you. Even worse than the points, the inside is so curved and warped that my foot hurt before I even put any weight on it. It twisted my foot so badly that I had cramps all night."

"What advice would you give Penny about being booted?"

"Mistress, I would tell her that the devil himself invented this thing and that she should do everything in her power to win every test she is given, to avoid what I went through."

"Penny, what do you have to say about it?"

"Mistress, I have learned another very important lesson. I want to thank Amy for volunteering to take my punishment. If I had known about the boot I would not have let her. I appreciate the advice she just gave me and I will do everything in my power to win, and keep winning."

"Both of you," said Selene, "are submissives. As such you donít attach as much importance to winning. However, it is important that you do realize how important it is to your training. If your Master puts you in a race, or a test, youíd better win - and I will keep repeating it."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Your slogan," she ordered.

In unison they repeated, "A slave never dares to lose."

"Would you disobey your Masterís direct order, and lose?

Without prompting they repeated the mantra, "A slave never dares to lose."


Selene spent the morning reviewing information she and Dr. Steve had given the slaves. Amy sat on the floor with her foot propped up on a crate. The swelling went down almost immediately and after lunch Seelene announced that the first test of the afternoon was another race. This time Selene handed each slave a pair of boots with four inch heels.

"The boots are a size too small, deliberately. You should always be prepared to do the Masterís wishes no matter when or where, If you are handed boots that are too small or too big, you make the best of it and win."

The race ended in a dead heat. Both tongues hit her foot at the same instant. Selene was not happy, and both girlís faces turned sour when she announced, "Dead heat. Neither of you won, so five strokes apiece. I told you and told you, you are out there to win, not to come in a tie. I want winners! To make my point, you two will spend the rest of todayís classes in the Pain Box. One more tie and youíll spend a week in it."

Tom and Terry got a hand cart and soon wheeled the two boxes into the class area. Amy recognized it as a version of the ĎInspection Boxí that she had become intimately acquainted with back at Glenís dungeon. Here, Selene had referred to it as a ĎPain Box,í and from Georginaís comments she had learned that it came under several other names.

One thing was certain to Amy, it would very likely live up to its name. She remembered only too well the Ďinterestingí modifications Glen had made to the box and its attachments. Knowing Dr. Steveís reputation she expected even worse. The threat of a week, before even seeing the evil box was revving up her breathing. An hour was endless. A day an eon. A week was unthinkable.

The Pain Boxes came with attachments. Attachments that served the primary purpose of making the inmate in the box as uncomfortable as possible. The basic position was sitting - on a dildo that could be adjusted from back to front, forcing the penetrated body into an awkward position. The farther forward the plug was, the wider the legs must spread to reach around the corner posts.

Nipple clamps attached by short chains to the back of the box pulled the breasts and upper torso back against the studded interior of the back, while the holes for the neck and wrists were close to the front. The result was a curvature of the spine and neck that just plain hurt.

Someone had added two rods, mounted on the front posts, which angled up into the air, providing tether points for the ankles. The attachments robbed the captive of any ability to move anything beyond clenching her fists or wriggling her toes.†

The two slaves were installed in the boxes, impaled only by the big dildo. Selene played a bizarre reversal of strip poker, adding attachments for each wrong answer. The competition was neck and neck for some time, with correct answers far outnumbering the rare mistake, so it was some time before Penny was the first to have her nose ring pulled sharply forward by a chain attached to the box. Selene left them without any relief for the rest of the class, lecturing on the duties of a slave so neither was required to answer, right or wrong.

The next day both Dr. Steve and Glen appeared at the door to the classroom. The coming lesson was obvious as both men had an armload of whips, canes and their variations. Both slaves were chained to X-shaped crosses, spread with their backs presented to the Masters.

Glen and Dr. Steve demonstrated every whip they were carrying and kept Selene busy bringing new ones from the storage cabinets. After each demonstration they swapped, so that Penny and Amy were alternating targets. To the slaveís benefit, the men controlled their strokes. They hurt but they were not yet as intense as a full scale whipping. Each did deliver one last stroke at near full power, just as a reminder that things could get worse. Each different lash was announced and named.

Nothing was said, but both slaves expected that there would be questions, so they did their best to memorize the names and the order in which they were used, as well as the effect. At the end of the demonstration they were placed back in the pain boxes

Despite their anticipation, they did poorly when the questions began. Penny was grimly determined. She showed every sign of near panic as one wrong answer piled on another. Neither man commented, which to her was a bad sign. Amy was no better. Trying to remember which whip was which and which caused the most pain turned her into a quivering wreck. Certain she would be remonstrated for her fears, she did her best to pull herself together, just as Penny was doing.

Once the questions were all asked and the wong answers noted, the two Masters finally showed that they were visibly upset at their slaveís less than perfect responses to their questions. Tom and Terry had been assigned to punishment duty. They corrected each wrong answer with the slash of a cane on the extended feet. Penny shut her eyes in anticipation of a blow. She was instantly corrected and suffered a repeat of the stinging stoke under her toes. Dr. Steve was blunt, "Five on each foot if you even blink during punishment."

Amy took the order as applying to her as well and swore to herself never to close her eyes if she was within sight of either Master. She reminded herself that the security cameras saw all and told all.

Glen and Dr. Steve were angry enough to repeat the entire punishment, but they relented and Glen suggested a three-day intensive course in whip recognition. It took all three days, but by the end of the lessons both slaves were letter-perfect in whip recognition. They expected at least a little praise for their newly learned skill, so they were surprised when Dr. Steve announced, "Another tie. Iím disappointed. You get five strokes of the cane and your Mistress gets the total, or 10 strokes. I have a feeling you will not look forward to tomorrowís class."

Seleneís face reddened, but she remained composed. She hoped against hope that her punishment would be private and not before her two charges, but that was not what Dr. Steve intended† He sprang another surprise, directing Tom and Terry to administer the slaveís punishment, but he and Glen punished Selene, each Master giving her five on her hands with a heavy wooden ruler as the two sobbing slaves watched.

Dr. Steve addressed her as she knelt before him, hands palm up on her thighs. "I expect you to express my disappointment to your two students in a manner that will impress on their memories the dangers involved in pissing off a Master, and getting their Mistress punished."

"Yes, Master. They already are well informed but I will make sure that they suffer the consequences of their poor showing. Perhaps a night in their pain boxes will give them time to regret their inattention."

"In the morning, I would suggest that you make them recite the penalties they have imagined during the night. They might have a suggestion or two that you can use. A regular review of the whips would not be out of order either."

"Thank you, Master. Iíll see that they donít enjoy their accommodations."

Dr. Steve and Glen got up and left, taking Tom and Terry with them, so Selene was alone with the two slaves.

She walked over and stood between Amyís outstretched legs. She held her hands up in front of her, where Amy couldnít avoid looking. She let her stare for long seconds. "Can you imagine how they hurt?"

"Yes, Mistress."

She opened her mouth to add an apology. Selene held up a warning finger, silencing her. She moved forward.

"Touch them with your tongue. Feel the hurt. Lick them while you imagine what your fate will be. Soak up my soreness."

Amy obeyed, laving the reddened hands, licking as if her life depended on it. Selene watched. After a minute she turned without a word and walked to Pennyís box. She held up her hands, let Penny look, and asked the same question. Penny responded but made no effort to add an apology. Lesson learned.

Her tongue was equally adept. Selene could feel the soreness leaving her hands. She walked away again, this time going behind Pennyís box and turning it so that she faced away from Amy. "There is to be absolutely no talking, no communication. If there is so much as a grunt or a moan you both will spend tomorrow night with three or four clothespins on your tongues. I will decide in the morning which of you did the poorest job on my hands. After that we will discuss the problems you two have caused. Your mantra..."

Two contrite voices announced, "A slave never dares to lose."

"Think about it."

The dungeon door slammed.


Upstairs, Dr. Steve was in his office, reading a lengthy e-mail that had come in during the day. Most of it was discussion of a case that Dr. Steve was consulting on, but the last sentence broght him to his feet and into the living room. Glen looked up at him as Dr. Steve smiled and announced, "We have a visitor coming!"

Startled, Glen repeated, "A visitor coming?"

Dr. Steve hurried back into his office, throwing "Just a minute" over his shoulder.

He returned a moment later with a second piece of paper.

"Dr. Saslo Digonnest!"

"Am I supposed to know him?

"Oh. Sorry, I got a bit excited. Heís a doctor that Iíve been working with, on a tough case he has. Heís deep in the bondage† scene in Europe and Iíve been trying for months to get him to come to the States."

He glanced down at the smaller page.

"His flight arrives at 8:45 in the morning, so weíll need to get up early to get there in time to meet him."

Chapter 58 -- A New Dawn

Glen and Dr. Steve were already in the baggage area when Dr. Saslo Digonnestís flight was announced. During the 45 minute drive to the airport, Glen had tried to pump Dr. Steve for more information about their visitor, but Dr. Steve refused to add anything more, saying only, "The Doctor will tell you what you want to know."

Dr. Steve was visibly excited, and some of it began to wear off on Glen, whose anticipation was whetted by the passing reference to bondage that Dr. Steve had made the previous evening. Tom and Terry had been briefed on their duties, assisting Selene until the men returned.

The wait was typical airport, lengthy and boring. Dr. Steve seemed lost in thought leaving Glen to eye the crowds around them. He amused himself by trying to guess which of the women standing nearby were submissives and which were dominant. He had more luck with the men, spotting two very obvious dominants, confirmed when their women arrived, suitably docile.

"There he is!" Dr. Steve pointed toward a very tall, distinguished looking man who was striding toward them as people spread apart to give him room. Glen was amazed at the power the man exuded, instantly dominating a wide area around him.

The two doctors embraced, both obviously pleased to be seeing each other for the first time. Dr Steve stepped back, "Doctor, I want you to meet Glen Federborn."

The doctor gave Glen a thousand watt smile and grasped his hand firmly. As if by magic his luggage appeared on the carousel in front of them. They caught the shuttle to the parking garage and did little more than discuss the weather until they were safely in the car, headed out into traffic.

As Dr. Steve drove, Dr. Digonnest half turned in his seat, looking at Dr. Steve and at Glen in the back seat. For the time being he ignored Dr. Steve and unleashed a barrage of questions at Glen, centering on his activities in the real estate market. The line of questioning left Glen with the impression that their guest was considering investing in real estate.

Although the conversation never left real estate, it was as if a switch had been thrown when they arrived at Dr. Steveís house. He showed† Dr. Digonnest to a room along the hall on the main floor. He opened the door and stepped back allowing his guest to enter.

"Well, well! What do we have here?"

The rhetorical question was elicited by the occupant of the king size bed. She, obvious from the exposed parts, was a woman with a stunning body. She lay immobile, stretched to the four cornerposts by taut chains that led to delicate bracelets that imprisoned her four limbs. A skin-tight leather helmet encased her head and neck, the obligatory padlock at her throat. A blindfold and a gag were latched tightly across her face.

Glen thought for a moment that it was Penny, then realized that Dr. Steve would not use her for entertaining guests other than a quick blow job. Where and how he got this slave would be questions to ask later. The man was full of surprises.

Dr. Steve led them to the basement stairs, explaining that any and all equipment besides the well stocked closet, was readily available just a few steps away, in the basement. Without comment he opened the door. Selene snapped to attention and the two slaves tried to see out of the corners of their eyes just who had come in.

Selene had kep her promise. The two slaves were suffering severely for getting their Mistress in trouble. Selene had whipped them from their boxes to the toilets and cold showers and whipped them back into their pain boxes. This time, double dildos, front and back. Each had a monster dildo fixed to the top of their box, jammed into their mouths by the pull on their nose rings which were hooked to a turnbuckle and in turn to the front of their box. The turnbuckles were twisted until only a hair separated the ends of the two hooks.

Dr. Digonnest took in the punishment at a glance, nodding his head in approval.

"I take it they pissed you off for some reason?"

"Neither one knew a whip from a hole in the ground. They do now!

Amy, embarrassed by the strange man, and still a little green, expected to be acknowledged, if not introduced. Penny knew better and braced herself for whatever might come.

Dr. Steve ignored them and instead introduced, "Slave Selene, their Mistress."

Dr. Digonnest eyed her up and down, with reserved interest. He offered a suggestion. "The nose hook tension is excellent. You might want to add a vibrator under the turnbuckle to ensure their abject attention."

Selene felt as if she was melting in the manís aura. She nearly squeaked as she nodded, "Yes, Master."

He stood still, waiting expectantly. Selene snapped out of her daze and dashed for the equipment cupboards. In a few moments Amy and Penny were being treated to vibrations that threatened to de-nose them. The previous pain suddenly jumped to the top of the scale. They would listen. They would learn. Anything to get those infernal vibrators turned off. The worst part for both was the realization that the vibrators were on their lowest setting. Instinctively they both knew what a wrong answer would trigger.

Dr. Digonnest nodded with satisfaction and turned to examine the other pain machines that lined the room. He obviously was well aware of the purpose of each piece of equipment, nodding in appreciation and humming an off-key tune under his breath. Not unexpectedly he didnít ask a single question and made no comment other than the occasional nod.

Selene stood bolt upright, only her eyes moving as she watched him examine the equipment. She seemed thunderstruck, her face blank. As the three men left without a word, she shook her head to clear her brain and turned her attention to her two thoroughly cowed students, both pleading for mercy with their eyes. Back on familiar ground her eyes sparkled again. Both girls shuddered in anticipation, knowing their punishment was far from over. Selene picked up a cane.


Dr. Steve gave Dr. Digonnest the full tour. When they reached the room where his wife had spent long years he frankly admitted his fault in keeping her a lonely prisoner. He described the incident that triggered it and pointed out several features of the room that she had wished upon herself. He touched very briefly on the pleasures of personally punishing her after she was released.

"She was the dark haired slave in the pain box. The other slave is Amy, Steveís slave," he went on.

"I know," nodded the Doctor.

"She never took her eyes off you, the entire time we were in the room. You said the problem was whips?"

"Yes. She never bothered to learn the whips until I collared her. Then she wanted to know everything, even agreeing to allowing someone other than me to whip her. That after I promised her Iíd never let anyone else whip her."

After circling the entire basement the three men walked back up to the living room. A tray of miniature sandwiches and glasses with Scotch on the rocks awaited them. Dr. Digonnest headed for his room, returning somewhat flushed a few minutes later after no doubt getting better acquainted with the girl in chains on his bed.

"Dr. Digonnest," Glen started to ask.

"Oh, call me Dr. Saslo. Letís not be formal as I think we have some business to discuss."

"What sort of business?" Glen asked.

He glanced at his host. "Dr. Steve hasnít told you anything, I gather."

"No, sir. He said you would explain."

"Very well. I have a job offer to propose to you."

Glen looked very startled as this was not at all expected. "I donít think Iíd be interested unless it was right here in the city."

Dr. Saslo chuckled. "Donít be hasty. This should appeal to you. Hereís the deal, as you Americans would say. Iím in the end stages of establishing a BDSM community. Some of the infrastructure is already in place. The purpose is to provide a setting where residents can enjoy their lifestyle - and their slaves - to the fullest extent. As you probably have already guessed, this is not in the U.S.A. or any other first tier country where laws prohibiting slavery are inescapable."

"That doesnít mean that our citizens will get second or third class treatment. We have expended some substantial sums to ensure that certain obscure laws allowing slavery will remain on the books of the country. Iíll come back to that, but I wanted to cover more groud first."

"We began with a castle. The owner went bankrupt and the national government was begging for a buyer with hard currency. We got the castle, which we re-named Castle Bond, and with it some certain rights, for about three choruses of a song. The rights included first bid on the entire town that surrounds the castle on three sides."

"With the cooperation of the government weíre going to re-locate all the town residents to a brand new town about 20 kilometers away and buy all their old homes. They will be remodeled, modernized and sold to our new residents. As you might guess, one of the first to move in was the countryís president."

"Glen, this is where you come in. As you can see we need someone to run things, with an extraordinary knowledge of the real estate business. Iím told that you are one of the best in the business. After talking with you, Iím convinced you are the man for the job. Iím prepared to offer you one million dollars a year."

"Iím making that now, without leaving the city. It does sound interesting, but thatís not enough to get me to move."

"Alright, Iíll up the offer to two million,† plus a percentage of the sales and profits."

"Now youíve got my full attention. Tell me more, such as the ĎWeí that you mentioned several times. I canít believe youíre doing this by yourself."

"We are a corporation with over a billion dollars in private funding. The board is made up entirely of men who are fully into the scene. Iím the Chairman of the Board and Iím speaking to you with the boardís full authorization."

"We plan to have every possible amenity. The castle has an extensive dungeon which is being enlarged by slaves as we speak. We will be putting selected slaves into positions of authority to keep expenses down."

"As you can imagine the community is a sellerís market. We already have 20 houses occupied by new owners and expect to have several hundred by the end of the year."

"A major part of the community will be a shopping mall with shops directly tied to the scene. We already have several metal workers, leather workers and fetish clothing makers ready to move in and weíre getting several new requests a day. A lot of the shops will be offering custom restraints, made to order. We already have four major companies that want to establish a base there."

"Iíve got a house full of slaves besides Amy. What happens to them?"

"They come right with you. You will have free housing in one wing of the castle and there are ample slave quarters there and in the rest of the castle. As I said, we plan to put competent slaves in many of the jobs we will have available, to keep expenses down. Probably most, if not all of your slaves will find work."

"Part of your job will be planning and equipping the new facilities as they come on line. We have plans for a movie theater with private boxes and a theater where we can present plays. There is room for several sports complexes - Soccer of course for the Europeans , baseball for the Americans and whatever else comes to the top. Weíve already scheduled a nude womenís soccer match and nude volleyball games, which will give you an idea of where we are headed. You havenít seen soccer until youíve seen every woman on the field except the goalies in handcuffs."

"Thereís a large lake on the property, which means a marina, boat sales and service, and another cut for you. We already have a scuba diving store on the books."

"How do we get to this paradise?"

"Iím tempted to tell you that I wave my magic wand and transport you there, but itís much more mundane. We have our own airline. You will need to fly to Chicago which is the only place where we have landing rights at the moment, but we take over from there."

Dr. Saslo smiled to himself. He was an excellent judge of people and he was certain he had Glen hooked.

"Before committing myself Iíd like to see it. When can you arrange a flight?"

"I have to go back tomorrow, but we have a full load. I can have the plane back in two days and Iíll e-mail you a ticket for the flight to Chicago."

"Sounds great. A toast, to Castle Bond."

At that moment the butler entered. "Dinner is served."

Fresh drinks in hand the three advanced on the food. Dr. Saslo continued to pump Glen about the real estate market, until Glen finally asked, "Are you interested in investing?"

"Not at the moment. I have too much tied up in this project. But, someday soon, Iíd like to use your advice to buy an office building or two."

Chapter 59 -- Castle Bond

After that the dinner talk was on a variety of subjects. Dr. Saslo avoided mentioning the castle project until they were back in the living room. While they were eating the recliners had been replaced. They seemed to be slightly higher off the floor when Glen noticed them. Dr. Steve grinned. "Something new has been added."

He led the two other men behind the chairs. Peering out through the bars under the seats were the gagged faces of the two wife-slaves and the helmeted head of Dr. Sasloís slave.† The leash for each slave extended through the bars to a handy hook on the back of their chair.

Dr. Saslo clapped him on the back. "What a novel idea. Would your supplier like a job?"

"Iíll be glad to ask him," Dr. Steve responded.

"He can work wonders with furniture. Right now. heís working in a furniture restoration shop. Iím sure heíd jump at the chance to have his own business."

"Iím sure you and Glen have other people in mind. Iíll leave a supply of my cards to give them."

With the conversation back to the castle, both Dr. Steve and Glen quizzed Dr. Saslo as they sipped their drinks.

"Will I need to take a slave along on this first trip?"

Dr. Saslo laughed heartily. "No, Glen. You will find the air crew to your liking and once you are at the castle you will have your pick from the slave pool. We assign one to every potential resident. I doubt that you could come up with a sexual practice that they arenít expert at."

"If I do decide to take the job, Iíll need a passport and I assume my slaves will as well. I already have mine, so thatís not a problem. What about contracts? I have commitments to them that need to be enforced if they donít want to go, or something happens to me."

Dr. Saslo nodded. "We have a fully staffed legal and accounting department. They have contacts all over the world, so there is nothing to worry about. They will automatically make any payments or deductions. We have a travel agency as well, so we can book flights or cruises at a momentís notice. I forgot to mention that we have our own airport, with a 10,000 foot runway. As you will see we can fly anywhere as we line up landing rights. Weíre getting set up with a stock brokerage office as well, with some specialized investment advisers. They will certainly want to pick your brain."

"What about medical care? Itís amazing sometimes how the slaves get bruised and nicked." Glen grinned.

"Thatís a question for you, Steve. Are you going to take my offer to head the hospital?"

Dr. Steve shifted in his seat and took another sip of his drink before answering. "Iím inclined to say yes, but I havenít fully made up my mind. Like Glen I want to see the place first. Iíd enjoy going with him, but Iím going to have to wait 10 days or so to clear my calendar. Besides, he is going to need your full attention. Youíre carving out a pretty big job for him."

"I know, but he comes well recommended," looking pointedly at Dr. Steve, "and from what Iíve seen and heard he can handle the job."

"Not to change the subject, but Iím curious about how you are handling security. Filling the moat and raising the drawbridge?"

Dr. Saslo shook his head, with a wry grin. "No, we already have the best system money can buy. The board members really choked up when they saw how much I had spent, but they knew we had to do it. The castle lands had a six-foot wall around the perimeter so we added motion sensors and security cameras. We have a guarded gate a mile from the castle, so nobody gets in or out unannounced. Internally we have a small first class jail in a separate building. Once the area under the castle is excavated, the jail will be moved there and the security people will have the building to themselves. They have rapid response equipment, including an armored scout car and a helicopter."

"We donít really expect any serious crime, with one or two exceptions. The rules are very strict about injuring or causing the death of a slave and we have to have a secure place to hold residents involved in any incident until we can transfer them to the government for prosecution, or banish them to their home country. A slave attacking or killing a resident is another matter."

"Our most serious problem will be cameramen and reporters. A story on the lifestyle in the castle would be a real scoop. We have reserved a significant portion of the budget to kill any stories or photographs that get out. Weíll also have problems with the anti-slavery groups"

"Going back, we have rules in place that every resident must sign and agree to. The board will have the final say on removing a resident. If they are sent away, they forfeit all their property, including the injured slave and any shares in the castle or one of the businesses in the mall."

"How can you possibly cover all of this town?"

"We have security cameras in every room, in every building in the complex - even the bathrooms. The residents understand the need for strict security and agree to it in writing."

"Arenít you afraid that some deported resident is going to spill his guts to a reporter?"

"The risk is virtually zero. We show the person the tape of his crime and threaten to release it to the police in his home country. The country where the castle is has treaties with almost every other country to return wanted criminals, so we show them a tape of the national prison. I wonít even tour it, certainly not enter it in shackles."

"Are the residents all men?"

"Oh, no. We already have five or six women who are residents. They have either female or male slaves. Weíre expecting a significant number of residents to be women. There are a number of men who will bring their wives , along with their slaves."

The talk went on for another few minutes and then Dr. Saslo pointed to his watch, "Iím feeling a bit of jet lag, so I think Iíll turn in. You can ask more questions tomorrow."

Despite the plea of tiredness, Dr. Saslo quickly retrieved the leash and guided his slave out of the cage under his seat and down the hall to his room.

Glen and Dr. Steve finished their drinks and talked for a few more minutes.

"Do you think I should take the job?" Glen asked.

"Definitely. Heís just hinting at your perks. From what heís told me about the operating side, you probably will clear another million a year. Full room and board doesnít come cheap."

Dr. Steve smiled and repeated Glenís question, "Do you think I should take the hospital job?"

"Like you said, Ďdefinitely.í If Iím getting perks Iím sure you are too. Seeing this place will clinch it, for both of us."

They opened the cages, but only to remove the slaveís gags. Without a word they headed for bed.


Dr. Saslo answered more questions on the ride back to the airport. He had them drop him off at a security checkpoint, getting VIP treatment by the security guards and the ticket agent who checked his bag. Once that was out of the way he shook hands with both men and headed for the plane.

As they were driving back, Glen found a break in the conversation and asked, "Where did you get that slave on such short notice?"

"Oh, she was a former member of the Sorority. Does the odd bit of work when I need someone to impress a visiting dignitary."

Glen shook his head. "I donít recall a client that would have enjoyed a slave for the night."

Dr. Steve laughed. "If you asked, Iíll bet you would be surprised at the number of men who would jump at a chance like that. This girl is a natural submissive. Sheíd love to work full time in a bondage house, if her husband would let her."

"Hmmn, Iíll have to look into the idea. Of course, if this job comes through, I wonít get the chance."

"Ah, quit kidding yourself. Youíre all ready to sign on the dotted line, right now."

"Well, so are you! By the way, what country are we talking about? Where the castle is."

"He never said. Iím guessing itís somewhere in eastern Europe.


Glenís First Class e-mail tickets† were waiting for him when he walked into his office. He looked them over, mentally noting the times. He would be gone a week. Georgina came into the office at that moment.

Glen quickly filled her in on the job offer and his departure.

"Do you have a passport?"

"No, Master."

"Call the photo studio and have them send someone over to take passport pictures of you and all the girls. Strip the chains off the girls and get them into presentable clothes."

"Then go to the post office and get enough applications for everyone, maybe an extra or two in case one gets goofed up."

"Do I tell them what itís for?"

"Let them wonder. It wonít hurt. Theyíll probably think Iím selling them to some slave merchant. No arguments. Do it, or out the door. Dr. Steve is having someone bring Amy back, so sheís in the program too."

Glen had more on his mind. There was a stack of messages on his desk, some referring to major properties. He had no choice but to get some help. A quick search found a number. In ten minutes he had stolen a broker from a competitor and by dayís end had installed him as the new owner of Glenís business. Between the two of them they cleared all the calls and Jared was setting up appointments to show the properties.


Glenís tickets included explicit directions both to bypass the main ticket counters at the local airport, and how to get to the CB Airline hanger once he reached Chicago. At the bottom of the sheet was a handwritten note, "Ask for Lavina when you get on board."

Glen guessed that it referred to the CB flight and not the commercial flight to Chicago. He drove into the airport, showed his ticket and left his car in the long-term parking area. Almost as soon as he got his luggage out a van rolled up to take him the First Class lounge.

After serving dinner the flight attendant stopped at his chair.

"Sir, an electric cart will be waiting at the gate to take you to your connection." She smiled. ":Would you like another drink?"

"Just bottled water. I have a 13-hour flight from Chicago. I donít want a hangover to make it any worse."


As promised, an electric cart was at the gate waiting as the First Class passengers filed out. The driver was holding a sign with his name in large letters. Glen tossed his carry on bag in the back seat and climbed aboard.

"What about my luggage?"

"It will transfer just as with a regular connection. It should be at your plane by the time we get there."

Glen shook his head. This was pure pleasure when he compared it with some of the nightmare flights he had suffered in the past.

The cart sped through the crowded halls, the driver (unheard of) using his horn to clear a path. Down a ramp, through security without even stopping. Outside, the cart followed a long taxi strip to one of a row of hangers. The door opened automatically as the cart approached.

Glen couldnít help gasping. Poised to fly, a sleek cream-colored 747 stood in the hanger, a stairway in place to the cabin door. There was no mistaking its ownership. A gigantic CB Airlines banner with a logo bordered with a chain was emblazoned on the side and tail of the plane.

Before the door could close, a baggage cart train came rolling through, dropping a cart with luggage. Glen recognized his bag as it rolled to a stop beside the conveyor belt and was swarmed by a crew ready to load it onto the plane.

As he mounted the steps he looked up, directly into the smiling face of a stunning, fire colored red head. "Welcome aboard, Sir. My name is Linda. I will be at your service for the flight."

A second stunning red head waited in the galley. "My name is Lisa. I will be at your service for the flight.

"Thanks girls. I was told to ask for Lavina."

Standing just around the corner, a third, equally as stunning red head raised her hand in greeting. "Iím Lavina. Thank you Sir for asking for me."

The other two smiled, ignoring the fact they had been passed over, trained to expect and cope with rejection, although Glen could certainly see no reason to reject them. A vision of the three girls with him on a bed nearly flustered him, but Lavina was already holding his hand and showing him the plane.

His next surprise came as they walked into the main cabin. Luxuriously appointed, it had only four seats. Lavina explained, "Right now we only have two or three passengers, but a lot of cargo. The rear two-thirds is cargo space, but we can move the walls in a matter of minutes and add passenger space, or increase the cargo space."

The right hand side was blocked by a wall. A passageway on the left revealed doors into four cabins, each equipped with a king-sized bed and a private bath, with a shower. Lavina gave it her all, pointing out the features. She opened cupboards and pulled out drawers, revealing a wide variety of bondage equipment. The sheer weight must cut into the cargo capacity of the plane.

To his delight and surprise Lavina told him that he was the only passenger, meaning that the entire flight crew was at his call. She introduced Glen to the pilot, co-pilot and the flight engineer. The pilot went right to the point. "I understand you are the new General Manager of the castle complex?"

Lavina made an exclamatory gasp.

"Not yet. I havenít officially accepted the job. This is an inspection trip. Iíll know then whether Iíll take it."

"Youíll like it. The perks are tremendous." He looked at Lavina knowingly.

Afterward, without a blush she confided to Glen, "One of the perks for the cockpit crew is our unlimited use. It can get wild when we donít have any passengers."

"I take it then that you are slaves?"

"Yes, Sir. We do get some perks and special training that the castle slaves donít get but we have to be ready do anything the passengers want. We get to wear clothes when we land in another country, but we canít leave the plane, except with one of the cockpit crew. We do get retirement benefits."

The pilot announced that they were ready to take off. The big main hanger doors opened and the tug pulled the plane out into the open. As soon as it disconnected Glen could hear the whine of the jets starting up and moments later they were taxying toward the main runway. Glen fastened his seat belt and glanced out the window at the other planes nearby. There was no waiting in line. In a few moments the call came over the sound system, "Number one for takeoff."

As soon as they were well up in the air and headed east, the three girls busied themselves looking to Glenís comfort. The wheels had no more than clanked into the bottom of the fuselage when all their clothes disappeared. Everyone aboard now knew that he was soon to be their boss and treated him with even greater respect. He again refused a drink, planning an otherwise interesting evening.

Taking the opportunity when Lavina had disappeared on some errand, he called Lisa to his side. His instructions were brief. "I want Lavina spreadeagled, in stocks rather than chains. I want her in constant pain. Nothing serious, just painful. Can you do that?"

"Yes, Sir! She is a pain slut, so this will be right down her alley."

"And if I did the same with you, would you admit to being a pain slut?"

"All three of us enjoy pain. There are three more empty cabins where Linda and I could be staked out for your pleasure. The Flight Engineer is an expert at administering pain."

"Thanks, but one is enough for tonight. If I take this job youíll probably see a lot more of me. Iíd enjoy exploring just how you react to pain. Meanwhile, Lavina is still running loose. I want her softened up before I join her."

"Yes, Master."† Sir on the ground, Master in the air, or at the castle.

Glen turned his attention to the DVD player. The master list included films that Glen recognized as the cream of the crop. Selecting one with some difficulty he leaned back, mentally preparing for his tryst with Lavina.

Chapter 60 -- Questions and Tales

A few minutes later Lisa returned, standing well back to avoid disturbing Glen as he watched the movie. He spotted her immediately and hit the pause button.

"Master, Lavina awaits your pleasure."

"Good. Take Linda and visit the flight deck. Make sure the cockpit crew is well satisfied. Do you have chastity belts?

"Yes, Master."

"Punishment dildos?"

"Yes, Master."

"Front and back, under the belt. Youíve done nothing wrong, so far. This is just a test."

"Thank you, Master."

Glen yawned and glanced at his watch. It was later than he had guessed and he made a mental calculation. Hours for sleep didnít add up to much. He headed for the cabin where Lavina waited.

When he walked in he discovered that Linda and Lisa had taken him very literally. Lavina was obviously in pain. She lay, stretched fully to wooden stocks that held her ankles and wrists as well as her neck. Her feet and hands were hidden in copper slippers and matching gloves. As he would find out both had hundreds of sharp little studs. Matching them were the stocks, the holes equally studded.

Lavinaís body was arched sharply,† a wide metal belt the only immediate suggestion for her posture. The belt was more ingenious even than the metal slippers and gloves. It was tight, sunken fully into her flesh and every inch of the inside had protruding points. At the back there was a spring loaded pressure plate with more of the nasty little studs. Letting† her body drop onto the plate would drive the studs through holes in the belt and into her flesh.

Studded velcro bands surrounded the bases of both breasts, mushrooming them out over the bands, exposing her nipples to the toothed clamps that stood up like beacons.

Glen ran his hand along her taut body, noting the sheen of sweat already glazing her skin. With her entire weight balanced between her imprisoned neck and helpless ankles she was in a pickle. Just the weight of his hand was enough to make her arch flatten slightly, her belted loins a bare inch from the hard mattress. He knew she would exhaust herself very quickly, maintaining her position, so he ordered, "Flat on the bed."

"Yes, Master." Gingerly she lowered her back until the plate touched. She grunted softly as the studs pushed through the belt, the center of hurt moving from her neck and ankles to her midriff.

Glen surprised her, addressing her pain. "Pretty strong medicine. Your co-workers take things literally. You may speak freely."

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master."

"Can you survive almost the entire flight in that rig? I need to interrogate you."

"Master, I was punished during training for touching a Masterís cock with my teeth. They put me like this for 24 hours. I kept my back arched almost to the last. They put weights on my belly to make it harder. Please, Master, donít blame the other girls. They felt that you, as the new boss, should be treated to something special. I agreed, wishing to please you in a special way."

Secretly pleased he passed it off. "Hmpf, bondage games can get out of hand. Be careful what you ask for."

"Yes, Master."

Glen stripped off his clothes and took a quick shower. Still damp he joined Lavina on the bed.

He laid on his side, and reached for the nearest nipple clamp and removed it, letting it dangle from the decorative chain. Even after such a relatively short time it still hurt. Lavina suppressed a yelp, but her face was more difficult to control. Glen rolled and squeezed the rigidly erect nipple, exerting warning pressure.

"If Iím going to run this outfit, I need a lot of background information. A bad answer or the wrong answer is going to hurt. However you may speak freely, as I said. Nothing leaves this† cabin. For example, how were you recruited?"

I answered an ad in one of the bondage newspapers. I got a phone call asking me to come to an office for an interview. I didnít trust it, so I called my best friend and told her exactly where I was going and how long to wait before calling me.

There was what looked like a temporary sign on the door, making me even more suspicious. When I walked in there was a woman behind a desk, She had me sit, and while I waited, two other girls came in. They sat down near me, but they ignored me, whispering to each other. I gathered they were as concerned as I was, especially after they got into an argument over which one should have remained behind to check on the other.

A light flashed on the desk, and I was told to go in. I walked into the next room and saw two men sitting in chairs. A third chair faced them.

"Take off your clothes," one of them ordered. I almost bolted, but I needed a job so I began to strip slowly, The other man got impatient, "Hurry up, we havenít got all day. If you canít obey orders weíre all done with you."

I whipped off my bra and panties and stood there while they eyed me up and down.

"Turn around."

I have a good figure, so that part didnít bother me. Then the questions came thick and fast. They wanted detailed information about my every bondage experience. I had to describe every sex act I had ever suffered or performed and every one that I had refused to do.

The other man demanded, "Would you do that if we paid you enough?"

I wanted to say ĎHell, No!í and tell them to go to Hell, but the mention of money had my interest. I nodded. "If the price was right."

They switched topics, wanting to know if I had ever worked as a flight attendant. I had, but got flunked out of training when the strait-laced training manager got wind of the fact that I was into bondage. After explaining that, they warmed up a bit and let slip a few references to the job they had in mind for me. They wanted a flight attendant with a bondage record, so this time I fit the profile.

The really hard part came next. They explained that I would be working for a private airline. However, my duties would include keeping the passengers Ďhappyí meaning sexually sated, and the same for the cockpit crew. I was absorbing that when I asked the key question, "What is the salary?"

The man looked me straight in the eye and said one word.


I jumped up and grabbed my clothes.

"Wait a moment," the other man said. "Havenít you ever fantasized being a slave?"

He had me. So far back into my childhood I couldnít even remember how or when it started, that had been my be all, end all fantasy. Just his saying the word started my juices flowing. I had masturbated a thousand times to the picture in my mind of chained slavery. I dropped my clothes and sat down, half of me screaming "more!" the other half scared to death.

"Our contract is for five years. At the end of that period if you retire, you will receive a check for $500,000. In the meantime, you will have free room and board and other perks."

"What happens if I am injured or killed?

"We provide a free comprehensive insurance policy for the same amount, in your name. All medical care is free. Residents are carefully screened and security is tight, so you will be well protected."

I cocked an eye at Ďresidentsí so he explained the whole setup. By the time he was through, I was ready to pay him to let me work there. Iíd never even come close to something like this in my wildest fantasy. To me it was a dream come true. The nice part is that itís even better than I imagined from what they told me.

From that point on it turned into the wildest dream I could ever have come up with. I read the contract in a daze, confirming the things they told me. As soon as I signed it, I was allowed to put my clothes back on and after a flurry of questions about my apartment, relatives, friends and other responsibilities, they handed me an envelope with $3,000 to pay everything for the next four months, which would be my trial period. They sent me out through another door so I wouldnít have had a chance to talk to the other girls.

One week later a rental car was at my door to take me to the airport. I was given a ticket to Chicago and once on the ground there a man met me and escorted me to the plane - this plane.

Oh, I didnít get the VIP, front cabin trip. I flew in transport chains, in a box in the cargo section. I was a raw recruit so they didnít want me screwing things up or saying the wrong thing to the passengers. I had no way of knowing whether there were any other recruits on board - not that it would have made any difference. I was in seventh heaven, a slave girl in chains being shipped to some Arab sheik.

Glen pinched. "The girls said you are a pain slut."

Lavina groaned, "Master, Iím going to come!"

"Not yet. I have more questions. You are a pain slut."

"YES, Master! All the flying girls are pain sluts. We have to be. Some of the passengers come up with some wild ideas, especially ones that hurt. Linda and Lisa were pissed that I got the severe bondage."

"They both are in chastity belts, riding double punishment dildos for the night."

"Ohhh." Lavina groaned again, writhing against her bonds. The vision of her two friends and fellow slaves in belts momentarily overshadowed her own predicament. "Serves them right. They serviced the cockpit?"

Glen nodded.

"That will take the starch out of them. The Flight Engineer can hold off for half an hour at a time. Wears us out. They have orders not to be gentle with us. Part of our continuing training."†

"You donít mind being their slave?"

"God, No! They are all hunks that I would bed instantly, even without my contract."

"Better than the passengers I gather?"

"Some of the passengers are really good. Put us through our paces. But some are real pricks, especially some of the women. They shouldnít be allowed to have slaves. We three filed a complaint on one woman. She was leaving scars. They booted her out of the castle a week later. To our delight she got the box treatment on the return flight instead of the front cabin."

"You mentioned training. Tell me about it."

"They have a training section where all the new slaves learn the things that go along with their job. As flight attendants we had a special classroom and instructors, because we are literally the front line of the castle. If we leave a bad impression the visitors† may decide not to become residents. Losing one resident is like losing my whole contract. They spent a lot of time impressing that on us."

"They brought in sex experts. I never fucked around, but I was pretty well acquainted with what a cock and a pussy can do, but those instructors knew volumes of acts Iíd never heard of. They paired us up with blindfolded male slaves and we practiced the whole book. My pussy and tits - and asshole - were permanently sore during the training."

"Then they brought in the bondage experts. Again, they had ideas and methods that were way outside my experience, or anything Iíd read or seen on video. They tied us seven ways from Sunday, taught us knots and locks and chains - and whips.

We learned how to tie each other up or to do inescapable self-bondage. They covered a slug of things and we had to learn every one of them letter perfect."

"We all had the most trouble with the whips. We not only had to learn how to use them, we had to know and identify each one from the welts it left on our hides. Every one of us came out of training with welts from our necks to our ankles."

"Then came the equipment lessons and tests. Butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, electric shock, nipple clamps, clit clamps, stocks, racks, whipping crosses. If anyone anywhere had ever heard of it, there was at least one example in the castle and we got to use every one, and have every one used on us."

"You told the girls ĎConstant pain, nothing serious,í for me. They - and I -† picked the additional parts beyond the stocks you suggested. If you had asked, they would have described this and several other possible painful restraints. We walk a fine line between overstepping a passengerís wishes and not coming up with a satisfactory plan of action. We usually have some advance information as to preferences, so we can prepare. In your case we were told that you would be the new General Manager and that you were fully experienced as a Master."

"Learning every day." Glen laughed. "Thatís why this private quiz. Iím curious as to what Iím getting into."

"From the reaction of the crew youíre already in charge. They can spot an experienced Master at a hundred yards and they had you pegged before you got up the stairs."

"I appreciate your candidness. Keep it up. So far Iím well satisfied with what Iíve seen on board. If I didnít already have a slew of slaves Iíd seriously consider packing you three off to some island paradise, never to be free again."

Lavina groaned again, and again moved against her painful bonds. "Master, Iím losing it. This is too much. Iím going to come!"

"Go ahead. Youíve earned it, but you will pay for it."

He reached down and explored her soggy swamp until he found her clit. He squeezed. Once. Twice. Hiroshima and Nagasaki exploded together.

When she had recovered to the point of heavy breathing Glen was playing with her nipple.

"Whatís the approved penalty for an orgasm?"

"Master, whatever you wish. That was awesome!"

"A suggestion from that well-stocked mind would be appropriate."

"Master, you mentioned the punishment dildos. I should have one too. They have a ring of studs around the base. We have to repeatedly squeeze them in our muscle training classes. Thereís one in the nightstand beside you."

It fit into her tunnel, with a bit of pressure. When the studs had disappeared into her he ordered, "Squeeze."

She barely suppressed a yelp as two or three of the studs homed in on her G-spot.

"Every time I ask a question, you squeeze automatically. If I say ĎHold it" you stay tight until the question is fully answered. The default is another one up your ass."

"Yes, Master." Her private rating of Glen went up another notch. Most Masters would have drilled her with both dildos right off the bat. She clamped down on yet another climax that threatened her control.

"Did the training really prepare you for what you would face on the plane?"

"Unh! Yes, Master. We have been superbly trained. Iíve been flying six months and there was only one unexpected bondage scene. A woman wanted a tongue fight. She clamped two tongues together and then we had to compete for the privilege of going down on her."

Glen continued to fondle her nipple. He was warming to the girl and actually had been half serious about whisking the three red heads to an island somewhere.

"Sounds like youíve had some real adventures in bondage. Why donít you tell me about them - say the flight you remember most."

"Unh. Master, that would have been my very first flight as a flight attendant."