Amyís Bondage
by Raul Roget

Copyrighted material, not for those under 18 years of age.

Chapter 51 -- Finally, The Wedding

Dr. Steve disappeared down the hall. Blindfolded, Amy heard his footsteps receding.

The jailer was fuming, grumbling aloud. "Fuckin smartass. Spoilt my fun, he did. Damn shrink anyway! God, if I got him in one of the cells..."

Amy kept silent, her thoughts whirling. Dr. Steve must have some power over the Judge or he wouldnít try to save her. Even the Jailer deferred to him. The threat was mere bravado, or at least she hoped it was.

Dr. Steve came back a half hour later. The Jailer had been pacing the floor, alternately cursing and threatening the Doctor under his breath. As soon as he heard the footsteps he quieted.

The Doctorís face was grim when he came into the room. He told the Jailer, "You are to leave her strictly alone. No whipping, no other punishment, no torture. Thatís the Judgeís order. Understand?"

"Yeah, if he wants it thet way. Ainít what he told me ter do."

"You can work that out with him. Amy, Iíll see you at the wedding." With that he left.

The Jailer waited until Dr. Steve was out of earshot before letting off a string of curses. Despite his anger he obeyed orders. He reached in and gently opened the alligator clips and put the field telephone away.

Amy was stunned. She had twice in a matter of minutes avoided an evening of rape at the Judgeís house and an evening with the magneto that certainly would have forced her to ask that the wedding be canceled. If Dr. Steve could hold the two of them off until the wedding she might make it. She was seriously considering him for the job of guardian angel.

The Jailer went off somewhere. Amy took advantage of his absence to extricate herself from the corner she had been jammed into. She moved as much as she could in the cage, getting cramped muscles back in order. When the Jailer came back he seemed to be in a somewhat better mood, but before he got into his bed he warned her again, "You so much as breath loud and your ass is mine in the morning."††††††† 18 hours to go.

Dr. Steve called Glen, "Amy is all right, but your wedding is pretty precarious. The Judge was set with a rape party at his house tonight but had to cancel when some legal matters came up. He had ordered the Jailer to torture her instead and when I walked in he was using an old field telephone on her. He would have had her begging to cancel the wedding with that thing. The magneto puts out a pretty powerful jolt."

"How did you get him to stop?"

"The Judge was pissed because you put her in a chastity belt. It spoiled the party he had planned, so it served its purpose. I told both of them that sheíd just had surgery, which was the reason for the belt, and that she wasnít to be hurt. I got the Judge to tell the Jailer to stop. He wasnít at all happy about it."

"Thanks very much for letting me know. I appreciate your interceding for her. I owe you another."

"Iíd suggest that both you and I show up at least an hour before the wedding to make sure there isnít any last-minute problem. After the wedding Iím going to need to talk to you."

"Right after the wedding, or later?"

"Iíd like to do it as soon as possible. You arenít going on a honeymoon?"

Glen laughed. "Far from it. Amy is in for some serious new training. Selene has been a godsend."

"Good. Iíll see you before the wedding." 16 hours to go.

Morning. The Jailer seemed to be his usual jovial self. Amy had managed not to wake him, but she was convinced that he was the worldís lightest sleeper. Amy got her bread and water without the usual contribution from the Jailer.†††††

8 hours until the wedding.

She spent the day swapping ends in her cage, kissing each bar as she went by. It reminded her of the previous visit. The bars didnít taste a bit better.

1 Hour before the wedding.

Dr. Steve and Glen arrived at the same time. They walked in together just as the Jailer was wheeling her cage toward the courtroom. He nodded a greeting and continued on his way. The two men followed. Glen noted the blindfold was still in place and a gag now hid the lower part of Amyís face. A bailiff stood by the door and showed them to their seats, while Amy was wheeled into a holding room.

Amy had heard the two men talking and recognized both voices. She wanted to talk to both of them but she heard them being diverted away from her. She couldnít talk anyway with the peculiar gag she was wearing. Her hands were locked behind her so she was unable to explore it.

As she heard more voices, she suddenly realized she was nude under her chains. Were all those people going to see her naked?

Someone in the room cleared his throat. Amy turned toward the noise, frustrated by her blindfold.

"You still want to go through with this?"

It was the Judge. She nodded her head vehemently.

"I have a present for you, that Iíll open right now. Itís a suppository that we call ĎBlue Lightning." Itís a dose intended for a horse, but we use it regularly on the prisoners. It is guaranteed to empty your bowels in fifteen minutes. You are going to have to contend with that during the ceremony. If you shit yourself or make one peep, the wedding is off!"

"If you last that long, you will have one word to say during the ceremony. I will ask you a question, which you will answer, "Yes" if you want to go through with the wedding or "No" if you want to stop it. The Jailer will open your gag and close it again. The one word will be all you will be permitted to say. If you try to say more you will be turned over to the jailer for an indefinite stay. Is that understood?"

Amy nodded her head just as vigorously. She heard a door close. The Judge was gone.

She was ready to push the panic button. She could feel her intestines twisting from the powerful laxative. She had no idea how much longer until the ceremony or how long the ceremony would last. This was what she had feared, last minute interference with the wedding. With the Blue Lightning churning in her gut her chances of getting married were already in the negative zone.

She heard a door open. The Judge coming back? The muted cackle told her it was the Jailer.

"All set to go? Nah" He answered his own question.

"Got a leetle present for yer. We calls Ďem Blue Lightning. The local Vet, he sells Ďem to use on the prisoners. Course itís a dose for a horse, but we ainít had a slut die on us, yet. You gets it right up your ass and in 15 minutes yer gonna dump a load right plum in front of Ol Judge and heís gonna sentence yer to an indefinite stay in my Ďfun house.í

She shook her head, violently, yelling into her gag, trying to tell him she already had one inside her. He ignored her, assuming she was protesting his insertion. She felt his fingers, coarse, pushing the little pill up inside her. She felt the urge to fart, controlling it with a mighty effort. Not while the Jailer was right there!

She felt something pushing. It slipped through her ring, the portal opened and closed on the narrow base. A butt plug.

"Makes it worse to hold it," the Jailer whispered in her ear and cackled.

My God! What was she going to do? Sheíd never last through the ceremony with one! Let alone two! Gagged, she had no choice. There were no eye signals for "Iíve got two pills up my ass and I canít hold it!"† Now there was an additional threat. If she lost control, sheíd be charged with Contempt of Court and stay in the cage forever. She had one, and only one, choice. Tough it out.

The music started on the speaker. "Here comes the bride." Her cage started moving. The door to the courtroom opened. Her entrance was greeted with applause. Amy turned red, and then remembered to breathe. Her gut growled at her,

Naked, chained, blindfolded and gagged, locked in a tiny cage, she was about to enjoy her own wedding. Enjoy? Ha! She forgot to mention the butt plug and pills.

She was wheeled into the room and put beside Glen. The Judge made his entrance as everyone rose. It had all the trappings of a court case, not a wedding.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here today to formalize the relationship of Master Glen and his slave, registered as Amy.

At the onset I would like to make it clear that I am steadfast against according the honor of a dual title, slave, and wife."

"There are many practical reasons for my reluctance, not the least being the numenius legal problems associated with such a union. As but one instance, what becomes the child of a slave-wife, or wife-slave, whichever you chose? Is the child by birth a slave, or free? If there is a separation or a divorce, unnecessary light would be shed on the practice of voluntary slavery, bringing discredit to many fine people, such as those in this room today."

"In many of the legal cases that I am aware of questions have arisen that no court of law has ever decided. This puts the burden on the few of us who are familiar with this lifestyle."

The Judge droned on and on, citing minor legal points and a brief history of several cases, which turned into lengthy legalistic terminologies. Amy was growing more impatient by the second. Her stomach was growling continuously, so loud that Glen looked down at her several times. The twin lightning bolts were thrashing about in her colon, demanding prompt attention and "Which way to the exit?"

Finally, after watching Amy like a hawk for any sign of impending disaster for several minutes, he ran out of cases and began the ceremony. It consisted entirely of rambling questions:

"Master Glen, is this your slave, duly registered as Amy?"

"Master Glen, is she wearing your collar, and was she formally collared?"

"Master Glen, is she satisfactory in her duties to you, her Master?"

To each question he answered, "Yes, Your Honor."

"Master Glen, have you owned this slave for more than one year?"

"Yes, Your Honor."

The questioning went on and on. He gave his birth date, her birth date, results of blood tests, parents names, scars, marks or tattoos. Glen remained calm, but the Judge, who continued to watch Amy, seemed to be getting nervous. Amy was ready to crawl through the bars of her cage. She was beginning to feel the pressure building on the butt plug. She needed relief right now.

After a good 20 minutes of questioning the Judge turned toward Amyís cage. The jailer came up behind her and tore open the velcro fastening holding her gag. "Just one word!" he whispered in her ear.

"Slave, was the information your Master gave correct?

Amy licked her dry lips. "Yes," she croaked. The gag was back in her mouth instantly.

"Then by the powers given me by the State. I give you, Master Glen, this slave as your lawfully wedded wife." Automatically he rapped his gavel, then hurried through the door into his chamber. Before it closed he could be heard, swearing.

The 20 or so guests crowded around Glen, ignoring Amy. Once the well wishers went back to their jobs, Glen grabbed the hand cart and started wheeling Amyís cage. The elevator took days to come back up. Amy fidgeted and moved about the cage. Glen was concerned that it would tip off the cart, so he told her to sit still. As soon as they were in the elevator she clashed her chains to draw his attention and mewed into her gag. He ignored her for a moment or two, then reached down and opened the gag.

" Please, Master, get me to a toilet. They gave me a double dose of laxative and put in a butt plug. If I donít get to the can Iím going to shoot it clear across the room. The elevator door opened and there was a rest room right around the corner. Glen hurriedly unlocked the cage and pulled Amy out. He went with her into the ladyís room to make sure she could handle it. She did need help as her chains wouldnít let her reach the plug. He eased it out, feeling the pressure. Amy held for a second, as Glen jerked the plug out of the way, then she filled the bowl with explosive force.

By the time she was empty she looked haggard and drawn. Glen had to assist her on wobbly feet as she came out under her own power.

Dr. Steve was at the door, a worried look on his face. "What happened?:"

"They gave her a double dose of laxative."

Amy interrupted. "Master, they gave me two Blue Lightning suppositories. The Judge came in first and stuck one in me. Then the Jailer came in and did the same thing. Gagged, I couldnít tell the Jailer that I already had one. If he hadnít put a butt plug in me, I would have shit all over the courtroom floor.

"You said, ĎBlue Lightning?í Dr. Steve asked.

Amy nodded.

"Those are horse pills!"

"Thatís what they said. A local vet sells them, to use on the prisoners. They both said they were guaranteed to work in 15 minutes."

"You survivcd two of them for almost an hour. I thought heíd never quit."

"I was determined to get married. They said if I lost it in the courtroom I would be charged with contempt of court and held in the jail indefinitely. I had a double incentive."

Dr, Steve shook his head angrily, "This is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. Both of them are going too far."

Glen nodded. "Were you aware that Selene was taken to the Judgeís house and beaten with whips and rubber hoses and repeatedly raped?"

Dr. Steve shook his head. "No, Did she tell you?"

Iíve been taping her life story - quite a bit about you - but this was after you sent her to the Judge to become his slave."

"Damn! I should have kept her. She did wonders with Penny."

"So I heard, but thatís off topic. What do we do about these two?"

"Iíve got a couple of ideas. Iíll work on them and get back to you."

"Iíll be glad to support anything you have in mind. Theyíve got to be stopped!"

Glen put Amy in the cab and shoved the cage into the box. By rights she should have gone back in the cage, but Glen took pity on her and let her ride in front. She had been through enough.

As they drove, he asked, "Dr. Steve said the Jailer was torturing you with a field telephone?"

"Yes, Master. He put alligator clips on my nipples and then turned the crank. He started out with a ring for every name in the phone book. I was already begging for him to stop when Dr. Steve walked in. He made the Judge stop him and both of them lied and said they wouldnít do any more to me."

Glen glanced over and spotted her engorged nipples.

" Did the alligator clips do that, to your nipples?"

"No, Master. Itís my fault. He had me give him a game to play, like he did before. I told him to tie a nipple clamp chain to the bar of my cage and then make me pull the clamps off my nipples.† They were the kind that tighten the more you pull, so I had to jerk them off."

He reached over and touched one. Amy tried to crawl into the seat back. "Sorry, Master, they still hurt."

The truck rolled into the garage. Glen unloaded the cage. Amy was standing, waiting. Glen reached in his pocket and pulled out her leash. "Kneel."

He attached it to her collar. "Crawl. Find your Mistress and bring her to me." He wound the leash around her neck.

He sat down in the dungeon and waited.

Amy found Selene at the top of the stairs, waiting.

"Mistress, our Master wishes you to come to him."

"What if I refuse?"

"I will return to our Master, tell him I have failed and I will be beaten and whipped."

"Good answer. Take me to your Master. First, hand me your leash. Do not forget this."

"Yes, Mistress."

Amy and Selene knelt before Master Glen.

"Mistress Selene, put this slave in the cell. No bedding or blanket. Bread and water three times a day. She is to spend her days alternating on the rack or the stocks. Her nipples are extremely sore. Keep them that way. This is her wedding night, so I would suggest screwed on nipple clamps after a moderate whipping.."

Chapter 52 -- The Fix

Amy was in a bind. Selene had accepted Glenís order but, taking a leaf from his notebook, she had embellished his order a bit. Amy was in the cell, lying on the stone floor, without a pillow or blanket, as ordered. She was also stretched taut by chains from her wrists and ankles to the nearest walls. Selene had left the blindfold in place and left the opened gag hanging in place.

Amy made no objection, but she was stunned by Glenís order. If she had not heard it with her own ears - if Selene or one of the other slaves had repeated it - she would not have believed it. How could Glen treat her so badly? Especially on her wedding day!

She pondered the exchange at the head of the stairs with her Mistress. It made no sense until she realized that her request had nearly come across as an order. Selene could easily have misinterpreted it, by mistake, or intentionally. Seleneís response was undoubtedly a test. If she had said, "Thatís an order," Selene would have jumped down her throat. And the way the other slaves distanced themselves from her. There was a message there, too. She saw very clearly that her status as Glenís wife-slave was going to be a serious problem for her. It wasnít a promotion in the slave ranks, it was actually a demotion. She was at the bottom of the slave heap and would have to work her way up. Her marriage was an impediment, rather than a stepping stone, because the other slaves were already treating her as something lower than a slave.

She also realized that it was her own fault. She hadnít fully listened to the discussion of slave marriage and she had ignored advice. Much as she hated the Judge and the Jailer, she could see their advice had been sound. But even as she blamed herself,† she missed the key point that she had no choice. Glen made the decision and she was required to follow it. The only other option was "Out the door, down the road." Sheíd had that chance and regretted not taking it. It was no longer an option. She had to endure. In a secret part of her mind she enjoyed the rank humiliation she was suffering.

Amyís nights were endless. Amyís days were endless, stretched on the rack or sitting cramped in the stocks. Her blindfold and gag were replaced with a skin-tight punishment helmet, laced and padlocked. The only interruption in her days was the sudden pressure of a pussy against her nose. She learned to identify each of the four other slaves by their taste. They made her hold up the number of fingers to match their number as a further humiliation.

A treadmill joined the rotation. Amy walked endlessly. For variety weighted belts were strapped on her ankles. A slave with a crop was assigned to keeping her pace up. Life in the house went on around her, but she was aware only of the tests of her will and strength. Secretly, she enjoyed.

On the first day of the fourth week, a whip woke her - her standard alarm clock. She went through the normal morning routine - cold shower, cold enema, cold douche.

From out of the blackness came Seleneís voice, cold. "Your honeymoon is over. Back to work."

Amy suppressed a sob. A marriage, never consummated. A honeymoon spent alone in a torture chamber. Her true status struck her like a blow.

She spent the day washing windows, punished for every streak left behind. Her married life had begun. Wife-slave. She even thought it with a sarcastic tone. The name she had sought so long was now a tool to humiliate her. She wondered why she wasnít breaking down. Her secret place winked.

Glen, Georgina and Selene were watching the evening news on TV. When the local news came on the camera switched to the courthouse. A reporter holding a microphone began to talk,

"Reports of a Federal investigation of a sex scandal and a major case of human rights violations has hit the courthouse. Judge James Folk has resigned in the face of charges of rape and other violent assaults. His attorney has denied some of the charges but only had a Ďno commentí on the others. The resignation of the Judge has also led to a shakeup in the jail. Several bailiffs have resigned and the Chief Jailer has been arrested on similar charges. He is expected to face a Federal Judge tomorrow."

"The investigation is being conducted by the FBI. They were called in after our sources revealed that some of the local law enforcement agencies might be involved in the scandal. Rumors of bribery brought the Federal agency into the investigation."

Glen felt a thrill course through him. He credited one person with triggering this retribution - Dr. Steve. He glanced over at Selene. She was weeping silently. She saw him looking at her and apologized. "Iím sorry,† Master. I never thought theyíd catch those bastards. Iím crying with relief and happiness."

"Put Amy in the cage. Donít let on that anything has happened. Let her think sheís going back to the Jailer. Leave her overnight."

The change in Amyís routine went like clockwork. She had already been chained in the cell. She looked startled when Selene walked in, her eyes puffy from crying. Her face was grim.

She unlocked the chains, freeing Amy. She rose to her knees, awaiting orders, frightened by this sudden change in her routine. Slave Fear had waited in the background. Now it grasped her mind with tentacles of fright.

She handed Selene the handle of her leash. Her Mistress tightened it and jerked, leading Amy out of the cell, into the hall. Amy could see down the hall to one door that was open. A pang made her shiver involuntarily. The door was unmarked but certainly it was... She didnít dare think beyond that point.

Not the Oubliette. That was the next room. THE CAGE! She screamed in fear. "Nooooo, Mistress! I beg of you, not the CAGE!!!"

Her only response was a savage jerk on her leash that toppled her to the floor. Seleneís crop brought her back to her knees. The leash jerked again, even harder. Amy barely kept from falling again. Selene aimed her head into the open door and placing a booted foot on her raised ass, pushed her into the cage until her head was jammed in the further corner.

"Please, Mistress, donít send me back to the Jailer. Have mercy, beg my Master for mercy. That man will kill me and laugh while he does it." She burst into sobs.

Selene remained silent. She locked the cage door and walked out of the room, Amyís pleas for mercy following her. She could still hear her even after the door closed. She went back to Glen and reported the entire event.

"Master, is she going to survive what you are doing to her?" She worded it as a question, rather than a criticism of his action.

"Sheíll survive. In the morning Iíll tell her what has happened. I want you and the other slaves there to watch. I want all of you to visit her before you go to bed. Go in, walk around the cage once and leave, without saying anything."

Amy spent the night worrying. She was completely lost as to the meaning of the footsteps she could hear walking around her cage. Still blindfolded she could not identify them by their walk, even though she tried. Was Glen showing her off? Was he going to sell her? She couldnít think of any other significant reason for all the traffic through the room. Humiliation? Of course, but that couldnít be the main reason. She braced against the expected moment when the cart would be wheeled in and her cage would be started on the trip to the jail. A one-way trip was all she could think about.

Her morning began when the door opened. She heard several footsteps as people entered the room. Her first though was that they were going to carry her cage to the truck. She searched with her ears. She heard a chain rattle. The room had become quiet, except for Amyís staccato breathing.

A key turned in the cage lock. The door swing open. Amy reached into the blackness, offering her leash. It was taken. The leash jerked and she crawled out of the cage. Georgina put her foot on the leash and dragged it under, pulling Amyís face to the floor. Her lips grazed a boot. She pursed her lips and kissed it, tongue swirling. The boot withdrew. A second touched her lips. She kissed and licked again. The second boot withdrew. The leash tightened. She kissed and licked the floor where the boots had stood. It had to be her Master.

"Kneel." It was Georginaís voice.

She knelt up, ears alert.

The helmet was removed. She opened her eyes, blinking even though the room was half dark. Looming above her was Glen.

"Master!" she blurted.

"Kiss your cage."

Obediently she swivelled on her knees, letting the leash guide her movement. She bent and kissed the steel bar nearest her. The leash turned her back to her Master.

"You are now my wife-slave. This means that every slave, as well as all free women and men outrank you. You will take orders from now on from anyone, not just from a select few. You will be trained to obey with submissiveness, willingness and without the slightest hesitation, no matter how or why the order is given." He paused for a moment. "I have a wedding present for you."

He stepped to one side. Behind him knelt Selene, in heavy chains.

Amyís heart leaped. She would have her own slave!

Her elation lasted a heartbeat. Selene rose, the chains falling from her, Like magic a crop appeared in her hand. She smiled at Amy, savoring the look of horror on her face. She had been tricked!

"Selene will be your worst nightmare. She has full authority over you, even more authority than these other slaves. You take orders from everyone; especially Selene. If you presume to give orders, they will not be obeyed and you will suffer accordingly."

"Speaking of nightmares, your worst one is over. The Judge has resigned, facing charges of rape. The Jailer has already been arrested and faces the same charges. You will not be going back to the Jail. However, the cage will remain available for your training. My gag rule remains in effect. You will speak only when asked a question. If you wish to speak to me, you do so at the risk of a thorough whipping if I deem your topic unworthy of my time. You will be informed when - or if - I wish to consummate my marriage."

Glen turned and walked out. Selene accepted her leash from Georgina and walked Amy back into the cage. She grasped the bars, watching the other slaves walk out, unhampered. Selene pointedly didnít lock the cage, knowing Amy wouldnít dare open the door, but would fret and worry until she returned.

Amy, as if ordered, fretted and worried, ignoring the secret place in her brain that basked in the pleasure of her bondage.

Glen called Dr. Steve. After a short wait he came on the line.

"How did you do that?"

Dr. Steve chuckled. "A friend is a former member of the Fraternity. I gave him one piece of evidence, which he used to find a lot more that I wasnít even aware of. Neither of them will ever see the outside of a jail in their lifetimes. As soon as the Grand Jury convenes there will be several more indictments."

"Pretty much what you did to Cecill."

Dr. Steve acknowledged it. He started to ask how Glen knew, then realized that Selene had either told him or mentioned it when she was talking her life story.

"Is any of this going to slop over onto us? Anything I need to do?"

"I donít think so. The investigators have been told not to go into some areas, so unless something unfortunate happens we should be in the clear. Besides, even if they come in, the slaves are all voluntary, which is more than you can say for the Judge and Jailer."

"How are you going to keep the two from blowing the whistle on us?"

"They are only going to be charged with a few of the crimes. If they try to drag us in they will be warned of additional charges that will pretty much guarantee a conviction."

"You were pretty close friends with the Judge?"

"Up until the night before the wedding. We had a falling out and I had to threaten him to get him to back off."

Glen wondered what the threat consisted of, but decided to wait until they could talk face to face.

"Looks like Iíve got another permanent slave. Selene."

"Damn, I wish Iíd never picked her for the Judge. Thatís going to bother me for a long time. Does she want to testify against him?"

"I havenít asked her, but Iím pretty sure she would jump at the† chance."

"Does she want to stay with you?"

"Again, I havenít asked her. I think she will, but Iíll give her the opportunity to leave if she wishes. We should be able to find a job for her and a place to live if we need to."

"Thereís also the problem that sheís married to the Judge."

"Iíll have a lawyer contact you. She will get an uncontested divorce, or an annulment, especially if she threatens to testify."

"Iíll keep in touch. In the meantime there are a lot of women who will be very grateful to you. I know two right here."

"How is Amy?"

"Doing well. She has yet to get over her disappointment when she realized that marriage to a Master is a lot worse than slavery. I put her in the cage last night, then told her about the Jailer and the Judge this morning. Sheís enjoying the cage right now."

"Unorthodox, but it seems to work."

"Sheís progressed quite well. There are more and more signs of my original Amy."

Glen called Selene into his office. He explained that he had just talked to Dr. Steve and several questions had come up. "Would you be willing to testify against the Jailer and the Judge?"

"The Jailer, yes. In a minute. I canít testify against the Judge as heís my husband."

"Dr. Steve is getting you a lawyer. He says it will be either an annulment or an uncontested divorce. After that you should be able to testify."

"That SOB will try to drag Dr. Steve and you, Master, into this."

Glen explained the strategy that Dr. Steve had outlined. Selene nodded, understanding how it would work.

"Next question. What happens after you are legally separated from him?† Do you want to stay here, or walk away, a free woman?"

"What choice do I have? Iím pennyless."† She had a trace of bitterness in her voice.

"I suspect you will get a large settlement from the Judge by threatening a civil suit. Youíve got enough on him to wipe him out."

She brightened at that, then her face showed concern. "Really, Iíd rather stay here. You are my ideal of a Master. I have a wife-slave to take my frustrations out on, making it a pretty tempting job. Either way, whatever happens, Iím staying as your slave, if youíll have me."

"I have a brand new collar, with your name on it."

Selene positively beamed. "May I see it, Master?"

"Unh uh! Not until the collaring ceremony."

She pretended to pout until Glen warned her with his eyes. She gave him an impish grin.

"You know, the cell is empty at the moment. If a certain unruly slave were to be chained in there and a certain Amy was sent in with certain instructions and a whip,† it is pretty certain that

the unruly slave would be hurting, certainly."

Selene got the message. "Certainly, Master."

She headed for the basement. Amy needed her full attention.† Selene idly wondered what sort of rigorous training she could give Amy as she participated in her collaring. She was certain it would come with time.

Chapter 53 -- The Verdict

Amy was bubbling over with questions. She knew she wouldnít get any answers, but she hoped Selene might reveal something. Above all she was dying to know why the Judge and Jailer were in trouble. She knew that, just like before, slaves were often deliberately left in the dark. She didnít want to put herself in the position of asking and being told in so many words, "Itís none of your damn business," and then be punished for her temerity.

She could understand why the Jailer would let his big mouth and small brain get him in hot water, but the Judge had seemed so sure of himself, so confident in everything he did. Both were sadistic, but she already had her own personal sadist keeping Amy under her strict thumb.

Amy continued to warm toward Selene, despite her cruelty. One of several reasons was the warm glow that her secret brain exuded when Selene was at her worst. Selene seemed to know exactly how to find and push Amyís buttons. She was rarely allowed to know whether her punishments were dictated by her cruel Master, or by her even crueler Mistress. Being present when Master laid out her punishment had been a mind-blowing experience. She had skidded right to the razor edge of an orgasm as she listened, barely keeping it both under control and hidden from her sharp eyed Master and Mistress.

Selene smiled and patted Amy on the head, caressing her cheek with the back of her hand, giving every sign that Amy was her favorite. Minutes later, Amy was trotting on the treadmill as Selene whipped her up to speed without mercy. Selene was a firm believer in the carrot and the stick.

Glen read both of the city newspapers and switched channels to catch as many different versions of the courthouse scandel as he could, but he wound up with less information and a lot more noise. The information Dr. Steve had given him and that first TV report had told him more than he could find anywhere else. The follow up stories were mostly a rehash of the first day and as usual, the anchors were babbling, repeating the same inane statements over and over.

Once the Grand Jury met, things picked up. The first announcement came that both the Judge and the Jailer had been indicted on a grocery list of multiple charges. Two of the bailiffs were arrested the next day as was the Judgeís clerk. Glen was expecting a knock on the door at any moment, but it never came. He also hadnít heard anything from Dr. Steve. He wasnít sure whether that was a good or bad sign.

The hot news the next day was that several witnesses had come forward and were willing to testify. Glen briefed the women, reminding them to tell the truth, insist they were there voluntarily and refer any questions beyond that to him. He did not plan to show any of the paperwork unless he was issued a search warrant. He kept his faith in Dr. Steveís ability to pull strings and tried to keep from worrying.

The following day, the two men and the others indicted by the Grand Jury all pled guilty to the charges. The bailiffs and clerk had agreed to testify, expecting lighter sentences. The guilty pleas meant the case was over for all intents and purposes.

The sentencing was about as expected. The Jailer got 20 years to life. The Judge got 40 years, without parole. Glen raised his fist and shouted with glee when the sentences were announced.

The press never got wind of the divorce or the civil suit against the Judge. It was all settled out of court and Selene received the divorce and a† high six-figure check even after the lawyers took a hefty chunk.

Selene made short work of it. She took the check and knelt before Glen. "Master, I know it looks like Iím buying my collar, but since I canít own anything as a slave, this is yours."

"The money will go in a trust fund. If you leave, the money will be there waiting for you. A nice retirement guarantee. Oh, I planned to hold your collaring ceremony tomorrow after lunch."

"Thank you, Master. Iím looking forward to it."

Glen called Dr. Steve to invite him. "Iíll make it. Besides, Iíve got a proposition for you."

The collaring went without a hitch. Glen and Dr. Steve sat on what they jokingly called the Ďthrones.í All of the slaves wore their light serving chains.

Selene was escorted by the two maids. She was fully dressed in a smart outfit, crisp white blouse and a tan skirt and high heels. The collar she had worn was gone and there were no restraints of any kind. She stood before Glen, eyes locked with his.

Georgina advanced and knelt beside Selene. "Master, your slaves have brought a free woman to stand before you, unfettered, of her own free will."

Glen looked up at her, face impassive. "Why do you come here, a free woman, to stand before me in a house where all the women are slaves and kneel at my feet?"

"Sir, I come to beg your collar, beg to be your slave and beg to join my sisters in total slavery."

"What experience do you bring with this request?

"Sir, I bring a decade of servitude, under harsh conditions that you know of. I have tasted the whip, laid helpless in chains."

"Are you here of your own free will? Before witnesses, has anyone coerced you, forced you to beg my collar?"

"No, Sir. I am a free woman. I make my own decisions. I am here voluntarily."

"Strip her."

She was nude in moments. Four pairs of hands undressed her.


Selene dropped to her knees. With one hand she pulled her hair out of the way. Georgina raised the ornate collar to her lips to be kissed, then fitted it carefully around her neck. The click of the lock was loud in the silent room. Georgina fitted her chains, locking them at wrist and ankle.

Selene dropped to her belly and crawled forward to kiss first Glenís shoes, then those of his guest, Dr. Steve. She placed herself again before Glen, reached for his foot and placed it on her neck. "Master, I am your slave, for life."

"Slaves, welcome your sister slave."

Silently the other four slaves lined up. Georgina was first, She swung the crop. Seleneís cry was muffled, her mouth kissing the floor. She handed the crop to Sarah. Sarah handed it to Jane and last to Amy. She eyed the welted rump pushed high in the air. She was strongly tempted to flail away, hitting her as many times as she could before they overpowered her. She knew better. Her stroke was no harder, no softer than the three that preceded it.

Glen spoke again, his foot still on Seleneís neck. "You are now my slave. You have no rights, no privileges. You will answer to the whip at my whim. You do have certain talents. Accordingly you are appointed as a Mistress assigned to wife-slave Amy. You may keep Selene as your slave name."

"Thank you, Master. You are generous to a slave."

"I expect you to keep earning it."

"Yes, Master." She recognized the veiled threat.

Sarah was the last to leave, serving the two menís drinks.

Dr. Steve was visibly impressed. "Quite the ceremony," he commented as the slaves left.

"You can thank Georgina. She scripted the show. Sheís been through it a couple of times."

"Iím intrigued by your comment on the phone. You have a proposition?"

"Yes. As you know, Selene spent quite a bit of time with my wife."

Glen nodded.

"She put her through what amounted to basic training and brought her up to speed. Penny thinks the world of her and would like to have her back."

"Oh No!" was Glenís instant reaction, shaking his head firmly.

"Hear me out. She suggested that Selene could bring Amy with her and train both of them at the same time. It would give both of them experience in competition that would be invaluable. You arenít going to miss her that much and you can come out and visit at any time. Iíll bet you arenít banging her anyway. Not with the bevy of slaves youíve got."

Glenís face reddened as he sheepishly admitted that the Doctor was right.

"Thatís the proper way to treat a wife-slave. They have to know theyíre not that important. Just donít make my mistake and treat her like that for that long."

Glen was reluctantly coming around to agreeing, He could simply order Selene to do the job, but he decided it would work better if he asked for her opinion. He called her on the intercom and she arrived, breathless, and knelt before him.

"Dr. Steve would like to have you set up a training program at his house, to train Penny and Amy. He thinks they could both use some competitive training."

He didnít tell her that it was Pennyís idea. Selene considered it for a second, "Masters, it sounds like an excellent idea. Penny is an excellent student. Amy is competitive, but she hasnít had a chance to show it fully. If it is Masterís wish I will be happy to do it."

"Prepare Amy for the trip. You both will be riding in the trunk. You have 15 minutes."

"Thank you, Master." She rushed off.

Georgina had been enlisted to speed things up. The transport chains appeared and were locked in place. Hobbled and leashed, Georgina and the two slaves appeared and knelt before the two men well before the time was up.

"Take them to the Doctorís car. He will be down in a minute."

Dr. Steve handed her the car keys.

Georgina had to help them into the trunk. Selene pulled rank and Amy got the spare tire for a bedfellow. The floor mat prickled on their bare skin. The ride was bumpy but uneventful.

When they reached the house, Dr. Steve picked the slaves up one at a time and heaved them out of the trunk and onto the loading dock. He vaulted up onto the dock and released their hobbles, leaving the rest of their bonds. He took the leashes they handed him and headed down the hall. It of course was all new to Amy, but the hall brought back unpleasant memories for Selene. The door to Pennyís dungeon was closed, probably locked. Selene wondered if Penny had gone back there, or closed the door on that part of her life.

When they reached the main dungeon, Dr. Steve opened the door. A nude female was strapped tightly to a framework resting on a table. Her head was hidden in a wooden box, but both slaves guessed it was Penny. Her legs were opened like a book, with her big toes tied and laced to the frame.

Between her legs a massive dildo attached to a long crank was sliding slowly in and out of her, dripping lubrication. Her nipples were rigid in screw clamps and a third clamp surrounded her clit in a metallic squeeze. Both girls rubbed their legs together without realizing it, recognizing the pain Penny had to be suffering.

"She spilled some coffee at breakfast. This was her idea," he remarked by way of explanation. Amy was somewhat mystified, having heard the details of her lengthy imprisonment, that she would not just allow, but ask for this kind of treatment, especially for such a minor offense. She hadnít been told why she was there and seeing Penny like this didnít explain a thing.

Amy glanced around the room, her reaction much the same as Pennyís the first time Glen had led her into the torture chamber. She was amazed, not only that there was so much equipment designed to inflict pain, but also that it had been assembled with one person in mind - Penny.

For Selene it was deja vu all over again. She remembered most of the machines, recognizing that some, such as the mechanical fucking machine that was Ďentertainingí Penny were new additions. She vaguely remembered showing Penny a Web site where the machines were demonstrated. She didnít recall any special interest, but here was one of the machines - a very expensive model - going just fast enough to keep her aroused without letting her climax.

Knowing Dr. Steve, she imagined that Penny had been warned of worse than dire consequences if she went over the top without permission. That kind of deliberate frustration made its mark with Amy who had lost track of the last time she had been allowed an orgasm.

Dr. Steve worked the controls, speeding the dildo. Pennyís ass started bouncing and weaving on the frame. She tugged her wrists against the ropes, raising her hands. Two fingers stood up and crossed. She was ready to come. Either stop or she would break the rules. Lost in her blackness inside the box she didnít see Dr. Steveís nod as he twisted the control to maximum. Penny shook the table with her release, Even over the hum of the machine they could hear her moans of satisfaction. Both the watching slaves could feel their own arousal.

Dr. Steve mercifully stopped the machine. A second, third, fourth and fifth orgasm induced by it would double in intensity with each new climax. Yelling ĎStop" doesnít work well with a machine. He lifted the box, revealing a sweat-soaked face and hair, the flush still visible as it faded slowly. Penny blinked against the light, then smiled when she saw Selene. She looked curiously at Amy.† Dr. Steve made the introductions. "Amy is a wife-slave. She was taken by Master Glen. She is going to train with you."

He laughed. "Actually, she probably will be training against you. Iím planning some competitive training to see which of you is the better slave."

Penny smiled at the thought, then smiled directly at Amy. "Iím sorry I canít give you a welcome hug. I hope you will enjoy it here."

"Iím sure I will."

It was Seleneís turn to laugh. "Neither one of you are going to enjoy this. I intend to make better slaves out of both of you, at whatever cost. This is not going to be a hen party for you two."

"Just to make it interesting, Iím going to bet Amyís Master a steak dinner that Penny is the better slave. The winning slave gets to eat, the loser gets to serve. Georgina will be the judge."

Selene couldnít resist. "She isnít going to put me in a cage is she?"

It took Dr. Steve a second to get the joke. He turned it. "She might, if you screw up this training job."

Selene wisely refrained from further comment. She helped Dr. Steve release Penny from the frame. Despite being limited to one orgasm, she looked well used.

They spent the rest of the afternoon touring the basement. The door to Pennyís cell was in fact locked. Dr. Steve made short work of his comments on it. "This is past history. Iím leaving it as it is in the unlikely event that Penny screws up so badly she needs a refresher course."

Penny spoke up. "Master. I swore to you that you will never need this room again for me."

"I believe you, but never say never."

Penny took over when they went back to Ďherí room, describing each machine in detail, along with a running commentary on exactly what it felt like to be punished by it and her reactions to it. It was soon obvious that she had several favorites, including the machine that had been working on her when they walked in.

There were also some that she obviously disliked. Especially the boxes against the rear wall. There were several varieties. At one end of the row were black steel boxes with radiant heaters mounted on all four sides. Next were several boxes of varying size with holes only for the head. These could be turned, so the prisoner could be hung head down. A variety of boxes had no holes, obviously intended to hold the entire body. At the other end of the row were cages, from tiny to ones large enough to cage a lion. Some were shaped for a kneeling person, others for someone sitting with legs outstretched and upright cages where the person would have to stand. Penny swept the row with her hand.

"I donít like the cages."

Amy muttered to herself, "Amen to that!"

Chapter 54 -- School Days

Selene smiled to herself as she listened to Penny baring her soul in describing the implements of torture in the room. At almost every turn she gave Selene some new idea to use in their training. She was more than frank. Her description of life in the hot box was typical. Expletives barely covered it and drew a reproving remark from Dr. Steve.

"Very unladylike. Put your nipple clamps back on. Tight."

"Yes, Master."

She continued the tour as if nothing had happened, ignoring the nasty bite of the sharp toothed clamps. When she was finished, Dr. Steve led them up stairs for refreshments. All the girls were thirsty so the ice water went over well.

Dr. Steve assigned Amy to Seleneís old room. She could share her bed, he directed, but her sleeping quarters were to be a cage in the corner.

He indicated he wanted to talk to Selene, so she put Amy in the cage and locked it. When she came out, Penny was gone, probably to their bedroom. They were free to talk.

"I want you to be as harsh with Penny as necessary. I was going to say that you should treat her as a wife-slave, but Amy is one too, so treat them equally. I have no reservations as to how strenuously you punish her, except that she is not to go back in the dungeon. I reserve that right, although I donít expect to ever have to use it."

"I would like to see your training be focused on getting the two of them to compete with each other for everything, from food to whip strokes. I will be watching and I will also tape your sessions. If Iím not happy with your school, you will be punished just as severely as you are punishing them. You can use any of the equipment you wish. If you think of something that isnít there, let me know and Iíll get it."

"Master, if it isnít there, I donít think it has been invented. Um, that row of cages is new, isnít it? They sort of stick out, out of place."

"Yes, theyíre new. Penny begged for them, so I had them installed. You may have noticed that she isnít exactly in love with them."

Selene smiled. "Grass is always greener..."

"Something like that."

Dinner was enjoyed by all. Dr. Steve and Selene sat and ate. Penny and Amy knelt at their respective sides and were fed and watered as needed. After watching TV for awhile, Selene excused herself and went to her room to work on plans for the school. The news caught Amy by surprise and many of her questions were answered as the case was reviewed. The anchor noted that both men had pled guilty because of the overwhelming amount of evidence against them. As he put it, "Dozens of women were anxious to testify." Even some video tape, apparently from a forgotten surveillance camera had surfaced showing the two of them torturing a woman. Selene had heard a little and came out to watch the rest. She looked at Amy, who was beaming. She smiled and went back to her work.

Amy came into the room, her chains clattering. "Bedtime, Mistress."

Selene looked up, weary. "It will be a tough first day tomorrow. Iím too pooped for any games, so get in your cage and Iíll lock you in. Besides I donít want people thinking youíre the teacherís pet."

"Ha! I can show the welts that prove that wrong."

"Careful, wife-slave. Iím still your Mistress."

"Bathroom first, Mistress?"

"Of course."

At breakfast Selene watched the two slaves being fed. Penny had a definite edge, even giving points for the sensuous licking of her fingers that Amy was doing.

Finished, Selene whipped out her notebook and announced,

"Penny five points for good manners in eating breakfast, four points for Amy. Sensuous finger licking noted."

Both looked startled for a moment, just realizing that she was watching them and that the competition had already started. The close score would give them a push to try harder. Dr. Steve didnít comment but Selene could see he was pleased.

She set up the torture chamber as a school room. A table and a chair were all that were needed, The students would kneel. Selene happened onto a couple of pillows, which gave her an idea. She tossed one to Penny. "You are leading, so you get a pillow to kneel on. You keep it only as long as your daily point score is larger than Amyís.

"Your first test will be pain. You will be placed in painful bondage. The first to say Ďmercyí loses a point and the other wins a point."

Selene made them lie on the floor. Using rope, she folded their legs and tied ankles to thighs. Then she turned them over and tied their wrists across each other. She got a 4x8 sheet of thick plywood and clamped it between two posts. Setting her stopwatch, she lifted Amy up until her bound arms dropped behind the plywood. Seconds later she had Penny in the same position. Their problem was that the sharp edges of the wood were digging into their armpits, which were at the same time supporting their entire weight.

Selene stood in front of them, watching them and watching the watch. Penny was the first to move, twisting her body in a vain attempt to relieve the stabbing pains in her armpits. Amy moved, with as much futility. She finally screwed up her face and pleaded, "Mercy." Five minutes flat.

Penny lasted a full minute more. She knew that her time had started a few seconds after Amy, so she wanted to make sure that she beat her time. She was panting when the word tumbled from her lips.

Selene lifted them both off the plywood and let them lie on the floor to recover. Their view of a sheet of plywood had changed radically in just six minutes. She made a point of telling them that if they were being punished they would not have been able to stop by using a safe word. That of course led into a lengthy discourse on safe words and how to, or how not to use them.

Selene didnít release their legs as she wanted them bound for the next test. She did release their wrists so she could have them crawl on hands and folded knees to one end of the hall.

"OK. This is a test of speed and endurance. As slaves you may be called on at any moment to entertain. A race is often the result. One Master is likely to bet another master that his slave is faster or quicker, and you are expected to win both the race and the bet. Lose, and Master will very likely give you dancing lessons with his nastiest whip. Your mantra is ĎA slave never dares to lose.í Say it until you say it in your sleep."

Obediently both repeated the mantra aloud, and repeated it silently, waiting for the race.

"You will run on hands and knees, to the far wall, touch it, turn and run back. The winner is the one who first kisses my feet. You will start at the crack of my whip."

The whip sounded like a starterís pistol, with the same effect. The two slaves lunged forward, unaccustomed to rapid movement on their knees. At the far end they were neck and neck and turned into each other in a tangle of legs and arms. Amy extricated herself first and had a long lead as she sped to Selene and kissed her feet, panting hard. When Penny had kissed them too, she asked her: "I am a slave that just lost a race. What can I expect from my Master?"

"To be whipped soundly, Mistress."

"Would you like to experience such a punishment? After all, you just lost the race."

She knew Selene had given her no choice. "Please punish me, Mistress, for losing the race."

Selene made her whip sing. She noted for their benefit, "I am only a Mistress. A Master is much stronger. Be thankful I am only a Mistress."

Penny endured each blow, finding herself repeating "A slave never dares to lose." She repeated it again, aloud at Seleneís demand, then repeated it after each stroke of the whip. She knew that when she explained her welts to Dr. Steve he would add to them and would not be gentle. She repeated her mantra with new meaning.

The training class went through the morning with the two students swapping points. First Penny, then Amy had the pillow to kneel on. When Amy won she could barely conceal her triumph. Penny was more modest but still took pride of ownership when the pillow was hers to use.

Both students were fast learners. By noon Selene had nearly exhausted the topics she had expected would fill the day. She raced them again, this time whipping Amy as the loser. Amy turned around and won the lunch competition after Penny failed to lick up a crumb until she was reminded.

After lunch she asked Dr. Steve if he would have time to talk to them. He promised to come down at mid afternoon.

Having watched much of the morning, he was aware of the topics, so he either avoided them, or added new comments, adding to what she had taught them.

He was especially adamant about winning races, confirming everything Selene had said. "As a Master, I would whip my slave much harder than a Mistress could. Would you like a demonstration?"

What could they say? Selene handed him the whip. He cracked it in the air once, then twice more, crossing two already welted asses. Both students yelped, clutching their cheeks.

"Was that harder?"

"Yes, Master," they said, together.

Two weeks into the training the two slaves were nearly at each otherís throats. Neither could hold a lead for more than an hour or two. Both preferred kneeling to sitting on semi-permanent welts. Dr. Steve walked in on the class, a worried look on his face. "There is a serious problem at the Sorority. Iím going to have to leave. Iíd prefer that Penny be upstairs to handle visitors, so suspend classes at least until I get back."

Selene and Amy relaxed and Amy finally got a chance to use her tongue where it would do her Mistress the most good. Penny saw the telltale signs and teased them, sure enough calling Amy Ďteacherís pet.í

Selene came to Amyís defense. "Penny, you know very well that I have been very fair. Neither of you have any significant advantage."

Penny swallowed. "Iím sorry, Mistress. I was just teasing."

"This is another important lesson. A slave cannot safely tease another slave. Amy is a perfect example. She is a wife-slave, as you are, Penny. She was once my Mistress. I cannot safely tease her because tomorrow she could be my Mistress again. Like Dr. Steve says, ĎNever say never.í Anything you say can come back and bite you."

They watched TV and went to bed. Selene put Amy in her cage, despite her expectant look. She was concerned about Dr. Steve being worried about the Sorority. She drifted off to sleep and never did hear him come in.

The next morning he looked even more worried. After breakfast he made up his mind and took all of them with him to the basement. He opened the door to another room Selene had† never been in. It was empty, except for an odd looking examination table which had leather straps hanging down every few inches all the way around, Selene looked around, curious, expecting something more. Dr Steve pointed up to the ceiling and directed them to step back. A second later there was a loud clang as a large iron grate fell to the floor. They peered up into the hole and could barely see a pair of feet.

He touched a control and with a whine the feet came down out of the hole, followed by a tightly strapped body with legs folded up against her chest. It was a woman, obvious from the breasts tight against the knees. The head was enveloped in a skin-tight leather punishment helmet. Dr. Steve dropped her to the floor and ran the cable back up into the hole. They lifted her onto the table and began unstrapping her, first anchoring her ankles at the foot of the table. As each strap was released Dr. Steve tightened one from the table. He unzipped the helmet and pulled it off, revealing eyepads still covering her eyes. He attached a clamp at the head of the table holding a "U" shaped receptacle for her head A bar held by thumbscrews crossed her neck.

With all the straps tight he pulled off the eyepads. She closed her eyes tightly, as Selene gasped.

"I thought youíd recognize her," said the Doctor.

"Whatís going on?" Selene asked.

Dr. Steve motioned and they all trouped outside and shut the door.

"Shelby is mixed up in some kind of drug deal. I need to get the information from her before the cops descend on the Sorority. This is going to be a rush job. Any suggestions?"

Selene asked: "What about the thumbscrews I saw yesterday?"

"Good idea! Penny, get them please."

She came back in a few moments carrying two heavy attachments for the table. On each one there was the outline of a hand, with a screw that could be tightened down on the fingernail or thumbnail.

Selene started unstrapping her right arm as Dr. Steve worked on the left. She got one too many straps undone, and Shelby swung at her. The blow didnít hurt, but she lost her balance and fell backward. Penny caught her on the way down, partially breaking her fall.

The angle was bad and the other 98 percent of her was strapped tight, so it took very little strength to re-fasten the arm with fingers extended into the screws. Selene jerked the wrist strap tight and jerked it again, just to remind Shelby who was boss.

Once both hands were hooked down, they began using the screws, Before long Shelby was crying and screaming, but she refused to answer any questions. The interrogation went on for some time, but got nowhere. Penny, who had been watching the action closely finally got up and walked out of the room. She came back with a small battery operated hand drill and a small toolbox.

"May I try, Mistress?" she asked Selene.

"Go to it. This better really hurt."

Penny set the toolbox on the table next to Shelby. She opened it and selected a small abrasive drum with an end the size of a pencil eraser. She chucked it into the drill and turned it on for as second to make sure it worked. Then she unscrewed the thumb screw completely and laid it aside. She turned the drill on again and pressed the end of the drum into the thumbnail. Shelby pulled helplessly at her bound wrist.

Finished with the drill she replaced the screw and tightened it down, When it touched the bottom of the hole Shelby stiffened suddenly. Penny cranked it hard, a quarter turn. Shelby tried to levitate off the table. Penny cranked it again. Shelby screamed, a gut wrenching sound.

"Tell me about the drugs! Youíll get a quarter turn until you answer. Then weíll go to work on the other nails."

One more quarter turn, hard and fast, broke her. She began babbling names, dates, amounts of drugs, buyers, sellers. Selene listened intently. She heard what she was afraid of. Nadineís name. There were fraternity brothers. Details. Who split the profits. Nadineís name again. Selene wanted to puke right in Shelbyís face. She admitted she had been able to keep the business running while locked in her basement cell, supplying drugs to both the Sorority and the Fraternity.

Dr. Steve looked absolutely sick. He turned and walked from the room, straight to a telephone. When he was through, five of the Sorority girls were packing their bags, along with three of the frat brothers, including Sam, the vice president. Nadine would be arrested along with the others, as soon as they left the campus.

Dr. Steve walked back into the room, determined to get more information. First, he asked Penny, "Where did you learn that trick?"

Penny smiled, embarrassed by the attention. "I did that to myself by accident in a craft class when I was in school. I couldnít put any pressure on it until the entire nail grew out."

"Good job..."

He was interrupted. Five men suddenly appeared behind him. They had guns, machine pistols to be exact.

"Everyone, stay put, right where you are. Sheís going with us."

Shelby saw their faces and started screaming. A fist to the jaw silenced her. Two of the men picked up the table like a feather and walked out. The other three walked backward, making sure nobody left the room.

Dr. Steve whispered, calming the frightened women. Once he heard the door slam at the end of the hall he relaxed a bit.

"Who were they?" Selene asked, anxiously.

"No idea, but I suspect they were enforcers for some drug king. She must have screwed them over on a drug deal to want her this bad. Theyíve got her, but theyíre not going to find what they are looking for. They found Shelbyís stash while I was on the phone with them."

Two days later a delivery truck unloaded a brand new table with all the attachments. There was no return address.

The drug arrests got a paragraph on a back page and the TV stations didnít even use it.

Chapter 55 -- Advanced Training

After the abduction, Dr. Steve hired two of the frat brothers as bodyguards. He knew very well that they would be outmatched if the drug enforcers showed up again, but they would help calm the girlsí jittery nerves and he had a second use in mind. He briefed Selene. She grinned as he explained how it would work.

"Thank you, Master. That will help their training a great deal."

He added one thought. "The hierarchy will take a bit of explaining. You will be the Mistress and the two men will report to you. They in turn will be Masters, but only over Penny and Amy and you have the full authority to countermand any order they give. They need to understand that, so I will make it very clear to them."

The next day, the two men showed up. Tom and Terry were identical twins. Selene was pleased, because it would make her work easier if she didnít have to make allowances for differences between the two men for what she and Dr. Steve had in mind.

When they walked in they were momentarily distracted by the vast array of equipment, but they quickly focused on the two nude slaves kneeling in front of Seleneís desk. She indicated the slaves. "On the left, Penny. On the right, Amy. Slaves, kiss the feet of your Masters."

Both turned as one and crawled to the menís feet, kissing them lavishly, certain they were being tested. They were. As soon as they were back kneeling at her desk she scored them. "Tie in foot kissing. No change in points."

Tom and Terry looked at Selene, questioning. She explained,

"This is an advanced training class. They are graded on every possible competition. They were just graded on their ability to follow orders and on their adeptness in kissing a Masterís feet, a standard greeting. Because of the competition you both got an above average kissing. If I was not satisfied, they would be sent back to do an even better job, and then beg punishment for their poor performance the first time. The typical punishment is a whipping, the number of lashes determined by the Master."

Selene dropped her little bombshell. "When was the last time you two shot your loads?"

Both looked slightly embarassed. They looked at each other and then Tom spoke for both, "Last night."

"With girls?"

Both nodded.

"In bondage?"


"Iíd prefer, Yes, Mistress."

They both repeated it.

"Slaves, you will address these men, as you do all men, as Master. Because this is a training class, these Masters report to me as I am in full charge. Normally a Mistress would not be in charge of Masters. Pay attention when you greet us to ensure you are recognizing our status. To greet someone of lower rank before one of higher rank is an insult, with appropriate penalties."

"Tom, you and Terry have two slaves. You decide you want blow jobs. How would you prepare your slaves?"

The pair eyed the kneeling slaves.

"Stand," ordered Terry.

"Face us," added Tom.

The two slaves stood up and turned to face the brothers. Both had only foot-long hobbles and wrist cuffs joined by a few links of chain in front. Selene handed them the keys and the two men quickly moved the slaveís wrists behind them and re-locked them. Selene added commentary. "Some Masters prefer their slave to be helpless in her bonds, as you are now. Others prefer that you use your hands to stroke and massage to heighten the arousal. As has just happened to you, they have indicated they want you fettered. At all times you must remember that you answer for a poor performance to the whip. Some Masters may whip you anyway, as another means of arousal."

The brothers found seats on the nearby rack.

"Crawl," they ordered as one.

The two slaves went to their bellies and crawled to the feet of their Masters. Tom addressed Penny. "Beg permission to kneel up."

"Master, please, may I rise to my knees to service you?"

Selene noted, "Depending on the Masterís choice, you might simply have been ordered, ĎService me.í The Master may already have given you a standing order you obey every time by crawling to him and begging permission first to rise, then to open his clothes and then to take it in your mouth."

Both Amy and Penny went through the entire scene, begging permission at each stage. Amy started sucking. She was stopped first by Tom, then by Selena. "Did I give you an order to start sucking?"

"No, Master."

Selene noted,† "Unless the Master gives you a different order, you get his permission first to kiss his cock head. THEN you ask to be allowed to suck. He may make you repeatedly kiss it before taking it fully in your mouth, as but one penalty for getting overanxious."

That was exactly what Tom was doing. Amy was forced to kiss and lick only the head, her eyes on the large staff that connected head to body. Penny had already received permission to suck, but Terry stopped her, to keep her even with Amy.

Selene continued the lesson. "Alright, letís assume that the two slaves have followed their Masterís instructions to the letter and they have permission to begin sucking. To make this an interesting contest, the winning slave will be the one whose Master is the last to come. It is the slaveís responsibility to know ALL the rules and know what is required to win. Remember your mantra, ĎA slave never dares to loseí."

After that buildup it didnít take long to decide the contest. Tom was already aroused by Amyís slip and despite his best efforts to hold it he failed and filled Amyís mouth. She locked her lips around his shaft and kept from leaking any. Penny was not so lucky. Terry was the last to come, but he spurted so hard that Penny couldnít handle it and several drops leaked onto her chin.

Selene declared Penny the winner, but she wasnít to enjoy her triumph. Tom gave Amy five strokes of the whip and then handed it to Terry who gave Penny five for leaking. Both slaves were lectured severely as Selene repeated the points she wanted them to engrave on their memories. The two slaves got only bread and water from a dog dish for lunch, to drive the point home.

The afternoon class session got a painful start. Selene had consulted with Tom and Terry and they had suggested a joint session on the horse. The two slaves were made to stand back to back, with their hands in the air. The men used several lengths of rope to attach them firmly to each other. Then they lifted the two into position over the wooden beam. Amyís ankles were tied up to the beam behind her, while Pennyís legs were pulled wide by chains to her ankle cuffs. Their arms were pulled up high behind them, connecting them over a pulley above their heads.

The position the two slaves found themselves in was unbelievably painful. Both were resting directly on the rounded edge of the beam, with no way to move to relieve their pain. They found at once that the slightest movement hurt both of them. Selene added to their woes. "Consider this as both a lesson in what you may face as a slave, and as a further punishment for your sloppy performance this morning. Since it is punishment, you will not have a safe word, so you will have to endure."

She also added another layer to their punishment, filling their mouths with pump gags, so they were unable to talk to each other. Both noticed that she had not set a time limit on their ride. Both immediately began to worry.

The sentence was one hour. To the two slaves it was endless.† Once released they dropped to the floor and thanked Selene for their discipline. To their surprise it continued.

Tom and Terry brought over two low stools. Each had a triangular piece of wood across the seat. The slaves were rechained, then made to squat on the stools. Already sore, the stools once more made life unbearable. The two men stood in front of them, slowly rubbing their crotches suggestively. Through her tears of pain, Amy realized they were expected to give the men another blow job, probably while sitting on the stools. She beat Penny to the punch, begging Tom to be allowed to give him a blow job. Penny followed, seconds later.

Amy started to get up from the stool to crawl, but Tom shook his head. Amy lowered herself gingerly back onto the edge of the wood, but it hurt anyway. They went through the routine they had learned in the morning session, demonstrating that they were quick learners.

Coming in last to win was a concept that both strived for against great odds. The renewed agony of sitting on a narrow edge made them both hurry, anxious to get it over with. The men were well aware of their anxiety, playing on it by threatening to double the whipping for the loser if they didnít slow down.

It wound up very nearly a photo finish. Tom came first, with his lusty bellow setting Terry off a second or two later. Both girls successfully swallowed their load, so Penny got one point and Amy got the whipping. Tom made her remain on the stool and whipped her in that position. After the last stroke he made her lie on the floor with her legs up in the air spread almost into a split, exposing the bright red groove between her two holes.

Selene decided to give the pressure points a rest for the time being and declared it race time. The girls would run, on their toes and hobbled, arms cuffed behind their backs, one round trip the length of the hall. The brothers would run with them to count the number of times their heels touched the floor. She cracked her whip and the girls started out with a rush. Penny touched her heels three times and Amy twice. Penny got five lashes and had to repeat her mantra after each stroke.

For the next race, Selene brought out two pairs of knee high boots with four inch heels. The slaves put them on, then were hobbled and sent to the far end of the hall and back, with a crack of her whip. Amy won by a step. It was the first time one of them had won two events in a row. As a result, Pennyís lashes were doubled and she had to humiliate herself† by kneeling before Amy and acknowledging her failure. Amy, not one to let an opportunity slip by, forced Penny to kiss and lick her boots adding immensely to her humiliation.

Selene decided that it was enough for one day and ended the class, but not before ordering both slaves to report to their Masters, detailing each win and loss. Penny had only the short walk up the stairs, where Dr. Steve waited with matching punishments. Amy had to call Glen to report her day. After a suitable wait she had to recite what each event involved and how she placed. Her losses were duly noted and when Amy was finished, Glen asked to speak to Selene. She listened in silence for some time, her face blank.

When she hung up she picked up her whip. Amy unconsciously cringed, expecting the worst. What Glen had ordered was even worse. Selene led her to an odd looking machine whose principal feature was a sloping table. After a few adjustments Amy was directed to sit on the table. Selene positioned her, then fed her arms down through two holes, as she lay back against the table. Then she did the same with her lower legs, giving her the appearance of not having any arms, or any legs below the knees.

Selene stretched a narrow leather belt across Amyís waist, effectively locking her into the device, since she couldnít raise her body enough to lift her arms out of the holes. She was able to raise her legs a few inches, but not enough to free them. Selene ended that movement by locking a chain to her ankle cuffs and the drawing the chain taut to a fastener under the table support.

Selene taped leather pads over her eyes, both to blindfold her and to protect her eyes from what was coming.

Amyís first clue to her punishment for her several losses was a stinging blow across her lower belly. Selene had a bucket and a large terrycloth towel. She had allowed it to soak in the water, then swung it in a tight arc that spread the cloth from Amyís mound to her belly button. It hit with a liquid splat that sent drops flying in all directions. It also hurt. It hurt more when Selene drew back her arm, dragging the rough cloth across her sensitized skin.

The wet towel slapped and slashed at Amyís helpless body. When it reached her breasts she felt that her nipples were being dragged off with it. Selene kept going and in a few moments it was slapping Amyís cheeks, pressing down on the leather pads over her eyes. Selene stopped and examined Amy. From her forehead down to her mound, Amy was red as a beet, but there were no welts or broken skin. There didnít have to be. Amy was taking severe punishment, and her noisy chorus after each blow attested to Seleneís skill.

Anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of a locker room towel snapping knows what came next, Selene took the towel, still damp to give it weight, and snapped it, sounding like quick pistol shots as the tip end of the towel snapped against Amyís hot flesh. When she reached Amyís breasts, she made them bounce and jiggle in time with her snaps. Amy was ordered to chant, repeating her slave mantra after each blow of the towel. Selene gave her a count of five to quit howling and begin her chant after each snap.

"Your Master expects you to win tomorrow. Are you going to win? At all costs?"

"Yes, Mistress. I will do whatever it takes to win!"

Penny emerged from Dr. Steveís bedroom equally motivated to win the unknown contests she might face. Dr. Steve had not been gentle in applying a second punishment to match the one she had already received. While Amy still looked like a well done lobster from the knees up, Penny had welts and a bruise or two to show for her discipline. Both girls were fired up to the point where they glared at each other across the breajfeast table, drawing their first negative points of the day.

Before Selene could stop them, they tangled, pulling hair and swinging wildly at each other. Selene waded in with her whip and after several blows separated them.

"That makes six points each, against you. Slaves are never allowed to fight."

Tom and Terry showed up at the crucial moment. Selene handed the two slave leashes to them, and a whip.

"If they even look at each other, wear this out - on both of them!"

Selene went to a cupboard in the main dungeon and returned with a double fiddle. The steel device weighed about 10 pounds, but weight was not going to be the primary problem. The device had two larger holes a few inches apart across the middle and on the extensions there were two smaller holes, in line. Selene had the men back the two slaves against each other, placing their necks in the larger holes and their wrists in the smaller. When it was closed and locked it held them close, back to back, with their futile hands sticking up in front of their faces. Each† occupant looked like she was playing a fiddle, hence the name.

"You girls have one hour to settle your differences. If you are not fully cooperating, you will be penalized a point a minute until you do decide that you shouldnít fight with another slave. The longer you take the more severe your punishment will be."

The two slaves put on a show that had both Tom and Terry grinning and laughing. Neither one was about to give an inch, as each blamed the other for starting the fight. Amy tried to walk away, dragging Penny backward until she twisted enough to catch one of Amyís legs and trip her. Amy replied in kind, bumping her ass against Penny. Neither one dared to say the things that they wanted, knowing that Selene would brook no further disobedience on their part.

After almost a half hour had passed, both girls realized that they needed to make up if they valued their hides. Selene was always close to them, getting visibly more and more impatient, her whip at the ready. Reluctantly, Penny, who perhaps had the most to fear from Dr. Steve, said softly, "Iím sorry."

Amy digested the apology and repeated it, "Iím sorry too."

Penny responded, "I promise not to fight with you, or any slave, again."

"I promise too."

"Iím still going to win."

Amy laughed. "Not if I have anything to say about it."

"Letís be friends."

"Friends it is."