Amy’s Bondage
by Raul Roget

Copyrighted material, not for those under 18 years of age.

Chapter 41 -- The Best Laid Plans

It was easy. Much too easy. Being something of a worrywart, I worried. Nadine was too strong willed to be a slave. She certainly was not the type to give up her power and position so willingly. I had expected at least hesitation when I broached my plan for her. Really I had expected outright refusal and I was primed to make her life utterly miserable if I had to force her to surrender her title.

All along I had accepted her devotion to me as something of a schoolgirl crush, even though she was in her mid-20s. I’d never had a girlfriend so deeply involved and none of my boyfriends had wanted more from me than to spread my legs and show proper respect for the size of their tool. I worried that her whole attitude was nothing more than pity for my horrible experience with Cecill.


At this point, Georgina, who had been simmering for long minutes finally reached the boiling point and smoothly pulled whore into position to lick instead of talk. She enjoyed her orgasm thoroughly, just as much as she had been enjoying the erotic tale that whore was telling her, and the microphone that was recording it for posterity. She didn’t know that Amy was standing on tiptoe in front of a monitor, cuffed hands above her head, watching and listening as "her" tongue savaged Georgina’s pussy. When Georgina’s last spasm faded, whore picked up where she had left off.


Having Dr. Steve underfoot at every turn didn’t help matters at all. I worried about just how much he knew of our trysts, and especially what his reaction would be when I deposed Nadine as President. I desperately wanted - and needed - him on my side but his reaction to our pain games and our bedroom antics left me wondering just where he would stand.

I tried flirting with him, but I might as well have tried to turn on a brick wall. He just simply ignored me. I couldn’t just write him off as he had saved me at the last moment from Cecill and then had given me excellent medical care. I was still extremely tender between my legs, but the pain was slowly going away. Nadine’s tongue massaging it regularly played a major role in my recovery.

When the big day came, both my slave and I were having a case of nerves. I made her lick me, but that only seemed to make it worse for me, and Nadine’s arousal made her a basket case. When we were ready to dress, I handed her a key and a tampon.

"What’s that for?" she asked.

"Silly, the key goes in first."

Comprehension lit her face and then she frowned. "What is the key for?"

"After you resign, you will leave the stage. The auditorium will be locked so you will need it to get out. This may get ugly so you had better be prepared to run for the door."

"In chains? How can I run?"

"I’ll make sure your legs are free." I didn’t promise her hands, which I envisioned as cuffed behind her.

"Mistress, what are you going to do to me - with me?"

I stared her down. "Whatever pleases me."

She squirmed, avoiding an orgasm by inches. She began to pant, unable to talk coherently. I slapped her face, gently. It was enough to break the spell.

"What are you going to tell your audience your reason for resigning?"

She looked at me for a long moment.

"The truth. That my life as a Mistress was a lie, that I was a slave pretending to be a Mistress."

I knew, and she probably did too, that such an admission would set her world ablaze and the audience would be demanding blood. She could be in mortal danger if the girls in the cells got hold of her. For that matter, the men in the Fraternity wouldn’t take kindly to having her scam exposed. She knew what she was getting into, probably better than I did, just how the brothers and sisters would treat her. I expected to have my hands full controlling things after she dropped that bombshell.

I revealed a further problem that she would face.

"I expect absolute obedience to everything I tell you or signal you to do. However, whenever I say, ‘The ex-president’ you will resist my orders, refuse to do anything you are told to do and beg the audience for support, claiming I tricked you. You will continue to rebel until I say the phrase again. Is that absolutely clear, slave?"

She looked at me, totally horrified.

"Mistress, they will kill me on the spot. Red will flay me alive. You have no idea what you are asking me to do!"

"I know exactly what I am demanding. Utter, absolute, perfect obedience, the obedience expected from every slave."

She shook her head. "Mistress, I cannot obey such an order. It would be suicide!"

"You will obey or Red and I will take turns whipping you until you agree."

"Mistress, you are making me do something I know in my heart is wrong..."

"You WILL do it. It’s my order, or you can pack your bags and leave, right now!"

I was triumphant. She was showing telltale signs of giving in.

"Mistress, you are crazy, absolutely nuts to demand this of me."

"What happened to ‘your total and obedient slave’?"

Even that didn’t phase her. "I AM your total and obedient slave, but this is crazy!"

"Slave, it’s an order. Do it, or pack!"

Grumbling, she finally nodded her head.

"When this is over, you can expect some of the most horrendous punishments I can devise to teach you not to refuse an order. I’m sure Dr. Steve will back me up."

When I mentioned his name I saw a flicker of fear in her eyes. Her disobedience crumbled. I’d pushed the right button. I had serious doubts that he would agree to any serious punishiment for her, but the threat worked.

I was tempted to dress in leather, but what little common sense I had dictated a simple blouse and skirt, certainly not the see-through blouse I’d been walking in. Nadine had her breakaway dress with the velcro tabs with matching bra and panties. Both of us wore ankle boots with four inch heels. I examined her carefully to ensure that her clothes would come off as planned. They were ready and Red and her whip were ready as well.

The three of us walked to center stage as the curtains pulled back. We bowed, and I stepped to the microphone on the podium. I looked out over the audience. Virtually every member of the Fraternity and the Sorority were seated in front of me, along with several older guests, certainly alumni of one or the other. In the front row the officers alternated seats between the two organizations. The business meeting, which Nadine had co-chaired with Tucker had gone smoothly, with no hint of the fireworks to come. It was mostly routine business that needed only a voice vote to pass.

Now Tucker was seated at my extreme right. The seat next to him was empty, reserved for Nadine. Sam, the Vice President was in the next seat and the seat to his right was empty, reserved for the Vice President of the Sorority. That would have been Shelby’s spot, but since she had been fired as whip girl, her office had gone with the whip. Shelby was nowhere to be seen so I assumed she was locked safely in her cell.

To add a touch of formality to the proceedings I addressed the group, "Officers of the Fraternity and Sorority, members, Masters and Mistresses and honored guests, I welcome you. Today I have scheduled a demonstration of a topic that is close to our hearts and our minds. The Sorority’s whip girl is the most talented whip wielder that I have seen. Red is going to show you some other uses other than just whaling away at your partner. Incidentally, she learned her trade teaching her boyfriend not to play the field."

I paused for the laughter.

"First, President Nadine is going to put a cigarette between her lips. Her upper lips. We wouldn’t want something important damaged."

I got more laughter as I was joking about their favorite topic. The humor was crude, but they were enjoying it.

Nadine placed the cigarette and unconsciously pushed her head forward, as if to protect her body from the whip. Red would have none of it. She reversed the whip and used the handle to push Nadine’s head back. Then in a surprise move, she made Nadine kiss and lick the whip, to general laughter. Nadine flushed, a pale shade of pink. I grinned to myself. Nadine was already being humiliated and I hadn’t even started on her. Red either knew, or suspected what was going on and was acting upon it.

Red uncoiled her whip, the biggest, ugliest, longest whip in her set. She first rolled a loop the length of the whip, the tip snapping into the air like a snake striking. She raised it into the air, cracking it loudly first behind, then in front of Nadine, who jumped slightly at each crack. Then Red took aim and snapped the whip toward her, neatly cutting the cigarette in two, half an inch from her protruding lips. The audience roard their approval and gave her some loud applause.

Then Red handed her a playing card, the Ace of Spades. She held it up, Red’s whip again directing her, turning it slightly until it was facing the audience. Again the cracks behind and before her. Then a loud ‘splat’ and the card was torn from her hand. She stooped and picked it up and held it for the audience to see. Almost all of the spade had been torn from the card by the whip, leaving the outline.

The next to closing part of her act came all too soon. Nadine stuck a cigarette in each ear and then folded her hands behind her. Red made the two practice swings then snapped the whip twice in rapid succession. The first severed cigarette hadn’t reach the floor when the other one was cut off. Red and Nadine stepped forward and bowed, to thunderous applause.

When the room had quieted, Red had moved in front of Nadine, kneeling to avoid blocking anyone’s view.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know whether you have seen our Sorority President in the buff, but you are about to. The literature is replete with stories of the hero tearing the victim’s clothes from her body, even whipping them off. We’re not going to do anything that drastic... There were a couple of good natured boos... but we are going to disrobe her with the whip. All Red has to do is hit the spots where her clothes are held together and they will fall off. This is delicate work so I ask your absolute silence until she is finished and then you can applaud to your heart’s content."

Standing, a bull whip is not that easy to master. Kneeling makes it several times as hard. Red had no problem hitting the spots, beginning with the tabs on her shoulders. The first one opened to the whip, a flap of cloth falling onto her breast. When she hit the second one the dress folded forward at her hips. A snap at each hip and the dress went to the floor. Nadine turned her back to the audience. The whip opened her bra and she shrugged it from her shoulders as she turned back, displaying her breasts with the miniature shackles behind her nipples.

She raised her hands above her head. The whip snapped, snapped again and again, each time closer to her until the tip tore the fastening over her left hip. Her panties fell part way exposing part of her smooth shaven pussy. The whip went to her other side, snapping closer and closer until it severed her panties from her hips, falling between her legs. The two bowed and the audience went wild.

She looked at me. I gave a slight nod. Her big show was about to start. As the applause died down she stepped to the podium.

After her formal greeting she smiled and turned a full circle.

"See, not a scratch. I hope you enjoyed our demonstration. Give Red a big hand."

The applause thundered again, with the usual whistles.

"Now if we can re-convene the business meeting for a few moments, I have a couple of announcements to make."

"First, you probably have noted that we do not have a Vice President. As most of you know, Shelby was fired as a whip girl and lost her seat as a result. With the approval of the Sorority Board, I have appointed Selene as Vice President."

She pointed to me and I raised my hand as the applause began again.

"The second announcement is one I wish I didn’t have to make. I am resigning as President of the Sorority and according to our Constitution and By-Laws, the Vice President becomes the President, serving until the next election of officers."

The audience sat, stunned. At first there was no applause, then a scattering before the rest of them joined in. Nadine stood, waiting for my applause to end.

"I want you to know why I am resigning. I have been living a lie. My life as a Mistress is a lie. I am a slave pretending to be a Mistress. Our Sorority cannot be ruled by a slave. "

"Cane her!" came from the back of the room, followed by a chorus of agreement.

"Gentlemen and ladies, our ex-president has seen fit to renounce her duties. What is your wish?"

Before I could finish, Nadine had taken her cue from my calling her the ex-president, and exploded violently, "This is a sham! She tricked me!"

She ran off the stage and knelt before President Tucker.

"Please help me. She has stolen my power! "

Tucker looked down at her, spat in her face and shoved her onto the floor with his foot.

"Slut!" was all he needed to say.

Red was right behind her, a short flogger replacing the bull whip. She peppered her with blows, forcing her back onto the stage, making her kneel at my side. She fought Red as best she could, but Red was out of range.

"Tucker was on his feet. Half turning he addressed me and the audience at the same time. "This slut needs some obedience lessons. Service the hall!"

A loud cheer went up at that, drowning Nadine’s protests. In the general confusion I suddenly spotted Dr. Steve making his way to the stage, with a heavy bundle under his arm.

He mounted the stage and motioned two of the Fraternity brothers to join him. When he unwrapped his bundle, I couldn’t fathom its use, but the three men knew exactly. One held the violently struggling Nadine while the other two locked a studded collar around her neck. Attached at the back was a long rod with manacles near the end. Nadine’s arms were pulled back and the cuffs were closed and locked on her wrists. A studded leather strap fixed her elbows against even more studs on the rod. Nadine’s struggles were getting weaker, but her mouth was calling everyone names, including me.

The purpose of the equipment became vividly apparent as soon as Nadine was tightly fastened to it. One of the brothers grabbed the handle at the end and pulled up sharply on it. Nadine fought it for a second, screaming with pain and hatred, then jerked herself up on her knees in response to the strong leverage of the long rod.

An adjustable rod was mounted at right angles, with the semi-pointed end rammed into her spine. By turning the handle her arms were forced upward behind her back and the rod dug deeper into her spine.

They wanted to make her knee walk off the stage but decided it might spoil their fun. The brothers lifted her bodily and dumped her on the floor rather ungently. Red’s whip and the rod handle directed her between Tucker’s spread legs. His pants were down and his cock was waiting. Nadine fought the collar, choking and hurt by the dull studs, finally giving in and taking Tucker in her mouth. She continued to fight, bound by her oath to obey. She remembered asking me to make her suck a cock and remembered my answer even as he spurted into her mouth. "When it pleases me."

Now she had a whole room full of cocks and pussies to satisfy.

I remained behind the podium until they began to force her toward Sam. I announced, "Well, it looks like our ex-President is providing some unexpected entertainment."

She got the message and gradually stopped fighting the collar. By the time she finished Sam she was complying with every command. The brothers took no chances and kept her in the device until she had serviced everyone in the room, except me.

There was one complaint, from a brother who had more than his share to drink. After Nadine sucked him off he was shouting ‘teeth’ at the top of his lungs, but several other brothers squelched him.

Several of the brothers wanted more than a blow job. I warned them that Nadine had her period, but one was adamant. He spotted the tampon string and jerked it out. There was a clang as the hidden key hit the floor. There was no blood, so all eyes turned to me.

Dr. Steve was at my side in an instant. "Just shut up!" he muttered to me and grabbed the microphone.

"There are some unexplained events here. The show is over. I will see that what you have just seen is thoroughly investigated and the guilty party or parties punished."

The curtains were drawn and Dr. Steve and Red herded Nadine and me through the stage door and into a small room. Nadine was still strapped in the collar and rod, but neither of them made any move to release her. Red walked over to her and shoved a gag in her mouth. A few second later I was handcuffed, gagged and had a hobble between my ankles.

Dr. Steve sat me down and detailed my plan from beginning to end. He even knew details that I had skipped over. Finished, he growled, "You’re coming with me."

Nadine and I looked at each other, helplessly. It was the last time I ever saw her.

Chapter 42 -- Jealous Rage

While whore was relating her adventures and Georgina was getting her jollies, there was other activity in Glen’s mansion.

The two maids had been allowed to listen to whore, but under what might be termed ‘exceptional’ circumstances. After listening to a few minutes of the first tape the pair was, to put it mildly, horny. The very obvious - and only - relief available was in Glen’s bed. If the truth be told, the two maids had been looking for some time for an excuse to submit fully to Glen.

The pair stripped off their uniforms, fixed each other with ankle cuffs and hobbles, and hinged wrist cuffs. Then they paraded into Glen’s office after knocking, and knelt at his feet. Glen, interrupted in listening to whore, looked down impassively.

Jane spoke for both of them, "Master, we wish to be given a place in your bed."

Glen hid his annoyance well. This should have been handled by Georgina, but she was tied up - literally - with whore. "Do you submit to me, totally and without question?"

"Yes, Master," they chorused.

"Do you recognize, and agree to the fact that your bodies will be available to me or anyone I designate, at all times, for any purpose?"

"Yes, Master."

"You will be subject to a new rule. As you are now slaves, you will be expected to be lubricated and ready whenever you are in my bed, day or night. As before, you report to Georgina for work assignments and any punishments you have earned. You will work in the nude and in restraints, except when I have visitors or clients. Clear?"

"Yes, Master!"

Minutes later the pair were spreadeagled on their backs on the big bed, stretched nearly taut by their chains. They were blindfolded and equipped with medium speed vibrators that quickly sent their horniness to a new and higher level. From the speakers came the sound of whore’s voice, talking about being whipped.

Amy soon found out about the new bedfellows. She was pissed, with good reason, seeing the two maids as two more potential Mistresses, to add to her woes. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, next to Glen, while he explained to her that she would have her place beside him, and between him and the two maids, but his words sounded lame to her. Anger boiled as she looked at the two helpless girls writhing on the bed, trying to attract Glen’s attention.

Her anger boiled over. She stood up. Glen glanced up at her face and saw the warning signs. His muscles tensed.

Amy took a step, away from the bed, toward the door. She lifted her other foot to move it forward. She was looking at the door. Escape was her one and only thought. A thought she instantly regretted.

Glen pounced, his foot flying out and stamping on Amy’s hobble chain. Her momentum carried her forward, landing on the carpet with a heavy thud and jangle of her chains. Winded, she gasped for air.

Glen landed on top of her, knocking her wind out again. In seconds he had her fully restrained and on her knees, his whip singing in her ears. The two blindfolded maids could only listen and guess what was going on.

She climbed down the stairs awkwardly. Grim, Glen said nothing, letting his whip talk for him.

Amy began to sob, scared out of her mind. The last thing she wanted was to lose Glen and now a second of thoughtless reaction was going to do just that.

Glen was having similar thoughts, but he was still too angry to be completely rational and subjective. He didn’t want to lose her but to his way of thinking she had changed from that nude sacrificial offering of herself that first night. An important part of the matter was her seeming love of pain. She was at her best when she was suffering overwhelming physical or mental agony.

This raised the immediate question as to whether this episode had been staged for her own benefit, to get a dose of the pain she sought. He intended to find out, while at the same time trying to figure out punishments that would punish, rather than merely feed her masochism. He realized, in between whip strokes, that with the advent of whore on the scene, he hadn’t been paying as much attention to Amy as he should have.

As he slowly calmed, he realized that Amy needed a shadow who would be on her case day and night, giving her as much pain as she could soak up, along with constantly testing her limits with new and unique punishments. One thing he had learned was that Amy reacted the most to the unexpected, being forced to do things which had no foreseeable or predictable outcome.

As Glen mulled the problem over in his mind he realized that the answer was right there. Besides Amy he now had four more slaves. Georgina and Jane and Sarah were busy with the day-to-day operation of the house. That left the Judge’s wife as the most logical choice to bird-dog Amy. The only problem with that was that whore was apparently on loan for some unknown length of time and the judge might want her back at a moment’s notice.

He called the judge, on a fishing expedition. The conversation at first centered on her incarceration in the box. Glen was suitably appreciative of the various bondage methods used. He described her role as a talking book. The Judge chuckled that she could talk day into night. Finally, Glen asked the question, "How long may I keep her?"

"As long as you want. I have a new clerk who is heavily into bondage, which you needn’t tell my wife, so I’m happy to have her where she can give you some enjoyment."

"Thanks Judge. She is very enjoyable, and will fit very well into my plans."

With that settled, Glen confirmed his decision to put whore in charge of Amy and at the same time decided on a fitting punishment for her. He shoved her into the cell, locked a chain to her collar and left her on the floor.

Georgina was having her... She had lost count of the orgasms long since. Glen released her, then released whore, who promptly knelt at his feet. Georgina groaned and struggled to sit up.

"That’s one powerful tongue you have - and one hellova story you’ve been telling."

Whore flushed and thanked her Mistress for her praise. When he had their attention he announced, "Amy just tried to escape."

Georgina reacted with a "What?" but whore remained mum. Glen explained the circumstances and added, "She’s turned into a pain slut. I’ve decided she needs a personal Mistress who can keep her coping with as much pain as she can take and a little bit more. Selene, I think this is a job for you. You’ve already told us some of your adventures as a dominant and from what I’ve heard, you can keep her hurting 24 hours a day. Are you willing to take the job on? You may speak freely, or as we say in this house, ‘open time.’"

"Master, Mistress, I would be honored to be her special Mistress. But, she hates me, with good reason. I almost permanently disfigured her with that acid. She delights in calling me ‘whore’ and says it just to humiliate me."

"Just one more reason to punish her, severely. You’ve heard the expression, ‘Make her eat her words.’ You have the opportunity. She and all of us will address you as Mistress Selene. She’s going to spend the next three days in your box, to get her in the right frame of mind, and then you will take over. Your watchword is ‘cruel and unusual.’ She is never to know what to expect, or what happens to her next. She is to fear you, fear your whip and above all fear your mind as you keep her occupied."

Georgina nodded her approval. Amy had been a real bother for her and she was glad to see Glen taking such a firm stand. She certainly had her hands full with the two maids.

Glen and Selene went to the cell. The found Amy lying on the floor.

Selene’s whip snapped like a dry branch breaking. Amy screamed and grabbed for her sore hip.

"On your knees!" Selene ordered.

Slowly she complied, staring daggers at Selene.

"Meet your new Mistress, Mistress Selene."

"Whore!" snapped Amy.

" That is M - I - S - T - R - E - S - S   S - E - L - E - N - E

N - O - T  W - H - O - R - E!"

Each letter had been punctuated by the snap of her whip. Amy was sobbing loudly, her body splotchy with the marks where the whip had hit home. It hurt, but she could shrug it off. She’d had worse. But, worse than the whipping was the sure knowledge that Selene had suddenly been elevated from punished slave to Mistress. The humiliation would take time to cope with and her sinking feeling confirmed that this was a woman to be feared for more than just her whip.

"I’m sorry, Mistress Selene." It was flat, barely showing the proper respect.

Selene’s whip curled across Amy’s thigh.

"Did I give you permission to speak, slave?"

Amy had a quandry. Should she shake her head, or respond with a "No, Mistress."

She did both. Both were wrong and were promptly punished.

Selene taught her what the future would hold. "You answer any direct question, and only a direct question. First, you ask permission to speak before saying another word. Let’s try that again. Did I give you permission to speak?"

Amy flushed, humiliation blossoming on her face.

"Please, Mistress Selene, may I have permission to speak?"

"Yes, but make it short."

"No, Mistress Selene, I did not have permission to speak."


"I said, short."

Selene left it at that. Amy had learned her lesson, knowing full well that her new Mistress could have continued finding fault indefinitely. She was learning the hard way that she would be allowed little or no conversation with her Mistress or anyone else for that matter.

Selene unlocked the chain to her collar at the wall ring, letting the chain fall with a clatter. Amy had to drag it behind her as they guided her into the room where Selene’s delivery box waited, the cover open and beckoning.

Amy hung back when she saw the box, knowing at once what was about to happen. She was punished for dragging her feet and then the two of them lifted her into the box. Selene, all too familiar with the bondage involved, reached in and began attaching the hooks and chains. Glen handed her fresh batteries and then helped close the inner lid around Amy’s neck. He debated putting a punishment helmet on her but decided against it. He felt the close confinement would affect her more if she could see some of it. Amy would have preferred being sightless in a helmet, but she had no voice in what was being done to her.

Amy had already forgotten some of the nastier attributes of the box, but they were there to remind her and she wasn’t even settled in before they began to work on her. In particular the ridged board edge that nestled between her ass cheeks, which was carrying her entire weight, caught her immediate attention. Selene had never commented on it, but it was undoubtedly the worst part of the box, with waiting for the shocks when the box was opened coming in a close second.

She tried desperately to remember how long Selene had been in the box, trying to assess or guess the length of her stay. All time sense went out the window in the blackness, leaving her unsure if minutes or hours had gone by.

She was surprised by a feature that Glen had added. Speakers in the box were connected to the main house stereo system and periodic ‘open microphone’ sessions with Glen and Selene or Glen and Georgina or Glen and the maids were sent down to keep her up to date on his sexual adventures. She was able to recognize the sounds of Selene’s voice and every time she heard it she cursed her, vowing revenge. She denied to herself that what Selene was doing to her was revenge, but she had no answer as to how to topple her from power and regain what little status she had.

She endured and survived a full 72 hours, not a minute less, in the box, which she cursed as often as she cursed Selene. One made her think of the other, so she had spent much of her time in fruitless swearing. ‘Bitch’ was about as nice as it got.

The shocks, all full length, took most of th starch out of her before the box opened and she was released. She was allowed to speak only to thank them both for punishing her. Then she had to kiss their feet as a sign of her full submission, returning to silence, which Amy considered to be severe punishment in itself.

Amy had soiled the box so her first task was to clean up her mess. Selene was right there, bossing Amy in what could only be described as micro-managing. She was being deliberately finicky, trying to get Amy to blow up and earn more severe punishment. Selene compared it to dominating Nadine, but there Nadine had been in love with her, while Amy hated her guts. Selene had been through enough to shrug off Amy’s hatred, ignoring it except when she used it to play against her and keep her in deep trouble.

Glen had another long conversation with the Judge. The topic of course was Selene. He explained what had happened, beginning with the earlier problems he had with her, the escape attempt and turning whore back into Selene and putting her in charge of Amy’s discipline. He also told him he’d put Selene’s shipping box to good use.

The Judge laughed when he had heard the full story. "I guess you won’t be as anxious to marry her after this incident."

"Judge, with all due respect, I still want to marry her. She has her faults, like anyone else - like Selene for example - but I still love her and once we’ve gotten her straightened out I have every intention of marrying her. That’s the one thing that could pull her out of this mess."

"Want to send her back here for a week or two? The Jailer can smooth her rough edges."

"I’m sure he can, but from her reaction to the first session, I’ll take my chances here at home."

"Well, he’s available, any time you need him. He’s mentioned Amy several times, suggesting some new things he’d like to try on her."

"I’ll be sure and tell her. Warn her, I guess would be a better term. Just the threat of going back has a remarkable effect on her. She still isn’t quite sure that it wasn’t just a bad dream."

As the conversation wound down he asked about how to handle Selene.

"You had ordered some pretty strenuous discipline for her. Given that she’s now a Mistress do you want to continue things like the two for one punishments?"

The Judge apologized, "I’m sorry, I merely meant those as guidelines. I got carried away, still angry at some stunt she pulled. She’s in your house. You handle her as you see fit. She’s experienced just about everything in the book, so she should be able to train Amy out of some or all of her bad habits. She does need to be kept in line though."

"Thanks, Judge. I’ll keep her hopping."

Glen grinned as he hung up. He was sure the Judge knew that he was screwing his wife, but the topic hadn’t come up and he read the Judge’s message as a tacit ‘go ahead’ with anything he cared to do with her. For right now she had been starring in the live feed to Amy’s box and now to wherever she would be consigned by her sadistic Mistress.

He pondered the term for a moment. There was no question that Selene was a sadist. She had shown signs of it in everything she had done to Amy and to the characters in the stories of her earlier life. Nobody had called him a sadist, at least not recently, but reviewing recent events he would agree that the term fit him as well. Georgina was somewhat less sadistic, but she had the ability to switch roles at a moment’s notice. He suspected that as they learned more about Selene they would find her able to do that too.

Chapter 43 -- Amy Is Punished

Amy was about to embark on the most painful period of her life. It began with taunting from her new Mistress, intent on following Glen’s orders to the letter. Amy, used to enduring set punishments, was at a loss as to how to cope with Selene. She had already experienced Selene’s highly educated whip. She remembered only too well the descriptions of Red, who certainly had trained her.

"Quite a comedown for Littie Miss Princess, isn’t it slave?"

"May I have permission to speak, Mistress?"

"Keep it short!"

"Yes, Mistress."

Amy was back to the boiling point. The simple little exchange, already repeated a dozen times and certain to be repeated hundreds of times in the future, was getting under her skin in a way the cruelest whipping couldn’t reach her. Selene had sensed her rage the very first time and fully intended to keep Amy at the boiling point with it.

Selene was much more confident of her position, though still realizing that she could be demoted in a second, but Amy seemed to be intentionally screwing up and Selene could tell that Glen was at the end of his rope with her. Her sadistic bent thrilled to Glen’s ‘cruel and unusual’ designation for Amy’s discipline. Idly, she wondered what either Amy or Glen would think of the next part of the story of her life. She shuddered, thinking of the past. Right now she needed to instill that same fear in Amy. She could tell from her eyes that she was already scared. Selene wanted her shivering with fear whenever she heard her footsteps or her voice.

"Your Master wants you punished, severely. Since you suffer from claustrophobia, I have just the thing that will make your stay in the box seem like a vacation at a health resort. I’ll bet you will never guess, or imagine what I have in mind."

Amy stared at her, masking the fury and the fear in her eyes. She knew that Selene was extremely claustrophobic, giving her the experience that she would use to make Amy’s life miserable.  The threat alone was almost too much for Amy to handle. She remembered when she had been locked in the trunk of Glen’s car.  What would she do in something tighter and more constricting? That triggered her memory of the foam lined head box that Selene had so vividly described. Amy had to blank her mind and stop visualizing, realizing that she was beginning to pant, losing control of her breathing.

Selene caught the subtle change and smiled to herself as her plan was beginning to work.

She outfitted Amy with transport chains , reefed short so she was forced to walk in a crouch as she brought her up to the bedroom. Glen was waiting, slowly rubbing his hand up and down his cock, showing her what she was being denied. Selene took her place beside Glen, making Amy curl up on the foot of the bed. Georgina had gone home, but the two maids were chained to the other half of the bed.

Amy discovered that her job would be to prepare whichever girl Glen wanted, make sure Glen’s cock was completely aroused and then guide it with her fingers into the appropriate hole. Selene was the first, and she made sure that Amy kept her head inches from the action. Amy tried closing her eyes, but was promptly punished. After Glen spurted his load, Amy was designated as the cleanup crew, but she was forbidden to swallow Glen’s seed. Instead she had to transfer it to Jane and Sarah’s willing mouths.

Much later, Selene took an exhausted and bedraggled Amy back to the basement. Before leaving the bedroom she had been humiliated by being made to kiss and lick each ass hole. Selene had made her continue licking until she had an orgasm.

In one of the rooms Amy hadn’t seen, Glen had had an oubilette built under the floor. Selene decided to blindfold Amy before dropping her into the hole, knowing that it would intensify the confinement.

First, Selene bolted a steel yoke around Amy‘s neck and wrists. This was a key part of the bondage. Selene looped a rope under Amy’s armpits and used a crane with a winch to drop her into the hole.

The projecting ends of the yoke fitted into two slots just below the floor. The hole was small enough so that even with her legs bent Amy’s feet were resting on a metal grill in the bottom. The sides of the hole were shaped like a barrel, narrow at the top and bottom and wide in the middle, so it was impossible to get purchase with a knee.

Selene used the crane to lift the cover, which weighed more than a hundred pounds. She eased it into the tapered hole where it stopped, with the bottom resting on Amy’s head. The pressure was very slight, but time - and Amy’s imagination - would magnify it to a ton, slowly crushing her head.

The final, cruelest touch - if one could ignore what came before - came to life with the flick of a switch. A computer fed random electrical charges into the separate rods of the grill, shocking her through her feet and her dangling chains which hung down to the grill.

A hidden microphone brought the screams and pleas for mercy out of the hole and into speakers in the room above. A meter showed whenever an electrical charge was entering her body. Selene grinned, savoring the torture that Amy was going through, already planning how she would make Amy pay for speaking without permission. As she closed the door, the computer shut off, allowing a few all too short moments for Amy to recuperate and prepare for the next round of shocks. The heavy lid was already compressing her head in her imagination. The yoke was tight under her chin but her fears of crushing or choking were unfounded. Amy was too overwhelmed by her fear to realize that she was helping to punish herself.

She had choices, but the implications scared her even more. She could fold up her legs, but gravity and the heavy shackles on her ankles allowed only a few moments of respite from the electricity, while at the same time her full weight fell on her arms and neck. Her arms were nearly useless as she was unable to grip anything and her weight dragged her wrists painfully into the edges of the yoke.

All thoughts of revenge or curses for Selene were lost in the mind-boggling fix she found herself in. Her claustrophobia had kicked in before the lid went on and now seemed to be getting worse with every passing minute. Her screams echoed dully in the tiny cramped chamber and her begging went unheeded, but not unnoted. Somewhere in her mind she realized she would be

punished for begging, but at this point she didn’t care.

In the morning, a very chastened and repentant Amy was dragged up out of the hole. Released from the crane she flopped on her belly on the floor and crawled to Selene and kissed her boots frantically. Selene’s smile was cruel. "Slave, did I give you permission to touch me, to ruin my boots with your foul mouth?

"Please, Mistress, may I have permission to speak?"

"Keep it short."

"No, Mistress."

"What would you suggest as an appropriate penalty?"

Amy’s eyes were staring into Selene’s. She got the unspoken message. Fear washed over her in huge waves.

"Please, Mistress, may I have permission to speak?"

"Keep it short."

"Please, Mistress, put me back in the hole."

Selene laughed, a witches cackle. Amy was already close to the breaking point. Glen was watching on the monitor, nodding in agreement. She held her crop where Amy could see it.

"I said, ‘short!’ You wasted two words."

Whap! Whap!

Amy accepted the two strokes, her mind blank.

"Correct it!"

Amy went into her hated ritual, ending with "Back in the hole."

Selene grunted, reluctantly satisfied for the moment. She moved toward the crane, then turned back.

"Later," she promised. Amy’s fear enveloped her like a black cloud.

Selene stripped her chains and ordered Amy into the shower, setting the timer for 10 minutes. When Amy was finished, her teeth chattering, Selene had a new rig for her. It was an adjustable rod which locked onto her collar at the top and had a pair of manacles at the bottom. Once her wrists were locked in, Selene extended the rod, pulling Amy’s wrists down sharply and at the same time pushing the collar up the back of her neck. It prevented Amy from using her hands and with the collar jammed up under her jaw she was unable to either bend her  back or turn her head. Selene put Amy on her knees and led her upstairs with the leash and her crop.

She found Glen in his office and directed Amy to crawl to him on her belly and kiss his feet. She showed every sign of doing it willingly, in marked contrast to some previous efforts on Selene’s feet. Selene wasn’t counting the slathering Amy had volunteered coming out of the hole as she made a mental note to correct Amy the next time.

Selene jerked sharply on Amy’s leash. "Would you like to tell your Master how much you enjoyed sleeping in the oubliette last night?"

"Please, Mistress, may I speak?"

"Stick to the facts!"

"Master, I didn’t sleep at all. The shocks and the pressure and my claustrophobia made it very uncomfortable."

Glen stared down at her, his face impassive. He could tell from her tone that she considered herself well punished.

"I make that as three complaints, don’t you agree, Mistress?"

"Master I would have made it four - Sleep, shock, pressure and claustrophobia."

"Four it is then. Do you lack the ability to punish her for complaining?"

It was a leading question and also a pretended  insult to Selene, intended to ensure that Amy suffered.

"Master, when I am finished with her she - and you - will consider her well punished."

She gave a vicious jerk to Amy’s leash.

"It’s time to pay homage to your Master’s cock. You are forbidden to swallow."

She looked at Glen, who pointed back to her.

"Slave, when your Master comes, you will kiss me and give me all of his seed, which is too good for the likes of you."

Glen sat down in his chair after opening and dropping his pants and shorts. He was already hard, so Amy had only to bring him to a climax. She filled her mouth, then turned and kissed Selene, pushing the milky liquid into her mouth. Selene locked eyes with Amy and made a point of first swallowing, with obvious enjoyment and then opening her mouth wide to show both Amy and Glen that she had swallowed his entire load. Amy was seething with anger and humiliation but she did her best to hide it from both of them.

Actually her efforts were fruitless because both knew from experience that the girl was humiliated and both would have been surprised if she had not been angry with them.

"I’ve had better blow jobs," Glen said, being deliberately insulting to Amy. Mistress, why don’t you see if she is any better at muff diving."

He got up and offered Selene his chair. She sat and spread her legs, snapping Amy’s leash to draw her close.

"I want to enjoy this while I think of something to do to you to improve your cock sucking ability. You may pass off your Master’s complaint, but I take it seriously, as your behavior and lack of training reflect on me. Get your fucking tongue into my pussy and be quick about it!"

Seconds later, she slapped Amy across the breasts with the handle of the leash.

"Idiot! ‘Be quick’ doesn’t mean hurrying ME! It means you get your sorry ass working right now! You lick, slow and gentle until I tell you different!  SLOW! Damn it!"

Selene continued to berate Amy, criticizing every move she made, maddening her with constant speed up or slow down commands. Amy was about ready to bite, something that the more experienced Selene could spot. She slashed the leash across her breasts again and jerked her face out from between her legs.

"You bite me, bitch and you will spend the rest of your life mourning your teeth, which I will personally remove, without anesthetic! I’m sure your Master has a pair of pliers in his desk that I can use."

She was right, as Glen quickly handed her a pair of Vice Grips.

"These will work fine. Perhaps I should break each tooth off at the gum line and leave the nerves exposed."

That was more than enough for Amy. She jammed her mouth forward, tongue slithering frantically from clit to slit, willing to do almost anything to protect her perfect teeth from harm.

Selene continued the verbal abuse up to the point where she had her orgasm. After chewing out Amy for stopping, rather than helping her climax to last longer, Selene asked Glen if the other slaves were nearby. He told her that Georgina, Jane and Sarah were all at the far end of the house, cleaning windows. Selene smiled.

"Good! It will give me a chance to give this stupid cunt some crawling lessons. She’s slower than cold molasses on the stairs."

"Perhaps you need a bigger crop?"

Selene raised it, looked hard at it and without warning slashed Amy on the hip. She yelped, but Selene frowned.

"You’re right. Master. I need a bigger one. She’s already too used to this one. She should have screamed, as hard as I swung."

Glen reached in a drawer and handed her a much larger one, with a half inch wide tip. Selene swung it close to Amy’s ear, making her flinch. She swung again, catching the crease between hip and belly. Despite a strenuous effort to suppress it, to embarrass Selene, she screamed.

Selene and her collared captive were no more than 10 feet from the door to Glen’s office when she tried the crop again, on a different part of Amy’s anatomy. She was rewarded with another involuntary scream. Amy tried to bite her tongue but that only made her tongue sore, to add to her woes.

Selene led Amy down the stairs, across the basement and up the stairs at the other end. If she had been compassionate she could have simply walked through on the main floor, but her purpose was to keep Amy hurting and two flights of stairs had offered unlimited opportunities to test the effectiveness of her new crop. From the receiving end Amy would have certified it as a lethal weapon, but she had absolutely no say in the matter.

They found the three slaves taking a break, seated around a table. Selene dragged Amy alongside the table and announced,

"I brought my portable pussy licker along, thinking you girls would enjoy a little recreation. I have to apologize in advance, as her performance so far has been piss poor. She did a barely passable job of sucking Master’s cock and I had to ride her every minute when she was doing me. You’re welcome to her, for as long as you want, but don’t expect any first class effort out of her. I brought a new whip that Master gave me, which seems to get her attention, so you’re welcome to use that to get some real action out of her. I’ll loan you my whip rights for awhile."

Jane and Sarah didn’t know what to do or how to go about accepting her offer. They knew almost nothing about Amy and they were not especially happy to be indulging in pussy punting with an audience. They looked to Georgina for advice and assistance.

Georgina knew the two inexperienced girls would have problems with the situation, but she felt it would be good training for the girls. They had already experienced being fucked and licked while chained to Glen’s bed, so she felt - in contrast to their feelings - that this would be a good chance to enjoy themselves and learn something at the same time.

All three women were nude, since this was not a day when they had to wear uniforms. This meant they merely had to spread their legs to participate. Georgina set the example, accepting Amy’s leash from Selene and drawing her into her shaved pussy. Selene handed her the crop and she tapped on Amy’s back, to warn her that she was armed and expected Amy’s best tongue work.

As could be expected, Amy was not enjoying things one bit. The worst was the abuse from Selene. She was being put down and insulted at every turn. Even worse, to her mind, was the cold hard fact that the abuse, mental and physical, was turning her on. In her few spare moments she was compiling ways to kill Selene, along with a list of the tortures she intended to use.

More fodder for her arousal.

When Georgina was satisfied she handed the leash to Jane.

"You know what to do," she smiled.

Taking it as an order from a superior, she towed Amy into position, accepted the crop and tapped the exact same warning on Amy’s back. The remarkable thing was that when Jane climaxed, she blushed clear down to her hips.

Seeing all this, Sarah was hesitant. Georgina got up and whispered something in her ear. She flushed, but accepted the leash and crop and gently pulled Amy into her open legs. Georgina retrieved the crop and warned Amy the third time.

"Seconds, anyone?" Selene asked as the ‘party’ ended.

There was a chorus of good natured refusal, as there was work to be done. Amy gave a sigh of relief. Selene heard it and disciplined her for it. The new crop was being thoroughly broken in.

Chapter 44 -- The Big Question

Selene had no more than taken Amy upstairs than she reversed course and made her go back down. She led Amy into the room where the open oubliette waited. Amy’s reluctance to even enter the room was duly noted and duly corrected, bringing yet another bellow from Amy’s lips. Selene made Amy lie on her back next to the hole in the floor.

Still smarting from the whip, Amy was convinced that she was about to go back into the hole and began to mentally prepare herself for the claustrophobia that would ensue. The mere thought of feeling the monstrous lid pressing down on her skull, pressing her into the choking collar and then the electrical shocks was more than she could handle. Her breathing turned to gusty shallow sucking sounds, much to Selene’s amusement.

Selene moved the heavy steel yoke into position under Amy’s neck, then lifted the other half into position over her neck and wrists and bolted it tight. Each twist of the wrench seemed to change Amy’s breathing sounds - the sounds of torture.


Selene’s whip was already enforcing the order, even before it penetrated Amy’s befogged brain. She opened her mouth to beg for mercy, interrupted by a repeat of the order. The whip sang as she rolled onto her side, trying helplessly for leverage to lift the massive weight into the air. The metal clanked as it lifted and then dropped to the floor.  Amy curled her body, half protecting her breasts, then found the desperate strength to lift the yoke and gain balance on her knees.

Selene forced her charge to knee walk to the edge of the hole. The whip handle pressed her head forward, jamming her neck into the front of her two collars, making her look into the darkness below. Amy shivered, the violence shaking her body like a dog shedding water.

Selene tugged sharply on her leash.


Amy saw her cruel smile, remembering the scene in the jail sub-basement. She had pictured Selene as a mad woman. Now she realized that she was not mad - just the most sadistic person she had ever met. She felt Selene could have given her ex-husband lessons in brutality. Particularly her ability to use her sadism as a mental weapon against her victim. Amy found herself once more in a dilemma. She had nearly wet herself preparing to go in the hole, only to have it postponed again. Slave Fear overwhelmed her as she followed her leash back up the accursed stairs, wondering what new torture awaited at the top of the steps.

The stairs alone had become a fitting punishment for an errant slave. With the weight of the yoke threatening her balance at every step, hands helpless to save her from a fall, she raised her knee up to each new tread expecting disaster.

She was paraded into Glen’s office and made to squirm on her stomach to his feet to kiss his boots. Locked in the yoke she couldn’t crawl. Selene backed her away, out of reach of his boots and her whip handle forced Amy’s nose into the carpet.

She held Amy there while she conversed with Glen.

"Master, your slave has licked every slave pussy in this house and given you a blow job. Neither you, nor any of the slaves considered her talents as any more than barely adequate."

"As a penalty for her poor performance she has been taking training in knee walking, especially on the stairs. She is a slow learner, so I have encouraged her to learn at a more rapid pace by installing her in the yoke, the one she will wear when she goes back into the hole."

"Master, before I take her to the other slaves, would you like her to give you another blow job, to see if she has improved amy?"

"No. Have her practice on a dildo in front of a camera first."

"Yes, Master. An excellent suggestion."

Selene found Georgina in her room. She made Amy wriggle and squirm to her feet, to kiss her toes, while Selene explained what was going on. She invited Georgina to enjoy Amy’s tongue while she went and prepared a dildo. She repeated what she had told Glen.

Georgina had to help Amy lift her head off the floor. She sat in her large chair and pulled Amy to her, letting the yoke rest on her upper thighs. Amy went to work with a will, hoping against hope that Georgina would intercede for her and perhaps prevent another night in the oubliette

When Selene returned, Georgina was just recovering from her orgasm. The yoke seemed to be an incentive, because Georgina had noted a distinct improvement. Still it was only a five, so there was ample room for more improvement.

Georgina spread several layers of paper towels on the floor under Amy’s head. Selene bent down and showed Amy the dildo. It had been painted with a brownish liquid from top to bottom.

"Slave, you have one hour to clean every speck of paint off this dildo."

She placed it in one of Amy’s outstretched hands, barely close enough to hold the dildo before her mouth.

Amy licked tentatively at the brown, trying to gauge how much pressure to put on her tongue. Suddenly she spat like a drenched cat, her face screwed up in a mask.

"Lick!" The command was enforced by the whip.

Amy licked. She was forced every few seconds to spit the drool from her mouth.

Georgina looked at Selene, silently questioning her.

Selene smiled, gloating. "It’s a foul tasting liquid, used to break kids from biting their nails. Amy used this once in her self bondage and Glen brought the bottle here in case he needed it. I believe her remark to Glen was that she’d  rather eat shit than taste it again."

"Slave! Don’t even THINK of puking. You’ll clean it right back up with your tongue if you do."

Amy wasn’t just thinking about heaving. Bile was rising in her throat and mixing with the residue of the brewn paint, making it taste even worse. She could only barely control her gagging as waves of nausea roiled her stomach.

She finished the odious task with seconds to spare.Selene rewarded her with the wettest paper towel, which Amy had to chew and swallow. Amy agreed with her earlier taste comparison, even as she fought to keep from hurling the contents of her stomach.

Selene was giggling with glee.

"Looks like we’ve found something that Little Miss Princess doesn’t like. I’m going to get Master to order a case of this stuff and then make her drink every bottle."

Amy turned green at the thought. Her stomach turned over.

Jane and Sarah were in their rooms and both expressed an interest in having their clits licked, but only if they were frst painted. Selene was happy to oblige, showing Amy the bottle, then she had to watch as the clits were encouraged to come out of hiding to be painted. Amy was made to wait until the liquid dried. While she waited she was ordered to lick her lips in anticipation.

Sarah was first and garnered two big orgasms from the sucking and licking. Jane made it to three, thanks to a larger clit that took longer to clean.

Amy was too tired to eat supper, so Selene took her to the room and positioned her with her head hanging over the edge of the hole. She shackled one ankle to a floor ring, ensuring her captive would not wander away. As they finished supper, Selene invited all of them to come down and watch as Amy was placed back into the hole.

Amy was startled by the slaves and Glen crowding around her, One by one the slaves knelt across from Amy and looked down into the oubliette as Selene held a flashlight. Impassive, theiir faces revealed almost nothing, but every head shook slightly as they took in where Amy had spent one night and now was about to face a second night of pure terror.

Glen considered it as an excellent object lesson and a warning for his slaves. Screw up and they could be lying on the stones, waiting to be lowered into this worm hole, just as Amy was.

Glen set the example. His face was firm, showing no sign of mercy. Georgina followed his lead, and so did Selene. The two maids kept their faces blank, unsure just what to do, but certain they didn’t want to follow Amy into that hole. Amy looked from face to face, ending with Glen. She saw no sign of mercy, no reason to expect anything other than that a plea for mercy would only add pain to her lot.

Glen lifted Amy by the ring on her collar. Selene slid the rope under her and adjusted it through her armpits. Hooking the loop to the crane, the motor pulled her upright, then off the floor. Selene moved the arm until Amy was over the hole, then dropped her until her breasts were at floor level. Selene let her hang, silently daring her to break silence..

The crane motor started again. Amy whimpered as the yoke dropped into its slot, Automatically she reached down with her feet, searching for a support. This time she didn’t have the short chains. She could stand on the grill rods, but her hobble chains were across two or three rods, markedly increasing her chances of being shocked every time.

The massive lid settled into its tapered hole, touching Amy’s head. Jane and Sarah gasped in unison as they realized what they were seeing. Both made solemn vows to themselves never to wind up in Amy’s predicament. Glen and Selene’s object lesson already had two converts. Amy, the chief target, was still enduring.

As a final touch, Selene went to the tool cabinet and returned with a sledge hammer. She didn’t swing it, just allowed it to drop on the lid, knowing that the jar of each blow, however light, would impact directly on Amy’s skull. She would feel the vibration and noise, but no damage would be done, even as the lid slid a small fraction of an inch deeper. To Amy, deafened by the hlows, it felt as if another ton weight had been dropped on her head.

The first of the night’s shocks coursed through her feet. The audience listened to her screams coming from the speakers.

After a leisurely breakfast the next morning, Selene returned to the room and lifted the lid, exposing Amy’s head. Her hair was soaked and matted and as she was pulled up Selene could see that she was drenched with sweat on her entire body. The oubliette was cool, so there was only one reason for her appearance. Selene smiled. The fear, Slave Fear that she wanted to instill in Amy, was working.

When the crane dropped her to the floor next to the hole, Amy wanted to crawl or wiggle her way to Selene’s feet to kiss them as a sign of submission, but for the moment she was too weak to move. Selene took that as a gross breach of slave rules and a personal insult, administering the same discipline as she had the morning before for kissing her feet without permission. Amy was well aware of the many excuses a Mistress could use to exact more punishment. She knew, but there was nothing she could do about it but endure.

Selene had her orders from Glen. Amy found out what was going to happen to her only as it happened. She knee walked as her leash beckoned with cruel jerks. When they passed the foot of the stairs without climbing them, the Fear clamped on her gut again. Something new was going to happen to her. She had no way of preparing for the unknown.

She was led into the dungeon. Was she destined for the stocks? Selene slowed, as if to guide her into the wooden structure, then caught Amy by surprise with a savage jerk on her leash, pulling her toward a huge object still hidden under its cover. Amy racked her brain, trying to remember what it was, or whether she had seen it before. She passed a familiar landmark, the big stone with its sandpaper surface where she had suffered so long ago. She wondered if she would wish for a day on the stone rather than what Selene had in store for her. She began to pant. Selene smiled and jerked the leash again.

Selene pulled the cover off and painstakingly folded it up, stalling to keep Amy’s anxiety at a fever pitch. All Amy could see was what looked like a long low table, but there were attachments at both ends and in the middle that she couldn’t identify.

Selene put the folded cover aside and returned to Amy. Using her wrench she unbolted both of Amu’s wrists, leaving the yoke still fastened around her neck.

"Hold the ends and get up on here. I don’t want you breaking your neck - yet!"

As soon as Amy stood up she recognized the Rack for what it was. Torn out of the pages of the Inquisition, it looked old enough to have been used centuries ago. There were evident signs of wear and dark, ugly stains that bore witness to unspeakable torture. As she felt the leather straps binding her hands and feet she wondered how many female bodies had proceeded her to lie on this uncomfortable ‘bed.’

As her gaze swept over its length and breadth, she noted the studded roller that would in moments dig into the small of her back. She focused on that, missing the import of attachments that could slice flesh or break bones. From her reading she knew the principal purpose of this diabolical machine - to stretch her body beyond endurance and then hold the tension as other acts were performed upon it.

As the leather creaked and stretched slightly under increasing tension, Glen appeared beside the Rack. A second or two later, Georgina was at her other side. Jane and Sarah took their places toward the foot. They stared down at her silently as the rachet clicked like a thunderclap, each sound indicating another fraction of an inch tighter. Amy panted, louder and louder, finding it difficult to breathe against the taut constraints of her body.

Amy could feel her joints loosen. Her hips felt like they would come out of their sockets at the next click. Her shoulders simply hurt, muscles and tendons near the breaking point. Amy uttered a cry of pain and closed her eyes. When she opened them, she was alone. She fainted.

When she awoke a gag was being forced into her mouth. She resisted, determined to beg mercy, at whatever cost, but a gag would deny her even the chance to beg. The hand left her mouth and landed hard on her tight stomach. The blow hurt from her ankles to her wrists. She stopped resisting the gag. It was shoved fully into her mouth and the straps pulled harshly tight against her neck.

Silently the watchers resumed their place. Amy wondered how long she had been unconscious, although she looked at it as sleep, refusing to accept that her painful position was responsible. She tried to raise her head, but the movement was denied by the unforgiving steel bolted around her neck. She felt her body stretch as the Rack took up the slack and a bit more, the rachet click like a message of doom.

Selene looked down at her, the only face that expressed emotion Hers showed pleasure and naked cruelty.

"Comfortable?" She jeered.

Amy remained motionless, staring into the green eyes that reminded her of a cat preparing to pounce. She cried out as Selene’s hand slapped her breast, the blow magnified by the rigid bondage.

"You answer EVERY question! Get it, slut?"

Reluctantly she shook her head, answering the first question. Selene backhanded her other breast.

"Get it, Slut?" she repeated.

Amy nodded. Lesson. Never - just as in baseball - get behind on the count.

"You tried to run away, escape?"

Amy stared at her. Slowly she nodded, the upper collar pressing on her throat.

"You had help? Jane? Sarah, Georgina?"

Amy shook her head in answer to each question.

"It won’t make any difference, but you planned this in advance?

A shake of the imprisoned head.

"A spur of the moment act of defiance to your Master?"

Trapped, Amy could only nod.

"You were jealous of me?"

Amy nodded, perhaps with a little more emphasis.

"You thought I was stealing your place in your Master’s bed?"

Amy’s eyes flared as she nodded, certain that Selene was reading her mind.

"Do you still think that is true?"

Amy hesitated, then shook her head.

"So you aren’t sure?"

Again reluctant, Amy nodded.

"Perhaps you are still plotting to escape?"

For the first time Amy displayed some animation, violently shaking her head.

"You haven’t thought of escape since you were caught?"

Amy was trapped again. Escape, no matter how quickly thought and rejected came to the mind of every slave, while, or after being punished, no matter how dedicated they were to their Master or Mistress. To say ‘No’ would be an outright lie that the watchers  would recognize instantly. She nodded her head, sentencing herself to more agony.

"You are aware that escape, whether attempted or successful makes you worthless in the eyes of your Master - just like lying to your Master?"

Tears brimmed in her eyes as she nodded, as if compounding her guilt.

Glen spoke for the first time. "Enough. You all have seen her admissions of guilt. Leave her to contemplate her fate."

In seconds all the watchers were gone. Amy sobbed, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her first and only thought, ‘She is going to kill me, slowly, while Glen watches.’

Chapter 45 -- The Oubliette Claims a Victim

Every muscle and sinew in Amy’s body ached. Even her skin felt stretched and sore. The pain messages to her brain were overwhelming. It had reached the point, several eons ago, where she wondered if she was already dying, unable to believe that life could go on with such pain.

She was young, healthy and her pain tolerance, as Glen often remarked, was off scale. Glen wasn’t at all sure that Amy was really in pain and not just ignoring it as a fact of slave life. Still, Selene was quite convincing when she assured Glen that Amy was close to cracking. As she pointed out, Amy was now under a two-pronged attack from the Rack and the Oubliette. Both were new to Amy, so their potency was increased markedly. Both were picking up where Amy’s pain tolerance left off and carrying her into uncharted territory.

Amy opened her eyes after a bout with the pain. Jane was looking down at her. She felt Jane’s hands working on her gag, loosening the straps until she could pull it out of her mouth.

"Thank you." Amy croaked. Jane’s face changed to worry and she held a finger to her lips. She brought a glass of water with a straw and held it, putting the straw in Amy’s mouth. She sucked gratefully on the straw, draining the glass.


Amy shook her head.

Jane busied herself at the head end of the Rack. The pawl clicked and was pushed out of the way. Amy felt her bonds slacken and suddenly she motioned frantically with her hands, certain that Jane was breaking the rules by releasing the tension on her body.

Jane leaned over and smiled, kissing Amy on the cheek. Amy tried to question her with her eyes, but Jane was still new to reading emotions or questions.

"Do you want more water?"

Amy shook her head, eyes pleading.

"Do you need to piss?"

Amy shook her head again, looking worried. Jane caught it this time.

"Don’t worry. They sent me down to release you. When you can walk, I’ll help you."

Amy gave a sigh of relief. She had been certain both of them were in deep trouble. Still, she wondered, "Why Jane?"

Once her ankles were released, Amy swung her legs over the side of the Rack. Jane held her as Amy’s legs trembled under her weight. Jane walked her back and forth several times and Amy seemed to gather strength with each turn. At last she stood upright, unassisted. Jane picked up her leash and attached it to her collar.


The order was given with authority, despite it being the first order Jane had issued in her life.

Startled at the unexpected command, Amy hesitated. Where had Jane suddenly gotten the whip? Wherever, it stung and Amy dropped to her knees. She now had a new Mistress to contend with, to learn to deal with. One thing for certain, she already knew which end of the whip to use.

Jane led her out of the dungeon and stopped in the hall. She pulled on Amy’s leash and started down the hall, pausing again when she came to a door. She knocked and in a moment Selene opened the door. Amy could see the lid of the oubliette behind her and screamed, "Nooooooo!"

Selene nodded to Jane. Her whip whistled, landing across the upturned arches of her feet. Amy screeched, an animal sound.

"Nooo! Not that again. Please, mercy, Mistress! Agggh!"

Jane’s whip was a blur, finally getting through to the sobbing slave.

"You were NOT given permission to speak, You spoke to Jane when she removed your gag, against orders. You spoke to ME! Screamed at ME! You’ll suffer for it. You go in the hole NOW, not waiting for tonight!"

Amy felt betrayed. Jane had played good cop - bad cop with her, only to fall into the hands of worst cop.  She shivered as Slave Fear took over her brain, robbing her of all ability to think coherently. Passive, she let Selene lock her wrists in the yoke, loop the rope through her arms and up to the crane. She struggled weakly as she was lifted from the floor and dropped into the hole. The metal yoke clashed with the holders at each end. The lid slammed down on her head.

Amy could feel the bars beneath her feat, touch the lid with her fingertips, feel the lid on her head, the only contacts with reality. As her sobs quieted, she heard water moving. At first she though it was a flushing system for her wastes.

Suddenly she felt it splash on her feet. Seconds later water was up to her ankles. There was a long pause and in seconds the water was lapping at her kneecaps. She yelled, "Help!"

There was no sound, except the moving water. It crept very slowly up her thighs as she continued to yell for help.

Again there was a sudden rush of water into the chamber and Amy felt her breasts floating, little waves breaking on her sensitive nipples.

Her nipples went under and the water crept at slow speed up her chest, lapping at her lower collar.

Her cries for help were rising in pitch right with the rising water. She was screaming as she felt it under her chin. The collars jammed her neck so she couldn’t move her head, couldn’t tilt it back to raise her mouth even an inch above the rising water.

A hairs breadth at a time it moved up the slope under her chin. Amy abandoned all hope, positive that Selene had somehow convinced Glen that she should be killed.

The water splashed against her lower lip. She screamed again, gargling, with water pouring into her mouth. Desperate for life she closed her mouth, breathing through her nose. The moment came when she sucked water into her nose along with air. Hope died, and she fainted.

The chamber emptied in seconds through the large drain. The cover was already lifting and Glen didn’t wait for the crane, reaching down and pulling Amy out of the hole in one swift motion. He put his ear to her face and felt her shallow breath.

"That was close," he remarked to Selene. He was not being critical. A gauge had shown them the exact water level and the sensitive microphone had actually picked up the water movement into her nose.

In the bathroom next door Selene found a vial of smelling salts. She uncorked it and waved it under Amy’s nose. She coughed, expelling a few drops of water, sneezed, and then opened her eyes. She looked, eyes widening, first at Glen, then Selene, then back at Glen.

Glen looked at Selene, who nodded slightly. He looked down at Amy.

"Open time. You wanted to say something?"

"Master, Mistress, how... What happened to me? You were drowning me, I remember the water rising. I screamed for help but you didn’t hear me - or didn’t want to hear me. I knew Mistress Selene was going to kill me slowly, She was going to do it with water, slowly as the water rose in that hole. Why am I still alive?"

Selene bent down and kissed Amy’s cheek.

"You were being punished for attempting to escape. That is a serious offense by a slave. That called for serious punishment, not death. You are much too valuable as a slave to be killed. I had to resort to extreme measures to overcome your high pain tolerance, a punishment that you would remember the next time the thought of escape crosses you mind. Rest assured, your Master was watching you - and watching me - to ensure that nothing happened to you, that you were safe. If I had harmed you in any way, he would have known and I’d have replaced you in the hole. Right now you need to thank your Master for your punishment."

Amy, still wet, slid across the tile floor to Glen, kissing his boots. Head down she started, "Master, thank you... "

"Look me in the eye, slave."

"Master, thank you for punishing me. It was cruel and terrible to endure, appropriate for my many faults. I beg forgiveness, or such further discipline that you deem necessary to correct my conduct as your slave. I have kissed your feet as a symbol of my gratitude for your patience and guidance as I strive to be a better slave. What may I do for my Master to give you pleasure?"

"Continue to strive to be a better slave. No slave is perfect.

Some are better slaves than you, other slaves are poorer. Be the best that you are capable of."

"Thank you Master."

She swung her body to face Selene. She slid forward and kissed her bare toes. Looking up, she spoke again, "Thank you Mistress for being cruel to be kind. Thank you for my punishment, which was well deserved. I beg forgiveness for my faults, or such further discipline as you deem necessary to make me a better slave. I fear you, as I fear my Master, knowing that your cruelty knows no bounds. I tremble at your footstep, cringe at your laugh. I fully expected revenge, for my ill treatment of you as a slave even lower than I. Now you are my Mistress and I hurry to answer your every whim. Please, Mistress, have mercy and help me make myself a better slave."

Selene bent down, smiled and kissed her again. "You will learn, slave."

She took Amy to the cell. Before locking the door she told Amy,

"You did well. Keep it up."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Later she sat in Glen’s office. She waited for him to bring up Amy.

Shortly he commented, "She’s changed. I could see it in her eyes."

"Yes, Master, but she’s always going to be something of a rebel.  Would you like me to continue the heavy punishments?"

"I doubt if that will be necessary. She fears the Rack and she is scared shitless of the oubliette. The threat alone should be enough to keep her in line. A daily dose of milder stuff should keep her satisfied, but if she asks for more, don’t be afraid to lay it on. I need to know whenever you use any equipment in the dungeon or the hole. Otherwise, you have free rein and full whip rights."

"Master, what’s going to happen when you take her as a wife?  WilI I find myself on the wrong end of the whip again?

"Not if you stay out of trouble. Do your job, keep your cruelty in check unless it’s needed and you will keep your job."

"Thank you, Master. I have and will enjoy keeping her in line."

The chair was still warm when Georgina came in. "Master, do you have time to talk?

"Of course, Open time. First, I want to explain something. I took Amy away from you because she needs a sadist to control her. It is nothing against you, but I wanted to bring this to a head quickly. I want to marry her very shortly, before the Judge forgets that he owes me a favor. Your methods would work over time."

He hastened to add, "This is NOT an apology."

"Master, as a slave I do not expect  - or deserve - an explanation, or as I told you before, an apology. I’m glad that Selene made such rapid progress with her. She has definitely changed and I see the old Amy, the Amy you had before she went in the cage."

"It’s remarkable, I never expected this much of a change in so short a time. Selene deserves a lot of credit for pulling it off. Now, one questions, do you think she is ready for marriage?"

"As your slave, my correct answer is: ‘Whenever you decide, Master.’ As the oldest living slave, I’d say ‘Whenever you decide.’"

"Spoken like a true slave. Well, Selene has her pretty much under her thumb, so in my judgement it’s high time. I’ll call the Judge in the morning. Oh, by the way, what did you want to talk about?"

Georgina broke into a smile. "We just did talk about it. Thank you, Master."

The conversation with the Judge did not go well at all. Bluntly, the Judge told Glen, "Forget it."

"Your Honor, I recall doing a favor for you and getting a promise that you would preside."

"I said, ‘Forget it."

"Thank you, your Honor."

Glen left a message for Dr. Steve to call him. His first question to the Doctor was, "What’s up with the Judge?"

"He is totally pissed. Got another marriage breakup over the scene and the ‘abused’ wife is suing for umpteen million dollars. Everything but Restraint of Trade."

"Guess I picked the wrong day to call him."

"Yes. Lie low for a couple of days and I’ll talk to him. I’ve got enough favors to call in to get it done."

"Thanks Doc. I owe you one."

It wound up taking a full week, but when Dr. Steve called, he had good news. "You’re good to go. Call the Judge and make the arrangements."

"What did you do, offer your first born son?"

"Hardly. You just have to know the right route to get to him."

"Thanks for your help. Any time I can return the favor, be sure and call."

Glen hung up and dialed the Judge. "Your Honor, I’d be pleased if you would do the honors for my wedding."

"You can flatter all you want. I’m still in principle dead set against it."

"But, you will do it, your Honor?"

"Yessssss, but one peep out of the slave bride and the show is cancelled."

"Thank you very much, your Honor."

"Oh, one more thing, you are to deliver the blushing bride, in her cage, 24 hours before the wedding."

Glen listened to the requirement and almost, almost turned it down. He’d seen just enough of the Jailer to know that Amy would go through Hell again if she fell into his hands. He wasn’t even certain that Amy would flatly refuse, slave or no slave. Right there he was on the verge of grossly underestimating her.

"I’ll do it. Anything you ask, Master."

Selene had brought her up from the cell, decked out in travel chains. She had knelt before him, listening to him describe the problems involved in taking her as his wife-slave. When he quoted the Judge’s demand for her appearance at the jail in her cage, her response had been immediate.

When he finished informing her about the plans for the wedding, he instructed Selene. "Take her up to the bedroom. There are fixtures on the wall across from the foot of the bed. Mount her there for tonight. ‘

Fifteen minutes passed and Amy became Amy the wall fixture. Her wrists were pulled up above her head by cuffs attached to the wall. A waist belt anchored her back and ankle cuffs spread her legs to small platforms that just fitted her feet.

The exciting part for Amy was the super-king-sized dildo that was mounted on a projection which forced its entire length into her pussy. She watched as Selene laid the remote control on Glen’s night table.

"Gag Rule. All night."

So much for talking.