Amyís Bondage
by Raul Roget

Copyrighted material, not for those under 18 years of age.

Chapter 36 - The Sorority House

Amy was moving, writhing on the bed, tugging at her chains. She had to concentrate hard to remember to pull whore into her pussy to get that wonderful tongue to satisfy her itch. Whore was a bit reluctant to stop her story just when she was on a roll, but she followed instruction from the rope to the letter.

Amy thought she was ready, but it was not to be this time. She cursed under her breath and let the rope slip, listening as the story continued to unfold. "Dr. Steve came to my bedside and smiled, a 300 watt flood that warmed my whole body. I couldnít help glancing at his hands. No ring."

"He introduced himself, simply as Dr. Steve. I would find out later that he was married and always just used his first name. His full signature was as illegible as any other doctorís."

"I imagine youíd like to know how you wound up here," he said to me. I nodded, not sure of my voice.

"You ran afoul of a real nut case. Cecill would have killed you in a few minutes more if we hadnít gotten a tip from the landlord for his apartment building. I damn near broke my hand on his jaw. Iíve seen some sadists in my work, but he takes the cake."

I raised my eyebrows in a question.

"You donít need to worry about him. Heís in a padded cell in a locked ward at the State Hospital. Iíve already done the paperwork for a permanent commitment. We donít want to prosecute him because it might bring out confidential information about this fraternity-sorority that could cause some serious problems. Iíll explain that later." He raised his voice,

"Tucker, could you come in a moment?"

As we waited, Dr. Steve explained, "The fraternity has posted guards on your room in case Cecill had an accomplice."

A young man walked in the door. Dr. Steve introduced him as the president of the fraternity. "Maíam, Iím sure glad to see you awake. The officers and members are just sick about what happened to you. We will do our best to make up for it, so I hope you will accept my apologies."

At that point I didnít know what to do, so I nodded. The thought of a lawsuit crossed my mind, but there would be time for all that.

"Youíve met Nadine, the president of the sorority. She has nursing experience and volunteered to take care of you." At that moment Nadine was coming toward me with more water.

Dr. Steve continued, "There are some gaps we need to fill in, but weíve managed to get most of the facts. We know that Cecill had you tied and was dragging you around on a leash. You accidentally got yourself right in the middle of the annual bondage competition that the fraternity and sorority hold for their members. Cecill was competing as a pledge, trying to win a membership. Everybody we talked to thought you were a hooker he had hired to act the part of an unwilling slave."

Tucker added his comment, "Maíam, Until we found you being tortured we had no idea you were his prisoner. He put on an act that fooled us all. We didnít suspect anything until we found you with your head in that box in the basement, with nobody around to keep an eye on you. He went around to the frat members and told them there was free pussy in the basement. One of his friends brought his girl down and made her eat you out. She balked, said she could see you were sore, but he made her do you anyway and then lick the floor clean too. We threatened to press charges and kicked him out of the fraternity this morning."

By this time, Amy was panting and ready to climb the walls. The story whore was telling was a mixed blessing. Amy was being aroused by the story, but each time that whore talked, her arousal dipped below the level where she could fling herself over the top. The conflicting arousal was driving Amy batty. She pulled on the rope, hoping desperately for her elusive climax. This time she found it, going rigid as whoreís tongue worked its magic. Whore had to wait to breathe, her face dripping with Amyís lubrication, the ultimate humiliation.

Glen enjoyed the action vicariously on the monitor. Whoreís story was being taped. Glen felt that it was too good to let it slip away. He was especially interested in the reference to Dr. Steve, whose unexpected appearance piqued his curiosity. A few of the pieces were beginning to fit together, so he was just as anxious as Amy to hear more of the story.

He could tell that both were tired from their experience, so he sent Jane down to put them back in their cells. Amy promptly flopped down on her cot. Whore eyed the bed enviously and laid down carefully on the floor. Amy smirked at her but said nothing. Revenge is best cold.

As the two were being prepared for their next session, Glen was on hand to supervise. Amy asked permission to speak. "Master, whore is doing a good job with her tongue. However, I can feel sheís not giving it 100 percent. Perhaps if you tied my rope to her nose ring, sheíd have more incentive?"

If they had taken a vote, it probably would have been 2 to 1, with Amy on the losing end, but bondage doesnít go by democratic rules. Amyís suggestion was well thought out and appropriate for a slave under punishment. With a few mental reservations, Glen switched the rope to whoreís nose ring. Her eyes said she hated it, but she remained silent. She was also smarting over Amyís (false) claim that she wasnít putting 100 percent into her tongue. Idly she wondered how Amy would react to having her clit bitten, hard. She briefly enjoyed a mental picture of her teeth grinding on the tender flesh. With everything ready, the recorder on, she resumed her story.

Dr. Steve went on to explain that the fraternity and the sorority had close ties (chuckling at this deliberate pun) and both were heavily into the bondage scene. The basement of the Sorority house had a row of cells and a plentiful supp;y of equipment which the girls could use to act out their bondage fantasies.

He admitted that he had been a member of the fraternity before going on to medical school, which explained why and how he was involved.

I managed to croak, "What did he do to me?"

Dr. Steve put on his best bedside manner, "Youíve got cuts and bruises on your upper body, but the most damage was between your legs. I had to do some extensive embroidery work on your perineum, but with a week or 10 days of bed rest you should be ready to take on the world again. Your knees look bad, but they should be fine in a couple of days. I thought at first he had hit you across the knees with that piece of angle iron, but then I realized it was from kneeling on it."

"That bastard," I said huskily, "They should hang him by his nuts."

"Thatís the weird part," said Dr. Steve. "He apparently never had sex with you or any of the other girls he went with."

"Let me change that," I said. "They should wrap his nuts with piano wire and hang him from them."

Dr. Steve laughed. "I donít think Iíd want to meet you in a dark alley."

I kept the banter going. "You, Iíd kiss. Him, Iíd give the knee."

Dr. Steve smiled, but I could tell my humor wasnít that funny to him. I wanted to clear up one puzzle. "Dr. Steve, This was my first experience with bondage. Why did I have an orgasm right in the middle of a room full of people?"

"Because, you, like many people, are aroused by bondage situations. Being forced to go down on men and women in public is highly erotic. Iím not at all surprised that you climaxed. Nadine has little trouble in keeping her roster of members full."

Amy demanded attention. Her jerk on whoreís nose ring was unkind, but not as punitive as it could have been. Whore tried to get it over with as quickly as possible, but Amy wasnít as ready as she thought she was.

As long as I had an attentive audience I was determined to find out why I was having such strange feelings. "Dr. Steve, I felt strange as soon as he first tied me up. Am I a sadist too?† Like him?"

"No, Iíd need some more information, but you strike me as a masochist. You enjoy pain Ė up to a point. For instance, do you like being spanked by a boyfriend?"

I could feel my face getting red. "I... Iíve only been spanked once."

"Then youíve been mssing out on another erotic experience. Most people outside the scene donít realize that pain, in small to moderate doses, can be a real turnon. Like anything else, an overdose can do permanent harm, or even kill you."

He became the professional again. "Right now, youíve had enough talking and enough company. Nadine will keep a close eye on you, so let her know if you need anything."

He and Tucker walked out. Nadine came to the bed for another sip of water, She stared into my eyes, looking for something. I was tired, so I didnít try to talk. She continued to stare, then dropped her eyes from mine.

I drifted off to sleep almost immediately. Nadine kept her vigil from the chair at the foot of the bed. I slept for several hours. When I woke I felt refreshed, I called to her, "Nadine, get me a glass of water, please."

She jumped as if she had been shot and dashed to get a fresh glass as the ice had melted in the glass on my bedside table. She gave me the strangest look when she offered me the glass. I took it and watched her over the rim of the glass as I sipped through the straw. Her gaze continued to lock with mine, but she seemed unable to hold for more than a few seconds, dropping to the bed, then with a visible effort raising to meet mine again.

Finally, Iíd had enough. "Nadine, look at me."

She dragged her eyes up and looked directly at me. "Is there something wrong with my face? Am I disfigured?"

"No! No! Itís just..."

"She couldnít finish the sentence. I could see emotion welling up in her eyes, but for the life of me I couldnít tell what it was."

"Just, what?"

She tried to keep her eyes on mine, but she lost control. They went swirling down to her hands, which I suddenly realized she was wringing fitfully. "Just..."

"Nadine," I snapped, surprised at my sudden anger. "Youíre being childish! Answer me!"

She winced as if I had struck her.

"Iím sorry..."

"Sorry, what?"

She went rigid, her eyes snapped up and back down, seeing my anger. She whispered, "Iím sorry, Mistress."

I looked at her in utter disbelief.

"Say that again, louder."

"Iím sorry, Mistress,"

I thought to myself, This only happens in books.† Iíd read a couple, enough to know that this doesnít come to pass in a couple of hours. I took the bull by the horns. "Kneel and explain yourself."

She was down before I finished the sentence. I looked at her and raised my eyebrow. "Mistress, I am under your spell. I have been Mistress to hundreds of girls here, but you are the first to turn the tables on me. From the moment they brought you in, unconscious, I knew I had found the Mistress I didnít know I even wanted."

I looked at her, doing my best to hide my disbelief and surprise. She shifted her knees slightly and continued, "Just now, when you ordered me to get a glass of water, I nearly came as I jumped from my chair. I will do anything for you, and you can do anything to me that you wish. I am yours to enslave at your pleasure."

More out of curiosity than anything else I decided to go along with her and see what came of it. As an absolute greenhorn I had very little to go on, but since she was so experienced, I decided she would teach me. I asked her, very frankly, "If I forbid you to have any orgasms without my express permission, is that within my powers as your Mistress?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress. You can tell me to do, or not do anything you choose. It is up to me to obey your orders implicitly."

"How do I punish you?"

"There are whips in the dresser drawer, from mild to strenuous. The next drawer has handcuffs, leg irons, belts, chains, collars..."

"What do you hate the most, of those restraints?"

"Mistress, Iíve never worn them. I put them on the girls. I locked them and unlocked them, but I never wore them."

"Not even in your private fantasies?"

She reddened. "Just... Nipple clamps."†

"Let me see them."

She had them hidden. She brought them out, holding her hands before her, as if laden with precious jewels...

"Put them on."

"Yes. Mistress."

It was Amyís turn for some licking. She panted and writhed, to no avail. The story continued, "She stood beside the bed, clamped, the chain hanging nearly to her belly button. From somewhere a term came into my head."

"Are you a pain slut?"

Her answer was hesitant, her face red again, "Yes, Mistress."

"Then tighten them. An extra quarter turn for hesitating."

Her eyes flickered to my face and down again. I could see that she was ready to come. She groaned each time she twisted the screw that tightened the clamp."

When she finished, I made her kneel beside the bed again. I played with the chain, tugging at the clamps. I made her beg to be allowed to tighten them another quarter turn.

"Put your blouse back on. No bra."

"Yes, Mistress."

I was rapidly learning to like being a Mistress. Now, if my lower half wasnít off limits...

"Supper came on a tray, brought by my instant slave. It was a disappointment. Everything was liquid. Milk, broth, tea. How did she know I liked tea? Especially Earl Grey tea. The guard at the door was replaced by another member of the fraternity, also full of apologies. Nadine informed him that we would be keeping the door locked. She knew I was going to dominate her through the evening. I wondered how she would react to marching through the house dressed in nothing but cuffs and irons.

When I finished she started to pick up my tray, but I stopped her, "I think my slave should do the dishes in handcuffs."

She scurried to the drawer and returned with a pair of hinged cuffs. Iíd seen pictures, but never felt the cold implacable steel in my hands. Nadine handed me the key and pointed out that I should install then with the keyhole up, making it impossible for the wearer to reach the keyhole, even if she had a key.

There still was no communication from below my belly button

but my nipples were making up for it. If I had touched the steel against one of them Iím sure I would have climaxed. I closed them on her wrists, making her look me in the eye. She stiffened a little more with each click, the pain suddenly appearing when they reached tight. I raised an eyebrow, my new standard signal.

She whispered, "Tighter, please, Mistress." Without prompting she repeated it for both wrists until the steel was literally buried in her skin. I would call it screaming tight. If I were wearing them, I would have started screaming several clicks back.

She held them up for my approval. The steel caught the light and winked at me. I nodded, then caught her arm as she turned, "Drop anything, even a spoon and it will be your hide."

She knew that dropping everything was a distinct possibility. Hinged cuffs are designed to immobilize, not allow work to be performed. She balanced the tray carefully and headed for the tiny kitchen. With a sinking feeling she realized she would have† to tell me about Red, the trained whip girl, before, not after she had earned punishment.

The unaccustomed cuffs would almost have excused a miscue, but Nadine kept everything on the counter, even a scrap of paper that threatened to blow off. She put everything away, mopped the floor and then returned to kneel, holding a small bowl of mints toward me. I took one and put the bowl on the nightstand. I reached out and took her hands in mine, caressing the cuffs with my fingers. I made her look at me. "How," I asked, "am I doing as a Mistress?"

Nadine smiled, gripping my hands. "Mistress, with you in charge Iím going to have to wear a pad 24/7. My pussy is sloshing."

I chuckled. "I never knew I had that effect on people."

"Mistress, you have it on ME. Thatís whatís important. I canít believe that you can come in here, unconscious, flat on your back, belted helpless to a frame and dominate me from the first moment. Iím the meanest bitch that ever came down the pike, but one look and you turn me into a narcissus."

"Yes, but look where I was yesterday. Tied up with my hands up behind my ears, a collar on my neck and a hobble on my ankles, blowing every cock and sucking every cunt in the place. How can you see me as your Mistress?"

"Mistress, what YOU do has no bearing on our relationship. Itís what you do to ME that counts. You could be the cheapest whore in town, but you would still be my Mistress, the one person I look up to."

Amy was starting to come even as whoreís tongue approached. It did turn a single into a multi, to Amyís great enjoyment and whoreís frustration.

Chapter 37 - The Domme Gets Dommed

Whore could have cheerfully choked Amy, had her hands not been lost somewhere behind her back. Amy was convulsing on the bed and never once slacked her grip on the rope that led to her nose ring, forcing her to vicariously feel every jerk and shudder that Amy was experiencing. When she finally did let the rope slacken, Whore was nearly as out of breath as Amy.†

Glen decided that Amy was getting too much benefit from the arrangement and changed her licking sessions to every 15 minutes instead, with penalties if she came during the story. She tried to pass the penalties off to whore, but Glen would have none of it.

The next day whore picked up her narrative and continued, "Nadine was acting like a lovesick cow. The only encouragement I was getting was from her and I still had some reservations as to my qualifications as a Mistress. I decided I was going to have to practice on her first, learn my job and then try to take on some other submissive."

I asked Nadine, "Do you enjoy pain? Enjoy giving your subs pain?"

She hesitated much too long, even for two questions.

I didnít let her answer. "That delay is going to cost you!" I almost yelled at her.

She gulped, looked down and back up to look in my eyes. "I get off on pain," she whispered.

This was one habit of hers I determined to break. "Say that again, in a normal tone of voice! You whisper to me again and you will be shouting some very personal information from the street corner."

Her eyes widened and her mouth shot open. She tried for a second to stare me down, but she knew it was hopeless.

"Mistress, I get off on pain. My own, and watching others in pain. I have two whip girls, Red and Shelby. They carry out my orders and do the punishments."

"So youíre a wimp when it comes to discipline?"

She hung her head. She almost whispered again, but caught herself. "Yes, Mistress."

"Do you have a jewelry box?" I didnít know one woman who didnít have such a box. She searched my face, totally confused, then went and got the box off her dresser. She brought it to me, knelt and offered the open box.

I found exactly what I wanted and picked out six earrings, the screw type.

She watched me like a mouse cornered by a snake. I opened my hand and showed her the six. She had seen them when I picked them up. On my palm they took on a much different meaning. She was having trouble breathing, literally panting with lust. She and I, the neophyte, shared separate visions of the pain resting on my hand.

"Get me a nail file and pliers," I ordered.

She had a new file on the palm of one hand, a pair of needlenose pliers on the other. I picked up the pliers and admired them, ideas for their use already flooding my brain.

With the pliers I detached the pad from the screw on each of the six. She never blinked, her thinking already one jump ahead of what I was doing. The soft metal fell away as I filed, until there was a needle point on each screw.

I blew the filings on the floor, right where she would kneel when she got closer to the bed. She closed her eyes for a moment, steeling herself, then opened them looking for any sign of compassion in my eyes. She found nothing to give her any† courage.

I moved my hand inches from her eyes. "Do you know what these are for?"

"I was disrespectful to my Mistress. I whispered an answer to her question. I beg punishment."

I picked two of the earrings out of my palm, one at a time, examining each one closely to make sure the point was sharp, then handed them to Nadine.

"Alcohol." She opened the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and took a small bottle out. I called out, "Youíd better pee while you have the chance." She started to close the door, but I was able to stop her with a look. "Slaves donít have privacy," I reminded her.

She found a small glass bowl and poured some of the alcohol into it, dropped the rings in and washed her hands. Then she offered the earrings to me. I stopped her with confirmation of her rising fear.

"You know where they go. Start with one."

She laid the other on the bed and inched forward. I could tell from her face that she had found the sharp filings with her knees. She made no effort to avoid them.

She rested her firm breast on the bed, inches from my nose. With both hands she placed the earring around her nipple, the tough flesh tenting around the sharp point. She pulled her cuffed hands out of the way, below the bed, allowing me to see.

"Put the other one on." I watched her hands. Her fingers never trembled. "I want you to tighten them, one at a time, a quarter turn and stop. I will tell you which one. Do it slowly."

She turned one screw and stopped. She turned the other screw. I pointed again and she turned it a second time. A third time. I had her back off a quarter turn. A random pattern on the first screw, turned clear out at the end, only to screw it down tight again. Neither point had penetrated the skin but the sharp points hurt anyway.

She was frustrated, wanting to get it over with in a hurry. I used that desire against her, delaying and delaying until she had spent nearly an hour screwing the points in and back out again. Several times she moved her mouth, but I refused her permission to speak.

Finally with both points squashing the nipple against the guard, I ordered her to turn one in without stopping. She jerked as the point penetrated. I stopped her, with the point buried in her nipple. She moaned with pain. I looked daggers at her and she was silent. I made her penetrate with the other screw. She stifled a moan, pleading with her eyes for mercy. I taunted her, "How often do you give your girls relief when you are punishing them? Do you stop the whip?"

"No, Mistress. I am cruel to them."

"You mean your whip girls are cruel."

She made a face. "Yes, Mistress."

"I want you to turn the one in your left nipple very slowly until you meet resistance. No noise."

†She did it, although her face spoke volumes of hurt.

"Back it out, a quarter turn, slowly."

"Right nipple, very slowly until you meet resistance. No noise."

She must have split a nerve, as she emitted a small shriek.

"Your punishment just doubled."

I removed her handcuffs.

"Put on a bra, blouse and skirt. No panties, shoes or stockings.

I want you to wear the smallest size bra you have, to remind you with every step that you richly deserve to be in pain."

Mute, she held her breasts toward me.

"Didnít I remind you that you are being punished?" I put her cuffs back on and double locked them, putting the key under my pillow.

"Get Red and Shelby up here," I ordered.

She jumped up, then stopped, holding her cuffed wrists out to me, expecting release.

"Youíre being punished. Wear them. Let your girls wonder whatís going on."

In a few minutes I heard the clink of chains and Nadine and two girls came into the room. Red was shackled and wearing handcuffs in front of her and carrying a whip. Both wore puzzled expressions which deepened the moment they saw me. There was no problem telling which one was Red, as both were nude. Both were very angry, and after glancing at me they concentrated on Nadine, ignoring me completely. This fit my emerging plan beautifully.

"Shelby, why arenít you wearing chains? Youíre supposed to be, when you are in the house."

She got her mouth in gear before her brain and snapped, "I donít have to wear chains. Iím the whip girl." She looked to Nadine, who had settled into her chair. Nadine pointedly ignored her. She was my problem, but Nadine showed every sign of being aroused.

"That could change in a matter of seconds. You will go back downstairs, put on the heaviest set of chains you can find and crawl on your hands and knees back up the stairs and report to me."

Shelby looked at me like I was crazy, but a second glance at Nadine showed that she had no support. She gave Nadine a dirty look and stood her ground. I nodded to Red, holding up finger and thumb an inch apart.

Even with her wrists chained she was an artiste with the whip. The snapper at the tip cracked an inch behind Shelbyís head. She jumped as if shot, gave Red and Nadine another dirty look and slammed out the door. I could hear the guard giving her the whistle. Wait until she came crawling back!

I centered on Red, intent on seeing how much hell I could raise in Nadineís name. "Which is your favorite tit?"


"There are penalties if I have to repeat myself."

"My left one, Mistress."

She was sure I was crazy out of my head.

"Play with the nipple. I want your fingers working that nipple constantly unless you have something else that needs doing. You donít like your right tit?"

"No, Mistress." Reluctant.

"I want your right nipple flat. See that it stays that way."

"Yes, Mistress."

She was industriously fingering her left nipple, following orders. I glanced at Nadine. I could tell she had just had an orgasm. I questioned her with my eyebrows. She held up one finger and blushed to her waistline. I shook my head slowly, letting her know that she was facing more punishment. I knew the tight bra must be killing her, but I could find no sympathy for her, even though she had been caring for me so wonderfully.

There was a loud whistle from the guard and a clank of chains and Shelby was back. Amazingly she had obeyed and was wearing a set of chains about one size below an anchor chain for an aircraft carrier. She crawled into the room and knelt beside the bed. I would have ordered her to stop in the middle of the room, but I had plans for her. There was some sort of connection between Nadine and Shelby that wasnít healthy. Nadine was hiding something, beside the earrings pressed into her breasts by the tight bra she was wearing.

"Red, donít I see your bad nipple sticking up?"

Red looked down her front and appeared startled that the nipple she was ignoring was rock hard. She continued to play with the other nipple as she responded to the question, "Yes, Mistress."

I looked at Shelby. She was staring in disbelief, then looking first at me, then at Nadine. Nadine was hiding her hand between her legs.

"Shelby, do you think you can hit Redís right breast without damaging the nipple?"

"Of course."

"Of course, what?"

She looked at Nadine. Nadine ignored her.

"Shelby, Iím giving the orders. You respond to me as you did to your Mistress."

"But I never called..."

"Her Mistress?" I finished.

"Shelby, you and I have some issues to clear up. First, there is the matter of Redís bad nipple. I want a mark half an inch from that nipple. Now!"

"Yes... Mistress."

I would remember that deliberate delay.


The mark across her breast appeared as if by magic, too fast for the eye to follow. Red growled like a dog, fighting the pain. She straightened up. The nipple was rigid, ignorant of the pain so close by.

"Across the nipple. Half strength."


The whip struck the nipple at almost full strength. Red certainly knew it, I knew it was too strong and so did Shelby and Nadine.

The nipple went flat, tried to rise, gave it up as a bad job and disappeared into the surrounding flesh. Through it all Red had continued to fondle, rub and twist the other nipple.

"See, it just takes a little incentive to get the job done." I turned to Shelby. "You and I need to talk. Disrespect to your Mistress, Disrespect to me, failure to follow orders. The list goes on."

"Red, quit playing with yourself and get your whip." She quickly picked it up and stood, waiting for orders. She looked odd with one white breast and one red.

"Nadine, your jewelry box please."

She had it there in seconds, the strangest look on her face as she presented the open box. I had seen a coin. I picked it up and handed it to Red.

"Squat Shelby against the wall, holding the coin against the wall with her nose. Hereís a pen. Draw a line on the wall under her nose."

When she was positioned, I described what was about to happen to her. "Shelby, Iím going to ask you some questions. If I donít get an answer or I think you are lying, Red is going to demonstrate her skill in slicing between your legs and putting the tip of her whip right where it will hurt the most. If you drop the coin you get two extras. If your nose drops below the line you get two more extras. If your ex-mistress has another orgasm, you get a dozen."

"First question. Why werenít you in the proper chains when you reported?"

"My Mistress doesnít require me to wear chains. Iím the whip girl!"

"Shelby, Iím not at all satisfied with that answer. You are leaving things out. I want details! Red, if you please."

The whip rolled a loop between Shelbyís legs. Red jerked at the last second and the tip raked her slit from end to end, snapping on her clit. Shelby held position, more from shock, letting go of a short scream.

"Still the first question. Why werenít you wearing chains?"

"Go take a flying fuck, MISTRESS!"

Red looked over to me. I held up three fingers and rotated my hand rapidly.

"Whap! Whap! Whap!"

It was like turning up the volume control on a radio. The short first scream became a long loud wail by the third stroke.

Red looked at me and pointed with the whip to Shelbyís nose.


She looked. The line under Shelbyís nose had disappeared. Red used her whip to push the nose back above the line. She almost lost the coin. She jammed her nose in harder to compensate.

"Second question: Would you like to tell me what to do again?"

"No, Mistress!"

Good. She had gotten my message.

"First question: Why werenít you wearing chains?"

"Mistress and I had an agreement. She would run things. I would be whip girl. Part of the agreement was that I didnít have to wear chains because they interfered with my work."

"That would have been a lie would it not? You seem to have had no trouble whipping Redís bad nipple and sheís been doing a bang up job on your cunt while in chains. A lie?"


†"Yes, Mistress."

"Third question. "Are you blackmailing your ex-Mistress?"


I nodded to Red, holding my balled fist and rotating it rapidly.

The snap of the whip was like a series of firecrackers going off.

Shelby stood it for five, then broke. "Yes! Stop! Yes, I was blackmailing her. Please stop, Mistress!"

Her coin was on the floor and her nose down where even I could see it was below the line. I gave Red the sign for four. Red used the whip to push her nose up, then jammed the coin between her nose and the wall.

"Fourth Question: Where did you hide the pictures?"

"Theyíre in the lining of the trunk in my cell."


She was on the move already. In a couple of minutes she returned, empty handed. I alerted Red, but she stopped her.

"I found the photos and the negatives.† They have been destroyed. Her power over me is ended, Mistress."

Interesting. I would have to find the proper torture to wring from her the truth about those photos. As it turned out, I never did get the chance.

Chapter 38 - Stirring up Trouble

Whore was interrupted at that point by Amy who decided to have an orgasm and not wait. Glen entered the picture, announcing that talk was over as there was work that needed to be done. Amy was quickly punished, her protests ignored. Glen was rationing her punishments to avoid having to distract whore from her story.

The next day, Amy announced she was having her period, so Georgina was drafted, certainly not against her will because she had seen ample evidence that whore had the best double-threat tongue in the country. Once Georgina was properly restrained whore began to spin her story:

"Other than a couple of passing references to Nadine as Ďexí Mistress, neither of us had said anything about our relationship. The two whip girls cordially hated each other and the orders I had given had undoubtedly made that worse. I knew both were dying to find out how someone confined in bed could suddenly take over the top spot in their inner circle. Red had gone with the flow, making no fuss about changing Mistresses. Shelby was another story. She had followed orders to a point, before rebelling. Without her blackmail material she was an unknown quantity, but I intended to deal with that.

She was still squatting, with her nose to the wall. Red had again pushed the coin between nose and wall.

"I believe punishment was interrupted. Shelby, you have two for dropping the coin and two for breaking position, Red."

Red threw four perfect strikes. Even without the pained screams I knew that Shelby wouldnít be able to touch her sore clit for a week. She was sobbing when Red finished.

I gave her a few moments to calm down, Red remaining at the ready.

"Shelby, come here and kneel beside my bed."

She got up on her knees, painfully, gave Red a guarded look of hatred and positioned herself at my bedside.

"Shelby, you just lost your job as whip girl. You are fired. If you so much as touch the handle of a whip before you leave here, you will regret it for a long, long time. You are to remain chained for at least one week. You will report to Red every morning for a daily flogging and such other punishment as SHE deems appropriate. You will volunteer whenever she needs a practice dummy. Youíve ruled the roost for far too long so now you will see how your victims feel. If you have to come upstairs for any reason, you will crawl. Do I make myself clear?"

Very subdued, she responded, "Yes, Mistress."

"Red, keep her locked up except when she has classes. You heard my orders. You enforce them as you see fit. Iím sure you have some scores to settle. You have full whip rights over her."

"Bitch, crawl!" Red issued her first order, punctuating it with a crack of her whip. I smiled to myself. Shelby was in for a rough time. I would find out that there were quite a few girls in the basement cells that had scores to settle with Shelby and with Nadine.

I looked down at Nadine. She was huddled in her chair gently protecting her inflamed nipples.

"Come here!" I ordered.

She rushed to my bedside and kneeled, close.

"Am I still doing OK as a Mistress?"

She shivered and nodded emphatically.

"God, I thought I was tough on the girls. You made me realize just how much of a wimp I am."

"Let me see your nipples."

Carefully she released her bra, wincing as it slid open across her punctured flesh. She laid it on the bed, cupped her breasts with her hands and offered them to me. For the very first time I felt a faint stirring below my belt, painful but there.

"Where are you going to sleep?"

"I have a cot in the closet."

I nodded and she hurried to get it and set it up a couple of feet from my bed.

"Do you have some antiseptic cream?"

"Back to the bathroom." She handed me the tube. I handed it back.

"Unscrew both. Put a liberal dab on the point and screw them back in. You are being punished for that unauthorized orgasm. Put your bra back on. You will sleep on your stomach tonight. Not a peep out of you."

"Mistress, Iím sorry I disobeyed your order. Thank you for punishing me."

"You did have just one climax?"

"Mistress, if you hadnít stopped me Iíd be a messy puddle on the rug. The way you dominated Shelby and Red was a classic. I wanted so badly to have one of them between my legs....."

"At the moment youíre more likely to get Redís whip up your twat than a tongue. Youíve turned on something in me that I didnít know was there. I find myself getting off on hurting people."

"Mistress, you know you can hurt me any time, in any way that pleases you."

I reached over and flicked one of her nipples. "I think you have enough pain - for the time being at least."

Her eyes lit up at the prospect. I could see her imagining what I might do next to her. Unconsciously she reached up and grasped the screws, grinding them a fraction of a turn into her own nipples.

"Stop that! I will tell you when you may punish yourself. Until I do, your hands stay away! We need to talk. I need to know everything about you and the girls and this house. Sit on the cot."

She quickly filled me in on the background of the sorority and the closely-tied fraternity. A little I already knew, but I wasnít really prepared for the information she gave me.

"The men used the sorority as a source for girlfriends who enjoyed bondage. The fraternity recruited men who were bondage fans. As I already knew, the sorority recruited members who were into bondage, so there was a near-perfect match between the two groups. In both houses there were small groups of gays and lesbians who were also into bondage."

"The fraternity house didnít have a basement, while the sorority house did, so the dungeon wound up in the girlís basement, along with a number of cells that were essentially private rooms.† This allowed the men who wanted it, to keep their girlfriends locked up, or in bondage, or Ďenjoyingí the larger equipment like the stocks and the rack."

"Where does that handsome Doctor fit in?" I asked.

"Dr. Steve? Heís an alumnus. There are lawyers, and a lot of other professional people who were in the fraternity, even a Judge. Dr. Steve handles all the medical problems and the Judge and a couple of the lawyers keep us out of court. "

†That was the first mention of the man who would later enslave me and make me his wife-slave.

Dr. Steve came in the next morning and examined me. While Nadine was changing the bandages, he checked the rest of me. He noticed that I looked tired.

"Do you want something to make you sleep?"

I declined, afraid he would ask questions that would expose what we had been doing. I was certain that he could tell that Nadine was in pain, but he was concentrating on me.

I finished the breakfast tray that Nadine had brought and laid back on the pillow. I was aroused and it was hiding my exhaustion. The pillow invited sleep and I dreamt until mid-afternoon. I woke with the anxious face of Nadine hovering over me.

"Are you all right, Mistress?"

I teased her,† "Why, yes. Other than a six inch deep cut between my legs, umpteen stitches and some cuts and bruises Iím in perfect health."

"Dr. Steve said to let you sleep as much as possible."

"Good for him. I feel quite a bit better."

Actually I did. I was starting to get feeling back in my legs and arousal had become a distinct possibility rather than an abstract theory. Not that I could do anything about it.

I had visitors.

President Tucker and Sam the vice president and a delegation of fraternity members came into th room, with Nadine bringing up the rear. They expressed their apologies and condolences, along with get well wishes, but they saved the best part for last.

"The fraternity and the sorority have joined together to provide you with an all expense scholarship so that you can continue your education. You have been unanimously elected as a full fledged member of the sorority."

Everyone shook my hand, Nadine kissed my cheek and the delegation left. She remained kneeling. I looked over at her,

"Does that mean I donít have to go through the initiation?"

"No, Mistress, of course not. Everyone felt you had more than earned your membership with what Cecill put you through."

"So, now Iím putting you through the same thing."

"No, Mistress, itís not the same. Youíre already a legitimate Mistress. Cecill was never more than a wannabe."

"You know you can tell me to stop any time."

"Mistress, one thing I havenít taught you. The sub always has a safe word that she can use if things are getting too rough. My safe word is Melody. If I get desperate enough to use it you need to stop at once and find out what the problem is. If Iím gagged Iíll hold up two fingers on either hand."

I laughed.

"It better be two fingers and not one. You give me the finger and Redís going to wear out her arm."

†She smiled, "Iíve already learned not to cross you, Mistress."

A short time later I realized that I was starved when some delicious aromas preceded my dinner tray into the room. I swept it clean in minutes, looking around for more. Nadine shook her finger at me. "Youíll get fat, lying on your lazy butt and swilling down food."

I debated calling her on the comment, but I figured she had enough on her plate without adding a joking remark to it. I was still feeling my way and to be honest wasnít quite sure how to handle it. I didnít want her side of our conversations limited to Yes or No, Mistress, but I didnít want her flouting my authority with impunity. I realized too that I was taking my impatience out on her. She couldnít speed my recovery so I needed to put my impatience on the one person responsible, me.

I already had her evening planned. It started with her kneeling beside my bed, playing our earring game. By the time I had worked her fingers to a frazzle, she was ready to chew nails.

Exactly the state of mind I wanted. I issued her orders. "You are to go down stairs, get Red and start at the end of the row. Get whomever is in the cell out and have Red work her over. Put her back in and restrain her as tightly as you can. Do that all the way down the line, skipping Shelby. Do her last and give her double what Red has been handing out. Go back up the† line and give anyone that is making the slightest noise a repeat dose."

"Mistress, they will lynch me if I do that!" She wrung her hands.

"Not if theyíre tied down. Make them hurt and make them certain that itís you thatís hurting them. Shelby will lose her mind trying to figure you out."

"Do I have to wear my chains?"

"Not this time. You can even stay dressed, over your bra."

"Theyíll KILL me," she muttered as she went out the door.

I yelled after her, "I heard that!"

I watched the TV for the two hours she was gone. When she came back into the room she looked exhausted. I taunted her:

"A pleasant evening?"

She flopped on her knees beside the bed before answering.

"Mistress Iíve always been a bitch to the girls but tonight I outdid every bitchy stunt Iíve ever pulled. Some of the dominance you exude must have rubbed off on me. If they hadnít been in restraints or behind locked doors I would have had a riot on my hands. That bunch of ladies is mad, mad, MAD!"

"Good! Tell me all the gory details, from start to finish."


About here Georgina was floating, listening to whoreís story and pacing her arousal. Now it was time for tongue. She pulled gently on the rope, then a little more firmly to get whore moved into position. Glen watched on the monitor as she came, groaning with pleasure. When she released the rope, whore was ready to go again.


First we walked from one end to the other, with Red swinging her whip to get everyoneís attention as I locked each cell door. Several of them were standing at the bars watching, trying to figure out what we were up to. Cindy was in the first cell. She was lying on her bunk and didnít want to come out. Red reached through the bars with her whip and snapped her right on the ass cheek. She bounced off the bunk and out the cell door. I made her stand at attention while Red wrapped her whip about three times around her thighs. She hit her twice and I walked her back into the cell, cuffing her as I went. I padlocked a chain from her ankle to the wall and locked the cell door on the way out.

By this time everybody was up and looking. The ones in the next cells could see what Red did to Cindy and they were already noisy, demanding to know what was going on.

Norma was in the second cell. She was yelling the loudest, so I shut her up fast. Red got her whip through the bars and drew a line down her thigh. I opened the door and she limped out, not making a sound. Red matched the now-red line on her other thigh and I locked her collar to a ring in the floor with a short chain.

The third cell was a little larger than the others and it is occupied by a pair of twins, Jane and Joan. They had been doing a 69 when I first came by but now they were rattling the bars, demanding to be let out. Red caught Janeís hand with the whip and slammed it into the bars. Then he backhanded Joanís arm and they came out as meek as lambs. Not that they werenít giving me looks that could have killed at 10 paces. Red wrapped his whip around Jane and I took her back into the cell and cuffed her hands under the bunk, so she was lying on it hugging it. Red spun Joan into my arms and I cuffed her to the bars on her side of the cell. No more 69 for them!

Betty, in number 4 was basketball player big - a couple of inches over six feet. She made a swing at me when I opened the door, but Red caught her wrist with her whip and almost snapped it. She came out, ducking to avoid another lash and holding her wrist like it was broken. Red snapped her a couple of times between the shoulder blades and I locked her ankles in a spreader bar, through the cell bars. She started to fuss and Red just tapped her once on the soles of her feet and she shut up.

In cell 5, Robin was calling me every dirty name in the book. I jumped on her back and forced her to the ground. I held her feet and made her repeat every name and Red gave her a lash across her soles for each one. When she was done, I cuffed her to the bars so she has to stand all night on her sore feet.

Kimberly in 6 was a stunning red head, matching Red but a shade better looking. She was yelling at the top of her lungs, adding to the din, but I couldnít make out any words. I pulled her out and Red turned her ass cheeks as red as her hair. I tossed her on her bunk and hog-tied her with two sets of cuffs.

Pamela was in 7, right next to Shelby. I donít know if Shelby had been egging her on, but she was repeating the names that Robin called me. Sheís standing up right now, but she wonít be able to walk right for several days.

I just looked at Shelby as we went by her cell. She wasnít saying anything, but she was giving both of us the death stare.

In the ninth cell Donna was on the other side of Shelby and she was bad mouthing both of us. Red didnít take kindly to her verbal abuse and went after her before I even got the cell door open. Red made that whip sing and a very chastized Donna crawled back into her cell and let me chain her on her knees, with her feet sticking out of the cell.

The number 10 cell looked empty, but when I got close I could see Jana hiding under the bunk. I opened the door and Red slithered the whip across the floor like a snake, catching her in her hiding place. The second one curled around her ankle and she dragged her out where I could get at her. I cuffed her arms around the base of the toilet, giving Red a clear shot at her ass.

The last cell was empty, because it was Redís cell, so we walked back to number 8. Shelby gave us the finger as we approached. I opened the door and rushed her, getting a hammerlock that I pressed until she submitted. Then I made her hold the finger up in the air and Red whipped it. She was able to make about four wraps on the finger with each stroke and the four wraps hurt like four separate whip strokes. I stuck her hand out the door and lashed her elbow to the door so she couldnít pull it back in. I ordered her to keep the finger up and if it curled in the slightest I would bring Red back and do all her fingers and thumbs."

Red and I went back down the line, using every available target for another stroke or two. When we got back to Shelby, Red wrapped the finger again and I watched her, daring her to curl it.

Red went back to her cell. I left her door unlocked and told her to feel free to discipline any of the girls that raised too much Hell. As I walked up the stairs it sounded like hornetís nest under attack.

"Good work. You will sleep on your stomach again tonight ......... but without your bra. Youíve earned it."

"Mistress, may I ask a question?"

I nodded.

"Mistress, why are you deliberately riling the girls up? You canít control them from your bed, so Iím stuck with a potential riot on my hands."

"I donít recall leaving this bed, but I got every girl down there disciplined. I have you, and Red to control them. What more do I need?"

"Mistress, it doesnít make sense."

"It does to me. Wait and see what happens."

I let things simmer the next day. Red reported that the mood in the dungeon was dangerous. Threats were being made. I smiled to myself. My plan was working.

After dinner I called Nadine to my bed and announced a session of earring play. I started out normally, driving her up the wall with repeated irregular in and out patterns. Finally I had her remove them. She placed them in my palm. I caught her other hand and laid them in her palm. She looked at me, expecting the worst. I crossed her up.

"Do you love your Mistress?"

"Of course I love you, Mistress."

"You will do anything I ask, anything I tell you to do."

She didnít have the foggiest notion where I was going with this, but she agreed.

"Then, you are to show your love by following this order: Play the game with my nipples."

"I will NOT! Absolutely NOT! Never! Youíre in no condition to suffer like that! You are NUTS!"

"Pack your bags. You are leaving."

"Mistress, NO! Thatís cruel. You will tear me apart if I cause you the slightest pain."

"Pack your bags. You are leaving."

"All right, Iíll stay. Iíll do it. But I still think you are nuts!

I love you, but youíre nutty as a fruitcake!"

Chapter 39 - Turning the Table

I leaned back, satisfied I had won that battle of wills. I wasnít at all sure that I would win the next battle, or win the battle and lose the war. I was determined to show her that I could take anything she could dish out, blithely ignoring the fact that I had capitulated so abjectly to Cecill. I also didnít know how she would react if I gave her back her power over me. I was young, foolish and ignorant. I would learn, the hard way.

We played the game, only this time I was the frustrated one. She made me beg repeatedly for permission to move the screws in and out of my nipples. She was still wearing hers, as a badge of honor, showing me with her eyes how much she hurt. I could even feel her hurt through her fingers as they caressed my swollen and very sore nipples. Their hurt and hers combined in a bitter arousal that could go nowhere as long as I was strapped to this frame.

We had agreed to a two hour time limit. At least, I agreed to it. I realized as the time approached that she had never really agreed to a limit. My bravado was slowly replaced with fear. She had every advantage as I was helpless to move. I could also feel the change. First her fingers had been hesitant, reluctant to hurt me. Now I could feel the cruelty as she slowly unsheathed her claws and dominated me.

She stopped exactly at two hours. Her fingers unscrewed the earrings and she gently applied ointment, working it into the punctures in my nipples. As she finished she burst into tears, laying her head on my bed.

"Iím sorry, so sorry, Mistress, that I hurt you. Punish me for my cruelty to you."

"You did exactly as I instructed you. However you did refuse an order, for which you are about to be punished."

"Anything, Mistress. I should never have agreed to your request. Punish me for refusing your order!"†

It took me a second to figure that out, but I was once more in charge.

"Undress. Get Red up here, with her favorite whip."

"Yes, Mistress."

She hurried from the room, convincing herself that she was about to be whipped to the bone.

When the two returned I instructed Red, pointing to Nadine, "This slave is to be punished. Put a collar, leash, leg irons and wrist cuffs in front on her. Take her to the basement and parade her in front of the cells. Unlock all of the cells except Shelbyís. They can do anything they wish with her for two hours. Anything, as long as she can make it up the stairs under her own power. If Shelby tries to interfere or offer advice, gag her."

Red led her away, tugging on her leash. Silently she glanced at me as they went out the door. There were a myriad of emotions showing in her eyes, too many to decipher in a glance.

A few minutes into the third hour she crawled into the room, collapsing when she reached my bed. She was wet, her hair hanging in damp masses. She had been whipped, evidenced by the total lack of normal looking skin. There were welts in a number of places, one exactly bisecting the earring still in her left nipple.

I was impatient to hear what happened.

"Kneel up. Report."

"Mistress, my punishment began as soon as we left the room. Red whipped me several times for being too slow in my chains. My hobble was so short I had to turn and back down the steps, offering her a target she used to alert the girls to my arrival. She made me walk down the row first, calling every girl a dirty name. Then she made me crawl back, kissing the feet of every girl. They were yelling at me, calling me cunt and whore and every name they could think of. They yelled what they were going to do to me if the got the chance."

"Red gave them the chance and unlocked all the cells and then told them your instructions. Two of the girls grabbed me and they started kicking and punching me. Red kept them from doing any worse."

"They set up a gauntlet, lining up on both sides and arming themselves with some of Redís whips. They made me run it 10 times in my chains. Then they discovered the earrings, Several of them held me down and screwed them tight, forcing the point through the other side of my nipples."

"They forced me to lick every girl to orgasm. They made fun of my technique and did everything they could to humiliate me."

"I spent a long time in the water tank. They locked a ball and chain to my wrist and made me tread water holding the ball up in the air. They found a leash with a clamp and attached it to my septum. Any time water got on the ball they would jerk my head into the water and hold it there until I had emptied my lungs of air. Then they hauled me out, whipped me and sent me crawling back to you."

"Was the punishment severe enough for refusing an order?"

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you for punishing me."

"What would you do if I ordered you to spend 24 hours torturing me?"

She didnít hesitate. I was sure that she had thought of revenge while the girls were working her over.

"I would obey your order, Mistress, but you would regret it. You are too young and too inexperienced to pull a stunt like that."

That made me mad. I didnít like hearing things that deep down in my heart I knew were true. I was about to make a near fatal mistake that would alter my life.

"Baloney! I can take anything you can dish out."

"Mistress, I beg of you. Donít do this. Be satisfied for now with the ring game. Donít go overboard on pain. I can hurt you in ways youíve never imagined. Have you endured pain that makes you faint dead away?"

"I can stand it." My bravado was strained.

"Do you realize that if I split a nerve in your nipple you would come off that bed in an instant?"

That was a picture I didnít want to visualize but I was young, and foolish.

"Nonsense! I order you to torture me for 24 hours. If I use my safe word, Iíll leave, as soon as I can get off this bed. If I last the full time, you become my collared slave."

"So I lose, either way," she said, bitterly.

That annoyed me, but there was nothing I could say. She was right.

I gave her specific instructions:

"For 24 hours you may do anything you wish to my upper body that wonít leave permanent scars or damage. You are to ignore anything I say to you after the time starts, except for my safe word, which is raspberry. I promise that I will not seek revenge or punish you in any way for whatever you do to me. I am not to be blindfolded so that I can see everything you do. I am not to be told the time at any point during the 24 hours. You may bring the girls in to watch, or participate, as you see fit. You will tell them that I am being punished for an unnamed offense."

As she said before, I was nutty as a fruitcake. I instantly regretted opening my big mouth.

"The time starts now." She glanced at the clock, moving it so I couldnít see it.

It was like watching one of those old horror movies where the man changed into a wolf. Nadine changed before my eyes from a loving slave to a cruel imperious Mistress. A few seconds later the pain struck as she cranked the screws right through my nipples and into the pads. From that point on I was in continuous pain.

I quickly learned that in my youthful ignorance I had grossly underestimated and misjudged Nadine. She was a consummate artiste with pain. Her Ďbragí about knowing numerous ways to inflict pain was accurate to the letter. She quickly introduced me to pain that nearly ended my travail before it even got started.

The medicine cabinet in the bathroom disgorged a large bottle of a brown liquid. There was no label on the bottle, but my torturer delighted in describing its effects.

"This concoction was put together by one of Dr. Steveís friends. Most medicines relieve pain. This magnifies pain. Just let me demonstrate for you."

"Nadine didnít smoke, but from somewhere she produced a cigarette and lit it. She blew a smoke ring which made a bee line for my right nipple. When it hit the nipple, which she had anointed with a dab of the liquid, it felt like I had been punched in the breast by a heavyweight boxer. I grunted, gasped for breath and my eyes opened even wider. I told myself this was the dumbest, worst idea Iíd had in my young life. Stupid!"

I didnít need to be a rocket scientist to realize that she could work me over after dousing me with the stuff and literally kill me without leaving a mark.

She tapped the nipple, very gently with her fingertip. I tried my best to crawl down through the mattress, once I got my breath.

"Hold your hand out."

She grasped it, turning the palm up. She placed an earring in the palm.

"I am going to hit your hand with this wooden ruler. The earring will fly up in the air. You catch it." The Ďor elseí hung like a cloud."

The ruler was 18 inches long and more than two inches wide, thick as well. A potent discipline tool. It struck my hand.

I shrieked.

The earring flew up in the air. I clenched my fingers from the pain, barely opening my hand in time to catch the earring. It bounced before I could grasp it and almost fell to the floor.

The ruler pressed my nipple. I grunted and tried to crawl away.

"The slightest sound and you get two."

I wanted to tell her how much it hurt and beg her to stop, but she wouldnít allow me to speak. Later, she made me beg, repeatedly, to be struck again.

At that moment, Dr. Steve walked in. He nodded to Nadine and smiled down at me. The smile froze when he saw the adornments on my nipples. He turned on Nadine:

"Playing games again! You leave her alone. Sheís been through some major trauma and I donít want you making it harder for her to recover!"

He bent down and started to remove the earrings. I grunted when he touched the left nipple and he spotted the stain and the bottle of pain enhancer.

"Iíll take that! You had no business using it on her!"

Nadine was red as a beet, mostly anger. She couldnít tell Dr. Steve that it was my idea without opening a Pandoraís box of problems. She took the tongue lashing without responding. I gave her credit for that. I would have exploded in the same situation.

Dr. Steve busied himself putting ointment on my nipples. I kept my hand clenched so he didnít see the bruise on the palm.

I didnít want to get Nadine into any more trouble.

He checked my lower half and had Nadine change the bandages. He seemed gratified that feeling was returning and assured me that with a few more days in bed I would be fine. He turned to leave, but stopped and warned Nadine again, "No more games."

I didnít know what to expect after he left. Nadine thought it over and finally came to my bed.

"Iím going to postpone the rest, but Iím going to add some things to pay you back for getting my ass chewed... I wonít tell you until Iím ready to start. In the meantime Iíll revert to being your slave."

I couldnít resist. "Then, why arenít you kneeling?"

She too couldnít resist. As she knelt she muttered, "You are a little bitch, arenít you."

Young and foolish, but a bitch. Iíd been called worse.


Georgina interrupted at this point, pulling whore into position and welcoming her warm tongue. She already felt that this was much more than Amy deserved, so she intended to correct the problem. Georgina climaxed but made no move to be released so whore continued:

Nadine waited until I was released from the frame and the stitches were taken out before she called my bluff. Dr. Steve was away for several days. They had gotten me out of bed and on my feet, but I was weak as a kitten. Nadine walked with me several times a day, first with a walker, then a cane, then I was free. I walked the length of the house several times a day, rapidly getting my strength back.

After dinner Nadine left, without explanation. A few minutes later I heard a commotion out in the hall. Talking and chains rattling. Nadine came back in. Standing in the doorway she announced, "The time starts again."

I had no idea how much time we had used, or how much remained, giving my torture a much more realistic feeling.

She came in, lifted the sheet at the foot of the bed and clamped my ankles into shackles at the corners of the bed. She tied a rope across the bed at my waist. Then she went to the door and motioned. There was a clank of chains and a coffle of nude girls marched in lockstep into the room. Red brought up the rear, whip at the ready. The line was chained, collar to collar and each girl had her hands cuffed behind her. Red lined them up around three sides of the bed.

Nadine spoke up, "This slave is being punished. She committed an offense which is none of your concern. You are here to witness her punishment and take heed of your own obedience to orders."

She looked directly at me and added, "She is forbidden to speak or to make any noise, other than to beg for additional punishment. Asking for mercy will add to her woes. The rope across her waist is as far as I am allowed to go because she is recovering from surgery. Her breasts and hands are available for punishment."

My heart sank. The hidden message for me was bleak. No mercy. I must beg to be hurt more seriously. If I donít beg, or not abjectly enough, she would find her own ways to hurt me.

Dr. Steve had tossed the earrings in the wastebasket when he removed them. Nadine had rescued them and sterilized them

again. She began my torment by handing me the earrings and ordering, "Put them on. Start a new hole."

She touched her own breast in passing, reminding me that she was still wearing hers, still under that tight bra, still hurting her. I must start at the beginning. Once I had penetrated the skin, she asked for two volunteers. Nobody moved. She pointed to the two on the end of the chain, "Red, separate them, remove their cuffs† and give them two lashes each. They have just volunteered."

The two girls had the luxury of protesting their punishment with loud screams, a release I was denied. As soon as they were assigned to play the earring game I was very much ready to scream as their amateur movements found every nerve withing a foot of my nipples. They managed to hurt me at least twice as much as when either I or Nadine had screwed them in or out. Nadine gave me a withering warning look that I didnít dare ignore.

Nadine wanted to play Bounce the Hand. I didnít want anything to do with it, but I was helpless to stop it. Red released the girl on the other end of the coffle and she was given whip rights over me. From somewhere Nadine produced another wood ruler that matched the one she was holding. Nadine explained the rules, some of it a new warning to me. I was to get a blow with the ruler on my palm. I must then catch the earring that was bounced up by the blow. If I missed, I would get two strokes before trying to catch it. Nadine was ordering me to miss in a message only I understood.

†The new addition of a girl spanking my right hand was going to be trouble enough. Iím left handed and I couldnít catch a barn door with that right hand. Given that the girl would probably hit me twice as hard, to curry favor with Nadine, I decided I neednít worry about following orders. Iíd be dropping enough on my own.

My premonition was highly accurate. I got four out of five with my left hand but dropped all five with the right. My right hand was puffed up like a croissant from the extras, all inflicted with undue strength. Nadine would glare at me after every stroke, telling me without words how much she would like to hurt me. My euphoria had long since worn off and I was just plain scared. My time sense was never good and what little I had deserted me. I had no inkling whether I faced another hour or 20 more hours.

All the time I spent getting my hands beaten to a pulp the two Ďvolunteersí had been busy wearing the threads off the screws that were buried deep in my nipples. After one especially hurtful penetration my hand moved of its own volition toward my left nipple. There was a loud Ďcrackí and I felt a searing pain across my knuckles. Nadine had been waiting for just such a slip and her ruler had been turned on edge. I couldnít help groaning with the sudden pain. That cost me, big time.

Nadine rolled in a stand used for patients to grab to roll over in bed, or to assist them to sit up. This one had been through Satanís torture laboratory and had been converted to Nadineís diabolical specifications. The hand grip now sported a pair of pulleys with thin strings hanging through them. Each string had a small hook on the end which the girls hooked through my earrings. From behind her back Nadine brought out two weights, which went on the hooks on the other ends, hanging several inches above my stomach.

Just the weights hurt. Nadine, the consummate sadist made sure I was watching, then lifted one of the weights as high as it would go. She held it there for several seconds, knowing I was holding my breath. When I had to breath, she dropped it. I choked on a scream as it hit bottom, jerking my nipple. I felt a tear start down my cheek. I expected momentarily to be told to stop crying. She dropped the other weight. My body came up off the bed in a futile attempt to stem the pain.

She looked at me, triumphantly, then nodded her head slightly. Like a lamb led to slaughter I obeyed.

"Mistress, I beg of you, if I miss catching any more, add the weights to my punishment, please."

"Are they heavy enough, slave?"

This was my cue to beg for additional weight. She had them waiting.

"Would you like a demonstration, slave?"

How could I refuse? I begged, abjectly.

I was sure my nipples were being pulled out by the roots. She never dropped both weights at once, dragging it out, the anticipation causing spasms in my stomach.

We did two more bounces. I caught one with my left, none with my right. My hands were numb. My nipples were not, and suffered accordingly.

Nadine laughed, the most cruel sound Iíd heard. She held the clock in front of my bleary eyes.

"We went over, by five minutes. What fun!"

She ordered Red to escort the girls back to their cells. After hooking up the three he cracked his whip and the coffle lock stepped back to the basement.

Nadine knelt beside my bed. She had an inkling she was in trouble. "You said you wouldnít seek revenge on me."

"Slave, 24 hours and five minutes is not 24 hours. That extra five minutes you werenít entitled to is why Iím going to punish you."

Nadine bowed her head, knowing I was right. That extra five minutes could have caused problems.

"Slave, you will sleep on your stomach tonight. You will hang the full weights on each nipple and let them hang over the sides of your cot. In the morning you will present yourself and I will lift and drop the weights to show you what it feels like. To give you an option, you can wake me any time during the night to have them removed. It will cost you two drops - of both."

Chapter 40 - Slave Nadine

In the middle of the night I felt her hand touching my breast. I turned on the light and found her kneeling, offering me the weights with her other hand. She continued to touch my breast.

"Slave, did I give you permission to touch me?"

She flushed and jerked her hand away. "No Mistress. I beg punishment. You offered to remove the weights."

"I told you two drops. It is now three. Would you like to try for four?"

Head down, she shook it. "No, Mistress."

To this day I still donít know if she was trying to prove to me that she could take whatever I dished out, or whether she really couldnít take the pain of the weights. At the time I treated her roughly for showing off. I made her get the stand with the pulleys and roll it under her bed. Then she had to hook up the weights and in the end drop them, her eyes locked on mine. She earned one extra drop when one of the weights tangled in the cord.

I made a point of letting her see me remove the earrings in my nipples, silently telling her she was forbidden to touch nipples or earrings. I put them under my pillow and made her turn over to spend the rest of the night sleeping on hers.

Dr. Steve came in shortly after I had my breakfast. My hands were so sore I could barely stand holding a spoon or fork. Trust the Doctor to spot it almost immediately. He whirled and lashed out at Nadine. "I told you - NO games! Go see Red and ask for a dozen lashes. Hard!"

Meekly she acknowledged the order and hurried out the door.

Dr. Steve read me off too.

"Youíre just as responsible as she is. If you werenít my patient youíd be lined up right behind her, waiting on Red. Iíve been hearing stories about you two. Youíre going to kill each other if you keep up this thirst to dominate. Both of you can take a lot of pain. Too much for your own good. Quit trying to prove what you already know."

There was only one answer I could give him. "Yes, Master."

I looked at Dr. Steve with Ďnew eyes,í as they say. He obviously knew more about what went on inside this house than he was letting on. I certainly didnít want to jeopardize the scholarship they had promised, but the lure of dominating a true top was overpowering. I already had some sketchy ideas about taking her leadership post away from her. As I said before, I was young and foolish. You might even say I was drunk with power.

Just to make it worse, Nadine came back without her bra and her two headlights were on high beam, putting a halo around the two earrings she still wore. Dr. Steve went ballistic.

"Son of a bitch! "Youíve been wearing those things all the time. Thereís only one reason - she made you put them on and has been torturing you with them for how long? Sheís only been here three weeks."

He looked daggers at me. "You were out like a light the first day so Iíd guess it was about the third night."

I didnít dare say anything, knowing it would set off another outburst.

He took two quick steps and grabbed both rings. Nadine automatically backed up, yelping when her nipples tautened in his grip. Grimly he unscrewed them. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! You dumb cunts could both have contracted tetanus from this!"

Nadine was just plain scared. I had no idea what sort of a hold he had over her, but she had worry written all over her face. The Doctor swearing and using vulgar language was a bad sign.

He rummaged in his bag and came up with a tube of a very powerful antiseptic. He paused for a question, "Have you two stupes had your tetanus shots, up to date?"

†We looked at each other and nodded.

"You let her do this to you, so by God you are going to wear them." He slathered the cream on them and viciously screwed them back in place. Nadine was meek as a kitten.

So was I for that matter. When he turned to me he had his hand out. I gingerly reached under my pillow and brought out the two I had been hiding. He gave them a dose of the medicine and screwed them through one of the holes in my nipples.

"One wrong move by either of you and Red is going to trim your asses proper. You will wear these rings - and no bras - until you agree to have regular rings or bars inserted permanently. Personally, I think both of you would benefit from having bars and shackles installed so that anybody can control you with a finger."

Nadine took that as an order and barely kept her face from turning sour. I wasnít quite sure what he meant, but I would soon learn that the miniature shackles were just as effective as the full sized ones in controlling my movement.

As soon as Dr. Steve was safely gone, we fell into each otherís arms. Nadine apologized over and over for causing trouble and I apologized right back, blaming myself for not warning her. We declared a truce as far as physical pain was concerned. As Dr. Steve had said, "Quit trying to prove what you already know."

Nadine filled me in on the little shackles, including interpreting his Ďhintí as a direct order to both of us. She had one of the shackles in her drawer so she brought it out and showed it to me. I wanted to install in right away, but Nadine shook her head.

"Wait a couple of days until he has calmed down. Then weíll ask him for permission to have the permanent ones installed. He will do it and it will hurt so get used to the idea. He of course was right about control. They can hook anything from fish line to anchor chain on there and make you do cartwheels. Iíve seen one of the sisters, who was a lesbian, satisfy a room full of men, just because she was helplessly tit shackled."

Her advice was good. Dr. Steve did calm down and seemed quite pleased when we both asked to have our tits shackled. It did hurt, but he was as gentle as possible. Most of the hurt came later as it took several weeks for the healing process. For the first two weeks we were just wearing the bar, as it had to be moved back and forth to spread the ointment. Dr. Steve installed the shackle, then screwed the bolt into place and used a soldering gun to lock the threads. The hot metal was bad, but the heat didnít last long.

By this time the frame was long forgotten. Nadine was invited into my bed and allowed - after asking permission - to touch and feel wherever she pleased. Believe me, she was an expert at touching and feeling, and her tongue wasnít half bad either. We got some exercise in bed, but Dr. Steve prescribed long walks.

Rather than be alone I of course invited Nadine to come with me. At first she wanted to lag a pace behind me, proper respect from a slave. However, never caring for rules or tradition, I made her walk beside me.

We made bets with each other as to whether any men we met would spot our Ďjewelry.í I had dictated sheer, semi-see-through blouses for our walks, so anyone within ten paces could see that we had decorations on our nipples. Nadine was getting completely aroused by our display and in heavy traffic she would soon beg for permission to climax. I would give her the choice of stopping the next guy we saw and letting him watch her orgasm from three feet away, or waiting until we got home. She was up to two at home on one walk when a really handsome guy came around the corner, almost bumping into her.

She turned five shades of pink as I spoke to him, "Wait a moment. Sheís about to have an orgasm. Would you hold her hand while she comes?"

He made a deep exaggerated bow, grasped her hand and kissed it, all the while staring at her nipples as if he expected them to explode. It was Nadine that exploded, draining herself so that the guy had to grab her to keep her from falling. I stood by and watched, barely suppressing a wolfish grin.

The man left, after seating Nadine on a handy bench. She immediately began to threaten me with one punishment after another she wanted to inflict. I finally had to remind her just who the slave was. I pointed out that I could have ordered her to suck him off or go behind the bushes and get laid. She calmed down at that and by the time we got back to the house she was laughing and being her old self.

That night as we lay cuddled in bed, she spoke into the darkness, "Mistress, you wouldnít really have made me suck his cock." It was half a question, half a statement.

"Yes, I would. You are my slave. I can make you do anything I please, or that pleases me."

"Please, make me do it, soon, Mistress."

"If it happens to please me at the moment, Iíll consider your plea."

"Please, Mistress, make me lick your pussy."

"That pleases me. As they say, Make it so."

She made it so much fun I came, three times. She slept all night in my bed.

My big chance was coming nearer. I had found out that the two groups held a joint meeting each year, with entertainment. Their idea of course was bondage entertainment. I consulted with Red and then announced to Nadine that I had plans for her. She would be a big part of the entertainment, but I only told her a small part of what I had planned for her.

She understood that she was to present Red as the whip champion and then have her demonstrate by snapping a cigarette out of her mouth, one from each ear and then have Red undress her with the whip.

I wanted her nude for the next part. She would have no difficulty with that, especially if it were at my order.

Dr. Steve might just as well have moved in with us. He dismissed the guard from the Fraternity, satisfied that Cecill didnít have any accomplices. He made us leave the apartment and the bedroom door unlocked and used it to walk in unannounced. He made us stand inspection whenever he showed up, with the room lit up like a lighthouse.

The minutest bump or bruise or scratch required a detailed explanation. After checking the outside he would do a cavity search on both of us. Other than that he didnít touch either of us. I had a sneaking suspicion that he had been boffing Nadine, but neither one gave the slightest indication.

He of course had caught the two of us in bed together the second time he showed up. He didnít say a word about it until he had completed his rigorous inspection. Then he made us get back in bed and looped our tit shackles together, leaving us face to face for the night.

Another night he found a fresh bruise on my arm. I honestly didnít remember how I did it, but it was nothing that Nadine had done. No explanation was accepted. He dug my earrings out of his bag and made us start new holes in our nipples, above the shackles. He wouldnít let us finish the hole until the next night. I got a taste of what Nadine had gone through when I first sharpened the little bastards. Talk about Ďmaking a point!

Heíd caught on to the part the bra played, and both of us had to wear our tightest bras while he was punishing us. Then he made us lie on our stomachs on the bed for the night, with our hands cuffed behind us. He came in before rounds and released us, without a word.

Red and Nadine practiced their routine. I was glad it was Nadine being the target that Red would undress, even though she never missed. I watched and talked to Red when it wouldnít distract her aim. Turned out she had grown up on a cattle ranch in Utah and her boyfriend had introduced her to the whip, first on the receiving end and then turning the tables when she discovered he was romancing another girl. She practiced and bided her time until she caught him in the act and proceeded to whip both of them. She got what amounted to a whip scholarship through the Sorority, based on her ability to hand out discipline.

I also found out that there was a long-standing animosity between Red and Shelby, dating back to an unspecified incident that she flatly refused to discuss. When I pressed the matter she told me to ask Dr. Steve. So I asked some questions about the Doctor, but Red either didnít want to talk about him, or didnít know the answers to my curiosity. She seemed particularly satisfied that Shelby was under Ďcell arrestí and subject to Redís whip. She admitted that there had been a dustup when Shelby was demoted, but Red had the whip so it ended before it began.

My subjugation of Nadine was getting deeper by the day. Other than our walks I literally didnít have to lift a finger. An icy drink appeared immediately when I licked my lips and allowed that they were getting dry. The bed was made, food was cooked and served and every creature comfort I could imagine was mine as soon as I voiced a want or a need.

I set impossible tasks for her, punishing her with light slaps or pinches that didnít leave a mark, carefully pointing out that much more potent punishments for such lapses would be her lot. The threats aroused her to the point of losing all control. She hadnít and wouldnít be allowed to have an orgasm, so it required dire threats to stop her. The problem was she was aroused even more by my whispered and detailed descriptions of what I would do to her.

I made her buy a thick notebook. Whenever she earned a black mark she had to stop whatever she was doing and write it down in her book. She had to write a very detailed description of her infraction, the time and date. She then had to read to me what was written and I would announce the number of marks, adding extras if I had to correct her account. She then had to read it again and repeat the number of marks. By the time she finished her thighs were wet to her knees.

In the evening, before I would allow her into my bed she had to kneel and read from her ĎSin Book.í If it was a common problem, she had to go back and find the previous incidents and read those as well. After each repetition she had to apologize, tell me what she had done or would do to rectify the problem and then beg for punishment.

After listening to her recitation of her faults I would adjust the marks. If she for example didnít clean the kitchen to my satisfaction, she got an increased number of marks every time this happened again, one mark the first time, two the next and so forth. For a serious problem, such as coming without permission, the number of marks doubled each time.

Within a couple of weeks she had amassed the first hundred marks. She had to report the overall total each night, along with the daily total. She did everything but stand on her head trying to get me to tell her what punishments were represented by the marks. She never mentioned it, apparently not wanting to give me any Ďideas,í but it was obvious she was trying to assign a specific number of whip strokes for each mark. I let her imagination run riot and her subjugation got deeper and deeper. Not unexpectedly she worked harder at correcting her faults.

Of course that didnít stop me from assigning black marks. She was as likely to get one for a facial expression I didnít care for as for missing a hair when she shaved her pussy. For that inspection, she had to sit on my chest, with her pussy inches from my tongue, where I could see every wayward hair. She wanted my tongue but the mere thought of the number of black marks I would give her for even asking made her shudder whenever she got too near. I knew, the way things were going, that eventually she would willingly beg to accept a black mark for each stroke of my tongue.

I delighted in verbally torturing her, whispering in her ear, describing the bondage she would beg for, telling her how much and how long it would hurt. Then I would make her describe her sensations as she pictured the machines I had described, telling me where and how it hurt, what she dreaded that I would do to her when I had her helpless, or in chains on my bed. She would beg repeatedly to be allowed to climax. I would suggest that I Ďmightí let her come if she would tell me how to hurt her without making her come.

Before I would finish she was thrashing and twisting on the bed, begging, crying, arms and legs constantly moving, offering me anything if I would just permit one small orgasm. All I had to say was "Would you...† and she was off to the races."

It cost her two black marks and three orgasms - for me - but she seemed to think it was worth it. I wondered if she would have second thoughts when she found out what was going to happen to her.

In the cold grey dawn I gave her the bad news, first making her kneel and kiss my feet.

"You are my slave?"

"Yes, Mistress, your total and obedient slave."

I could not resist, not in a million years. "How many black marks do you have, slave?"

"102, Mistress."

"Thatís your idea of Ďtotal and obedient slave?"

She hung her head, afraid to arouse the savage beast just under my control.

"No, Mistress, I am indeed a poor slave."

"Do I need you to read your entire Sin Book to further remind you?"

"No, Mistress, I am well aware of my faults, and I strive every day to correct them."

"Do you still think of yourself as a Mistress?"

"No, Mistress, not since the day you came to me."

"Then you will have no objection if I have you appoint me as your successor as President of the sorority and then you resign."

Without the slightest hesitation she nodded, "Yes, Mistress. As your slave I will do whatever pleases you. I would be honored to have my Mistress as President."

"Slave, this is not going to be as easy as it sounds."

She knelt silently as I explained to her just how it was going to come down.