Amyís Bondage
by Raul Roget

Copyrighted material, not for those under 18 years of age.

Chapter 31 - Discussion

Glen and Georgina examined Amy closely. Then, making sure that her ear flaps were closed, they decided in low tones what to do next. Glen was shaking his head.† "I donít think she can take much more. She wouldnít get much benefit from what youíre planning for her."

Georgina agreed, "Iíd like to do it when sheís in better shape, so she can see how it will take the starch out of her. She has extras coming for not being on her toes."

"Instead, why donít we talk her down from this? We just might find out a few things while her defenses are down. Letís put her in a chair and you can use your tongue to Ďsoothí her and weíll see what happens."

Georgina wasnít overly thrilled with lapping up stale sweat and girl juice, but orders are orders. They unlocked Amyís bonds holding her on the table and stood her on the floor. Glen held her while Georgina got a wooden chair. Amy let out a howl of protest when her sore ass hit the wood, but Glen was adamant and Georgina had her tied on the hard chair in a few moments. They left her hood in place, raising the ear flaps and then they sat down facing her on a comfortable padded bench. Glen touched Georgina and pointed. She knelt before Amyís spread legs and bowed her head, aiming her tongue directly at Amyís clit.

Amy was more than startled. The first swipe of tongue, on top of the just-concluded massive orgasm made her jerk like a puppet. Once more she was baffled by what was going on beyond the hood that blinded her. She didnít want an orgasm right at this moment, preferring to bask in the afterglow of her best of show effort. Her Mistressí tongue ignored her wishes and began propelling her up the slope at a rapid pace.

Georgina was in the perfect position to spot the quickly approaching orgasm. She halted at exactly the right moment, drawing a whine of protest from Amy.

Glen spoke up, "Slave, Iím going to ask you some questions. I want detailed answers in every case -- and no lies. If I am satisfied with what you tell us, I MAY† be generous and let you have another climax."

"Yes, Master."

Change of plans. She would welcome another orgasm, by order of her Master.

"Good! I want you to tell us everything that you thought, and felt from the time your Mistress released you from the stocks until you just had your biggie."

"Master, it was the strangest feeling. Mistress asked me if I had ridden a horse and I told her I hadnít. Then she asked about the wooden horse, and all I had done was read about it. It was like we were discussing someone that wasnít even in the room. I had flashbacks of the stories Iíd read and at once I could feel myself getting aroused, my cunt was damp and I was panting like a dog in heat. She put me on the floor and laid that heavy iron on my back. I got hotter as she started strapping me to it, making my back bend in an impossible arc. I had absolutely no idea what she was doing, or why. Until that rod started pushing my rigid body back and forth I couldnít figure it out. I thought all along that it was just extra weight to make it harder to sit on the beam."

"You have no idea how the preparations scared me because I was blind, deaf and dumb. I couldnít see what your were doing to me. I couldnít hear unless you allowed it. And worse, I couldnít tell you that I couldnít stand the pain. Iíd never had a hood on before, which made it bad, but the worst was that gag. I was scared the entire time that it would somehow go down my throat and asphyxiate me. It kept swelling and creeping toward my throat. The fear just made my arousal worse. The more afraid I got the closer I was to breaking the rule and climaxing without permission. It took all my energy to stave off coming, so when the plank was raised between my legs I didnít have an ounce of courage. I raised onto my toes and realized that I hadnít been on my toes, breaking that rule."

"You had your ball in your hand that you could have dropped."

"Yes, Mistress, but the pain was so bad I had trouble remembering anything. I forgot the ball completely. Then, when I remembered it, I couldnít remember what it was for. There must be fingerprints etched into it, I was holding it so tight. When I did release it, it felt like it was stuck to my hand and I kept trying to pry it loose. I can still feel it in the palm of my hand."

"I still donít know how you rocked me back and forth. I know there was some kind of a rod that you attached at the top of the bar I was wearing, but it was just plain diabolical. The Devil himself must have invented that..."

Georgina interrupted, "Calling your Master names is not going to help you."

"Iím sorry, Mistress, Master, I got carried away. That thing makes you feel so utterly helpless and I was so afraid of what damage it might do to my cunt that I was screaming with fear the whole time."

"With a little passion mixed in, of course."

"Yes, Mistress, that too. I was rocking and I was getting hotter and hotter with every rock."

"What would have happened to you if you had come while you were riding?"

"Mistress, besides breaking a slave rule, a climax in the middle of that would have hurt so badly that I could easily have gone off my rocker."

She continued, "Then you asked me if I wanted to come. I was so hot that I would have agreed to anything to get a climax."

Amy groaned as Georginaís tongue slurped from bottom to tip of her clit, dragging her back up the slope from her slight descent. Her voice faltered as she tried to talk and savor the tonguing at the same time. "I have no idea what you hit me with. It felt like a wooden club right down the groove that the beam made. It was the one spot on my body that would react quickly enough to give me an instant orgasm. I must have gone out of my head for awhile because I was sure that you had somehow split me in two."

Georgina raised her head, leaving Amyís clit soaked in saliva. She raised the question, "Would you be willing to go back on the horse to get your next orgasm?"

Amy didnít hesitate. "Mistress, if thatís what it takes, Iíll gladly go back on the horse. Anything less, youíll have to drag me, kicking and screaming, to get me to ride."

Georgina stuck her face close to Amyís ear, "What if I order you to do it?"

"Thatís different, Mistress. I would do it whenever you order me to."

Glen, who had silently listened to most of the conversation between the two slaves, spoke at last. "I think the slave has had enough for one day. She has a promised punishment for failing to reach the time limit on the horse, as well as a penalty for again failing to walk on her toes, so we will postpone the orgasm until tomorrow or beyond."

Amy was glad her eyes were hidden in the hood, because she didnít want either of them to see the disappointment in them. She was so near a whisper in her ear would set her off. She tried begging, "Master, if you will whip me once, I can come."

Glen stared at her for several long seconds. He shook his head,

"You heard my order. Your lack of an orgasm is not a topic for discussion. However, Iím sure your Mistress will be happy to add it to her list -- her punishment list."

He snapped his fingers.

"Oh, yes, I remember now. A certain slave totally neglected to thank her Master and Mistress for all the work they went to in building the horse and preparing her for her ride. Yes, and there also were some complaints about the very comfortable seat in the stocks and a non-verbal complaint about the very chair you are sitting in. Between those and some more cleaning in the dungeon, you are going to have a busy day tomorrow."

Bedtime was a repeat of the previous night, as Georgina returned to her home and Glen was saddled with putting his slave through her evening toilet and bedding her. The sleep mask was waiting for her, as were the open shackles. The TV played another bondage tape and Glenís hand got a workout. Twice Amy opened her mouth to make a cutting remark but both times discretion stopped her from what could easily have earned her a repeat session on the horse. She had a sinking feeling that her lengthy list of offenses might just earn her a ride anyway.

Tired from her ride she didnít get past putting her ankles to sleep before her brain went to sleep on its own.

When Georgina returned the next morning, Glen had a short conversation with her, before sending her up after Amy.

"Some time back we talked about you seducing the two maids.† Do you still think you can do it?

"Yes, Master, both appear to me to be closet submissives."

"Thatís fine. Iíll give you a confidentiality contract for them to sign. Thereís too much housework for Amy to handle and it ought to be interesting seeing the maids bossing her around.

When Sarah and Jane arrived, Georgina was waiting for them, dressed in her housekeeperís uniform. The two girls wore modest maidís uniforms that were a bit drab. Glen was in his office, so she took them into the kitchen. She got right to the point, "Sarah, Jane, are you two happy, working for Mr. Glen?"


"Of course."

"Mr. Glen is quite happy with your work, as I am, but he has some new work for you to do. It is highly confidential, something that must never leave this house -- not even a hint. Would you two be willing to take on the additional duties, of course with a substantial raise..."

Jane was already nodding, but Sarah seemed to smell a rat.

"Just what does this involve? Nothing in his bedroom, I hope."

"Other than cleaning it, no. Iím sorry but he wonít allow me to tell you what this will involve until you have signed this confidentiality agreement."

She held up the two documents. The two girls looked at the papers, looked at each other and back to the papers. Sarah shrugged, "As long as it isnít illegal, Iím game."

Jane chimed in with her OK.

Georgina handed each girl the papers and a pen, pointing out where to sign. As one they glanced at the printed pages, but read only a sentence or two before signing their names. Georgina signed below their names and then took the papers to Glenís office. She returned in a moment, smiling. "Mr. Glen has given me permission to tell you what you will be doing. First of all, what do you know about bondage and discipline?"

"Isnít that where the girl gets tied up and whipped until she agrees to give him a blow job?"

"No, Jane, thatís the popular misconception. There is tying and cuffs and collars, but almost all of it is willing on the part of the girl."

"But, I know some men have women as slaves, keep them in dungeons and mistreat them."

"I am a slave. Do I look like I have been mistreated?"

The simple statement shocked both girls. Speechless for a moment, Sarah finally asked, "Youíre not a real slave, are you?"

"Yes, I am. I gave myself willingly to Mr. Glen. I signed a contract giving him complete rights to me."

"Willingly? He didnít whip you to make you sign?"

"No, I got down on my knees and asked to become his slave. He didnít force me and he didnít ask me. I asked him," she reiterated.

"So, what are we supposed to do, crawl to his office and beg to join you as slaves? I wonít do THAT!"

"Sarah, thatís not whatís going to happen. Actually, you may eventually kneel before me and ask to be my slave."

"Hmpf. Thatís stupid. How can a slave have a slave?"

"I am already Mistress to a slave."

Jane seemed to be more experienced. She cocked an eyebrow as she realized the direction the conversation was taking. She stated, "Then that makes you a dominatrix."

"Yes, Jane. How did you know?"

Jane flushed, her face turning red.

"I... I read it in some magazines that my brother had."

"Jane, are you a submissive? You know what the term means?"

"Yes, M... Yes."

"You almost addressed me as Mistress, didnít you? That IS my title."

"Yes, Mistress," she almost whispered.



The near yell reached Glenís ear through the monitor. He heard it and grinned.

Sarah sat with her mouth open, eyebrows raised in disbelief. She realized that her deepest, darkest secret was about to be revealed. Georgina, watching her, read the signs. Sarah was even more submissive than Jane, hiding it behind bravado.

"Sarah, youíre a submissive too. Arenít you?"

She flushed, matching Jane. "Yes, Mis... Mistress."


"Yes, Mistress."

"And you learned you were a submissive how?"

"My... My ex-boyfriend. He tied me up." Her head went down, afraid to look at either Jane or Georgina. She had wanted to lie, to cover her secret, but this woman was reading her mind.

She was even more convinced by the next question, "And you liked it and it got you hot. Hotter than you had ever been before?"

Sarah looked at the floor, wanting desperately to hide under the table. This was a side of Georgina she had never seen before and it was arousing her just talking about it. Grudgingly she admitted, "Yes, Mistress."

"Look at me when I talk to you!"

Sarah lifted her head and stared helplessly into Georginaís eyes. Her arousal -- and hunger -- was so plain that even Jane saw it.

"You get hot just talking about it."

Sarahís head started to bow, but she caught it, her eyes locked on Georgina, speaking volumes. "Yessss, Mistress."

"Iíll make you a bet. Before your work day is over, you will be on your knees asking to be my slave."

Sarah gulped, wringing her hands in her lap. She could have only one answer. "Yes, Mistress."

She looked at Jane. The stark hunger was in her eyes too. "And Jane will be kneeling beside you."

The girl nodded unconsciously.† Georgina smiled to herself. "As you know, there are several rooms that you have been told are off limits. One is the Masterís bedroom. There are several rooms downstairs that you have never seen. Now that you are bound by your agreement to keep everything you hear or see here to yourself, I can show you the rooms. From our conversation you both should be smart enough to realize some of what has been hidden from you, and why it has been hidden. We donít want you running from the house screaming to the neighbors. I can tell from your reaction to my questions that you will be comfortable with knowing whatís behind those locked doors."

Both girls nodded their agreement. Satisfied for the moment, Georgina stood up.

"Come. I want to show you something."

Chapter 32 - Will There be New Slaves?

Georgina took the two maids up to Glenís bedroom, where she pointed out the various restraint points. She turned down the covers on the bed, showing the cuffs on separate chains at the corners. Sarah had a question, "Two sets? Do you and your slave sleep in his bed? Chained?"

"The girl is his slave, as I am. He ordered me to take charge of her, so she addresses me as Mistress. To answer your other question, yes, we are chained every night that we sleep in this bed."

"What happens when... He...makes love to one of you?" she finished lamely.

"In this house we donít use euphemisms. Master requires that we use the street or gutter terms. He finds it pleasing to hear a woman using dirty language that humiliates her."

"To your question, we lie there silently and watch the other slave being fucked; wishing it was our cunt or ass or mouth that was being used. Again itís another form of humiliation. Being passed over by the Master is not pleasant. It keeps you on your toes, competing for the Masterís attentions."

"Do you fight with your slave, or other slaves?"

"Only at your peril. The punishments for fighting are severe and very painful. If Master catches you fighting he will break it up with a whip."

Both girls shivered, learning the lesson well.

Jane asked, "I thought you had a house where you lived?"

"I do, but several days a week I remain here overnight. Iím committed to a 24/7 relationship, so I spend as much time here as I can. Many slaves have similar arrangements, only staying on weekends or special occasions."

"Then itís not like being in jail, or something."

"My, no. With Masterís permission we can leave any time we want. Unless we are being punished for something we can go shopping, or to the movies or a restaurant."

Sarah raised her eyebrows again. "Thatís a lot different than I had imagined. I thought slaves wore chains day and night and never saw the sun."

"That can happen, but usually itís the slaveís choice. When you two girls are around, I donít wear chains, but the moment you leave I wear wrist and ankle cuffs. Thatís after I take my clothes off."


"Except my collar. That only comes off at Masterís order. Itís his collar, on his slave, so itís his to lock on my neck, or remove."

Jane was about to explode. Both her thighs were wet almost to her knees. "Then I... We... would get... have to... wear a collar?"

At Georginaís nod, Jane climaxed, small but unmistakable.

"You do that at your peril too. Master is in control of your orgasms at all times. You DO NOT come without his -- or my -- permission."

She looked directly at Sarah who was on the verge of matching Janeís climax. The warning look was enough.

"One of the first things a slave learns is to control herself. Each Master has his own rules, but most follow what I have just said. You may be required to hold off for minutes, hours or even days. The only consolation is that when you finally do get the permission youíve been begging for, you will have one of the best orgasms that you have ever experienced. The longer you wait, the better it will be. Every Master knows that and tries to give you the very best that he can."

"Then, Masters look out for their slaves. Is that what you are telling us?"

"Very much so. We slaves have nothing. Everything belongs to Master. But, we are very valuable property and Masters will go to great lengths to protect their property. There are all kinds of Masters, from one end of the scale to the other. My Master goes to the extent of punishing us if we suggest discipline that will damage our bodies in any way. The overall rule is nothing that will leave scars or harm internal organs."

While the two maids digested her comments she watched them closely. Both were showing signs of anticipation, still hesitant but waiting for the moment that felt right.

"Would we have to sleep in his bed, in chains?"

"No, Jane, I told you. You have to WANT to sleep in his bed, BEG to sleep in his bed, then you will beg to have him fuck you. Nobody will force you into his bed, or my bed."

As they talked, she led them down the stains and on down to the dungeon. She paused first at the storeroom door. "This may frighten you at first glance."

The girls gasped when they saw the wall lined with whips, chains and straps.

"This is just a storeroom. We donít use every whip every day and some of them we never use, for one reason or another. A lot of this is just for show, to impress the slave with what might be her fate if she screws up."

She showed them the bathroom and noted, "Master does not like to waste hot water, so slaves in this house take cold showers, cold enemas and cold douches. Even if youíve been awake all night, thereís nothing like a cold shower to wake you up for the new day."

"Why would we be up all night?"

"Several reasons. Some punishments run all night, or 24 hours. They may be painful enough to keep you awake. Or, you may be assigned to guard duty, watching a fellow slave being punished in a manner that might turn life threatening. For example, we never leave a gag in overnight without someone watching. A sudden sinus attack or cold clogging the nose could be fatal. A slave in rope bondage needs a watchful eye on her to make sure circulation isnít cut off or the rope isnít choking her."

Georgina smiled again to herself. Both girls were already talking like they were involved. "Why would WE..." She felt she had the two pegged. What she was about to do would confirm her assessment, or spoil all her efforts. She stopped in front of the dungeon door.

"There are two things before you can enter this door. As slaves you would already be naked. You must take off your clothes before you can go in. Hang them on the hooks beside the door."

She demonstrated, removing her blouse and skirt and hanging them on one of the hooks. She wore nothing underneath but her collar. Both girls hesitated, but egged on by her stripping, they began to undress. They hesitated again at their underwear, but with a nude Georgina standing there expectantly they had no choice. After all, they were all women together.

Georgina went back to the storeroom and brought three sets of cuffs, one for herself. She showed the girls how to lock them on their wrists and ankles as she donned her own. Then she held up the key for them to see and hung it on a small hook near their clothes. Both girls were ready to climax on the spot and Georgina was not far behind.

She took a different key from a hook and unlocked the dungeon door and stepped back. The two girls entered and stopped short, barely leaving room for Georgina to follow them.

Their eyes were on the stocks. Both had seen pictures and knew at once what they were. They glanced at the rock, but didnít devine its purpose without an explanation. They walked several steps to where they could see the horse standing, waiting for its next victim.

A few steps more, as Georgina pushed them along and they got their first glimpse of Amy. She was facing away from them,† dragging her chains as she swept the floor with her tiny brush. She had heard the door open, but she had been ordered to catch up and ignore any visitors.

Georgina walked around her and deliberately stepped on the brush.

"Greet me properly."

Amy crawled through the water and kissed her naked feet.

"Thank you, Mistress for allowing me to greet you."

"You have two visitors. Greet them with the respect due a Mistress!"

A look of horror suffused Amyís face. She swung around and saw the two girls standing there. They watched with growing fascination as Amy crawled to their feet, kissed each toe and thanked them for coming to visit her.

Amy was at a loss as to what to do next, so she remained motionless. She had never seen the maids, so she had no idea who they were, or why they were standing, naked in the dungeon.

"Why, Mistress, is she using such a small brush?"

"Itís a story that I will tell you later. She volunteered to use a small brush to demonstrate her dedication to her slavery. She is about to ask me for an additional restraint to cause her work to be harder and more pleasing to her Master."

She looked expectantly at Amy, who took the cue perfectly.

"Mistress, I beg an additional restraint. My work is not hard enough to please my Mistress and Master."

Without a word, Georgina walked to the stocks and picked up the ball and chain. Amy had seen it there, knew why it was there and knew she would be expected to ask for it whenever her Mistress came to check on her. The one for her other leg would no doubt be waiting tomorrow.† Georgina locked it on her ankle.


Amy obediently crawled, dragging her nipples on the stone, the steel ball rolling in every direction, jerking on her ankle.† The swivel in the chain prevented any effort to keep the ball following behind her.

Both Jane and Sarah were fighting for control, watching the spectacle. Both appeared to be slowly losing the battle. Georgina used them for a lesson for Amy.

"As guest Mistresses you are granted permission to climax. Our slave is NOT permitted for some time to come. Watch them, Slave! Watch what you cannot have."

Amy watched, red faced, as aroused as the two she was looking at, but forbidden to emulate them as they enjoyed even bigger orgasms than Jane had before.

Once they had recovered, Georgina invited them to question Amy and the queries came rapid fire.

"Did your Master make you do this?"

"No, Mistress, I asked to do it."

"He didnít whip you?"

"No Mistress, not once."

"You volunteered to use a smaller brush to clean this huge room?"

"Yes. Mistress. It is one way I can prove myself to my Master."

"Why do you need to prove yourself in this degrading way?"

"Because Master told me I was to be his wife-slave."

"Told you? He didnít ask you to be his wife?"

"No, Mistress, a slave has no rights. A Master is all powerful. He told me I was to be his wife. As his slave I have no choice or say in the matter."

"Would you leave if you had the chance?"

"No, Mistress! Master has offered me several opportunities to leave. I have refused. I am a dedicated slave. I will not run from my duty to serve him as I have promised."

"Do you regret becoming a slave?"

"No, Mistress, definitely not! I love being a slave."

"Would you like some help with your task?"

Amy, thoroughly stunned, didnít understand the offer. Jane looked down at her, waiting for the answer she hoped for.

"Mistress, I donít understand?"

Georgina answered for her, "The Mistress would like to join you in your slavery."

"I would like to help, too."

Sarah looked to Georgina for approval. "The other Mistress is also a slave at heart. She wants to scrub floors with you."

"If Mistress wishes, so be it."

Jane leaned over and whispered in Sarahís ear. Sarah nodded and both knelt and faced Georgina.

" Mistress, I beg to be your slave."

"Mistress, I beg to be your slave."

Amy was flabbergasted. She looked rapidly at all three faces but she couldnít find answers.

Georgina grinned broadly.

"I won my bet. I accept you as my slaves.† Amy accepts you as her Mistresses. I have brushes and buckets waiting for you.† Clean the covers and do the floor. Then report to me before you resume your regular work."

"One thing more. As slaves, you no longer have the right to orgasm at will. You will beg permission from Master or from me."

Georgina reported to Glen, who had watched some of the action on his monitor.

"How did it go?

"Piece of cake. Both of them were just what I expected, prime candidates for a slave collar."

"What was the bet?"

"I didnít really bet, but I told Sarah† Iíd bet that she and Jane would be kneeling in front of me begging to be slaves before their work day was over."

"You must have been pretty confident."

"Master, both those girls smelled like slaves the first time I saw them. Besides, you didnít take that long to enslave me."

"Well you were ripe for it too."

"True, true. Youíve got me there."

"Do I get one for my bed tonight?"

"Actually, I said there wouldnít be anything but cleaning your room. Nothing on the bed. Youíll have to put up with Amy or Old Faithful until one of them volunteers -- and Iíll bet an hour in the stocks that both of them will volunteer together."

"Can we get five in my bed and still have room to sleep?"

"We can draw straws to see who sleeps on the middle crack."

"How in Hell am I going to keep four of you satisfied?"

"Keep that at two for the moment. I think Iíll see how good they are with their tongues.† Sarah mentioned a boyfriend, but I suspect sheís bi. Jane will do anything with anyone we tell her."

Georgina went back down to the dungeon, arriving just as the three girls were putting their equipment away. She took them with her on an inspection trip. The dungeon was spotless, the equipment covers were all clean and the stone floor sparkled.

Georgina stopped near an exam table. She climbed up on it and lay back, with her legs in the stirrups. "Slave Jane, show me how good you are with your tongue."

"Yes, Mistress."

Mistress went to heaven, was kissed by the angels and sent back for seconds.

"Slave Sarah, what is your tongue like?"

"Mistress, Iíve never done a woman."

"You saw what Jane did. Do it yourself."

"Yes, Mistress"

Georgina didnít quite make it to heaven, but it was plenty far enough. When she got her eyes open she was staring into Amyís sad eyes.

"Remember, you are being punished."

Amy felt a tear slide down her cheek, scoring a direct hit on her stiff nipple. There would be no orgasm for her.

Chapter 33 - The Cangue

The three slaves found Georgina when they had finished the dungeon. She took all three to Glenís office after instructing Sarah and Jane how to greet him. They had already seen Amy perform her welcome for Georgina, but she wanted to make sure that both of them did it right the first time. She pointedly reminded them that a poor performance would reflect on her and that they would be suitably punished for putting her in a bad light with Master. The two maids and Amy knelt outside the door, knocked lightly and after a couple of minutes were ordered to enter.

Glen knew they were coming and was standing in the middle of the floor, waiting for them. They knee-walked in and prostrated themselfs in an even line. Sarah, on the left, moved forward first and kissed Glenís boots. "Slave Sarah presents herself to Master."

She backed away, making room for Jane. "Slave Jane presents herself to Master."

"Slave Amy presents herself for punishment, Master."

Georgina stood behind them, approving their performance.

"These are the new slaves?"

He knew perfectly well who they were, having personally hired both girls several years before. But, ritual is ritual.

"Yes, Master."

"You have instructed them in their duties as slaves?"

"No, Master, I have reserved that honor for you."

"Are they virgins?" That was not in most ritual scripts, but Masters have substantial leeway in handling new slaves.

"I doubt it, Master, but I have not asked, nor inspected."

"Then, inspect them."

"Kneel up, legs spread, wide."

Faces red, the two new slaves positioned themselves. Both would have admitted their condition if given a chance, but Georgina surprised them.

"Slave Amy, inspect each for a hymen."

Glen handed her a rubber glove.

Amy moved in front of them, sliding her fingers up into Janeís slightly squirming body. Then she turned and put on a fresh glove. After probing Sarah, Amy resumed position between them and bowed her head before looking at Glen.

"Your finding, slave?"

"Master, both slaves have been well used. There is no trace of a hymen."

"Do you have anything to say, slave Jane?"

"Master, I beg your collar. I beg that you accept me as your slave."

"Are you being forced or coerced into this desire? Is it of your own free will?"

"Yes, Master."

"Slave Georgina, are you satisfied with her? Do you trust her?"

"Master, she has worked here for several years. To my knowledge she has never lied to me, has always been trustworthy and is a willing and hard worker."

"Have you tested her sexual experience?"

"Yes, Master, she has an agile and educated tongue. I put her to the test today."

Glen turned slightly and looked at the other maid. "Do you have anything to say, slave Sarah?"

The questioning went word for word as it had for Jane. The only deviation was a slightly differently worded response, based on Sarahís admission that she had never licked a woman before.

Then Glen read the slave contract aloud, asked for questions and as the two remained silent, asked them to sign the contracts. He slid a low table over to them so they could remain kneeling while they signed. When they finished, he talked to them again,

"As I read to you, everything you own, money, property, investments, jewelry, the clothes in your closets all belong to me. I will set up a trust, based on your net worth and an appropriate salary. If you leave, the money will be prorated for the length of time you serve me. The minimum is one year. Is that clear?"

Both slaves responded positively.

"As both of you probably know, Iím a real estate agent. If you have property, I will sell it for you and waive my commission. If you have any questions, address them to slave Georgina, who will be your Mistress and will see to your training. You two in turn will be Mistresses to Slave Amy. She will keep you at full speed trying to think up punishments enough to deter the many scrapes she gets into. Mistress Georgina will assist you in keeping Amy under control."

"One special requirement, and one that Amy seems to delight in violating, is that I require all slaves to walk on their toes whenever they are in my house. Violating that rule is likely to get you your first punishment here."

"As Mistress has already told you, my rule is that any punishment must never cause scars or other marks, or do damage to internal organs. As slaves, and as Mistresses you will be subject to frequent, painful chastisement, sometimes only because I happen to feel like punishing someone."

"I also expect instant action when you are ordered to do something. I punish hesitation and I punish excuses. If you are late for an appointment, you are late and will be punished for it, regardless of the best of excuses, so donít try my patience by telling me your alarm didnít go off, or the snowdrifts were too deep. You do not question any order I give. There will be other rules, some of which you wonít find out about until you break them."

"A slave exists for one purpose, to give satisfaction and gratification to her Master or Mistress. Putting your desires or needs ahead of those of your Master is never allowed. Also, a slave is a slave all day, every day, day and night. Before you leave you will provide Georgina with detailed instructions as to how to contact you. If you donít have cell phones, I will provide them, but you must be ready to answer them 24 hours a day. You will make arrangements as quickly as possible to move out of your lodgings and into rooms I will provide. I will pay any moving costs or make arrangements to pick up your things and bring them here."

"You have seen how we live. Anything that you have that doesnít fit here should go to a thrift store for disposal, or into your garbage bin. You will no longer need a car, so sell the one you use to get to work. You both room together and use the one† car, so that will affect you equally. And, keep your maidís uniforms for days when there are other people in the house."

"Any questions?"

"No. Master," they said in unison.

"Do either of you want to back out and leave?"

Both shook their heads.

"I will offer you the chance to leave at any time, subject to the conditions Iíve mentioned and that are in your contracts. Very well... Georgina, take charge of them and get them settled in as quickly as possible. You will be completely responsible for their training and discipline. I expect positive results in two weekís time."

Both slaves bowed and knee-walked to the door. Georgina followed them and conferred briefly with them. There wasnít time to finish their work, so she told them to come in early in the morning and that there would be breakfast for them.

Amy was left, forlorn and alone in the middle of the room. Glen walked back to his desk and studied some papers for a moment.

"Do you think you can fool three Mistresses?"


"Youíve been hiding your emotions very well. Youíve had me fooled all along until I started watching some of the surveillance tapes. Youíve been hanging on the edge of a climax for hours at a time, but you rarely ask for permission to come -- except in a situation where you knew that asking was going to draw my attention and discipline. Youíve been caught playing with your clit -- and havenít yet been punished for it -- and didnít try to hide it, even though you know there are cameras everywhere in this house."

"I am not going to ask you for an excuse, as Iíd have to add another punishment to the list. Letís just say youíre guilty and require that you report your arousal on a scale of 1 to10 every time it changes, either up or down. If you are angry you report it. If you are disappointed, you report it. If you hate someone, you report it. If there is nobody to report to, you evoke your safe word, which will bring somebody on th run."

"You have to have your hands in front of you at times to do your work. From now on, whenever you are not working and your hands are cuffed in front, you will hold them above your head, in clear view of the cameras. You are never to put your hands below your belt, for any reason, unless we are there watching you. That means we or another slave wipes and washes you in the shower from the waist down."

If we have to go to the next step, you are not going to like it. My friend, the welder, has plans for a chastity belt that contains 50 pounds of steel. You wonít get through that with a diamond saw. Heís the one, by the way, who made that back brace you wore. Now, have I made myself clear?"

Amy was already raising her hands above her head as he finished speaking. "Yes, Master. I will obey."

"Amy, this was almost a lie. Thatís too close. Shape up or Iím going to reconsider making you my wife. Iím not going to warn you again."

"Yes, Master. I will obey."

She started to turn, then looked back at Glen. "Master, I love you. A 10."

She turned and walked away, up on her toes, her hands well above her head. He watched her go, shaking his head slightly.

Amy found Georgina, who looked at her rather startled.

"Whatís with the arms?"

"Masterís orders. Any time my hands are in front and Iím not using them, I have to keep them over my head. Iím forbidden to touch myself anywhere below my belt, meaning someone has to wipe me, wash me and whatever."

"Oh, shit! Weíre going to have to have a personal maid for you --† and voila, I suddenly have two maids. Now, how did that happen?"

"Yes, Mistress. Also, I have to report my emotions every time the level changes, especially arousal. If nobodyís around to report to I get the cameraís attention with my safe word."

"Ummmn, I wondered how long it would be before Master caught on to the way youíve been hiding your emotions. You must have been very close to getting your head chopped off for lying, again."

"He promised me a 50 pound chastity belt if I screw up again. "

"You certainly deserve it. Pulling the wool over a Masterís eyes is a one-way ticket to getting booted out of the harem."

Three days later Jane and Sarah had moved, bag and baggage into the long unused servantís quarters. Amy, complete with a pair of balls and chains, one on each ankle, now her standard work uniform, got the preliminary cleanup job. The rooms had been turned into storerooms, with all manner of stuff piled in random stacks. It took Amy most of one day with a hand cart to clear the two rooms so that she could start dusting and mopping.

The second day, Jane and Sarah took over. Amy was due for one of the punishments she had earned. Georgina had her kneel, then blindfolded her. Amy felt something slide around her neck, then her hands were lowered and pressed into padded openings. Something slid into place and there was the Ďsnickí of a lock closing.

Georgina removed the blindfold. Amy looked down, tried to move her hands. Urgently she cried, "Mistress! Nine! Nine! Nine! Arousal, nine!"

Georgina grabbed her elbow and shoved her into the shower, full force cold. Several minutes later a very bedraggled and weak-kneed Amy emerged. She gave Mistress a pallid smile.

"Mistress, four."

"Thatís better. Why the sudden spike?"

"Mistress, it was a childhood fantasy. I saw an article on China in an old National Geographic. It showed two men wearing cangues. I stole the magazine and hid it in my bedroom. For almost a year I would use that picture to bring myself off. I would dream that it was me in one of those heavy iron strapped boards, unable to feed myself, helpless to prevent being raped... Mistress seven! Iím not going to be able to stop it... eight! unless I stop talking about it... nine, Mistress!"

Georgina literally threw her back in the shower, keeping her there until Amy held up four fingers.

"You must have told Glen about it?"

"Yes, Mistress. He was fucking me and asked me about my fantasies. I started to tell him about it and just exploded, just from talking about it. Five, Mistress!"

"This is not going to work. I canít stand here all day listening to you count like a rocket launching. Weíll save this for a session when we want to see how many orgasms you can have without passing out."

"Seven, Mistress!

"Georgina unlocked the padlock, and slid the bar out of the way, releasing Amyís wrists and neck.

"Eight, Mistress!"

Georgina put her blindfold back on.

"Three, Mistress."

Georgina nodded to herself, learning a bit more about what made Amy tick. She would have to investigate her visual stimulation some more.

With three Mistresses to please, Amy found she had her hands full. Jane and Sarah quickly settled in and were able to spend more time with her. Georgina supervised, but the two new Mistresses suddenly seemed to have a wealth of knowledge of bondage and were able to suggest a variety of refinements on the basic punishments that were meted out to Amy.

Just as Glen had predicted, the first punishments for the two new girls were for failing to keep on their toes. After a lecture from Glen on the point of staying mentally on their toes and the direct connection between the mental and physical act, they were put on the merry-go-round for an hour and then had to wear the tack strips on their heels for the rest of the day.

The emphasis on toe walking alerted both young Mistresses to the frequent slips that Amy made, so for a time all three were wearing tack strips and walking very gingerly, after Georgina caught all three of them flat footed at the same time.

Glen found a buyer for Georginaís house, with an immediate closing, so she was also able to move in. The four slaves made short work of cleaning the suite that a long line of housekeepers had occupied. Her car went to a used car lot and she signed the final papers turning her assets over to Glen to put in her trust fund. She smiled when she had signed the final paper, then knelt and kissed Glenís shoes. "Master, I am now truly your slave. I have nothing, own nothing. I am owned and I am proud of my collar."

"I in turn am proud to own you as a slave. I respect you for your dedication, loyalty and trust. You are my right hand."

The next day, with Georgina looking on, Glen went through the same final paperwork for the two new girls. Once he dismissed them, he sighed and looked down at his kneeling Chief Mistress.

"How in the world am I going to handle four slaves?"

"Master, weíve talked of this before. There will be some confusion until we all find our proper places, but you have already laid the groundwork that will make all this possible.

"One thing that worries me. Are Sarah and Jane going to turn Amy into a lesbian?"

Georgina laughed. "I doubt it. They may teach her to be bi --† but sheíd never go all the way to being a lesbian. I havenít had a chance to report to you that the cangue you made was a failure. She got so hot, even after a couple of cold showers, that I had to take it off. Just talking about it would run her arousal from a four to a nine in a few seconds. I told her we would save it for a session where weíd see how many orgasms she could have without collapsing. That almost did it to her."

Chapter 34 - The Wooden Box

Things did in fact settle down at the "House of Slaves" as Glen wryly titled it. Amy survived a string of punishments that would have sent most women screaming to the exit. Jane and Sarah displayed a natural talent for the job of Mistress and Georgina once again found herself scrambling to keep ahead of them and keep their lessons up to date.

Glen was already Lord of the Manor, so for him there wasnít much change. He saw less of the individual slaves and a little more of Georgina. There was some difference in the bedroom. Neither of the two new girls had yet showed any special interest in joining Glen and Georgina on the big bed. They had been told several times that they could volunteer, but would not be forced in any way. However, they seemed to prefer whatever was going on behind closed doors in the slave quarters.

Amy, on her best behavior had graduated from the hooded nightgown to a teeny weeny bikini of the same material. She was surprised one night to find Glen looming over her, not to reach Georgina, but to slam his rock hard prick into her weeping channel. Two thrusts and she was abjectly begging permission to come, granted barely in time before a bed rocker that left both of them exhausted. Georgina watched the action, smiling to herself, wishing her hands were free to play between her own legs. All was right with the world again.

That would change, with the arrival of a delivery truck, which disgorged a large wooden box, a cube slightly more than three feet on a side. There were large "THIS SIDE UP" stickers all the way around it. Georgina and the two new girls were working on another project, so Glen and Amy got the job of moving it from the garage to the main floor.

They walked around the box, inspecting it. At first glance there seemed no way to get into it. No screws or nails were to be seen. Glen peered closely and discovered a joint a few inches from the top. He followed it all the way around the box and decided it was a lid. There was no hasp, or hinge.

They walked around the box again. Amy noticed there was a slight bulge behind one of the stickers. She pulled it away, revealing a button with "Push me" printed on it. She showed it to Glen and he pushed the button. For a second everything was silent, until a muffled shriek came from somewhere deep inside the box. About then Amy had found some cleverly concealed air holes behind some of the other stickers. She pulled the stickers off and found one that had another little sign under it: "Keep pushing."

Glen pushed. There was another shriek. He pushed again. Again. Again. Each time something, or somebody reacted loudly to the pushbutton. Glen realized that there must be some kind of electric locking mechanism that was holding the top on the box, but he had yet to figure out the direct connection to the noises. But, as he experimented with holding the button for several seconds at a time, the volume increased as well. He had a growing suspicion that he knew who was inside the box.

He held the button down for almost 10 seconds. There was a scream and a loud click. The top moved slightly. Glen leaned over and pulled the top free and set it to one side.

The open top revealed a wood shelf a foot below the rim. Sticking up through a hole in the shelf was a human head, tightly strapped in a punishment helmet. Every strap was locked, but the tiny key was hanging on a hook on the inside wall of the box. It took several minutes to release all the locks and remove the helmet. All that was left was a ring gag. He removed the gag and tapped the head. "You are?"

"Iím Selene, the Judgeís wife."

Amy had wandered away from the box, but when she heard the voice she turned. She heard "Judgeís wife" and screamed at the top of her lungs, "Iíll KILL the bitch!"

With a clash of chains she headed for the box. Glen grabbed for her and stepped on her hobble chain, stopping her as she tried to reach into the box. He looped a chain from a nearby post through her cuffs and locked her in place. She continued to threaten and yell.

Glen slapped her sharply.

"Now, shut up! I donít want another sound out of you!"

Amy opened her mouth, and shut it again, silent.

He bent over the box. Selena moved her head.

"I deserved that, after what I did to her. Iím sorry, Master that I injured your slave."

"Weíll talk about it later. Right now Iím interested in getting you out of this box."

"Master, I have been taught exactly what to say to you. I have had to repeat it at the point of a prod until I can recite it letter perfect."

"How do I get you out of this box?"

"Master, there is a second pushbutton under my finger. They demonstrated what it will do to me, then put in fresh batteries. It will open this shelf, but I will not willingly press it, unless you order me to."

"Press it, and thatís an order."

"How long, Master?

"20 seconds."

"Master, if I do that I will have an orgasm and have to go back in my cage. I canít take more than eleven seconds."

"All right, ten seconds."

Amy piped up, "Give the bitch five minutes!"

"I said, be quiet!"

"Yes, Master." Sarcasm dripped from the words.

"Iíll deal with you later."

"Master, I ask for mercy for her. One of the conditions of my being here is that I get punished twice for every punishment she receives, or, I receive her punishment."

Amy grinned, elated.

"That means that I can tell Master to go fuck himself, and you get the whip!"

Glen picked a crop off the post. "I wouldnít try that if I were you. I havenít officially accepted this package and until I do you can get your ass whipped to a pulp for a lot less than what you just said."

"Promises, promises."


"Ouch! Master, Iíll be good!"

"Iím not going to repeat an order. You know better than to push me."

"Yes, Master."† The model of decorum.

"Selena, press the button for ten seconds."

Somewhere inside the box her finger pressed. She groaned the entire time. The groan ended. Nothing had moved.

"Why didnít the shelf open?"

"Master, the electronic latches wonít open until the batteries are dead. It takes sixty seconds to drain the batteries."

"So you get five more jolts before it will release you?"

"Master, I am ordered to tell you that you have three options. You can order me to hold the button down until the batteries are dead, which means I will go back into my cage for a permanent stay. You can order me to give myself five more ten-second bursts or you can make me do one or two-second bursts as a lengthy torture. I am being punished in front of your slave to humiliate me. Later I will tell you other humiliations that are in store for me. What is your order, Master?"

"Give yourself ten-second bursts."

Glen could see no easier way out of this situation. He had no intention of sending Selena back until he found out what this was all about.

Selenaís ten-second bursts were accurate to a fraction of a second. She had obviously been trained to tell time without a stopwatch.

At the end of the sixth burst, there was another click and the shelf came apart in two pieces, Glen lifted the one behind her head out first, then pulled the other one out from under her chin. Selena was barely conscious, worn out by the electrical shocks.

Glen grasped her under her arms, to lift her out of the box. She stirred, and protested, "No. No! Master, thereís more, under me."

Glen peered into the box, but could only see vague outlines. He found a flashlight and shone it into the box. Now he could see a heavy spring hooked into the iron belt that nearly disappeared across her belly. The other end was hooked to an eye bolt under heavy tension. With an effort, Glen unhooked it.

"Any more?"

"My hobble, Master."

Glen looked again. The hobble chain was anchored to heavy clips on her nipples, then pulled around a rod that pulled her feet tight against two sharp edged planks. He unclipped her nipples, unleashing a gasp of pain, allowing her to move her feet, but he had to help.

He lifted. She came free with another groan that told of great suffering. He shone the light again, revealing the serrated edge she had been straddling. Glen exclaimed to himself, "No wonder she was hurting."

He lifted her in his arms and laid her on an exam table. He saw something peeping between her legs, so he moved them, only to discover that she was stuffed with two monster dildos, their batteries long dead. After he pulled them out he examined her again. There was an even row of indentations in her flesh, speaking of agony. It was obvious that the Judge had not let her go gently into the night. He applied some soothing salve before questioning her. "How long have you been in this?"

"What time is it, Master?"

"10 a.m."

"About 24 hours, Master. This is Thursday?"


He gave her a sip of water, ignoring the fuming Amy. "Are you ready to tell me what this is all about?"

"Yes, Master. I will repeat what I have been told to tell you. There is a copy in the bottom of the box. If I stumble or miss a word, I am to be whipped."

She watched Glen as he reached down and pulled up the large envelope. He opened it and then looked at Selena, as she continued, "The Judge has sentenced me to an indefinite stay here. The word is spreading that you are adept at training slaves. He has ordered that I be trained until you are satisfied with my ability to please him. He will pay you for my care and training for a figure to be determined when it is finished. When I am through here he will put me on the street as a prostitute to repay him for my training expenses."

"I am to be assigned as Amyís slave and my slave name is to be ĎWhore," to remind me constantly of my future calling. I am not to answer to any other name. I am to service any slave or Master, or anyone else Master decides. If he wishes to benefit from my stay I may be put on the street at any time. I have been checked and found free of any contagious disease or STD and appointments have been made for monthly checkups."

ĎI am to accept any punishment for my Mistress, or suffer a double punishment. At any time, for any serious offense, Master may order me back to my cage."

Amy couldnít stand staying silent. She blew her stack, "Today is Friday. There, I lied. Send her to her cage and may she rot in it!"


She subsided, grumbling, "Yes, Master."

"Go ahead, whore."

Selena flushed, thoroughly humiliated. She would not easily get used to being degraded like that. She feared what Amy would do with it when she got the chance.

"My chains must be twice as heavy as those worn by my Mistress. I am to be kept at a minimum in a small cell, or a cage, suitably restrained so I cannot pleasure myself. I am not allowed to sleep on a bed, or mattress. I am to sleep on the stone floor, without a pillow or blanket. For serious violations I may be returned to the box, to be released only at the pleasure of the Master. For the purpose of my training, having an orgasm without Masterís permission shall be grounds for returning me to my cage and cancelling my training."

An only slightly mollified Amy asked, "Whore, did you write this?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Whore, perhaps you designed this box?"

Whore hung her head. She whispered, "Yes, Mistress."

"Louder, whore! I canít hear you."


"All by yourself, without any help," she said, sarcastically.

"Mistress, they let the telephone attached to my clit ring for four days and nights on a holiday weekend. When I stopped shaking they invited me to design the box. I designed it with you in mind or I would have gone crazy. Iím sorry. I blamed you for my problems until they told me that you had nothing to do with it."

"Youíre damn right I didnít! You are going to pay and pay for that mistake!"

"As Mistress wishes. I deserve punishment."

"And youíll get it, whore. In spades!"

ĎAmy, thatís enough!"

"Yes, Master."

Butter wouldnít melt in her mouth. But she had another question, "What happened to those two twerps that helped you kidnap me?"

Glen looked at her, surprised. She wasnít supposed to remember that. Perhaps the shock of seeing the Judgeís wife again had opened her memory.

"Mistress, they are both behind bars. They were arrested in the next state for stealing a car. When they get through there, they come back here on kidnaping charges-- without bail, so theyíll be inside for many years to come."

"What did they do to YOU to punish you for harming me?"

"Mistress they did many things, all of them painful. Their favorite was to roll my cage end over end all the way to the other side of the building and back. I was able to avoid any serious injury by hanging on to the straps, but then they made me lock my hands and feet behind my back with short chains. That way I got the full benefit of the studs."

"They kept me in a hog tie most of the time. They put the cage up on blocks so they could get underneath me with a propane torch and heat the studs I was lying on."

"They filled a big tub with water and dropped my cage into it. The only way I could breath was by sticking my nose up through the straps. Theyíd put clothespins on my nose, or tickled it with a feather. They made me beg and beg to be allowed to breathe. Then they put some kind of weight on it, pushing my nose down into the water. They blew pepper up my nose and made me sneeze repeatedly, sucking in water."

"They had the most fun teaching me how the acid I used was supposed to be used. They made me beg to have them mix up all different strengths and apply it to my ass. I had to tell within five percent or I got zapped. Lately I got good enough so they made it within one percent. Theyíd always end the sessions with a tiny drop of full strength, which I had to beg for, Ďto show myself what I did wrong."

"Sounds like life in the cage wasnít pleasant."

"No, Master. They made it very unpleasant. However, the things they promised to do to me when I return to my cage far outshine anything theyíve done to me so far."

"When you return? Not ĎIf you return."

"Master, Ďwhení is the key word. They told me my chances of

successfully being trained without Mistress sending me back are zero minus. Frankly I didnít expect to last this long. Mistressesí† remark about killing me tells me what I face here."

Chapter 35 - How it All Began

"As it happens, your Mistress is not running the show. I am, and I will decide whether you go or stay without any guff from Amy. She was the lowest slave in this house, so now you are. If you work hard enough you could be at the top of the heap before you leave."

"Iíll say this. You have a silver tongue -- and I donít mean just sex. You describe things so vividly that I may want to use your talent as part of your training."

"Right now, Iím going to show you your cell. Iíll be back after you, or someone will bring you your meal. We serve only bread and water in the dungeon and showers are strictly cold."

Glen went back and released Amy. He knelt her down in an empty room and read her the riot act. "That was downright disgraceful. She apologized immediately and you played the snooty bitch to the hilt! You are going to have the cell next to hers until you promise me that you will stop this ĎIíll kill herí shit and learn to get along with her. Sheís already been punished severely for what she did. Youíre going to have to accept that and treat her as an equal or you are going to spend two or three days in that box while she sleeps in your spot on my bed. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good. You just earned two more demerits for standing flat footed and not having your hands in the air."

He grabbed her leash and led her down the hall to the cell.

"Now, before you go in your cell, you will apologize to whore."

"Iím sorry, whore, for making such a fuss about you. Please accept my apologies."

Whore smiled weakly. "Apologies accepted."

Amy ducked her head and entered the next cell The door slammed behind her and locked. Whore looked somewhat stunned, but said nothing.

Later, they would get better acquainted when they discovered that both had to pull on the cable bringing their food trays to their cells or neither one could eat.

Glen watched the cells carefully on the monitor. He was determined to break Amy of this anger toward whore, whom he pitied. He felt for Amy too, but sheíd stepped over the line today. His fertile brain began working on a special scheme for the two.

First, he called the Judge. "Iím not really anxious to charge you for keeping your slave because Iíll get some work out of her, but I do have something in mind that you could do for me."

"Marry you to your slave, I suppose."

"Yes, Judge, it would make me happy if you would do me that favor."

"I guess I owe you a couple, so Iíll take it under advisement. Do a good job with my slave-wife and weíll consider it done."

"Are you really going to put her on the street?"

"No, of course not, but donít you dare tell her that. She needed a threat or two to agree to take your training. Youíve already earned quite a reputation, according to Dr. Steve."

"I assumed he was behind that recommendation."

"Yes, he thinks very highly of you, and your slave."

"Well, I appreciate his kindness. Iíll talk to you later. Thanks, Judge."

By mid-afternoon Glen had rigged some pulleys and ropes along with some leather harness. He went and released whore from her cell, ignoring Amy. They were gone for some time and Amy was working herself into a tither, wondering what Glen was up to. She wouldnít have put it past him to grab a quickie with whore and her anger centered on that possibility. She was

puzzled when Glen returned without the girl. Still without a word he opened her cell and leashed her, leading her behind him to a nearly empty basement room. All that was there was an empty bed, but hanging over the foot was whore, harnessed and roped.

Amy was quickly secured, with legs spread and wires attached to her nipples. Glen then moved whore forward, so that her face was inches from the spread pussy that would be her target.

"OK, this is how this is going to work. Whore is going to tell you her life story, which I suspect is going to be highly erotic. Amy gets to interrupt the story every five minutes by pulling whoreís tongue into position where she can lick instead of talk. Amy will get ten seconds of licking. If that isnít enough, whore keeps on talking for another five minutes. Only Amy is allowed to come. Get the idea?"

Both heads nodded. Amy stared at the ceiling resigned to killing time until she could pull that tongue into her snatch. She briefly thought of ways to humiliate whore, but she realized the unkindest cut would be to come all over her face, while whore was denied relief.

"Mistress, where would you like me to start?" asked whore.

"Oh, your first bondage experience."

"Yes, Mistress."


"That would have been when I was 19 and in my first year in college. I met a young man named Cecill at a church picnic, who seemed nice enough. He invited me to a movie and then afterward I went to his apartment for drinks. He didnít make a pass at me, which I appreciated, still thinking of him as a good Christian. We had several dates and then he brought up bondage. I was apprehensive, but I still trusted him and allowed him to tie me up, more out of curiosity than anything else."

"I was wearing a light blouse and a mini-skirt. He wanted me to take them off, but I refused, so he went ahead and tied my hands with my wrists crossed up between my shoulder blades and ropes above and below my breasts. Then he tied a hobble on my ankles, with a foot between them, so I could only take short steps."

"My complaints and then demands that he release me were ignored. He put a leather collar around my neck and buckled it tight. He threw one of his jackets over my shoulders and attached a dog leash to my collar. I should have run from him long before this, but he had been so nice to me that I was embarrassed to start an argument. The bondage gave me an odd thrill that I had never experienced before dulling my sense of danger until it was too late."

"He pulled me to his car with the leash. I still wasnít protesting very hard, concentrating on walking with my short hobble. He drove to a large convention hall. A big black man in a fancy doormanís uniform was standing on the steps.† Cecill got out, came around to my door, opened it and pulled me out with the leash. He threw the jacket back into the seat and handed the leash to the doorman. Cecill drove off, leaving me helpless. The doorman was eying me from top to bottom, with a big grin on his face."

"Cecill walked back toward us, apparently after parking the car.

He tipped the doorman, said Ďlaterí to him and yanked me after him as he ran up the steps. He led me to the basement and ordered me to remove my skirt. I refused, and again demanded to be taken home. He just laughed in my face and since my hands were still tied, there was nothing I could do."

"He changed completely, from the nice young man I thought he was. He jerked my skirt down around my ankles, then pulled it and my shoes and stockings off. Then he tore my blouse in two, rippedd the arms, leaving me in my bra and panties. He pulled out a big knife and sliced my bra straps and jerked it off my body. My panties went the same way. I was crying by this time but he just kept laughing at me."

"Someone came to the door and I tried to hide my nude body. He said something to Cecill that I didnít hear. I was jerked out into the room and then out the door, following him up the stairs. My bare feet felt so strange on the cement floor."

"We stopped in front of a door. A young man was guarding it, He made us stand and wait. All the time we waited he was staring at my tits and my pussy. I saw him lick his lips a couple of times. I was crying, so Cecill slapped me, hard, on the face. He told me to stop crying or he would do something worse to me. By now I was really scared of him, so I quit sobbing."


About then Amy decided she wanted to try out whoreís tongue. She was nowhere near an orgasm but she wanted to revel in her power over her one and only slave. Whore dutifully stopped talking and started licking,. Amy recognized her expertise at first lick. This was going to be fun!

Amy didnít come, as expected, but she enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Reluctantly she let go of the rope, letting it slide through her fingers. Whore picked up where she left off.


"Finally someone inside came to the door and whispered something to the guard. He opened the door and motioned us in. I didnít know what to expect, certainly not a room full of chairs with both men and women sitting there, watching us make our grand entrance. I was shaking with fear until I got a dirty look from Cecill. I clenched my fists and somehow stopped shaking."

"He led me, roughly jerking my leash, to the far end of the front row. Someone handed him a crop and he used it to direct me to kneel in front of the man seated at the end. His pants were open and his big cock was sticking straight up, the first time I had ever seen a manís cock."

"He made me take it in my mouth and suck on it, then pushed my head forward until it was stuck in my throat. I gagged and choked but all I got for my pains was a slash with the crop. He came in my mouth and I was ordered to swallow it. Cecill showed me a cane and promised to use it if I didnít swallow every drop. Then I had to clean him off before he pushed it back into his pants."

"The woman next to him was shy. She made me crawl under her skirt. She didnít have panties on so her hairy bush was right there under my nose. Iíd at least seen my older sisterís pussy and of course my own, so I was on more familiar ground, but being forced to go down on both men and women was really turning me on. By the third or fourth couple I was really getting into it and had to stop to have an orgasm. Everybody cheered and whistled and I got red as a beet. Cecill was hurrying me along with the crop, anxious to get it over with. He obviously felt it was beneath him to walk me on a leash from cock to cunt and back."

"When I finished the last man in the back row, Cecill dragged me up onto the stage at the front of the room. There was a metal† framework set up at the middle of the stage. There were tables against each leg. He had me place one foot on the table, then picked up my other leg and made me do a split. He cut the ropes holding my hands and arms but before I could do anything he had new ropes around my wrists. He climbed a ladder and tied them taut to the frame."

"Then he rolled one of the tables into the center, took his pants off and laid on his back under me, with his prick touching my pussy. He reached down with one hand and guided it into me, while with the other he used the crop, ordering me in a low voice to Ďbounce.í I had to pull myself up with the ropes on my wrists and what little I could do with my leg muscles until I actually was bouncing up and down on his cock, taking my hymen at the same time. He got ready to come and at the last second pulled out of me and spurted a fountain of come into the air. That got a big hand from the audience, who whistled and yelled while he let me down."

"He bowed to the audience and ordered me under his breath to bow and smile. Somehow I obeyed even though I wanted to sink into the stage and hide. Then he dragged me back to the basement, using the crop at every step."

"He had a surprise waiting for me downstairs. He led me into a little room which had a wide shelf with a railing at the back. He reached under the shelf and pulled out a wooden box. He opened it and showed me the foam lining with a depression of a head, about half the size of a human head. He forced my head into it and jammed it shut. I am grossly claustrophobic and I started screaming in fright as soon as he started to close the box.

He dragged me and the locked box onto the shelf and fixed it so I couldnít move it and handcuffed my wrists to the rail so I had to stand, bent over at right angles."

"I felt him -- or someone -- press a cock against my pussy. As soon as the head was in he rammed it all the way, clear to my cervix. He pounded me until I felt like he was squeezing the rest of my body into that tight box around my head.† I kept on screaming but it was useless. My noise died in the foam inches from my lips, never escaping the box. The foam felt like it was squeezing my head into Jello. I was hyperventilating and hysterical and thought sure I was having a heart attack."

"Whoever was raping me pulled out, but was immediately replaced by another cock. It was smaller, but still hurt when he hit bottom with it. Then another cock and another cock. I spent the night counting cocks until I fainted and lost count."

"I woke the first time to somebody fucking my ass. There were a whole string of ass fuckers before they finally went back to my pussy. I woke to the feel of a female tongue licking my pussy and sucking all the come out of me. I found out later that they made her lick up all the come on the floor as well. I could have killed the bitch because she was rasping on flesh so tender I couldnít stand even the lightest touch. She knew that, but she kept right on torturing me with her tongue."

"Toward morning I experience my first Black cock. I didnít know it at the time. All I knew was that it felt like somebody rammed a piece of three inch pipe into me all the way to my tonsils. It was the doorman, getting his tip for the night."

"Finally I heard a key in the lock and the box opened, to my great relief. My vocal cords were as sore as a boil from my screaming. I heard somebody in the room with Cecill, reaming him out for leaving me alone in the room helpless to protect myself. Ď

"Cecill took it out on me. As soon as the guy left, he laced me as fast as he could swing that damn crop. I was screaming where everybody could hear it, so he jammed a gag in my mouth and kept right on beating me."


Amy interrupted, demanding more tongue. She had built up a long slow rise toward what she hoped would be a blockbuster.

Whore obliged her, but it wasnít quite enough, leaving Amy teetering on the very brink when time ran out.


Whore continued, "Then he dragged me out of the basement, choking me with my leash, pushing me roughly into the car. I tried to get out, so he locked my handcuffs behind my back and dragged my seatbelt into place. He took off, driving like a madman until he reached his apartment where he stopped with a squeal of brakes. He pulled me out so hard I fell on the pavement, skinning my knee. He just laughed and laughed, tugging my leash to get me back on my feet and following him into his apartment. He pulled me into a room I hadnít seen. One glance and I knew it was his dungeon. I screamed into the gag but there was nobody but him on that floor."

"He pushed me to the floor and made me lie there while he rummaged in a drawer. He turned around with a piece of piano wire in his outstretched hands. I thought he was going to strangle me with it, but he was planning instead to hurt me. The wire went around my waist and through my crotch. With a pair of pliers he twisted the ends tightly together, drawing the wire into my flesh. He got two more pieces and wired my ankles to my thighs. He ran a rope up to my wrists and hauled it into the air with a hoist. He had tied the rope so that most of my weight was on the wire, which already was cutting me in two."

While I hung he slid a piece of angle iron under my knees. Then he pulled the gag out of my mouth, pulling the wire at the same time. I screamed at him, "Let me down!"

He laughed at me.

"Beg nicely and I might let you down.í I slobbered all over myself getting my mouth so I could beg, and beg, and beg some more. At last he seemed to relent.† ĎIíll let you down if you beg for five lashes."

I didnít hesitate a second.† "Please, give me five lashes and let me down."

"He whipped me, making me scream with every blow. Then he just stood there, watching me. I waited. Nothing happened. I said, "Let me down. You promised to let me down."

"Oh, I didnít promise. I said I MIGHT let you down. Besides, you didnít say please."

"Please, sir, let me down. Please," I said.††

"Alright, Iíll let you down."

He lowered the hoist until my weight was on my folded knees, resting on the angle iron. The pain was insufferable. Added to it, the wire hadnít slacked a bit and was slicing me in two.

"Please sir, lift me up," I begged

"Make up your mind, you dumb bitch. First you want to be let down, now you want to be raised up again. Which is it, down or up?"

"Please sir, lift me up."

"I canít be changing direction every time you wonít make up your mind. Beg very nicely for 10 lashes and Iíll lift you up."

"Please sir, give me ten lashes and please lift me up."

"Hard lashes."

"Please sir, give me ten hard lashes and please lift me up."

"Well, if I must..."

He hit me ten times and I screamed ten times. I screamed again when he lifted me, slicing the piano wire even deeper in my flesh. As I stopped to breathe I heard a commotion, voices. Cecill said something, but I had to scream again, it hurt so bad. I heard a fist hit something.. Then I blacked out.

"I woke up in a room where all I could see was white. For a moment I thought it was a hospital, but it didnít have that hospital smell. I tried to move. My back didnít like the idea a bit. I moved my arms. Sore, but they worked. I addressed my legs. Nobody home. I lifted the sheet and looked down. From the waist down I was strapped to a frame. My mind accepted it, but refused to function to explain just why I was here. Wherever here was."

"A woman was sleeping in a chair at the foot of the bed. She woke when the sheet fluttered back down onto me. She jumped up, stood beside the bed, feeling my pulse. Without a word she walked out of the room and spoke to someone."

"Call Dr. Steve and tell him sheís awake."

A male voice answered, "Yes, maíam! Thatís good news."

The woman came back and smiled down at me. "Dr. Steve will be here in a few minutes. Heíll be able to explain the whole thing in detail."

I raised an eyebrow, looking straight at her, since my vocal cords didnít work.

"Iím sorry, Iím Nadine, president of this Sorority."

"Water" I croaked.

In seconds ice water with a straw was at my lips. I sipped. She took the glass away. I looked pained. She shook a finger at me.


I nodded. "That hurt. Everything but my legs. I saw them. Theyíre still there."

A white coated figure strode into the room. Tall handsome Doctor. Just what I needed.