Between Friends, Chapter 4
by Ransom

BF4-1I had no idea anything out of the ordinary had occurred during our recent island vacation with Donna and Dave. It was not like Becky to keep secrets from me. But this time she concealed that she and Donna had a domination wrestling encounter. I would later learn Donna used the occasion to sexually come onto her. But what was about to happen would be even more dramatic and dangerous than what had taken place on the island.

The winter wore on, severe for those of us used to mild weather in the Southeast. Becky and Donna continued to work together at the health club. They were still basking in the glow of being minor celebrities because of the magazine article that prior summer. Becky's aerobics classes and Donna's martial arts workouts were popular sellouts. Becky told me that she thought the feelings invoked when Donna and she wrestled, while undeniably more then just competitive, had just been a crazy flash in the pan. She claimed that they had never taken things any further.

One afternoon, on a whim, they put on boxing gloves and sparred in the club’s ring. Since they were just goofing around they didn’t hit hard. While they were jabbing away at each other Donna made a proposition, "You want to get together at my house sometime? We could wrestle. Dave says he wants to join in to make it a threesome."

To Becky the notion was absurd. Donna was enough of a challenge, unpredictable and violent when she got worked up. But wrestle with Dave? He’s a good looking and good humored man. But he is also in excellent shape and no doubt would be more than a match for both of them put together. And, there was something about him that told Becky she needed to be careful around him.

A week later, while I was away on business, Donna invites Becky to come home with her after work. Dave is there and the three of them had martinis on the patio. The subject of wrestling was brought up.

Donna suggests, "Let's wrestle again. Dave and I do it all the time with each other. If you join us we'll make a video you can give to your hubby as a little surprise. How about getting it on right now? We'll make it a three-way elimination competition."

Dave adds with a wink, "And I'll make sure my wife behaves herself."

Somewhat hesitantly Becky says yes. Dave jumps up, saying it would take a few minutes to get the recreation room ready and set up his cameras. The girls have a second drink, white wine this time. Donna then goes to change as Becky nervously downs some more wine. She is wearing athletic shorts and a knit shirt under which she has on an old four-colored monokini that she had led her aerobics class in. It would do for this occasion too.

Donna emerges from the bedroom wearing a white bikini. Becky regards her friend, thinking her choice of competition attire makes her look fetching but in a no-nonsense sort of way. As the two of them proceed downstairs Becky feels her heart beating wildly with anticipation, odd, since she had thought she would never do this again. Dave has one camera set up on a tripod and another to use as a hand-held. He said he would go change. While he is gone Becky strips down to her one-piece swimsuit. Dave reappears, now clad only in a red Speedos competition swimsuit which does little to conceal his masculine assets.

Donna says, "The way we do this is that we draw straws, whoever gets the longest gets to pick his or her opponent. They have a go at each other and when one submits, or is pinned, that's the end of a round. The loser goes out and the next person takes on the winner. Whoever is the first to win five rounds is the champ."

Donna holds out three fireplace matches. Dave and Becky draw and Dave gets the longest. Becky's instincts whisper that she ought to be having second thoughts about this. But the warm buzz from the alcohol gives her a false sense of bravado. A feeling of reckless daring now is starting to replace the hesitation she felt earlier.

"All right," Dave says as he goes to the center of the room and smirks, "Let's start with you Becky. By the way, I was hoping you would wear your little green number you had on the first time you wrestled. But I really love what you've got on now."

BF4-2As she steps forward, Dave's comment strikes Becky as a come-on line. To confirm her suspicions, his eyes seem to bore into her as if he is mentally undressing her. But she has no time for further considerations as he suddenly lunges forward. He wraps one arm around her left shoulder and with the other he reaches behind her right thigh and yanks her leg up. Becky hops on the other leg while trying to pull free, but she goes down on a nearby low couch with Dave on top of her.

He feels impossibly strong, but Becky's natural aggressiveness kicks in. She pushes and twists until Dave spins off onto the floor. But he pulls her down with him. They wildly roll over and over. Dave almost gains control but Becky somehow wiggles free. Finally Becky manages to throw herself on Dave’s back. She grabs one of his arms and pulls up while pinning it behind him.

She pants, "Do you give?"

Dave meekly surrenders. The first round goes to Becky. Dave gets up and trades places behind the camera with Donna. As he flexes his sore arm he smiles, "Good job Becky, I bet you didn’t think you were going to win did you? Its fun isn’t it?"

Now Becky squares off with Donna. They both firmly clamp a hand behind each other's neck. They bend almost double as each tries to throw the other off balance in a Greco-Roman style. Becky, the lighter of the two, is at a disadvantage but she manages to stay on her feet. They turn in several full circles.

Dave gives a low whistle. "Great ass display ladies."

Becky hooks a foot behind Donna's ankle and trips her. They go down on the mat in a heap with Becky on top. Donna shoves her off and tries to scramble to her feet. But Becky's arms encircle her hips and she is dragged back down. Becky then throws herself across Donna, pinning her with her full body weight.

"Come on, you can take her!" Dave yells at his wife.

Becky holds on tenaciously. Donna strains mightily, managing to get up on her hands and knees. But Becky pulls a leg out from under her and flips her over onto her back. She raises Donna's legs up, driving her shoulders into the mat in a classic wrestler's pin. But before Becky can do a full count, Donna manages a reverse and gets an arm around Becky's upper torso. She pulls Becky forward and across her own body while at the same time flipping her slowly head over heals onto her back. With her butt momentarily straight up in the air Becky thinks ruefully, No doubt another great ass shot for Dave.

Now Donna is on top. She straddles Becky and reaches back to pull her legs up. Becky is stretched flat on her back under her. She splays her legs out at sharp angles to make it harder for Donna to get a hold of them. Dave's voice is shrill with excitement, "Keep going girls, you're both so hot!"

BF4-3BF4-4Donna tries to subdue Becky with a choke-hold but Becky writhes like a snake and works herself free. She embraces Donna, pulling her face down next to her own. Over and over they roll, tightly entwined, until they hit the wall with a loud thump. They both feel each other’s body heat. Becky is really getting into the action at this point, savoring the now familiar rush that always comes when they grapple.

Donna manages to break free and tries to stand up. But Becky pounces on her like a cat, causing one of Donna's ample breasts to pop out of her white top. Down they go again with furiously flailing arms and legs. This time Becky ends up on top, her knees on Donna's shoulders. She scoots forward until she is sitting astride her face. As he watches his wife being smothered in such a risqué fashion, Dave can hardly breathe himself. Donna gives out a muffled surrender. Becky leaps up. Donna continues to lie on the floor with her chest heaving, but otherwise not moving. As she looks down at her defeated friend, Becky feels exhilarated. She can't believe she has just beaten both of them. A warm, almost orgasmic, sensation courses through her. Surely it is the alcohol. She looks at Dave and grins, raising her arms in a victory pose. He slowly pans the length of her body with his camera and then zooms in on his wife stretched out on the floor.

Donna slowly gets up while adjusting her top. She seems overwhelmed and exhausted which is unusual for her. But she manages a wan smile as she looks at her husband while they trade places. "I told you she was good, didn't I?" FIGURE BF4-5-HERE Dave steps forward with a bemused expression on his face. He looks at Becky. "You want to keep going or do you want to take a break before the next round?"

"Bring it on," Becky replies, flush with excited energy. She feels a heightened sense of confidence wiping away the last of the caution she had entertained earlier.

Dave abruptly grabs Becky around the waist. She violently twists, almost breaking free. But this time his superior strength prevails. He keeps control of her as he spins her around and embraces her from behind, his locked hands pressing hard into her stomach. He leans back, pulling her up until her feet are dangling off the floor. Her monokini stretches tight as a drum across her midsection as she is bent back like a bow. The close, almost intimate, physical contact and Becky's fruitless struggles cause a change to come over Dave. He tightens his grip and shakes her hard.

She can't pry his arms apart, she feels trapped and helpless, unable to breathe. She utters a long drawn out "Arrghh!" as Dave leers over her shoulder. He looks down the inside of her swimsuit, enjoying a glimpse of her straining breasts.

In one swift motion Dave drops her and spins her back around facing him. He forces her to bend forward. As she is about to tumble to the floor he grips her head between his thighs, reaches over her back, and embraces her around the waist. Becky gives out a yelp of surprise as she finds herself suddenly upside down in a pile-driver position facing outward, her legs draped back over Dave’s shoulders. As he bounces her up and down she is keenly aware of his chin repeatedly digging into her crotch.

BF4-6"Okay… I give!" Becky gasps as the blood rushes to her head and she feels herself becoming dizzy and disoriented.

Dave lowers her until her head is touching the mat and then he allows her body to flop over onto the floor. He pulls her up into a sitting position. Becky keeps her eyes closed while her head seems to be spinning. She thinks to herself that she should not have had so much to drink. At least she can sit out the next round.

As Dave stands over her for a victory pose Becky hears Donna say to her husband, "I see you've come to attention." Becky glances up. Just inches from her face she sees a very prominent erection outlined by Dave's tight Speedos. Becky now realizes things have taken a potentially risky turn. Dave is highly aroused. Will he try to sexually force himself on her? Would Donna let him? Becky once again feels apprehensive. She knows in past matches Donna made out with her when she had been down and out. That had been sexy and exciting to fantasize about afterwards. However Dave is a guy and guys usually want to do far more than just fondle. Becky is still light-headed as the couple begins to argue.

Dave says, "I’m not trying to come onto her but what do you expect?"

Donna raises her voice, "I expect this was a bad idea. I'm your wife for cryin' out loud! You've wanted to fuck her ever since you saw her get knocked out in that little green bikini of hers'. You want do her now right in front of me?"

"Yeah, well, you two get it on with each other, I know you do!" Dave shot back.

Donna is angry now. "You want to see how we get it on? I'll show you how we get it on!" She glares at Becky who is trying to get up. She pushes her back down. "You turn my husband on, you know that? Do you do it deliberately? He's always going on about your tight little bod. I know he's wanted to get his hands in your pants ever since he watched us wrestle that first time."

Becky is confused. Wrestling in front of their husbands in skimpy swimsuits was Donna's idea. What's she so pissed about now? Is she jealous? After all, who actually did put their hands in her pants that first time? Does Donna think I'm her personal property, she wonders.

BF4-7Becky gets to her feet just as Donna charges at her with balled fists. Becky realizes all rules are off; this is turning into a brawl. She deflects the first blow and drives her own fist deep into Donna’s stomach. Donna bends double, clutching herself, while letting out a prolonged, "Owww!" Becky desperately hopes this will bring her back down to reality. But Donna lashes out again; this time with her foot, striking Becky low, just above her mons, with the dull thud of a blunt object impacting tender flesh.

Becky's eyes close and her cheeks puff out as the sudden sharp pain shoots through her. She is locked frozen in place with a stunned look on her face. With one hand she clutches where Donna had kicked her and with her other hand she shields her genital area to ward off a potential even lower and more vicious blow. She moans "Ohh!" as her knees slowly start to buckle.

But before she can go down, Donna drives several rapid punches into her belly. A "Whump… whump!" is followed by deep grunts from Becky as the air is driven out of her. She feels like she could easily pass out. She is incapable of doing anything to defend herself. She knows things have spun out of control and she could be in for a lot more abuse. Seeing Becky being pummeled into near insensibility causes Dave to become even more excited. He shouts to his wife, "Come on, keep going! Knock her out!"

BF4-9Donna needs no encouragement. She drops to one knee, locks her hands together, and slams Becky across her middle with a forearm smash. The jarring shock causes Becky's lower abdominal muscles to clinch, making her feel like she is going to pee in her swimsuit. Struggling to control herself, Becky falls backwards and crashes to the mat. Until the pain diminishes she will not be able to move, much less continue the now violent contest.

BF4-10She tries to surrender. "Please don't do anything else to me," she manages to plead between gasps.

Donna stands over her for a moment before roughly pulling her to her feet, positioning her between Dave and herself. She obviously has more in mind for Becky who now cries, "No fair! You can't both do this at the same time!"

But Donna smiles fiendishly as she orders Dave to hold Becky's arms over her head. She pats Becky on the stomach and then lets her hand drift down below the waist of the blue portion of Becky's swimsuit, stopping just above her mons bulge. Donna pushes, causing Becky to wince in pain. "Aw, did I hit you too hard here? The only way you're getting out of this is by being knocked out!"

At the same time Dave is pressing his body into Becky's. She feels his hard cock thrusting against her butt. She knows both of them are far from finished with her. She wishes she could just black out then they can do whatever they want with her. She mumbles in resignation, "Do what you want… knock me out. I'm all yours'. Just get it over with."

Donna smirks, "My pleasure, get ready for lights out."

She slowly draws one arm back, makes a fist, and holds it suspended for a second while taking careful aim. She brings it around in a wide arc, landing a hard well-placed right hook on Becky's jaw with an audible splat.

BF4-11BF4-12Becky cries, "Ahh!" as she is flung off her feet and propelled backwards into Dave's eager arms. At first she struggles to stay conscious. She weakly pushes against Dave’s chest. But then she gives up. Her expression goes blank as her head lolls back and she slips into complete oblivion. Dave holds her tightly against himself. He enjoys feeling the soft contours of her slender form. He savors the hot scent of her exertion as he looks down at her with undisguised lust.

"Get this on tape!" Dave says to his wife as he stares down at Becky’s supine figure, shifting his grip to support her under her lower back. He is so excited he seems to be on the verge of creaming himself.

As Donna follows with the camera, Dave half carries and half drags Becky over to the low couch and lets her drop onto the cushions. She ends up laying face-down and bent over which makes her look both helpless and inviting to Dave. He would love to kneel down behind her and screw her in the ass. But he only watches as her now seemingly lifeless body slowly slides into a sitting position on the floor while leaning against the cushions.

BF4-13BF4-14"Damn, you knocked her completely out! That was so awesome!" Dave exclaims to his wife as his eyes run up and down Becky's insensible body. He licks his lips as he reaches out and touches her hair, desperately yearning to feel her out further.

Donna also leans over her. "Are you really out? Let's make sure." She pushes Becky forward, causing her to flop full-length onto the floor face-down. Dave stares longingly at her, drawn by the way her tight swimsuit perfectly outlines the curves of her taunt athletic body.

Donna’s expression is one of grim satisfaction as she straddles Becky and coyly pinches her rear. "Lover boy here can't stop drooling over your cute little ass. Let's see how you like it when I do this to it." She smiles and spanks her. Becky's snug swimsuit defines how the slaps sends ripples through her lower body but otherwise there is no response. Donna slowly turns Becky over onto her back. She tells Dave, "I know what you want to do to her, but here's what I'm going to do to her." She then dramatically clamps down with a belly claw. She kneads Becky's stomach muscles none too gently. "Come on wake up so you can feel this!" But when this has no effect Donna proceeds to work her way lower until her hand is between Becky's legs, her fingers thrusting into her vagina as far as the swimsuit fabric will permit.

BF4-15BF4-16Dave protests, "Hey, that's enough, she's already going to be sore as hell when she wakes up."

Without turning around, Donna snorts, "You really do want to fuck her, don't you? Think she won't enjoy it after a pussy claw? Too bad! Let's do it again."

FIGURE BF4-18-HERE With that said, Donna returns to Becky's lower abdominal area and digs in a second time. She finally gets a reaction, but not what she expects. Becky doesn't flinch, but a wet spot suddenly appears between her legs followed by a spontaneous squirt of pee erupting through the crotch of her monokini. The damp blotch slowly spreads out on the lower area of her swimsuit.

Donna jerks her hand back and jeers, "You always manage to end up wet one way or another don't you?" Then she directs her scorn back to her husband as he stands behind both of them. "There, I messed up your pretty little plaything. She's soaked herself. You still want to do her?"

BF4-17BF4-18At that moment, without warning, strong arms envelope her neck from behind. Dave whispers in her ear, "Is this good for you?" as he applies irresistible pressure.

Donna goes from surprise, to resistance, to submission, as the sleeper takes effect. She goes limp and passes out very quickly. Dave lets go and his wife's flaccid body drops face down on top of Becky’s. Dave films them from several angles. He imagines them making out with each other, his wife playing the dominant role of being on top.

BF4-19BF4-20He says, "I know you both wrestle as a way to mess around with each other. Are you two in love or do you just like fucking each other? Too bad you're both so out of it; you'd be getting off on each other right now wouldn't you?"

He stares down at them, picturing his wife and Becky kissing and fondling each other. This makes his erection throb. Finally he rolls Donna off to one side. "Sorry dear, I get her this time." He knells next to Becky and begins to run his hand down her body.

Becky is just starting to regain consciousness. She realizes she has wet herself. She is also aware that she is being handled. Is Dave trying to cop a feel? She can't tell. She is still too out of it to be sure of anything. But it seems like he is feeling her out. He goes lower, his hand sliding between her legs. It is his touching her labium, sensitive and sore from Donna's claw, which is now bringing her around. At the same time, Dave entertains a vivid fantasy of his caresses causing Becky to wake up in the grip of burning desire. She wants to be taken by him. Her body tenses as she looks up at him while tugging at the shoulder strap of her swimsuit, inviting him to strip her. She arches her back as he pulls it down, first exposing her breasts and erect nipples, and then lower as he removes it all together. Her hand rubs and presses his stiff cock through his Speedos and then pulls at the drawstrings. In the next instant they're both naked. He lies down on top of her as they kiss and embrace. She holds his cock in her hand as she guides it between her legs. He finds her opening and thrusts deeply into her welcoming wetness as they both cry out in the throes of climatic passion. Dave's imaginary scenario is abruptly interrupted by a soft moan indicating Becky is coming around. He realizes things would not happen this way at all. If he tried anything she would resist him and he would have to force himself on her. That would be stupid. That would be rape. He resolves his dilemma by saying softly, "Not yet, my sexy little wrestler, I can't allow you to wake up just yet." He moves around behind her and puts her in a sleeper hold. As he applies pressure Becky gives out a soft groan and quickly passes out again. He lays her down so she is partially on her side and partially on her back. He films her again, liking how the curve of her hip is accented by the high-waisted monokini, making her slender ko'd figure so appealing. He runs his hand under her suit, squeezing her butt cheeks and feeling down between her cleft.

BF4-21If he wants to do anything to her it will have to be while she is unconscious. He leans over and kisses her behind the ear. He moves down and kisses her breasts through her swimsuit, feeling the slight protrusions of her nipples as he runs his tongue around them.

"Here now, you need to be more comfortable."

BF4-22BF4-23Dave lays Becky all the way over on her back and props her head on a pillow. He carefully spreads her arms out from her sides and pushes her legs apart. He pulls his trunks off and lays down naked on top of her, ignoring her pee stain. As he presses his cock into the warm damp nylon between her legs he feels himself about to let go. He has to roll off of her at that instant to keep from ejaculating all over her swimsuit. He manages to restrain himself even though his body screams for release. He stares down at her, wondering whether to strip her and go all the way, or just go ahead and hump her through her swimsuit? But something is lacking.

Becky is now completely at his mercy. He has always wanted to do this. And yet her just lying there, limp and unaware, is somehow less exciting then when she was wrestling with both his wife and he. Watching and participating in her being overcome and knocked out was the real climatic thrill. No wonder he had almost cummed as he caught her falling body in his arms.

"I do want to fuck you in the worst way. I could do it real slow and easy so you would never know it happened… But it would be so wrong like this. I suppose I'll just have to satisfy myself with the next best thing. But let's have one final feel."

He turns Becky over and massages her butt while staring longingly at her. Then he gets up and moves over to where his wife is lying. Donna is slowly coming around. He positions her in front of the camera, figuring she might want visual proof he screwed her and not Becky. He pushes the white bikini bottoms to one side and thrusts himself into her. Donna is loose and damp, her sex primed and ready. She groans but does not resist. She is inviting him into her. He realizes she wants this. This is his fantasy coming true, having sex with a defeated woman wrestler, only with his wife, not Becky.

He says breathlessly, "You are so damned wet yourself. You can,'>t tell me you two don't want to fuck each other every time you wrestle. How about we all do it together? Have you two gone all the way with each other? I bet you were a couple of screamers when you came. I would have loved to have seen that!"

BF4-24His wife says nothing but he feels her responding to him with tugging contractions. His release is not long in coming. He thrusts hard one last time and explodes with a vigorous surge into her. He slowly withdraws and lays down on her, attempting to prolong the sensation. Finally he gets up on his knees and looks down at both women. He reaches over to Becky and gives her a slow caress, starting at her hair and running his hand down her back and over her rear.

"That's the closest we'll ever get to a ménage a trois for now," he says to himself with a sigh of both satisfaction tinged with regret.

Dave pulls Donna’s bikini bottoms back into place. He slaps her lightly which causes her to whisper hoarsely, "Okay, Okay, you win."

They both direct their attention to Becky as Dave again turns her gently over onto her back. Donna observes, "She’s still out. I really made her piss her pants didn't I? You didn't do anything to her did you?"

"Not really, but I couldn't resist doing something to you." he said.

Donna just grunts as she notices Becky is finally starting to come around. She looks her over for any injuries. "I see you're checking in. Are you all right? I think we all went a little crazy."

All three of them are silent as they recover, panting for breath. Dave looks contrite. Donna comments, "That was more than any of us bargained for." With little else being said Becky gets dressed and leaves, a slightly swollen jaw where Donna had socked her the only outward evidence of the gradually subsiding pain she feels all over her body. She is embarrassed for having wet herself but she considers herself lucky that nothing worse had happened as far as she could tell.

A week later Donna gives Becky a carefully edited video of the match. This would be the first I would know at least part of what had happened. After we watch the tape together, Becky tells me about the incident on the island some months before. She admits what had started out as friendly competition had become too sensual and too violent for them to handle. Who knew where this whole thing was going?

Whatever demons of lust and aggression that had driven Becky now seemed purged by the heat of conflict. I would learn later there was more history leading up to this than I had realized. It had started many years ago with a college roommate. I find all of this strangely compelling. Such are the mysteries of what goes on between friends and between lovers.

The End

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