Between Friends, Chapter 3
by Ransom

BF3-1The unacknowledged desire I saw between Becky and Donna during their two wrestling matches was not at all evident during our trip to the Caribbean. The girls had received a handsome fee from the city magazine photo shoot and job offers at an exclusive health club. So Becky and I coupled up with Donna and Dave to do a short island vacation just prior to the end of summer.

By day we played beach volleyball, snorkeled on the reef, and bumped around in a jeep. In the evenings we strolled a mile up the beach to a little restaurant where we watched the sun go down over the ocean. Outwardly we were all what one would expect between friends. During the third night's walk back from the restaurant Donna and Dave lingered behind. As Becky and I strolled along the beach I finally asked if there was something going on between her and Donna. The subject had not been brought up since the second wrestling match, which I thought was done, in part, to resolve this issue. Becky laughed. She pointed out that the last few nights of shared passion between her and me should put to rest any doubts about whom and what gets her in a romantic mood.

She cheerily concluded the matter by declaring, "Donna is just a good friend. Yes, she did get carried away the first time. But there was nothing inappropriate the second time except for her aggression. It's the intense and competitive bodily contact. That's what seems to get Donna all excited and I'm just reacting off her. We both go a little nuts and Donna gets too violent, that's all. Besides, you guys are just as turned on by it as we are."

The evening was made beautiful by the moonlight playing off the waves. Becky snuggled next to me as we continued to walk. Perhaps I had let my fantasies get confused with reality. I admitted to myself their getting "carried away" was thrilling for all of us. But it was troubling as well. However, I would not pursue the subject if it was going to make Becky defensive.

My apprehension was gone by the next morning which was our last full day on the island. I wanted to explore around some more and Dave elected to golf with a couple of guys he had met earlier. The girls said they would stay at the resort and perhaps catch a shuttle into town for some shopping.

BF3-2 That evening we were all back together for our final visit to the restaurant. I couldn't help noticing how striking Donna was in a red tank top and a short white skirt. But Becky was her equal, sporting a multi-colored sleeveless tunic dress, belted at the waist, which showed off her trim athletic figure to its full effect. Despite their snappy appearances they were both uncharacteristically somber the whole evening. I caught them glancing back and forth as if attempting to say something to each other they could not put into words.

It would be quite some time before I learned what had happened earlier that day. It turned out they had only shopped for a brief time. When they got back to the resort they decided to go to the beach. Donna suggested that Becky go get changed and meet her at her bungalow where they could have rum colas and oil each other down. Minutes later Becky walks in on Donna as she is admiring herself in the mirror, decked out in a newly purchased red floral skirted bikini.

"Wow, wait ‘til Dave sees you in that," Becky comments.

Donna smiles slyly as she offers her a rum cola. "Yeah, I ought'a be on a magazine cover. Hey, I was… with you... couple of knockouts!"

They sip their drinks and comment about how hot the day is getting. Then Donna says, "I'll oil you first," and motions toward the bed.

Becky spreads her towel on the bed, removes her wrap and lies down. She is wearing a black rio-bikini which is a duplicate of her green one she had worn the first time they had wrestled. Donna proceeds to massage her with firm expert strokes. The humidity of the late morning and the effect of the rum make Becky languid. She murmurs dreamily, "Take your time, it feels so good."

After about ten minutes Donna lowers herself down next to her saying, "My turn."

They both lay side by side on their stomachs, their faces only inches apart. For a lingering moment they look at each other in silence. Then Becky gets up and begins to oil Donna's back. She lazily admires her muscular yet feminine physique.

Donna gives out a long deep sigh, "Keep going, it feels delicious."

A few moments later Donna rolls over. She rises up to a sitting position and kisses Becky, brushing her lightly on the lips while at the same time cupping her right breast in her hand causing it to pop out of the bikini top.

Becky feels both a sudden heat and a twinge of discomfort. She sits up. "Let's go to the beach, I think we need to talk."

Donna draws closer. "Oh come on; let's just stay here for a while. This is good."

"I sometimes think what we do goes way beyond friendship," Becky protests.

"Okay, you're uncomfortable," said Donna, "I guess I am too in a way. Tell you what, let's change direction here. Let's see who can take the other down. I like domination wrestling and I know you do too. And it's something we've already done together. Let's see what happens this time between just the two of us. And, to make it more interesting, the winner can do whatever she wants with the loser."

For some reason this does not seem to cross the line Becky is trying to maintain, so she agrees. They toss the bed comforters on the floor, circle slowly and then grab each other at the shoulders. Even with the fan they are both covered in a sheen of sweat within moments. This, along with the oil, makes getting an effective grip difficult. One of them gets the other in a hold only to have her easily slip away. This goes on until they are both panting heavily.

Finally, they again rise to their knees and embrace in mutual bear hugs. Donna yanks Becky to one side and they both topple to the floor. Still clinging tightly to each other, they roll over and over. Becky ends up on top. She straddles her friend and leans back trying to pretzel Donna by pulling her legs up. As she reaches back, her black top slips to one side exposing a pert breast.

"A little over-exposed aren't we?" Donna shrills as she frees a hand and smartly slaps Becky's bare breast.

Becky gives an indignant yelp and lurches to one side. Donna pushes her off and starts to roll away in the opposite direction. Not bothering to adjust her swimsuit, Becky gets one leg under and the other over the top of Donna's middle. She now has her in a perfect leg scissors. Donna pushes and pries but it was if she were in an iron vice. She arches her back but Becky only tightens her grip. Donna reaches back and attempts a claw between the legs but Becky pulls her hand away before she can dig in. Becky keeps up the constricting pressure with her slender but deceptively strong legs. Donna emits a "Yi,yi,yi!" She makes one last effort to break free before collapsing.

Becky releases her hold. Donna lies on her back, weakly turning from side to side, her chest heaving. Pulling Donna up in a sitting position in front of her, Becky clamps down on her neck with a sleeper hold. Donna thrashes for a moment, almost breaking free. But the combined effects of the scissors and now this are too much. She gives up the struggle. She slowly goes slack, her mouth relaxing into a smile. It is like she is willing herself into oblivion. She surrenders to being sleepered out.

As Donna's head lolls back into Becky's lap she carefully lays Donna all the way down on the floor. Her legs are stretched straight out at sharp angles. Her eyes are closed and her moistened lips are slightly parted. She is completely out. Remaining on her knees, Becky moves around to Donna's side while thinking that this is getting more thrilling all the time. Her heart is racing. She gazes up and down the length of her prone friend's body. A fragrance of sun oil and tropical perfume hangs in the humid air. She feels a heat that has nothing to do with the temperature of the room welling up inside of her. She is unsure of what to do next. She notices the skirt of Donna's bikini is flipped up revealing her camel toe, which is clearly outlined by the tight under-panties. She touches the side of the swimsuit. So easy to remove... and then what? No, she is not going to do this.

She pauses and shifts her attention to Donna's top which has slipped off both her breasts. She speaks softly, "Now who's over-exposed? Your cleavage usually keeps your top in place most of the time."

She pulls Donna's bikini back into place, hesitates, and gently caresses both breasts through the material. It is a strange sensation, not at all what it is like when she feels her own. She brushes Donna's blond hair away from her eyes and then bends down and kisses her on the cheek. "Wake up sleeping beauty."

Donna begins to stir. As she slowly comes to she gingerly rubs her neck. She sits up saying, "Ouu… you're getting pretty damn good with that sleeper hold I taught you. Hope you enjoyed yourself because now it's my turn."

"Yeah, I did like it," Becky says with a low voice.

They both get up on their feet. With legs braced wide apart for leverage, they grab each other at the wrists and with outstretched arms push and pull each other. Then, with a sudden burst of maniacal strength, Donna gives a shove that breaks Becky's grip and sends her flying back onto the bed.

BF3-3 In a flash Donna is on top of her. She pushes her into the mattress. Becky can only vainly twist and turn under her as Donna's full weight bears down on her.

Donna seems possessed. "I'll take you down any way I can!"

She hauls back with one arm and comes down hard with open-handed smack on Becky's temple. The sudden sharp pain dazes her and she stops struggling. Donna pulls her off the bed by one arm and stands her up. She reaches for a linen belt hanging from a nearby coat rack and uses it to deftly tie Becky's wrists to the rack. Becky is now bound while standing upright. She weakly pulls at her constraints.

Donna notices Becky's bikini bottoms are bunched up in the cleft of her butt. She straightens out the fabric, snaps a few pictures, lays the camera aside, and starts to massage Becky's butt cheeks as she adds, "You do have a cute little ass. Dave is always staring at it as I'm sure you've noticed. Too bad he isn’t here right now. Your little black number doesn’t leave much to the imagination."

BF3-4  Then she leans into her, cupping her partially exposed breasts, and whispering in her ear, "What’s a little S&M among friends?" Becky, by now fully recovered, can't help herself and responds to Donna's strokes with a series of soft sighs.

Donna repositions Becky's wrists so she was still tied but facing out away from the wall. She takes another picture and strokes her face. She lets her hand continue down her body and slides inside Becky top, gently caressing her breasts. Becky flushes hotly as she feels her nipples hardening.

She protests, "What… what are you doing?"

BF3-5"You really have a problem with this don't you? Or do you?" Donna coos. "Maybe I ought to take advantage of you being all tied up." She makes a fist and drives home several light belly punches. She enjoys the way Becky's taunt stomach muscles absorb the impact with a sharp “smack, smack!” and then rebound. She then brings her hand up between Becky's legs with a light but violating corkscrew push.

Becky becomes indignant. She pulls on her restraints. "Chessh!... what are you doing? Don't touch me there! Let me go!"

Donna smiles as she unties the belt and gently pats her on the check. "Ahh now, that wasn't so bad was it? Have you had enough? Well, I haven't had enough!"

Donna's demeanor suddenly changes. She feels the heat of her aggression and passion rising to a fever pitch. She lashes out with an expert karate chop to the side of Becky's neck. Without a sound Becky goes down as if she had been shot through the heart. She lays motionless on her stomach. Donna stares at her for a moment before digging her foot under her and flipping her over onto her back. Becky flops over and is now sprawled on her back. Donna kneels down and checks to see if she is really out. Satisfied, she lifts one leg and does a wrestling ten count while slapping the floor. She stands back up and plants her foot in Becky's stomach.

  She says out loud, "Yeah, I won!" She looks down on Becky's slack form, "To the victor go the spoils. Let's see, the understanding is I now get to do whatever I want with you. Hmm, where do we want to start?" BF3-6

"I think I'll see if you're holding out on me," she says as she drops to her knees and feels the crotch of Becky's bikini. "Hmm, just as I thought, you're a bit damp here girl, and not just from sweating. Why is that? Since we are feeling so intimate, maybe we can do without this." She pulls at Becky’s black top which easily falls away. "I do like to dominate. I think I like you tied up. Let's do it some more."

With that, Donna raises Becky's arms up over her head, crosses her wrists, and binds them tightly together with the bikini top. Donna sits back and admires her work. She caresses Becky's cheek.

"You're completely mine," Donna whispers as she smoothes Becky's hair and strokes her face. She hums as she gently touches her friend.

She pulls Becky up into a sitting position with her wrists still tied together over her head. She sits down behind her, cradling her head in her lap. She leans forward and starts to massage her breasts. "Even now they respond," she says with satisfaction as Becky's erect nipples harden even more in response to being stimulated.

Becky is just dimly aware of what was going on as she comes around. She squirms weakly. "Noo..."

Donna puts her mouth next to Becky's ear, "You don’t mean it. I know what you want but first let's pause for another picture before you get untied."

After she takes the shot, Donna unties her wrists and envelopes her neck with her arms and ever so slowly BF3-8
BF3-7starts to squeeze harder and harder. At first Becky struggles but then a surge of warmth shoots through her, she relaxes and has the sensation of riding an ocean wave as she lapses into total unconsciousness.

Bf3-9Donna releases her grip the moment she feels Becky go out. She strokes Becky's hair for a moment as her head lays in her lap. She stands up, allowing Becky to remain leaning against the couch. Donna looks at her friend for a moment. Then she reaches for her camera and shoots her from several angles. She sets the camera aside, bends over, and grasps her under her arms, lifting her up high enough so she can drag her limp body across the room. With a grunt of effort she heaves her onto the bed. Becky bounces on the mattress and then lays sprawled like a rag doll, her arms and legs loosely splayed out in all directions.

Donna stands beside the bed and stares down at her insensible friend, hers to do with as she wishes. She unties her and let's Becky’s bikini top drape demurely across one breast. The musky scent of exertion and desire hangs in the humid air. She can feel her sexual tension straining toward spontaneous climax. Donna has the oddly reassuring thought that the skirt of her bikini would hide any evidence of her condition. She kneels down on the bed, straddling Becky. With a sigh she lays slowly down full-length on her friend. She kisses Becky on the mouth. She is intending to strip both herself and Becky before proceeding, but she can't hold back and abruptly comes with an intense orgasm. She convulses and presses herself into Becky as she lets out a long, "Ahhh!"

Only after the intensity of her climax diminishes does Donna slowly roll off Becky. "Why can't you admit to wanting to do this? I hate for you to miss out. You liked the massage earlier, how about if I were to give you a very personal massage as a way of waking you up? Maybe it will loosen you up. Do you ever fly solo? Here, I’ll do it for you."

Donna strokes the inside of Becky's thighs and works up until her fingers are inside of her bikini. She proceeds to masturbate her while leaning in and kissing her at the same time. Becky moans, either from annoyance or pleasure, as Donna's intimate touches affects her even in her present condition.

BF3-10BF3-11BF3-12BF3-13Donna's demeanor softens. She feels the passion drain out of her as she sighs, "Damn, you're attractive like this. But I'm not taking this any further. Why do I always get so violent? Maybe you will freak if you wake up on the bed… so let's put you back on the floor."

Again picking her up under her arms, Donna pulls Becky off the bed and lays her down on the floor. Becky begins to regain consciousness. She must have been out for at least ten minutes. She rolls over onto her side with a low groan. She knows she has been intimately touched and fondled. But Donna is once again the gentle and caring friend. She rubs her on the shoulders, just as they had done when they started out with the oil massage.

Donna says, "I'm so sorry if I hurt you. I don't know what comes over me."

A few minutes later, except for some considerable soreness, they both have recovered without any real physical harm. They put on beach wraps and go out to lounge chairs by the pool. They sit in silence for a few minutes and then, quite unexpectedly, Donna began to cry softly. Becky leans over and hugs her friend and sheds tears quietly as well.

They both know where all of this is leading to. The line between friendship and something else has been crossed and there was no denying the feelings that are there even if they are masked by domination wrestling. They realize being so easily rendered unconscious was a means of surrendering to each other in a way they were unwilling to do otherwise, so far.

Their's was a ragged and baffling mix of friendship and trust as well as violence and lust. Were repressed feelings surfacing they didn't know they had? One desire could so easily destroy others. The safe thing would be to break it off before lasting harm occurred. But would it be that easy? The next encounter would get completely out of control and send them spiraling over the edge.

End of Chapter 3

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