Chapter 1, by Ransom

BF1-1 Donna stands over my wife, whose unconscious body lies stretched out on the floor.  She has just sleepered Becky into submission and is now trembling with visible emotion. How did what was supposed to have been just a friendly home wrestling match for the entertainment of two couples come to such an extreme conclusion?  The answers would be revealed in a series of subsequent encounters which would unleash forbidden desires and repressed emotions. 


Becky and I had been friends with Donna and Dave ever since we had moved to our current home several years ago.  Becky and Donna are both physical education teachers at a local school and also moonlight together as instructors at a fitness center.  Both are fit and trim and enjoy participating in a variety of athletics. 


One evening the four of us are clobbering each other over air hockey in our recreation room.  Dave notices some of my video equipment spread out on a nearby table. He works in production at a local TV station and we begin talking about our amateur film projects.  Donna says she bets Becky is my favorite subject. Becky blushes and replies yes, that is so.


Donna brightens and says this is exactly the same for her and Dave.  We discover we share a mutual interest in what we call “private home videos.” After I thought we had dropped the subject, Donna pulls Becky off into another room.  Dave and I hear them talking and laughing before they come back out to us.


Becky announces, “I’ve been wondering what to get my husband for his

birthday.  How about Donna and I put on a show for you boys that you’ll never forget?”


“Yeah,” Donna chirps in.  “We’ve been talking for a while about what it would be like to wrestle each other.  Let’s say next Friday we get together at our house and Becky and I actually go at it with each other, maybe two out of three pins, and you guys can film us to your little hearts’ content.”


I don’t know about Donna, but a proposition like this seems out of character for my wife even though she does have a strong competitive streak in her.  Dave’s big sloppy grin told us that he’s all for it.  As for me, the blood is already rushing to my temples with anticipation. All the following week our wives remain mum but I suspect they are carefully planning their event.


The evening comes and Becky and I go over to Dave and Donna’s house.  After drinks our wives disappear and Dave and I proceed downstairs to their recreation room where they have set up their home-made wrestling ring. They had pulled all the hard furniture to one side creating an open space in the center of the room.  Several thick workout mats have been laid out on the floor and covered with old bed sheets. We don’t say much as we fiddle with our cameras and wait for our wives.  Soon they both pad barefoot downstairs dressed in bathrobes. 


“Let’s get the show on the road!” they announce together.


Becky starts swaying and quietly humming the burlesque tune as she unties the sash on her robe and lets it fall away.  I am thrilled to see she is wearing her little lime green bikini swimsuit.  I wasn’t expecting her to wear something so revealing.  Donna slips out of her robe.  She is wearing a blue bikini which accents her nicely rounded curves.  She slowly turns around several times, cocking her hips first to one side then to the other. 


BF1-2“Ain’t we cute?” Becky purrs in a low voice and then adds coyly, “Got your cameras ready boys?”


The two women step to the middle of the open area. Donna looks at Dave and me saying, “We’ve decided this would be pretty open-ended.  Let’s just see what happens.  But no interference from you two, okay?”


We nod.  Becky and Donna smile at each other and then suddenly engage with surprising intensity.  They lock hands and push hard, testing their strength against each other.  Donna appears to be the stronger of the two. Well-defined muscles ripple across her shoulders as she strains against my wife. But Becky seems to be quicker and more agile.  She twists and turns for advantage. 


Becky gets her arms around the back of Donna’s neck and under her arm, using the leverage to bend her forward.  Donna embraces Becky around the waist and the two of them go down to their knees.  Neither can break the other’s hold.


Donna gradually forces Becky onto her back. They both grunt and giggle as they release at the same time.  Becky grabs Donna at the wrists and the two of them, their bodies pressed tightly together, roll over and over until they are stopped by cushions against the wall.


They rise to their knees again and slide back toward the center of the room.  Donna throws Becky down hard on her back.  Becky rolls over and tries to get up, but Donna embraces her around her neck and with other arm under her thighs shoves her face into the mat.  


Becky thrashes but Donna holds her tightly as she crows, “I think I’ve pinned you!”


As she struggles to control my wife, Donna’s blue top drops and bunches up under her breasts.  I’m thinking, “Sweet,” and can barely keep my camera steady as I notice her exposed nipples are erect.  I wonder if this is her natural state or is she responding to the close bodily contact with my wife?  I glance at Dave and see he is focusing on the same thing. 


BF1-4Donna twists Becky onto her back and starts to count.  But Becky pulls her own legs up between them.  She pushes with her feet and Donna is propelled backwards away from her. Before Donna can recover, Becky is on her and puts her in a competitive wrestler’s pin.  Becky positions herself at an angle off to one side to prevent Donna from bringing her feet up and doing the same thing she had just done to her. I admire my wife’s smooth quick moves not to mention the view of her firm butt, outlined by the tight fabric of her bikini, as she presses down on Donna.


Donna thrashes about for a moment, but then concedes. “I give!”


Becky hops to her feet and does a little cheerleader victory jig.  Donna gets up smiling while pulling her top back into place.  But there is a hard glint in her eye.  I can tell her competitive nature doesn’t like being beaten like this.  Perhaps a sensual pulse is adding to the rising tension.  The next round might be full of surprises.  Both women are breathing hard and perspiring from the exertion as they slowly circle each other.


Becky, full of herself, chants slyly, “Bet you’d like to hoold me… bet you’d like to squeeeze me… bet you’d like to kisss me.”


I have heard her say this before, when she was desiring a romp in the clover.  Is she getting sexually aroused now I wonder? Then they are at each other again.  They embrace in mutual bear hugs and try to throw each other down.  They grunt and groan and then begin to laugh.  Suddenly they are off balance and go down in a heap. They grapple in a flurry of arms and legs until Donna gets Becky on her back and straddles her.  She scoots further forward so Becky can’t hook her with her feet.  I see Becky’s green bikini top peeking out from under Donna’s blue bottoms as Donna pins Becky’s arms with her knees. 


But my wife’s agility again serves her well. Her legs churn furiously and she manages to turn over onto her stomach and wiggle out from under Donna.  She scrambles to her feet with a little hoot of derision.


BF1-6Donna gets up while saying, “You’re not going to get away next time.” 


She has a feral expression on her face.  She isn’t kidding around anymore.  Still, her next move startles everyone.  Donna makes a fist with her right hand, hauls back, and drives a hard punch into Becky’s gut, right at the waistline of her low-slung bikini with an audible smack.


It happens fast.  With a look of amazement Donna hurriedly steps back and abruptly breaks off the assault.  It doesn’t appear that she was planning to do it.  She perhaps has simply been caught up in the heat of the moment.


Becky’s reaction is one of shock and unexpected pain. She grits her teeth, clutches her midsection with both hands, and doubles over while letting out a long “Ohhh!”


She would tell me later her abdominal muscles abruptly clinched making her feel like she was going to pee in her swimsuit. Becky manages to control herself as a wave of pain shoots through her.  Then a glassy expression crosses her face as her body abruptly relaxes.  She passes out.  The last thing she remembers is the sensation of falling.


With arms now thrown loosely out, Becky collapses face-first into the sofa.  The momentum of the fall causes her to roll along the edge of the cushions and then down onto the floor.  She ends up lying on her back, half on and half off a mat.  It occurs to me that maybe Dave and I should break this up before someone gets hurt.  But our wives’ display of power and sensuality roots us in our places.  It would be the girls’ call.



Donna looks down at my insensible wife with a smile of satisfaction.  She’s visibly trembling with excitement.  The sight of Becky stretched out on the floor, defeated and helpless, is an intense turn-on for Dave and I, and I wonder if it isn’t the same for Donna? 


Becky remains unresponsive as Donna pulls her fully back onto the mat.  She only slowly seems to recover her senses and finally, with a soft groan, rolls over onto her side.  Donna, bending over her, says with a soft slightly mocking voice, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you.”



BF1-11                                    BF1-10


Becky grimaces, “It just took me by surprise, that’s all.  I suppose you want to count this as your pin?  Okay, that means the next one tells the tale.”


The twisting and rolling has caused Becky’s bikini top to come loose.  As she gets up it falls away.  She stands before us naked from the waist up.  This further heightens the raw sexual energy of the contest.  She has an odd expression on her face, like she is in her own private world.  But she clearly wants to continue the contest as she ties her top back into place.  The two women start circling each other. Despite her bravado, Becky appears to be unsteady.  Donna seems to relish her power and ability to dominate. 


Donna says, “There is one more thing I want to try on you but I don’t think it will hurt nearly as much as the gut punch. It’s called a ‘sleeper.’”


Slipping quickly behind her, Donna puts her hands around the base of Becky’s neck feeling for her pressure points.  Becky tries to twist away.  But there’s no fight left in her.  It is almost as if she has given up and is now willing to submit to whatever her friend wants to do with her.  She groans softly as her head lolls back.


BF1-13BF1-12Satisfied that she knows where to apply pressure, Donna pushes Becky down onto her knees, coming down behind her.  Donna strokes the side of Becky’s face before encircling her neck and bringing her left arm alongside of her head.  She begins to squeeze with both arms.


As Donna gradually increases the pressure, Becky’s eyes go wide.  She tries to pry Donna’s arms away from her neck as she’s pulled backwards.  Once her legs are out from under her, Becky thrashes from side to side causing one breast to pop out of her top.  Her exposed nipple is as hard as a pencil eraser. Then she seems to surrender to Donna’s embrace.  Her eyes flutter shut and her body goes slack.  She gives out several “Ah, ah, ah’s!” as if she is in the throes of pleasure. She slips into complete unconsciousness with a faint smile on her face.   


Donna releases her and my wife ends up on her back with her knees angled up.  Donna comes down beside her.  A sly smile slowly spreads across her face.  She demurely pushes Becky’s legs down and spreads her limbs apart until she is spread-eagled.  Becky breathes slowly as if asleep.  She looks so lovely and so vulnerable. 


Donna touches Becky on the cheek.  She is oblivious to both her husband and I, and seems both exhilarated and confused.  She smoothes Becky’s hair and then her hand glides down to Becky’s exposed breast. Donna makes caressing little circles around the nipple which is still jutting up.


BF1-14BF1-16She mumbles more to herself than to us, “Cute…. Your little tittie is so nice and hard.  I think you enjoyed our little encounter the same way I did.  But I want to be sure.”  With that, Donna’s hand continues down the center of Becky’s body until she comes to her bikini bottoms.  She pulls up the waistband of the swimsuit, glances inside, and then lets it snap back into place.  She pats the front of Becky’s green bikini.  “Oh dear, it’s a little red where I hit you.  I hope you won’t be too sore.”  


She traces a line with her index finger over Becky’s rounded vulva, made quite distinct by her snug bikini and the way her legs are spread.  Donna’s hand is now between Becky’s legs.  She slowly presses down several times causing the swimsuit fabric to outline the folds of Becky’s labial lips. 


Breathing even harder, Donna returns to the waistband. This time her hand disappears under the bikini, causing it to lift up, exposing the edges of Becky’s fluff patch. Donna quivers as she says, “Oh my!” and her breath comes in short little gasps as she withdraws her hand and stares at it.  Her fingertips are wet and slippery, glistening with moisture.


Donna stands up, bends over Becky’s flaccid body, and nudges her with her foot.  Becky doesn’t move.  She is still totally out.  But Donna’s fingering of her vagina has caused a faint damp spot to appear on the crotch of her bikini.  Dave and I are shocked and hardly comprehending as Donna says, “Yes, you obviously enjoyed our little encounter as much as I did.”


The sight of Donna standing over my fallen wife invokes in me both feelings of sympathy and passion.  What had Becky experienced?  Why were they both so turned on?  Did the two of them have any idea it would come to this?


The three of us stare at Becky while she lies sprawled on the mat.  Obviously passionate feelings have been provoked in our wives by their wrestling with each other.  Donna seems to get off on her power to control and overcome another woman and Becky obviously has a strong reaction to be dominated and then sleepered out.


Becky finally starts to come around.  I am about to help her but she motions me back. She gets slowly to her feet, again with the same distant expression on her face, as if she is still in her own private world.  Is this a world I would be allowed to share in or is this something just between friends?












End of Chapter 1 (to be continued)

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