Between Friends - Knockout Frenzy
by Ransom

Chapter 2

1We drove home in silence after Becky's wrestling encounter with her friend Donna. As she showered, I turned down the bed. Becky had hardly said a word since the match ended with her being knocked out. I assumed she was sore, humiliated, and wanted to be left alone. What was supposed to have been just a playful competition between two girlfriends, to entertain themselves and their husbands, had turned into something much more sensual and violent.

So I am surprised when she comes into the bedroom wearing only snug satin panties; such is usually an invitation for marital bliss. She slips her lithe body into bed next to mine and whispers almost plaintively, "Make love to me. Just be gentle."

Afterwards, as we lay in the dark, naked and spent, Becky starts reflecting. "I never expected that to happen with Donna and me."

"You mean her punching you and then putting you out with that sleeper hold of hers?" I aske as I gently massage her back.

"Yeah, that too," she replies, "But my reaction is what I don't understand. Don't worry, I'm not sexually attracted to Donna and I don't think I'm a masochist. But both pinning her and being taken down by her were intensely erotic. I was dampening myself so much I thought it was going to run down my leg."

I’m stirred by that image and at the same time feel a twinge of possessive jealousy. I say, "Donna was obviously turned on too. You do know she felt you out pretty explicitly after she sleepered you out, don't you?"

"Yes," Becky replies calmly, "She told me that as we were getting dressed. And I’m kinda glad because she was just as shocked and surprised about what happened as I was."

Becky takes my hand in hers and continues, "I think it’s all about both power and control, and submitting and giving in; closely related to sex maybe, but not the same thing. I trusted her not to really hurt me so I just utterly surrendered when she had me in her sleeper hold. It was painful, yet somehow very sensuous."

Becky rolls over on top of me. Her subtle perfume and body heat are intensely alluring. In a hushed voice she whispers, "Just don’t get any ideas about beating me up, okay? What we have is different and infinitely better. I want you inside of me again… that is, if you're up to it." FIGURE BF2-2_HERE The next evening I am editing the video I had taken of the wrestling match. I love the display of competitive aggression between the two women. But I am particularly taken by the scene of Donna running her hand over Becky's prone body after she had sleepered her out. Becky watches the tape with me and she studies Donna's expression carefully. It sure seems to be about sex, at least for Donna. She's quivering and looks like she is on the verge of climaxing as she slips her hand inside of my wife's bikini.

* * *

Several months pass. Becky and Donna still seem to be good buddies. They even do a long planned photo shoot for the cover of the local city magazine that is running an issue highlighting physical fitness. The result is gorgeous. The two of them are smiling into the camera. Becky is wearing a red sport bra and Donna is wearing a blue one, both with coordinated running tights. Donna's hand rests on Becky's shoulder as Becky flexes one arm with a chrome barbell. They get a lot of compliments about the picture and the accompanying article. The money is not bad either.

It is not long after that Becky announces to me, "You might think we're crazy and perverted, but Donna and I want to wrestle again. We want to try to figure out why we reacted the way we did the first time. Of course we want you and Dave there too. You can video it if you want. Trust me; this is just between friends, nothing more."

"You’ll get no argument from me."

But the notion makes me apprehensive as well as excited. I'm wondering about Becky and how she will react this time. I also worry about how Donna will behave. The only time I had talked to Dave he said, with a wink, his wife has been "horny as hell" since the first wrestling match. He did not mention or seem to mind her violence or apparent coming on to Becky.

The following Friday we arrive at Donna and Dave's house. Once again the recreation room had been turned into a cushioned wrestling ring. The girls want some background music, and so jazz, heavy on the sax, is coming from the CD player. Dave and I stand with nervous anticipation until our wives come downstairs in their dressing gowns.

This time Donna disrobes first as Becky, imitating a ring announcer, says, "Now in this corner, wearing a purple and black two piece, standing 5 foot and 6 inches and weighing 132 pounds… Donna!" Donna's bikini is smaller and even sexier than the one she had worn before.

Now it is Becky's turn to step out of her robe. As she does so, Donna barks, "And in this corner, wearing a white string bikini, standing 5 foot 8 inches and weighing 124 pounds… Becky!"

Becky is wearing something a bit more conservative than her green bikini. There must be a reason for this, but I can't immediately grasp it. The white bikini makes her look more innocent and girlish. She looks fantastic in it but it did not seem like it would stay in place during a wrestling competition. Perhaps our wives are both trying to say something by their choice of attire.

23They join hands and raise them up for a pose. As they let go, Donna gives Becky a pat on the rear. Still smiling, they face off with knees bent and arms at the ready. As they circle each other, first one and then the other tries to gain a hold but is rebuffed. This continues for several moments. Both are being cautious. Suddenly Donna goes in low and grabs Becky around the waist, twisting her around once, and then both of them topple to the floor. They seem to loosen up at this point; laughing and shrieking like a couple of kids as they wildly grapple. From a crouching position, Becky executes a neat forward flip that ends with her sitting astride Donna's shoulders. She leans forward to pin her arms over her head.

"You’re not giving up already?" Becky asks in a mocking voice.

"Not by a long shot," Donna snarls back.

Donna arches up on her back, gets her feet flat on the floor, and pushes as hard as she can. The sudden jerk breaks Becky's grip, and with an added shove she topples backwards while still astride Donna. Donna gets a leg scissors around Becky's neck. As Becky strains against the hold, her legs stretch out on either side of Donna's upper body, her vulnerable nylon-clad crotch just inches from Donna's face. Donna stares hard, and then places her hands on Becky's upper thighs. Donna pushes her thumbs hard between Becky's legs. This provokes a loud and indignant, "Yiii!" from Becky. She brings one leg over and manages to roll away.

In a flash Donna pivots around and gleefully throws herself onto Becky. They roll back and forth several times, first one and then the other on top, but neither gaining control. Becky almost breaks free and tries to scramble to her feet, but Donna holds her tight around the hips and pulls her back down. She gets on top of Becky and stretches out full length on her. They both squeal and groan. They seem to greatly enjoy embracing each other. As if to reinforce this suspicion, they pause and just stare at each other while breathing hard.

"Okay this is good… really good," pants Donna. "But let’s see if I can take you all the way down."

56Donna rolls off of my wife and leaps to her feet. Becky looks puzzled as Donna takes her by the hand and pulls her up to her feet as well. Then, quick as a flash, Donna lashes out bringing her knee up into Becky's stomach. With a sharp grunt Becky doubles over. Donna has a gleeful look on her face as she steps back. Becky is momentarily incapacitated by the pain and cannot move. I had hoped Donna would not resort to hitting but it seems wrestling gets her so excited she can't help herself. But, on the other hand, maybe she very much wants to dominate and beat Becky by any and all means.

Donna leans over and hoists Becky up and over her shoulders. My wife is now draped upside down on Donna's back. Her tight white bikini nicely outlines her upturned butt. Donna turns around several times, showing Becky off to maximum effect. I have to admit the sight of Donna holding my wife like this is very arousing. Becky is dizzy and disoriented as Donna releases her and she drops to the floor. Becky lays unmoving, splayed out on the mat.

Donna gloats and pokes her with her foot, "Can you hear me? I beat you and I beat you good! Have you had enough?"

Becky seems like she is done in. But she will not concede and gives Donna the finger.

78"Oh goody!" Donna squeals in delight, "We can continue!"

Donna drops to her knees, embraces Becky around the middle and flips her onto her back. Becky tries to resist but she is still too disoriented. She flails impotently as Donna again embraces her around the middle and squeezes. Becky gasps but at the same time seems to regain her bearings. She twists away but as she does so the neck tie of her top comes undone. Donna seems to thoroughly enjoy herself as she leans backwards into Becky and lifts both her head and legs up until her body is in a 'U' shape. At the same time Donna has her own legs spread revealing the crotch of her bikini which seems to be damp with sexual excitement.

Becky bats Donna's arms away but Donna grabs her white top and gives a yank. It pulls away exposing Becky's pert breasts. Becky grimaces in protest but makes no attempt to cover herself. Rather, she returns the favor and pulls Donna's top off. At first I feel embarrassed for Becky, but now the contest becomes even more interesting as our now topless wives resume grappling with each other.

'How can they pretend this is not turning them on?' I thought to myself. At the same time I know how being aroused makes Donna dangerously aggressive. Donna swings around and presses herself into Becky while raising her legs and rear high off the mats. Becky tried to squirm out of the hold but Donna bears down all the harder. This position shows off both their cute asses and flexing muscles to maximum effect.

9Still in control, Donna has Becky in a headlock. When Becky finally stops squirming Donna flips her onto her stomach, mounts her, and puts her in a sleeper hold.

Becky gasps but ceases to struggle. She seems to willingly surrender to Donna'> embrace. I wonder if she is being sexually turned on. Donna applies pressure, not to knock her out immediately, but to keep her suspended in a state of semi-consciousness. Apparently knowing she is arousing Becky is important for Donna. My wife's body begins to go slack and then her eyes close as she becomes totally limp in Donna's grip. Donna releases her and Becky is left lying face-down on the mat. Breathing hard, Donna looks down on her unconscious friend.

"Okay sweetie, I got you and I got you good! You are soooo out right now!" Donna looks at Dave and me. "There, ain't she cute? You want a better look?"

10With that, Donna hooks Becky under her arms, turns her over, and pulls her up into a sitting position against a couch. Becky leans loosely against the cushions, utterly oblivious to what is being done to her. Clad only in her tight little bikini panties which leave hardly anything to the imagination, she conceals her inner secrets none-the-less.

Donna cups Becky's breasts in her hands and lightly pinches her protruding nipples. "Well, well, well! Look what we have here. I could feel her little titties pressing against me, getting harder and harder while we were wrestling. Why, they're still so nice and erect!"

Donna tries to pretend she is just making fun of Becky's condition but she is flushed with obvious arousal herself. Donna runs her hand down Becky's body until she has her hand between her legs. She gives my wife a forceful shake. "How do ya like that, cutie? Feel good?"

Becky starts to slowly come around. She straightens up in a sitting position and looks at Dave and I as if to say, "Got an eye-full?" We think the contest is over. But then Becky fixes her gaze on Donna, "It ain't over 'til it's over."

Becky slowly picks her herself up off the floor. She sets her jaw with a renewed look of determination. She motions to Donna, and in a surprisingly fast move embraces her and throws her to the mats.

Flesh slaps against flesh as our wives grapple with a level of energy we thought they had long-since expended. Donna is caught off-guard as Becky puts her in a half nelson and presses her hard into the mats. Becky seems to be trying awfully hard to prove something; perhaps that she could be more than just a passive victim. She flips Donna over and drives her fist repeatedly into her gut, 'Whump, whump!'

Donna cries out in pain but Becky keeps up the onslaught. She gets Donna in a neck squeeze and bears down hard. Donna gradually goes limp and comes to the verge of passing out. Becky flips Donna over her own body and onto her back. She brazenly grabs one of Donna's breasts and shakes it. Donna does not have time to react before Becky leaps on her and straddles her upper torso. Becky pushes down as she scoots forward until she is sitting astride Donna's face.

Donna gives out a muffled protest but Becky seems possessed and refuses to let up. She would later maintain that this was just her natural aggressiveness being kicked into overdrive. But she seems to relish riding Donna who writhes under her. Slowly Donna's resistance weakens. In the next instant she goes limp. Becky flexes her body and lets out a cry of triumph. She gets up and looks down on Donna who is utterly spent and unable to move. There is no question; this match is Becky’s victory by sheer will and determination. One bare-breasted beauty stands over the other.

* * *

After they recover, and gotten dressed, they both calmly insist they are nothing more than friends engaging in hard competition. But I strongly suspect there is much more going on. They are both in deep denial. Subsequent events would prove me right.

I am just as turned on now by Becky's stunning feat of power and domination as I was by seeing her beaten and overcome in the first match. I want nothing so much as to get her home and into bed where I can reclaim my rightful place in the order of things. I now see myself in competition with Donna as well. Becky is only too eager to romp with me. She does not even take time to shower off before she pulls me into bed while still wearing her white bikini that she had competed in. We make passionate, almost violent love, with Donna's scent still clinging to my wife's body, causing it to seem like Donna is in bed with us, sharing in our intimacies.


End of chapter 2

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