Between Friends - Knockout Frenzy
by Ransom

Chapter 1


It had been several months since my wife Becky had seen Donna. After their four wrestling encounters their friendship had apparently ended. What was supposed to have been just competitive fun each time had turned into violent contests with sexual undertones. It was a wonder there had not been any serious physical or emotional damage. From time to time Becky and I played the videos of her wrestling. I have to admit I enjoy watching her and Donna aggressively compete attired only in revealing swimsuits. For me it is mostly visual and physical. But Becky is always thoughtful as we watch the recordings. She says very little about them, but our lovemaking is always intense afterwards.

Things heated up again when Becky ran into Donna at a local hotel during a fitness trainers' seminar. They exchanged casual greetings and later encountered each other again in the hotel lounge. Both were in the company of their women co-workers. The two groups joined each other around a table. Introductions were made: Cindy, Jill, Maggie, Wendy, Trish, and Summer. After general conversation about the events of the day, Donna suddenly turned to my wife and blurted out, "You know, Becky, I sure enjoyed whipping your ass those four times we wrestled together."

This gets the other women's attention and they pump Becky for details. Becky was silent for a moment, not sure she wanted to bring up the subject. But she threw caution to the winds. Noting how Cindy was smirking at her she said, "That's not quite how I remember it. The second time I won and the fourth time you and Dave cheated. Two against one wasn't exactly fair."

Donna responded, "I could have taken you easy without Dave's help."

"We'll never know, will we?" Becky replied.

Donna smiled, "We could always find out."

"I don't think so," Becky replied pointedly.

By now the other women at the table were getting into it. Cindy started a chant: "Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle!"

Jill piped up, "And we could come and be your audience and make sure you guys fight fair. "

Donna had a friendly grin on her face, "What do you say old pal, your gym or mine? We'll even film it again for our husbands, so we will have to wear our skimpy outfits."

Becky had a sudden change of heart. "Okay, why not? One more time." She never thought she would be willing to wrestle in front of other women. But something in her was prodding her to want to do it anyway.

Trish, the oldest in the group, spoke up, "Better not hold this party at the gym; management might take a dim view."

"All right," Donna said, "Let's have it at my house this Saturday. My husband is going to be gone. We'll make it girls' night at the fights. No men allowed."


The weekend comes. I am in another city on business and Becky only tells me over the phone she is going out with some girlfriends. They all gather at Donna's house. The other women are invited to go down to the bar in the corner of the recreation room. The other part of the room has been made into an arena. Becky and Donna stay upstairs and go to the master bedroom to change. Becky fishes around in her gym bag and pulls out her lime green bikini that she had worn at the first wrestling match. She begins to undress.

Donna regards her. "Dave has a real thing for you. When I knocked you out during our three-way, and he caught you in his arms, I thought he was going to cream himself. But then he sleepered me out… I should have seen that one coming. With that hard-on he had it was obvious he wanted to fuck the hell out of you."

Becky steps into her bikini bottoms. "But he didn't have sex with me even though he could have gotten away with it. I sure wasn't in any condition to resist, even though I think I would have known afterwards if he had done something to me."

"I know, he didn't do anything to you," Donna replies as she strips down. She reaches into a drawer and pulls out her white bikini, her favorite one to wrestle in. "But I wish he hadn't been there in the first place. Ever since then I've wondered how I would have taken you myself."

Becky turns away as Donna offers to tie her top. "What do you mean by that?"

Donna slips her own bra and panties off and stands in the nude, very comfortable with her well-toned body. "Oh, like what happened at the resort island. I've always wanted to try that again."

"Why is that so important to you? You wanna' have sex with me? Is that it?" asks Becky, now looking at herself in the mirror.

"No… that’s not it at all," Donna stammers as she gives Becky a friendly hug from the rear, "It is just that what we do really excites me. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I do."

Becky turns around and faces Donna while still in her arms. They look at each other for a long moment. Becky is fully aware that she is being embraced by a naked woman. She feels Donna's hands tugging on the sides of her bikini bottoms. She smells Donna's perfume, a dark spicy fragrance which she finds alluring. She feels a sudden sensual pulse she knows is making her blush. 3

Becky pulls back from her friend while murmuring, "Come on; let's not keep our guests waiting."

Donna deftly slides on her own tight bikini. As they approach the stairs they are both filled with the vivid memories of what happened the last time. Dave had come between them in more ways than one. Maybe that was part of the reason Donna had become violent. She had been frustrated. Now they are both secretly regretting that it has taken the other women being present to bring them back together. They go downstairs and are greeted by whistles and catcalls. They respond by strutting around the makeshift ring. Then they walk to opposite sides of the room and, with hands on hips, glare menacingly at each other.

Donna cautions everyone, "No interference from anyone, understand? These things take on a life of their own and we don't know where they're going to lead."

The women all nod in agreement. They quiet down, having no idea what to expect. Trish has a small digital camcorder. "Camera on, ladies, you may begin."


With a shriek of delight Donna bounds across the room. In a flash she grabs Becky around the neck and shoulders and with a judo flip sends her somersaulting out into the middle of the floor. Becky has her arms extended to absorb the impact but she still comes down hard. The audience gives out a collective gasp. They now know this is not just going to be a girlish tussle. Executing a quick shoulder roll, Becky is back on her feet. She lunges at Donna, attempting to flip her. But not being quite as skilled in martial arts, she isn't quick enough and Donna bats her arms away. But Becky backs up and charges again, this time she clotheslines Donna across the upper chest. With hair, arms, and legs splaying out in all directions, it is Donna's turn to hit the mat with a loud "Whump!"

Donna props herself up on her elbows, swishing the hair out of her eyes, and smiles before getting all the way up. Becky is on her before she can get to her feet and gives a hard push. Donna stumbles and recovers but not before Becky gets an arm lock and tries to throw her. But Donna manages a reverse and it is Becky who suddenly finds herself hoisted up on Donna's shoulders and dropped unceremoniously onto a couch cushion. She rolls onto the floor mats and leaps to her feet.

Becky jabs her finger at Donna. "You are not going to do that to me again!"

"Oh yeah?" Donna smiles fiendishly.

With that she backs Becky into the wall behind her, puts her in another neck embrace, turns, kneels, bends her down, and flips her over her shoulder. Even though she lands on a mat, Becky is too stunned to recover immediately. The onlookers cheer and applaud. Donna throws herself on top of Becky while she is still flat on her back. The two of them, tightly intertwined, roll over several times first in one direction and then the other. Donna remains in control and presses herself hard into Becky, their faces only inches apart.

Donna whispers in a husky voice, "Trust me, I'm not going to really hurt you but I'm going to put you out but good. You'll like it, I know you will."

"And you like being on top," Becky retorts.


With that, Becky finally dislodges Donna. She rolls away and scrambles to her feet. Donna also springs up. The two of them warily circle each other looking for an opening. Suddenly Donna twists around behind Becky and grabs her in a bear hug. She pulls Becky up off her feet and squeezes hard, forcing all the air from her lungs. Becky gasps and strains vainly trying to break free. Donna releases her, pushes her against a wall, and as she pins her wrists over her head with one hand, with the other hand she comes up between Becky's legs grabbing her butt. Becky squeals with indignation and surprise. Donna uses the leverage to propel her forward and down. Becky is flipped over and ends up on her back.

The audience gives a collective "Ohhh!"

Donna looks at Becky for a moment before pulling her to her feet. From Donna's expression Becky knows what is coming but she is powerless to prevent it, being all but immobilized by dizziness and disorientation. Donna brings her fist around and lands a punch on Becky's cheek with an audible "Spat!" Becky cries out with an "Aiii!" as her head snaps back. Her grim determination is replaced by a glazed look as she spins around and just about goes down. It is a stunning blow, even though she manages to somewhat roll with it. Still, the whole room seems to swim around her. She hovers on the edge of consciousness as she wobbles on her feet, a vacant expression on her face. A shove from Donna pitches her forward. Making no effort to break her fall, she drops to the floor. She hits the mat face-first with a thud. Her head is turned to one side, her eyes closed, and there is spittle on her slack lips. She doesn't move. She is obviously out cold.



Jill squeals, "Oh, it's over now!"

Donna stands over Becky and glances at the spectators. "Don't be too sure. I didn't hit her all that hard. I don't want the fun to end just yet."

Donna kneels down and straddles Becky's prone body. She runs her hand up and down her back. Gazing at a woman she had just knocked out is intensely arousing for her. She feels herself getting wet with excitement. Even though she likes performing in front of a crowd she wishes more than ever at this moment nobody else would have been present. She would have to arrange something more private the next time.

Donna coos with a false tenderness as she nudges Becky, "Come on, sweetheart, don't just lay there like you've been shot through the heart. Let's see what you have left in you." She gives Becky several slaps on her butt before rudely digging her foot into her crotch and flipping her onto her back. "It is so easy to take you down!"

Donna stands up and smirks as she looks down at her insensible opponent. Becky groans as she slowly comes around. She rolls over and struggles to her knees. She looks completely done in. She slowly gets the rest of the way up with a distant expression on her face. Donna is put off her guard. Suddenly Becky lashes out and socks her sharply in the jaw. Donna collapses in a heap.

"Turn-about is fair play" Becky grimly exclaims, now seemingly fully recovered.

10Summer whispers with sympathy, "You guys sure play for keeps."

Becky says cattily, "Let's put her out of her misery."

She kneels behind Donna and shakes her while driving her head into the mat. She then pulls her up to a partial sitting position as she bears down with a sleeper hold. Donna does not want to be defeated. With churning legs and writhing body she tries to twist away.

But Becky holds on and squeezes steadily on her pressure points. Donna's struggles diminish. She arches her back one last time and goes limp. Her eyes droop shut and her arms fall to her sides as she plunges into unconsciousness. Becky lets go and Donna sprawls flat on her back with her legs slightly spread. Becky gingerly rises to her feet, the soreness from the punch now diminishing. She proudly stands over the fallen Donna. Moments ago she was wondering why she was doing this. Now she knows. She feels a hot rush of exhilaration. This hyper-competitive wrestling is a way of expressing passions she has to come to grips with in one way or another.

Maggie says, "It's got to be over now. Donna is really wasted."

Becky, breathing hard, responds, "We'll see. She has a way of bouncing back."

Donna starts to move. Her eyes open and she gets up on her elbows. She looks up at Becky while smiling slightly. "One more round. That will tell the tale."

She slowly gets up the rest of the way. Both women are panting from their violent exertion. Their bodies are glossy with perspiration. But neither was going to be satisfied with calling it a tie even though they are both battered and exhausted. They only have enough in them for one last effort. Yet they are determined that only one would be left standing.

10Cindy interjects from the side, "Don't kill each other. We want to see a rematch. Maybe some of us could join in too. I know I would!"

Both make several false grabs, trying to fake out the other. Becky said later she was confident she had the upper hand at this point. Donna seems to be stumbling. Becky closes in for what she thinks is the finish. Suddenly Donna revives and they are again grappling furiously. Donna gets Becky in a bear hug. As Donna yanks her up off her feet, Becky’s narrow bikini rides up her rear even higher.

Jill quips, "Showing a bit of cheek aren't we?"

Donna drops Becky and in one swift motion spins her around and doubles her over with a hard stomach punch. The blow takes Becky beyond what she can endure. She recalled later that she was totally done in at that point. Donna clamps down with a sleeper hold from behind. Becky tries to drop below Donna's grasp but she is too weak to break her grip.

Donna drops to the mat pulling Becky down with her. "Give it up, you're all mine now. You know you want to surrender to me."

Donna now has Becky by the neck as well as one leg which renders her helpless. As she increases the pressure of the sleeper, she presses Becky's face into her left breast.

Becky struggles to breathe, inhaling Donna’s body scent mixed with the smell of the nylon of Donna's bikini top. She feels herself weakening. Her urge to struggle is replaced by a now familiar warm sensation. Even now being sleepered feels extremely pleasurable, bordering on the orgasmic. She lets herself go completely passive. She drifts down, down ever so gently. All the pain disappears as she hovers on the edge of consciousness. She is now in her own private world accompanied by a tingling orgasmic sensation.

Becky imagines herself making love with Donna. They hold each other, kissing and fondling. Why can't she just admit that she wants to have sex with another woman, at least once, just to see what it is like? She remembers wrestling with her college roommate and the two of them ending up kissing each other. Doesn't she want to explore the desires that these wrestling matches with Donna have ignited? But she can't give herself permission to go further. Yet in her imagination they embrace tighter and tighter, and even though she can't breath, she can feel a fire between her legs. She wants to be consumed by that fire. She can't hold it back.


As Donna feels Becky go flaccid, she lets her drop to the floor. She kneels next to her. As she stares down at her friend she notices Becky's bikini, which is tightly stretched over her upturned butt, quivering from a series of muscle contractions. She smiles, knowing Becky is as sexually aroused as she is. But like at all the other times, Donna is prevented from following through with her desires. She pushes Becky over onto her back with her foot.

"Yeah, I got you and got you good! You're fit to be tied!" Donna says as she knells down and grabs Becky under the arms. She pulls her up until she is in a sitting position against the couch. Becky feels Donna handling her. It is enough to cause her sensual feelings to finally erupt into a long drawn out orgasm which flows through her with an intense damp warmth. As she remains propped against the couch, she does not want to move and hopes what she is experiencing will not be obvious to those watching.

Still frustrated, Donna leans in close,"Are you really out or just faking it?" she whispers, "Let's make sure. I said I was going to knock you out so here goes."

Donna slips her hands around behind Becky's head until she finds the crown meridian pressure point at the top of the neck. She sharply pushes with her forefingers. Becky sighs and her body goes slack. This time there is no question - she plunges instantly into complete unconsciousness.

In one last act of dominance, Donna stands up while pulling Becky's body up with her. She embraces her tightly while Becky slumps in her arms. Then she lets go. Becky crumples lifelessly to the mat and ends up lying flat on her back with her arms and legs spread out at sharp angles. There is a sexual damp spot on the crotch of her bikini. Donna covers for her by saying offhandedly, "She pisses herself when she gets knocked out." Donna knows she is just as damp with excitement herself.


The match ends with Donna standing in triumph over Becky who is laying at her feet in utter subjugation. Donna smiles down at her fallen friend. She knows the reason she usually wins these matches is that she becomes aroused by overpowering another women while at the same time she suspects Becky is aroused by being subdued by another woman. Theirs is an ideal pairing. But Donna is frustrated with their friends now being present which keeps her from doing anything else with Becky. She is also frustrated by Becky’s reluctance to explore their mutual erotic desires in a more direct manner. Their friends stare at them, unsuspecting of these deeper motives, too stunned to move or say a word. FIGURE KO1-25-HERE

When I get home a week later, Becky gives me a copy of the tape of the event, as a welcome home present. Now I have another video to watch. I have to admit I love it. Still, I am surprised my wife has gotten back together with Donna. At the same time I have some serious concerns where all of this might be leading. The girls thought they had disguised their sensual feelings. But, to me, it was pretty obvious they were into far more than just competition when they wrestled. What were Becky and Donna really up to and where would it take them? Becky would finally confess to me the true nature of her feelings but by then the two of them will have gone much further.

End of Chapter 1

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