A Fine Line
by Randolph O. Mann

Randy passionately orders, “Let’s dance!”

'Sophisticated Swing' is described as a social partner-dance that evolved from the Lindy Hop. It is danced primarily in a slotted area on the dance floor. Typically the followers ‘walk forward’ at the beginning of standardized patterns allowing both partners to improvise steps while dancing together. It has been argued that there is no right or wrong way to dance it. That said, this ‘whip’ style of Hip-Hop can be presented chaste and conservatively in an upright-posture with a smooth approach. Or, it can be displayed Randy’s way, as a sensual partnered-jazz dance.

Randy coaches, “Relax Linda, and smile. Dancing is supposed to be fun.”

In practice on a crowded dance floor, the high kicking jitterbugs would frolic in the center of the floor, with the smooth dancers found ‘hoofing it’ on the periphery as they mix six count swing patterns with the eight count steps of Jive as the woman explores her flirtatious sexuality. But this wasn’t practice. This is “game day” and Randy has shown up on the dance floor with his ‘A’ game.

Linda understood from the very first step that she had innocently wandered into the deep end of the pool with Randy. Where he is fully in charge and she likes it like that. Randy whispered for her to loosen up and ordered Linda to just follow his lead. Then for the duration of the dreamy tune she is Randy’s to do with as he will. Randy found their down beat and the rhythm for Linda with synchronized hip movement. Randy good-naturedly teaches Linda the subtle hand language of Latin Jive through fingertip communication and by applying gentle palm influence along her lower back throughout their passes. Linda learns quickly to mirror his pelvis and intuitively grasps the messages from the contact of their legs, as they are interlaced during the elaborate coupled turns.

Randy tutors his partner, “Eyes up here Princess, everything below your shoulders is for me to worry about.”

Such paired dancing skills can be appreciated using multifarious criteria such as connection, frame, posture, speed, proper body alignment, accurate usage of weight and grooming. According to the onlookers Randy nailed them all with a combination of fancy twirls, intimate clinching, sophisticated footwork and dizzying spins as both Linda and Randy tripped the light fantastic.

As they dance Randy questions, “Are we having fun yet, Sweetheart?”

“I think so?”

“Good, ‘cause I think this is a real kick in the ass.”

Eyewitnesses claim the clocks just stopped ticking the moment Randy’s dancing shoe touches the parquet floorboards. It has been years for Randy between his visits to a dance floor, but he falls right back into step without missing a beat. Some men are born to run-with-the-big-dogs, whereas others are scarcely able to walk-the-walk, in the Crop & Feather, on this cheerful night Randy will be demonstrating exactly what it means to dance-a-fine-line. Because when Randy steps onto a dance floor he leads, she follows and the hardwood stage is his singular domain.

Linda is most defiantly under the influence as she willingly surrenders to the lyrics of the intoxicating Righteous Brothers ballad that is playing on the jukebox. In such an anesthetized condition Linda would have been more than satisfied to just ‘hug-and-sway’ with the music while snuggled in Randy’s arms. But Randy is having none of that. This little lady is going to learn what happens when ‘little girls’ play with fire.

The twosome soon becomes one as Linda learns to trust his lead. The burlesque quality of their fused step arrangements capriciously develops for Linda during a ‘Basic Whip Turn’ when Randy impulsively positions his right hand between her cashmere covered shoulder blades and single handedly uncouples the clasp of her brassiere that was guardedly concealed underneath the downy fabric. Two more ‘Underarm Turns’ followed with a ‘Pretzil Wheel’ was enough to divert Linda’s attention from her unfortunate wardrobe malfunction as Randy leads her into consecutive ‘Sugar Pushes,’ the second of which was calculated to allow Randy’s hands access to the hem of Linda’s cashmere sweater. By dropping both of his hands towards his follower’s waist Randy’s fingers take hold of knitted elastic strip before lifting upward and removing Linda’s pricey jersey up and overhead as she completes her ‘Draw Back.’

A nonchalant toss sends the interwoven pullover sailing into the gathering crowd of barroom voyeurs. Then these two provocative dancers improvise another quickly executed Whip Turn that Randy has erotically designed with the sole purpose of arresting Linda’s recently liberated bra before the next pair of Underarm Turns reveals Linda as stunningly topless. A cleverly executed ‘Step-Around’ positions Randy directly behind Linda with each of his hands embracing a corresponding hip. During a matched ‘Sailors Shuffle’ Randy’s nimble fingers attack the buttons holding together the waistband of Linda’s wraparound poodle-skirt.

Double pirouettes during a ‘Texas Tommy’ leave Linda flamboyantly on display and Randy in the singular custody of Linda’s hip-hoppers kilt. In matador style Randy flaunts the stripped off garment about, eventually allowing it to take fight as it leisurely settles upon the hardwood dancing planks. Attired in only black and white saddle shoes, bobby sox and side-tying tap pants Linda is now the belle of this impromptu stripper’s ball.

All eyes are on her as Linda completes an assortment of ‘Torque Turns’ followed by a ‘Slingshot Throwout’ with an ‘Anchor Step’ that returns the erotic couple into ‘Dance Position.’ From there Randy is able to artfully unfetter the knots securing her red satin panties allowing them to slither down Linda’s attractive legs before falling upon the hardwood floor at her ankles. Improvised choreography from the will-of-the-instant builds a Cinderella Moment as Randy and Linda quick step across the hardwood dance floor using a sexy boogie approach that for those watching their fancy footwork ends far too soon with a seductively naked dipping pose. The clapping of all the bar patrons and Fuzzy’s wolfish whistle pulls Randy and Linda down from cloud nine as both dancers understood how their provocative dancing reverie has politely ended.

Linda exclaims as she coyly shelters her naked parts, “Oh My!”

“I always try to leave them begging for more.”

“Would that be your first rule of ballroom dancing?”

“It is now, Princess!”

“Randy, take me home before I turn into a pumpkin and spoil this evening.”

“Done deal Little Lady, Tarbender! Check please!”

To which Fuzzy replies, “You know your money is no good in here, Boss!”

“In that case, while Linda collects her belongings can you give everyone sitting at the bar a drink... and then... charge them!”

The End

Copyright© 2012 by Randolph O. Mann. All rights reserved.