A Dweeb in ADP
by Rabbitt


It was almost 3 oíclock and Hygiene was my last class.† On the way down the hall, I thought about what Iíd been through.† It had started out as an awful day, what with the rain and then the surprise in Form Room followed by the meeting with Mr. Armstrong and then the caning.† Boy, did that hurt!† And then the awful embarrassment of being publicly shorn of pubic hair.† But I remembered the feeling of relaxation that came over me soon after my dick made its sudden appearance.† And of how surprised I was!†

Then there was Donatina... That warm aching feeling came back, and I had to stop for a drink of water.† Gee, the parade around the art room, the red scarf at PhysEd, the sudden deflation of my penis in the showers, the understanding nurse, and the genial group at lunch.† Golly, all in all, a pretty nice first day in a new school -- even though I had to spend it naked.† Met some great guys and girls, though.† And Donatina...

I thought I must be near the Hygiene class by now.† I stopped a girl and asked.† "Oh, itís right over there."† She grinned, "Iím sure youíll have fun today!"† She pointed out an open door a little further on.†

I stopped cold in the open door.† The teacher was the Nurse!† "Come on in and take a seat," she welcomed me with a smile.† "Weíll get started as soon as all the kids are here."† There was the usual bustle of youngsters getting their seats and desks just right, and putting away their backpacks and satchels.† Again, they were double desks, and I picked one already occupied by a tall mousy girl with great big boobs.† She couldnít keep her eyes off my dick.† I had similar problems with her chest.

Looking around as I spread my towel and sat down, I saw a huge bunch of bananas on the Nurseís desk at the front of the room, and beside it I saw a cardboard box with the printing "To Serve and Protect" on the side.† I could just see the end of it, too, where it said "Trojans."† I wondered what that football team had to do with a Hygiene class.†† Anyway, I was sure Iíd find out.† Just before the bell rang, Donatina glided in the room.† She looked for me and smiled.† My heart soared, and I shyly waved back.† She walked across the front of the class and took a seat near the windows.†

At the bell, there was a moment of silence as Nurse first looked at me, then pursed her lips. "Letís see.† There should be 24 of you, 12 boys and 12 girls," the Nurse said, counting with her finger across the desks.† "There are.† Now, will you all please take a moment to move your desks and chairs into a semi-circle in front of me?† The 12 desks should just fit nicely.† This way, all of you will have front row seat for our demonstration today.† Boys, help out the girls.† Now do it as quietly and quickly as you can."† Muted noises and scrapes, and it was done. The tall girl watched my dick, and I watched her chest.† We all settled in again.

"The curriculum includes classes on Hygiene as a means of teaching about the importance of taking care of our bodies.† As a nurse, I have seen first-hand the results of youngsters not knowing certain basic things about themselves.† In the first Hygiene class for you in the year, I always make it the occasion for a demonstration and lecture on Safe Sex.† Now I know this is a touchy subject, but I also know that many of you will engage in sex no matter what we adults do or say.† I just want to give each of you a leg up, so to speak, on a very basic way to stay out of serious trouble when having sex.† Today, I hope to show you exactly what youíre up against."

We all looked at each other.† What was this?† SexEd?† We all knew about the birds and the bees by now.† What could she possibly tell us that we didnít already know?† Silly grins of superiority and quiet comments went around the room.† I looked at my neighborís chest, and she gazed at what she could see of my dick, mostly hidden beneath the desk.†

"Usually," said the Nurse, "at this point I pass around a banana to each of the students, along with a condom, and have each person properly roll a condom on a banana over and over again until they get it right.† Because a condom is the best protection we girls have, and a banana is pretty much like a boyís erection.† But today, boys and girls, we have a real live ADP young man here with us.† Instead of a banana, we can practice on him.† Would you please come to the front, young man?"† She looked hard at me, and as I scrunched my chair back my still-hard dick popped up and slapped me in the belly.† My big-boobed desk mate about fell over.† I made my way up to the Nurse, and she beckoned me to a stool a lot like the one in math class, and motioned that I should sit on it.† "Miss," she said to my desk mate, "would you please bring his towel down for him to sit on."† Chesty flushed a bright red and complied.† I lifted up and inserted it under my ass.

Every eye was on me.† My dick was almost vertical, my balls were dangling a bit, and my whole pelvic area was sort of pushed forward toward the ring of students.† "We are fortunate today that this young man has a nice erection that we can practice with.† While it may seem unusually large in comparison to the rest of his body, donít make the mistake of judging a book by its cover.† In my experience, Iíve seen many examples of a penis mismatch.† So girls, just because your† idol and heartthrob is a chunky football player, donít think he has to have a large penis too.† In fact, he probably doesnít," she smiled.† Now, have any of you ever put on a condom?"† Several boys raised their hands, but she said, "Iím not so interested in the boys.† After all, they always have their own penis to practice on, and they can get it hard in a minute or so.† Itís the girls who need the experience, so as to be able to put one on no matter what the situation.†† So how about it?†† Any girls with experience?"† No hands came up.† "Very well.† All 12 of you girls will have to put one on this penis during this period.† Let me demonstrate how it should be done, and then we will have each of you do a practice application."

Eyeing the boys, she told them to pay attention because they just might learn something, too.

She took a foil packet out of the Trojans box, ripped open the foil wrap and held the rolled condom in her fingers, showing the class what it looked like.† I had never seen one, and neither had most of the girls, Iím sure.† She placed it on the end of my dick, with the nipple-like end on top, and gently but forcefully unrolled the thing down the length of my dick.† "See, thatís what putting one on is like.† Now to take it off, simply roll it back up until the whole thing comes off.† These are lubricated, so theyíre pretty easy to handle."† It came right off, and she tossed it into the wastebasket.† "Does any one of the girls want to volunteer to be the first to practice on this fine erection?† Several arms were tentatively raised.† The nurse smiled, and picked one.† "All right, come on up and letís get going"


The first girl came up.† The Nurse handed her a foil packet from the Trojan box, showed her how to rip open the package and take out the condom.† "I know you call these things Ďrubbersí too.††† Now place the ring on the head of his penis, with the big dimple, the reservoir end, on top.† Good.† Now unroll the sheath down the length of his penis.† Donít be too gentle!† Roll it on down until there no more roll left.† There.† Thatís how itís done."

How did I feel?† Wow!† Excited!† The Nurseís sure grasp contrasted with the girlís gentle touch, and the effect was out of this world.† I was tingling, my dick seemed to have grown another inch or so, and Iím sure my ears were burning red.† My balls had completely retreated up under my dick somewhere and were hard as nuts.† Under the Nurseís direction, the girl rolled the rubber back up, and near the end of my dick it slid off. And she tossed it away.† "There.† That was very well done.† Whoís next?"

And so it went.† For the next half hour or so, girls came up to the front one after the other to put a rubber on my throbbing dick.† My breath got short then I had to take big shuddering gasps of air.† I couldnít stand it!† The Nurse saw my difficulties and called for pause in the practice session.† "We need to wait a moment here, because we donít want him to ejaculate yet and lose his erection.† Then some of you girls would miss out and have to resort to a banana."† She went on and talked about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs she called them) and the protection that a rubber gives.†† After a bit, she saw my breathing had eased while my color and heart rate had gone down, and declared me ready again.† Me, I was both looking forward to it and more than a little apprehensive.† I thought I knew where this was headed, and that had happened only once before in my life.

The parade of girls continued.† Some were clumsy and inept and had to do it twice or more (I could see them grinning by the third time), and some were quite deft but still took several times to get it right.† My dick seemed to get bigger and bigger, and redder and redder, the end turning a deeper plum red and swelling while dripping clear stuff whenever a rubber was removed.† I was beginning to strain bit on the chair, trying hard to keep my hands at my sides gripping the seat of the stool so as to not violate an ADP rule.† I almost bit my tongue with the strain.† Finally, the last girl.

"Our last† participant is in ADP too today.†† Donatina, would you come over and demonstrate the placing of a rubber for us?† Youíve seen it done now quite a few times, and you should find it quite easy."

My God!!† My heart did more than its usual leap.† My mouth went completely dry.† I tried to swallow, but couldnít.† My heart thumped so hard I thought it would burst.† My ears rang!† Donatina glided up to me, accepted a condom from the Nurse, took it out of its wrap and placed it on my throbbing dick.† She smiled, and began unrolling it down my dick.† She finished.† No one said a word.† I convulsed.† My body bucked back and forth, my belly bounced up and down as my hips rocked off the stool, my arms strained on the seat, I threw my head back, shut my eyes,† and UUNNNNGGGHHH as a tremendous spasm shook me from head to toe.† Dontina clasped my dick encased in the rubber and gently held it as it leaped up and quivered.† UUNNNNGGGHHH again, and I saw the tip of the rubber give a big jump as I spurted into it again.† I couldnít breathe! Another spurt.† And again.† And again.† Donatinaís hand moved a little, I threw my head back and my dick quivered a couple of more times, squirting yet more into the rubber sack.† Oh God! I looked down to see what had happened.† My dick was still erect, but the end of the rubber was about as big as a lemon and hanging down on one side.† A few more small spasms, and my breathing returned.† Donatina let go and tilted her head up and gave me a little kiss, while the Nurse removed the rubber.† Stepping toward the class and with her back to us, she twirled it around, tied a knot in it, and said "Now this is what I wanted to show you.† This is what you can get into your vagina if you donít insist on a rubber.† This is full of sperm.† And who wants to make a baby as a teenager?"†

Donatina looked over, saw where the Nurseís attention was, and quickly moved her head down to my dick.† Taking it into her mouth, she quickly sucked and licked off the remaining sperm and popped her head back up as the Nurse finished her short speech.†

"This young man deserves our thanks for the demonstration today, and I think you all agree that it was more educational and entertaining than a banana!"† There was a scattering of applause as the bell rang...

I picked up my towel, went to my desk for my satchel, and took a last look at my busty desk mate.† She reached down and caressed my dick. "Wow, you sure had a lot in there!"† I found Donatina surrounded by a bunch of giggling girls asking, "How was it?"

"Absolutely delicious," she smiled.† With that, she took my arm and led me up to Mr. Armstrongís office, where we were due in only a few minutes.


We arrived at exactly 4 oíclock, and the door opened to let out a teary naked girl.† "My mom will kill me!" she cried as she ran down the stairs.† Mr. Armstrong appeared at the door and ushered us in.† There was already a naked boy standing stiffly in front of his desk and sporting a red welt across his ass.† "This young man starts his two days of ADP this afternoon -- he was seen masturbating in the boysí room." By this time my dick had softened and hung obediently in front of my balls.† "You may leave, and beware of your future conduct," he said to the boy while walking behind his desk.† The boy turned, and I saw he was the same guy who had ratted me out this morning!† I grinned at him as he hung his head and left.†

"Youíre a little early, but Iíll excuse you this time."† He sat down behind his desk and we stood waiting his judgement, shaking in fear that weíd have to go home naked, too.† "Both of you.† Iíve been off campus most of the day so I couldnít observe for myself, but Iíve had nothing but good reports from my staff about you today, especially you, young man, so I am giving you both your clothes back with instructions for a proper set of clothing.† Let this be a lesson.† I do not want to see ether of you in my office again this year.† Is that absolutely clear?"

"Yes sir," we chorused.† Taking our clothes, we left, and as soon as the door was shut, we got dressed, giggling softly.† What a relief!† Holding hands, we walked out to the parking lot.† We parted with a smile.

My mom was waiting in her car in the parking lot where she had left me this morning.† "How was your day, dear?† Did you learn anything interesting?† And how were the other kids?† Were they nice to you?"

I looked at her.† Sheíd never understand.

"It was OK.† But Mom, weíve got to get the right uniform.† This afternoon.† Please?"†