A Dweeb in ADP
by Rabbitt


The halls were crowded and a little noisy, like they were earlier, and several of the kids greeted me warmly as I jogged up the stairs to where I remembered her office was. I was anxious, though and didn't return the comments. I'd never had my balls bounce around like this, and coupled with my swinging dick, the effect was un-nerving. I knocked on the door, heard "Come In," and there she was sitting calmly at her desk looking over some papers.

She smiled. "Well, hello. Back for your noon pill? How did it go today? Oh my! What happened to all your pubic hair? I'll bet that Science teacher cut it off. He's always doing something off the wall," she chuckled. "But wait. You look awfully worried about something. What is it?"

I stammered out that I really felt upset and nervous right now, even more than earlier this morning. I was scared that I had done something to my penis and maybe ruined or broken it -- look how long and hanging down it was, itd always been short and hidden, my balls were too long, I'd felt really good when it suddenly got hard and stayed hard, maybe bouncing around in Phys Ed had damaged something... I went on and on until I ran out of words, and almost in tears, I stopped.

"There now. Come over here and let me see." She took my penis in both her hands, kneaded it gently while stroking it a few times, pulled back my foreskin and examined closely the big end and the pee-slit. The she held it up against my belly and cupped my dangling balls, rolling them gently in her fingers. She tenderly examined everything, humming softly to herself. "I don't see that there's anything at all wrong with it. You probably took a hot shower after Phys Ed and you know that in warmth the testicles do descend bit in an attempt to remain cool. Also, you'll remember from the hygiene classes you must have had in your other school, that a penis erection is merely lots of blood pooling down there in it, and that it takes time for the blood to get back into your system. That's why it's still long and kind of fat like a sausage. Your penis will eventually shrink back to its normal size after the erection goes away."

I relaxed a bit under her soothing explanation. "You say you felt really good about an hour after the morning pill?" I nodded, and explained that that was when my dick got really hard, too. She smiled again and said, "I think another pill should do it for you. Your penis will probably get hard again as you calm down and feel better. It's quite normal for a man who is relaxed and happy. Don't worry about it any more, and you probably won't need to come back here at 4 PM when school is over. Have a fun day." She gave me another little blue pill, watched me wash it down with a sip of water, and ushered me out the door.


The hallway had emptied out a bit, and I went back down the stairs and followed the food smell to the cafeteria for a bite of lunch. There was a line in front of a lady who was checking off names, but when I got to her she smiled and said, "ADP kids can't go in the food line -- state health laws -- so tell me what you want and I'll get it delivered to you. Find a seat somewhere. You'll be easy to spot." I looked around, feeling awfully lonely. Then I saw several hands waving my way and beckoning me over to their table. It was the same group of boys and girls who had greeted me outside the doors before Art class!

Lots of "Hi, How's it going; looking good," friendly laughing and grinning. I reached in my satchel, took out the little towel, and spread it out before sitting. They all asked if it was my first ADP, and I said yes. Then started a long discussion as the cafeteria lady brought me my lunch -- a ham sandwich and a glass of milk. ADP, they said, was actually kind of fun sometimes. They gave me a short history of how it had been introduced a while back to enforce better discipline, and even the cops in town supported it, so ADP sometimes lasted overnight, even off campus and downtown. Parents all supported it but practically never told the kids when they first came to school. Mine sure didn't, I thought. As I ate, they said teachers were always on the lookout for rule violators that they could throw into ADP, or for kids already on ADP making mistakes, but the kids covered for each other pretty well. Except for that asshole who turned me in -- another new guy who would get his ass handed to him, just wait!

ADP could be imposed for almost anything, such as talking in class, late assignments, wrong clothing, disobedience, staring or drawing attention to ADP kids; and ADP itself had some tough rules, such as the use of opposite sex showers, bathrooms, Phys Ed, and no hiding of dicks, balls, tits, or pussies. Also, there was no privacy, such as shower or bathroom stalls, to keep you from playing with your cock or clitty, or someone else's, which everyone did anyway. Kids never reported on each other. The thing to watch out for was nosey teachers sneaking around. The little towel was a favorite for them to notice. Looking around the room and then reaching under her skirt, "See, right now I can play with my clitty," said the cute blond girl who had stroked me earlier, "and Michael can take his dick out for a massage, and no one will report it." Reaching under the table, she gave my still-soft one a few quick pats. "And I can do this, too," she laughed. "We love seeing you waltzing around with that big hardon."

What a friendly bunch of kids. I relaxed. "Why did you have that hardon anyway?" Michael asked. "Last year when several other guys were caught, they were so embarrassed that their dicks just shriveled up. I'm sure mine would!" "And it would still be cute," said the blond with a wide grin. I told them that that I really didn't know, just that less than an hour after the nurse gave me a pill to stop my nervousness and sweats, my dick came up and I calmed down. "Did you feel sexed up all the time?" I said that I didn't know, not really, it's just that my dick is, well, you know, right there. While we continued talking and we were all finishing our lunch, another girl piped up. "The only thing really bad about being caught for ADP is the caning the Principal gives you. That really hurts, and he usually gives you some more afterwards to remind you." I painfully remembered this morning with Donatina. "You know Donatina," she continued, "the girl given ADP with you at Assembly? Ask her. She had ADP twice last year and said she didn't mind it much -- except for the whacks with that cane! She's got this wonderful smile all the time she's naked." "And she's pretty good looking, too," added Michael. Blondie slapped his knee playfully. "ADP is supposed to be embarrassing and humiliating, but most of the time we think its fun!"

Just thinking about Donatina, I had this funny feeling below my heart. I felt my dick starting to come back to life. As it swelled and began to press up against the underside of the table, I scrunched my chair back and it sprang into view. "Oooohhh," said the cute blond. "See! You're having fun, and we're having fun, but they think it's a punishment!"

Laughing among ourselves, we picked up our dirty dishes and trash to take them over to the scullery for disposal. There, I suddenly remembered my towel and scooted back to get it. There was Donatina! My heart leaped! "I think you forgot this," she bubbled. "How's the day been for you?" I hadn't seen her anywhere since Phys Ed, and I was so glad to see her now. I told her it had been a pretty interesting day; that I'd had to see the nurse again, but that things were looking up. "I see something sure is!" she said, looking down at my dick, now bobbing about and looking for attention. Practically lost for words in her presence, I mumbled thanks to her for my towel, and we both headed off to class.

"What's your afternoon schedule?" she asked. I reached in my satchel, looked at the schedule of classes, and told her Math, Civics, and lastly Hygiene. "Well," she said, "I'll see you in Hygiene. Don't forget, that's the last period, and then we both have to go see the Principal at 4 o'clock to get our clothes. And if we've been really good maybe we won't get another caning." I sure hoped not, remembering that Mr. Armstrong had also promised us getting sent home naked and a whole week of ADP if he received a single complaint about us. She told me where my next classes were, and we parted, each weaving our way through the milling kids. I looked after her once, and there she was, gracefully parting the waves of students like a serene goddess. My heart seemed to soar, and I'm sure I had a goofy grin.

As for me, I exchanged smiles, waves, and thanks for words of praise and admiration with practically everyone, boys and girls. It was pretty neat, I thought. All my school life I had been almost invisible to others, just a small ant in the farm. But today, my first day at a new school, I felt part of the group, part of a class, part of the student body rather than an outsider thrust in among them. And I was friends with a beautiful girl. Could life get any better? I really didn't pay my dick much attention even though it was leading the way in front of me. I was caught up in the fun of belonging. It felt good!

Funny how every time I thought of Donatina I had this funny ache and my mouth went dry. Even in the hustle and bustle of kids in the hall brushing my dick and touching my ass, I paid no attention. Everyone seemed very friendly about it all. But I was worried about getting reported for something in violation of the rules. I certainly did not want to have to go home naked!!

There was a water fountain with a girl bent over it getting a sip of water. I stood behind her waiting for a sip myself for my dry mouth, but suddenly she backed up and my dick wedged between her legs and rucked up her skirt. Really flustered, I apologized, but she just smiled and said "That's all right." The fountain was rather low, and when I bent over to get my drink, I about knocked my teeth out when a soft and warm hand cupped my balls and a voice said, "Way to go! We're with you all the way!" I jerked up, and looked around to find where the math classroom was. I couldn't see any labels, like, you know, Math Class Here. I was pretty lost. Clued-in, I suppose, by my bewildered look, another girl grabbed my dick and towed me over to a classroom door that was partially open. "That's where you go next, stud." Mumbling my thanks, I walked in.