A Dweeb in ADP
by Rabbitt


Out in the hall the other kids changing classes streamed by and we joined the line, by this time lightly holding hands.   I felt completely wonderful.  If being in ADP was supposed to be a punishment, I didn't mind right now.  My dick bobbed and weaved in front of us looking like a one-eyed flagpole leading a formation.   I suppose the word was around to more of the student body, because beyond a few grins and muted whistles, there wasn't much notice taken of my rigid penis.   Donatina, as before, glided along serenely, seemingly oblivious to the boys half-trying to cop a feel and smiling slightly.

Walking along, I got to wondering how many more ADP rules there were that I didn't know about.  Maybe they were in the packet of materials my parents gotten yesterday when we finished registering.  I guess we should have read them and maybe I wouldn't have gotten caught by that little runt who turned me in at Assembly this morning.   I sure better read them tonight!

We went out the door again and into the watery sunshine, then ducked back into the other building.  A girl opened the door for me and it swung against my dick with a jolt.  I don't think she did it on purpose, because she quickly caressed it and said she was sorry.   Down the hallway a bit Donatina said, "Here's the girls locker room.  Maybe I'll see you at lunch.  Have fun!"   She went on her way, and I opened the door.  A whole line of girls followed me in chattering away like magpies.

A whole crowd of teenage girls were slipping out of their clothes in front of their lockers, and most of them squealed and giggled when they saw me and my dick come in the room.  The Phys Ed instructor was there, though, and she quieted them down by reminding them that ADP boys had to share with the girls; and that if they didn't behave, they'd find themselves sharing with the boys.   That did it.  "Now girls," she instructed, "take off your clothes, underwear too, as well as shoes and socks, and slip into these body suits in the bins.   There are 3 sizes, and you should be able to find something.  They are clean -- we wash them every day after class.   And you, young man, slip out of your shoes and socks and come out to the gym floor with the girls when they're ready.  Let's get going, girls!"    She was a nice athletic looking woman dressed in a tee shirt and shorts, with a bright red scarf on her head holding her hair in place, the ends hanging down her back.

I never expected to see so many naked females in my life.  Neither did my penis, I'm sure, as its eye looked around and wept a single tear while they stripped and then pulled on the body suits.  My shoes and socks came off, and I joined the exodus for the door with all those sexy and lightly clothed bodies.  

Part 12: PHYSED

The Teacher lined us up in two rows, telling me to stay at the front with her facing the class, and we all started some body twists to loosen up.   She chattered constantly about having a fit body and exercising regularly, while I concentrated on looking at the girls while they concentrated on looking at my dick.   I tried not to think about sex but it sure was hard after my adventures so far today.  Maybe that was against ADP rules too!  I hardly had time to look down to the other end of the gym where the boys were doing much the same thing in their body suits.   But I could see Donatina was right up front helping to lead the drills.

After about 10 minutes of twists, we moved to deep knee bends, with our arms straight out in front of us.   These were harder, and ten minutes later we tried jumping jacks.  You can image how the hardon reacted, flopping up and down like a loose cannon bouncing against my belly.   Teacher stopped us after a moment and took off the scarf wrapped around her hair and tied it around my waist with a loop around my dick, pinning it against my belly. "Now," she said, "that will make it easier on you.   And the girls, too," she added with a twinkle in her eye.  Jumping jacks continued until all of us were gasping for breath.   My dick was under control, but my balls had fallen a bit and they bounced around noticeably.  She told us to lightly jog in place for a while, then walk, and thus she cooled us down.

Taking her hair scarf back, she said, "Next time we'll warm up a bit and then step it up with some more rigorous exercises and get your bodies all toned up.   You girls need to be faster getting changed and out onto the floor -- don't wait for the others, but come on out and get started.  There's only 50 minutes to a period, and we can't waste it.   Okay, into the locker room, be sure to take a shower, and get on to your next class.  No excuses if you're late -- you've seen today what the punishment is like."

I filed into the locker room with them.  They stripped immediately, throwing their body suits into a large clothes hamper, and striding into the shower room next door.   I stood under one of the long line of hot showers and looked at the girls soaping themselves between their legs and on their tits.  Some, though, were sitting down on the toilets lined up on the opposite wall, apparently not wanting to pee in the shower.   I saw there were no partitions between the commodes -- like I'd heard about in the army.  Suddenly I noticed my dick was getting soft, wilting from its upthrust pole-like appearance and looking more like a pepperoni sausage.   It was still long though, not short like I'd been used to for years.  What had I done to it?  Had the jumping jacks broken something?   How come, with all these naked girls around, it wasn't still up and eager?  Several girls noticed and cast worried glances at me and at my dick.   I was worried too, panicked that something serious was wrong.  My feelings of well-being dissolved into dread.   I had been feeling so good that I had thought of skipping my noon pill that the nurse had told me to get from her, but now I decided I'd better go see her before lunch.   I grabbed a towel from a hamper, quickly dried off and slipped on my shoes and socks. 

Suddenly I realized I had to pee, so I stepped over to a toilet and let go.   Wow!  I'd not been since I left home.  Two girls left their shower and came over to watch.   "I saw a horse do that once, and it was yucky," said one girl.  The other replied, "This one seems kinda cute."  And to me, "Can I hold it while you go?"   I mumbled, "Sure, if you want."  She giggled and steered it to make figure-8s in the bowl.   It seemed to take forever to empty out.   Finally only a few drops were left.  She let go, and I started to zip up my fly, realized I didn't have one, and walked back into the locker room.   I saw my reflection in a large mirror on the end wall.  Scrawny chest with no hair, thin arms, too much hair on my head, specs and big ears, skinny hips -- all that I was used to.   But instead of a heavy mat of pubic hair, there was this long and large bratwurst of a thing in front of a sack of some sort that must be my balls.  My foreskin had come forward and it sort of looked like a big fire hose nozzle.  Really shook, I bolted out the locker room door into the hallway.   Looking around, I oriented myself, and headed straight for the Nurse's office.  My now completely soft penis dangled and bounced between my thighs, and, lowered by the heat from the showers, my balls swung in a rhythm of their own.