A Dweeb in ADP
by Rabbitt


The first door on the right was open, and there were a few girls inside at desks, but no Teacher yet, so I went on in while they watched my cock bouncing in front of me.   They looked up from what they were doing, smiled and said Hello. One muttered Wow under her breath and the others laughed in response.  I sat, but before pulling my chair in under the desk I suddenly remembered.  I stood up, got the little towel out of my satchel, and spread it on the chair before sitting down again.  I snugged up to the desk and, putting my nearly empty satchel on top, looked around.

There were about 15 small lightweight two-person desks scattered around the room in loose rows, each with a narrow shelf for notebooks or pencils, and two chairs underneath.   The walls had been festooned with large posters of nude Greek and Roman statues, and some buxom ladies and fig-leaf-clad men in paintings.  In front was a lectern and Teacher's desk, and lots of art books and photos scattered on it.

My mind wandered.  ‘Here it is,’ I thought, ‘only 10 or so in the morning and my whole world has changed.   Sure, my dick is big, but I feel really good.  Is it the pill Nurse gave me?  Let's see -- that was at just about 9, and by 9:45 the nervousness and sweating went away, and I began to feel almost happy, even though I had been ashamed and embarrassed at being so exposed.’  And right now I felt confident.  I hoped it would last.

Soon some more kids came in, mostly girls and finally two guys.  They were not jock types, more studious looking.  I guess Art Appreciation class wasn't for the muscle bound.  I caught a couple of sidelong stares.   Finally the only vacant seat was at my table.  The bell rang.  We waited for Teacher. Quiet whispering filled the silence.

A really nice looking lady strode into the classroom with a big smile on her face, and turning around, led a nude girl in behind her.  Donatina!!  She ushered the younger girl into the class and gestured that she should take the seat next to me.  Wow!  Donatina shyly made her way through the desks and, pulling out the chair, expertly spread out her little towel and sat next to me with a nice smile and a whispered Hello.   She put her hand on my thigh, looked at me and smiled, and gently touched my penis, wedged between my thighs. My heart pounded!  Teacher went to the front of the classroom, stood at her desk, and spoke to the class.

"Hello.  I am Ms. Binnings, your Art Appreciation teacher, and I want to welcome you to the world of Beauty.  We start the school year a very special first Art Appreciation class glorifying the human body.  As some of you older students know, I try to bring to the students here an outlook on Art in the World, and try also to instill an appreciation of what Mankind thinks of as true beauty in nature.  Look around you.  You will see posters and photos of some of the most wonderful artistic creations mankind has ever known. And today, I hope to bring these to life by comparing these representations to real life.  You saw whom I brought into class with me.  Ms. Donatina Spumenti was, unfortunately for her, selected to be ADP today, but it is to our advantage that she can be here.  I borrowed her from her mathematics class to help us in our lesson.  Last year, she had already had much of what she was to get today, so her math teacher was willing to loan her to us.  Donatina, would you please come forward?"  Donatina removed her hand and stood; pushed back her chair, and walked slowly forward toward Teacher's desk.  Once again, I was treated to the swaying  movement of her behind.


She stood at the front, turned and faced the class at the quiet urging of Teacher, and smiled out at us.  Even the girls were entranced; the boys were practically drooling.  "Boys and girls, what we have here is a classic example of feminine beauty in the making.  Look in comparison to the photographs of Venus de Milo and the others on the walls (she pointed to the dozen or so other nude female posters she had mounted) and you can see that Donatina is just beginning to develop into as beauteous a creature as they are.  Her breasts are as not as yet fully developed but you can see her potential.  Her nipples are sprouting nicely, and her sex, by this I mean her hill of love, is coming along well with a lovely dusting of public growth.  Look at the swell of her hips, and the slender waist.  You can imagine her developing into something quite wonderful and beautiful indeed.  Donatina, would you please walk among the class members and let them have a closer look at your beautiful body."

All during this speech I was in a fog.  My heart seemed to skip some beats.  My dick impossibly swelled to immense proportions and wanted to burst.  I had kept my hands on top of the desk, scared of any ADP regulation about touching or hiding it, and my fists were clenched in frustration.  My breath was short, I was panting, and it seemed my heart would burst!  Donatina walked up and down the aisles for a good ten minutes, stopping at each pair of desks, and while the girls looked fairly casually at her, the boys were careful to examine her more completely to be sure.  Then she returned to her seat next to me.  Once again, her hand snaked over and found my penis and squeezed it gently while she smiled at me.

Part 9: MY TURN

My ears were smoking.  I had just watched to most beautiful thing in the world showing off her charms.  I had never seen a naked female before this morning, but I was sure that this was the most wonderful thing I would ever see. 

"I see a bare chest back there in the middle of the class, so I assume that we have the other ADP person with us today," Teacher said to the class.  "I would appreciate it if he came forward and introduced himself to us."

I stood up.  But my ultra-hard and engorged dick got caught under the desk shelf and tipped it up, sending the desk careening forward into the backs of the chairs of the two girls in front of me.  My satchel slid off the desk and plopped on the floor out in the aisle, next to one of the girls.  Donatina and I reached for the desk at the same time, and righted it.  By this time I was in the aisle reaching for my satchel to put it back on the desk.  But one of the girls in front reached down almost at eye level with the end of my dick, and picked it up for me.  She looked up at me and adroitly hung it on my super erect penis by its shoulder strap.  I'm sure my ears burned even more and I turned a bright red, but I muttered Thank You, while taking it off and putting it back on the desk.

I made my way down front toward Teacher.  My super big dick was proudly erect at a stiff angle to my belly, and I was sure that it could never get bigger without simply bursting.  Her eyes were glistening, her mouth was half open in shock or amazement I guess and she stuttered, "T-T-Thank you.  Please t-t-turn around and f-f-face the c-c-class."  I did as she asked, and found the rapt eyes of everyone focused on me. 

There was a long pause, while Teacher collected her thoughts.  "Boys and girls, I have never seen anything as beautiful as what you have before you today.  I am truly awed by what's here; and I'd like to use the rest of the period to discuss the points of beauty so that you will recognize and appreciate them, and then   compare this with some of the art I have posted."  Looking at me, she said, "But perhaps this young man would like to introduce himself to us and tell us a little bit about himself."  My voice cracked as I mumbled my name, and the fact that this was my first day at this school, and that I wasn't too sure of what was going on, and why I had been singled out for ADP this morning.

She took over, directing the class's attention to my penis with a wide sweep of her arm. "See the gentle yet powerful curve up from the testicles and reaching toward the sky."  She grasped my shaft and slowly moved her hand up its length. " Notice the veins crisscrossing the shaft and leading toward the head of the penis."  Her hand reached the end and covered the head.  There was complete silence in the class.  "The head is large and almost plum colored, and glistening with lubrication."  To me, she asked, "Are you circumcised?  I don't think so."  I shook my head.  She resumed her lecture.  "His foreskin has retracted to allow the large end, or glans, to be fully exposed."  She grasped my dick rear the end and tried to move my foreskin to the front, but after it grudgingly moved forward, it suddenly retracted -- it was too short to accommodate the huge penis head.  She knelt down and examined closely the slit at the end and said, "There is a nice large opening at the end for ample quantities of, well, output."  She was flustered.  After pausing to catch her breath, Teacher cupped my balls.  "And let's not forget the young man's balls, or testicles.  As you may know they usually dangle quite a bit to compensate for temperature, but his are drawn up, probably because his erection has stretched the available skin.  But it is warm in the classroom, so there is a little normal extension."  Bending over, she kneaded them gently and said, "They are large and well developed for his age and build."   

She paused.  "I would like to know just how long this penis really is, because it is truly remarkable and could be a record."   She looked up at me and asked, "Do you know?"

I replied that it had been measured at about 9 inches in Science class last period, and that today was the very first time I had ever see it up in the air like that.  "How come your pubic hair has been shaved off?" she asked.  "Do you always keep it that way?"  I told her about my experience in Science class, and that my penis had been hard just about ever since, over an hour now.  She stood and reached in her desk drawer for a ruler.  Putting it against my belly like had been done before, she laid it out and the tip came right to the ten-inch mark.  It had grown!  "This doesn't give a true measure," she said.  She knelt down and, lifting my balls a bit, she put the ruler end up against the base of my ball sac where the root of the hardon seemed to be.  This time the end was out beyond the end of the ruler.  More than 12 inches!  She gave a soft whistle of appreciation.    

She went on with her lecture in comparison of beauty.  "Suppose you compare what we see here to the statue of David, by Michelangelo, that is shown on the poster over here."  She left me and pointed out David's penis and testicles.  "Notice the curl of public hair, the short uncircumcised penis, and the very small testicles.  Of course, if you compare David's shoulders, his arm muscles, and his brawny abdomen with those of our student, there is a big difference.  David has long been seen as the best of male beauty  -- but I think we have our own David right here."


 She paused, looked over at me, caught her breath, and stepped back to her desk.  A sheen of moisture covered her face, and her voice was pitched a bit higher than it was at the beginning of class.  "If you have any questions as to the physiognomy of what you are seeing, please be sure to ask your biology and science teachers for more information.  As for me, my specialty is appreciation of beauty, and I see something truly beautiful here."  Looking at me, she asked, "Would you please walk among the students in class and allow them to have as close a look as I have been privileged to have?  I am sure that they would appreciate it."

How did I feel?  Well, proud I guess is the answer.  In all my school years I had never been singled out for anything, and here I was, the star of the class.  Coming on the heels of the impromptu rally between classes, this was truly a heady experience.

I started up an aisle with desks on both sides.  One girl in front raised her hand.  "Teacher, can we touch it and see how hard it really is?" she asked.

"Of course," she said, " but be gentle.  Sometimes you can hurt a boy by squeezing too hard."  On that, both girls at the desk grasped and squeezed gently, with little comments of appreciation.

Teacher added, "Maybe you could also feel the head and see how soft and velvety it is in comparison with the hard shaft.  This is where a boy gets most of his erotic sensations." 

Another asked. "Teacher, can I feel his balls?  I mean, they look so cute.  Are they hard, or are they sponge-like things in a sac."

"Sure," she responded, "but again be gentle.  They are fairly firm but not like marbles.  Roll them gently in your fingers.  But be careful because the most sensitive part of a boy is his balls, and squeezing them can be really seriously painful to him."  

After that, my half-hour trip around the class was punctuated by various touching, stroking, squeezing, and cupping.  There was lots of giggling and rolling of eyes.  I noticed the two boys merely looked and didn't touch, but they seemed appreciative all the same.

"There is a little drop of clear stuff at the end of his penis," one girl said. "What is that?  Is it cum?  I've heard about that, and I'm scared of it!"

"No, no, that's not cum.  That's just a little bubble of lubrication that comes out when the male is ready for sex.  Without any sex, it goes away.  But for more information about what really happens, you'll have to wait until your hygiene class, where I am sure it will all be explained.  This is Art Appreciation, where we contemplate beauty in both form and in function.  And this is certainly both."  She smiled brightly, mopped her brow with a Kleenex, and sat down behind her desk.  I looked back, and her hands were in her lap.

After visiting all the desks, I made my way back toward Donatina, who was given the last chance to admire my creation.  She cupped my balls, and leaned out to kiss away the little drop of moisture easing out the slit.  There was a little gasp from the class.  I caught my breath, pulled back my chair and slipped in beside Donatina.  Her hand slid over to my penis, caressed and squeezed a little, and she awarded me a sweet smile.

The bell rang.  "Tomorrow we'll get our first textbooks for this class," she announced.  You may go."

Still a bit awestruck, I think, the class quietly stood, kids collected their book bags and near-empty backpacks, and filed out into the hall.  Several girls glanced at me and smiled a nice See you later.  Donatina and I stood also.  She guided my penis away from the desk, being careful not to overturn it again.   My towel slipped to the floor.  Several girls in the aisle passed closer than they needed to and brushed my ass with their palms.  One reached down and tried to reach my balls from behind as I bent to retrieve my little towel.

Donatina looked at me and asked, "Where do you go next?"  I opened my satchel, grabbed the schedule I had been given yesterday.  Science  at 9, Art Appreciation at 10, and Physical Education at 11, followed by lunch.  I replied, "Phys Ed.  But where is that?"

"Oh," she said, "that's in the gym.  That's where I go, too.  The boys use one end and the girls the other.  It'll probably be only stretching exercises today -- nothing too difficult.  Oh, there is one thing: ADP kids have to use the other kids' changing rooms and showers, and also participate in their PE.  You know, ADP boys with the girls, and ADP girls with the boys.  Of course, we don't have much to change, do we," she laughed.  All we were wearing were shoes and socks.