A Dweeb in ADP
by Rabbitt

Part 5:  Cleaning Up

Teacher calmly returned the razor and the shears to the drawer where he had gotten them from, and turned to the class.  “ That’s it for today, ladies and gentlemen.  I hope you found our lesson as interesting as I did.  See you next time, when you will be issued your texts. Please be prepared to discuss what cultural and social differences you feel are important between boys and girls as regards scientific undertakings.  Miss Spumenti, will you clean up the hair on the floor before you leave and put it into the wastebasket?  Thank you.”

There was a bustle of quiet conversation in the classroom as the students got up, collected their belongings, and started for the door.  Donatina knelt down and scraped the hairs into a pile.  I remembered that before this morning, I had never seen a naked a girl of my own age.  Kneeling to help her, I was mesmerized by her budding breasts a s they swelled between her arms.  I stepped behind her to sweep up some stray hair, though, and my engorged dick brushed her back. She giggled, and said, “ I see you are still impressed from this morning.”  I gulped, no reply at hand, and put a big handful of hair in the wastebasket.  It was all cleaned up, and Teacher let us go, ever helpful in encouraging us to get to our next class within 10 minutes or be late.  “You know, that could cost you another day naked – so be careful!”

Donatina and I stepped up to our lab table, picked up our stuff (she had a small backpack; I had my small satchel containing a few pencils and ballpoints, and a pad of lined paper in case I needed to take notes during this first day).   I picked out the small towel I had been given earlier.  “What is this for?” I asked her.  “Silly.  That’s for you to sit on.  One of the rules is that whenever you sit down, you have to have this under your bottom to keep from leaving something on the chair seat.”  My jaw dropped.  Oh.  We started out of the room together.

I felt spaced out.  I had a very lily white and naked body.  Slightly longish hair on my head, no chest hair, only little tufts in my armpits, but huge pubic hair.  Until now.  There I was, really very very naked and with a hardon I had never seen before.  And in public with a group of kids I had never seen before either.  In a new school, new faculty, even a new town.

And about my hardon.   I had beat off only once in my life out of curiosity.  I had been in a locker room at my last school, no one was around, and my dick was aching and eager for some attention.   I had stroked it, and it had emerged from its hairy cocoon.  I kept on making it feel good until I sort of sneezed, or hiccupped, or something – I spasmed, and some white stuff came out of the end of the thing.  I had been scared, thinking that maybe I had done something wrong, or maybe ruined it forever.  But my dick had quietly wilted and retreated into its protective womb of hair, and I had forgotten about it.  But that was last year.  And this morning on the way to the Principal’s office I had thought I had a “raging” hardon.  Compared to this one, hardly the case.

But here I was with a whole new dick!  It felt good, sticking out there like a pole and seemingly sniffing at its surroundings as if looking for action.  While I was still embarrassed, I had a growing sense of well being, because the pill seemed to have taken away a lot of the bad feelings and made me more willing to face up to whatever had to happen.   I looked down occasionally to admire my creation.   I had never been circumcised.  But the huge hardon had gotten too big for the foreskin which had pulled back by itself, revealing the purplish-red and glistening  plum-shaped end with a little slit in it.  It was pretty sensitive, and the caress of cool air on it from the open door felt pretty good.

Donatina preceded me out of the classroom, and we merged in the hallway with a hustling and bustling crowd of teenagers.  I remembered that this morning in the halls on the way to see Mr. Armstrong it was very quiet outside Assembly – but most of the kids were still there.  Then, when Donatina and I went to the Science classroom, there were only a few  – most were already in class.  Now it was like I had seen in other schools.  Boys hi-fiving each other, girls huddled together and exchanging secrets, jokes and comments being thrown over the heads of us all – in short, the typical high school hall-between-classes activities.  The noise level was not loud, but everyone seemed to be cheerful and having fun as they purposefully moved to their next class.  Donatina said she had to go to her math class next, and that she would try to see me at lunch in the cafeteria.  I grabbed her arm.  “I have to go to Art Appreciation– I chose it as my elective this year – but I don’t know where it is.”

“Go on down the hall, then down the stairs, then out to the next building.  First door on your right.  You’ll love it!”

Part 6: On the Way to Art

She touched me gently on the end of my dick, smiled, turned, and merged into the crowd.  I saw boys veer toward her and brush her close by, but she simply kept moving with the liquid grace that had so entranced me earlier this morning.  I remembered some things about the ADP rules that I had paid little attention to at that early assembly this morning, and it looked like most of the boys were really close to violating them.

I started walking down the hall the other way with my satchel over my shoulder, and with my tent-pole reaching out in front of me.  Beginning to feel proud of it, I had no desire to try and cover it up.  My balls had come up a little in the relative coolness of the hallway and no longer brushed against my inner thighs.  Several girls found it necessary to brush close by and jostle me, and one of them even held on to my penis for a little while in the crowd, looking at me with a smile on her face.  “Very nice, new boy’” she whispered quietly.  Boys pretty much stayed clear, although I saw three of them together standing by some lockers staring at me with frank appraisal.  Their apparent leader, a husky football player type, whistled and gave me a high-five sign of approval.  I began to feel even better, although still having a hard time coming to grips with it all.  What the hell, I thought kidding myself, they all saw me naked this morning in the assembly, and the only thing different is the shaved dick.  I can get through this!

I surely did not want to be late for the next class, bearing in mind that Mr. Armstrong had said if there were any complaints I’d have more punishment.   Maybe having to go home naked!  Boy would that drive my Mum and Dad up the wall.  So I walked quickly to the stairs, practically ran down them with my dick bobbing away in front of me and slapping my belly, and got to the glass doors leading out.  The rain from this morning had almost stopped, thank God, and a little watery sunshine was peeking through.  I had a few minutes, so I pushed open the door and went out on the connecting walkway.

They were waiting for me.  Whistles and grins, and a little laughter, as a dozen boys and girls converged on me to get a closer look at the totem pole I was pushing in front of me.  It was a show of their admiration for my penis.  Imagine, a dweeby, skinny, long-haired, short kid, a newbie to this close-knit school of only 400 students, but sporting for all to admire the biggest cock they had ever seen or imagined.  No longer was I unremarkable, unnoticed and nondescript.  I had never been very good at anything before, and I had always been a misfit.  But that had changed.  My whole world had changed.

They were risking getting put on ADP themselves, because the rules did not allow drawing attention to a student’s nakedness. The boys stood back and grinned in admiration, while the girls clustered closer.  Several managed to fondle it lightly with an OOH or AHH.  One cute little blond grasped my pole and, looking up at her boyfriend, said, “It feels just like yours, Michael!”  He beamed.  Overall, though, they were pretty quiet and wound it up in a few moments.  They dispersed with some kind words and smiling “See you laters” and high-fives for me.   I went on into the next building.