A Dweeb in ADP
by Rabbitt

Part 3: Science Class

Teacher nodded a greeting to me at the door, and indicated that I should sit at the same table with Donatina.  I put my satchel down on the floor next to her backpack.

“As I have been telling the rest of the class while you were next door,“ he said, “being as it’s the first day of classes you students do not have textbooks yet, so we will start the science curriculum this year with a session on sexual characteristics and differences among male and female people.  It’s very timely that you and Miss Spumenti have chosen today to honor us with your ADP status, for we can examine the subject first hand.  If you both would stand up in front down here, next to me, and face the class, we can begin.”

We did as we were asked.  Donatina stood first, walked gracefully down the several levels to the front, turned around, and smiled at the boys and girls at the tables.  She seemed very relaxed – after all, she’d been on ADP before.  “Now you, boy, and be quick about it.”  I shuddered, got to my feet, and stumbled down to the teaching dais.  I turned and stood next to her.

Teacher began with Donatina.  He first commented on her overall build, asking her occasionally to turn around to demonstrate his points about the gentle feminine curves that had so entranced me while walking to the Principal’s office.  He than talked about her breasts, comparing them to my lack of any.  He commented that I was particularly small for my age, being both skinny and short.  He asked my weight and height: 110 and 5’ 5”.  Then he went on to describe the swell of her breasts, their beautiful and functional nipples that were growing in quite nicely (especially as compared to my scrawny and almost concave chest with its two tiny dots).  He then talked about her hips and the soft swell of her abdomen and her pussy (he called it her sex).  Then he stopped.

Part 4: The Unveiling

Teacher stepped around and looked me up and down.  “Boy, that is I assume that you’re a boy, are you missing something ?  I don’t see any male equipment, and I certainly cannot show the class any characteristics and differences if you are bereft of your normal equipment, now can I? “   I looked down quickly.  My penis had disappeared!  Normally mostly hidden by my bushy pubic hair, it had retreated completely.  I stuttered a reply that I really was a boy, that I had a penis, but that it was just shriveled up in embarrassment, I guessed.  I was almost crying, but I was determined to survive this first day in school.  The class was silent, I hoped in sympathy with my condition.

Teacher opened a drawer in the lab table and took out a pair of electric barber shears.  “Well,” he said, “I normally use these in the lesson on hair characteristics later on this year, but if we are going to get anywhere in today’s session, we’ll have to use them now to get rid of that pubic hair so we can get on with the lesson.  Miss Spumenti, would you please do the honors?”

True to the requirements of absolute obedience in the ADP program, Donatina plugged in the shears, kneeled down in front of me, and began gingerly to cut the bushy tangle that hid my dick and balls.  I was worried about whether she would nick me, but she was very gentle.  Inside of only a few minutes, she had reduced the mass to a longish fuzz, and I was almost fully exposed.  My uncircumcised dick was still looking kind of small., though, peeking out of the fuzz.

Teacher reached in the drawer again and pulled out a small razor, the kind girls shave their legs with.  He gave it to Donatina, and asked that she dry-shave my dick and balls so that we all could see what was going on.  Once again, true to ADP, Donatina complied, handling by balls very gently, and being careful not to nick anything important.  I was nervous still, and sweating, having my pubic hair removed and feeling awfully funny up in front of this group of strange girls and boys.  After all, I had just started school here.  Even though it was being done by a gorgeous girl who only a short while ago had prompted a hardon while we were walking to the Principal’s office, there was no reaction on the part of my dick.  I was simply too caught up by standing completely naked in front of an group of kids on my first day of school, and being utterly humiliated.  I felt like crawling into the woodwork and disappearing for good.

She finished.  “Very good work, Miss Spumenti, “ said Teacher.  “Now we can get on with the lesson. And it’s about time, too, because we are 30 minutes into the class and it ends shortly.  Now, class, you can see that with the female, all you can normally see on the exterior below the hips is some pubic hair and the vaginal lips, most all of the sexual apparatus of the female being hidden inside the body.”  He pointed out the lips, had Donatina spread her outer lips enough to show the inner ones, then her clitoris, and talked about the function of the clitoris and the vagina.  Then he turned to me.

During his talking about Donatina and while the class’ attention was directed toward her, my penis had finally come to life.   I watched it slowly swell in size, doubling in its thickness while elongating itself remarkably.  Flashing into my mind were the ADP rules I had heard (but paid little attention to) this morning   By those rules, I couldn’t lay a hand on it or try to hide it.   I could only watch.  I didn’t even feel any arousal.  Much of the class attention began to move from the examination of Donatina’s charms to the growth of my dick.  With all the pubic hair, no one, not even me, had never see it exposed at full erection, which it seemed to be more rapidly attaining.   I noticed that my sweating and nervousness, indeed my embarrassment and sense of humiliation, seemed to have gone away.  I felt almost calm.  My dick swelled some more.  I was absolutely stunned.  The hardon I’d had this morning seemed nothing in comparison to this baseball-bat handle sticking out in front of me.  For a short skinny kid I had an amazingly long and large penis!  My shaved balls were hanging low under it responding to the warmth of the classroom, and they too were impressive lying there between my skinny thighs.

Teacher had finally turned to me.  “Wow!  Class, now there is a penis!  You can see the differences immediately between the boy and the girl, and I really don’t need to talk much about such obvious equipment.”  Once again he reached into the drawer and this time came out with a ruler.  “Let’s see what we have here.”  He handed it to Donatina and she knelt down and pressed its end against my body where all the hair had been.  My penis was sticking out and up at an angle toward my belly button and throbbing gently.  The end of it was opposite the 9-inch mark on the ruler.

The end of class bell rang.