A Dweeb in ADP
by Rabbitt

Part 1: In the Beginning

Actually I’m a pretty ordinary guy and I have a pretty ordinary family.  I guess, anyway.  My parents both work hard but we’re just getting by.  My older brother is doing well (by his report) in college.  Mom and Dad dote on him.  I’ve always existed in his shadow, and I have been both blessed and cursed with his hand-me-downs for as long as I can remember.  I think those are what started it.  Today, anyway.

Dad has had to change jobs many times, and Mom and I follow along.  She finds a day job at a local burger joint or something.  Today was my first day at this new school.  I’m finally 16, and this is probably my last school year.  Gotta get a real job.  I’ve been to lots of schools – never popular, though, at any of them.  Guess some of it is how I look.  I’m skinny, short, wear glasses, have serious acne, and even use a pocket protector!   I’m kinda quiet.  No sports. Pretty smart, though – good grades.   Never question Authority.  I’ve heard the word dweeb used behind my back.  Guess you might say I am a dweeb.  Whatever that is.  Or a nerd.  Or with luck, maybe a geek.

I don’t remember much that happened before I found myself naked on the school stage at Assembly. I remember that Mom and I had a problem getting me dressed this morning for school.  We’d been in town for only a few days, and we found a nice rental apartment only a few blocks from a school.  We knew the school had a Dress Code and a Uniform (some kind of blue blazer thing and gray slacks) but we hadn’t had time to get the right stuff.  We got as close as we could with big brother’s stuff.  We found a small satchel I could carry for any books or handouts.   Anyway, I’m sitting in Assembly the first thing, daydreaming about this cute girl two rows up and not listening to the Provost drone on about something called ADP, and suddenly I’m stunned when she gets up, walks up to the stage, and takes off all her clothes.  Then I see this guy in my row stand up and say something to the Provost, who then points at me and shouts.

“You!  Get up here!”

I stumbled up to the stage in a complete fog as to what was going on, and quickly found myself standing naked alongside the cute girl I’d been admiring.  On stage!  In front of the whole school!  My knees were shaking.   I heard the Provost go on about the violations of school rules we committed, the punishment for which was being naked for the remainder of the school day.  Further infractions would result in longer naked periods, including even overnights, weekends, and even whole weeks.  You better believe I was listening now!

I don’t remember all the details, but here’s what I do remember as to what happened next.   We were both directed to leave the Assembly immediately and report to Mr. Armstrong, the Principal, in his office for additional punishment.  We walked down the aisle through the students and I followed her out the doors and down the hall.  Still a little stunned, I couldn’t help noticing by her swaying rear end as she walked along, and my penis started to feel funny.  Got kinda hard even.  I asked her name, and if this had ever happened to her before.

“Donatina  Spumenti,” she said.  “Last year I messed up on my uniform twice and had to do this.  It’s not so bad, but watch out for Mr. Armstrong!”

We stopped outside the Principal’s office and Donna looked at me and said, “You’d better do something about your ‘thing’ before we go in, because he hates to see a boy with a hard-on.”  I gulped, and in the few minutes we sat and waited, it managed to go back down and hide in my crotch hair.

The visit was short and to the point: He told us we would remain naked for the rest of the day, and that he wanted to see us after school at precisely 4 o’clock.  Should he hear a single complaint about us during the day, he would administer “six of the best” and send him (or her) home naked to remain naked both there and in school for a week.  If we behaved,  he would  provide us each with one set of proper outer clothing as an example and send us on our way.  Finally, telling us to bend over his desk, Mr. Armstrong then administered “one of the best” across our fannies with a rattan cane.  Boy, did that sting!

I picked up my satchel I’d been carrying and we left his office on our way through the quiet and nearly empty halls to our first period.

Part 2: The Pill

Donatina opened the classroom door and stepped in.  I followed close behind and gently shut the door after us.  We were in the Science Lab, and there were about 20 other students, boys and girls, scattered about the various lab tables which had been arranged elevated theater style in front of a teaching dais.  The dais had a lab table installed, larger but quite like the ones in the rest of the room.

Teacher looked at us and boomed out, “Who do we have here?  I see you two must have been in Mr. Armstrong’s office. I recognize Miss Spumenti, who is in her usual fine form.”

The class, in groups of 3 or 4 at each lab table, giggled nervously, not wanting to violate the strict ADP rules of the school about making fun of ADP victims.

“And who are you,” Teacher asked, looking at me from under his prodigious brows.  “You must be a new boy this term.  What have you done to warrant being in ADP on only the first day?”

Shaking and sweating, I gave him my name in a timid and quaking voice, and told him my clothing transgression.

“Speak up, boy.  You won’t have another clothing transgression today now, will you,” he said laughing.  Again the class chuckled quietly.  “You don’t look so good, boy, “he said kindly, “with all that sweating and nervousness. Step over to Nurse’s office right next door, and ask her for one of her special pills for boys in your condition.  Miss Spumenti, take a seat over there at that empty lab table, and we’ll get on with the day’s lesson.”

I opened the classroom door and went out into the vacant hallway, my satchel still slug over my shoulder, being careful not to slam the door behind me.  I really felt kind of strange.  Almost feverish.  Guess that is to be expected, I told myself.  Oh, well, maybe the nurse can help.

Her office was right next door, and I let myself in.  Nurse was sitting at a small desk going over some records, and she looked up at me with a smile and asked what she could do for me.  I told her how I felt, and that the science teacher had sent me here for one of her special pills to help me out.  She smiled, and reaching into her drawer, picked out a small bottle of blue pills, shook one out, gave it to me, and nodded toward the water cooler in the corner. “Take one of these now, “she said, “and come back at noon for another right before your lunch period, and again before 4 o’clock.  The pill takes 30-45 minutes to take effect, and you’ll begin to feel much better.”   Quickly I swallowed the pill with a small paper cup of water, thanked her, and returned to the science class.