Tradition, part 3
by RSW

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Every single eye in the room, including Beth’s, watched Emily ascend the staircase. She, and maybe Greg, were the only ones, however, that didn’t have lust in their hearts as they stared at the diminutive beauty’s sexy black underwear. Beth felt intense pride in her cousin, who had even worn the skimpy panties instead of the grandma style ones.

Beth had been working to try to break the younger girl of her shyness, and, this year, Emily had grown in confidence so much. It was just months ago that Emily had hid in the bathroom rather than face the school in a totally conservative uniform. Now, she was showing off her lingerie to a room full of guys on her way to strip naked for one of the football players. She had come so far. If she would just finally agree to go out with a nice guy, Beth’s work would be about finished.

After Emily disappeared into Ben’s bedroom, Beth entertained the boys by herself for a while. She made sure that most of them got good looks at her thong-covered rear end under the ridiculously short skirt. By the time the next cheerleaders arrived, the four juniors – Ashley, Cara, Laura, and Kate, the football players were pretty worked up.

Assigning the perpetually early Meg to drive the always tardy Julie didn’t work as well as she had planned. The two seniors showed up almost fifteen minutes late, by which time the audience was starting to get a bit rowdy. As soon the two arrived, Beth hustled all seven girls to the front of the room to a cleared area between the fireplace and the coffee table. The other six took their positions with their backs facing the crowd. As Beth walked over to start the music, a knock sounded at the door.

‘Who could that be? Greg said the Ben was already upstairs and all fourteen of the other seniors are present,’ Beth thought.

Mike opened the door and discovered the unanticipated and unwanted presence of a police officer.

While Beth had forbid the girls from consuming any alcohol, Greg had made no such admonition. He allowed the guys to have beers, nothing stronger, and promised that he personally would kick anyone out who got drunk or disorderly. The cop, as he entered the room, couldn’t help but notice that there were several underage drinkers present.

A limited amount of chaos ensued. While more than half of the players made an effort to calmly hide their drinks, four or five of them bolted, mostly to the back of the cabin but one upstairs.

“Halt. Stop right there,” the officer yelled.

Two of the runners stopped.

“If I don’t see everyone of you back in this room in five seconds, I’m going to start arresting people!”

It took longer that the prescribed five seconds, but, with Greg’s help, the cop got all the whole crew reassembled.

The officer nodded at Mike. “I’m Lou Mitchell. Your uncle let slip that you boys were going to be holding your celebration in his cabin, and the two of us and my partner thought that it would funny to come up here and give you boys a little scare. I was a senior on the ’88 championship team. Congratulations, boys. Fine job in the game.”

Greg spoke up. “You just about gave me a heart attack.”

Officer Mitchell laughed. “Well, we’re off. Y’all be safe, and make sure that I don’t get called back out here for an official visit.”

He eyed the cheerleaders and shook his head. “Have fun. Good night.”

They could hear him talking in his walkie-talkie as he exited. “Ron, this is Lou. Where are you?”

“Out back chasing…” came the voice over the speaker.

“Whatever you’re chasing, stop it and get back to the car. You missed me scaring the kids. It was hilarious. Now, let’s go.”

Greg didn’t know that anyone had warned Ben and Emily about the cops even being there, and, since they hadn’t come down the stairs, presumably the only way to exit the second floor, he had no way to know that they had left. With no thoughts about his two friends upstairs, he settled in to watch as Beth got the girls organized once again for the performance.

The start of the show was fantastic. Seven of the most desirable girls in school shook their rears in time with the music with each bounce exposing their thongs. Though Greg had the hots for Beth, he couldn’t help but watch the other girls as well. He assuaged his conscience by staring at Beth the most.

When the lyrics started, the girls, in smooth, coordinated movements, tucked the back of their skirts into their waistbands. The guys looked at girls and at each other and exchanged high fives. They then watched in awe as the cheerleaders all bent at the waist and touched their hands to the ground.

Knowing intellectually that the hottest young ladies in school were going to perform a strip tease for you doesn’t prepare you for the actuality. Greg couldn’t believe it when the seven girls pulled off their panties in unison. Beth, Julie, and Cara all parted their legs so that he could see, literally, everything. His erection strained against his pants even more.

‘I should have worn a cup. This could get embarrassing sporting wood all night,’ he thought.

They then rose and started doing spins. The tiny pleated skirts flared completely out, and the boys saw everything from the waist down. Greg knew that Beth shaved, but he was surprised to see that only Meg, Ashley, and Kate didn’t. He really liked the bare look but also appreciated the nice blonde landing strip that Meg sported. He didn’t care quite as much for Ashley’s full, though trimmed, triangle that matched the flaming red hair on her head or Kate’s hirsute patch.

Next, he was treated to seven pairs of teenage breasts encased only in sports bras. He took a second to marvel at how coordinated and graceful the routine was before the display that came next overwhelmed his cognitive abilities.

In one accord, the seven barely clad females bent backwards, displaying their nether lips to the audience as the short skirts inexorably rose. Then, one leg at a time, the girls moved into a handstand.

‘Oh shit. They completely showed off their pussies.’

They exhibited both the back and front of their bare groins before righting themselves and going into the splits. They then whipped off their bras leaving their tops completely uncovered for the boys’ viewing pleasure. Finally, they stood back up and let their skirts slide down to the floor. They ended with their naked bodies, breasts thrust out, facing the football players.

It’s hard for guys not to rate girls based on their physical characteristics, and Greg couldn’t help but compare the girls. While most guys in the school would not have ranked Beth as number one, he was so taken with her that he had eyes mainly for her. He looked her over completely, entranced by her athletic figure. He loved the way her straight jet-black hair framed her face and dark eyes and fell to just above her breasts. Though most guys liked more endowed girls like Kate, Greg thought that Beth’s perky 32B breasts fit her perfectly. He was most enthralled, however, by her trim stomach and shaved pussy and could tell that she was just as aroused by this experience as he was.

Next, he looked at Ashley. Depending on which guy you asked, you would be told that either Emily or Ashley was the hottest girl in the school, followed closely by the other. Her bright red hair matched her face at the moment, but he could tell that she too was enjoying all the attention. He especially liked her pretty green eyes and thought that her C cup breasts were extraordinary.

Kate, though cute in her own way, wasn’t the prettiest girl on the squad, but her other assets demanded attention. Her bra size was rumored to be a 40D, and, now viewing her mammaries unencumbered for the first time, he could certainly believe it. Though not fat by any stretch, she was easily the most rubenesque of the seven girls, and he appreciated the contrast that the extra meat provided. He could tell that Kate was the most uncomfortable with showing off her body and made a note to make sure to pay special attention to her during the rest of the party to make sure that she was okay.

Julie commanded attention from any guy within a hundred yard radius. She complimented her nice looks and great body with overt sexuality. Some of the girls at school whispered insults about her being a slut, but Greg didn’t agree with the condemnation. He knew that Julie had been raised in Germany as the daughter of a single military man. She grew up in a culture that had a completely different attitude about nudity and sex than America. She had no qualms about displaying her body and enjoying whatever pleasures of the flesh she wanted.

Meg was the only blonde on the squad besides Emily. He thought that her hair color might be why she kept the landing strip, to prove that it was natural. Though not in the same league as Ashley or Emily, she possessed an above average level of attractiveness and nice C size breasts. Besides, she had such an engaging personality.

Cara was the most average looking of the cheerleaders, but also the most athletic. Besides being on the squad, she was also the point guard for the basketball team and anchored several of the track relay teams. Her gymnastic and tumbling skills far exceeded even Beth’s. Though not nearly Greg’s favorite, just about any naked girl is worth a good look, and he appreciated her lithe body and B size breasts.

The only one of the girls that he didn’t appreciate looking at was Laura. She looked emaciated when she was dressed. When he saw her naked, he had to resist the urge to go get her something to eat. In contrast to the trimmed bodies and toned muscles of most of the other girls, Laura was all skin and bones. He didn’t spend much of his time eying her.

After a short period of stunned silence while they appreciated their tremendous good fortune, the team erupted in applause, hooting, and hollering. Wolf whistles and shouts of “great bod” abounded. There was no standing ovation, however. Greg figured that most of the guys were like him and wanted to avoid showing off tents in their pants. The looks on girls’ faces ranged from serious embarrassment, Kate, to sexual arousal, Julie.

Beth broke from holding her pose and went to switch off the music. She then stepped in front of the rest of the squad to make and announcement. “The girls and I had a long discussion last night about what we could do to make this celebration extra special for all of you.”

She looked at the expectant faces and continued. “Not that! Get your minds out of the gutter,” Beth said.

Most of the boys burst out laughing, though some did look quite disappointed.

“What we decided is that you should have a chance to view each of us individually as we pose for y’all.”

The boys weren’t exactly sure what she meant, but they went along with her as she motioned for the other nude ladies to go behind the boys. As Meg turned out all the lights except the ones directed at the area where Beth was standing, Beth explained. “For ten minutes, I’m going to model for you, any pose that you would like. Do I have any suggestions?”

None of the other guys spoke up, so Greg filled the void. “Turn around. Good, now spread your legs out. Further. Just a little more? Great. Bend over.”

He couldn’t believe that the head cheerleader was displaying her gaping pussy and butthole to half the football team. He left her in the pose for a minute.

“Anyone else have a suggestion?” he said.

“Stand up with your side toward us,” Mike said. “Now bend over.”

Greg saw what Mike was going for, but thought that this particular pose would work a lot better with someone like Kate.

“Can I get someone to bring her a chair?” Greg said. Julie brought one of the dining room table chairs and placed it in front of the fireplace. “Sit down,” he told Beth “Put your feet on the coffee table. That’s fantastic. Spread ‘em really wide. Lean back. Is it okay if we have the guys get a closer look?”

Beth, even as much as an exhibitionist as she is, blushed at the request but did nod her assent.

The guys lined up and, one by one, walked right up to her and closely examined her exposed pussy. They couldn’t help but notice the signs of arousal and musky smell. Greg was surprised that Beth didn’t cum on the spot.

Her time finally up, Beth called Meg up to the front. With the ice broken, the other guys got into the act, asking for poses though they mostly repeated the same ones that Beth had done. Greg didn’t even consider that his teammates might have been reluctant to tell Beth how to model because of his presence.

Next was Julie. The guys knew that she was completely uninhibited and tried their hardest to find a pose that would embarrass her. They failed.

Probably the highlight of the night for most of the boys was Ashley’s turn as model. Most of them just wanted to stare at her and seemed reluctant to make her spread her legs. She had to prompt them by asking if they would like her to sit in the chair like the other’s had done. She blushed as she suggested it and the whole time that the guys were examining her.

Cara and Laura posed for their respective time periods as well. Greg noticed that a few of the guys actually seemed quite taken with Laura’s cocaine chic look. ‘Some guys must like those super thin waif types,’ he thought. ‘To each his own.’

Kate went last and, once again, seemed the most reluctant of the group. He noted gladly that his teammates also sensed her nervousness and took it easy on her. Mike took the lead in directing her poses and complimented her body as sincerely as he could whenever possible. By the end of her ten minutes, Kate seemed much more relaxed even though a room full of guys were closely inspecting her open pussy.

Chapter 10

When Kate’s time finished, Beth announced that there was now only about an hour until midnight, the time the party was scheduled to end. “We have no more scheduled activities, so feel free to mingle and dance. Just remember, look but don’t touch,” Beth said before she set her iPod to the dance mix playlist and turned on the music.

Greg approached her and asked her to dance with him. “At the risk of sounding like Paris Hilton, that was so hot!” he said as they danced to the first song. “I can’t believe that y’all went through with it. And, with such enthusiasm…”

She smiled at him. “Did you honestly expect anything less?”

He stepped back and scanned her body as she danced, her heaving breasts and engorged clit. “It’s been too long since I’ve seen you naked. You’re more beautiful than ever.”

After the song ended, they parted company for a while so that they each could patrol the party and make sure it didn’t get out of hand. For the next thirty minutes, they separately circulated the room and broke up any couples that seemed to be getting too close. Greg had intending to look out for Kate, but she stayed by Mike’s side the entire time, seeming happy and content.

With the party winding down, they danced a slow dance. He had to force himself not to break any of the rules that he had been enforcing. They did dance close, though, and he knew that she could feel his erection against her stomach.

The song ended, and Julie approached them. “I’ve got an idea, but it goes against the rules,” she said. “It would end the party with a bang, though.”

They listened to her explain her plan. At the conclusion, Beth nearly burst out laughing while Greg could only nod in stunned silence.

“I guess it wouldn’t do any harm. Just make sure your little show lasts until midnight. I’ll not be responsible after the clock strikes twelve,” Beth said.

Still chuckling, she turned off the music and called for everyone’s attention. “For the evening’s finale, Julie would like to put one final performance.”

Julie took over for Beth, nodding to four of the guys standing by the coffee table. At her gesture, the four cleared off the table and knelt beside it, two on each side. Julie strutted over and lay down on her back on the wood surface, her hands above her head. As soon as she got into position, the guys went to work. The two nearest her head immediately started caressing her breasts while the one located on the lower right side began lightly stroking her clit.

Julie closed her eyes and appeared to enjoy their ministrations. Her helpers gradually increased the intensity of their actions, squeezing rather than caressing her breasts and rubbing her clit more vigorously. Julie brought her knees up and spread her legs. The guys working on her breasts removed their hands and instead put their mouths to her nipples. While the boy servicing her clit kept up his frenetic massage, the lone one remaining stuck his finger into her hole.

Between the sexual tension of the evening and the amount of stimulation that she had already received, Greg anticipated her cumming almost immediately. Instead, she held out for nearly five minutes before erupting in a huge orgasm. Her whole body shook, and she ferociously grabbed the two players nearest to her arms. Her audience burst out in applause.

‘I can’t believe that she did that,’ Beth thought, stunned by the performance. “Okay, everyone, that’s it. This party is officially over!” she said.

Beth began looking around for her uniform and found that most of the cheerleader’s clothes had disappeared. She was able to find her skirt but that was it. Ashley had had the presence of mind to hide all her clothes, so she was able to get fully redressed. None of the rest of the girls were able to locate any of their underwear or found both a top and a skirt.

Julie didn’t even bother to look around for her outfit. Instead, she led her four helpers upstairs, presumably to one of the unoccupied bedrooms. What most surprised Beth, though, was that she saw Kate, still naked and carrying her top, leading Mike upstairs. As Beth watched curiously to see if any other couples would form, Meg walked up to her and Greg.

“The rest of the girls and I spent a few minutes talking. We don’t think it’s fair to leave all these fellows so worked up with no chance of relief. Two to one isn’t a horrible ratio. Though Ashley claims never to have given head before, I think that the four of us can handle those eight players over there. I’ll just have to play referee to make sure that they don’t start fighting over Ash.”

Beth chuckled as Meg walked off.

“Well, kiddo, that just leaves you and me. I’m planning on staying the night here and have a bedroom upstairs. Care to join me?” Greg said.

“You want to add benefits to our friendship?” Beth teased.

Greg looked her in the eyes. “That’s not exactly what I had in mind.”

Beth’s heart rate accelerated. “Then what?”

Greg leaned in and kissed her. It wasn’t a friendly kiss. It was a pussy moistening, toe curling, soul baring kind of kiss. She found herself responding with equal intensity.

Greg took her hand and started leading her up the stairs. When the they reached the top, Beth realized that she had completely forgotten about her cousin. She stopped. “Wait a sec. We better check on Emily and Ben and let them know that the party’s over,” she said.

She knocked on the door to the bedroom that Ben was using but got no response. “You don’t suppose that they fell asleep?” Beth asked.

Greg, close behind her, replied. “I wouldn’t put it past them. I don’t know if Ben would know what to do with a naked girl, and I can’t see them talking this entire time.”

Beth knocked a little harder before opening the door. She first noticed that the room was freezing cold. She then noticed that all Emily’s clothes were laying on the floor, but neither she nor Ben were in the room. She turned to Greg in shock. “Do you think something happened to them?”

“Like what, an alien abduction?”

Beth was getting worried. All kinds of nightmare scenarios flashed through her mind. She saw Ben kidnapping and raping her defenseless, naked friend. “That’s not funny! I thought that we could trust Ben. What did he do with her?” Beth shouted.

Greg put his hand on her bare shoulder. “Calm down. I’m sure that there’s a reasonable explanation. I’ll run to the bedroom and get my cell phone. We’ll call them.”

She appreciated the attempt to settle her, but horrible images kept coming unbidden to her mind. If anything had happened to Emily, Beth would have only herself to blame. ‘I shouldn’t have made her do this. I should have forced her to stay home. What was I thinking?’

Greg came back and handed her the phone. Not thinking, she immediately called Emily’s number. After ringing, it went to voicemail.

‘Idiot. Emily’s cell phone is in your car!’

She thumbed through Greg’s address book to get to Ben and hit “send.” The phone rang a long time before anyone picked up.

“Hello,” the voice said.


“Hey Beth. You won’t believe what happened to me tonight.”

Beth had never been so relieved in her life. She sank down onto the bed. “Emily! You scared me to death. I walk into the bedroom to find you missing, your clothes on the floor, the window wide open. Where are you? What happened?”

“Ben and I escaped out the window when the police came,” Emily said.

“The police? That was just a joke. A friend of Mike’s uncle, an old football player, stopped by as a prank. How did y’all even know about it?”

Emily told her about the warning and their escape and then about the cop in back of the house. She told her about being separated from Ben and walking naked through the woods.

“There’s no way that my shy little cousin was prancing around outside nude,” Beth said.

“Not only that, but I’m still naked. I haven’t had on a stitch of clothing since Ben took the coat back.”

“Wouldn’t Ben offer you his shirt?” Beth asked.

“He did, many times. I refused.”

“Why ever did you do that?”

“I can’t explain right now. Ben’s asleep, and I don’t want to wake him.”

“At least tell me where you are,” Beth ordered.

“At Ben’s family fishing camp.”

“Okay, Greg probably knows where that is. I’ll come get you first thing in the morning and bring you some clothes!” Beth told her.

“No, don’t. I want some more time with Ben. I’m going to tell him that you’re unavailable until tomorrow evening. You can meet me outside of town to bring me my clothes. I’ll call you later to coordinate.”

“Wait a second. You want to spend the day naked with Ben? What’s going on with you two?” Beth asked.

“Later, I’ll tell you everything. I promise. Love you! Bye.”

Curious but relieved, she handed the phone back to Greg. “You heard?”

“I did, good for them,” Greg said.

“But, how far do you think they went? Are they just hooking up or…”

Greg interrupted her. “I doubt that Emily and Ben would just hook up, but, right now…

He spun her around grabbed her around the waist, kissing the back of her neck. “…the only couple that I care about…” He squeezed her bare breast with his right hand while reaching under her skirt with his left. “…is you and me.”

Chapter 11

Ben woke as Emily left the bed. He watched her nude form as she grabbed the phone and hurried across the cold floor into the bathroom. ‘She must be freezing,’ he thought. ‘At least the bathroom heater works.’

Between the acoustical dampening effect of the door and the noise made by the blower, he couldn’t hear any of her conversation. He waited for her to come out. “Who called?” he asked.

She jumped a little when he spoke. “Oh. It was Beth,” Emily said.

She shivered and clutched her arms around her midsection as she walked toward him. Instead of walking to the opposite side of the bed to get in, she pulled back the covers on his side and climbed over him, making plenty of bare skin to bare skin contact as she did so. Ben’s manhood stood at attention once again.

“I’m freezing. Warm me up,” she told him.

Still dazed by the her actions, Ben couldn’t figure out what she meant.

“Come on, share that body heat. Hold me.”

Ben turned over and laid his right arm flat on the bed above her head. She cuddled up next to him, her body touching his for its entire length, and rested her head on his shoulder.

She sighed. “Ah, warmth. You feel good.”

Ben didn’t know what to do. He had dreamed for so long about her. His greatest fantasy was to put his arm around her and have her rest on his shoulder much like this. Now that it was actually happening, the situation was so complicated. He was embarrassed because she couldn’t help but feel his erection against her stomach. Surely she wasn’t too naïve to know what it was? And, he didn’t know how she felt about him. Was this just a fun night for her or was it something more? Even if it was more, was it worth the risk?

In the end, he simply could not resist the opportunity. He wrapped both his arms around her and enveloped her in his embrace. He wanted nothing more than to give her an affectionate kiss on the top of her head, but he refused to give in to his desire.

Still feeling somewhat awkward about the situation, he found his voice. “What did Beth want?”

Emily told him about the prank by the police and about Beth being concerned.

“Is she going to come bring you some clothes?” he asked.

“Not tonight. She’s pretty beat. She also had something she needed to do tomorrow. I told her that you probably wouldn’t mind hanging out with me until we can all meet up tomorrow night. You don’t mind, do you?”

Ben quickly realized what the delay meant. “You intend to stay naked the entire time, don’t you?”

“Is that a problem? I did tell you that I wouldn’t cover myself until you got me my own clothes.”

He decided that it was time to end the game. He released his grip on her. “We need to talk.”

For the first time since they had left the cabin, she seemed nervous. She rolled onto her back and met his eyes. “Yes. We do.”

Ben started. “I’ve known you for a long time, and you’ve always seemed so shy and innocent. I could tell that doing that routine for me embarrassed you. Back at the cabin, you looked like you had to force yourself to stand there like that. Then, at some point when we were in the car, something changed. You somehow decided that you wanted me to see you. What gives?”

“I made a decision,” she said.

“Care to share what that decision was?”

She bit her lip before answering. “Let’s just lay all the cards on the table. It’s obvious that you have a thing for me. When I got in the car, I thought about how I could let you down without hurting you too badly. Then I thought ‘why?’ Why let you down at all? Why was I so afraid to start dating?” She paused. “This is going to sound silly.”

“No. Please continue. I need to hear it,” he said.

“You’re a great guy, so I decided that I would like to go out with you. In fact, I started thinking about you as my boyfriend. The big thing, though, was that I decided it was okay if my boyfriend sees me naked. You do like me, right?”

He knew that it couldn’t have been easy for her to open up like that. It was difficult, but he realized that, to be fair, he had to respond in kind. “I don’t like you; I love you. I have since you were in 8th grade. I’d sit home at nights thinking of myself as some kind of pedophile because of it.”

“How come you never talked to me? I know that you’re not much for socializing, but we were together in groups a lot. You practically ignored me.”

“There were a lot of reasons,” he said. “I saw you turn guys down left and right. Besides, I had a plan.”

She smiled. “A plan? This, I have to hear. Do tell.”

“First, you have to understand how I see myself. I’m basically a nice guy. I think that I have a lot of good qualities, but I see them as qualities that women tend to look for in a potential mate once they’re ready for marriage, not the kind of stuff that high school girls are looking for in a boyfriend.”

He paused to gather his thoughts. “Also, and this is hard for me, I seem to be more sensitive than most of the other guys that I know. The thought of going out with you and then losing you is horrifying. I’d rather have never had your love than to love you and lose you. I mean, as long as I can be your friend, I can handle the fact that you don’t love me. If we started dating, I’d fall so hard for you in an instant that I wouldn’t be able to recover.”

Her face hardened. “And so your plan…” she said.

“Well, I figured that, since my qualities better suit someone older, I’d wait until you were almost finished with college before approaching you. That way, I’d optimize my chances that you’d marry me.” He knew that it sounded ridiculous as soon as it was out of his mouth.

“I see,” she said. “So, I guess that our best bet right is to go ahead and elope right now. I’ll call my dad for permission, and we can rouse a justice of the peace out of bed.”

What was she doing? He poured his heart out to her, and she was making fun of him! “Don’t play with me like that. We can’t do that.”

“Why? Do you think that it’s silly to get married before we even have a chance to find out if we’re compatible, if we like being around each other? That’s what dating is for. It’s even more silly to choose not to date because dating might not lead to marriage. Even if you waited until I was presumably ready, we still might find that we’re not right for each other. And, what if I find someone else while you’re waiting on the sidelines?”

She made good points. “I know that it probably wasn’t the best plan, but it did eliminate having to take a huge emotional risk,” he said. He stopped again and thought. “I guess, with what I’ve already admitted, it’s too late to avoid taking that risk. What do we do now?”

Her smile lit up her entire face and reduced him to quivering jelly. “You should kiss me.”

His mouth engulfed hers, but he was gentle. Years of pent up frustration and desire poured out in his one simple act. When he finally broke the kiss off, she spoke. “Do you have, um, protection?”

He backed away from her. “Don’t get me wrong. You are really beautiful, and I’m really attracted to you.”

“But…” she said.

“But, this is moving really fast. I didn’t know that you had any, uh, experience at this kind of thing. Do you want to go that far before we even have an official first date?”

She looked embarrassed. “I don’t know. It’s just that, well, with all the running around naked and the feel of you next to me, I need, you know, release.” Her entire body blushed at the admission.

“I’m not all that experienced, but I think that we can achieve that without going all the way,” he said.

She threw back the covers, which had been pulled up to her neck, baring her breasts. “I am at your mercy, sir!”

One part of him recoiled at what he just did and what he was about to do. There was no way for him to remain even slightly dispassionate about her now. He was well and truly in her grasp. He felt like he was literally opening up his chest and having her clutch his heart. She could crush it at any time.

Her need overwhelmed his reservations. He stared at her hard nipples and smelled the musky odor indicating her arousal. He tentatively reached out for her.

She closed her eyes and let out a little gasp as his fingertips brushed her breast. The reaction encouraged him. He spent several minutes caressing her entire body, running his hands up and down from her toes to her shoulders and back missing nothing in between. Then, once again starting with her toes, he started kissing her all over. It took him almost fifty slow smooches to work his way up her leg.

She kept her thighs clinched as he kissed all around her golden triangle and made his way up her torso. He delighted in covering every square inch of her flat stomach, nicely rounded breasts, and shoulders. He saw goosebumps form on her arms and legs as he tongued her neck, ears, and face. His eyes feasted on her flushed, exposed body. He gently kneaded her breasts. She moaned as his tongue found her erect nipples, and he worked her into a lather before moving down her body.

Ben placed his hands on the inside of her thighs, and she parted her legs wide. He caressed the smooth skin of her legs and ran his fingers through her downy hair before finding her engorged clit. Her hands clenched the bed sheet as he massaged the soaking wet folds of sensitive skin. Her breathing sped up, and she started bucking her hips up and down.

Ben let her catch her breath before inserting his finger in her well-lubricated pussy. With his opposite hand still rubbing her clit, he moved the finger in and out. After a moment, she started bucking her hips once again. She tried to clench her thighs, but his hand was too strong. He sped up the piston-like motion. Finally, she let out a scream.

“No more! Please, no more!”

He wiped his hands on the side of the bed and laid down next to her. Taking her into his arms, he whispered in her ear. “I love you. I love you so much.”

She fell asleep with echoes of his proclamation ringing through her mind while cradled tight in his embrace.

Chapter 12

She awoke still wrapped in arm with her back to him. As she opened her eyes and turned onto her back, he said, “Morning, sunshine. How’d you sleep?”

“Well, very well. What time is it?”

“Almost nine,” he replied.

“How long have you been awake?”

“About an hour,” he said. “I thought about going to get some stuff for breakfast, but I didn’t want you to wake up and find me not here.”

“You could have woken me.”

“You looked so beautiful, sleeping. Besides, I like holding you.”

She snuggled into him. They lay there for quite a while just enjoying the feel of each others’ body.

“Did I hear you say something about breakfast? My stomach is starting to grumble, and, if I’m hungry, a big, strong man like you must be starved.”

“I only have the snacks that I got last night, here, but there’s a little country store up the road not too far. I can run and get us some supplies right quick. How about bacon and eggs?” he said.

“That sounds wonderful. While you’re gone, I’d like to freshen up a bit. I don’t have any soap, shampoo, or even toothpaste or a brush with me though.”

“Check the top right drawer in the bathroom. Mom keeps all kinds of stuff in there, including spare toothbrushes for guests.”

Emily watched as Ben got out of bed and dressed. Not wanting to face the cold of the room, she stayed huddled under the blankets until he finished in the bathroom.

Grabbing his keys, he bent down to kiss her. She quickly covered her mouth.

“There’s no way you’re kissing me and my morning breath while you’ve got freshly brushed teeth. You’ll have to wait until after I shower.”

Grinning, he settled for kissing her forehead before leaving. She waited until he had left to get out of bed. She quickly noticed that he had left the bathroom heater on for her and that the small room was now quite toasty.

‘He’s so considerate,’ she thought.

By the time that she had attended to her needs and showered, she could hear him clanking pots in the kitchen. She paused before opening the door, feeling oddly nervous. ‘Quit being silly,’ she told herself. ‘Not only has he already been pretty intimate with you and ogled your naked body for hours, he’s also your boyfriend.’

Still, she couldn’t help but feel awkward walking around in front of him undressed. She wanted to go get a blanket to wrap up in, but remembered her silly blustering about staying naked. She knew that he’d readily let her out of it, but she couldn’t bear the thought of him thinking of her as a foolish child. Bracing herself, she stepped out into the room. “I could have done that,” she said, indicating the cooking chores.

He turned and looked at her, apparently over HIS shyness anyway. “Nonsense, I wanted to do breakfast in bed for you.”

She tried not to shrink under his all-seeing gaze. “I can at least help…”

He interrupted her. “You look like you’re freezing. Get under the covers and get warm.”

She smiled at him. Did he know that she was embarrassed? She thought about pushing the point just to be obstinate but dismissed the idea as being too childish.

He finished up and brought quite a spread to her. The plate, containing biscuits smothered in white gravy, fried eggs, and bacon, sat on a lap tray with a glass of orange juice and a small bud vase with a single red rose. She clapped in delight.

“You know that I can’t eat all this, right?”

“Oh. I tend to think about how much I would eat and then add a little,” he said.

“You’re so cute,” she said. Then, a thought occurred to her. “How did you know that I liked my eggs over easy?”

“Same way that I knew what snacks and drink you would want last night without asking. I paid a lot attention over the last few years whenever you were around.”

He was right. He had bought her granola bars and a Diet Coke last night, her favorite snack. She hadn’t even noticed that he didn’t ask her in advance. How had she been so blind to his attentiveness for so long?

“Before I eat, I believe that you owe me a kiss,” she said.

After eating, Ben cleaned up the dishes while she stayed in bed. Between the bathroom heater, Ben cooking breakfast, and the sun rising, the small house was starting to heat up to a more comfortable temperature. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to hide under the covers all day.

As Ben finished up and walked over to her, she threw the covers off, exposing her body to him once again. He smiled, took off his shoes, and sat down next to her.

“Whatever shall we do with ourselves today?” he asked.

Her nervousness must have shown through to her face because, instead of touching her as she expected, he asked another question. “Are you okay with this?”

She stumbled over her words a bit. “I am. I really am. Last night was great. It’s just that this is all so new to me. You seem to know what you’re doing and be so relaxed about it all. Are you very experienced?”

“Are you fishing for my sexual history, here?” he asked.

“Kind of, I guess.”

“That’s fair,” he said. “I’m flattered that you think that I know what I’m doing, but I’m not all that experienced. I played all the usual kissing games in junior high, but I never had an actual girlfriend.”

“What about the stuff that you did right before we went to bed?”

His face reddened. “There was this one girl…”

“Julie,” Emily guessed. “Did you have a thing for her?”

“No! I mean… I like Julie and all. She’s a great girl, but…” He took a moment to compose his thoughts before continuing. “Do you remember last year when Julie broke her leg?”

Emily nodded.

“I had had my leg in a cast my freshman year,” he said, “and I felt sorry for her. I offered my services helping her in any way that she needed. I carried her around so she wouldn’t have to walk on crutches and lifted her in and out of her car, that sort of thing. Then, one night she calls me and asks me to come over, not telling me what she wants.”

He face reddened even more. “You know Julie; she’s not very inhibited. It turns out that she wanted me to bathe her. I tried to talk her out of it, but she said that I was the only one strong enough to lift her in and out of the tub without getting the cast wet. She said that she was tired of sponge baths, so she placed a plastic chair in the tub to prop her leg on and called me.”

“You don’t have to tell me the rest,” Emily said.

“No, it’s okay. Anyway, Julie’s like a force of nature and was not to be assuaged. Before I knew it, I was carrying her naked body to the bathroom. I thought that I’d be able to escape and wait in her bedroom while she finished, but she decided that I should bathe her. She wouldn’t even let me use a washcloth. Instead she had me put the soap directly from my hand to her body. She made sure that every part of her not in the cast got washed, too.”

Emily thought that Julie’s bath sounded awfully good. She filed the idea away for future reference, blushing a little bit herself.

“Anyway, after I washed and dried her, I took her back to her bedroom still completely naked. She told me that it wasn’t fair for me to tease her like that and leave. I tried to protest that everything that I had done had been at her direction, but she would have none of it. She started out by demanding that I have sex with her.”

Emily felt jealous at the thought of another girl having the attention of her boyfriend, but couldn’t help but be amused at the thought of Julie abusing poor, innocent Ben.

“On that issue, I did stand my ground, telling her that there’s no way that I would sleep with her. She finally relented, but not before I promised that I would at least help her get release. She pretty much orchestrated what she wanted me to do, telling me what to do and guiding my actions. That’s pretty much it. My only experience before last night.”

He looked at her. “What about you?”

In a very serious tone, she answered him. “There was this one guy. He made me take off my clothes and stared at my naked body before he kissed me. I was so turned on, that I practically begged him to take me. Instead, he caressed my body and used his hands to bring me to multiple fabulous orgasms.”

The look on Ben’s face was priceless. “It was you, silly. Only you.”

After listening to Ben describe his experience with Julie and recalling the night before, Emily was getting pretty worked up again. “I still don’t know how far I want to go,” she admitted to him.

“There’s no hurry,” he said. “We can even take a step back from what we did before.”

“No. I definitely want more of that.” She blushed. “I’ve also heard from the girls in the locker room that it feels really nice when the guy uses his tongue, uh, down there,” she said.

She couldn’t believe she was having this conversation. Where had her normal, shy self gone? “I just don’t know if I’m ready for more than that yet,” she concluded.

Ben looked like he wanted to say something but that he was reluctant to.

“What is it?” she asked.

“It’s not easy talking frankly about this kind of stuff, is it?” he asked.

“No, but it does help build trust, right?”

“Well, last night, when I, uh, stuck my finger inside you, even though you were well lubricated, it was hard to get it in. I think that, if for no other reason than your comfort, we should work up to putting in anything larger.”

Emily didn’t understand for a second. Then she remembered getting a glance at the large tent in his boxers last night.

“Oh!” she said, and then she blushed. “Speaking of that,” Emily said, “I feel a little guilty. You took care of me, and I fell asleep before I returned the favor.”

“All in good time, my dear. All in good time.”

She could tell that he was thinking about something. “You did tease me mercilessly last night, though.”

“I was worn out after you finished with me. I’m sorry I fell asleep,” she said.

“I didn’t mean that. I meant before, in the car and getting into bed. I was thinking ‘who is this little vixen and what did she do with my sweet Emily?’”

She blushed but did not respond.

“Just know that payback’s a bitch,” he said. “But, right now, I just want to do this…”

He kissed her. Hard. Then he used his hands, mouth, and tongue all over her body this time. He tortured her in ways that felt so good and made her beg for him to put his finger inside her. He pleasured her until, out of breath, she pleaded with him to relent.

They lay there for quite a while, with him holding her tenderly, as she recovered. Once her energy returned, she looked down at the sweat-soaked body.

“I think that I need a bath. I hate the feel of that rough washcloth in the bathroom, though. Do you think that I can find a nice, strong hand somewhere to soap me up?” she teased.

“I think that that can be arranged,” he said while getting up.

He looked surprised when she remained on the bed.

“First, though, it’s my turn,” she said.

“Your turn for what?”

“My turn to try to make you feel like you’ve made me feel. Get those clothes off, mister,” she commanded.

He didn’t resist. He took off the shirt and pants once again as she admired his chiseled body. He seemed to hesitate slightly before slipping off the boxers, but he went through with it. She had never seen a naked guy before. She had, of course, changed diapers on baby boys and seen some websites that Beth showed her, but she had never seen one in person.

She stared in wonder at his erection. ‘Oh my God! It’s huge,’ she thought.

Ben turned and walked to the bathroom.

‘His butt is so cute!’

He returned holding a washcloth and laid down on his back next to her.

“What do I do?” she asked.

He didn’t answer. Instead, he took her hand and placed it on his erect member. He moved her hand up and down.

Emily got the picture. She marveled at the feel of it as she stroked and caressed it. She kept stroking until Ben suddenly grabbed the washcloth and used it to cover the head of his penis.

“Keep going,” he croaked.

She started stroking again. Seconds later, it started convulsing and a wet spot appeared on the cloth.

“Okay. Okay, that’s good,” he said.

Ben used the rag to clean himself off. Emily watched, amazed, as his erection slowly shrunk.

“That’s really neat. I want to see that again,” she said.

“Later. Maybe, later.”

The two spent the rest of the afternoon naked. Ben bathed her, which led them back to the bed and her needing another shower. Ben told her that he would call Beth and arrange the meeting while she cleaned up. Sad to be leaving their love shack, she finally got back in the Charger around 7pm. It still felt odd to be outside naked, but, silly or not, she refused to cover herself when Ben tried, once again, to try to get her to drape a blanket over herself for the ride home.

End of part 3