Janet's Incentive Program
by RSW

Chapter 1

Janet hesitated before knocking.

What a way to start the week, she thought. Come on. You’re twenty-seven years old and the manager of your division; you shouldn’t be nervous about being called into your boss’ office.

The 'manager' part was the problem. She had been great at production, quickly rising through the ranks from her entry level position straight out of college. In a true “promote you to the level of your incompetence” move, her superiors had decided that she was so good at accomplishing the work that she should oversee others. With numbers and computers, Janet excelled. People, however, were another thing altogether. Performance in her unit had declined almost 20% in her six months as group lead.

When she took her new position, she had her salary increased by more than half, and she used the extra income to purchase a new home. Unfortunately, she assumed that she would do as well in management as she had as a worker. Now, with the stumbling economy and her less than stellar results, she feared that she would be demoted or even fired. How would she afford to keep the house if that happened? It’s not like she could even sell it for what she paid for it in this market. Visions of bankruptcy court and foreclosure wafted unbidden through her mind.

She hated to be yelled at, and she knew that Mr. Williams was not going to be happy with her. She had even skipped lunch because her stomach was upset at even the thought of this meeting. There was no choice, though. She had to knock and finally got up the nerve to rap her knuckles on the solid oak door. Mr. Williams called for her to enter.

“You wanted to see me, sir?”

“Janet, good. Thanks for stopping by,” he said. “Please have a seat.”

He waited for her to traverse the floor, covered in plush, deep blue carpet, and sit in one of the two obviously expensive chairs placed across from his antique mahogany desk before he continued.

“Do you know why I asked you to come by today?”

Janet bit the side of her mouth and decided that being forthright would be her best bet.

“I’m assuming it’s the QC Analysis. My numbers are down again this quarter.”

“Quite right. I am afraid that we did you no favors with the promotion. To be honest, the other senior partners advocated taking immediate corrective action. Based on your past performance, however, I wanted to talk to you first. What do you have to say?”

Immediate corrective action? she thought. That doesn’t sound good at all!

“I don’t know what to say, sir. Maybe I’m just not cut out for management. I can’t get the men to respond to me. Nothing has worked. I make sure that they don’t have any distractions; I point out, specifically, their mistakes; everything that I try, the numbers still go down. I even fired the worst one of them and brought in a replacement with a proven track record from another unit. By the end of a month, his job execution was almost as bad as the one that I got rid of!”

She knew that the frustration must be evident in her voice and wondered what Mr. Williams must be thinking about this young girl whom he entrusted with major responsibility sitting across from him on the verge of tears.

“Janet, tell me, what is your relationship with your group?”

“There is no relationship. I’m the boss; they’re my subordinates. I tell them what to do.”

“Have you tried making friends with them?”

“Truthfully, sir, I’m don’t make friends easily. I prefer to maintain purely professional associations with the people with whom I work.”

“That is probably part of the problem. If they don’t feel that they can relate to you, they won’t work as hard for you. Have you tried any incentives?”

“Incentives? Like what? Obviously, the company has a bonus program. They’re all aware of it.”

“I mean above and beyond the bonuses. Some managers sponsor pizza lunches and what have you when the team meets their goals.”

“You think a pizza party would help?”

“Not necessarily that, but you have to try something. I like you and think that you have a ton of potential. You’re smart, and you’re a hard worker. If your numbers don’t improve, though, I’m not going to have a choice but to remove you from your current situation.”

He flipped through the daily planner on his desk.

“I’m going to give you one more quarter to improve. Please stop by again on the first Monday following the release of the QCA. Shall we say same time?”

He waited for her to nod her assent.

“In the meantime, I’d suggest that you take drastic measures to improve. Offer incentives. Try to relate to them. Anything. Make it work.”

Janet exited the office in a near panicked state.

I have no idea what to do. What kind of incentive? How do I relate to them?

She grabbed her lunch and went to her office. She spent an hour with the door closed trying to figure out what to do. She decided that she should have been more proactive in learning how to manage and resolved that, if she made it through the current crisis, she would enroll in a class. That wouldn’t help her now, though.

Okay, she thought, I need to start over, treat this as a problem to be analyzed and solved.

She took out a legal pad and wrote:

PROBLEM: Men in my group are not performing up to standards.

KNOWN: Group performed under previous manager.


She thought for a second. Obviously, the unknown is: why aren’t the men working as hard for me as they did for the previous manager? What am I doing wrong? Or, more to the point, what can I do to make them work harder?

Having defined the problem, she thought about the solution.The answer is beyond my knowledge base. I have to get help, but from whom?

Normally, she would never have considered going to one of her employees for help with such a question. It was a desperate time, however, and her reasoning clearly indicated that only a member of her team would be able to tell her what was wrong. With that decision made, the choice of which person to ask was easy.

Only one of the eight men in her unit had ever been at all friendly to her. Scott had actually flirted with her at first. She put an end to that quickly but had been somewhat flattered by the attention. She didn’t consider herself to be a looker by any stretch, and part of her wanted to let him pursue her. The rules-following side of her personality took over, though, and let him know that it was inappropriate for him to be flirting with his superior.

She picked up her phone and dialed his extension.

“Scott, please come to my office,” she said, hanging up the phone without waiting for a reply.

Moments later, there was a knock at her door, and she directed him to come in grab a seat. “As you know, Scott, the QC numbers for this unit are dreadfully low.”

“You’re not going to fire me, are you? I’m the best worker you have!”

“No, that’s not why I called you in here.” She gritted her teeth. “Actually, I need your help.”

Scott was surprised. Janet had always known it all. He asked, “Okay, what do you need?”

“The men do not exert as much effort under my supervision as they did for my predecessor. Why is that? What am I doing wrong?”

“Wow, that’s not an easy subject. It’s not easy pointing out someone’s deficiencies to them, especially when that someone can fire you.”

“I can understand that perspective. How about this: for the remainder of this conversation, you can say anything at all and I will not hold it against you. Hopefully, you know me well enough by now that I do not ever go back on my word. Can you trust me?”

“Whatever your flaws, I do trust you to keep your word. I accept your terms.”

He held out his hand to her, and she shook it.

“Okay,” he said, “Let’s do this thing. To begin with, we all really liked Bob and were sad to see him go. He was a part of the group. He bowled with us in our league and was more of a friend than a boss. Then you came in with a completely different attitude.”

He paused for a moment. “Look, it seems to me that it’s basically a difference of opinion. I think that you come from a traditional school of thought and believe that managers shouldn’t associate with employees under them. The rest of us see management and workers as both being people. Unfortunately, the other guys don’t agree with me; they say that you think you’re better than them. That has led to some hard feelings.”

“Okay,” she said, “go on. What else?”

“The other thing is that you’re so strict with the rules. You don’t allow headphones. You restrict personal calls. We feel that you’re treating us like children. Every time that you forbid us from doing something that may ‘distract’ us, you make us feel that you don’t trust us to do our jobs. We are responsible adults. If we get our job done, don’t bother us with the little stuff.”

“Is that it?” she asked.

“Don’t discount how important morale is. It’s hard to put in the work required by this company when you feel that your supervisor doesn’t trust or respect you.”

Janet tried to put herself in the shoes of her men. How would she feel if Mr. Williams stayed on her case and issued orders for everything that she did? She hadn’t thought about it that way.

“What would you suggest I do to turn things around?”

“My main advice would be to loosen up. Relax the rules. Let your hair down.” He smiled. “Wear shorter skirts…”

“At this point, I would't wear a skirt at all if it meant the numbers at least returned to the baseline.”

“Do you mean that? Would you really come to work without a skirt on?”

She blushed. “I don’t know…”

“If I could get the team to bring their numbers up to the norm, would you spend one day without your skirt?”

She considered the question. “I’m assuming that you don’t mean I wear pants for a day.”

“No, I mean you wear whatever it is that you normally wear under your skirt.”

“I don’t think that I could do that. It would be way too embarrassing.”

“Would it be that big of a deal? Your blouse would cover your panties. The only thing we’d be seeing would be more of is your – is it hose or stockings?”

“Stockings,” she answered without thinking.

“So, for the price of letting us see the tops of your stockings and maybe a little bit of bare thigh, you’d get vastly improved performance. In retrospect, I’m not sure that it’s worth it on our end.”

Janet thought about Mr. Williams’ warning and the very real prospect of losing her house. She didn’t want to do something so embarrassing and couldn’t imagine walking around the office so scantily attired. Did she really have a choice, though? If this would get them to work, she could grin and bear the humiliation for a day. Right?

“Okay, I’ll do it. If the team’s numbers are back up to the baseline when I view the next QCA, I’ll remove my skirt for the entire day.”

“Sorry. Like I said. I don’t think that’s good enough. The guys will have to put in a lot of work to reach that goal.”

“Scott, I’m offering to humiliate myself for you. You can’t imagine how hard it would be for me to do this for you. What else could you possibly want?”

“The chance for seeing even more.”

Janet couldn’t speak; she had no idea how to respond.

“Look, Janet, I hope that I’m not sounding like a pervert or anything, but guys like to see women naked. It’s a fact. The prospect of being able to see you walking around the office without clothes would be a huge motivator.”

“I can’t walk around in the office naked! No way! Besides, who would want to see my fat body anyway?”

“You’re not fat. Maybe a little out of shape, but all the guys say very complementary things about what little of your body they have seen.”

Janet’s face turned red. They talk about my body? “I can’t take off my clothes at the office. I simply can’t.”

“I didn’t say that you’d actually get naked, just that there would be a chance that you would.”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s the best that any unit has ever done?”

“I think that a group in the Dallas office made 50% above baseline once.”

“How about this, then: we tell the guys that, if they make norm for the next quarter, you take off your skirt. If they make 25% above for the quarter after that, you work a day without either your blouse or skirt. A quarter later, it’s 50% over for your bra and, finally, 75% over to get your panties. Do you really think that there’s any chance of this group, who has never gotten above one hundred ten percent setting a company record? Worst case scenario, the reach the second incentive, and you show off your underwear. If they miss any of the benchmarks, it’s over.”

“That’s all? Me walking around the office in my underwear, that's no big deal? What are you saying? Taking off my skirt is one thing; like you said, most of me would still be hidden. I can’t go any further.”

Scott paused. “That’s too bad. I don’t think that I can get the guys to agree otherwise. How important is this to you?”

Picturing herself having her house taken from her, Janet reluctantly agreed to the new incentive program.

Chapter 2

Janet noticed that the level of work picked up quite a bit following her talk with Scott, and she tried to stay out of the way. She rescinded her previous policies regarding personal calls and emails and allowed workers to listen to music however they wanted as long as no one else complained. She also made an effort to be more friendly and accessible, going as far as to eat lunch in the break room instead of in her office. She took night classes in management at the local community college, and these helped her improve her supervisory techniques.

On the Monday that the analysis report came out, Scott was waiting outside of her office when Janet arrived. She had studiously avoided looking at the numbers in advance because she figured that she was screwed either way. If her team made their goal, she’d be walking around today without a skirt. If they didn’t, she might be walking around without a job or, soon to follow, a house.

“So,” he said, “what’s the verdict? Did we get ‘em up high enough?”

“I haven’t checked yet. Let’s see.”

She walked in and booted up the computer, making small talk with Scott as they waited for her to be finally be able to log into the company database.

“Wow! 1% ABOVE baseline. Congratulations. I guess that I owe you my skirt.”

She couldn’t believe that she was about to get partially undressed in the office. She had thought about wearing hose and really conservative panties today but had felt like that would be cheating. She hadn’t specifically agreed to wear the lacy, bikini cut ones with stockings that she had on today, but she had implied that she would wear what she normally did.

As she started to unbutton the skirt, Scott stopped her.

“Wait. You don’t have to, but I think it would be a good gesture if you waited until the entire team was here before taking it off. They worked really hard for this.”

Janet blushed as she thought about stripping for the whole crew. He was right, though, they had earned it. She wondered what he was thinking as he looked at her. Was this all a joke to him? Did he want to humiliate her? Or, was it possible that all the flirting was legitimate and that he actually found her attractive?

She couldn’t see how that would be the case. She was short, and the lack of physical activity associated with her job had caused her to gain a bit of weight. Her stringy brown hair fell haphazardly to midway down her back, and her clothing did nothing to accentuate her figure. She had decided to forgo wearing a jacket today because she figured that it would look ridiculous wearing one without a skirt, but the oversized white blouse completely obscured her ample breasts. Her legs, for the moment anyway, were covered all the way to her mid-calf with thick, navy blue pinstriped fabric that hid the shape of her legs.

They sat making awkward small talk until the other team members arrived and got settled.

“You ready?” Scott said.

“Not really, but no help for it.”

Scott smiled at her and held out his hand. Janet took it and let herself be led out of her office.

Scott got all the men gathered around.

Janet said, “First, I’d like to congratulate all of you on your hard work. You managed to exceed our goal. Now it’s time for me to pay up.”

Janet looked at the eight staring faces. I can’t do this! She considered retreating to her office. She almost turned her head around to look at the door that could be used to preserve her modesty, but she caught Scott’s eyes instead. Keeping her gaze fixed firmly on him, she blocked out the other men. Okay, maybe I can do it.

Her hands shaking, she reached down and undid the button at her waist. She hesitated a bit as she felt the garment loosen. Then she slid the zipper down and let the skirt fall to the ground. After stepping out of it, she bent at the knees and reached down to pick it up.

Scott reached out his hand. “I’ll hold onto that for you.”

She gave him the skirt.

“Now do a turn.”

Staring straight at the ugly gray commercial-grade carpet, She did a slow turn for them. She knew from looking in the mirror at her house this morning that her blouse fully covered her panties and tops of her stockings in the front and back. On the sides, however, the smallest bit of bare leg was visible above black lace. Upon completing the revolution, she forced herself to look at the faces of the men, expecting to see there mirth at her humiliation. Instead, she saw something she had never seen directed at her, lust.

She hastily retreated to her office to think about the situation. Though not an asexual person, Janet had never let her life be ruled by her libido. She masturbated rarely, usually averaging less than one time every couple of months She wasn’t a virgin, but her one experience in college had been unfulfilling, to say the least.qqThose men looking at her just now, though - that was intense. It was such a mixture of feelings. Vulnerability and embarrassment were obvious, but there was also an unexpected sense of power at the end.

She felt stirrings in herself that she so rarely felt. How was it possible that partially exposing herself to the men working for her turned her on? She tried her best to put such considerations out of her mind as she concentrated on her work. Before she knew it, it was time for lunch.

Janet knew that no one would complain if she abandoned her lately found habit of dining in the lunch room. No one would think it odd if she remained secluded in her office given the state of her attire. Wouldn’t she be disappointed in herself, though? Hiding, denying the men their just reward of seeing her at least somewhat undressed? She could feel the silk blouse caressing her bare thighs as she grabbed her purse and the bag containing her sandwich and crossed the room. Flames engulfed her face as she marched to join the men, and she felt once again an ache grow in the pit of her stomach. Did she want this, and, if so, what was it she wanted? To be exposed, vulnerable? To simply have men think of her as desirable?

She pretended to ignore the stares as she pulled up a seat with Scott and two of coworkers, but she blushed even more as she realized that the blouse was wholly inadequate for covering her crotch while she did so. She had just flashed her white panties to her subordinates! She tried to appear nonchalant as she adjusted her shirttail, and the men made no crude comments. Instead, they made small talk with her and welcomed her into their conversation in a way that they hadn’t before. By the time the hour was up, she had almost forgotten her exposure and was laughing at the humorous stories that they were telling. She was just about to return to her office when her purse started buzzing.

She hastily drew out her Blackberry and noted in horror the appointment reminder that popped up. She had completely forgotten about her meeting.

“Scott, I need my skirt back.”

“I thought that the deal was for you to remain without it for the rest of the day?”

“Yes. It was. This is important though; I have to go see Mr. Williams. I simply can’t go like this.”

“Well,” he said, “I can certainly understand that you would be embarrassed to run around the building dressed like you are, and I certainly wouldn’t prevent you from taking your skirt back if you really want it. On the other hand, a deal is a deal. I’ve always respected you for always keeping your word. That’s how I got the men to work so hard, by telling them that you would never break a promise. A lot of trust would be lost if you reneged now. Do you really want me to get it for you?”

Janet thought back to all the times after her parents’ divorce when her father had told her that he was going to come see her and hadn’t. How crushed she had been all those times after she had gotten her hopes up so high. She had vowed to herself that she would never be like him. She considered her situation. Not only was it embarrassing to walk around like this, but there was the very real possibility that Mr. Williams would fire her if he found out about just how she was motivating her employees. What was more important to her – keeping her job or keeping her word?

“You’re right. I made this agreement, and I’ll see it though. Drop it off at my office at five.”

“Actually, we never really clarified that you would get it back at the end of the work day. I believe that we just said ‘day.’ Why don’t I give it back to you in the morning?”

Janet nearly panicked. “Scott! You can’t mean that. I mean, going home without a skirt on is probably okay, but, if the team makes the other incentives, it wouldn’t be safe for me to get home.”

“That’s a good point. On those days, I’ll have to give you a ride to work.” With that said, he calmly stood up and exited the room.

Thus Janet found herself walking into the elevator lobby on the way to a meeting with her boss wearing just panties underneath her long blouse. Even with having spent the majority of her day without her skirt, it was still the oddest feeling to be walking around her building so exposed. She shivered imagining wearing even less as she nervously punched the button to take her to the penthouse. Her only hope was that she could traverse the few floors to the top without anyone else getting on.

Her luck was better than she had any right to expect. Not only did the elevator not stop, but Mr. Williams’ secretary wasn’t at her desk. Janet was able to get to his office without being seen by anyone. Reluctantly, she knocked on the door.

“Come,” she heard her boss say.

She quickly strode into the room, hoping to be able to sit down before he noticed her missing skirt.

“What is the meaning of this?”

Apparently she wasn’t quick enough. “Last time that we met, you told me to come up with incentives for the men. You told me to ‘take drastic measures,’ to do whatever it took. This is what it took.”


“I agreed to strip off my skirt if the team made their numbers for the quarter. They did, so I did.”

Mr. Williams pulled up something on his computer. “Yes. I see that the QCA reflects that your team have made just over the baseline. I suppose congratulations are in order. However, I must temper my enthusiasm. After the prior poor performance, one quarter of meeting bare minimum doesn’t get you off the hook. Tell me, do you have more incentives in mind?”

Janet blushed as she told him about the rest of the plan. After she finished, he seemed to think out loud.

“Well, obviously we have to get legal involved. Don’t want anyone to feel as if they are being sexually harassed. I’m sure, however, that they can draw up a waiver for our employees to sign.”

He broke from his reverie and addressed her. “You’re still on probation, but I like where you are going with this. In fact, this program could serve as an inspiration to others. I’ll send the gent that writes the company newsletter down to see you. Let’s meet again to discuss your progress immediately following the next quarterly report. Same time?”

Janet was stunned as she left the office. She had expected to be balled out and possibly fired. Instead, Mr. Williams had congratulated her. What about the next meeting? If the men attained their goal of 25% above baseline, she’d be wearing only her underwear when she saw him. Could it be that he wanted to see her nearly naked as well? Surely not.

Janet made it back to her office without being seen by anyone outside of her group, and she buried herself in her work. A short while later, a man from the legal department showed up with forms for her and her team to sign absolving the company of responsibility for any sexual harassment claims that could possibly result from the new incentive problem. Between getting her normal Monday tasks completed and taking care of the paperwork, the afternoon passed quickly. By the time that a gentleman carrying a large camera showed up at her door, she had forgotten all about Mr. Williams’ comments about the newsletter.

“Excuse me. Are you Janet?”

“Yes. And you are…”

“Stan. Mr. Williams wanted me to do a story about you for the More Than Numbers segment. Do you have time for a quick chat?”

Janet wanted nothing more than to throw this guy out of the office. Was he really going to tell the whole company about her embarrassing agreement? Unfortunately, he had the backing of the boss, and she didn’t have a choice. Faking a smile, she assured him that she had a few moments. After gaining her assent, Stan turned on a tape recorder and asked her to explain her method of motivation. By the time that she finished, he was smiling broadly.

“Well, all I need now are a few pictures, and I’ll be out of your hair.”


“Yes, I was thinking of a group shot. You with all the men in your team.”

Before she could get any coherent objection out of her mouth, Stan was already calling for the rest of her team to join them in the office. He positioned the eight men in a semicircle in front of the desk with her in the center.

“Okay, smile really big.”

The digital camera made a whirring sound.

“Great. Janet, turn your body sideways but leave your face looking straight at the camera.”

Stan took multiple shots.

“You know,” he said, “with that long blouse on, there’s no way of knowing what you’re wearing underneath. How do we know that you’re not wearing shorts or something? Why don’t you go ahead and raise the bottom up for us a bit?”

Still shocked to be in this position, she couldn’t make sense of his comment. “You want me to raise up my blouse?”

“Yes. Prove to us that you really are just wearing your panties.”

Janet turned to look at Scott, who nodded his head. Slowly, she gathered the shirttail in her hands and raised it above her waist revealing her lacy, bikini cut white panties. Why was she doing this? She had agreed to take off her skirt but not to flaunt her underwear in front of the whole company. At least, not yet anyway.

“Very nice,” Stan said as he continued shooting. “Now turn your body toward the camera.”

He took another picture as she continued to keep her shirttail gathered in her hands.

“Great. Let’s get you to turn around but keep your eyes on the lens.”

And another.

“Fantastic. Now, if you could just bend over a bit.”

She was now mooning the camera.

“Okay. One last shot. I want the men to pick you up. You, on the end, grab her feet. You, on the other end, take her shoulders. The rest of you, support her from underneath.”

Janet was hoisted into the air.

“Okay, you in the middle, can you position her shirt so that the panties show more?”

“I think that this is the best that we can get it without undoing a couple of buttons,” Scott said.

“Alright, everyone look at the camera.”

Stan took a picture.

“Janet, now you look at the camera, and I want the men looking at your legs. Good. Maybe you could pull her legs apart just a bit.”

She could feel their eyes on her crotch. She knew that her dark bush was visible underneath the thin fabric, and she could smell a slight odor coming from herself. Please, God, don’t let there be a wet spot! Why wasn’t she shouting for them to put her down instead of worrying about being humiliated even more and why was she so aroused? God, she was so horny!

Stan finally allowed the men to put her down, and everyone filed out of her office. Janet barely registered them leaving as she settled in at her desk and tried to compose herself.

A short while later, Scott popped his head inside her door. “The guys have all left. We’re all meeting at a bar down the street to celebrate. Would you like to join us?”

There’s no way that she was going to go out to anywhere dressed as she was, and she was still so turned on. If I wait until after dark to leave,’ she thought, ‘there’s less chance anyone will see me. “Thanks, but no. I’m still a little… I mean, I don’t think that it would be appropriate. I’m going to catch up on some work and then drive home.”

Scott smiled. “Catch up on some work, huh? Tell you what, remember when you said that I could say anything and you wouldn’t hold it against me? Could we do that again for a second?”

“Sure. Whatever you want to say…”

“I’m going to run down the hall and grab a drink of water. Then I’m going to pass by your office on the way out. If there’s nothing hanging on your door knob, I’ll leave without stopping in. On the other hand, if your pretty white panties are hanging out there, I’ll give you a little something to tide you over until you get home tonight.”

Janet’s jaw dropped, and Scott left before she had a chance to collect her thoughts and respond. She wanted to run after him and shout at him, but her body had other ideas. Her nipples were surely hard enough to cut glass, and there was a definite wet spot now. She couldn’t help but think how good it would feel to find some release.

She stood up. I can just wait for everyone to leave and take care of it by myself.

She slipped her panties down her stockings and over her high heels. Stepping out of them, she thought, I’ll need these off regardless. She couldn’t help but imagine Scott’s hands on her, or even his tongue. She had heard once that a tongue feels really good.

Janet picked up the panties and walked to the open door. I just stripped bottomless where anyone could have walked by and seen me. She placed the garment over the knob and walked back to her chair. She sat, waiting nervously for Scott to return.

It didn’t take long. He grinned as he grabbed the panties and put them in his pocket.

“Push your chair back from the desk.”

She did.

“Raise your blouse up to your waist and spread your legs.”

She winced a bit at the tone of the command but complied eagerly, her need overcoming her sense of propriety. She was now spread open before him. Janet could see the lust in his eyes as he knelt before her. She closed her eyes and moaned at the first touch of his tongue to her clitoris. What she had heard was correct; the feel of him licking her down there was divine. After climaxing three times to his fingers and tongue, she was completely spent when he kissed her forehead and quietly left.

Chapter 3

Janet was surprised by the reaction of her team when they saw her the next day. She had expected them to make fun of her, to further exclude her. Instead, they were cordial, even friendly. Over the next three months, she noticed that the men were much more likely to take suggestions for improvement than they ever were before. It was if her humiliating herself made them respect her more.

She had been most concerned about Scott’s reaction. She couldn’t believe that she had let him do that, that she had given in so completely to her basest desires. Would he think her a slut? If he did, would he expect now that he could take advantage of her anytime or, having had his fun, withdraw from their “relationship” completely? Instead, he did neither. If anything, he was now even more friendly and more flirty. There were no dates and no more intimate contact, but it was now no big deal for him to touch her on the shoulder or offer her advice. She found herself smiling when she thought about him. Thus, she was pleased the Friday afternoon before the QCA was due when he popped into her office.

“Are you ready for Monday?” he asked.

“Not really. Do you think that we’ll make 125%?”

“We’ve all be working hard and efficiently. It’s almost certain that we will.”

Janet had been dieting and doing sit ups every night just in case the worst came to pass. Her body was quite a bit more toned now, but she hadn’t really faced the real possibility that she’d be walking around work in just her underwear. “I don’t know if I can do it, Scott. This is so much different than taking off my skirt, and that was tough enough.”

“Nonsense. Of course you can. Is it really all that different from wearing a bikini at the beach? All your important parts will still be covered.”

“First, I don’t wear bikinis where anyone can see me. Second, yes, it is a lot different. Even if it were a swimsuit instead of a bra and panties, it would still be so embarrassing to wear it with heels and stockings and at the office. It’s going to be so humiliating to show off my body to everyone.”

“Can I be honest again?” he asked.


“I think that you get off on being seen. Why don’t you embrace it instead of fearing it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Go all out. Buy really sexy lingerie to wear on Monday. Get a makeover. Really put on a show. Instead of being embarrassed by being seen, really work it.”

“I couldn’t. I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“I’ll help. Let’s go shopping tomorrow.”

Next morning, Janet paced around her house as she waited. It was nearly 10. Would he be on time? She had put on knee-length skirt and a blouse that was more form fitting than she normally wore. Would he notice?

He arrived right on time, and she rushed out to meet him at his car. “Where are we going?” she asked.

“First, to a salon that my sister recommended. Apparently, they’ve got a really awesome stylist there.”

“Do you really think that styling my hair will help with anything?”

“Just wait and see.”

The difference was phenomenal. The man had done wonders. First, he shampooed her hair and used a special conditioner that gave it extra body. Then he cut it so that it framed her face perfectly. Finally, the stylist added just a bit of color to make her hair a deep, rich brown. Janet could hardly believe that it was her reflection in the mirror. “I almost look cute,” she said.

“You look more than cute; you look beautiful!” Scott exclaimed.

She couldn’t contain her happiness as she walked to the car. Scott must have noticed because he grinned right back at her.

Since the salon had taken up a fair amount of time, they decided that lunch was in order. He took her to a little Italian bistro, and she marveled at the romantic setting. Is this a date? she thought.

After he paid the bill, Scott asked “Are you ready for some shopping?”

“What exactly did you have in mind?”

“Well, I figured that we’d do the easy stuff out of the way first and swing by the mall to pick you up a new outfit. I checked out the ads in the papers, and Penney’s is having a good sale today.”

“That sounds fine.”

If she was a bit nervous regarding what he would pick out for her, she needn’t have been. The tasteful grey skirt was a lot shorter than she normally wore to work but fell only a tad higher on her leg than the one that she currently had on. Likewise, the white blouse was thinner and emphasized her bust more than she liked, but it wasn’t unwearable. Overall, she’d look sexier than normal for work, but the outfit wasn’t embarrassing at all considering she’d be taking it off first thing in the morning.

Scott offered to pay since it was his idea, but she convinced him that she would wear it to work more than just this coming Monday morning and could should pay for it herself. He smiled and told her that the rest of her outfit would be for him and that he would definitely pay for that.

She blushed as she asked him where they were going next.

“There’s a lingerie boutique nearby. It’s not in the mall, so they don’t get as much foot traffic. That allows them to provide more privacy and personal service.”

Janet definitely didn’t like the gleam in his eyes but didn’t want to disappoint him by backing out. She forced herself to follow him into the store. Once inside, Scott took control. He escorted her to an area of the store that had a platform surrounded by three mirrors and with a small dressing room off to the side.

“Okay, Janet, get undressed while I look for things for you to try on.”

“Uh, how undressed?”

He smiled. “All the way, baby. All the way.”

She slipped off her flats and pulled her blouse over her head before stepping out of her skirt. With just her underwear on, Janet took exaggerated care in hanging up her outerwear. When she could stall no longer, she removed her bra and panties. She walked to the curtain, the only thing protecting her modesty, and peered over it out into the store.

She felt awkward standing around naked but also a little excited. When Scott finally walked over to her, she was relieved until she saw what he handed her. It was the skimpiest, sheerest bra and panty set that she had ever seen, and it came with matching red hose.

“Scott, I can’t wear that if anyone is going to see me.”

“But I picked it out specially for you. Would you at least try it on and see how it looks? Give it a chance.”

Oh well, what’s the harm in trying it on if it makes him happy?

Knowing that, from his vantage point, Scott would be able to see her getting dressed if she stepped back from the curtain, Janet pulled the scant covering on while standing in place. “Okay. It’s on. It fits pretty well.”

“Well come on out, silly, and let me see how it looks.”

“Scott! I can’t come out looking like this. I’m practically naked.”

“What’s the big deal? I’m going to see you in your underwear at work on Monday anyway.”

“Not underwear that is so see-through that I might as well be wearing nothing!”

“That’s a good idea, the wearing nothing part, but we should probably start with the underwear. Tell you what, if you can tell me honestly that you’re not secretly thrilled with the prospect of being seen in that lingerie, I’ll drop it and get you another set. If, however, you’re worried that we’re going to have to purchase it because you’re getting it all wet at the thought, you do what I say the rest of the time we’re in here? Deal?”

Instead of going through the humiliation of answering, she meekly pulled back the curtain. She knew that he could now see her breasts and rock hard nipples almost as well as if they were completely uncovered but stood stock still as his eyes focused first there and then moved down her body. Janet cringed as his eyes focused on her crotch. Even though she had given herself a trim, the panties were so brief that hair stuck out on each side of the triangle, and they were so sheer that it wasn’t like the brown curls that were covered weren’t completely visible anyway.

“Nice. Very nice. You have a fantastic body. I love the size and shape of your breasts and your hourglass figure. Such a trim tummy and toned legs. I thought that you were complaining about being chubby.”

Janet blushed. “I’ve been dieting and working out.”

“You look fabulous. Great job. Now, go stand by the mirror with your front facing the store.”

The command took her by surprise, but she had resolved to put herself in his hands. Her lead feet shuffled onto the platform, and she turned toward the rest of the store. Thankfully, it was empty save for Scott and a single salesgirl. She also noticed that the design of the store kept this viewing area out of the line of site of the windows and immediate entrance.

“Wow, baby got back! I like it.”

Janet couldn’t help but glance back to see her reflection in the mirror. The thong fully exposed her enormous backside. She had such conflicting thoughts. On one hand, she loathed her body, especially her backside. On the other, she was really enjoying showing off and the appreciation that Scott was giving her.

“I can see what you mean. If you wore that to work, there would be no reason to continue with the incentives. Go ahead and take it off, and I’ll find you another one.”

Janet started to go back to the dressing area.

“No need to move, Janet. Right here will be okay.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I mean, Janet, that you might as well not waste time. Strip right there. It’s not like I didn’t just see everything anyway.”

“But I’m completely out in the open…”

“Come on, the store’s empty, and you know that you want to.”

Janet couldn’t believe that she was about to strip naked for him for the first time in a public place. He was right, though, now that he had put the idea in her head, she had to do it. She started to push her left stocking down.

“No. From the top down. The bra first.”

She unlatched her top and shrugged it off her shoulders, making her now unencumbered breasts quiver. Scott wordlessly took it from her. With only a slight hesitation, she stepped out of her panties and handed those over as well. Bending from the waist, she pushed first one stocking and then the other off. When she looked up, she expected his eyes to be on her pussy or on her mammoth dangling boobs, instead he was looking at something behind her.

The mirror, she thought. He must have been able to see everything. She blushed deeply.

“Stand where you are, hands by your side, until I come back.”

With that, he was off.

Chapter 4

She stood there, feeling aroused and embarrassed, for what must have been several minutes before she heard the front door open. Clenching her hands by her side, she waited for whoever entered the store to see her. She cringed when a middle aged female and her presumptive husband stepped into her line of sight. Janet didn’t know what to expect or what to do. Would the lady yell at her or call her names? Instead, the woman smiled and went about her shopping. The man, on the other hand, focused directly on Janet and began walking toward her.

Should she run to the dressing area or, at the very least, cover herself? Scott told me to stay here and leave my arms by my side. Surely he didn’t mean if other people, especially a male customer, came into the store? With very little thought, Janet realized that that was just what Scott expected, that Scott liked the idea of men, and women, seeing her naked. She also realized that she sort of liked it to. Still, liking the feeling of increasing arousal didn’t lessen the embarrassment all that much. She was mortified as the man approached her and took a seat on the bench just below the platform.

“How are you today?” he asked. “Doing a bit of shopping?”

“Yes, my boyfriend,” she said, stammering over the word, “is picking out some stuff for me to wear.”

“I fancy the outfit that you’re wearing right now, and I’d wager that he does too.”

Janet blushed even deeper. What must this man think of her? “I’m so sorry for this. Scott asked me to do whatever he said for the day, and I foolishly complied. I am so embarrassed.”

“Believe me, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Your body is fantastic. Besides, this shop caters to exhibitionists. This sort of thing isn’t unusual at all. I’ve even taken pictures of my wife doing something similar and posted it at Voyeurweb.”


“You’re not familiar with it? It’s a great site. People from all over the world have pictures taken of themselves showing off their bodies, and post them for all to see and comment on. Most, like my wife, choose to keep a bit of anonymity by not showing their faces, but it’s really great to see everyone carrying out their fantasies. You should try it.”

“I don’t know if I could do that.”

“Uh huh. Sure. Your juices are flowing at the thought, and I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen an clit that engorged. No need to pretend,” he said, gesturing to her crotch and the liquid clearly flowing down her thigh.

Janet was absolutely humiliated that the signs of her arousal were so evident. How did it get to this point? Standing in front of a strange man talking about how horny I am because I like showing off. I can see his eyes roaming my body, memorizing the swell of my breasts, the length of my nipples, the curves of my butt cheeks, the curls of my pubic hair.

Itemizing the parts of her body that were open to his view only made her more aroused. She desperately tried to get the topic of conversation off her bodily functions. “So, there are a lot of people who get turned on by posting naked pictures of themselves?”

“Oh simply tons. It’s not unusual at all.”

“Well, I don’t think that anyone would like to see me.”

“Now you’re just fishing for compliments. Most of the women on the site, with the exception of my wife of course,” he grinned as he said it, “aren’t nearly as pretty as you. You’ve got a cute face and such wonderful curves. Not many women have breasts as nice as yours. I’m assuming they’re natural?”

She blushed at the complements and nodded her head yes. Scott saved her from making further conversation with the gentleman by coming back with another set of lingerie for her to try on.

“Okay, I think this one will be a winner. Sexy, but not too revealing.”

He handed her just the stockings. Obviously, he wanted her to put on the clothes in the reverse order that he had made her take them off. “Why don’t you sit on the floor to put them on? That would be easier than you having to balance.”


“Sit on the floor.”

Why would he want me to do that? she thought. I could just as easily put them on standing up. Suddenly, she realized the view between her legs she would be giving when she was sitting down and getting up. Did she really want to go that far? She shrugged. In for a penny, in for a pound.

She lowered her rear to the polished hardwood surface of the platform, leaving her legs spread wide open and her hole displayed to both Scott and the stranger. They both grinned. She slowly pulled on both stockings, making sure not to impede their view any more than she had to. When she finished, she held out her hand so that Scott could help her up. To her surprise, he gave her a quick kiss on the lips after she got to her feet.

Before Scott could hand her the rest of the outfit, the man spoke. “She should model the outfit for us.”

“Good idea,” Scott said, grabbing the panties to hand to her.

“No, I meant this outfit.”

“Oh. I understand. Really good idea. Janet, honey, do some turns for us, slowly.”

They had been staring at her completely nude body for a long time. She didn’t understand what difference the stockings made until she turned around and saw herself in the mirror. The contrast between the black lacy fabric and her white skin was stunning. Instead of making her more decent by covering her bare legs, it made her naked parts stand out more.

Well, if I’m going to give them a show, I might as well give them a show. She did her best model walk away from them and turned slowly around once she reached the mirror. Then she strutted back to the edge of the platform nearest her two admirers and did another pirouette, coming to rest facing them with her hands on her hips.

Scott started to give her the panties, but the man once again interrupted.

“Wait a second, I have a concern.”

“Oh, what’s that?” Scott asked.

“I was wondering how well the stay up stockings hold up under a lot of activity. I’ve always been a garter belt guy myself. We need to make sure that they’re not going to fall down on her.”

“Good point. What did you have in mind?”

“Some kind of exercise that will stress them a bit. Say jumping jacks?”

Scott grinned like the Cheshire Cat. “I like the way you think.”

Janet didn’t even wait for Scott to command her. “How many?” she asked.

“Twenty-five ought to be enough of a test,” Scott said.

Janet clapped her hands above her head while spreading her legs underneath her. Then she returned her legs together and slapped her hands against her side. “One,” she said.

She could feel her unfettered breasts bouncing wildly as repeated the motions over and over again and tried not to look at the two men watching them, mesmerized. She took stock of her situation as the count increased. I’m in a lingerie store, completely naked except for sheer black stockings, doing jumping jacks with my boobs undulating like crazy while two men, one who is a complete stranger, watch me. The worst part is that I think that I like it.

By the time that she reached twenty-five, she was a bit winded. Scott finally handed her the rest of the outfit, and she was allowed to try it on. The bra went a little bit lower than she would have liked and had a degree of transparency that gave her pause, but it wasn’t too indecent. The matching bikini cut panties were actually quite nice. They were such a soft silk, and the lacy edging was quite pretty. A glance to the mirrors behind her showed that quite a bit of her butt cheeks were exposed, but it wasn’t a thong by any means.

“What do you think?” Scott asked. “Will it work?”

Considering that she had spent the last almost half hour completely nude and that she was so horny that she wanted to masturbate right then and there, the skimpy outfit didn’t concern her as much as it might have. “Yes. It’ll be fine.” Besides, she thought, we’ll have to buy it anyway considering how wet I got the panties.

Scott had her once again get completely undressed and told her to stand still for just a moment until he returned. He didn’t lie about being gone only shortly and was back in a flash with a large plastic bag with the store logo on it. “I have a proposition for you,” he said.

“Okay, I’m listening.”

“We're going to go back to your place. If you’re interested in me coming in to visit when we get there, place all your clothes in this bag and come up to the register. If you would rather I drop you off, go ahead and get dressed.”

Janet almost went to put her clothes in the bag before processing what he had said. For once that day, her brain asserted control over her libido. “Scott, step inside the dressing area with me so that we can talk in private for a minute.”

He followed her into the little cubicle and drew the curtain closed.

“Look, I won’t say that today hasn’t been fun, but it sounds like you want me to go outside and then ride home with you naked. I’m not sure that I’m ready for that. There’s a more important issue, though. I feel like we’re starting to develop a relationship. I also feel that you’ve just made my exposing myself a condition for you proceeding with that relationship.”

“Janet, I was interested in you long before I found out that you were an exhibitionist. That’s icing on the cake for me. I’m interested in dating you whether you go through with this today or not.”

She smiled at him.

“On the other hand, I think that you enjoy these kind of experiences, but I know that you won’t do them unless pushed. I also know that you’re extremely aroused right now. If you want me to take care of that for you, you’re going to have to go farther. Otherwise, I’ll leave you to your own devices for today. It’s completely your call.”

He kissed her on the lips again, but, this time, he lingered much longer and caressed her back and backside with his hands before withdrawing. “I think that we could have something nice between us,” he said, “ and that something is not at all dependent on what you do here today. My proposition, however, still stands.”

With that said, he left her breathlessly standing in the dressing area. She already had all her clothes in the bag before she knew what she was doing. She wanted him inside her so intensely that nothing else mattered to her. Before she was about to draw the privacy curtain back, she stopped. Think for a second. Is this really what I want? I’m about to have the possibility of being more exposed to more people than I can imagine. Is this okay?

Though her brain was trying to assert control, her body was having none of it. Her need was too overwhelming. She did at least pause long enough to try to make her self more presentable, using the wadded up panties that she wore in as a rag to clean herself up. She needn’t have bothered, she was just as wet as when she started by the time she walked to the cash register. She arrived as he was signing the credit card receipt, and the total amount was still shown on the electronic display screen at the counter.

“That much? For one set?”

Scott looked sheepish. “I bought the red set too.”

“The red set? I told you that I refuse to wear that one. It’s too revealing.”

“I thought maybe you’d wear it for me when we’re alone.”

“Oh, in that case…”

Scott smiled and gave her yet another kiss when she handed him the bag containing all her clothes. He placed the much smaller bag containing his purchases inside it and walked her to the door. “Ready?” he asked.

“Not really.”

“It’s okay. I’ll be right here with you.”

He opened the door and held it for her. She hesitantly stepped with her bare feet onto the rough concrete sidewalk. Luckily, the store entrance was somewhat secluded, and they had parked literally right in front of the door. Scott put his hand on Janet’s back and gently nudged her across the sidewalk and onto the asphalt until she was standing by the car door. Janet couldn’t help but look around the parking lot. She froze as she saw a teenage boy walk out of a shop about fifty yards away. She made no move to cover her breasts, which were clearly visible over the hood of Scott’s Honda Civic, as he left her standing there while he placed the bags in the trunk. The teenager stood gawking until Scott finally unlocked her door and let her in the car.

The car provided a comparable plethora of privacy, and she relaxed somewhat. After she latched her seatbelt, she asked, “what’s the plan now? Can I lean back the seat?”

“That’s exactly what I want you to do,” he said. “Recline, relax, and put this on. Just be sure to keep your hands by your side.”

He handed her a sleep mask, and she quickly complied with his commands. She felt him back the car up and then move forward, but she was soon too lost in her thoughts to pay attention to what he was going. Can people see me right now? Could a truck driver be looking at my naked body right this minute? The thought since shivers through her already sexually frustrated body.

The feel of the car stopping and being put into park dragged her out of her reverie. Fingers began lightly stroking her left breast, exploring the huge mound and circling her nipple. The hand began to caress and squeeze more urgently. She wanted to come so badly, but she couldn’t help but wonder if there was anyone watching her. When the fingers traced a path down her torso and began stroking her clit, she found that she didn’t care. She only needed seconds before reaching one of the strongest climaxes she had ever had.

“Hopefully, that will tide you over until we get home,” Scott said.

The car started moving again, and she couldn’t help but think the entire time that simply anyone could be looking at her. By the time they reached her house, Janet was, if possible, more horny than when she had left the shop.

After he pulled into the driveway, Scott let her take off her blindfold. Janet returned the seat to an upright position and carefully looked at her surroundings. It had been bad enough being exposed to strangers in an area where she was not likely to see anyone that she knew. Being naked outside her house where her neighbors could see was much worse. How would she make it to her door?

She looked imploringly at Scott but saw no mercy in his eyes. He was going to make her go inside nude; there was no help for it. For a moment, she was thankful that she had bought more house than she could really afford. In this neighborhood, lots were huge, spacing out the residences, and no one did their own yard work. In a typical residential area, you would have expected to see everyone out cutting grass on such a nice Saturday afternoon. Here, the streets were nearly deserted.

Taking a deep breath and not even waiting for Scott’s command, she opened the car door and marched as quickly as possible to the entrance of her house. It wasn’t until she had reached her destination that she realized that it was locked and the key was inside the trunk of the Civic.

Scott seemed to recognize her problem because he was laughing as he took his time getting her bag of clothes out of the trunk. All she could do was stand there, hands by her side because she knew that he hated her covering up, while he sauntered over. Every second was torture as her eyes darted furtively about the block looking for sign of life, dreading the moment when she might see someone she knew walking outside or gazing through a window. Janet could picture Mr. Robertson across the street taking a break from playing computer games and catching an eyeful of her standing on display. She could feel his stare like it was a physical presence, real instead of a product of her addled imagination. It started at her bare feet, caressing her painted red toenails, stroking her calves and thighs before coming to rest on the light brown curls providing the only protection to her aroused clitoris. She envisioned him picking up a pair of binoculars to study the details of her exposed body, picking up the telltale signs of the glistening fluid running down her thighs.

She wanted to touch herself as she perceived the hallucinatory gaze move up her stomach, past her belly button, to reach the mammoth mounds hanging there. It was all she could do to resist pinching her diamond hard nipples as her fictitious voyeur devoured her nude breasts. So lost was she in her fantasy that she didn’t realize that Scott had finished dawdling and had already gone inside.

“You coming?” he asked.

Snapping out of her stupor, she ran to him and slammed the door behind her. They didn’t make it to the bedroom before falling into the throes of passion.

They spent the rest of the day exploring each others bodies, and all night, and all day Sunday, and Sunday night. They came up for air and to eat, of course, and to regain their stamina. Scott had the foresight to have an overnight bag in his car in case this eventuality came to pass, and he spent the time when they were not physically active dressed casually in shorts and a t-shirt all the while insisting that Janet stay completely, totally devoid of clothes. That only became a sticking point when he suggested that they go out to eat on Sunday evening. She insisted on wearing at least something out, and, since he couldn’t change her mind, they settled on ordering pizza instead. She answered the door, nude of course, and gave the delivery guy a thrill. The pizza ended up getting cold before they ate it.

Chapter 5

Janet found herself extremely nervous as she got ready Monday morning. Scott had gotten up early to go home and get dressed for work, planning to return in time to eat breakfast and drive her to the office. His absence gave her the opportunity to think about what would be happening that day, and, by the time he returned, she had worked herself into something of a panic.

“I simply cannot go through with this,” she told him.

“Of course you can. Think about how many people saw you naked this weekend – at least four and that doesn’t even count all the people who passed my car driving trucks and SUVs.”

Janet blushed at the memory. “That was different! I didn’t know those people, and you got me so worked up that all I wanted was to get you home. We’re talking about guys who know me and work with me.”

“I’m obviously not understanding what the big deal is. They like looking at sexy women who aren’t wearing much of anything, and you’re a sexy woman who likes to be looked at while not wearing much of anything. What’s the problem?”

“Be serious. You know that it’s a big deal for a woman to go into work and strip in front of her colleagues. It’s not exactly something that happens every day.”

“True. I guess it is somewhat unusual. Truly, though, what’s your main concern?”

“That they’ll think I’m ugly, be grossed out by my body. That they won’t respect me any more. That they’ll think I’m some sort of freak who gets off on showing myself to them. Pick one.”

“You are not ugly, and no normal heterosexual male in his right mind would be anything but impressed with your body.”

“Stop saying that. I know I’m fat.”

“Fat? What, in comparison to a stick thin runway model? Come on. You’re body is great. Your breasts are simply fantastic, and I love the curve from your chest to your stomach to your hips. And your butt… I have to stop now. If I continue, we’re going to have to go to the bedroom, and we’ll be late for work.”

“What about respecting me? Who can respect a boss who walks around in her underwear?”

“Janet, honey, haven’t you noticed that the men respect you more now than before this started? It’s something you earn through your actions; not something that’s given to you because of your position or the way that you dress. You’ve earned it by sticking to your word and by the way you’ve been treating the men.”

Janet had to admit that he was right about the way the men were treating her. “True, but what about the other thing. Won’t they think I’m a freak?”

“From their perspective, I coerced you into this deal, and you’re being a good sport by following through. If they notice that you get a little turned on by it – well, a good percentage of women in your situation would have a similar reaction. You have nothing to worry about.”

Janet was mollified by her boyfriend’s persuasive arguments, but she couldn’t help but dread the day to come. “I’m still so nervous, though.”

“That’s good.”


“I think that the nervousness is what feeds the thrill. If you weren’t nervous, it would mean that you didn’t care and wouldn’t have nearly the same reaction. Tell me, how did you feel at first in the lingerie shop and in the car and when the pizza guy rang the doorbell?”

“I was petrified.”

“Now tell me if what happened afterward was worth the discomfort.”

Janet smiled. “Absolutely.”

The thought of what was to come later that night helped her keep her word. She was almost excited when she logged onto to her computer in her office to check the QCA. “134. Wow! 9 points over our goal. 24 points higher than we’ve ever done before. Nice.”

“Congratulations. Now all we have to do is wait for the rest of the men to arrive.”

That didn’t take long, and, before she knew it, she was once again standing in front of them. She could tell that the men appreciated Scott’s taste in clothes, but it was hard to mind them gawking at the tight blouse and short skirt when they were soon to have so much more, or much less, to gawk at.

“I’m not much of one to give speeches, but I do want to say that I’m proud of all of you. You set a goal, and you worked hard to reach that goal. Not only did you reach it, but you exceeded it by getting 134% of baseline. I’m pretty sure that, by doing so, you’ve saved my job, if not my dignity.”

There were chuckles throughout the crowd, and Janet smiled at them. “If I remember correctly, it seems that I owe you something, so, without further ado…”

She quickly unsnapped and unzipped the gray skirt and gave it a slight push to get it over her hips. Gravity did the rest of the job for her as the garment slowly fell to the floor to land in a heap at her feet. The white blouse that she was wearing today was much shorter than the one she wore last quarter, and great expanses of bare leg were visible above the black stockings. She picked up the skirt and handed it to Scott.

“The top, or should I turn first?” she asked.

The votes called out seemed pretty evenly divided between the men impatient to see her in only her underwear and the ones who wanted a slower striptease. Scott broke the tie by declaring that she should turn around.

Janet complied by making a slow revolution, wondering if her panties and exposed butt cheeks could be seen underneath the shirttail. Doesn’t matter much anyway. It won’t be covering anything at all in a few moments. She saw that the men were devouring her with their eyes like she was a turkey on Thanksgiving. Their lust fueled her arousal, and she knew that her nipples would be standing at attention.

Button by button, from the top down, the shirt opened showing the men more and more of her bare flesh. She let them absorb the full view for a brief period after it was completely undone. Then Janet shoved the blouse off her shoulders and let it fall behind her onto the carpet. She stood before the eight men wearing just a black bra, matching panties, stockings, and heels.

Janet knew from looking in the mirror this morning that both the bra and panties were slightly transparent. If the men looked really closely, as she was sure they were, they would be able to see the outlines created by her areole around the sharp points surely being made by her hard nipples and by her trimmed pubic hair. She couldn’t bear to even consider how much of her cleavage, and how much of her butt, was on complete display without the benefit of even a sheer covering. Why had she let Scott talk her into such immodest lingerie? Thinking of the decision led her to remember the scene in the store. The combination of that experience and her present exposure almost made her lose control completely. As it was, she stood there trembling for minutes as the men got a good, long look at her underwear clad body. Perhaps she would have remained frozen in place all day if Scott hadn’t broken through to her and motioned for her to turn around.

Once again, she slowly turned, giving her team a good show. As her back was directly facing them, she noticed that her top was still on the floor. Should she give them even more of a show? They had gone above and beyond their goal. Bending at the waist with her legs shoulder width apart, she reached down to pick up the discarded garment. The part of the panties that stretched over her most private parts was completely opaque, so the display wasn’t vulgar. She also made the motion quickly, trying to make it seem like she had noticed it on the ground and not thought about the view she would be giving them. Still, more heat reached her face, and she heard murmurs of appreciation from her team.

She completed her turn and handed the shirt to Scott. She hoped that her voiced didn’t shake too badly as she dismissed them. “Okay, show’s over for now. You’ve got a lot of work to do if you want to see me without this bra.”

With that act of bravado she returned to her office. She had barely sat down at her desk when Dan Conner, a fellow team manager, showed up. He had some lame excuse for coming down, some irrelevant question about the QCA methodology, but she knew the real purpose for his visit – to see if she was traipsing around the office in her underwear. A fresh wave of arousal came over her as the humiliation of being seen like this by one of her peers hit home. Less than 15 minutes after Dan left her office, she received an email announcing that the quarterly team lead meeting was rescheduled for this afternoon.

Those little twerps! They send Dan in to see if I went through it, and then moved the meeting so that I would have to attend dressed like this. There was no help for it. She couldn’t put her clothes back on, and attendance at the meeting was mandatory.

Janet tried hard to bury herself in her work so that the day would feel like it was over sooner. A constant stream of people from the mail room workers to the janitor to the office supply clerk kept interrupting her on the flimsiest of pretenses. Combined with the feel of the leather chair on her bare skin, the fresh exposure to new people kept her excited all morning, and she couldn’t do a thing about it. At noon, on her way to lunch room, she seriously considered stopping into the ladies room to satisfy herself. She resisted, however, telling herself that surely she wasn’t that far gone.

She almost turned around and walked right back out when she saw the eight sets of eyes following her every move. They tracked her as she got her food out of the refrigerator, as she warmed it up in the microwave, and as she sat down next to Scott. She felt like a lamb surrounded by hungry lions. The more embarrassed that she became, though, the hornier she became, and lunch passed by in a haze. With Scott so close, all she wanted to do was rip off the tiny remaining portion of her clothes and jump him right there. Get a hold of yourself, girl!

At the end of the hour, she could smell an odor coming from herself and knew that her panties must be soaked. She hurried to clean up and get to the bathroom. Once there, she gazed longingly at the privacy offered by the stalls but decided that she simply didn’t have the time before having to meet with Mr. Williams. Instead, she used some toilet paper to clean herself up and surveyed the situation in the mirror. Despite her best efforts to pat them dry, her panties were noticeably wet.

I can’t meet my boss like this. What do I do? Spotting the hand dryer on the wall, she determined that he only real option was to attempt to dry the garment. Even though the bathroom was empty, she felt incredibly strange as she slipped the small black panties over her hips, down her legs, and off her feet. Regardless of how uncovered she felt wearing them, it was tremendously better than not wearing anything at all. Trying to ignore yet another wave of overwhelming horniness, she busied herself with holding the damp cloth over the warm air. She concentrated so hard on the task that she didn’t hear the sound of the door opening behind her over the sound of the dryer. When she finally looked up, she saw Jennifer, one of the admin assistants that worked on the other side of the floor, holding the door open with a shocked look on her face while Joe, one of the team members in her group, stood in the corridor outside.

There were now two people staring at her completely bare behind. Worse, because of the position of the mirror, she was sure that they were able to see her exposed bush as well. She stood frozen as the reality of being seen very nearly completely naked at work sunk into her brain before she finally found a coherent thought and was able to move her hands down to cover her pussy. The movement shocked Jennifer into moving as well. With a deep red blush, she hastily returned to the corridor and shut the door.

Janet rushed to a stall and soaked up as much of the fluid from her dripping hole as she could before pulling her panties back on. Needless to say, she was quite frazzled as she left to make her way to Mr. Williams’ office. She was not nearly as lucky on the journey there as she had been last time. She rode the elevator with two gentlemen dressed in suits who could not keep their eyes off her. She stood in front of them, but the mirrored surface of the car allowed them total access to wherever they wanted to look. After watching them blatantly stare at her tits and ass for the entire ride up, she realized that she needn’t have bothered with trying to clean her panties in the restroom.

Likewise, Mr. Williams’ secretary was at her desk this time. The young lady smiled knowingly at her and paged her boss. Embarrassed beyond belief, Janet walked into the office.

“Janet, it’s nice to see you today. I haven’t seen enough of you lately, but you’re making up for it now.”

Janet was beginning to understand that Scott was right: all men did want to ogle women. He obviously wanted to look at her. What should she do? She strolled into the room and stood nervously by the chair while her boss looked her over. He didn’t even try to be circumspect as he took in the view of her body. She was sure that, with the intensity of his inspection, he couldn’t help but notice the signs of her arousal.

Finally, he cleared his throat. “Good, then. Please have a seat. I see that the men must have made their goal. Well done.”

“Yes sir. In fact, they made it to 1.34. That’s only 16 points below the company record.”

He seemed taken aback by the news. “When I first heard the plan, I didn’t think that this underperforming group would do this well. I figured that the worst case scenario would be that you walk around the office dressed as you are right now. If they were that close to the next incentive this time, there’s a real possibility that you’ll be taking off even more.”

“Are you saying that you want to stop the program, sir? The men were told that the company approved it. It doesn’t seem right to kill it when they’ve worked so hard. Morale would plummet.”

“Could we sabotage their efforts covertly? For instance, do you have anyone up for promotion?”

“I’m going to recommend one of my men, Scott, be made a team lead as soon as an opening is available. His numbers remained fairly high when the rest of the team tanked, and the turnaround is due in no small part to his help.”

“I could make a position come available soon. The loss of such a key member would surely doom their chances, wouldn’t it? Especially if a replacement takes a while to be found.”

Janet pictured herself prancing around the office topless with everyone staring at her bare boobs. She didn’t know if she could live with the shame, and Mr. Williams was offering her a way out. On the other hand, what he was suggesting was plain wrong. It wouldn’t be fair to her team. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think that I could endorse such a plan. I made my bed, and I’ll lie in it.”

“That’s the spirit. Some of the more conservative board members wanted me to try to talk you out of it, but I’m glad that you didn’t flinch. Keep up this kind of work, and you’ll be seeing another promotion come your way soon. In fact, I think that we should meet again to discuss it.”

“Let me guess,” she said. “The first Monday of next quarter, same time.”

He smiled.

Chapter 6

Janet remained too busy to take care of satisfying herself, and the two hours between meetings flew by. Stan, from the company newsletter, stopped by to check on her progress and take more pictures, these of her alone standing by her desk in her underwear. She dearly hoped that the resolution of the printed photograph wasn’t high enough to make out how transparent her lingerie was.

All too soon, the moment that she had been most dreading arrived. Walking into a room filled with twenty of your peers when you’re seriously underdressed is a nerve wracking experience. Add in the fact that you find the embarrassment sexually stimulating, and it took all the effort that she could muster to make herself enter the conference room.

At first, she paid attention only to all the stares directed at her. When she crossed the room to sit down, though, she noticed something strange – she wasn’t the only one that wasn’t fully dressed. Two of the female leads were missing their skirts. Casey’s sky blue panties and knee high socks were completely exposed because her short pullover blouse only came down to just below her belly button while Rhonda’s bottom half was completely covered by her shirttails. Janet could barely make out the top of her stockings from beneath the fabric. Additionally, Steve was wearing a shirt, tie, black socks, black shoes, and Superman boxers.

Greg Cox called the meeting to order, and the chatter in the room settled down. As the regular agenda items were ticked off one by one, Janet began to relax. Her panties and stocking covered legs were covered by the table, and most of the other managers in the room were at least not obvious about gawking at her scantily clad torso. It wasn’t until the new business portion of the meeting that things took a turn for the worse. Greg had made it all the way around the table, and everyone’s questions and new items had been addressed. Only Dan Conner remained.

“I’d like to hear more about the incentive program that Janet created. It seems to be marvelously effective, and it appears that at least three other of our leads have instituted similar policies,” Dan said.

“That’s a great idea,” Greg said. “Janet, would you mind standing and addressing everyone’s questions?”

He formed it as a question, but she knew from experience that she didn’t have a choice. How humiliating to have to address the group dressed this way! Her arousal, which had been a dull presence throughout the meeting, intensified. As she stood to face her audience, her nipples became diamond cutters and fluid began to freely flow, soaking her panties. She was so distracted that she had to make Dan repeat the first question.

“I said, how did you come up with this idea?”

“Well, Dan, employees have always liked the thought of embarrassing their bosses. Think of old school dunking booths and pie in the face type of events. After doing some research, I found out that, in order to be more effective, my team needed to see me as more human, to see me taken down a peg or two.”

Casey, whose own panties were hidden only by the table, posed the next question.

“Is that how you feel right now? Like you’ve been taken down a peg?”

“It is hard to have a superiority complex when the men are seeing you in your underwear.”

“Is it only embarrassment that you’re feeling?” Dan asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You appear to be quite, uh, turned on.”

Janet blushed even deeper. “I do seem to be having a slight unanticipated physical reaction,” she said through tight lips. God, could this be any more humiliating?

Rhonda spoke up next. “How far are you willing to take this? Underwear is one thing, but nude is a whole other story.”

“When I made the deal, I didn’t think that it would even go this far. However, having made the it, I can’t back down. It’s exceedingly unlikely that they’ll reach 75% over baseline, but, if they do, I won’t have a choice.”

“Any other questions?” Greg asked.

No one else spoke up.

“Okay. I think that I like having the meeting on the day the report comes out. Let’s make the change permanent. Meeting adjourned.”

The clock had passed five o’clock a while ago, and Janet was eager to find pleasure for her aching pussy. She rushed out of the meeting without speaking a word to anyone and practically ran to her office, hoping that Scott would be there waiting.

He didn’t disappoint her. Giving her a quick kiss, he said, “The rest of the guys are gone. I’m going to grab a drink of water. Your decision what to do from there, whether you want to wait or not.”

She was momentarily confused. Her decision? Wait or not? Then it came to her. The game that he had played last time. He asked for her panties on the door in exchange for him satisfying her. She considered her options. Last time, he had kept her panties, but then she had on a shirt that covered her. Tonight, she’d be completely exposed on the way home. Surely, he’d give her the panties back, right? She knew, though, that he wouldn’t. He liked showing her off, the more people that saw her naked, the better. She had three options: wait until she got home, take care of her little problem herself, or give up even more of her clothes to Scott.

Option one was clearly not a viable alternative. She had been putting it off all day, and there was no way that she could wait any longer. Option two was okay, but she knew that she’d have a much, much better time of it if Scott were inside her instead of her own fingers. She visualized herself, naked, leaning over her desk with him taking her from behind. That put her over the edge. Option three it was.

She slipped her panties off and started toward the door. After a few steps, she had a thought. I’m sure that I look silly wearing just a bra with my stockings, and it’s not like it provides all that much coverage if my butt and bush are visible anyway. Besides, Scott will need full access to my breasts when he takes me.

She unlatched the bra and hung it and the panties on the door knob. As she stood there with all her naughty bits on complete display, the door to her office wide open with her underwear hanging for anyone to see, she knew that this was a stupid idea, that her arousal was overcoming her common sense. She also knew that she didn’t care. She posed leaning on the front of her desk with her hands behind her back grasping the edge of the hard wood. Her eyes were closed and her legs shoulder width apart as she fantasized about Scott seeing her when she heard the footsteps. She opened them up and smiled, prepared to make those dreams come true.

“Excuse me, miss. Just need to grab the trash out of your wastebasket. Don’t mind me,” the middle aged janitor said, his eyes wide.

Janet didn’t know what to do. Should she crouch down and cover herself or try to act natural? Act natural? How do you act natural when the trash guy discovers you butt naked with your legs spread waiting for your lover to fuck you?

Just give in to it. She knew that was Scott’s thought, not hers, but it was probably right. She couldn’t possibly be more embarrassed unless that guy had a whole crew that he was planning on bringing in to see her, and she admitted to herself that she did get off on people seeing her. It wasn’t the guy’s fault that he walked in on her sex game. Why not let him look? She stayed frozen while the man went about his business.

As he was about to exit, he looked back at her, apparently encouraged by her behavior, and ogled her thoroughly like he was memorizing every detail of her nude form. He must have gained in confidence staring at her gaping pussy and hanging tits, because he called out to her as he reluctantly left.“Lady, you made my day. No, cancel that. My life.”

Scott walked in right on his heels, and the smirk on his face told her everything that she needed to know. The janitor didn’t clean this floor on Mondays. Scott must have put him up to this. As she watched her trickster boyfriend stuff her underwear in his pants’ pockets, she realized that she didn’t care. He didn’t bother to close the door in his apparent haste to get to her, and he gave her immediate relief with his tongue and fingers. As she bucked on his hand, she determined that this was more than lust for her. She loved him.

After her first tremendous orgasm released the tremendous pressure that had been building all day, he slowed down, kissing her, caressing her, building her arousal once again to the point of no return. He led her around the other side of the desk and had her lean over it. She couldn’t help but imagine her team members and fellow managers standing at the door watching as her breasts swayed. Then she heard his zipper and the sound of his pants falling down. Not long now, was the thought that broke through the haze.

Finally, he was inside her, and she came almost instantly. He didn’t withdraw, though. He stopped pumping for a while, allowing her to catch her breath, but he didn’t withdraw. Sooner than she expected, she was cumming again. And then again before he finally finished himself.

Scott grinned at her as he kissed her and handed her a cloth to clean herself. “I love you,” he said.

She couldn’t believe that this handsome man who brought her such pleasure had said it first, and it wasn’t in order to get her into bed. It was after, when she most needed the comfort. “I love you too.”

After wiping the evidence of their relations from himself, he pulled up his boxers and trousers. Once again fully dressed, he sat down in the chair and motioned for her to sit in his lap. The talked in a loving embrace until darkness fell outside, and it was time to go home.

“But can’t I please have your shirt or something to wear? How about I trade my stockings and shoes for my panties?” she asked.

The satisfaction of her desires and the long cuddling session had erased her prior arousal. The prospect of getting from the office to the car to her driveway to her house seemed much more daunting when the horniness wasn’t confusing her so.

“Sorry, my dear. A deal is a deal.” With that, he hustled her naked rear end right out of the office. Luckily, the building was almost deserted this late. The only person that they ran into was Gus, the security guard.

“Are you okay, miss? Is this young fellow hurting you?” the old man asked.

“No. I’m fine. He and I have an arrangement, and this is my payment.”

“I’m not sure that you should be walking around here in your altogether. Maybe I should call the authorities.”

Janet knew that Mr. Williams would understand and that she wouldn’t get into any real trouble, but news of an incident like this would certainly get back to him. She would be absolutely mortified if word got out.

“No, please don’t do that. Please, Gus.”

“I don’t know, Gus,” Scott said, “she has been a troublemaker lately. She can’t seem to keep her clothes on. Maybe you should secure her.”

‘What is he doing?’ she thought. Then she saw Gus wink at him.

“That’s a good idea. Miss, please put your hands against the wall and spread your legs.”

“Maybe I better handle this part,” Scott said. “You stand back and watch.”

“I understand. Here are the cuffs.”

Scott kicked her legs back toward him and wider apart. She blushed as she realized that he and Gus could now see everything, but she didn’t resist. He then frisked her. Everywhere. He ran his hands firmly over her arms and legs. He caressed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She moaned in excitement and felt moisture dripping once again down her legs.

When he got to her pussy, he said, “Well, what have we here? Contraband?” He grabbed the folds of her clitoris and massaged them tenderly.

“My bad. Nothing wrong there. How about up here, though?” His long fingers probed the inside of her vagina, moving his fingers all around and in and out. She came. Hard.

With the aftershocks of her orgasm still sending tremors through her body, he grabbed her hands and forced them behind her back. Wearing only high heels and stockings and having just been masturbated in front of the night watchman, she was handcuffed and escorted to his car. The event fueled her fantasies for the rest of her life.

Chapter 7

“A thong? There’s no way that I’m wearing that tomorrow, Scott!”

Over the past three months, their relationship had deepened, and Scott had moved in with her. Also during that time period, no fewer than a dozen strangers had seen her completely nude, and Janet enjoyed an absolutely fantastic sex life. Usually, she gave in without much fuss to his little games and regularly wore things in public and to work that she would never had considered previously. There was no way, however, that she was prancing around the office wearing a thong, stockings, and high heels. She knew that it wasn’t much, but full panties would give her a modicum of coverage.

“Come on, honey. You know that it’s unlikely that we’ll reach the last incentive. I want them to see your fantastic ass. How about the black one? It’s perfectly decent.”

“How is anything that frames your naked butt with a few strings decent? I AM NOT wearing a thong!”

“So you say. How about a wager? If you do end up agreeing to a thong, you’ll wear the red set.”

The red set? The one from the lingerie store? It’s so sheer that it’s transparent. I might as well go naked, especially since I tried shaving. Nothing at all would be hidden! “Sure. If you convince me to do it, I’ll wear the red set. Picturing myself walking into the manager’s meeting wearing flaming red hose and that miniscule little thing will strengthen my resolve.”

He gave her his puppy dog eyes.

“Please? For me?”

They were still new enough in their relationship for that expression to be hard to resist, but she did.

“NO! It’s not your butt that will be on display.”

“It will be the butt of my future wife that everyone is seeing.”

“Future wife?”

Scott dropped down to one knee and pulled out a jewelry box.

“Janet, will you marry me?”

She was speechless as she grabbed the case and opened it. It was the prettiest diamond ring that she had ever seen. Tears streamed from her eyes. She knew that their relationship was going well, but they hadn’t talked about marriage. She hadn’t allowed herself to think about how much she wanted this until holding the ring in her hands.

“Yes, oh yes.”

That’s how she came to be stripping off her blouse in front of her team the next morning, about to expose very skimpy and transparent lingerie. While her boyfriend had been hard to refuse, she found it impossible to deny him anything after the ring went on her finger. She still glowed when she thought about her affianced, so, even though the red stockings and heels looked ridiculous with her outfit and even though wearing the thong would be worse than having nothing on at all, here she was about to reveal just that underwear to her team.

She had already taken off the skirt, but the long blouse covered her fully. In something of a departure from the first two strip shows, she then turned her back to them, unbuttoning her top while facing the wall and slipping it off. She stood letting them get a nice, long look at her back and ass covered only by the thinnest of strings. Then she turned to face them.

She might as well have been naked. From her hard nipples to her engorged clitoris, they could see absolutely everything through the gossamer fabric. Slowly, she reached behind her back and unlatched the bra and let it fall to the ground. Her completely bare breasts were now exposed to the men on her team, the men who worked for her.

Instead of being frozen with mortification, she existed solely in a sexual state. She didn’t want to stop. She wanted to remove the rest. Knowing that it wouldn’t be proper regardless of how little coverage her present attire provided, she barely stopped herself. She turned away from them once more.

This time there was no pretense of quickly picking something off the floor. She spread her legs wide and bent at the waist putting her hands flat on the carpet. She knew that the tiny string wouldn’t cover much, but she didn’t care. She needed to show them, and she imagined their view – her large tits hanging down with nipples so erect that a single touch to them would send her trembling, completely transparent cloth covering her clean shaven love button, a thin string running down the middle of her otherwise unconcealed gaping pussy with juices running out of it.

She had to get out of there now. Without a word, she stood and raced to her office, slamming the door. Her panties were around her knees before she reached her chair, her fingers already probing. The first orgasm hit her as soon as she sat down.

The wave of humiliation hit as soon as she came down from her sexual high. She grabbed paper towels from her desk and cleaned up as best she could. I can’t believe that I did that. They saw everything! Did they hear the orgasm? Even if not, they surely know what I was doing. How will I ever face them again?

To get her mind off the experience, she turned her thoughts to happier things, composing an email announcement of her engagement to the rest of the company. Barely ten minutes passed from when she hit send to when the first of the well wishers knocked on her door.

“Come in.”

“Congratulations,” Dan Conner said, “on both the engagement and the company record. Wow. 153%. Incredible.”

She sat with her crotch concealed beneath her desk, but there was nothing that she could do about her breasts. Dan certainly did his share of staring at them, but he did seem genuine in his appreciation for her team’s results as well.

“You know,” he continued, “I think that they may actually be able to reach the last incentive. Wouldn’t that be something?”

“It would be something, all right. It’s not possible, though.”

“Not possible? Anything is possible if you work hard enough.”

“Dan, you know as well as I do that the baseline is set assuming that an 8-person team will work hard for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for approximately 13 weeks. That’s 3120 hours of work total. Even if the team doesn’t take coffee breaks and cuts down on meetings and calls and all the other corporate BS, you can’t reasonably expect more than 7 hours out of an 8 hour workday out of them. In order to get to the 150% mark, my team had to average 9 hours of effective work a day for an entire quarter. Now you think they’ll follow that up with 10.5 hours a day for another quarter? They shouldn’t even try.”

“I don’t know, you’ve provided some interesting motivation. You’d inspire me to work hard enough. Anyway, look I wanted to say good job, not get into an argument. Congratulations again.”

Janet didn’t know why his comments had gotten her so worked up, but she was still steaming after he left. The steady stream of people in and out of her office made her forget all about him, though. The next guy got her out of her chair by practically demanding that she accept a congratulatory hug. He must have spread the word of his effective tactic, because every one of her coworkers after him did the same thing. She lost count of how many men and women her hard, exposed nipples had rubbed up against and how many of them had clearly seen her barely covered slit.

By the time she took her lunch break, she was in dire need of more relief.

Chapter 8

It was incredibly difficult for her to walk into the break room with the memory of her earlier performance so vivid in her mind, but the men once again accepted her with open arms, making her feel comfortable. No one snickered at her or made mention of her earlier actions. They even made valiant attempts to look at her face instead of her boobs when speaking to her.

Despite her exposure and a state of arousal so high that it almost hurt, she was feeling nearly relaxed when Scott spoke up. “I heard that you had some issues with cleaning your panties last quarter. Why don’t you let me take care of those for you this time?” He held out his hand.

He couldn’t possibly be suggesting what I think he is! He can’t want me to give him my panties right here, in front of all these men!

She knew that that was exactly what he wanted. Is it really that big of a deal? They’ve already seen it all, she rationalized. Without saying a word, she slipped the garment over her hips and off her feet. She didn’t meet anyone’s gaze as she put the only thing that had even slightly protected her modesty into her fiancé’s hands.

In return, he handed her a paper towel, and, embarrassed, she placed it between her legs to soak up the leaking fluid. Scott, meanwhile, stood up and left the room.

Janet now sat alone, for all intents and purposes naked, in a room with seven of her subordinates. What’s the big deal? she thought. What was I thinking? The men tried to keep up small talk while she fought desperately to keep her legs firmly clamped together under the table. By the time Scott returned, her muscles were aching.

“Here you go, honey. Nice, dry, and warm.”

She reached for them, her eyes imploring.

“I don’t know, dear. I think we need to make sure that they’re not going to get wet again for your big meeting. Why don’t you let me check on how you’re doing?”

She didn’t know exactly what he wanted, but she couldn’t believe that he was doing this.

He pulled her chair out from under the table. Oh no, he wants me to stand up. Wearing only red stockings and matching heels and with a bare shaven pubic area, she complied.

The men let out an audible gasp as her clit, now not even shielded by the most meager of screens, came into view. She knew they were watching with eager anticipation to see what would happen next. So was she.

With a gentle nudge, Scott had her spread her legs past the width of her shoulders. Then he used his fingers to probe her most sensitive folds of skin and outside the entrance to her hole.

“I don’t know. I think that you’re just going to get them wet again. Maybe I should hold onto them.”


Several of the men chuckled.

“Well, if you feel so strongly about it, maybe wiping you clean will be enough.”

He took a paper towel and rubbed her thoroughly. She very nearly came in front of the whole team under his ministrations. By the time that he finally allowed her to pull the thong back on, it got soaked instantly.

Walking to Mr. Williams office wearing only a wet thong while in nearly orgasmic state was not fun. There was no doubt that everyone that saw her focused their attention exclusively on her. She knew that her breasts bounced with each step, further enticing eyes to them. By the time that she reached her destination, she seriously contemplated stopping in the women’s room to take care of her throbbing pussy first.

Before she could excuse herself to do just that, the secretary rung her boss telling him of her arrival. “Hi, Janet. He’s waiting for you.”

Her plans thwarted, she nervously opened the door. Without a word, she marched to the chair across from Mr. Williams, standing in front of it letting him check out her body. There was no pretense this time that anything else was going on. He motioned with his hand for her to turn around so that he could see her ass. Will he ask me to remove my thong? She was almost disappointed when he simply asked her to take her seat.

“Is there any chance that they’ll make the next milestone?” he asked.

She explained her reasoning why not as she had done with Dan.

“That’s a shame.”

He almost looked embarrassed, like he hadn’t meant to say that out loud. “I meant that it’s a shame that they won’t extend their marvelous performance and set an even higher company record. How did they manage to do it, anyway?”

“At the start of the quarter, the whole team sat down to discuss efficiency. With everyone’s input, Scott and I were able to identify some procedures that were slowing them down. We estimate that we saved maybe 30 minutes out of a typical 8 hour work day. That increase combined with long hours and a lot of hard work got them the record.”

“Do you think that these techniques could be applied to the rest of the company?”

“I do. I’m working on a memo describing what we did and our results. I should have it finished no later than next week.”

“If this works as well as you say, you’re going to be up for a huge bonus.”

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable if it wasn’t shared with the team, sir.”

After some intense negotiation, they settled upon her having the largest share, but all the team members getting a significant piece of the pie.

“Why don’t you stop in again to discuss your plan, and its implementation?”

She smiled. “Let me guess. Next quarter, same time and day. Just in case?”

He smiled back. “Just in case.”

The walk back went better as she was in a hurry to tell her team the good news. She gathered them all in her office immediately upon returning. To her surprise, no one seemed to mind that she would be receiving twice as much reward as the rest of them, and she said as much.

“You’re the team lead. None of this would have happened without you,” Joe said.

“So, how big of a bonus are we talking? Dinner and a movie big, or really big?” Scott asked.

“I think we’re talking, after taxes, new car big. A nice new car big.”

The announcement made her team ecstatic, and they eagerly got back to work with huge smiles on their faces. Janet felt so nice that things were going so well that she didn’t even think about the manager’s meeting until the Outlook reminder popped up on her screen.Crap, the only part of the day that I wish I could avoid.

Not one to shirk her responsibilities, she trudged to the conference room. Upon entering, she noticed that Rhonda and Casey were now both wearing only lacy underwear and Steve wore an white undershirt with his Spiderman boxers. Another female manager and a male manager also appeared to be missing the bottom of their outfits. She had started a trend, but she wondered if the others would call it off once they saw the price she had to pay.

Every eye in the room followed her scantily-clad figure as she walked to her seat. Even after the meeting started, she noticed that few of her colleagues could tear their gaze from the mammaries that were so openly on display. Once again, the agenda items were finished, and the new business portion was down to the last person when Dan Conner once again embarrassed her.

“I heard through the grapevine that Janet has developed some more efficient techniques and that those developments contributed to her team’s record breaking success. I was wondering if Janet could go into a little detail about these?” How did he find out about that so quickly? From her seated position, she said, “I’m working on a company-wide memo on the subject. After Mr. Williams reviews it, I would expect it to reach each of you by the end of next week.”

“Would you mind terribly giving us a quick preview?” Greg asked.

Once again she was made to stand, and this time she was even more self conscious than the last. She knew that she might as well be naked in front of them, that they were seeing everything, and the signs of her arousal were readily apparent, the hard nipples, the folds of skin sticking out of her clit, the wetness of her panties, the smell. She thought that the torture would never end.

Finally, the questions died down. She sincerely hoped that she was calling on Dan for the last time. “You have another question, Dan?” she asked, barely able to keep the emphasis off “another.”

“Even taking into account these significant improvements to the process, you still don’t think that your team will reach the last milestone?”

“No, Dan, I don’t. These new measures certainly help, but I still think it would be asking the men to put in way too much uncompensated overtime in order to reach their goal.”

“I still don’t know. I think that the compensation will be worth it to them.”

“Care to put your money where your mouth is?” she asked. Where did that come from?

“What did you have in mind?”

“If they don’t reach their goal, we find out next meeting whether it’s boxers or briefs, cause that’s all you’ll be wearing.”

“And if they do?”

“Well, you’ll all see me naked.”

“That’s not exactly a big step over what we see today. Besides, you’ll be naked regardless.”

She was livid that he had the nerve to call attention to how exposed she was. Everyone else had been so nice about it. “Dan, if I lose, I’ll get up on this table, take off every stitch of clothing that I have on, dance for you, and then lie down and get myself off with you watching.”

“I don’t know. Risking walking around in my underwear versus you doing a little dance and diddling yourself. It’s not like that part would take anytime at all.”

Gah! He’s even talking about my arousal. I can’t believe this guy. “I am so looking forward to seeing how you like being stared at. If you win, I’ll get myself off twice. Surely you don’t think that will be too quick?”

He nodded that that worked for him.

“And I’ll let you spank me ten swats on my bare behind!”

“Deal,” he said.

She stormed out of the room. What had she done? It’s okay. They’ll never do 175%.

The meeting had her worked up again, and she rushed to her office hoping to find Scott waiting for her. He wasn’t there at the moment, but she smiled as she remembered their usual game. Janet stripped off her panties, and after a quick thought, her stockings as well. She put the shoes by the open door and hung the rest of her clothes on the knob.

She wondered if he would find someone else to show her off to. He had already used the janitor and the security guard. Who else was left? Her overly stimulated body drove her thoughts. Wouldn’t it be nice to give him a really good show?

Working quickly, she strung rubber bands together to make two long chains. She then turned one of the two chairs in front of her desk around to face the doorway. Sitting with one leg over each arm of the chair, she hooked one of the rubber bindings to each of her ankles, weaving it from there around the frame and onto each of her wrists so that her hands were effectively secured behind her and her legs were pulled apart. It wasn’t so tight that she couldn’t free herself, but it would take some effort. Anyone walking past her doorway would see her sitting tied and spread eagle with fluid freely flowing from her pussy.

It didn’t take Scott long to show up, and he had the entire team with him. He laughed when he saw her, and her face turned scarlet at the sight of the workers.

“Sorry, honey, the guys wanted to celebrate over dinner,” he said, stuffing the stocking and panties into his pockets.

“But, I can’t go out naked!”

“They ordered in.”

After everyone got a good, long look, Scott eased the workers out of the office before getting on his knees to service his bride to be. Janet was embarrassed that the guys all knew exactly what was happening, but, by this point, she didn’t care.

She spent the next few hours completely naked, eating and socializing with her team before going home for a night of great sex.

Chapter 9

At only 8pm the night before the last day of the incentive program, Scott retired to the bedroom. He had worked feverishly the entire quarter trying to get the team’s numbers as high as possible, and Janet knew that the rest of the team had been there right along side him. In the last thirteen weeks, not a single person besides him had seen her naked, and their sex life had suffered because he was so tired. She was glad that it would finally be over tomorrow.

She couldn’t help but think about the tremendous effort put forth by the men to reach the final goal. Scott’s motivation seemed straightforward; he liked others to see her naked. It turned him on as much as it did her. Why would the rest of the team go work so hard to humiliate her? After climbing into bed and cuddling with her fiancé for a few minutes she asked the question while snuggled against his back. “Why all the effort? Do they dislike me that much?”

Instantly, he became more alert. “What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“The team has been working as much as you have. I know that you love me, but it seems like an awful lot of trouble for the rest of them to go through to embarrass me.”

He turned over. “They don’t hate you. Over the past year, they’ve grown to like and respect you.”

“Surely, me being naked at work isn’t enough to make them work this hard. They’ve already seen all there is to see.”

“Having you nude all day long is a big motivator. So is the simple challenge of doing something that no one else has achieved. The biggest factor, in my mind, is they know that you want them to succeed.”

“I want them to? Huh? I don’t want to have to walk around bare ass around the office showing myself off to everyone I know.”

He looked her in the eyes.

“Okay, I’ll admit that it turns me on and that, while I’m doing it, I don’t always hate it. Want to is a far cry away, though.”

“Honey, how often do I get my way in this relationship?”

She was confused by the shift in the conversation. “Most of the time.”

He nearly choked laughing. “Janet, on almost anything that matters to you, we end up doing it your way. From what kind of bread to buy to where to go on vacation. You’re a strong woman, and you usually get what you want. Think back to most of the decisions that are made around here.”

If she were being honest, she did have to admit that he caved into her demands quite often. “Okay. Maybe.”

“There’s one area, however, where you take my word as a command. Whenever I tell you to expose yourself, it’s like you can’t refuse, no matter how embarrassing it is to you.”

“Yeah, see. You do get your way.”

“Let me finish. It didn’t take me long to figure out why. You want to be exposed, but you need me telling you to do it to use as an excuse.”

She thought about his argument but didn’t respond.

“Look,” he said, “I like seeing you naked, and I especially like it when other people are admiring you as much as I do. There’s no way, however, that I would have ever pushed you as far as you’ve gone if I didn’t one hundred percent believe that you wanted me to do it. If you had ever once really stood your ground, I never would have even tried to push you into it.”

“I have to think about what you said. I’ll let you get to sleep.” She stayed with him until she heard light snoring. It was hard for her to admit, but he made some good points. She missed showing off this past quarter, and not only because of the sex.

Imagining herself walking into Bob Williams office wearing only heels and stockings turned her on tremendously. There was a part of her that wanted to do it. She got up and logged in remotely to the company’s database. Previously, she had studiously avoided checking the numbers until they became final. Tonight she had to know.

174.9%. Close, but not good enough. A measly two hours worth of work stood between the team and their goal. Just as she would have never even thought to refuse to go through with her end of the arrangement, there’s no way that she would honor it if they missed the mark. 175 meant 175, not close. This wasn’t horse shoes.

On the other hand, nothing was stopping her from doing the work herself, and the basest part of her yearned to just that. The only thought that gave her pause was the bet she made with Dan. Masturbating in front of the whole managers group? The thought made her cold. Nudity was one thing. Your coworkers seeing you perform the most embarrassing and personal act that she could think of was another. And what about being spanked? Dan Conner’s hand on her naked ass. That was a whole different level of humiliation. She had a hard decision to make, her desires and the interests of her team versus being outright demeaned in the presence of her peers.

The next morning, Janet trembled slightly as she called the entire team into her office to view the results. Had she made the right decision?

A great cheer arose as they saw the 175.0% show on the screen.

“Okay, boys, I’m astounded, but you did it. How did you do it, anyway?”

Scott spoke up. “I was able to add about 10 more minutes of productivity by coming up with a few new ideas, but, mainly, it was lots and lots of hard work and long hours.”

“I am so proud of each of you. I never thought that this was even close to possible, but a deal is a deal.”

Leading them outside, she stripped for them once again. After taking off the outer clothes, she danced around in her conservative bra and panties, driving them wild. She teasingly exposed her breasts and made sure that each of them had a good, close up view. Finally, strangely relieved that she didn’t have to stop, she removed the panties.

She had let her pubic hair regrow after talking to Scott. He liked the exposure provided by the bare look, but not the aesthetic. He found the contrast between the groomed strip of brown curls and the nude skin much more visually appealing. The men, who had spent several hours with her viewing her shaved privates, seemed to appreciate it either way, and she let them request poses. A favorite was her leaning backwards with her back arched and hands on the floor above her head and legs spread. If she did before, she now had no secrets from her team. Word must have went through the building quickly, because the stream of visitors started before she even made it back to her desk. She gave each of them an eyeful.

The constant new exposure kept her aroused throughout the day, and, without the benefit of any cloth to catch stray fluid, she was constantly having the wipe up after herself. Thinking ahead to the afternoon meeting, she refrained from pleasuring herself because she wanted to be plenty ready for her performance to make it take as little time as possible.

Lunch went by quickly because, by now, she was almost used to being nude around her team. Before she knew it, it was time to go see Mr. Williams. She tried her best to ignore the stares in the elevator, but, upon reaching his secretary’s desk, Janet had to excuse herself to go to the ladies room to clean up.

Knowing how much that he wanted to see all of her, she found herself eager to meet with her boss. Besides, there was just something about being nude in the boss’ office. With the exception of maybe a church, she couldn’t think of anywhere that her attire seemed less appropriate than in front of his huge desk.

“I thought that you told me it was nearly impossible that this would happen,” he said, smiling.

“The team exceeded my expectations.”

“And you’re exceeding mine. Would you mind terribly turning around?”

Janet gave him a good 360 degree look at her nude form.

“You’re going to give me a heart attack, but it will be a great way to go. Please, sit down.”

Janet blushed and remained standing.

“I’m not sure that that is a good idea. I’m not wearing anything, uh, down there, and, well, I wouldn’t want to stain your chair.”

He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and handed it to her.

“That should be large enough.”

With her back to him, she bent over in a most unladylike manner to situate the protective cloth over the expensive fabric. She blushed anew once seated when she saw how red Mr. Williams’ face had become and noticed that his eyes weren’t budging from the spot between her legs where her clamped thighs met.

She knew what he wanted, but should she do it? Almost as if they had independent will, her legs began spreading, and they didn’t stop until her knees were firmly pressing against the arm rests. Janet kept them that way for the remainder of the meeting, and his eyes left the view only to take in the one presented by her huge breasts hanging free.

As they concluded their business, he said, “It’s tempting to call Stan in with his camera, but that seems like a bit much to ask.”

“That’s right. I barely noticed that he didn’t show up last quarter. Why not?”

“I was able to get the board to loosen up quite a bit when it comes to nudity in the work place when they saw the results in increased productivity. They drew the line, however, when it came to putting naked pictures in the company newsletter. Any pictures that he would have taken would purely been for, ahem, personal use.”

Janet couldn’t believe that she was about to volunteer this information. “If you want something really good for ‘personal use,’ I’d send him down with a video camera to the manager’s meeting today.”

“I see. Why is that?”

Janet told him about the bet with Dan.

“Are you sure that’s not taking things a bit far? If you’re uncomfortable, I can nip this thing in the bud, not allow it.”

“I’m not looking forward to it, but I don’t welch on my bets.”

“It’s still amazing to me that you went through with this. I have got to say that you’ve made this old man happy.”

“Believe it or not, this whole experience has been a positive one for me. I’m engaged, have a wonderful sex life, in the best shape of my life, doing well at work, have one of the senior partners acting as my mentor, and my team members respect me. Through the entire process, not a single person has been nasty to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the most embarrassing and humiliating thing that I’ve ever done in my life, but it’s not as bad as I would have expected.”

“What’s the worst part?” he asked.

“It’s weird that everyone that I work with knows exactly what I look like undressed. From the age of 3 on, I was taught to keep my naughty bits covered. Now, if the guys think of me while they’re, um, you know, they aren’t guessing about my body shape, they’re visualizing it from memory. It’s not bad, necessarily. Just strange. I think about them seeing me like that when I… I mean…”

Had she really been about to tell her boss about her masturbatory fantasies? This was far enough for one day. “Anyway, I’d better get going. Thanks for the meeting, Mr. Williams.”

He smiled at her walked her to the door.

“Once again, very good job turning things around. There are big things in store for you at this company.”

When she left, she heard the door lock click behind her, and, as she walked past the secretary, she heard him on the intercom: “Please hold my calls. I have something that I need to take care of.”

Janet smiled, and she heard the secretary laugh out loud.

Chapter 10

The meeting with her boss went rather long, and Janet had less than an hour and a half to kill in her office before the manager’s meeting. She used the time to catch up on paperwork, trying to keep her hands busy both so that she wouldn’t sit there dreading each passing second and to help keep her hands away from her aching crotch.

She marched her nearly naked body to the conference room, ignoring the stares along the way. Entering the meeting, she smiled when she saw Casey’s medium size boobs, high beams on, exposed for everyone to see. Rhonda and Joe must have set much harder goals because they were fully dressed. Both of the other managers who had started their programs last week were down to their underwear, and three more managers were missing bottoms. This thing was really catching on. Were there that many exhibitionists working here?

Janet was the only one who was not surprised to see Mr. Williams and Stan show up just as the meeting was about to begin. Stan set up a video camera on a tripod and had his digital camera with telephoto lens strapped around his neck. Greg, understanding that everyone was much more interested in what was to happen after the meeting than in his agenda, ran through the items in a hurry. No one brought up any new business.

“Okay, that wraps up the meeting. I believe that Janet has a bet that she needs to pay off, but this activity is not, repeat NOT, official business. If you believe that you may in any way be offended by said payment, please leave now.”

Not a single person, man or woman, left.

“I guess it’s time, then,” Janet said. She pushed her chair back from the table and stood. Using the chair as a step stool, she climbed onto the desk, blushing as she spread her legs to do so. Oh well, they’ll be getting a much better view than that in a minute.

Since eight o’clock that morning, she had stripped down to only her stockings in front of her team and had her bush, butt, and tits gawked at by dozens and dozens of people. Her team, her boss, and a few of her peers just now had seen the most intimate parts of her. With the constant and repeated exposure, Janet was at least as horny as she had ever been in her life, and she had not allowed herself any self gratification all day. If anyone so much as breathed on her clit, she would have immediately convulsed into orgasms. She was so ready for this. She knew that she would never live it down, but, right now, she was so ready.

She kicked off her shoes and slid them off the table. Then she stripped off the stockings, one at a time, and handed them to Dan. Now completely nude, she began to dance.

There was no music, no beat, no rhythm. This dance was pure sex, the movements designed to show as much of her body to the greatest extent and advantage possible. She arched, she spread, she jiggled. If there was a way to see a part of her body, she made sure that every person in the room saw it that way. Finally, with her nipples so hard that they hurt and fluid running down her legs as if from a faucet, she sunk down to the table surface and laid flat on her back. She brought her feet, flat on the surface, back until they almost touched her thighs, and spread her legs as wide as she could. With one hand caressing her tender breasts, she reached the other down to the sensitive folds of skin hidden by the soft brown curls of her bush. One touch was all it took. She exploded in ecstasy. Her back arched off the table as if she had been shocked by a defibrillator. Her hands grasped in vain trying to find purchase in the sleek wood finish.

When function finally returned to her sex addled brain, she was mortified at what she had done. How could she ever look these people in the eye again. They had seen her at her weakest, giving in completely to lust, losing control. Then she remembered that she agreed to do it twice.

As soon as she caught her breath, she began caressing her breasts with both hands and lightly pinching her nipples. That, combined with the stares from her audience, got her juices flowing once more. Her right hand went once more down to her clitoris. She played with herself for a while and almost came, but she stopped herself. She owed them a show. Moaning, she plunged two fingers into herself as deep as they would go. In and out she rubbed. When she felt herself on the brink, she pulled back and slowed down before resuming the frenzied pace. She continued like that, almost cumming three more times before finally giving in on the fifth try.

It was her most intense self-induced orgasm ever. She screamed out, and her entire body save for the soles of her feet and the top of her head rose up off the table. Every part of her shook, and it took several minutes for the trembling to subside.

Her audience, stunned silent at first, began to cheer.

When she could finally speak, she said, “Dan, you can’t say that I don’t follow through on paying off my debts. Did you enjoy the show?”

“No, I definitely can’t say that. The show was fantastic.”

Janet dragged herself slowly off the table, her limbs weary and shaking. Dan had pushed himself back from the table, and she laid her nude stomach over his lap.

The first loud smack shattered the silence in the room. She was more surprised at the force than the hurt.

“One,” she yelled.

By the time the second one rang out, she began to feel the sting.


“Ouch! Three!”




Her ass was now on fire. She winced in anticipation of the next blow.




The pain and the humiliation mixed, and she wondered if he would finish before she came again.


There was again cheering, but she didn’t acknowledge it. Not bothering to look for her shoes or stockings, she wobbled out of the room on legs still wavering from her intense orgasms and with a butt that hurt with every step.

She went directly to Scott’s cubicle and, grabbing onto his shirt, dragged him into her office, not even stopping to close the door behind her. She immediately bent over her desk and let him satisfy her. She knew that he did his best to avoid touching her burning ass, but some contact was unavoidable. The pleasure and pain mixed into yet another tremendous orgasm. This time, her whole team, watching through the open door, cheered.


Janet admitted to herself that she was disappointed that the incentive program was ending, and resolved to do something about it. The company brass soon instituted the efficiency measures developed by Janet, Scott, and her team, and everyone involved received generous bonuses. Scott was promoted to lead of another team, and Janet began training to take over Greg’s position as overall lead upon his promotion next year to vice president.

With the implementation of the efficiency measures the baseline had to be raised, and Janet needed to find an incentive to get her team to exceed the bare minimum. The team naturally wanted her naked at work again, one naked day each time they went over 110%. Janet countered with 125% but didn’t limit the nudity to the office. They settled on 120% and nude outings wherever the team could ensure that Janet wouldn’t get arrested.

Not surprisingly, the team made its goal each quarter, and Janet’s favorite forfeit turned out to be bowling night. Her team bowled against Casey’s team while the two leads served as naked waitresses. There was public masturbation and spanking involved as well, but that’s a story for another day.

Scott and Janet went forward with their wedding plans. Janet wanted a perfect white dress while Scott, of course, wanted her to be naked. They compromised by letting Janet plan the wedding while Scott planned the honeymoon. She made it through the entire wedding and reception without anyone so much as seeing up her skirt. The honeymoon, however, was a different story.

Janet had not known that there clothing optional resorts existed, and certainly not ones where the option to not wear clothing began onboard the plane. Janet had been stripped completely naked as soon as the captain turned off the seat belt sign after takeoff and was not allowed to wear so much as a flip flop until they were about to land two weeks later. Scott never wore less than at least his swimsuit outside.

The End