Holi's Babysitting Job
by RSW

“Thank you so much, Holy, for filling in for your friend on such short notice.”

Mrs. Harrison pronounced her name like she was religious or something.

“No prob. It’s H – O – L – I, though, pronounced Holly.”

God, she hated that her parents had felt the need to get cute with the spelling of her name.

“Oh, sorry dear. Becca spelled it out for us in an email. I wasn’t sure how it was pronounced.”

“Don’t worry about it. I get that ALL the time.”

Mrs. Harrison gave her a knowing nod.

“All the same, I do apologize. Mr. Harrison and I will be gone until late, probably after midnight, but you can leave when our son Josh gets home. He’s supposed to be here no later than 10.”

“Not a prob at all,” the eighteen year old replied.

“Now, our usual rate with Becca is $50 a night, but, since she recommended you so enthusiastically and you had to change your plans because of the short notice, we’re going to double that amount.”

Holi’s mouth dropped. She got $40 max, and $30 was her usual rate. A C-note could buy her some seriously cute new clothes. She couldn’t believe that Becca had recommended her for this gig. Didn’t Becca hate her?

“Thanks a lot, Mrs. H. That’s very generous.”

“Well, we believe in paying more in order to keep good workers. Besides, our twin boys can be a bit of a handful.”

“I’m sure I’ll be able handle them. Y’all have a great time tonight.”

Mrs. Harrison gave her a tour of the house, introduced Holi to the two ten year olds, Robby and Ricky, and left her with emergency contact information before heading off to pick up her husband.

As soon as the door closed behind their mom, the boys ran up to Holi and looked her up and down.

“Where’s Becca? We like Becca.”

“She suddenly came down with a stomach bug and couldn’t make it tonight. Hopefully, you’ll like me just as well.”

The boys stared at her chest. Ricky spoke up.

“Maybe so. You’re cuter and have bigger boobies.”

Holi didn’t know whether to be flattered or insulted. “That’s a very impolite thing to say.”

Ricky seemed confused. “It’s not nice to tell a girl that she’s cuter than another girl?”

“No, it’s not polite to talk about a girl’s body like that. Telling a girl that she is cute is fine, but it’s rude to talk about specific parts of her.”

Robby chimed in. “Can we see them?”

“See what?”

“Your boobies.”

Holi looked at the child like he had just sprouted wings. “Of course you can’t. They’re private. How can you ask such a thing?”

The twins answered in unison. “Becca lets us!”

“I’m sure that Becca does no such thing. Now drop it. Your mom told me to order pizza. Go play while I take care of arranging dinner.”

She hated calling Pizza Hut on a Friday night. They took FOREVER! After waiting ten minutes on the line, she finally told them what she wanted and was told it wouldn’t be there for an hour and a half.

‘Oh well,’ she thought, ‘the kids will just have to wait a little while.’

Now that she thought about it, the kids seemed awfully quiet. She hadn’t heard a peep out of them for over 15 minutes. She decided to investigate.

She walked up the stairs and stepped into the dark hallway. Seeing a light switch on the wall, she flipped it, but nothing happened.

‘Let’s see, their room is the last one on the right, if I remember correctly,’ she thought, feeling her way down the corridor. ‘Wow, it’s pitch black up here.’

Though she was moving carefully, she didn’t expect the tripwire strung across the boys’ doorway. Startled, she lost her balance and ended up facedown on the floor.

Immediately, she heard movement in the darkness, and a small set of hands grasped the waistband her shorts. The kid, and she didn’t know which one at this point, pulled her shorts down and off before she could react. She frantically grabbed for him, but he quickly got up and scampered unseen across the dark room. Sitting up, she abruptly realized that her panties had come down with her shorts. She was sitting in their room bottomless!

Her hands automatically flew to cover her exposed crotch before she figured out that, if she couldn’t see the twins, they couldn’t see her. Still, it was weird to be so undressed in someone else’s home. ‘What now? Do I run out and try to find something to wear or do I try to get my shorts back? Maybe if I find the bed, I can snag a sheet or something.’

She got to her feet and started feeling her way around the room. Suddenly, she felt diminutive hands grab each of her wrists and pull them behind her back. She fought to not lose her balance as something made of cold metal was pressed against each of her arms. She yanked at the metal, but it didn’t give. Shocked, she thought, ‘Those little brats handcuffed me!’

There was a rustling sound in the room as the twins retreated from her. The lights came on. As she struggled to regain her sight, she turned around so that her backside faced the room. Better that they see her butt than her bush, and her hands could at least be used for some cover.

‘Oh crap! I’m practically naked here.’ She blushed as she realized her predicament.

“You can turn around now. We’ve already seen your front.”

She thought it was Robby speaking, but she couldn’t be sure. She turned her head to look at the boy. “How could you have possibly seen anything? It was pitch black in here.” Then she noticed the device that he was holding. Were those night vision goggles?

Ricky stepped forward holding her shorts, panties, and a pair of large kitchen shears.

“Give me those back, right now! And get these handcuffs off me!” she shouted.

“If you don’t turn around, I’m going to cut these up.”

Holi pondered her options. The kids obviously weren’t going to just give up and obey. Plus, she really didn’t want her shorts cut up. What would she wear home and how would she explain the missing clothing to her parents? Besides, that was one of her favorite pairs. Embarrassed beyond all measure, she turned to face them, exposing her light, trimmed pubic hair. She couldn’t believe that she was standing there with her socks, shoes, bra, and tank top that stopped just below her navel with her hands secured behind her back showing off her clit to two young children. How had this happened? And, why was she starting to feel THAT way?

As her thoughts and emotions overwhelmed her, Robby picked up a camera and snapped a quick picture before she realized what he was doing. “Hey, you little brat. Stop that!”

Without paying any attention to her, he put the camera down as Ricky handed him Holi’s cell phone from her shorts pocket. Both boys then left the room leaving her behind.

‘What the heck are they doing? What should I do?’ She struggled against the handcuffs, but they were unyielding. She considered trying to find a telephone to call for help but stopped when she contemplated about how embarrassing her situation was. Who would she want to see her like this? She thought as hard as she could but couldn’t come up with a way out before the boys came back into the bedroom.

With a smug look on his little face, Robby spoke up. “We copied all the email addresses from your address book onto our computer. If we don’t enter in a password later tonight, the picture that Ricky took will be sent to everyone you know.”

Holi was stunned. How could they do this to her? She couldn’t imagine how humiliated she would be if all her friends found out about her being stripped and bound by two little boys. Beaten, she asked, “what do you want?”

Smiling, Ricky answered. “We want to see the rest of you. If we undo the handcuffs, will you do what we say?”

Holi meekly nodded her head.

Ricky fished a key out of his pocket and unlocked her shackles. She rubbed her wrists while the boys looked on expectantly. She briefly considered welching on her end of the bargain and trying to force one of the hellions to give her the password, but the twins seemed just a little too capable and practiced. She doubted that she would be able to break them. Once she resigned herself to her fate, she found that part of her actually liked the thought of the forced exposure. ‘What’s wrong with me? Is this turning me on?’

She started by kicking off her shoes. ‘No big deal. Just making myself a little more comfortable.’

Then, she bent to remove her socks. ‘It’s just my feet. No harm in anyone seeing my feet.’

Now completely bare from the waist down, she grabbed the bottom of her shirt. Slowly, she raised it up, revealing more and more of her flat stomach to her tormenters. She hesitated ever so slightly when the pink shirt lifted high enough to uncover a tiny bit of the bottom of her white bra before rapidly completing the motion and jerking the shirt off. Her nipples strained against the tight material, and she felt moisture down below. ‘At least they’re not old enough to know what that means.’

She reached her hands behind her back and freed her perky 34C breasts. ‘Oh my God! I just stripped in front of two little kids.’

“What now?” she asked.

Robby grabbed a board game from a bookshelf. “Wanna play Sorry?”

The next hour was surprisingly normal. She played board games and talked to the boys. They got out their crayons and brought them to the dining room table. The surreal part was that she was nude the entire time.

By the time an hour had passed, she had just about gotten used to her odd state of dress. She had to be very careful about keeping her legs closed, and, sometimes, goose bumps traveled up and down her body when her mind got to close to thinking about what she was doing. She also pretty much stayed aroused the whole time. She was wondering if she was some kind of exhibitionist when the ringing doorbell interrupted her thoughts.

“Robby, the pizza’s here. Can I have my clothes back now?”


“Well, then, can I get a towel or something to cover myself?”


“Will you or Ricky get the money off the counter and pay the pizza guy?”

“No, you do it. We dare you.”

The little pervs wanted her to expose herself to the pizza guy!

‘Do I take their dare?’ she thought. ‘Do I have any choice?’ She realized that she was pretty much at the boys’ mercy at this point. They had hidden all her clothes and could send dirty pictures of her to all her friends.

Holi grabbed the money herself and marched defiantly to the door. Her determination started to fade as she actually considered what she was about to do. ‘A stranger is about to see me butt-ass naked.’

Part of her dreaded opening the door. On the other hand, a small part of her mind wondered what it would be like to stand there letting a man stare at her totally uncovered flesh. Would he think that she’s cute? Would he think that she’s a complete slut? How would he react? She trembled a little in anticipation. Her nipples stiffened as she grasped the knob.

The young man’s eyes widened as the door opened. His eyes drank in the gorgeous teen’s body. “Oh. Wow! Hi,” he sputtered.

Holi could not find her voice. Instead, she held out the money to the guy.

Taking the offering, he gave her a long look starting at her toes and ending with her eyes and not skipping ANYTHING in between. “Are you doing some kind of dare?”

Holi nodded sheepishly.

“Man, this is my lucky night. Well, if you’re into dares, I dare you to turn around for me.”

Holi really didn’t want to comply. That is, her mind, the part concerned about her dignity, didn’t. Her body, on the other hand, was having a lot of fun. She turned and stuck out her bare butt.

“That was awesome,” he said as he handed her the pizza after she turned back around. “You are totally hot.”

Holi closed the door and smiled. She wanted nothing more than to run to the bathroom and take care of herself. Instead, she brought the pizza into the dining room to feed herself and the kids.

After dinner and more coloring and game playing, she began to get worried about the kids’ bedtime. “Okay, both of you, time for bed.”

Robby looked up at her. “What time is it?”

“Almost 9:30.”

“We’re not sleepy,” he replied, “but maybe it’s a good time to put you to bed.”

Considering that she was naked and being blackmailed, she didn’t exactly have the authority to tell them what to do. She let herself be led to a bedroom upstairs. “Whose room is this?”

“Our brother’s, Josh.”

Robby instructed her to lay down on the bed while Ricky ran out saying that he’d be right back. He was true to his word as minutes later he walked back in carrying four pairs of handcuffs.

‘Oh crap,’ she thought. ‘What now?’

All requests for information were met with a curt “You’ll see.”

The boys stood on either side of her, each with one of the sets of shackles, and instructed her to reach out a hand to each of them. They fastened each hand to opposite ends of the headboard and moved down to the footboard. They then requested that she do the same with her legs. Mortified, she obeyed.

For the next half hour, the boys entertained themselves by playing with their Hot Wheels on her body. They rolled them everywhere, over her arms and legs, across her stomach, around her breasts, through the hair on her head and covering her pubic area. She just about died when one of them exclaimed about how gross and icky the liquid oozing out of her was.

The torment ended when a door slammed on the first floor. The boys took off out of the room. “Wait! Don’t leave me here like this!” she called frantically after them.

She heard heavy footsteps climbing the stairs and coming closer and closer to the open doorway. She couldn’t help but visualize what the person approaching was about to see. She imagined the view from just outside the room in the corridor. A petite and pretty teenage girl with shoulder length blond hair lying on her back on top of a light blue bedspread. The girl’s naked, spread-eagle body was completely exposed. Triangular pale spots clearly outlined the size and shape of her bikini against her tanned form and emphasized her nakedness. Her perky breasts jutted straight up with erect nipples. Her pubic hair was wet and matted in the area around her lips, and a wet spot had appeared beneath her. Her open, bound legs flaunted her gaping pussy.

She moaned as the figure appeared in the doorway.

“Wow!” he said. “Who are you?”

She panted and tried to compose her thoughts. “I’m Holi, the babysitter.”

He paused and took in the entire vision before him.

“I’m Josh. The little brats are my brothers.”

She locked her eyes on his and implored of him. “Can you please help me out?”

He hesitated. “I don’t have the keys to the cuffs, and they get really angry when I interfere in their little games. They have my parents wrapped around their little fingers and have quite a bit of blackmail material on me.”

Frustrated that he didn’t understand, she tried again. “No, you don’t understand. I’ve been naked all night. They made me strip for them, which, uh, seemed to involuntarily turn me on. Then they made me show off for the pizza guy, and I got more turned on. Then, they tied me up on the bed and ran little cars ALL over my body. My hands are bound, so I can’t do anything about the way that I feel. I can’t believe that I’m telling a complete stranger this, but I’m about to burst I’m so frustrated.”

A shocked expression appeared on his face. She quickly clarified. “I don’t mean sex. I’m not ready for that with someone that I don’t know, but could you please find something to, you know… Maybe your finger?” she practically begged.

Smiling, he moved toward the bed. She closed her eyes as he climbed over the footboard and stopped with his face inches from her wide open hole. His tongue reached out and began licking her clit. She erupted instantly. Her back arched off the bed jutting out her pert breasts. Her hands clenched and unclenched rapidly, and her breathing accelerated. Just as she came down from the first wave, his fingers entered her. All it took was a few strokes to send her to the next crest. She climaxed four more times before she finally begged him to stop.

She moaned contentedly as Josh grabbed a towel and cleaned himself and her up. Opening her eyes, she was shocked to discover that Ricky and Robby had returned to witness the event. For the first time tonight, they seemed disconcerted. Without a word, they unlocked her restraints before leaving the room.

Josh closed the door and laid down on the bed next to her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her while she recovered her strength. She finally found the strength to speak to him. “I should be mortified by what just happened. Instead, I just feel satisfied.”

“Don’t feel too bad. They are a real handful. They have extremely high IQs, and, right now, they seem to focus all their intellect on mischief. Last week, I came home to find the last babysitter - was her name Becca? - tied up naked in a chair downstairs. She said that she had been left that way all night. They had invited a bunch of their little friends over to torment her. I finally convinced them to untie her and let her leave. She practically ran out of the house. Poor girl.”

“You must think that I’m a complete slut for the way that I acted.”

“Not at all. It’s hard when you, uh, get all worked up and can’t do anything about it. I understand.”

He adjusted his position slightly, and she could feel his erection on her leg.

“Oh! Uh, would you like me to, uh, leave you alone or something?”

It was his turn to blush. “No, that’s okay. I’m really enjoying this at the moment. It’s not everyday that I get to hold a beautiful naked girl.”

She snuggled up against him and sighed. “So, do you think you parents will need a sitter next weekend?”

The End