Ashley's Hawaiian Vacation
by RSW

“Only you could complain about going to Hawaii to celebrate your high school graduation,” Sue commented over the phone.

“Celebrate? Ha! I’m here with my stepmom visiting her family. I have no friends and no one to hang around with,” Ashley replied.

“What about your cousin?”

“Don’t call him my cousin! He’s my stepmom’s brother’s son. That’s it. I claim no relation to him. Besides, he’s only fifteen, and he’s a perv.”

“What do you mean, perv?”

“He’s tried to walk in on me in the shower three times already. The door to the ONLY bathroom in their place doesn’t have a lock. The first time, he caught me drying myself off. It was only luck that the towel covered me at the moment that he walked in. Since then, I’ve had to dry off and get dressed while staying behind the shower curtain.”

“Why don’t you just let him have a peek?” Sue asked, mischievously.

“No way! I don’t even let the other girls see me naked after PE. There’s no way that I’m letting some boy see me. Why would you say that?”

“Cause you’re way too conservative about your body. You’re a hot little thing. You need to show off more.”

“You sound like my stepmother,” Ashley replied. “She keeps trying to get me to wear more revealing clothes. She made me buy a two piece suit that doesn’t even come down to my bellybutton when I had my eye on a nice one-piece. I barely talked her out of buying me a bikini, and she was no help at all when I told her that Josh was trying to peek.”

“What did she say about that?”

“She bought his side of the story that it was an accident – ALL THREE TIMES! Those accidents don’t occur when she or Josh’s dad are taking a shower.

“Oh shoot,” Ashley continued, “it’s just about time to go.”

“Where ya headed?”

“To the beach. My stepmom is taking Josh and me to one of the beaches that the locals go to. Since it’s a weekday, it should be pretty empty. Seriously, though, I’ve gotta go get ready. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Cool, talk to you tomorrow. Bye.”

Ashley’s day at the beach went much better than expected. The beach, located at the end of Highway 93 up near Ka’ena Point, was even more isolated than she had been led to believe. During her entire time there, she saw less than a dozen people. She truly enjoyed the incredible weather. While her friend Sue had told her that, even in early June, the temperatures were scorching back home, it was only in the mid-eighties here. With the constant breeze and the chilly water, she actually had to cover up with her towel sometimes when she was out of the water.

The ocean was fantastic as well. The crystal clear water was the prettiest blue that she had ever seen, and the waves were just big enough to be enjoyable without being too much of an annoyance. Since there was no one else about, she ended up spending most of the day socializing and playing with Josh. He might be a horndog, but he turned out to be fairly pleasant company.

Everything went really well until it was time to go home.

“Okay, time to pack it up,” Ashley’s stepmom, Kate, announced.

Though it was hard to pull themselves away from the gorgeous sunset, Ashley and Josh were pretty much exhausted from spending the whole day fighting the sand and the waves. They not unhappily followed Kate to the restroom area.

At Kate’s instruction, they used the outdoor shower to wash off the saltwater and sand. Kate then threw a bit of a monkey wrench into the proceedings by handing them their large beach towels and telling them to remove their swimsuits.

Josh promptly wrapped the towel around his waist and dropped his swim trunks without any resistance. He then grabbed his bag of clean clothes and headed into the men’s room to towel off and get dressed.

Ashley, however, was mortified at the thought of undressing outside. “I can’t get undressed out here. Let me just go inside to get ready,” she begged.

“Nonsense. There’s not a single other person on this beach. Besides, that’s the way people do it here. They use the beach towel to cover themselves while they undress and dress. When in Rome…”

Seeing that arguing was no use, Ashley reluctantly gave in. Luckily, the oversized beach towel covered her completely. With a little bit of maneuvering, she was able to get her top off without exposing herself. With a bit of reticence, she handed the garment to her stepmom. Stepping out of her bottoms was easier from a physical standpoint but made her more nervous. After handing the last of her swimsuit over, she was now naked in public under a towel.

“Now, go inside and get cleaned up and dressed,” Kate told her.

Eager to get dressed once again, Ashley hurried inside the women’s room and headed to the cubicle where she had left the bag with her clean clothes. She didn’t see her cute little red bag anywhere in the empty cubicle. Concerned, she thought, ‘This must be the wrong one.’

After she finished scouring the entire facility, she grew panicked. She couldn’t find her bag anywhere. Someone must have stolen it! That bag alone had cost her dad over one hundred dollars. That didn’t even count the designer shorts, and one of her favorite tops had been in that bag. Upset about losing her stuff, she walked to the doorway and called for her stepmom.

“What’s the matter?” Kate asked.

“Someone has stolen my bag. All my stuff is gone!”

“You left your belongings in a public restroom for the entire day and you’re surprised that they’re not still here? Are you kidding me? You are the most irresponsible little girl that I’ve ever seen. How are you even thinking about going to college if you can’t keep up with your property?”

This was not the reaction that Ashley had been expecting. “But…” she started.

“Well, we’ll start teaching you a lesson right now. If you can’t keep up with your clothes, you shouldn’t have any clothes,” Kate said.

“What do you mean? Are you going to make me ride home in just my towel?”

“No. The towel’s all wet. Give it here!”

Ashley’s arguments fell on deaf ears. Her stepmom simply would not listen to reason. To make matters worse, Josh had finished getting ready and was standing there watching them with anticipation in his eyes.

Desperate, she tried one last time. “You can’t make me give you this towel! I’m NAKED underneath,” she cried.

“That’s it, you little brat,” was her stepmom’s reply. With those words, Kate reached out and snatched the towel from Ashley.

Ashley was so stunned that she stood stock still for a moment while Josh drank in the sight. Even with the fading light, he got a great view of her entire body. From the tip of her pretty blonde head to her gorgeous blue eyes to her perky breasts with the dime-sized areolas to her slender waist and cute bellybutton to her marvelous trimmed patch of blonde curly hair to her perfect legs and petite feet, she was absolutely beautiful.

Ashley could not believe that this was happening. Her stepmom had just stripped her totally naked on a public beach in front of a boy. ‘Oh my God! Oh my God! I’m naked. What do I do?’ she thought. ‘A boy is seeing me naked.’

That final horrifying thought finally gave her mind the shock it needed to break her paralysis. She quickly moved one arm up to cover her breasts and used her other hand to cover her bush. In a panic, she started running in the direction of their minivan. The rough concrete dug into her bare feet as she sprinted to the vehicle. Though the van was probably less than twenty yards away, the distance felt like miles. Upon finally reaching her destination, she frantically grasped at the door handle and pulled. Nothing happened. The van was locked.

Looking back over her shoulder, she saw her stepmom and Josh slowly walking towards her. Kate had a stern look on her face while Josh looked like the cat that had swallowed the canary. Why was Josh staring at her so hard with that look on his face? ‘Eek! He can see my bare butt!’ she thought. Swiftly, she lowered her behind to the ground to minimize what he could see. She stayed in a crouched position as they walked up to her.

“Oh, get over yourself,” her stepmom said crossly. “It’s not going to do you any damage for a boy to see your charms. Stand up.”

Stunned by Kate’s command, Ashley couldn’t get a word out. She did not move.

“You stand up right now, young lady. I’m not opening the car until you do.”

Knowing that her stepmom would never give in, Ashley meekly stood up. She kept her arms firmly in place over her important parts in front and turned to put her backside against the van.

Josh couldn’t believe his good luck. He had now seen this stunning creature naked from almost every imaginable angle. He could still see the bits of the top and bottom of her breasts peeking out from under her arms. The white of the areas that had been covered all day contrasted nicely with the tanned area above her chest, and tanlines from the bottom of her swimsuit outlined exactly its shape on her body.

Kate finally got around to using the keyless entry to open the van. Ashley dashed to the door, opened it, and climbed into the back. She would have been even more mortified than she already was if she had realized exactly what view her entry gave to Josh.

‘Wow,’ Josh thought happily, ‘now I have seen her from every imaginable angle.’

Ashley sat in the very back with her legs glued tight together, one hand covering the remaining visible area between her legs, and her opposite arm draped across her chest. Josh had turned one of the middle seats around so that he could ogle her the entire way home.

From the driver’s seat, Kate called back “Where do y’all want to eat? There’s a Subway not too far up ahead.”

“Uh,” Ashley started, “Subway’s usually don’t have drive-thru’s. Will y’all get something to go for me?”

“Don’t be silly,” Kate replied. “You can go in and get your food yourself.”

“I can’t go in! I’m naked! I’d get arrested.”

“I’m sure that no one will mind. You worry too much.”

“I’m not really all that hungry; I’ll wait in the car,” Ashley said even as her stomach growled.

“You can choose to eat or not eat, but you’re not going to stay in the car!” Kate shouted back.

“Actually, Aunt Kate,” Josh interjected, “I’m a little beat myself. I’d rather just go through the drive-thru at Burger King.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, that would be great for me.”

“Okay,” she replied, “a Whopper sounds good to me, too.”

Ashley couldn’t believe that Josh had come to her aid like that. He had just spared her a lot of embarrassment. She smiled at him and mouthed the word “thanks.” He grinned in return.

The ordering process went a lot better than she had any right to expect. Their minivan’s back windows were tinted, so she was pretty sure that no one could see in. Though it was a little nerve racking seeing all those clothed people inside the restaurant while she was so naked just a short distance away, the time passed quickly, and they were back on the road before she knew it. The problem came as Josh extended his hand to give her the salad and drink that she had ordered.

‘What do I do now?’ she thought. ‘There’s no way to eat this, or even grab it, without exposing myself to Josh. Well, he’s already seen me anyway, and he did save me from going inside Subway…’

Her arm trembled a little with nervousness as she peeled it away from her breasts and grabbed the food. She kept her legs tight together and placed the packaged salad over the small bit of hair that her hand had been covering. She tried to ignore the fact that Josh now had a completely unobstructed view of her breasts as she ate.

Josh looked her in the eyes and smiled warmly before letting his gaze take in the rest of her body.

‘This isn’t THAT bad,’ Ashley thought. But even after she had completely finished eating she kept her arms by her side.

When they arrived home Ashley waited until Kate had unlocked the front door and Josh was standing outside the van before exiting herself. Her plan was to dash from the vehicle’s location in the front driveway into the house as quickly as possible with her most important bits covered by her hands. As she started her run, however, her stepmom called out.

“Not so fast, young lady. Don’t think that you’re getting out of helping to unload. Get all the trash out of the van and put the beach chairs up in the outside storage before coming in.”

Ashley was incredulous. ‘Surely, she can’t mean for me to run around in the front yard completely naked, can she?’ By now, however, she was beginning to understand that her stepmom was not to be deterred and that it was better to just comply. Trying to argue would just prolong her exposure.

She turned around and went back to the minivan. Once at the door, she leaned in to grab the Burger King sacks and empty drinks that littered the inside without thinking. When she had finished, she noticed Josh standing directly behind her with a huge grin on his face. ‘What is he grinning about now? He’s been staring at my naked body for the last hour. What could he possibly have…’ Ashley suddenly realized what a view he must have had when she leaned over to get the trash. Her face turned beet red.

Holding the trash up against her lower body with one arm, she attempted to regain some of her modesty with the other. The effect was short lived, however, as she had to uncover her breasts in order to lift the back door of the van. As quickly as she could, she grabbed the three folding chairs and clutched them against the front of her body. As she struggled to close the door, she realized that she had attracted an audience. One of her “uncle’s” neighbors had been driving by and had come to a complete stop in front of the driveway. She was mortified by the additional attention but couldn’t really think of any way out of the situation.

She completed closing the door and took her load to the storage unit on the side of the house, all the while with her bare butt facing Josh and the neighbors. Luckily, the storage unit provided a lot of shadows, and she was pretty certain that she couldn’t be seen from the street while she stowed the chairs and dumped the refuse into the trash can. With her hands now free, she returned them to their positions strategically covering her assets in front and walked to the front door.

“There, it’s done. Happy now?” she asked her stepmom with an insolent tone.

“No, I’m not happy,” Kate said. “I have an irresponsible stepdaughter who can’t keep track of her clothes and who becomes bratty when she’s being punished. I don’t think that you’ve learned your lesson yet, so I’m going to give you a choice regarding the rest of your punishment. Your first choice is the lose of all clothing privileges for the rest of the week…”

“You want me to stay naked for four more days?” Ashley shouted.

“Don’t interrupt me again, young lady, or you’ll get both punishments instead of either or. The next words out of your mouth should be to answer which of the punishments you want. Understand?”

Ashley nodded in affirmation, grimacing at the humiliation of being dressed down in such a public manner in addition to being forced to remain butt naked on the front lawn.

“Your second choice is to drop your hands to your side, turn around, and walk slowly down the driveway to the street. Once there, turn back around and walk, slowly, back to here.”

Ashley couldn’t believe that her stepmom wanted her to completely show off to Josh and the neighbors. The thought of a naked, uncovered journey to the street and back terrified her. On the other hand, who knows what kind of tortures and how many people she’d be exposed to if she had to stay naked for another four days. “I’ll take the second option,” she replied, meekly.

“Good choice. Now, if your pace is too fast or if you attempt to cover your body at all for any reason, not only will I make you repeat your performance, but you’ll lose all your clothing privileges for two weeks. Drop your arms.”

Ashley forced her arms to her sides revealing all her glorious teenage body to her stepmom. Shaking with nervousness, she turned to face the rest of her audience.

Josh was awestruck. He couldn’t believe that his aunt was making his hot step-cousin expose herself to him and to Mr. Nagasaki and his teenage son, Albert. He watched with anticipation as the frightened girl bared her body to his aunt and then turned around to face him and his neighbors.

Four sets of eyes followed the nude girl as she started down the driveway. The Nagasaki’s, having figured out that the cute blond girl was being forced to be naked as some sort of punishment, jumped out of their car to get a better look. Albert grabbed his digital camera.

Ashley froze the first time the flash went off. It took all her resolve to resist turning and running for cover or, at least, to cover herself. She remembered what her stepmom had said about the consequences of such an action, however, and had no doubt that Kate would follow through with them. ‘I’m totally naked in front of two teenage boys and an old man, and one of them is taking pictures of me. How did this happen?’ she thought.

She willed herself to continue down to the street. By the time she passed Josh and got to the edge of the road, the Nagasaki’s had moved just in front of her. They were almost touching her. She was sure that the camera was now so close that her light pubic hair would do nothing to hide her most private areas. When she turned back around to face the house, Josh could not help but notice the matted hair around her nether regions and her rock-hard nipples. He stared in wonder until she made it back to the doorway. “May I please enter the house now?” Ashley asked Kate submissively.

“Yes, you may.”

Ashley ran to her room. She threw on a nightgown faster than she ever had and did not emerge from behind the closed door for the rest of the evening.

The next morning Josh waited until he heard Ashley stirring before knocking on her bedroom door.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“It’s me, Josh. May I come in?”

Ashley paused a moment before reluctantly answering, “I guess.”

Josh opened the door and walked into the room, finding a seat on a clear spot on top of the low chest of drawers.

“I wanted to talk to you about yesterday,” he began.

“Why? I just want to forget about it.”

“Come on. It wasn’t that bad, was it. You’re a beautiful girl. Completely hot with a great body and pretty face. Was it that bad showing off a little?”

“It was completely humiliating. I hated it.”

“I think maybe you might have liked it at least a little.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, I couldn’t help but notice that you were a little bit, uh, aroused.”

Ashley’s face turned red as he continued.

“And, well, the guest room that you’re staying in is right next to mine and, uh, the walls are a little thin…”

‘Oh God! He heard me last night. I thought that everyone was asleep,’ she thought.

“Look, I know that you’re embarrassed, but it’s okay. Really. Guys like to see girls naked, and some girls like to be seen naked. It’s perfectly natural.”

“How do you know so much about the subject?” she asked.

It was Josh’s turn to blush as he replied, “Well, I like to read stories about such girls on the Internet.”

“Look,” he said, “Since it appears that you might like to show off a bit and since I definitely like seeing you show off and since Dad’s at work and Aunt Kate went shopping so we’re alone in the house for a while…” Josh realized he was rambling and decided to get to the point, “Would you like to undress for me?” He was a little shocked when Ashley didn’t immediately slap him and throw him out of the room.

Ashley thought a moment. “I need to take a shower.” That said, she got up, gathered her clothes, and walked down the hall to the bathroom.

Ashley used the long, hot shower to think about what had happened the day before. She had been completely embarrassed and humiliated. She had been forced to show her completely naked body off to four different people. Her shame was almost unbearable.

On the other hand, Josh had been really sweet about the situation. Could she really blame a teenage boy for wanted to see her naked? Furthermore, he saved her from the situation at Subway. Who knows what her stepmom would have made her do. Josh had no idea that he was going to be able to see more of me later, and he was willing to pass up a great opportunity to save me the indignity.

Finally, she had had the best orgasm of her life last night. Josh was right. Her exposure had turned her on.

She made her decision.

The End