A Lesson In Self Restraint

by RGBargy

It was her worst nightmare, or maybe it was her ultimate fantasy. After years of self bondage games Francesca had finally succeeded in tying herself in such a way that she could not escape. To make matters worse, she had not left a convenient knife or a pair of scissors within her reach. No, she was completely helpless, bound by her own ingenuity.

Francesca did not live alone so it was only a matter of time before help would arrive, but there was a problem. Matt, her husband, knew nothing about her little bondage games. He did not know that before they met she had spent many hours tied up on the bed or on the floor, fantasizing about being kidnapped, or abducted. The details of the story varied but she would always end up naked and tied up awaiting her fate from the man or men who had abducted her. It was only fantasy of course, there was no danger. The ropes were real enough but she could free herself at any time with just a quick twist of the wrist. Once they were married she had felt no need for such games. Matt had been vibrant and sexy and had fulfilled her every need. That was then.

As the marriage progressed they had drifted apart. Matt worked hard, to keep her in the manner that she had become accustomed to and she stayed at home. The family they had dreamed about had never come to fruition. She worked part time at the supermarket, to get her out of the house, and to give Matt some space at home. The job involved shifts and today she was not working.

Then as the intimacy of the marriage dissolved she had reverted back to her fantasies. It was not that she was unhappy, or that Matt was particularly inattentive, he even made sure she reached orgasm when ever they made love, but there was no spark any more. So when she was alone, as now, she had reverted back to her fantasies. She never used hand cuffs or chains, only rope. It was easy to hide and there were no keys to lose, or locks to get stuck, besides, she preferred the feel of rope. She was naked, so there would be little doubt about her intentions.

In her fantasies she would usually escape before her captors returned, often she would have an orgasm before getting free. She had found various ways to stimulate herself whilst bound. She had several different vibrators and had even tried nipple clamps. She was thankful that these items of self torture were still hidden innocently in her jewelry box, they could get painful after a while and she would not have been able to release them. This time she had strapped on the butterfly with the control held in the small of her back. Ironically the position her hands were now in she could not reach the controls so the vibrator remained silent but its presence only emphasized why she was there. The ropes around her chest were very revealing too. She had taken several turns of rope around her, going over and under each breast. It was all part of the fantasy: erotic stimulation and restriction. The rope was well used and its whiteness faded to a dull grey. There could be little doubt that this was not her first attempt at such an activity and therefore not just an embarrassing experiment. If discovered she would have to admit to a long time fascination, even addiction to bondage.

Francesca struggled to look at the clock. It was still only three in the afternoon. Matt was not due home until five so she still had two hours to either free herself or rehearse her confession. She struggled valiantly for a while spurred on by the thought of being discovered, but the knots held tight. Matt was going to find a surprise package when he arrived home.

She was naked, hog-tied, and had even treated herself to a mouth filling gag. She was in the middle of the bed free to roll left or right, but if she tried to roll onto the floor, in the position she was in, she would probably break her back. Her feet were almost touching her hands and her back was bent to accommodate this unnatural position. There was no part of her straining body that could cushion a fall of several feet from the bed to the floor. The scissors were in the dressing table drawer, out of reach, even if she was able to cover the agonizingly short distance between her and it. There was no escape, no convenient sharp object. Even the bedside cabinet was made of finely sanded and immaculately finished wood. No corners to rub and besides the rope was at least half an inch thick. Success! Or failure? It was just a matter of perspective.

One hour, 55 minutes, give or take a few, then all would be revealed. She shivered at the thought. Even after so many years of marriage, she had no idea what Matt would say or do if he found her like this. Would he shout? Would he free her? Maybe he would leave her? Maybe he would join in the spirit of things and take her bound and naked as she was. That seemed unlikely, especially with the vibrator blocking his entrance and announcing her self gratification. She was sure that nothing good could come out of this. She had been secretive, dishonest even, hiding her desires from him, but how do you tell someone that you want to be tied up and fucked? How do you explain that despite all his care and attention, Matt had not fully satisfied her for several years now? How do you explain that it is not just the orgasm but the getting there that matters? She had been puzzling this out for a very long time and never found the answers. Now all would be revealed and both questions and answers found. Time was running out and all she could do was lie there straining, sweating and helpless. Only her mind was unfettered and that was racing wildly trying to come to terms with the impossible situation she was now in.

How had it happened? The trick was the slip knot. When she had first tired to tie herself up Francesca had decided that a slip knot would be needed to tighten the last rope. She had tried various methods of pulling the knot tight. Spread eagled on the bed she had pulled against the ropes to tighten them, but, although the ropes tightened around her wrists there was too much slack in the tethers, giving her more freedom than her fantasies desired. She had nearly got stuck this way before but the slip knot could be loosened once she allowed the slack to return in the two ropes stretched out from the bed posts. She had tried using the door jam, a door handle, even hanging over the banister. Yes, it had pulled tight, and her weight kept it there, but eventually the downward pressure pulled her hands free. That had been a painful experience having her full weight on her arms and her skin was rubbed raw from the friction of pulling herself free. Not one to be repeated.

Today she had hit on the idea of a hog-tie to use her own body as the pull to tighten the ropes. She started her routine as usual, retrieving the ropes from their hiding place, inside her vanity case, no longer necessary except for the annual holiday. Each rope was lovingly wound and knotted so that there would be no annoying tangles. She laid each one on the bed along with the vibrator and a clean tea towel fetched from the airing cupboard. Then she undressed slowly, savoring the moment. Her heart raced slightly in anticipation of what was to come. Her clothes were folded neatly on the chair. In her mind she went through the steps necessary to achieve the position. A brief gulp of breath, and then to work.

She had bound her breasts first to give her a feeling of restriction. She had full breasts. Her bra was a ĎDí cup so there was plenty for the ropes to go round. It had taken several trials in the past to achieve the look and feel she wanted, but now she could almost do it in her sleep, the ropes sitting snugly and finishing with a neat bow in her cleavage. The vibrator was next, but of course she did not switch it on, that was for later. She had pushed the control through the ropes at her back, smoothing the wire so that it would not interfere with the rest of the bindings. She then tied her feet together side by side, not crossed. She did not like the feeling of crossing her ankles. She added some extra ropes at the knees and thighs. This kept the vibrator firmly in place and made it impossible to loosen her ankles by moving her legs up and down like you would running on the spot. This part of the bondage was inescapable, only her hands were impossible to secure completely, or so she had thought. The next stage was a gag. She did not always do this, only for special occasions. Why today? She was not sure, but it had been some time since she had silenced herself. She had once used sticking plaster but that had been very painful to remove. She had never dared buy a manufactured device in case it was found, besides, there was no need. She made the gag by filling her mouth with a knotted tea towel it was not elegant, but then again no one else was supposed to see it. It may not silence her completely but it would be more than sufficient to prevent her summoning help and enough to make explanation difficult when she was eventually discovered.

The final part was to secure her hands. First, she made a slip knot in the end of a rope and attached the other end to her bound ankles. Next she took a second rope and tied it around her left wrist leaving a few inches which she tied inside the slip knot leaving an inviting loop for her other hand. She had to do this with her hand behind her that made quite a contortion. The long end then went twice around her waist then squeeze it inside her wrist tie then loop it on itself to tie it off. Her legs were now doubled against themselves; that was necessary for the final maneuver. Her left hand was now fixed behind her back, her right hand slipped inside the waiting loop and she then straightened her legs enough to pull it tight. Her mistake, or was it deliberate? Whichever, the success or failure of the maneuver was to only allow a few inches between her legs and her hands. The pull on her wrists took out any slack from the ropes around her middle, and the slip knot pulled tight on her wrist. She was forced into a tight arch by the pressure from her legs to her hands, tighter than she had imagined. There was no slack anywhere, nothing to ease the tension, and no way to squeeze her hand free. She had used too many turns round her left hand for that to be released and her legs had tightened her right wrist tie so that it was like iron. For the first time in her life she was completely bound and helpless.

She had reveled in the restrictions and the challenge of reaching the vibrator controls and in her struggling pulled the knots very tight. It was amazing. Up until now she had always had to be careful not to accidentally free herself by making the wrong movement. This knowledge of how to free herself had been the one drawback to the whole activity, but it seemed she had beaten it. There was freedom in bondage, freedom to try and move anywhere, and freedom to fight against the ropes. When she had finally admitted defeat, the vibrator was out of reach and she was getting tired the truth had dawned: she was stuck, unable to free herself. Suddenly it was no longer fun. The rope was too short between her legs and her hands for her to be able to relax enough and release the pressure. She was held in a tight bow, and her back would not bend any further. The slip knot was pulled tight and she could not free it. Her left hand was also held firm and her stomach muscles could not expand to loosen anything. She had rested a while to regain her strength but during that time her legs had involuntarily tried to straighten only tightening the ropes still further. She was now held firm, hands tight to her back and legs pulled to her hands while locked firmly together. The knots were out of reach of her clawing fingers and her natural need to straighten her body kept tension on the ropes holding them securely in place.

It had still taken a while to realize the full consequences of what she had done. The bondage was fantastic and even now she was still enjoying the feel of it. She was completely helpless and could struggle as much as she liked. She did not have to avoid any motion, in fact it was quite the opposite, she was able to struggle every which way to try and free herself. It was exhilarating. It was disappointing not to be able to reach the vibrator, but the pressure on her breasts and between her legs was almost enough to do the job. She was aroused as never before, but frustrated beyond belief. This was what bondage was all about. She had even tried to rub herself to orgasm against the bed, but the vibrator did not protrude into her enough and her bondage was too restrictive for her hips to get any real movement. She could congratulate herself for devising such a secure and frustrating scenario, but it was a hollow victory. Now, having realized what she had done, trapped and erotically displayed herself for anyone to see, panic set in. She had struggled wildly but to no avail. It would need someone to find her before she could be released. Her bondage games would no longer be a private affair.

Once the initial shock of being totally helpless had passed she had then considered the consequences of her actions. She could not cry out, besides who would hear? Did she really want a stranger to see her like this? Matt at least was her husband so had seen her naked body. A stranger walking in might have other things to consider before deciding to help her. And what if it was a woman? The embarrassment was unthinkable. And if this woman decided to stroke and caress her? Fransesca decided not to pursue this train of thought any further. It was unthinkable, and besides it was unlikely to happen. She was in her own home with doors locked and windows shut. Only Matt had a key so it would be Matt that found her. He would then have to release the gag before she could explain anything, and what could she say? That she tied herself up for kicks? It sounded so pathetic, so kinky, even crazy. As the minutes ticked by Francescaís struggles became more and more desperate, she sweated, and gasped for air through the gag. All thoughts of sex were gone. She was scared.

The phone ringing made her jump. She had left the answering machine on in case any call was important, and with the volume turned up she could monitor the message as it recorded.

"Hi love. Just to let you know that I will be an hour late tonight. Got an emergency meeting."

Francesca did not know whether to laugh or cry. She had longer to get free but on the other hand it could be just delaying the inevitable.

"Iím sending Paul round for my suit."

Francesca gasped.

"Heís got a key if you are not in when he gets there."

The rest of the message was lost to her. Her struggles became more frantic. Paul! She racked her memory to picture him. Paul! She had had a crush on him when they had met. He was dashing, and masculine, and strong. She would have fucked him in a second had the opportunity arisen, and now here he was coming to her house to would find her like this. Whether she would have tried to seduce him was academic. He would find her and heaven knows what might happen. He might be overcome with lust and rape her. He might be embarrassed and run out of the house and leave her. Of course he might just free her but he and Matt had become good friends working closely together and sharing interests outside work. If he did not rape her then he would almost certainly tell Matt about her bondage games. If he did have his way then her secret might be safe, but at what cost. This was one fantasy that she did not want to become reality. Her mind was a whirl of conflicting thoughts and images.

The sound of the doorbell was like an alarm clock. She was still unable to free herself. She wondered whether she could somehow bury herself under the bedclothes. That had worked as a child. When her mother disturbed her little games she had often managed to slip into bed with her feet still tied together. Whether her mother actually knew what Francesca was doing never emerged. She was lying now on top of the duvet, a little forethought and she may have been able to roll to the top of the bed and burrow underneath but now it was too late. She heard a key in the front door and Paul calling in the distance.

Should she start struggling so that it looked like she had been attacked? It would work initially but once he saw the vibrator the game would be up. Perhaps if she lay perfectly still he would think her asleep and not notice?

Paulís voice was getting closer and his calling less urgent. He was asking if she was in the bathroom, the only logical place from which she would not be able to welcome him. His figure was framed in the doorway. Clean cut and shaven with an immaculately groomed head of dark hair. He was wearing a suit and tie and casually swinging the front door key in his right hand. The sight of Francesca had obviously made him stop in surprise. There was an immediate look of concern but he was rooted to the spot unsure what to do next. She watched his eyes take in the scenario. She was lying on her side with her neck craned back to see him. Her arms would be visible, as were the ropes holding them in place. Her bound feet would also be in view, but her breasts and crotch were away from him. It was her only chance at modesty, even though it was a futile gesture. As she watched his look changed. There was no danger here, but she thought she caught a glimpse of a smile before his face went absolutely dead pan straight. He averted his gaze away from her towards the wardrobe and addressed her indirectly.

"Sorry to disturb you, Francesca but Matt set me to pick up a suit. I wonít be long. He said it was in the wardrobe."

He walked straight over to it opened the door and considered the contents intently. Francesca knew he had seen her and that she was naked and tied up, but he was behaving as if this was perfectly normal. She made a few attempts at calling for help but the tea towel was filling her mouth and the words were not clear.

"Iím sorry did you want me to help you?"

Having got his attention she wiggled and mewed her encouragement for him to free her. He approached and she presented her back to him as best she could, so that he could release her. She could not now see him but the expected freedom did not come. She felt him touch the ropes but there was no loosening just a little tugging.

"The ropes seem perfectly secure. I will just adjust this one. It has loosened slightly."

There was pressure on her left wrist as he tightened the knot. Francesca was both amazed and confused. She struggled violently, shaking her head and trying to say no but the gag was quite effective.

"You want me to free you?"

Francesca nodded vigorously.

"I couldnít do that. Matt must have known I would find you here and it would be wrong for me to interfere."

Francesca shook her head.

"Matt does not know?"

More head shaking.

"Well, I had better leave you here for him to find then. Iím sure that if I was married I would want to know that my wife ties herself up for kicks."

That insight was a shock to her. He had already decided that she had done this to herself and that she had somehow got herself stuck. He had even insured that the small chance of freeing her left hand was gone. Francesca knew that he was playing with her but there was nothing she could do. She was seething inside but all she could do was shake her head and struggle against her bonds.

Paul got up as if to leave.

"There is a way I might be persuaded, but I doubt if you would agree."

"Take the gag out." She mumbled

"What was that?"

"Take the gag out," she said as slowly and deliberately as she could.

She was sure he understood, but still he hesitated. Then she felt him fumble at the knot behind her head.

"Remember I can easily put it back," he said sternly

"Are you going to untie me or not?" She gasped. Her mouth was dry from both the fear and the presence of the tea towel.

"That depends." He said guardedly

"On what?"

"Whether you are willing to satisfy me."

"My legs are tied together." She reminded him.

"I could release them first, besides, there are other ways." He said flatly

"You are kidding." She gasped. Francesca could hardly believe what she was hearing and seeing. It was not rape, in the strict sense of the word, but it was sex nonetheless. What is more there would be no satisfaction for her, just a bitter taste in her mouth.

"Actually. No Iím not." He unceremoniously dropped his trousers and pants and stood in front of her. His prick stood proudly to attention with a hint of pre cum already moistening the tip. She looked at it disgustedly.

"If you think Iím going to suck your cock while still trussed up like a chicken you..." Her outburst was short lived and cut short.

The gag was swiftly replaced causing the end of her sentence to disappear into muffles. His intentions were now clear. In other circumstances she would have welcomed such advances. She had no problems with cunningulus, if she was honest she would have to admit that she quite enjoyed it, but now she was at a severe disadvantage. If he left her she would remain as she was until Matt got home, which involved both great physical discomfort being held in one position for so long and the complication of explaining herself to him. On the other hand she had no idea exactly of what Paul would require of her, or whether he would still tell Matt when he saw him later on, or even if he would release her at all. Even if she complied he might still not free her.

"As you like," said Paul quietly, "I must be off now." He started to pull up his clothes. Francesca struggled to get his attention again. He could not leave her like this!

"You were saying?" He looked at her straight in the eyes.

Francesca lowered her eyes submissively. She was beaten and she knew it. The gag came of again.

"You bastard," She said quietly.

"Now now, that is no way to talk to your rescuer."

"Release me."

"Not yet, I want some relief first." His voice was quiet but firm.

Francesca made a convincing effort to change her position but the hog-tie was too restrictive.

"I canít do anything like this you will have to untie me." She wheedled.

"I think not, at least not completely." He smiled disarmingly. "Maybe just one cut," he mused. "You have some scissors?"

"In the dressing table, middle drawer." She tried to point with her head but it was difficult trussed as she was.

Paul pulled his feet out of his pants and walked over to the dresser. He looked slightly comical his upper body perfectly groomed, wearing a jacket and tie, but no trousers, with his shoes and socks still on, but Francesca was not laughing. He came back and snipped the link between her hands and legs, but before she could move he tied off the loose ends running the longer one around both her wrists before knotting it neatly. Any chance of escape was now gone. She was at his mercy. He lifted under her arms pulling her to a kneeling position with her head directly in line with his engorged cock.

"One bite and I leave you for Matt." He warned.

"Iíll just tell him you overpowered me."

"I doubt that he would believe you. I will see him first and besides where would I have found all this rope? Your clothes are neatly folded, and there is no sign of a struggle. Also I would have tied you to the bed not as you are now. As you pointed out to me earlier, your legs are tied together, which restricts my options, so why would I do it? And the ropes around your chest are not necessary to hold you, pretty though they look." He paused for a moment. "Nice touch though."

She was unable to avoid him as his hand reached out to caress her vulnerable tits. His touch was not gentle, but her body reacted nonetheless, she was sure this had not gone unnoticed either. He then continued his self interrupted answer.

"And the vibrator? Why would I strap on a vibrator?"

Francesca winced. She had almost forgotten the vibrator. She had to agree, she would have little chance of convincing Matt that she had not at least agreed to being tied up even if she had not done it herself.

"Now eat bitch," he ordered gruffly.

Reluctantly she encircled his cock with her mouth. His hands grabbed her hair in encouragement. He was more forceful than she would have liked but she slid easily over his manhood applying a steady sucking pressure until his cum shot into her. It came with such force that she could not hold it making her dribble every where. She barely stopped herself from choking. He released her head with a grunt of satisfaction.

Paul retreated to the bathroom to clean up then retrieved his pants and started to get dressed again.

"You're not going to leave me like this are you?" She asked desperately, cum still trickling from her mouth. She was trying not to sound too scared but she was still bound tightly, and the extra wrap around her wrists would make things even harder to explain to Matt. The subject of Paul would now become a factor.

"You have the scissors, Iím sure you can free yourself," he answered, but basically he was ignoring her. He had used her and now he was going to discard her. It was a painful awakening to his darker side, but she was in no position to take out any revenge.

"Are you going to tell Matt? She almost whispered, trying not to let her voice betray how frightened she still was.

"Iím not sure. It may be difficult to explain, and I would hate to ruin a great friendship over a quick blow job, but I think I will get a copy of your key cut before I return it. I might drop round sometimes when you are alone and bored? Or when I need some relief," he added menacingly.

Francesca gasped at the audacity. Paul was inviting himself round for sex and she would be unable to refuse him, unless she told Matt everything. It would be a difficult decision to make, but that would have to wait. Her immediate problem was to get free from these damned ropes.

"That reminds me," he said suddenly turning back to her. She could not imagine what he had in mind and tried her best to recoil from him, but it was impossible.

"One good turn deserves another," he explained and his approach was more deliberate.

Francesca was taken completely by surprise as he came quickly to her. She felt his hands touch the small of her back and there was a sudden buzz between her legs. With both hands he gave her tits another quick squeeze and brushed over her nipples making them harden and swell.

"That should keep you busy until I leave, he said casually. "Enjoy yourself Francesca; Iím sure we can do this again sometime."

Francesca gasped at the sudden stimulation. The vibrator was on full. Her hands pulled instinctively but the ropes held firm. She toppled off her knees to try and take some pressure off her groin but the device was strapped on, hell, she had intended to use it so what did she expect? Normally she could control it and release herself when she had had enough but she was still completely secure and the controls were set to full power.

The sensations were overpowering. She broke out in to a sweat and rolled back and forth unable to control herself. She did not even notice Paul finish dressing and leave. He may have even stayed to watch for a while she did not know or care. Her mind was concentrated on her own body and the approach of a gigantic orgasm. Bondage was a powerful stimulation for her and despite the complications, maybe even because of the complications, she was very aroused. Her dreams of being bound and stimulated were being realized. As the climax peeked she bucked within the confines of her bondage, letting out an uncontrolled yelp as the orgasm rocked through her.

The vibrator continued tirelessly and her body accepted the stimulation. The second climax matched the first and it was not going to finish there. Maybe Paul had done her a favor? Francesca had never had orgasms like this before, even now it was building to a third and the power was not letting up.

As she reveled in the release the vibrator pushed her towards another. The stimulation was constant but as the minutes passed the pleasure was turning to pain. She could not stop it. She had difficulty focusing her mind to try and reach the control. With her hands no longer attached to her feet she had more freedom of movement though they were still held against her back at the waist. She hoped it was possible to reach it, no, she had to reach it. She could not take this much longer. She could now raise her hands a little and by pulling in her tummy there was a fraction more, but the device was on full and she could barely touch the wheel to slow it down. She lost count of the orgasms but the residual dull ache in her groin was getting more and more intense. Eventually the waist rope started to ride up off her hips and she managed to reach the control properly. The buzzing stopped and more important so did the vibration. She had done it.

She rested. She was still completely tied up but no longer at the mercy of either Paul or the vibrator. Her whole body ached, especially her groin but there was a smile on her face. She was covered in sweat. Her mouth felt like cotton wool and she was exhausted, both mentally and physically. She had seen a new side to Paul and was not sure that she liked it. On the other hand she had just had the most fantastic orgasms of her life. There was still a taste in her mouth from his cum. Would he tell? She was more certain that it was not the last time they would meet, and that he would be keen to repeat the scenario in one way or another. Unless she could somehow bar the door she was at his mercy. There was nothing she could do about it now, the priority was to clean herself up and make everything look normal before Matt came home.

The task of freeing herself was relatively simple. By cutting the waist rope she freed her hands enough to maneuver the scissors between them. Once fully free she looked at the mess of ropes on the bed and the stain at the base where Paul had been. She needed a shower. A glance at the clock told her that Matt was due in an hour or so. Time had really flown during her orgasmic ordeal. She now had barely time to get something cooking let alone clean herself up. She hoped the rope marks would not show, even that might take some explaining.

She carefully sorted all her things out and replaced them for now. She had decided that she was going to have to take the bull by the horns and come clean with Matt. Paul had made it clear that he would take advantage of her and she could not allow that to happen. Once Matt had the full facts he could deal with Paul one way or the other. The first task was to break it to him, gently, and without the shock of seeing her naked and helpless she might just be able to do it. She mentally rehearsed what to say, and how he might react, while going through the motions of making dinner. It was a shepherdís pie so there was little really to concentrate on leaving her mind free to plan and consider. By the time Mattís key found the lock for the second time that day she was ready for him. She greeted him with a big smile.

"Dinnerís almost ready, did you have a good meeting?"

Matt was noncommittal.

"I got your message but Paul came before I was ready. Did he say anything to you?" She tried hard not to sound too concerned or expectant, but in truth she waited with bated breath. Everything depended on the answer that now came.

"No, he did not even mention seeing you." Matt sounded puzzled. "Why did something happen that I should know about?"

This was better than she had dared hope. She had an opportunity and she was going to make the most of it.

"Itís a little more complicated than you might at first think," she said carefully. "Itís embarrassing for me and might be a little hurtful for you," she hurried on not giving him a chance to interrupt her. "I just ask that you hear me out before jumping to any conclusions."

"Iím not sure I like what Iím hearing," Matt said guardedly. "Are you having an affair?"

Francesca blushed but answered quickly.

"No, itís nothing like that, at least, it wasnít," she corrected, flushing further. "Let me explain please."

"Iím listening," he said. His voice was strange and cold.

"First, let me ask you. Do you have fantasies?"

Matt looked surprised.

"What do you mean? Fantasies? What sort of fantasies?"

"Sexual ones," she answered directly. "You know... things you would like to do or maybe thought of but were never possible."

Matt now flushed visibly.

"I donít see what this has to do with anything." He answered defensively, "I suppose so, but nothing springs to mind. There was a girl at school... but that was a long time ago."

Francesca could not resist a small giggle.

"Donít worry Iím not checking up on you. Itís just I do have fantasies, Iíve had them long before I met you and," she faltered, "I used to fantasize about being kidnapped."

"You want to be kidnapped? It sounds bizarre." He was obviously not understanding things.

"No I do not want to be kidnapped exactly but I liked the idea of being held captive and being forced to have sex."

It had not come out exactly as she intended but there it was. Matt looked both confused and intrigued, his mouth opened and shut but nothing seemed to come out.

"Let me explain it properly," she said quickly and looked for the confirming nod of the head.

When I was a girl I used to tie myself up and fantasize I was being held captive. At first I used to just escape, but as I matured I included being sexually stimulated."

"How can you stimulate yourself if you are tied up?" He asked incredulously.

"Not directly of course," she replied sheepishly, "but you can place the ropes in such a way that they stimulate, and then there are vibrators."

"You had vibrators as a kid?"

"Well no actually, they came later, but I was very inventive."

"But surely if you can escape at any time it is pointless?" He persisted.

"Thatís where the fantasy comes in," she explained, "unless you get too clever and get stuck." She added, and then regretted it immediately. Matt obviously put two and two together.

"You mean to say you still do it?" He did not let her answer. "You tied yourself up and Paul came in and saw the whole thing."

Francescaís face fell.

"He obviously set you free."

"But not without a price." She finished it for him. "But itís not as bad as it sounds." She added quickly.

"Iíll kill him." He said out loud. "Iíll knock his flaming block off, no. I'll cut his flaming prick off! Iíll..."

"Slow down," she said quickly, "My legs were tied together, and I had that vibrator on that you gave me a few years ago."

"I thought you got rid of that," he said incredulously, "so what did he do?"

"He made me suck him off." She answered quietly. "Then he said he would get a new key cut and try again sometime." She added.

"Iíll kill him." Matt repeated. "Just you wait."

"Just think how you would have reacted." Francesca said quietly, "What if you had come in and found a woman naked and tied up on the bed. What would you do?"

"I would release her. "He said defiantly. The he realized what he had heard. "Naked? You were naked?"

"Of course," she answered "I was after sexual kicks after all. Yes, I was naked, and helpless. I could not free myself so he took advantage of the situation. I canít say I really blame him. It was a big temptation, and he did make up for it."

"How do you mean?" Matt said suspiciously.

"Well, I had the butterfly on, I told you, but I could not reach the controls to switch it on. So he did it for me."

"And left you tied up, the Bastard! How did you escape?"

"He left my scissors nearby. I got free, but not before several gigantic orgasms." Her eyes rolled at the thought. "There was no harm done really."

"Maybe, but I still should knock his block off."

"Let it be. Iím as much to blame as he is; besides you might never have known if he had not behaved the way he did." It was a bit of a gamble on her part. Matt could easily divert his anger onto her. After such great lengths to prevent it, she was offering herself up in replacement for Paul. He was not sure he deserved such self sacrifice, but it was as much to save Matt from doing something rash that might involve the police as it was to save Paul from Matt.

"When were you going to tell me?" He accused.

"Probably never," she confessed, "I was hurting no one, and you cannot say I have ever refused you. So why should I tell you?"

"Then why are you telling me now?" It had obviously got too much for him. Matt did not seem to know whether to be angry, hurt, revengeful or accusing.

"To stop him blackmailing me." It sounded a bit dramatic, so she explained further. "He was obviously intending to exchange sexual favors for not telling you about my bondage games. I love you, Matt. If anyone is going to tie me up and fuck me it must be you not Paul."

That stopped him completely in his tracks.

"Me. Tie you up?"

"Why not?"

"Iíve never tied anyone up in my life. I donít know how."

"You can tie knots canít you?"

"Well, I tie my own shoe laces of course, but people? I could not."

"But I want you to," she said quietly. "Itís my ultimate fantasy." Her voice was almost a whisper.

She had never seen him so bewildered. This had been completely unexpected. He may not have shared her bondage fantasies but she naturally assumed that any man would jump at the chance of tying her up and having their way with her.

"Not all the time," she assured him. "We can still enjoy conventional sex. Itís not as if the past years have been wasted or that Iíve been unhappy. As I told you, or at least I was going to tell," she corrected, "before you jumped in." The speech had not gone according to plan. "For a long time after we married I was perfectly happy with our sex life and did not tie myself up at all."

"So what changed?" He was almost back to being hurt and accusing.

"Maybe it was me," she suggested, "or maybe it is just life. It appears that these fantasies are more a part of me than I realized. I have hidden them away for so long. Perhaps you can help me."

That did it. She saw him visibly change. She was afraid that he would run away from her, leave her, even divorce her, but at that moment she knew he still loved her. She let him consider things for a while, then said casually, "Crumbs the dinner will burn, I must get it out of the oven. Come on you have not even taken your shoes and coat off yet."

"But what about Paul?"

"What about him?" She retorted. "He has nothing over me now, and if you fulfill my fantasies he will never catch me again. Let the prick find his own bondage playmate."

Dinner was a quiet affair. Both of them were obviously engrossed in their own thoughts after the dramatic events of the day. Francesca was certainly deep in thought, trying to imagine being tied up by Matt and remembering the magnitude of her first real bondage orgasms. How to teach someone to tie her up? It was not something she had ever considered. It had taken many months, even years of trial and error to get to where she was now. Matt would have to start from scratch, except she could guide him at first. She was quietly confident that once he had got the hang of things he would then surprise her. There were limits to how you could tie yourself. Matt could come up with something she had never thought of, or been able to try. The thought made her wet, even now, with her insides still reeling from the afternoonís adventure. There were no two ways about it: she was hooked, line and sinker, as it were. She was a bondage addict. This had been one hell of a day. She had learnt a serious lesson about the dangers of self bondage, but now there were new lessons to consider. She was going to teach Matt how two people are better than one, especially when they are in love. And after all, isnít that whatís meant by marriage tying the knot? For the second time that afternoon a smile crept across Francescaís face.

The End