The Story of Alice

by Quillis

It was the chance of a lifetime. Alice had been selected to study with a man who
was, without a doubt, the acknowledged master in his field. Just putting his
name on her resume would guarantee numerous job offers and she could have her
pick of choice locations. Her future was assured. In some ways it would be like
starting again from scratch and she would have as much to unlearn as to she had
to garner from his tutelage. In spite of her spanking new Ph.D. from a
prestigious university she would be little more than an apprentice. She knew she
was in for many hours, weeks, and months of hard work but she would emerge as a
new and shining star in her profession. In the first few weeks her prediction of
the amount of labor involved proved short of the mark but she couldn't have been
happier. Each night she found the satisfied sleep of an exhausted person
satisfied with her lot and eager to begin the next day.
The off hours were equally as pleasing. The terms of her agreement to study with
him called for her to live on his estate. His lands extended many miles in every
direction and were full of glorious fields and breathtaking forests. The house
was a wonder unto itself. More rooms than she could keep track of and furnished
in the best of taste. Her bedroom suite was twice the size of the apartment she
shared with three other girls in college and now she even had maids to clean it.

The meals were all wonderful and it was more of a special treat than an
obligation when she was told that in this house people did not come to dinner in
casual attire. Her wardrobe of acceptable apparel was woefully lacking until he
had the chauffeur drive her to a large department store and buy as many dresses
as she wished and charge them to his account. She especially liked it when he
had guests and she could wear beautiful formal gowns. She felt like a princess.
During her daytime activities she still wore less respectable outfits and
couldn't help smiling at her mentor in jeans and funny T-shirts after seeing him
in a tuxedo the night before.
At first she was a little concerned about the living arrangements since he was
not married and it seemed a little improper for her to sleep under the same roof
but during the first two months he was the perfect gentleman and her fears all
but disappeared. In fact, she found the opposite happening. In addition to
learning her craft she was introduced to the joys of fine living and dancing.
Not the `stand and gyrate' sort of her college days but the `let me take you in
my arms and lead you around the floor to the world's most beautiful music' kind.
She soon became accomplished at the art of ballroom dancing and spent many happy
hours in this pursuit. Sometimes with guests but more often with her host. They
moved together effortlessly and she found herself melting under his control.
Many a night she wished they were alone and imagined what it would be like if he
were to twirl her around the room, up the stairs and end up in his bed.
Dancing wasn't the only cause for her romantic fantasies. Although awed by his
knowledge and understanding of her field she was equally enthralled by his
conversation at night in the library where they would relax in front of the
fireplace. They would share ideas and their roles as teacher and student were
put aside. Hours would go by as they argued and debated points with equal
respect towards each other and she found herself more and more attracted to this
Unfortunately, this feeling seemed to be one-sided. She tried acting coy and
even blatantly flirtatious but to no avail. She resigned herself to nighttime
fantasies and the light of day would bring her back to being his student and
nothing more. This lasted until one night about two and a half months into her
She went to the library alone after dinner. This was not unusual as he often had
other business to attend to and she would have a quiet evening reading. She was
a bit surprised when Jason, the butler, announced that his employer would like
her to join him. When she asked where she should go she was brusquely told to
follow as he turned and left the room. She had to scramble a bit till she caught
up with him and something in his demeanor told her to not ask any more questions
so she silently walked next to him as they traversed a maze of hallways and
stopped before a room she never saw before. Jason pushed a button and walked
After a few seconds the door was opened and she entered. She looked around the
room and was amazed by the austerity of its furnishings. The only thing she
could see was a single chair in the center. The walls were covered in a soft
fabric which seemed to muffle all sound. She wondered why he had such a room and
why he chose to meet her there. She turned to her teacher and friend with a look
of confusion. He smiled and said, "All will be made clear to you in time. For
now let me ask you to follow a simple rule. Whenever you are invited here you
must not ask anything. In fact, you are not to speak at all unless it is to
answer a specific question. Do you understand?"
Following this strange dictum she held onto the thousand questions in her mind
and only answered, "Yes."
He responded, "Good. Remove your shoes."
Still confused but obedient, she did as he commanded. He gently took her hand
and led her to the chair where he sat down. He did not release her hand as he
said, "I want you to understand that this has nothing to do with your
performance in your studies or anything about your behavior. It is just
something I want to do." He pulled her forward and guided her to lie across his
lap. For only the briefest of moments did she try to deny to herself that she
was being positioned for a spanking. A placement she was familiar with but had
not been in for many years.
The old feelings of dread and (oddly enough) remorse for unknown sins she felt
at those times returned. Her parents taught her to accept her punishments
without trying to squirm out of the way or pleading for them to stop. When she
was to be spanked she was to be spanked as long and hard as they felt necessary
and that was that. Her opinions on the matter were never considered and any
objection on her part was determined to be impertinence and cause for extra
punishment. So it seemed now. She wasn't sure why she was going to get spanked
other than his cryptic comment that it was something he wanted to do but she
convinced herself that, whatever the reason, it was going to happen and just
like the old days, there was no need for any discussion. Her function in this
tableau had been established and she accepted his right to treat her like a
naughty child.
Her position was adjusted slightly till her head was down and bottom raised in
perfect readiness for the inevitable. He lifted the back of her dress and slip
up and over her waist before peeling her pantyhose down to mid thigh. She even
helped by raising her bottom a bit as she silently prayed for him to leave her
panties on. This was her standard ritual when her parent's prepared her for firm
application of their hands to her bottom. Her prayers had never been answered to
her satisfaction in the past and her bottom was invariably bared before the
first swat landed but it was always worth a try. To her surprise and small
relief, this time things worked out a little differently as he thanked her for
her cooperation and let her settle back down with her bottom unexposed. She said
a silent "thank you" to whichever god caused him to save this small part of her
Which is not to say what happened next didn't hurt. He slammed his hand down
sharply and often. The thin cotton may have kept him from seeing her secret
charms but offered little protection from his assault and it didn't take long
till she was in tears. However, it must be said, while she quite loudly
expressed how much discomfort each swat caused, she was true to her parent's
training and never tried to avoid the next swat. Nor did she speak a word that
could be construed as infringing on his authority inasmuch as it pertained to
the length and severity of her punishment
When he finished he allowed her to cry quietly. After she calmed down he said,
"I'm very proud of you. You have taken the first part very well. There is a
package under the chair. Open it and take out what you find."
She had noticed the box when she first went over his lap but her thoughts of
past and present spankings overrode her curiosity about it. And while he was
applying his hand to her posterior the contents of the mysterious box were the
last thing on her mind. Now her brain was reeling from his comment about what
she had already gone through being only the first part. Never the less, she
tentatively reached for the box. He held her tight on his lap so she had both
hands available to finish her task. She removed a small paddle. She trembled as
she remembered the one time her father had used a Ping-Pong paddle on her
adolescent bottom and how it hurt much more than just his hand. This thing was
similar but a little longer and thinner. In spite of these minor differences she
was sure it would be just as effective at making her bottom feel like it was on
fire. She asked herself, "Does he really intend to use it on me?" She already
knew the answer and her innate submissiveness gave her no option but to accept
the fact that her punishment (or whatever it was since she had done nothing to
deserve it) was not over.
He told her to hold it for a moment while he pulled her pantyhose off
completely. He said, "I don't like these things. Tomorrow you will go to the
store and buy stockings and garters. While you're at it, get some nicer
underwear. I don't know what your bra is like but these panties are for little
girls. Get yourself something frilly and feminine. There is something about a
woman wearing sexy underwear under normal clothes that makes her act
differently. It is very attractive. But enough talk. These things have to go."
The answer to her earlier prayers had turned out to be only a temporary
reprieve. In resignation, she raised her bottom a second time to facilitate his
action and he didn't stop pulling them down until they were completely off and
in a heap on the floor next to the crumpled pantyhose. He put his hand by her
shoulder where she could see it and she knew he was waiting for her to give him
the paddle. She could not bear to look at it so closed her eyes as she
transferred possession of the frightening object to him.
As she repositioned herself in readiness for the first of what she believed to
be a long series of swats he said, "This is going to hurt and you may wish to
scream. Feel free to do so. This room is soundproof and no one will hear you
except me. However, I think it only fair to warn you that I judge the
effectiveness of the paddle by what I see and not what I hear. Your bottom is
quite lovely and the spanking I just gave you has infused it with some badly
needed color but it's a long way from where it should be. Are you ready?"
What kind of question was that? She was over his lap with her bare rear end
sticking up and waiting for more punishment so physically she could consider
herself amply prepared but how about her mental state? What would he do if she
said `No'? Would he let her up so she could leave? She didn't think there was
much chance of that and a negative answer would, at most, give her more time to
dwell on what was to come. She had, until that moment, forgotten that her
parents used to ask her the same thing before her spankings. As much as she
hated being punished, waiting was worse and she would answer them. Actually, it
was really a thinly disguised ploy to get her to admit her guilt and ask for the
spanking that she was going to get anyway. Is that what he wanted today? She had
just voluntarily given him an instrument that would raise her level of pain to
new heights. Was that not enough to show her submission to him? Was that enough
for her? No, she needed to hear herself say those words. He had said she was not
being punished for any specific crime so there was nothing to confess but she
could make the request she thought he wanted to hear. "Yes, I'm ready. Please
spank me with the paddle."
Actually, all he wanted was to give her a chance to collect herself. He did not
expect her to ask for it and was mildly surprised although overjoyed at finding
a willing subject for his special desire. He did not keep her in suspense but
immediately brought the paddle down on her bottom smartly. It was no
satisfaction to her that her mental prophecy of how much it would hurt was very
accurate. And as she correctly believed, it was the only the first of many, many
swats. Each one harder than the last. It was painful beyond imagining and she
had little concern about how soundproof the room was as she let his ears hear
all the sounds of distress a girl can make while undergoing such a severe
punishment. However, it must be said that while the young lady bounced and
kicked all over his lap it was only in what might be considered a body's normal
response to painful stimuli and not in an attempt to avoid further contacts. She
kept his target available almost all the time and he only had to reposition her
As before, he permitted her to cry in place when he finished but this time with
his hand on her bottom. At first she jumped since this gentle contact was almost
as painful as the previous ones but she soon gave in to his soothing touch. He
congratulated her on her demeanor during the ordeal and in spite of her pain and
humiliation she mumbled her thanks for his compliment. It took a moment for her
to realize that his hand had moved from the sore areas to the inside of her
thighs. She was not even aware of how her legs parted to give him better access
until his fingers brushed against her sex. She became lost in the enduring pain
and now growing pleasure of his intimate touch. She moaned as he parted her
vaginal lips and slid one of the exploring digits into her. She wanted him to
continue but was humiliated to be manipulated in such a fashion while still
across his lap.
However, as much as she hated to admit it even to herself, she knew it was more
than just his fingers causing her response. They were helping it along but she
realized she was very aroused even before they entered the picture. Even worse
was knowing that he was also aware of how it was the spankings themselves which
brought her to a fever pitch and now the stroking and probing fingers were
finishing the job. Although not a virgin, the clumsy efforts of her more
youthful lovers never got her this far. She humped and bucked against the
delightful intrusion and after a few more minutes, experienced her first real
Her whole body shuddered and she knew she wanted more than his fingers in her
and for the first time tried to struggle to her feet. He held her down and
forced her to remain in this humiliating and childish position while he moved
his hand back to soothing the reddened skin.
When her breathing returned to normal he helped her to her feet. Her dress and
slip fell back into place and he held her as she hugged him tight. She felt his
lips kissing her cheek and she murmured, "Take me to bed with you." He shook his
head, "No, that would be a bad idea. If I took you to bed we would make love and
that would affect our relationship during the working hours. Within these walls,
however, we will have a different association with each other. If you wish to
change your request to say you would like to have sexual intercourse with me as
long as we're here that can be arranged."
She coyly answered, "I can make the request a bit more earthy if you'd like."
He shook his head again. "No thank you. I detest obscenity but I take it you
would like to take me up on my offer. I'll be happy to oblige you."
She looked around and mentioned that there was no bed available and was not
delighted with his answer.
"We won't need one. The first order of business is to show I was serious about
you not talking unless spoken to. For your impudence you will receive another
ten with the paddle but not over my lap. Turn around and bend over with your
hands on the chair. After you've paid the penalty for talking out of turn you
can stay in the same position for my entry. Hand me the paddle."
This time it was her shaking her head in disbelief at his comments. This mild
defiance lasted only a few seconds before she retrieved the paddle, presented to
him and took her assigned position. She again felt the cool air on her naked
hindquarters as he draped her slip and dress over her waist. His hands gently
grasped her legs and guided them farther apart before sliding up between them to
meet at the juncture. Her moan of pleasure was changed to one of dissatisfaction
when they moved away. Then her moans turned into a screech as the world exploded
and the first swat landed. He was able to get a much better swing than before
and used it to the best advantage. Nine strokes later and there were many tears
falling on the chair. The next thing she felt was his immediate penetration. She
hadn't realized how wet and ready she was for it until his thighs slammed
against her very sensitive bottom. She groaned at the conflicting sensations and
humped back to meet each of his thrusts. Faster and faster until they were both
more than satisfied.
Her knees gave out and she slumped to the floor. When she looked up he was gone.

In time she gathered her panties and stockings but didn't put them on. She saw
the paddle on the floor and picked it up. She held it for a moment, kissed it
and put it back in the box before heading straight to her own room where she
stripped and inspected the damage to her rear end in the mirror. Then she fell
into bed and slept on her stomach, very sore but strangely contented.

When she awoke her bottom answered her question of "Did last night really happen
or was it just a dream?" The mirror showed her that the area in question was
still sporting some marks. She thought of his comment about how making love to
her would change their relationship and laughed. They may still be teacher and
student but those roles had expanded beyond the study she originally came here
for. She had learned quite a bit about the both of them in that room and could
not imagine seeing him again without being very aware of how he had conquered
her. Her thoughts grew contemplative as she considered if she would go willingly
into that room again. She had no doubt that he expected to repeat the events of
last night, however, he never said she was obligated to attend. Rather, he acted
like she would have no objections whatsoever. The more she thought about the
angrier she became. How dare he assume he could treat her like that without even
asking? What in the world gave him the idea that just because he was her guide
and mentor he had the right to spank her whenever he wanted? Was he so sure of
himself that all he had to do was put her over his lap and expect her to lie
there while he gave he the worst spanking of her life? She had worked herself to
the point where she was about to tell him she had enough of him and his little
games and she had no further desire to study with him.
Who was she kidding? She knew she needed him and his knowledge if she was ever
to be more than second rate. She couldn't leave but she would make it clear
there would not be any more sessions in that room. If he demanded that she
either submit to his twisted desires or leave, she would...
Her shoulders slumped and she sighed. To be honest, she wasn't sure what she
would do. She started to realize that most of her exasperation was more
appropriately directed inward. It's true he never asked her if it would be all
right if he spanked her but then again she never voiced any objection even after
she was well aware of what he intended. Now the real question was how could she
have been so submissive to let him do that? It had been many years since she had
been spanked but she still remembered each one vividly. She couldn't hide behind
a facade of innocence. Putting her bottom in that vulnerable position always led
to pain and she knew what she was in for as soon as he placed her over his lap
so why did she stay there? And after the first part of her spanking and she saw
the paddle, why did she give it to him and meekly allow, nay, assist him to bare
her bottom for an onslaught she knew would be even worse than what she had
already suffered? Maybe he saw something in her she never knew existed. Her
anger abated as she realized that as much as it hurt, the resulting sex,
although somewhat unconventional, was fantastic. Still, it would've been nice if
he had asked first.
Then she started giggling. She tried to imagine how he would've phrased the
question. "Good evening my dear. Would you mind if I took you over my knee for a
really good spanking?" Or maybe, "I have an idea. Wouldn't it be fun if I turned
your ass bright red and then whipped it with a nasty paddle before bending you
over and plowing into you?" Another possibility was, "Excuse me. I seem to have
a need to punish a young girl and since you happen to be available and otherwise
unoccupied." The more she thought about it the funnier it got although she had
to admit there was nothing humorous about someone setting fire to your bare
bottom. No, it was not a pleasant experience so why was she starting to slap her
own still slightly sore rear end to bring out the sting again while her other
hand was getting busy in front? The combination of a little pain and sex was too
powerful to resist. She fell back into the bed as she continued smacking and
Her self-punishment and masturbation was interrupted with a knock on the door.
She put on a robe and opened the door. It was Sally, one of the maids. "Excuse
me Ma'am. I thought you might like to put some of this on." She held out a small
bottle of lotion as she explained, "If your bottom is anything like mine is
after an appointment with him in the correction room you might find this
soothing. We're not allowed to put it on till the next morning or I would have
given some to you last night. I'll leave it here and you can apply it after your
Alice was flabbergasted. How could she ever walk through the house again and
hold her head high if they all knew about her visit to his secret room.
Incredulously and with little hope of a satisfactory answer she asked, "You know
about what he did and you've been to that room with him also?"
Sally shrugged her shoulders. "Of course. There's no need to be embarrassed. All
of us girls have at one time or another. It goes with the job. Whenever we do
something wrong we're punished. For small offenses Jason spanks us but if it's
something more serious the master of the house deals with us in the correction
room. None of us like it when we have to go in there since the punishments are
more severe but at least you don't have to have your rear end bared and spanked
where the rest of the staff can see and hear it. We all cry pretty loud when
Jason is spanking us but that's nothing compared to how I scream in that room.
I'm glad no else has to hear me and I'm thankful for small favors at a time like
that. Of course, I'm never very appreciative at what he does to get me to make
all the noise. But don't get me wrong, all in all I think it's not such a bad
idea to live under his rules. Knowing what happens if we make a mistake or don't
follow instructions keeps us on our toes and makes us do our jobs in a way that
makes us proud."
Our little student was thunderstruck and her infuriation returned. She had
almost convinced herself that what they had done was something special just
between them and now it appeared she was just one of many females he had his
jollies with. She kept her wrath in check and asked, "How does he punish you and
does he take advantage of you afterwards?"
Sally was now the one looking shocked. "Really Ma'am. I think I know what you
mean by `taking advantage' but he's never done anything like that.. No, we're
there for discipline and aside from giving me a punishment to remember he's
always been quite proper. I've never heard any of the other girls say a word
about him doing anything inappropriate either. As for the methods he uses, we've
all compared notes and he seems to follow the same procedures with each of us.
Using my experience as an example, he starts by putting me over his knee and
spanking me for the longest time. First with his hand which is much harder and
longer than Jason's spankings and then the real reason I'm glad the room is
soundproof is next. For the first offense he used a stiff piece of leather for
another very long spanking and really set my bottom on fire."
Her listener interrupted, "Did he start the spanking over your panties and take
them down for the second part?"
With a look of surprise Sally said, "Oh no. All spankings, whether from him or
Jason, are always on the bare bottom from the very start. Even before as a
matter of fact. As soon as we are sentenced to be punished we have to take our
panties off right where we are and then we're excused to put them in our room.
It's a long walk back when you can feel the air on your bottom and you know
you're taking it to someplace it doesn't want to go. If we're to report to Jason
we do so immediately but if it's to be the correction room we have to leave them
off and go about our normal duties until he sends for us. Either way, it
guarantees they have a clear target from the moment they lift our skirts. Going
back to your curiosity about the spankings by our employer, it was pretty much
the same the next time except he used a riding crop instead of the leather thing
for the second portion. I don't know if it could properly be called a spanking
since made me bend over the chair for that. He can really swing that thing and
it felt more like a whipping but no matter what you call it, it really hurt and
kept me in line for a long time."
The one with the most recent encounter with an implement applied to her rear end
nodded in understanding. Sally noticed that action and it piqued her interest.
It seemed as if the visiting student had already been punished in that position.
As far as she knew this young woman had never been punished by Jason or sent to
the special room before and it struck her as odd that he would've punished her
like that on her first visit. She would've liked to question the newest female
member of the household more but decided to wait.
She went on with her description of how proper punishments were rendered. "The
third and hopefully last time was the worst. I was really rude to one of his
guests for no good reason and he waited till the next night to see to it that I
minded my manners in the future. I had to keep my panties off the whole time and
Jason made me tuck the back of my skirt into my apron strings so my bottom was
on display the whole day. It was sort of a before and after object lesson for
the rest of the girls since I had to keep it bare and on display for the next
day also so they could see the difference and maybe think twice before getting
their own bottoms into the same predicament. But I guess you want to know what
happened to mine in the meantime. There was a contraption I had never seen
before in the center of the correction room and I had to strip naked before
being strapped down on it. It held me firm and raised my poor bottom up high. He
reintroduced it to the leather thing for as long as he used it the first time
and then the riding crop. Again it was as long or longer than he used it before
or so it seemed to me. It gets hard to judge time after a while. I didn't have
to worry about how long the next part took. He was nice enough to count each
stroke of the cane and I remember him saying twenty before he stopped. He left
me there alone for what seemed like forever before he returned and finished the
job with a wide leather strap. Don't even ask how many or how long. All I know
is I couldn't sit down comfortably for days and you can be sure I'll do
everything in my power to avoid going back in there again."
"Mary is the only one I know of that had to go there a fourth time. She said he
repeated the same punishment as her previous session but didn't stop there.
After she got the strap she stayed like that for another hour and when he came
back he made her lie on her back and fastened her face up so he could use
another smaller strap on her front. I understand he whipped her on her breasts
and thighs and ended where a girl should never feel anything but pleasure if you
get my drift. Her bottom was a sight to behold and Jason made her strip in front
of all of us so we could see the marks left by the final strapping."
She ended her narrative with, "We always have the choice of accepting his method
of discipline of quitting. I don't know where I'll ever find a job as good as
this one but I don't think I'll want another invitation to that room and suffer
the same fate as Mary so I really watch my step."
Young Alice didn't know what to think. Her emotions had been on a roller
coaster. First she was mad at him, then at herself and then she started to warm
up to the idea of a return visit and here comes Sally telling her how he takes
other girls there which broke her heart. Now she finds out he doesn't have sex
with them she was the only one to get her first spanking while still wearing
panties. Maybe her experience was a special thing for both of them after all.
She had done nothing to deserve punishment but it seems his intuition about how
she would respond to a spanking was correct. She couldn't say she liked it but
then again, maybe she did in an inexplicable way. Didn't she just try to spank
herself and imagine her fingers were him getting her prepared for another
wonderful impalement? Yes, there was hope after all although she was now aware
of how severe he could be if provoked. She wanted him to take her back there
again and wondered if she would change her mind after one or two of the
punishments Sally described.
The serving girl couldn't contain her curiosity any longer. The fact that Alice
had been asking questions about punishments in the correction room when she had
just been there was peculiar. Could it be that her experience was different from
that of the maids? Why did she ask about him taking their panties off and being
taken advantage of? Did he have sex with her? She shyly asked, "If you don't
mind Ma'am. He's had a number of students in the past. Both men and women and
since the walls of the work area are not as thick as the other room we've heard
him yelling at them the way he yells at you sometimes. However, I don't recall
that he's ever taken any of them into the correction room before now. What did
you do to earn his displeasure and, pardon me for asking but I gather your
experience was somewhat different than ours. How did he punish you? I promise
not to tell anyone else."
Alice turned around and lifted the back of the robe to display the marks on her
bottom as she said, "I was spanked with his hand much like your account but it
was over my panties. However, for the second spanking he removed them and used a
thin paddle. Then I bent over the chair as you described for another session
with the same paddle so I understand the difference between the force he can
muster when you're in that position as opposed to on his lap. As far as I know I
did nothing to deserve the punishment. The only reason he gave was because it
was something he wanted to do to me and as long as I'm baring my soul he also
had sex with me while I was bent over the chair as soon as he dropped the
Sally's startled response was, "You should pack your bags, leave immediately and
report him to the police. I'll lose this wonderful job but it's the only thing
you can do."
Alice smiled and gave the Sally a hug. She swore the maid to secrecy and
whispered, "He filled me up and took me rough and fast because I asked him to
and it was wonderful. This may sound awfully perverted but I don't want to leave
and if he asks me to join him there a second time I'll go and take whatever he
wants me to suffer as long as he `takes advantage of me' like that again. Are
you shocked?"
This time it was Sally who smiled conspiratorially. "No Ma'am I'm not. To be
honest, I've had the same feelings. I hurt like the dickens but there is a part
of me that would definitely like the attention only a good hard man can provide.
I think if I could limit my offenses to those Jason would punish and if I
thought he would fill my other needs afterwards I would have a red, sore and
happy bottom every day. I don't envy what he does to you, I'd rather take one of
Jason's spankings any day but I do envy the reward you reap. I'll stick to my
vow of silence but you have to promise to tell me every detail after your next
Alice agreed and the two newfound friends shared another hug before Alice
thanked her for the lotion and sent the girl on her way. Part of her wanted to
go back to the self imposed spanking and genital manipulation but it was getting
late. He expected her to have eaten and be in their work area by 9:00 AM sharp
and she didn't want to be tardy. Not because he would punish her, she smiled to
herself as she thought of how he would most assuredly see to that without any
excuse but because she still respected and admired the man. He was her mentor
and guide and in a way she would never have imagined, her lover.

When she joined him he was already at work. He greeted her politely as usual and
made no mention of what had transpired the night before. However, she noticed a
new cushion on her chair that got her to smile and she said, "Thank you."
He turned towards her and asked innocently, "For what?"
His grin showed his question wasn't so guileless after all and she pointed to
the chair. "For the cushion and for this." In a flash she dropped her jeans and
pulled down her underpants as she turned to bend with the area he had been so
attentive to last night in view. She gave him time for a good look before
kicking off her sneakers, sitting down and pulling her jeans and panties off.
This last garment she tossed into the trash and said, "You're right. These
things are not right for me and neither is this." She demonstrated what `this'
was by pulling her T-shirt over her head and letting it fall to the floor as she
pointed to her plain white bra. He smiled and leaned back to watch the impromptu
show as she removed `this' and sent it to join the panties. She stood with her
hands on her hips and waited for his response. He rose from his chair and moved
to about a foot in front of her.
He said, "You look silly standing there with nothing but your socks on. If
you're determined to be nude in front of me do it right."
She had to turn slightly to bend over and pull one sock off. This put her bottom
just about into his hand and it took only a small movement on his part to
complete the journey. He rubbed it gently as she removed the last piece of
clothing and she stayed head down as he moved his hand to inspect all the marks
and she winced when he gave it a few good squeezes. Then he delivered a hard
slap. She jumped but kept the target available for a couple more. They stung and
she could already feel herself getting aroused. He added more swats but at a
very slow pace as he said, "I understand word of our little escapade has already
been shared among the maids and one of them spent a great deal of time with you
this morning. Did she tell you how we keep them in line?"
She nodded and he continued both his strokes and his questioning. "I guess I
knew it would come out. There aren't many secrets in this house. And how did she
react when you told her about our encounter?"
Since she was already getting a spanking for no good reason she couldn't bring
herself to lie and deny his assumption. "At first she was shocked and wanted to
call the police but I convinced her I was a consenting participant." His swats
seemed to be getting softer although he had gotten her bottom to be very
sensitive to even the gentlest slaps. For some reason she felt the need to add,
"She promised to keep it a secret and I pledged to tell her all about our future
visits there."
Although she could not see his face, he was smiling at her implied willingness
to return to the room. His hand fell onto her one last time and stayed there for
fondling and stroking. He said nothing for a minute and then put his other hand
under her and around a breast. He raised her upright and turned her to face him.
He briefly caressed the other breast and led her by the hand to his chair. He
sat down but pulled her hand with him. She expected him to lead her farther over
his lap and continue the spanking he started on the other side of the room but
he was guiding her hand to his crotch. When she felt his hardness he said, "I'll
repeat my command from last night. Open it and take out what you find."
She was more than happy to comply as she knelt before him, opened his zipper and
extracted him from his pants. It took only the lightest pressure on the back of
her head to get it to where she could slide her mouth over him. She was only
moderately experienced at this activity but she tried to please him with all her
heart not to mention lips, tongue and soft scraping with her teeth.
Although obviously enjoying her efforts he said, "I think it would be a good
idea if our sexual relationship did not become common knowledge for a while.
I'll speak to Sally and convince her it would not be in her best interests to
renege on her promise of silence."
Alice start to lift her head and found it pushed right back to its assigned task
as he said, "I think I know what you're going to say. Don't worry, I won't
punish the girl. I'll just talk to her. I understand the female need to have a
friend of the same gender to confide in so you may continue to share the details
of our escapades with her."
He brought her to her feet again and she said, "Thank you. I guess I do need a
friend besides you. We have already traded secrets."
He positioned her straddling him and guided her down. She moaned in delight as
he embedded himself in her. He moved her up and down slowly as he said, "You
mean her secret about wanting Jason to use her as I used you after a spanking?"
Her eyes opened wide and she exclaimed, "How did you know."
He got her back into motion before he answered. "Jason told me it was pretty
apparent that she was getting turned on when he punished her and asked me for my
opinion. I told him to wait a while before acting on what seems to be their
mutual desires. I think I'll have a word with him this afternoon. He can take
her to the special room tonight and see if that's what she really wants."
Again the naked girl expressed her gratitude for his wisdom and assured him
Sally wouldn't have any objections whatsoever as long as she knew what was
happening first. "She's really scared of that room. She thinks if she has to go
back there she'll get the same treatment as Mary."
He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations the bouncing student was
producing. "I'll make sure he doesn't have access to any of the toys. It will
just be him and his hand and when I have my chat with her about the
inadvisability of sharing the things you tell her, I'll offer her the
opportunity to join Jason under the conditions I described. That ought to allay
her fears and we'll see if she is as eager as you think. And speaking of Jason.
What do you think of the idea of having him spank you in front of the staff?"
Again the eyes showed surprise although this time her body was not about to let
her stop doing what was getting better with each second. She didn't think she'd
like what he was proposing but she found herself getting even more turned on at
the thought. Even so, her response was, "Please don't let him so that. It would
be too embarrassing and would lower my status with the staff."
It was getting harder to keep a conversation going but he answered, "That's
entirely the reason I think it would be a good idea. You have very aloof with
them and your first spanking paved the way for you to make friends with Sally.
It will not demean your position here significantly. You are still my student
and guest and will be entitled to the respect you deserve. They already know
I've punished you and it will bring you closer to them when they see your
esteemed rank does not excuse you from following rules and paying the same
At this point meaningful discussion was impossible and no words but a lot of
other sounds filled the air as she felt his ejaculation and she allowed (?)
herself to share in the ecstasy.
He managed to keep her attached as he moved them both to the rug and they lay
together in each other's arms till the world stopped spinning around. For the
first time, they kissed. Many kisses later she said, "I hate to admit you're
right about everything but I have to concede your point." She lifted her head
and continued. "Which is not to say I'm looking forward to having my ass on
display as he does it. And I don't particularly care to have him be the one
either. He's always so cold to me and I understand he can really lay it on.
Couldn't you spank me instead. It's not that I'm afraid of him hurting me.
According to Sally, you do a much better job. I just wouldn't feel comfortable
with him."
He kissed her softly and said, "All the more rationale for it to at his hand.
You are not supposed to be comfortable either in mind or body when you're being
punished. I'll think up some excuse to justify my directive for him to see to
your chastisement. If it's any consolation to you., your precious status will
prevent him from repeating tonight's activity without my consent. And my sweet,
I've got too many plans for you and me in my special room to share you with him
very often."
He ended his speech with another kiss and she murmured, "You won't have to think
up an excuse. That might look too contrived. Don't wear a good suit tonight and
expect me to argue with you over everything. Believe it or not I know how to act
like a real bitch that needs to be taken down a peg or two. And if you must
know, the worst part of the punishment will be not getting to have you inside me
That led to more kissing and it was quite a while later when they extricated
themselves from each other and put on or rearranged their clothes. After lunch
he sent her off to shop for new underwear and she whispered, "Sally says the
girls have to take their panties off and take them to their room. Make an
exception tonight and make me put them on the table so they can see that even if
I am to be subject to the same discipline they are, I know how a lady dresses."
He gave her cryptic smile and said, "A wonderful idea. I think it would be to
their benefit to see what really nice underwear looks like."

That evening she contradicted him on everything he said and ridiculed his
opinions. The two girls serving dinner could see a storm brewing and tried to
make themselves as invisible as possible. Word quickly spread that the normally
quiet Alice was heading for trouble at breakneck speed. They predicted she would
end up in the correction room for a second night in a row if she didn't
straighten up. Although there was a natural tendency for the maids to try to be
somewhere else when one of their own was made to face the music this was a
novelty. Before the dessert was served the kitchen was full. Everyone wanted to
see what would happen. Even Sally was curious. If Alice wanted some attention on
her rear end all she had to do was ask him so why was she acting like a real
Sally was more than just interested, she was getting mad. She had been looking
forward to going to that room with Jason ever since it was offered. She couldn't
wait to be with the man who was going to have a willing bottom to spank and an
even more willing woman to enjoy the delights of sex with afterwards. When they
passed each other in the hall the first time brief smiles were exchanged and the
second time they met they were alone enough for him to say. "Leave your panties
on when you meet me tonight. I want to watch you take them off when they're the
last thing you have on. You're going to be totally naked when I spank you." She
answered, "If you keep talking like that I'll have to put on a clean pair first.
These are already getting wet." With a quick glance to ensure they were not
visible he reached under her dress to verify her statement. He found out she was
speaking the truth and she purred when he said, "I don't mind telling you I find
a distinct pleasure in spanking you but what we're going to do after that is
something I've only dreamed about for a long time."
All that was in jeopardy now. If Alice ended up in the room it wouldn't be
available till it was too late at night to do the things Jason spoke of. With
every sarcastic word from Alice's mouth Sally saw her opportunity slipping away.

All of a sudden they heard a roar and she joined the others in peeking through
the door. Alice had thrown a glass of water at him and his face and suit jacket
was soaked. He stormed over to her and grabbed her arm as he yelled, "That is
enough. I had my fill of you. You've been acting like a spoiled child all
evening and it's about time you were treated like one. I thought you understood
that in this house behavior like that is punished but it seems last night wasn't
enough to convince you. I am too angry to deal with you right now but I don't
think the discipline you need should wait. In case you were not aware, Jason
sometimes sees to punishing the maids and I am going to give him leave to do the
same with you."
He turned to the surprised butler and said, "Jason, I want you to spank this
disobedient child. Assemble the staff and do it here, in this room. They need to
see that I will not tolerate conduct like what we've seen tonight from anyone."
Alice acted frightened and pleaded for mercy as she apologized for every sin she
committed but he was having none of it. "It's too late for that. Jason, take
The butler barely suppressed a grin as took inventory and realized it would not
be necessary to call the staff. They poured out of the kitchen and filled the
room. Turning to Alice he said, "The normal procedure is for you to remove your
underpants now and put them in your room. Then immediately report back to me and
if I think you're taking too long I'll increase your punishment."
Alice threw herself at her mentor's knees and pleaded, "Please don't let him
make me do that."
He answered, "There, there little girl. I agree with you. You shouldn't have to
take your panties up to your room. You can leave them on the table so we won't
have to delay your spanking. But I want you to do something first. Since you
have so little regard for my clothes I don't think you deserve to be wearing the
ones I paid for. Take off the dress and whatever else you're wearing down to
your bra and underpants. That way we'll appreciate watching your beloved panties
come off even more."
Now she wasn't acting when she looked stunned but the bemused expression on his
face seemed to dare her to defy him. She didn't. She dropped her head and stared
at the floor as she meekly replied, "Yes Sir." and reached behind to unzip her
dress. She folded it neatly over the back of a chair and with a pleading look
that went unanswered, let her slip slide to the floor before she picked it up
and just as neatly put it on top of her dress. She saw him looking at her and
couldn't tear her gaze from his eyes. Partly from fear that she would break down
when she saw the whole household staff staring at her but mostly because of the
look of appreciation from the man who suggested she buy sexy underwear in the
first place. The ones she had on were made of pure silk and there wasn't very
much of either part of the matching set. The bra barely covered her breasts and
almost invited someone's hand to experience the softness of the fabric and skin.
It was probably unnecessary to remove the panties to give better access to her
bottom as they were high cut and little more than a thong in the back. There
didn't offer the slightest bit of protection from any object striking her and
their preservation of her modesty was scarce at best.
He told her to turn, look at the staff and apologize for any slight or insult
she ever gave to any of them either tonight or in the past. When she finished
her required speech her instruction were from Jason. "I believe it's time to
finish your preparations." She turned beet red and turned back to the other man
who angrily told her to face the crowd again and do as she was told. Feeling
more ashamed and embarrassed she gathered what courage she had left and held her
head up for a moment before reaching down and peeling the panties off and
putting them on the chair. She was now clad in shame and the skimpiest bra
anyone in her audience had ever seen.
As soon as Jason pulled out a chair and sat down she moved to his side. In a
final show of bravado she said, "I have offended my host greatly and it is his
wish that you spank me therefore it is my wish also. As you can readily see, I
still bear some fading marks from a spanking he gave me last night. Do not let
them deter you from giving me the full punishment I deserve."
All in attendance were impressed but not to the point that any of them would
have suggested leniency, least of all the one who would be administering the
requested chastisement.
He patted his knee in invitation and she put herself in the same position she
assumed the night before. The big differences were that then there wasn't a
crowd watching her, she had most of her clothing on and she got to have great
sex. Now she had only enough clothes to make her look like a cheap centerfold
for a group of people eager to see her get her comeuppance and the only sexual
contact she could count on would be by herself up in her room.
Jason had a great sense of drama. He made a show out of rolling up his sleeves
and the poor girl lying expectantly had no choice but to wait until he was
ready. For special effect he had stationed the chair so her bottom was facing
the audience and as a last bit of preparation he pushed her legs apart which
delighted the chauffeur and gardener but humiliated the penitent. Next he put
his hand on her bottom and moved it all around till he was satisfied with the
feel of his target and knew where his slaps would be most effective.
At last it was time to stop fooling around and get down to business. She jumped
a little at the first swat. Who was Sally kidding? This guy knew how to spank as
hard as the one who re-introduced her to this sort of activity less than
twenty-four hours ago. If this first one was any indication she was in for a
very unpleasant experience. The second stroke landed and it convinced her. Each
succeeding impact jolted her and while still able to think about something other
than the ever increasing ache in her rear end she wondered if she would've
agreed to this charade if she knew how much it was going to hurt and how
humiliating it was going to be. As the spanks got more of her attention she
broke her silence and cried out. From there on she let him know each contact was
effective. One of her last thoughts before her total concentration focused on
the agony was that she would accept the rest of what was turning out to be a
long punishment session because the man she admired most had wanted her to.
Her resolve was reinforced by her years of training over her parent's knees but
to the assembled multitude it was still admirable. In spite of making enough
noise to wake the dead she forced herself to keep her bottom high and ready for
the next impact. The male staff was too preoccupied by the show they were
getting as she unconsciously kicked her legs and gave them a clear view of what
her panties barely covered to appreciate the amount of effort it was taking for
her to keep from rolling onto the floor. The female members of the household who
had all spent some time in this position could testify to Jason's expertise and
perseverance when it came to giving a memorable spanking and were astonished by
Alice's comportment during her ordeal. She may be an honored guest but now she
was also one of them and they took no more pleasure out of seeing her punishment
Jason was equally impressed. He had a lot of experience turning bottoms bright
red and never had so submissive an object under his hand before. Even his hand
was hurting but he knew it was nothing compared to what the skin it landed on
was feeling. He ended his performance with a flurry of slaps and declared her
properly punished. Poor Alice was not going to be allowed to stay on his lap
while she felt sorry for herself and cried. He immediately made her stand up.
Her knees were weak and shaking but she stayed on her feet while another wave of
humiliation swept over her. They were applauding his efforts or so she thought.
It's true the male members of the staff were showing their appreciation to Jason
for a job well done and a fine show but the females and most importantly, her
host, were giving her the ovation.
When the room quieted except for barely muffled sobbing Jason said to her, "I
think you'll think twice about your behavior now. Your spanking is over so you
may get up and put your clothes back on." The man who was truly in charge
contradicted the butler. "No. Her punishment is not complete. I distinctly
remember telling her to put her underpants on the table and it appears she has
deliberately disobeyed me even as she was being prepared for your discipline. I
cannot overlook this effrontery. I have two choices in mind. I can take her to
the correction room and build upon the solid foundation you gave her just now or
she can be punished with an extra dose of humiliation. Specifically, I would see
if she can find the table to put her flimsy excuse for a bra on it and stand so
the staff has an opportunity to view her from all sides. That would be followed
by her standing in the corner like a naughty child till I decide it's time for
her to go to bed. Which would you recommend?"
Jason had no trouble deciding. He wanted the correction room for his appointment
with Sally. He was grateful to his employer for arranging the date and helping
them to finally share their secret desires. He was also smart enough to guess
that he and Sally weren't the only ones who found sexual excitement in corporal
punishment. He could repay his debt and keep his image as a stern
disciplinarian. He answered, "I think it might be too much to subject the girl
to another severe session with you after last night and this evening's attention
to her naughty bottom so I would lean towards your second option. However, I
think what you intend may not be sufficient. May I suggest you end her time of
contemplation by accompanying her to her room and giving her a good spanking
with your hand so it is the last thing she experiences before getting into bed."

There was a fleeting smile between them and the final determination was agreed
to be the best. All eyes turned to Alice and her face was as red as her bottom
as she reached behind to unsnap her bra. There was total silence in the room as
she uncovered the last of her skin and placed final veil to her modesty where
she should have put her panties. Then she was directed to stand in an open area
with her legs about a yard apart and her hands on her head, which was to be held
high, so she could see the parade moving around her. The tears in her eyes were
not from the soreness in her rear end but the disgrace she felt. When all had
their fill of the tour she was sent to the corner where she could at last hide
her face. Around her she listened to the sounds of the table being cleared of
the dishes and she heard someone ask what to do with her clothes. They were told
to take them upstairs and put them in the bedroom since the uppity brat was
going to stay nude the rest of the night. Just before the remaining staff was
excused Sally and Jason were sent on some errand that would occupy them for some
time. In spite of her own embarrassment Alice smiled. She knew they were being
given a reason for not retiring with the rest of the employees and they were
headed towards the room that had been promised to them.
When there was no one left in the dining room except Alice and her lover he
moved behind her and whispered, "You did very well. I almost believed you myself
and the business with the panties was a nice touch. You knew I'd notice that
didn't you?"
One of the most important lessons she had learned in her study with him was to
pay close attention to detail and she was perfectly aware of where she was
supposed to place her underpants. She would have been very surprised if he
didn't notice so she answered, "Yes. I wanted to give you justification for
finishing my punishment and maybe doing a little something else too. I wasn't
sure what you would do but I certainly wasn't expecting to be put on display
like that. It was very mortifying but if you ask me to do it again, I will."
He turned her around and held her close. She asked, "How long do we have to stay
here before you give me my spanking. I like the idea of it being the last thing
I feel before I go to bed and it would be very nice if I wasn't the only one on
the mattress."
He kissed her and replied, "They should all be heading upstairs soon but I can't
leave you here so lets go to the library. There's a nice corner and I can
pretend to read a book while I stare at you. Follow me."
She put her hands back on her head as he led the way into the kitchen to request
some coffee and then to where she ended up with her nose in a juncture of the
walls again. When one of the maids delivered the coffee he told her he wouldn't
need anything else. It was almost 40 minutes later before the heard the last
servant head up the stairs. To be sure he kept her in her niche but facing out
so he could enjoy the view of that side. She watched him watching her and by the
time he said he was ready to take her upstairs he would've had no trouble
finding a very wet and lubricated channel for his baser desires. Alone in her
room he sent her to the corner again and when he told her turn and look at him
she smiled. He was as naked as she was and sitting in a chair. He patted his
thigh and she happily scurried to make sure her bottom was readily available for
the spanking he wasted no time delivering.
He was anxious to get to the putting her in the bed part but not so eager that
he was going to neglect his duty as chastiser. Her rear end was really stinging
when he plopped it on the bed about ten minutes later but her main concern was
getting her legs wide enough to show him exactly what she wanted. He didn't need
any hints and a second or two later was ecstatically embedded.
It was more than two hours later before he forced himself to leave her so the
maids wouldn't find him there in the morning.

When Alice went to breakfast she found a cushion on her chair and everyone was
fawning all over her. The remoteness between her and the staff was gone. She
hugged them all. Well, not all. She didn't much care for the look the chauffeur
and the gardener gave her. She could see them trying to stare through her to
clothes and remembering what they got to see the night before. They made her
very uncomfortable but the women let her know they were happy to serve her. And
they were full of questions. Wasn't she awfully embarrassed to strip down to her
underwear in front of them? She was. Doesn't Jason spank hard? He did. Did she
wish the floor would open and swallow her when she stood naked in front of the
men? She did. And how long did he make her stand in the corner? Hours. And did
he really give her another spanking just before bed? Yes. Was it a long one?
Very! Luckily their questions ended there but she saw a smile on Sally's face.
When she got to their office Jason was just leaving. He stopped and took her
hand as he said, "I understand it was you who suggested Sally and I spend some
time alone together. I want to thank you and apologize for acting so distant
towards you and beg your forgiveness for the severe way I treated you last
night." She smiled and said, "There's no need to apologize. You were doing what
needed to be done and I would think less of you if you didn't perform your
duties to the best of your ability. I will admit I wished you weren't so
dedicated while you were administering my punishment but now I'm grateful to you
for helping me fit into the family. By the way, did you and Sally have a good
time?" For the first time since she arrived at the estate he smiled at her. With
a sly wink he said, "A gentleman doesn't speak of such things even if it was one
of the most enjoyable times of his life."
He bowed and kissed her hand before continuing on his way. Alice got to her desk
and the cushion from yesterday was sill there. She looked at her teacher and
said, "Is this a permanent fixture." He tried to remain stern and said, "No.
However, I will allow it whenever you've been spanked within the previous twelve
hours." She ran to him and snuggled into his arms. She put her mouth next to his
ear and whispered, "In that case I hope to find it there every morning."
He said, "That is an appealing idea but I don't think that would be very wise.
It would diminish the novelty and you would get accustomed to it. I rather like
the idea of making us both wait a little while between sessions so each one will
be special. However, since your vulnerability to corporal punishment is now
established I will incorporate it into our work here. I never realized I shouted
so loud the servants could here me and I need to learn to control my voice so
any faults I find in your work will earn you a good spanking. Don't smile so
quickly. They will be for punishment so there will be no sex or cushion on the
chair afterwards."
She pouted and asked, "How about our special room?"
He smiled at the way she referenced it and said, "I'll not take you there to
punish you for any misdeeds per se. However, I will use those occasions to take
you to your limits of submission and suffering and when you are in agony I will
use you for my pleasure."
She kissed him before adding, "If you do, it will for `our' pleasure. When can
we go again?"
He thought for a moment. "I think we ought to wait a couple of weeks between
visits. But in the meantime I'm sure you will give me ample opportunity to see
that your bottom doesn't forget the lessons it's learned in the last two days."
They disentangled themselves from each other and went to work. In spite of their
new affinity for each other they were able to maintain the proper roles of guru
and disciple in the subject that originally brought her into his life. During
the next few weeks he could be heard bellowing at her occasionally when he was
dissatisfied with her progress. He never did get complete control of his voice
when he lost his temper. But sometimes when he wasn't that mad he chose to keep
his voice soft but threatening. They still maintained the teacher/student
relationship but with the added dimension of parent/child. That was when the
distinct reverberations of hand slapping flesh filtered through the walls and
those that were in the vicinity knew he was taking a more active role in
teaching her the disciplines of her profession. In deference to the poor girl's
feelings and to save her any more embarrassment they would not go into the work
areas till long after they heard her cries. If they had they might have seen a
very sore and sad young lady standing in a corner with her jeans and panties at
her ankles and tears of humiliation and frustration rolling down her cheeks. On
the other hand, there were times when the sounds of punishment were shorter in
length but her discipline would not stop with a reddened bottom. She would be
sentenced to straddle his lap and impale herself while giving him access to the
top part of her body. For some reason, she preferred the second method.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
In the last two days, Alice and Sally became close friends and confidants so the
owner of the house had to sit in the library by himself while the two girls
walked around the grounds. Between giggles and gasps of astonishment told each
other of their experiences the night before. We already know about how Alice and
her host occupied themselves so let's find out what Jason and Sally did to pass
the time.
The way Sally told it was, "I was furious at you. I was sure you were going to
end up being taken to that room and I had really been looking forward to it. At
first I was glad you were going to get to one of Jason's spankings. It served
you right but I can just guess how humiliating it was to take your dress off. I
started to feel sorry for you but then I became fascinated watching him work on
your bottom and knowing mine was scheduled for similar treatment. However when I
realized it was one of the worst spankings I ever saw or heard him deliver I
felt nothing but sympathy. However, I was glad he was getting most of it out of
his system but hoping he didn't get all used up. He didn't but that came later."

"My hopes fell again when the business with your panties came up and although I
wouldn't wish to see you punished by putting on another nude display I'm afraid
my first thought was that at least the room was still ours. Jason told me
earlier that he wanted me to strip naked in the room before my spanking but you
beat me to the punch. He decided to try something else and as soon as we were
out of sight he asked if he could kiss me. Wasn't that sweet? Let me tell you,
that man can really kiss. Then he said he wanted to do that again but it
wouldn't be till after I had a red bottom and felt him inside me. I tried to
convince his a few more little ones from time to time wouldn't hurt but he
refused to budge. We went a little further down the hall and he stopped again.
It's quite a walk to get to our destination and he fancied watching me from
behind but first I was to take my dress off. I figured everyone was going to
stay around to see what would happen to you next so we had this end of the house
to ourselves. Still, I wasn't comfortable being semi-clothed in a somewhat
public place. A few yards later he took care of the problem of me being only
partially covered. He removed everything I wore and bound my wrists together
behind my back with his tie. He did it so my hands were gripping the opposite
elbow so there was no way I could hinder his gaze on my bottom. Now I was really
embarrassed. What if someone else was sent on an errand and found us. I had a
better understanding of how you must have felt except my audience was an
imaginary one that could become real any second. He made me walk slowly and stop
every few feet so I could turn around and show him my front as he described how
nice and red my other side was going to be in a few more minutes. It wasn't long
before more than his eyes explored my body. By the time we got to the door he
had me scared of being seen and panting. He took forever unlocking it and then
we were safely inside. I guess `safe' isn't quite the right word. I saw him lock
the door and the spanking I fantasized about was about to become an actuality."
"He untied my hands and put all my clothes on the floor. I had to go through one
more inspection and for a few minutes his hands were the softest and gentlest
things. I almost forgot how they can also be hard and unrelenting when he gave
me my last punishment. That thought came to mind when he sat down and put me
over his lap. Unlike other times he had me in that position he asked me if I
truly wanted to be spanked. I looked up at him and declared I did. He reached
down and stroked my face and said he would get it nice and red. It was not like
any spanking I ever received. He slapped sharply albeit not nearly as hard as I
expected. No one blow was unbearable, however, he kept going till it was really
stinging. I was feeling a little pain but he would stop every so often and run
his hand over my bottom very gently. A few more swats and back to rubbing.
Pretty soon it was only one or two swats between his caresses and I opened my
legs for him."
"That was the end of the spanking as he stroked me there till I was begging him
to take me. We stood up and he spent some time on my breasts. It felt so good
but I knew what I wanted and let him know in no uncertain terms. Did you know
there's a bed in that room. One of the walls folded down and it was attached to
a double bed already fitted with sheets and blanket. We didn't waste any time
pulling the blanket down and getting his clothes off. We put that mattress to
very good use for a very long time. It was absolutely wonderful and we have you
to thank for it. We fell asleep together and had to wake up real early so we
could go back to our own rooms before the rest of the staff woke up. My poor
bottom is still stinging and singing after a good morning spanking while we were
still on the bed. He said that would give him the opportunity of `taking
advantage of me' immediately while the skin was still burning. What a man!"
Alice was happy to have taken part in the arrangements and the girls hugged each

It was about two weeks later when her host excused himself after lunch and told
her they would not be working for the rest of the day. A short while later one
of the maids delivered an envelope containing the following message:
"Go to your room, remove all your clothes, stand in the corner and wait for
Jason. He will give you your first spanking of the day. This is actually for
your benefit as it will get you into the proper frame of mind before he escorts
you to me. During the journey you will remain nude and keep your hands on your
head. Along the way he is to take you to all the servants. At each stop you will
bend over and display Jason's handiwork. Tell them that you are on your way to
the correction room for further discipline and it is my wish that they feel the
area where Jason has already spanked you and where I will concentrate my
efforts. I anxiously await the arrival of my favorite student and her nice red
bottom. We have an exciting day ahead of us."
She couldn't breathe for a moment. Did he really expect her to go along with
this? She had been anticipating a return to that room but her excitement had
been tinged with a little fear. Still, she never considered the possibility it
would start with her receiving a spanking from anyone other than him and to be
paraded through the house absolutely naked. But then again, he had indicated
these special sessions would include demonstrations of her submission. She
wondered what other things awaited her this afternoon and found herself
responding physically at the mere thought giving herself body and soul for him
to use and/or abuse and humiliate as he desired.
She rose from the table and headed to her room. On the way she ran into Sally
and shared the contents of the note with her. She received proper sympathy for
the way she would have to make the trip to the special room but was informed
that Sally had just been there. Not for any punishment herself but to put clean
sheets on the bed so it appeared Alice's torments would include spending some
time on the mattress. That brought smiles to both of them but there was a damper
to Alice's enthusiasm when Sally added that when she left the room a few minutes
ago her employer was standing at the closet where he kept the instruments of
correction. She shuddered as she said, "I don't know what all those things were
but none of them looked like something I'd want to spend a long time with. Good
luck and if it's any comfort, seeing the note has cleared up a small mystery for
me. Before I went to the room to prepare the bed I was told to bring some
underwear, jeans and a T-shirt from your room. I picked the one you seemed to
like to wear the most and I hope I made the right choice. Anyway, at least
you'll be decently covered on your way back."
Alice smiled and grimaced as she answered, "I hadn't even thought about that. I
would hate to have everyone see me with the marks on my skin I know I'm going to
have by tomorrow. I will be bad enough that they see how red my bottom is after
Jason has done his duty. Thank you. I probably would have started worrying about
the walk back sometime and you have removed one small concern but to be honest,
right now the only things weighing on my mind are the first trip through the
house and what sorts of things are waiting for me at the end or should I say,
for my end." That brought a nervous giggle from both of them as Alice put her
hand on the end she spoke of and rubbed it for a moment as if to give it some
comfort for what it was going to endure for the rest of the afternoon and into
the night. They reached out for each other, held hands for a moment and went
their separate ways.
Jason didn't bother to knock on her bedroom door but walked right in. She had
been waiting in her assigned position for about fifteen minutes although it
seemed like hours as her thoughts dwelt on the known and unknown ordeals ahead
of her. It was almost a relief when she heard him enter but she kept her face to
the wall until he took her hand and led her to the chair she had thoughtfully
moved away from the vanity table. She could not bring herself to look him in the
eye and kept her head bowed and looked at the floor during the short journey
from the corner to the chair. But this was just a few steps in the privacy of
her bedroom. What was it going to be like in a few minutes when she would be
taken on a much longer walk. Neither of them said anything during the ensuing
preliminaries. It was not the worst spanking she had received during her tenure
in this house but it was a good one and every swat stung even more with the
knowledge that she was one step closer to her humiliating excursion through the
house. And that was just the beginning of her trials. Once she got her ultimate
destination she knew she and her already stinging bottom would have to go
through some very difficult periods before she could share the bed with the one
who had taken control of her life.
When Jason was satisfied with the hue of her bottom he assisted her to her feet
and opened the door. She placed her hands as the note had instructed. Maybe the
business of getting this shameful spanking to put her `into the proper frame of
mind' wasn't so far fetched after all. She remembered how she felt the first
time she was taken to that room. Once she was over his lap she knew she what he
planned to do and gave no sign of objecting to it even though it was sure to be
painful and very humiliating. Just like when she was a child, the decision to
punish her had been made and there was no need for any discussion. It was her
role to meekly accept the decree and even ask for it or in some way assist in
the preparations when the time came. So it was today. His servant had just
spanked her and it was his command that she be brought to him in this most
degrading manner. It was going to be hard but she accepted his authority over
her and his right to discipline her as he saw fit. She would not pout about it.
Although there were a few tears on her cheeks, she held her head high as Jason
led the way into the hall.
They met most of the staff and she was able to keep her composure as they each
asked to see Jason's handiwork. Sally wasn't the only one who appreciated the
effects of a good spanking. None of them would have stayed in that house if they
felt otherwise so their fascination with the subject led them to take a good
look and an occasional touch. Oddly enough, no one asked what she had done to
deserve this special trip. They knew it was none of their business but whatever
the reason, they comprehended that the girl was being put at their disposal as
part of her sentence and they had a role to play in this drama. As much as they
liked Alice, there was an understanding that embarrassment and humiliation were
as much a part of the activities as the physical suffering and were happy to
assist the poor girl in experiencing the all the little subtleties of her
punishment. Even Sally had to look and feel although she didn't seem to take as
much pleasure in increasing her best friend's shame. Alice stoically endured the
women running their hands over her bottom and frightening her with dire
predictions on how it would look in a few hours, so she couldn't rightfully
protest when the male members of the staff took the same liberties. At least she
did not voice her discomfort.
Jason planned his route so the garage and gardener's shed were the last places
to visit. It took all Alice's strength to maintain any semblance of dignity when
she displayed herself to the men who worked there. Additionally, the length of
the trip provided sufficient time for the redness to fade necessitating a touch
up so she could be presented to her ultimate disciplinarian properly. He felt it
would take two attempts to accomplish this goal and both the chauffeur and the
gardener each got a private show of a young lady leaning over a car fender and a
hastily brushed off workbench to facilitate Jason's hand doing its duty. She was
not only the correct color when she was led into the room, she had the look and
tears of a remorseful penitent.
She maintained her posture and hand position as she looked around the room. The
chair she remembered was in center stage, as she assumed it would be, and the
bed Sally told her about was also visible. She instinctively knew it would be a
long trip from one to the other. A table had been added to the furnishings. It
looked very solid and stable and had ominous straps attached to the legs. Even
more frightening were the objects on the surface. From her vantage point it
looked like one of them was the paddle she already met. There was also a short
leather strap and riding crop. These must be the ones Sally spoke of. Her rear
end was going to experience some very unpleasant sensations. She could not make
out what the items were and her attention turned to Jason.
He was describing her comportment during the three spankings she had received so
far. In spite of her anxiety she felt some pride in that there was no complaint
of any unwillingness to put herself into suitable positions for any of the
punishments and that she was able to keep her hands on her head even during the
last two spankings. She thought she did a good job during the trek but Jason
pointed out the she did show some reluctance to let the chauffeur and gardener
gaze upon her and have their turn at feeling the firmness of her backside.
After a few moments thought Jason was told, "She has made remarkable progress in
getting along with most of the staff but I have also noticed a bit of coolness
towards those two. You've done a good job preparing her bottom for me but two
more applications of a hand back there before I give the attention it really
needs would not be out of order. Send them to us. Perhaps she'll learn to show
respect to the entire household after they spank her."
Alice's heart skipped a beat but she said and did nothing until Jason left on
this new errand. She was about to beg for him to reconsider but his rule about
her not speaking unless spoken to in this room required her to hold her tongue.
All she could do was let the tears fall to show him her fear. He understood but
chose to ignore her silent pleading. To pass the time while waiting he brought
her closer to the table to see the toys waiting there.
There were the paddle, strap and riding crop she had already noticed. It was
with a little relief that she did not see anything else that might be used to
strike her although they were more than enough.
He picked up four leather cuffs, which he put on her wrists and ankles. It was a
relief to be able to put her arms down even if it meant she had to wear these
things. They were lined with a soft material and were fairly comfortable if you
could get over the fact that they would hold her fast during some very
uncomfortable times.
Then he drew her attention to two artificial penises, one a little smaller than
most of the males she met and the other more normal size. He explained that men
had a disadvantage in fully satisfying women but what they lacked in staying
power they could make up for in ingenuity. He saw a smile on her face and asked
if she had any comments. She looked him in the eye as coyly and sexily as she
could under the circumstances. In her most wanton voice she said, "I'm grateful
you are considering my pleasure but I'd rather have the real thing." She lowered
her gaze to his crotch and added, "It's much better than either of these little
toys." He kissed the top of her head and dropped a small bombshell, "I am
honored to know you feel that way about my prowess and physical attributes
however, their purpose tonight is not just to take over when I'm indisposed but
to blaze new trails." That's when she saw a tube of lubricant and his meaning
became all too clear.
The next item was a metal bar that could be extended and attached to her ankle
cuffs. He affixed it as described and she was barely able to keep her balance
and stand with her legs spread so wide.
The last two items were silver nipple clamps. He sweetly kissed and nibbled her
breasts to get the little nubs to stand out so the pretty clamps could be
attached and tightened.
He stood back to admire the view of her grimacing and swaying. In response to
her pleading look he said, "You won't have to wear them long. At least not for
long any one time but you'll be adorned with them off and on throughout our
session. I wasn't sure how or when I would use the spreader bar but I'm glad I
got it out. Our guests will be arriving shortly and this will ensure the
availability of some of your parts you might wish they wouldn't touch. It will
be awkward for them to have you over their laps when they spank you so you can
bend over and put your hands on the chair like you did last time."
He allayed only a small part of her fears when he assured her the two men would
only spank her with their hands. The implements on the table were for his use
exclusively. That was not a large consolation. She already knew how well he used
the paddle and from Sally's descriptions, he was equally adept with the other
She jumped at the knock on the door. He told her to put her hands back on her
head and pull her elbows back to show off her new jewelry and make her way to
the chair. By the time she maneuvered herself to her assigned location the men
were there to watch her traverse the last few feet. She didn't appreciate their
encouragement or their comments to each other about the gyrations she performed.
Her pride was gone and she closed her eyes in shame as they did more than feel
the resiliency of her bottom. They were playing a game by closing their eyes and
describing what they felt. Their explorations went from her feet to her hands on
her head but most of the time was spent on certain areas in between both front
and back. She winced when they found the clamps and twisted them slightly and
was shamed when they discovered her wetness. It was a fun game for the observer
and two of the three participants. Needless to say, they didn't care what her
opinion was and she didn't dare express it.
The chair had been moved away to give them room to move about her and when they
had their fill of playing with their humiliated toy she was required to do her
embarrassing parody of walking till she was where she could bend over and rest
her hands on it. She wondered what she must look like with her rear end sticking
out and her most private parts displayed as a result of the bar keeping her legs
wide apart. To the others in the room she looked lovely and they told her so. It
was not the time or place for her to fully appreciate a compliment like that.
Rather than giving her two spankings it was decided one would be sufficient but
they would do it together. Since the gardener was left-handed and the chauffeur
right-handed it worked out nicely. Each took the side that used his preferred
hand to best advantage and they took turns slapping her. She was a well-spanked
girl when they stopped. A last requirement was for her to thank them for adding
to her punishment.
At last she was alone with just the one man who mattered most. This was not the
man who was her teacher, mentor, strict parent figure and lover. The only roles
that really fit at that moment were those of a master and his slave and he had
already shown he had no intention of being gentle with her. The first order of
business was to remove the bar between her ankles. She was glad to have some
freedom of movement again and flexed her legs. Next to come off were the little
clamps. She was more than happy to get rid of them until the blood rushed back
into the squeezed areas and a different kind of pain came with it. She wanted to
rub them to relieve the discomfort but her hands were still atop her head and
she had not been given leave to move them so the best she could do was try and
wriggle her chest. He liked watching that and did the soothing rubbing himself.
She would've liked it if he chose to do the same sort of action on her very sore
bottom but in her heart she knew there would be nothing done to relieve any pain
back there for quite a while. She also knew that she would think back wistfully
on the spankings she received at the hands of others before all he planned for
this visit was completed.

He told her he would give her a welcoming spanking and then he would let her
satisfy his sexual needs. He looked at his watch and said they would have time
for her to take a break and then another spanking before dinner. He enjoyed the
look of horror that swept across her face and chuckled, "What are you afraid of?
The punishment I'm going to deliver to your bottom or the thought of sitting at
the dining room table where all can see you squirm on the seat and revel in the
exhibition of your charms?"
She answered, "Both I guess. Wait, that's not entirely true. I am afraid of the
pain but you have me in your power and I will accept it for you. I thought for a
moment that I would be ashamed to go back through the house again dressed as I
am but I shouldn't be. Any reluctance I might feel now will be driven out by the
two periods of punishment that precede it. If you want, you can also bring one
of these things and whip me where all can see how much I'm willing to submit to
you. I am yours. Do with me as you wish."
He smiled as only a conqueror could. "Well said my dear. I will put your resolve
to the test in many ways tonight but it will be within these walls. Dinner will
be delivered. The door to your left is a bathroom so it will not be necessary
for us to leave before morning. Until then we have much to accomplish. Shall we
get started?"
She found it interesting that he did not seem to consider the three spankings
from Jason, the naked march through the halls, the blind man's bluff game and
double spanking from two other strong men as starting her session. Never the
less, although she rightly assumed the question was rhetorical she said, "Yes,
but may I make a request?"
He was in a mood to listen so he nodded and she continued. "I think I'm correct
in believing it is your intention to use each of these implements on me before
we're through. Also, the cuffs I'm wearing and the straps attached to the table
lead me to surmise you think some of the punishments you plan will be more than
I can take unrestrained. I fear you are correct in that respect and although I
may struggle and fight against the bonds as you are whipping me I will not balk
at being tied in whatever position you feel will give you the best access to
deliver my punishment. My request is that I get my first spanking over your knee
with the paddle. It is the way you first introduced me to this room and our
mutual predilection."
He picked up the paddle and gently took her hand as he led her to the chair. A
moment later she was in the location she had become very familiar with and in
spite of knowing she would soon being crying, she felt very comfortable.
His swats started quite softly as he let her enjoy the romantic aspects of him
and the paddle together in this room but they were soon being applied more
forcefully and she was correct in her prophecy about shedding tears and giving
voice to the pain building in her. He spanked her longer and harder than he had
ever spanked her before. She could not control her sobs when he stopped but he
did not let her rest. He almost had to carry her to the table and draped her
over the edge. She cried out when his thighs contacted her sore rear and it took
her a few moments to realize he was inside her and thrusting hard. Neither of
them lasted very long.
When he withdrew he proceeded to pull her legs a bit farther apart and attach
her ankles to the table legs. Although temporarily satisfied from his sexual
assault she was still suffering the agony of the extra long time under the
paddle. The only reason she cold think of for him to be fastening her was to use
one of the other implements on her. There was the vague thought floating around
in her head that he said they would take a break after the first spanking and
the idea of another dose of punishment so soon frightened her. Even so, she had
promised to willingly allow herself to be bound so she stretched out her arms in
preparation for him to affix them to the opposite side of the table. She was
slightly surprised when he didn't take advantage of her implied offer.
He explained, "I want you to have your hands free for this next portion. I am
not going to spank you right now but I think it's best if we move ahead while
you're still a tad sore."
His description of how she really felt was a great understatement but he was
right about how it enhanced her submissiveness. She would've obeyed him anyway
but with more reluctance if she was not suffering. He told her to lean on her
elbows as he picked up the smaller rubber penis and lubricant. The paddle had
covered her rear end from top to thighs and extensively on the outer sides but
he had been careful not to spend too long in the center. She may not have been
aware of it at the time but he was being considerate of her in arranging for
this phase. He was able to keep his fingers off the worst of the damaged skin
when he spread her cheeks and inserted the new toy. She gasped when it first
made contact but relaxed her muscles so the invasion was complete with little
discomfort except embarrassment. He moved it in and out slightly for a few
minutes and was pleased with her response. The next step was having her reach
behind and take control of the object. He stepped back and watched as she
continued the motion he started. He told her not to stop and helped her rise
from the table. While he got the tiny clamps she was directed to use her free
hand and play with her nipples to get them ready for the jewelry. As each one
was tweaked to erection he attached the clamp but did tighten them as hard as
before. However, she grimaced delightfully twice during the process.
Now he sat back and enjoyed the show. She was to bring herself to orgasm. He
allowed her to manipulate her breasts in whatever manner she wished short of
removing the clamps but the action in her tiny opening was to be the only
contact below her waist. Her forced contact with the table effectively prevented
her from touching vaginal areas. Obediently she complied and of the two of them,
she was the only one surprised that she found this new method of sexual contact
rewarding. Her thrusts started out slow and hesitant but soon took on a life of
their own. When she finally achieved her goal he was standing close to her and
kept her from falling forward and hitting her head on the table.
She was in a haze as he unfastened her and removed the clamps. The small pain
this created evoked an equally small moan and he carried her to the bed. She lay
on her stomach with her head in his lap while he gently stoked her face and hair
till she fell asleep.
After her short nap he gave her permission to speak and she thanked him for
teaching her more about herself. Then ever so coyly or as coy as a girl can be
when she's naked except for cuffs on her wrist and ankles in a room where she
knows she is going to suffer a lot more, she asked if he intended to travel the
path he opened. He kissed her and rolled her on her back. She winced a little as
her bottom contacted the sheets but otherwise smiled as she looked up at him.
Then he put his hand on her crotch that had suddenly become more available as
her legs spread wide during her repositioning. She purred at his touch and he
answered, "From time to time I might take my pleasure in that manner but this
holds the greater delight for me." She smiled as she pushed `this' into his hand
and showing remarkable boldness for a slave in the punishment room, pulled his
mouth to her breast.
In a few minutes there were two naked people (he took off her cuffs too)
wrestling and groping and generally making a mess of the bedclothes. It was
their first time making love in a bed and they made it an experience to
remember. The lingering soreness just enhanced her enjoyment.
After quiet time for snuggling he said, "I intend to talk to the staff tomorrow
and inform them of our relationship although I don't think it will be surprising
news to any of them. I want you to spend every night in my bed."
She smiled and said she had been hoping for that and asked, "Will you still
spank me and take me here?"
He said, "Of course. Your sweet bottom was made for that kind of attention and
besides, you still have a lot to learn and you can count on being punished when
you need it. Also, you will not be exempt from any of the household rules and
can expect to be subject to Jason's discipline when I feel it is appropriate. As
to coming here again, those will be special times and as long as you're willing
to join me, I don't intend to give them up."
She kissed him and said, "I might not always enjoy to what you do to me here but
there is something extraordinary about giving myself to you completely. Although
the way I came to you today was humiliating, I feel a kind of pride in letting
the world know my devotion and submission to you. I'm going to hate myself for
saying this but as much as I love being here in your arms we both know I need
the treatment that comes with this room so I guess I'm ready for the next event
on your agenda. May I use the bathroom first?"
During her short absence he got dressed and sat in the chair. When she
reappeared she wordlessly went to his side and quickly looked around to see
which tool he intended to use. He saw her glance and held up his hand as the
other pointed to his lap. Momentarily relieved she made herself available to him
and stared at the floor as he rubbed the surface he loved to feel and spank. He
did not start off gently. He wanted to establish that the sweet interlude was
over and he did not stop swatting until he was satisfied she understood that
fact. Her tears convinced him.
He brought her to the table and put the cuffs back on to attach her ankles to
the table. This time, when she put out her arms he bound them to the table also.
She watched in fearful trepidation as he picked up the larger phallus and
lubricant. It was more painful than the other one as he slowly inserted it.
Although not asking for mercy she told him it was very uncomfortable and she
felt stretched to her limit. He pushed it in and out a few times and then took
it out. She waited apprehensively while he washed it and put it back on the
table next to her head. As he armed himself with the leather strap he said, "I'm
afraid this one is going to hurt a lot. When I stop I will release your hands.
You will have one minute to insert this yourself. If you don't we go back to the
strap. Once it's embedded I will put the clamps back on and you will find your
satisfaction as before."
After those instructions he moved behind her and for what seemed an eternity to
the one on the table, showed her what a determined man and small strap could
accomplish. She understood Sally's comment about small favors and took some
consolation that her screams bouncing off the soundproofed walls were for his
ears only. This single spanking far surpassed all the times she had been
punished in this house put together. He bottom was a mass of red skin that felt
even the slights breeze as agony. He did not refrain from striking the areas
immediately surrounding where the insertion would occur like last time. This was
going to be a true test of her slave-like attitude. However, he was nice enough
to give her a few minutes of uncontrollable sobbing and let her calm down a bit
before lubricating the object by her face and giving her arms freedom of
It really hurt to impale herself but she made it in time and she pushed herself
up and immediately prepared her nipples for their adornment. As she tried to
overcome the pain and find pleasure so she could please her master there was a
knock on the door. She stopped and spun her head around but rewarded with a
viscous cut with the strap as he snapped, "Don't stop. I don't care if the
entire staff is about to come in. You have been given a assignment and you will
comply." Another bite of the leather on her thighs and she went back to her
chore. The humiliation of knowing others would see her in this degrading
activity was almost too much to bear but in an inexplicable way made her task
She couldn't see whom he let into the room and actually didn't want to know.
However it was impossible to ignore Jason as he walked around the table to enjoy
her from all angles. She sighed in relief. Jason was now such a part of her
discipline in this house she didn't feel as embarrassed to have him be the one
to share her display with the one directing it. Her real shock was when the
butler said, "Sally, leave the tray there for a moment. You should see the look
on her face."
Of all the servants in the house, Sally was her best friend and the idea of her
witnessing this debasement was breaking her heart. It took two more kisses from
the strap to get he going again and she closed her eyes and tried to imagine
that she was alone with her lover. However her thoughts went in the other
direction and she could only conjure up images of her doing this in the main
dining room with everyone in attendance. Again the humiliation spurred her on
more than a million refreshers with the leather persuader. She opened her eyes
and stared at Sally. The serving girl was looking back in rapt attention. They
shared gentle smiles and the one who still had clothes to take off started the
process of removing them. Alice couldn't believe how close she was getting to
fulfilling her charge and watching her friend strip was adding fuel to a fire
already out of control. When Sally was nude she picked up the paddle and joined
Jason who had moved the chair to where Alice could see it. Giving her friend at
the table another smile she put herself across his lap and gave him the paddle.
He wasted no time using it and after watching her friend's bottom receive no
more than a few hard swats, Alice reached the top of her little mountain.
The spanking in front of her stopped while the unoccupied male removed the
clamps and freed his woman. He held her close as they watched the other
punishment session recommence. With every swat and screech Alice found her
feeling of sisterhood to the maid increasing. Sally was not unused to receiving
spankings in a public setting but never as hard or as painful as this. She was
embarrassed by her first real scream but a similar feeling of closeness to Alice
gave her some comfort and she allowed herself to express her opinion of the
effectiveness of her lover's use of the paddle as loud as she could.
It is one thing to be punished severely with an audience and quite another to be
used for pleasure as entertainment for observers. In Sally's moral code sex had
been a private thing but she did find it exciting to watch her friend in her
solo performance a few minutes ago. It lowered her inhibitions somewhat but now
she was the one being repositioned so her hands were on the chair and bottom
raised for Jason's insertion. It pained her to beg for this to happen but that
was what he required and her need for him outweighed her temporary
embarrassment. She lustily expressed her desire and he complied.
On their previous visit she was on her back in the bed during their intercourse
and it was only a little uncomfortable for her bottom to be pressed into the
mattress. This time her bottom was much more sensitive and although it was not
always in contact with another object it felt the front of his pants rub against
it with each hard thrust into her. Again she reveled in the fact that she could
make as much noise as she wished and the walls echoed with her expressions of
discomfort and immense pleasure.

They all cleaned themselves up and three more chairs were produced from a
closet. The toys were removed from the table and the meal laid out. Two naked
women squirmed on their seats in a feeble attempt to find a comfortable position
much to the delight of their male companions.
During the conversation around the table Alice's tormentor and lover said, "Of
course, you know that the relationship between Alice and me has gone beyond the
traditional borders of teacher and student. However, I understand it is also
quite common knowledge among the other staff members."
Sally's face went white but he quickly allayed her fear. "Don't worry, I know
you have kept your confidences with Alice. It was foolish of me to assume our
affection for each other could be kept secret. Jason is more than my head of
household, he is probably my best friend. He advised me that the staff was
getting suspicious of our actions towards each other and rumors were flying all
around. With that many eyes following our every move and sharing intelligence it
was bound to come out. I want you two to be the first to know Alice will be
moving into my suite tomorrow. Many times I have longed to show her the
affection I feel for her but have held back in the name of discretion. After
tomorrow I can hug and kiss her in every room of the house."
He rose from his chair and brought Alice to her feet for a demonstration. As she
melted into his embrace their dinner partners clapped and decided to follow
suit. When all were settled again, it was Jason's turn to make an announcement.
"I have discussed this with my employer and friend and we have considered what
effect it would have on the staff if I were to show special interest in one of
the maids. We came to the conclusion that as long as I treated her and the
others with the same degree of fairness and discipline it might not be a
problem. In essence, she would not be given any more or less desirable
assignments than she would've otherwise earned and she would still be expected
to treat me as my position demands regardless of where she spends the night.
Deviations from proper behavior would be punished in the usual fashion. It is
only fair to warn her that her bottom would be vulnerable to my hand as an
occasional prelude to other activities. He has also offered the use of this room
to me if and when my partner and I wish to engage in sterner discipline and
sexual pastimes. All that having been said."
He rose from the table again and brought Sally to her feet. Not only was she
glad to have her bottom off the chair but her legs were weak in anticipation of
his next comment. "Sally, hearing the conditions I described, would you consent
to share my bed?"
There may have been a "Yes!" but it was muffled as she kissed him deeply. It was
now the other two sets of hands that applauded. Alice again put her
submissiveness aside and scurried to get herself wrapped in strong arms and
dinner was ignored a second time as two couples were intertwined. Hands were
grasping recently punished bottoms and pelvises were rubbing together. The aura
of sex was thick. The two men exchanged glances and a few words. They would seal
their commitments to these women by taking them over their knees and letting
them enjoy the bonding of experiencing simultaneous spankings. They explained
their plan and it was met with approval by all parties. They positioned the
chairs so the girls could reach out and hold each other's hand and watch her
friend's face as the men alternated the swats. It may've started out as fun but
the guys weren't going to be satisfied with a few token spanks. The expressions
they saw went from smiles and giggles to grimaces of discomfort and eventually
twisted manifestations of genuine pain. Now they were ready for sex but not the
way they planned.
They waited in frustration as Jason went to the closet and returned with a
second set of silver clamps. Alice was already familiar with these items but
they were new to Sally. However, she was a smart girl and quickly figured out
their purpose. They had put their hands on their heads as Alice did in the
dining room and pushed out their chests. Not because they particularly wanted to
wear these adornments but out of a sense of duty. But it was not the men who
were going to do the honors. The women were instructed to kiss and nibble each
other to get the nipples into the proper state. Since Alice was the more
submissive she would go first to prepare and decorate one of Sally's breast.
Neither women felt any desire to engage is anything remotely sexual with another
female but orders were orders and Alice bent her head to the task and was
directed how to fondle the breast with her fingers. Sally was at first repulsed
to have Alice attending to her but the overwhelming air of sex and submission
overcame her reluctance and her body responded favorably. She gasped when it was
finally tightened and then followed her friend's lead and performed the same
duty to her. This cycle was repeated and when four clamps were firmly attached
the men produced two thin chains that linked the girls together so pulling away
from each other was going to impossible without excruciating pain.
Another normal size rubber penis was produced from the closet and each girl held
one in her hand. They were ashamed to masturbate so close to each other and in
front of the men but there was no doubt but they would do whatever their lovers
demanded. Again they were slightly wrong. They would get their sexual relief
with these toys but the hand of the other would manipulate it. There was
momentary hesitation when they heard this command but then their lower portions
slammed together in response to the paddle on one bottom and the strap on the
other making contact at the same time. The procrastination ended and although it
was awkward to work around each other's arms, the phallic substitutes were soon
deeply embedded and being moved in and out and side to side. They established a
means of communication where their actions let the other one know what she was
doing right or wrong. The occasional light tap with the paddle or strap to keep
their interest up was somewhat unnecessary. They were lost in a new world of
subservience and pleasure and needed no further punishment but the extra little
sting did enhance their sensations. They were reading each other's reactions as
only another woman could and reached climax simultaneously.
Their audience was right there to keep them from falling until they were
unchained and could slide to the floor in exhausted satisfaction. However, they
were not too tired to repulse the men who had unzipped themselves and were
demonstrating that the real thing is better than hand held substitutes. The
mattress would've been more comfortable but comfort was not part of the equation
right then. Soon four contented people lay wrapped in the arms of their lovers
on the floor for quite a while until comfort became a priority for the men. Then
it was back on their feet and Alice was designated a temporary maid to help
Sally clear the table and set out the dessert. Watching two naked females go
about normal household tasks was a feast to the eyes. And then there was that
delightful squirming on the chair while they ate.
Alice was used to eating with the rest of the staff and thought it was pretty
special to be sharing a meal and dessert with what she considered the upper
class. It's true one of the members of that class was naked except for leather
cuffs and little more than a slave tonight. Still, it was enthralling to take
part in the discourse that ranged from household matters to world events and all
sorts of subjects.
It was over two hours later when they wound down and Jason said, "Come along
Sally. It's time you got dressed and we left these two to continue their
Alice managed a smile as she said, "I can't wait to spend the night in that bed
but I think I have an appointment with a riding crop first. It will be the first
time he's used it on me and I have a feeling it's going to require me to become
one with the table for a long initiation to it."
She looked at the man who was going to be the intermediary in her introduction
to the crop who was not smiling as he nodded his head to indicate her conjecture
was correct.
Sally looked at her friend and gave them all a bit of a shock. "Would it be all
right if we stayed? I've already felt the crop and it was not a pleasant
experience but I wonder if Alice would like to have a friend here when it
Alice thought for a moment and said, "You have heard me scream and watched me
masturbate in a most unnatural way. Sally and I have shared the pain of
spankings together and the joy of each other's bodies. I have no secrets from
you two any more and it would be nice to have someone who truly understands what
I will be going through present. However, I already have a friend who will be
here with me. He will punish me beyond endurance but I have no doubt he is my
friend and more. Never the less, if you wish to stay I have no objection but the
decision is not mine."
All eyes turned to the one who had that decision-making authority. He said, "We
both appreciate your offer but not tonight. This will be a special moment in our
relationship and I would like it to be a private one. Next time we come here you
can not only watch her getting whipped you can return the favor and she can
watch you receiving the same."
Sally responded, "I understand. And if you invite us to join you here again I
will agree to suffer whatever punishments she receives."
After the maid was fully clothed she held her friend and they kissed each other
on the cheek. A minute later, she and Jason closed the door behind them.
Alice stood against the table and put her ankles wide apart for him to fasten
them. She lay forward and in a moment her hands were likewise bound. She
shuddered at the first contact on her exposed and vulnerable bottom but it was
only his hand caressing it. When she felt it depart she knew it would be only a
matter of seconds till she had her first taste of the crop. They were the
longest seconds but they were too short as her ass exploded.
If this first stroke was that bad, what was it going to be like to receive the
full dose. She tugged at her bonds but not to try and escape. Rather, she wanted
to assure herself that she was helpless and had no responsibility other than to
scream and accept the agony to come. Although not counting, she was surprised
when the cropping stooped so soon. She had received a dozen good hard cuts and
now waited for it to begin again.
He explained, "That is the way I have employed this implement on the servants
when they have come here to be punished. When used in this manner, it is little
more than a small cane although much more accurate and I gather it is very
effective at getting my message across."
She looked at him and nodded her agreement with his assessment of the crop's
capabilities but wondered why he was stopping to tell her this. She didn't
remember him giving her a verbal lesson on the ability of the other things to
bring discomfort and contrition.
He further explained, "You can now listen to their complaints with true empathy.
Except for the thin strap I used to teach Mary a lesson, you have experienced
all the methods of punishment they've endured although you can be sure they got
quite a few more strokes with the crop. Only rarely did I snap the tip of it on
them. It focuses the pain in a very small area but would take too long to do a
reasonable job of seeing that the entire territory to be punished received equal
treatment. Fortunately, time is not a limitation for us tonight."
She wasn't sure just how fortunate she was. This may fulfill a dream of his but
she would be the one to suffer the slow torture but wasn't that what she really
wanted after all. She didn't always know exactly what to expect in this room but
she was well aware that whatever he chose would be painful and that was she
agreed to and in a deeper part of herself, needed
His explanations over, he began his demonstration. Each kiss was like an angry
bee and she would barely register the sting before another one landed somewhere
else. He remained within the bounds of her buttocks for a while then expanded
the scope to include her thighs. First on the outside then the reason her legs
were bound wide apart was made clear as the inside of her upper legs felt the
impacts. This was the worst and she never realized how much skin she had between
her legs until he inched his was up from her knees with agonizing slowness. He
stopped just short of what Sally described as "a place a girl should feel
nothing but pleasure" but Alice didn't fully appreciate his self-imposed
limitation. She had gone beyond anticipating where the next bite would occur in
her haze of pain. It had been over an hour since he started and except for the
spot just mentioned, he had accomplished his goal and bringing out red splotches
evenly over the areas he was concerned with.
As for that last untouched piece of her real estate. He did not neglect it
entirely. It too felt contact with something very hard but it was made of flesh
and it did not limit it's impact to a touch on the outside. It went beyond the
skin available to the leather crop and burrowed deep in her. It took her a few
seconds to understand what the next portion of her punishment entailed but for
some reason, she wasn't unhappy and within the constraints of her bonds, raised
herself to meet this latest assault.
He waited till he could tell she was very close to an orgasm and quickly pulled
out. She moaned in frustration be he ignore her feeble complaints as he released
her from her enforced position over the table. He did not unhook the straps but
removed her cuffs completely. She had not realized there was a minute between
the last hit of the crop and his insertion but he had taken the time to divest
himself of all clothing. He carried her to the bed and plopped her down. Another
grimace as sore bottom landed on sheet but she summoned him to join her with
open arms and legs. He accepted the invitation.
After their immediate needs were satisfied they nuzzled into each other
lovingly. Quiet pillow talk lasted only long enough till she was able to use her
wiles, hands and mouth to get his ready for one last round. She skipped back to
where they put the toys when they cleared the table and returned with the
lubricant. The resulting intercourse was a bit uncomfortable for her and in
spite of the torture he put her through in the last eight hours, he did not want
to hurt her. However she assured him it was nothing more than a little
discomfort and since he had gone through the trouble of showing her she was
capable of accepting something that large back there, he ought to reap the
reward and it was her gift to him. Actually, it wasn't that bad once she relaxed
and serving her lover in this way got her very turned on. Like the times
earlier, she was able to climax without genital stimulation as she felt him
explode inside.
The cleaned themselves up and he produced pajamas for both of them. With their
arms wrapped around the ones they loved, they fell asleep.

They greeted the morning and each other with happy smiles and frantic groping
and kissing with the expected result. During their post-coital conversation they
declared their love for each other and other mushy stuff. Along the way she
mentioned how happy she was about getting to spend every night with him.
He held her close and said, "You may not feel that way after you hear what I
have to say. We will continue our study together and nothing will change about
my giving you a spanking or two when I think you need it or when we both would
like to have your bottom warmed a bit before making love. The staff will
continue to treat you with the respect you deserve as my guest, my lover and as
the da facto mistress of the house. I will limit any of the more severe
punishments to our times in this room, however, from time to time I will also
require you to demonstrate your submissiveness to me in a less private setting.
You will obey me in whatever I command you to do regardless of where we are or
who is present. Last night you said you would repeat your nude march through the
house and accept a public punishment with any of the objects on the table.
However, your offer was somewhat contingent of having previously suffered enough
discipline to remove your normal reluctance. What I am asking for is your
promise to be as obedient without the need for painful encouragement."
She asked, "Would you prefer that I be naked all the time so all can see how you
own me?"
He laughed, "No. You look too pretty in your nice clothes and even the sloppy
things you wear in our office. Besides, if you were always unclothed it would
detract from the embarrassment of taking them off in public. We both know you
crave that. I'll keep you on your toes and you'll appreciate the garments you
wear even more knowing at any moment I might tell you to remove them."
She smiled and poked him in the ribs. "If I know you it will be at the most
humiliating time. I may think it sounds like fun now but don't expect me to be
too overjoyed about it every time you want to show off your little toy."
He turned more serious and said, "I want to make you happy here but when I tell
you to do something I will not always be concerned with your enjoyment and I
will demand compliance."
She replied, "And you shall have it. Will Jason and the other men still spank
"Yes, of course but only when I consent to it. And as long as we're on that
subject, each member of the staff will try their hand on your bottom in the
times to come. However, in deference to your friendship with Sally, I will have
her punish you in private. These are the terms. Do you still agree to share my
bed and give yourself to me completely?"
She seemed to change the subject as she said, "Sally told me her bare bottom was
displayed both before and after her last punishment session here and Mary was
made to strip so all could see the results of your labors."
He said, "That is correct."
She continued, "When Jason led me here last night I was also open to their gaze
and somehow it just seems proper that they see how well I was subjected to your
methods. I want to walk with you as you gather them together for your
announcement and I want them to know my devotion to you. But first, I know Sally
brought my daytime clothes here but I don't want to wear them. I would like her
to fetch my nicest dinner dress and sexiest underwear. After you tell them of my
new position, I want you to strip me and let them see the marks from last night.
I'll take my clothes off myself if you wish but I think it would be better if
you showed them I am like a toy doll you can clothe and unclothe as the whim
strikes you. Then show them how you control me. Order me into whatever poses you
feel will be the most humiliating and revealing. Finish the demonstration by
telling me to ask you to spank me. They have seen Jason do this to me and I want
them to see how you can perform the same duty more effectively. These are my
terms. I'll agree to yours if my debut as your lover and devoted slave can be as
I have just described."
He tried to look serious and said, "It is so agreed with one modification. This
is a normal workday and we as well as the staff have duties to occupy us. I am
going to wait till after dinner to tell them of my decision so you can pick out
whatever outfit you think is best and will provide the most entertainment value
as I slowly unveil my prize."
She thought for a moment and countered his offer. "I will only agree to waiting
till tonight if I can add one more requirement and this one's going to be a test
of your strength."
He smiled and warned, "Be careful challenging my muscle power. I can apply my
hand to your sweet little bottom with a lot of force. Do you really want me to
spank you harder?"
She giggled and answered, "I don't need to ask you for that. You'll spank me as
long and hard as you want no matter what I say. What I had in mind is for you to
pick me up and throw me over your shoulder. Take me around the staff so they can
all have a close look at how well you did. Then carry me upstairs to my new
bedroom and plop me onto my new bed. I'll let your imagination take over from
there but I warn you, you're not going to get much sleep."
Then they both laughed and hugged but before things got too hot, he opened a
panel in the wall and took out a phone to place their order for breakfast.
To pass the time while waiting, he put the cuffs and spreader bar back on her
ankles. He lovingly prepared her breasts for the clamps and when Jason and Sally
arrived she was standing in the center of the room with a rubber object busy in
each hole. She greeted them with only a little embarrassment but never stopped
her activities. Before the breakfast was put on the table Sally removed her
clothes. She explained, "Jason and I had a lovely night and nobody voiced any
complaints when he told them we were going to live together. We also decided
that whenever I am called to this room to serve you I should do so naked. I hope
you don't mind."
Jason added, "I couldn't help noticing that the young lady masturbated a bit
more enthusiastically when she saw Sally getting the paddle last night so, with
your permission and without the paddle, I think she might enjoy a repeat
performance. Sally and I also agreed that any visit to this room would never be
complete without her bottom getting some attention also and if I spanked her
now, it would kill two birds with one stone."
Alice hated to admit it but his comment about how she reacted to seeing her
friend's bottom turning red was an aphrodisiac. She slowed her thrusts until the
spanking began and even then, kept pace with the swats landing on the lovely
rear end. She held off as long as she could but when she heard Sally cry out and
the spanks became a rapid staccato her two hands moved as fast she they could.
She slumped in satisfaction into her lover's arms.
The servants had already eaten so while two lovers consumed the delicious repast
they provided entertainment. Sally was over Jason's lap again and was being
acquainted with the smaller phony phallus but in a path hitherto untraveled. By
the time Alice was dressed and ready to go Sally had graduated to being
stretched around the larger model but not over Jason's lap. She was kneeling on
the bed with her head down and bottom raised. Her newest acquaintance was
sticking out of her and she was wearing the clamps on her nipples. Jason said
they would see to the cleaning of the room shortly but the tube of lubricant in
his hand suggested that he had plans to complete Sally's introduction to anal
intercourse first.
The other two lovebirds didn't get much accomplished in their work area. One or
the other of them would stop what they were doing and run across the room to hug
and kiss his or her partner. At lunch Alice could barely hold her happiness in
check and couldn't wait for the whole world to know of their new living
arrangements. She was also still reveling in the afterglow of how their repeated
kissing and hugging got the better of them and led to some very unprofessional
and naked behavior on the floor. It wasn't exactly a discussion but he felt the
need to drive his point home numerous times and `home' rose up to meet him very
enthusiastically every time.
In the afternoon the managed to keep most of their desires under control in
order to save energy for the long night ahead of them. That, however, did not
preclude more of that kissing business and somewhere along the line she lost her
bra when they came to a mutual agreement that saving his energy was more
important than saving hers. The first time he stripped her and showed how a man
can pleasure his woman with his mouth. She didn't bother getting dressed and a
little while later she was over his lap for a light spanking and his hand
reaching down between her legs so his fingers could lead her on another little
trip to paradise.
As she dressed in her room that evening she had a hard time deciding just what
to wear. She went through her entire wardrobe of underwear. Trying each set on
and looking at herself in the mirror as she slowly took them off. She was
imagining his hand performing that function and baring his slave in front of all
those people. She chose some that were very sexy but loose enough to be taken
off smoothly and easily. She didn't think there was anything terribly
provocative about taking a woman's dress off if all you got to see next was a
frumpy old slip so she picked one out that was so sheer you could see the bra
and panties through it. That ought to give them a thrill and her too. In spite
of her preparations for the event she knew when the time came she would be
horribly embarrassed as each item fell away. While it was true that everybody
had seen her naked at least twice before that was for punishment. Tonight she
would be stripped for no other reason than that her lover wanted to show her
off. There would be no threat if she refused so everybody would think she wanted
to be nude in front of them. In essence, she was condemning herself to more
shame by showing her most intimate apparel as soon as possible. The garter belt
and stockings didn't take much thought but she had to decide if she should wear
her panties over the straps or under. If it was over he would have to remove her
underpants, skimpy as they were, her private of privates would be exposed before
working on the stockings. That would be extremely humiliating so that's what she
decided to do. The dress was an easy determination. It was very pretty but not
the slightest bit seductive. She wanted to appear as modest and demure as she
could be so the revealing of her super sexy undergarments would cause her the
most disgrace.
The put the whole ensemble on and took it off in front of the mirror twice. Each
time her imagined humiliation got worse and in spite of that (or maybe because
of it) she was convinced that she would be wet with desire and begging him to
touch her when it happened for real. She had no sooner put everything on the
third time when there was a knock on her door. When she opened it she greeted
her visitor with a very passionate kiss and then allowed him to escort her to
dinner as she left her old bedroom for the last time.

Sitting still at dinner was one of the hardest things Alice ever had to do. Last
night's meal saw her squirming on her chair but for a much different reason.
Tonight was another story. Her bottom was still a tad sore but putting weight on
it was not unbearable. It was the excitement of hearing him tell the world, or
at least the household staff, of their decision to live together. And then there
was the after announcement entertainment where she was going to be the star of a
show she both dreaded and was already wet thinking about.
At last the final dishes were cleared and he instructed Jason to gather everyone
in the library. When they were alone in the dining room, he assisted her to her
feet, embraced her lovingly and they kissed passionately. He asked, "Are you
ready for this?"
She answered his question with one of her own. "Do you mean telling them how
much I love you?"
He chuckled. "I don't think that's really necessary. Everyone in the room
tonight could see the way you were looking at me and I'm sure I was just as
obviously smitten by the lovely creature across the table from me. I have a
feeling they won't be surprised by our decision. But what I'm talking about is
our demonstration of the other side of our relationship. Are you ready to have
them see that?"
It was her turn to gently chide. "If I remember right. Yesterday afternoon I
paraded through the house with a red bottom and nothing else. Do you really
think they're so stupid as to not guess I was doing that of my own free will? I
don't imagine there will be any great secrets exposed by anything you tell them
which is not to say I'm particularly looking forward to being stripped and
displayed for them. And as much as I like it when you give me a little spanking
I know what I said I wanted you to do as our finale. You have a reputation to
uphold and I don't expect a lot of mercy when you have me ask you to take me
over your knee. But, am I ready? Yes! I'm glad you've decided not to make me
your slave every day so it will be special when you do. Tomorrow I can be the
new mistress of the house, an attentive student and loving companion but tonight
is one of those special nights when I want you to show them my complete devotion
to you. Shall we join them?"
He nodded and offered his arm as they walked side by side to greet the staff.
His initial announcement was met with enthusiastic applause. As predicted, it
wasn't a shock to anyone but they were glad it was now out in the open and she
was hugged by all and his hand was shaken in congratulations. Jason passed out
champagne and everyone toasted their happiness.
Their host called for silence and stood next to Alice for the next part of his
speech. "As you can all see, she is a beautiful woman and the picture of purity
and innocence. But you also know she occasionally needs some external discipline
that I've been only too happy to provide. It is no secret that she has undergone
some trying times in my special correction room. A room you are all familiar
with in one respect or another. And you were all present the night Jason spanked
her in the dining room. The truth of the matter is that her behavior that night
was a sham. Her sole purpose in acting like a little brat was to give me an
excuse to have her punished in public and although the idea of having her nude
was mine she got what she wanted. Yesterday you had a second opportunity to see
all her charms on her way to her second session in that room. As was the case
for her first visit, she was not there because her behavior was lacking but
because the punishment she receives satisfies a darker desire in both of us. She
is rapidly becoming my equal in our work and I look forward to sharing my life
with her at my side and not under my feet but there will be times when our other
needs are expressed and she will be my complete and devoted slave."
He stopped for a moment and unzipped her dress. As he slid it off her and onto
the floor he continued. "Tonight we not only celebrate her moving into my suite,
we also celebrate the open recognition of her other self. Notice how she doesn't
look quite the modest young lady now. I asked her to purchase more adult
oriented underwear and I think she choose well, don't you?"
She had no one but herself to blame for the clothes she wore. She foolishly
wanted to give them a good show knowing it would humiliate her and so far it was
working out just as she planned. Unfortunately, she was silently cursing herself
for being so brazen when it was just an erotic fantasy to be stripped in front
of them. The real thing was turning out to be even more embarrassing and
mortifying than she expected. So why was she about to drip through her panties
and what would they think when they saw that? He had her slowly turn in her
sheer slip before moving the straps off her shoulders so it could join the dress
on the floor. He motioned for her to step out of the crumpled clothes and put
them on one of the easy chairs. She returned to his side and he gently took her
arms and held them behind her back to thrust out her chest.
"We've all seen larger breasts than these but I like them just the size they
are. And this bra enhances their charm. Notice how they are raised a little and
look at these adorable nipples poking out."
He gave a little tweak to bring out the tiny bumps in the almost transparent
fabric even more. There was a quiet moan from a very red face. He wasn't in a
big rush to fully uncover his prize and spoke more about how soft and silky the
bra felt. It just wouldn't do except to share this sensation with everyone so he
sent her to present the fabric for each person to appreciate. She kept her hands
locked behind her and when it was pointed out that she was keeping her breasts
pushed out and available without anyone's assistance so she must like what she's
doing she was really ashamed.
The dual emotions of mortification and arousal were evident to the most casual
observer. There was no hiding her chagrin at offering herself to each person or
the telltale gasps and satisfied sighs as hand after hand stroked her. In order
to make the comparison meaningful she was sent back around for a second trip so
the eager fingers could explore the same area after her lover removed the
well-handled bra.
Although the other women present were not inclined to be specifically attracted
to members of their own sex they certainly had an appreciation of any beautiful
body and had no problem with this sort of physical contact with Alice. As for
the men, what can I say? They were overjoyed to get a cheap feel along with a
few rougher squeezes. This was the first time Jason really got a chance to
explore any part of young Alice except her bottom in preparation for and during
his spankings so, in spite of his new relationship with Sally, he made the most
of the occasion. And speaking of Sally, she had no doubts about Jason's love for
her so his little dalliance with the increasingly available Alice caused her no
jealously. And although she did not have any desire to be in her friend's shoes,
she understood her need. She was the only female to do more than gently run her
fingers over the breasts. When it was her turn she pinched Alice's nipples hard
to remind her of how they had to manipulate each other to properly prepare
themselves for the clamps the night before. The eyes of the two women were
locked together and they both knew they were destined to become more intimate
with each other's bodies at their lovers' command in the future.
After this above-the-waist activity it was time to set their sights a little
lower. Alice closed her eyes tight as she remembered her decision to put the
panties over the garters so they would have to come off first. Mentally she was
kicking herself and was surprised when she felt him unsnap the garters from the
stockings and pull the straps from her underwear. Like the first time over his
lap she said a silent "thank you" for his decision to leave the last veil of her
modesty even if it was for only a few more minutes. He had her sit on a table
and raise one leg as he took off a shoe. He put her foot down on the table off
to her side and she started to slide backwards but that's not what he wanted and
he moved her back to the edge. To maintain her balance she was forced to lean
back and support herself with her hands behind her which kept the two pointy
parts thrust out. The other shoe fell and that foot was placed on the table
She was sitting (?) with her feet about a yard apart and her knees wide open so
the panties she was so thankful to be wearing a few seconds earlier were now
displayed with the dampness they had absorbed very visible. Even if it wasn't
obvious he ran a finger over the crotch and told the assemblage what he found.
One after the other, they all verified the fact. The marks from their extended
session with the tip of the riding crop were still visible and when the
stockings were gone they all returned to trace the dotted line back to the
embarrassing wet spot. Alice was not having a good time and what had seemed a
boon before just increased her humiliation with each remark about the shameful
state of her underpants.
It was a relief when he allowed her off the table but it was only to facilitate
the removal of her garter. Her denuding was almost complete but he had a little
surprise for her first. His question of, "Isn't she the picture of a horny
little slut with her sopping panties and nipples still poking out?" was met with
universal agreement. He continued, "She has portrayed herself to you as a pure
and modest young lady which we can all see was something less than the truth. I
would call that a form of lying and since you were the ones she tried to fool,
you should have a hand in her chastisement. She will come to each of you, pull
those shameful panties down to her thighs and put herself into an appropriate
position for one swat. You each get only one so make it good. Then she will pull
up the panties and move to the next person as I direct. After she has paid her
debt to each of you I will finish stripping her and I'll be open to suggestions
how she should pose for your enjoyment."
She stared at him open-mouthed for only a moment before meekly nodding her head
to acknowledge her acceptance of his decree. He maneuvered her between swats so
she had to traverse the room in shame and increasing discomfort many times
before she tearfully returned to him. With great ceremony, he had her face the
audience and slowly exposed her completely. They were an imaginative bunch and
she was bent and twisted in very uncomfortable and humiliating positions where
all her most intimate charms were seen and felt many times over.
It seemed to be an eternity till he called a stop to the festivities and had her
stand next to him again. He kissed her and she responded with all her heart and
passion. He whispered, "You have far exceeded all my expectations. I am willing
to forego the last part of our agreement and take you to bed now."
She quietly responded, "Thank you. I want you in me so bad it hurts but
everybody here knows you spank me and no demonstration of your mastery over me
would be complete without them seeing how well you do it. But I've changed my
mind about something. I don't want you to make me ask for it. Let me show them
how I really feel about submitting to your punishment as well as your commands."

He stepped away from her and she turned to the crowd. She took a breath and
said, "I want to thank you all. Not only for your good wishes about the two of
us sharing our love but also for taking part in my humiliation. I do not mean
that sarcastically. I wanted to show you my devotion to him and although I must
admit I'll find it hard to face you fully clothed in days to come, you have
given me a most embarrassing and wonderful way to do so. You are all well aware
of the fact that I have been subject to his discipline for misdeeds but as he
has already told you, both times I have been a guest in the correction room it
was not because of anything I did to deserve it. The first visit was the first
time he spanked me and it helped me discover the erotic effects of that kind of
attention. More often than not, any further spankings I received were because it
was something we both wanted. To be sure, many of them were quite painful but I
endured them for the pleasure that would follow. As you can now see, we have
gone beyond simple spanking games. My naked march yesterday was not something I
wanted to do but I'm glad I did it. Today I stand in front of you totally naked
both in body and in soul. You know me as I really am. If he desires me to debase
myself with any of you in the future I will be as embarrassed and humiliated as
I have been tonight but I will obey him without question. Now, the point of this
little speech is that his spanking me was the beginning and has been an integral
part of our sexual relationship. It is only fitting that it be a part of my
debut as his lover and sometimes slave."
She turned to face him and made her request. "Would you please take me over your
knee and spank me?"
He nodded and sat down. Her final preparations were interrupted by applause and
then silence broken only by the sound of a hand slapping flesh repeatedly and
then groans, squeals, cries of pain and ending with uncontrollable sobbing. Her
bottom was bright red as were her eyes and there were many tears forming a
puddle under her face before he stopped.
Without further ado, he scooped her up, tossed her over his shoulder like a sack
of potatoes and carried her from the library to a standing ovation. In his room
he gently set her down and held her close for lots of kisses and gentle fondling
as he stripped and then it was into the bed. She squealed again as her bottom
hit the sheets but it didn't dampen her enthusiastic welcome of him into where
she had wanted him to be for the last few hours.
As she promised, he didn't get much sleep that night.

They slept through breakfast and it was time for lunch when they finally
emerged. The ever-vigilant Sally had already moved some of Alice's casual
clothes into her new quarters so she was decently clothed when they arrived at
the dining room. As if the previous hours were their wedding night the staff
greeted them with good- natured ribbing about the hours of very audible sex.
They blushed like two newlyweds and accepted the love behind the teasing. Nobody
even hinted at Alice's performance in the library but there was a nice soft
cushion on her chair. Although she always had the option of requesting a special
meal the cook presented her with the menu for the week and asked for her
approval as the new mistress of the house. That was the last straw and Alice
started to cry tears of joy as she hugged the lady and then everybody was
hugging and shaking hands and slapping backs in a very festive atmosphere.
The early afternoon was spent moving some furniture and rearranging his closet
to make room for her things and then he chased everyone out of the room saying
it was time to get some real work accomplished. However, his idea of appropriate
employment involved two naked people undoing the maid's work of making the bed.
During one short interlude they actually discussed some of the concepts they
were working on in their office area so he felt justified is his conviction that
the day was not wasted in frivolous activities. Activities he really had
absolutely no objection to and was all too happy to repeat until dinner.
Life settled back into normal routine for a while. Alice was, in fact, getting
as accomplished at her work as her mentor although there was an occasional lapse
and she would find herself over his lap with jeans and panties down. It was
probably not much consolation to her that he found the no sex after a punishment
spanking as hard to stand as she did. Speaking of standing for anything, she
wished she could remain on her feet after one of those sessions instead of
sitting on the hard wooden chair he kept in the office just for that purpose.
Their new relationship was known outside of the estate and she was now the
official hostess at dinner parties. She would be dressed in her finest and was
as gracious at entertaining the guests as she was beautiful. Her lessons in
dancing were put to good use but the partner she preferred on the dance floor
was the same one who shared her bed. She told him of her earlier fantasies when
she danced with him before her first spanking so he arranged to have Jason put a
portable stereo in their room. After the guests left he escorted her to their
private ballroom where they could trip the light fantastic together with no
distractions. Between songs they each removed one article of clothes and her
lovely and sexy underwear was in view and then was gone for the last twirl
around the room. As the music ended they fell into bed and made their own kind
of music while dancing(?) in a horizontal position.
In deference to her modesty during her first few months he had directed Jason to
keep his discipline of the maids to times when Alice was not present. There was
no need for that anymore and it was only a few days later that one of the
serving girls did something that required punishment. As it happened during
dinner Alice and her lover were present when the butler sent the girl to her
room. She was looking very nervous when she returned and saw Jason in a chair
pulled away from the table. Nevertheless, she quickly scurried next to him and
gathered her skirt above her waist. In accordance with house rules her panties
were gone. In a moment her bare bottom was the highest part of her.
Only when she was in the proper position did he begin his lecture with an
occasional swat to emphasize certain points. He must have felt what he was
saying was really important because after a while he stressed every other word
with his hand and ended his discourse with a swat between and during every
single utterance. It didn't seem as if she was doing as much listening by then
as she was injecting her own thoughts on the matter. Not in what anyone would
call intelligible sentences but otherwise expressing herself very eloquently.
Jason stopped until he was sure she was able to understand him and then
announced that her real spanking would begin.
This revelation elicited an anguished wail but no other overt objection to her
sentence. He waited for her head to droop in resignation before he slammed his
hand down hard. The poor girl's head shot back up again and her twisted
expression of agony added to her cries in showing everyone present just how
potent Jason's efforts were.
Alice looked on in wonder. In all but two of the spankings she had been present
for, she was on the receiving end. The only exceptions were when Jason spanked
Sally in the other room and Alice was not exactly what you might call an idle
observer like she was now. She had been busy masturbating with a foreign object
in both lower holes then so this was a whole new experience for her. Someone was
getting punished and she was not directly or even indirectly involved. It was
also the first spanking she witnessed where the spankee was not nude. Seeing a
partially clad woman with her skirt bunched at her waist and her exposed bottom
getting the royal treatment was, in some ways, very erotic. That's how she must
have looked when her lover first took her over his knee in the correction room.
She also started to understand how the other women who had all been subject to
discipline at the hands of the men could have taken such an active part in her
punishment. Although she felt empathy for maid, she would not have spoken up in
her defense. She was getting what she deserved and if anything, the one who was
more accustomed to feeling as opposed to watching a spanking was torn between
hoping it would never end while wishing it were her suffering the punishment.
Alice also discovered that standing with a very red bottom on display for all to
see was not something new they thought up just for her. The sobbing and
sorrowful girl was set on her feet and she stumbled to a convenient corner while
keeping her skirt raised high and making sure her hands came nowhere close to
the area she so desperately wished to rub and comfort.
Except for the fact that one of their fellow employees was in no position to go
back to her duties, the present staff returned to their normal assignments and
the one crying in the corner was ignored.
Dessert was delicious as always but Alice was preoccupied with what she had just
witnessed and could not help herself from glancing towards the well-punished
rear end. Her lover saw what was happening and suggested that they both feel how
warm the object of Alice's gaze had become. Our heroine jumped at the chance and
expressed amazement at the heat the humiliated bottom radiated. Without thinking
she had increased the girl's embarrassment tenfold but in her fascination she
forgot that the bright red skin was attached to a human being. She turned to him
and asked if she was as hot as that when he spanked her. He nodded and added,
"What do you say we go up to our room and you can compare the difference in
temperature by rubbing your own sweet little cheeks before and after a long
Alice was still staring at the state of the rear end in front of her as she
imagined how her own would look shortly and nodded her assent to his suggestion.
But first there was something she wanted to do. She leaned her face close to the
corner and said, "When I was made to strip for you and present myself for a swat
you were the first one I reported to. Other than my mother when I was a little
girl, it was the first time a woman had ever done that and it was an unusual
experience. Would you mind if I returned the favor and added one more to Jason's
The girl sniffled and turned away from the wall as she answered, "If I may say
Miss, you hadn't just received a spanking like I just did so I can't imagine it
would've hurt as much as what you're suggesting. But in your new position you
have the right to punish any of us whenever you think it appropriate. It is not
necessary to ask for my permission but I give it anyway. Would you like me to be
over your lap or bent over the way you did that night?"
Alice was momentarily unsure of herself but if it was within her authority to
give as well as receive punishment she had to avoid being indecisive. She said,
"Bend over and hold your ankles."
The girl put herself as directed and for the first time in her life, Alice
applied her hand to a waiting posterior. It was a good sidearm swing and landed
with a resounding slap. The receiver moaned and almost lost her balance but
managed to hold on. Alice understood that it was her place to tell the girl when
she could stand up again and she sent her back to hee place in the corner. But
then the stern masquerade faded and she held the sorry penitent in her arms and
let her cry for a few minutes. When she had composed herself, she thanked Alice
with a curtsey and raised her skirt again as she put her nose back where it
Once they were alone in the room Alice reached under her dress and slid her
panties off. She leaned close to him and whispered, "You've haven't spanked me
while I was wearing a dress since that first time. My bottom is bare and ready
for you. Take me over your knee and pull my dress up like you did that night. I
shouldn't have hit that poor girl so hard and I'm feeling guilty so make me pay
for it with one of your very long and hard spankings."
He moved a chair and brought her over his lap. After her dress was crumpled
above her waist he brought her hand back to feel her own skin with a reminder
that she should remember the temperature so she could compare it later. He also
pointed out that this was another first for them. The only other time she was
wearing a dress, over his lap and bare bottomed the target was already quite red
and he was about to use the paddle. She shivered slightly. Whether in
trepidation or excitement at the thought of the paddle being used tonight is
hard to say. He continued his thought by repeating that this was going to be a
first and he was going to thoroughly enjoy the feel of her smooth cheeks as his
hand bounced off it and he promised to assuage all her guilt before he was
He gave her his best and it was almost half an hour later when he stood her up.
Her legs were almost too weak to support herself so he had to hold her up as she
reached under the dress that had fallen back down. It really wasn't necessary
for her to actually touch herself to know how hot it was but he insisted. With
tears still streaming down her face she asked he had the paddle available. He
was surprised and said he kept that sort of thing in the other room. When he
asked why she told him to wait a minute as she hurried to her dresser and
returned with her hairbrush and a washcloth. She said, "I'm not allowed to speak
unless spoken to in the correction room but here I can say what I please so you
can't punish me for what I'm about to ask." She wanted him to engage in sexual
intercourse but this time she phrased her request in the most explicit and
obscene terms. She then added, "I know how you feel about obscenity so I deserve
to be punished for my affront to your sensibilities."
She bent over and rested her hands on the chair after making sure the dress was
well out of the way. She held out the hairbrush and said, "Use this as you did
the paddle and give me ten hard strokes before you take me as you did that
wonderful first night.
She stuffed the washcloth into her mouth to muffle the screams she knew she
would not be able to control and waited. As he stepped back she remembered one
last thing and kicked her shoes off just before the hairbrush made its first
contact. He gave her plenty of time to squirm between each one and it took a
full two minutes before the last sound of wood slamming into very sore skin
echoed off the walls. By the time he had extracted himself from his pants she
had her feet as far apart as she could get them. The wonderful sensation of his
clothes rubbing against her battered bottom as he filled her repeatedly sent her
over the edge twice before he emptied himself into her.
He had to help her change into her nightgown and they slept peacefully in each
other's arms. However, she was sleeping face down.
Unlike the owner of the estate, it was a few hours later when Jason and Sally
got to their room but the effects of the spanking he administered and she had
watched were still evident. Sally's resultant bottom warming wasn't nearly as
severe as Alice's but it was not just a few token swats either and Sally winced
each time his thrusts forced her bottom onto the bed. If anything, it increased
her enthusiasm to rise up and meet him only to lose the battle and be pounded
back into the sheets as she lay under him but she wouldn't have had it any other

Their next excursion into discipline above and beyond simple spanking occurred
about three weeks later. It started out a little differently in that he procured
her agreement first and escorted her himself. As they rose from the dinner table
he said, "It's been a while since we spent some time together in my special
room. Are you up to visit?"
She smiled as she shuddered in fearful anticipation and nodded. He held her in
his arms and continued, "You'll not only suffer considerable physical discomfort
but I have other plans that will further test your submission. We'll spend the
night again but there is too much work piling up in our office for us to relax
very long in the morning. Go into the library and wait."
She kissed him and put her head down as she left the dining room. Once in the
library she wasn't sure what she should do. He hadn't told her to take her
clothes off but maybe she was supposed to know that she should be nude before
Jason came for her. No, she was convinced he would have instructed her to be
naked if that was what he wanted. He was, after all, a very meticulous man. But
should she sit down and read a book? No, that would never do. It would appear
too nonchalant and besides, she was much too nervous to focus on the words. She
could stand in the corner but she wasn't really being punished for anything
although she knew it would be hard to convince her bottom of that fact before
the end of the evening. She nervously walked along the shelves for a minute
looking at the titles she had memorized months ago.
At last she gave up and stood in the center of the room facing the door. She
tried putting her hands on her head the way she did during her famous nude walk
through the house but felt silly. Then she put her arms behind her back to push
out her chest like she did the night he stripped her in this very room in front
of the whole staff. That didn't seem right either and she let her hands hang at
her side as she wondered what instructions Jason would have for her and if she
was destined to get her first spanking before leaving her present location.
Maybe she should be bending and holding her ankles or leaning over something so
her rear end would be readily available. But to do it right she should also have
her dress pulled up and her panties down and there she was back to the issue of
should she take off any of her clothes. She guessed she could have the
underpants pulled down a little so they wouldn't technically off. Nothing she
did was going to get him to go any easier on her but if she was going get a
spanking she could be a little cooperative. Then she remembered that he had said
nothing about what was going to happen and she should probably wait to see what
the plan was before she did anything but the question of how to wait was still
Further worry about the proper position became moot as the door opened and to
her surprise it was not Jason but the one who told her to wait in the first
place. He said, "Jason and Sally are getting the room ready. We'll go there
shortly. By the way, they're going to join us this evening."
Alice didn't know what to think about this revelation and didn't have much time
for conjecture as he unzipped her dress and pulled it forward so the top part
slid down her arms to her wrists but not off. Her slip was a little tight coming
over her chest as he pulled it down to her waist also. Her arm movement was
limited but there wasn't anything she had to do so they hung uselessly as he
unhooked her bra in the back and raised it up so her breasts were exposed. She
sighed as he stroked her and the door opened again.
The maid she who had gotten spanked a few weeks ago entered, curtseyed and said,
"I've brought those things Jason said you wanted Sir. Oh! Good evening Ma'am. Am
I interrupting something?"
Even though Alice had been nude in front of everybody in the house twice and had
no secrets unexplored by sight or touch, she was embarrassed to be in this
partial state of undress. However, except for her initial greeting, the girl
seemed to think nothing of the circumstances when her employer answered her.
"No, not at all. In fact she was just getting prepared for the you and the items
in that bag."
The first two little things he took out were familiar to Alice but the young
maid had never seen anything like them before. She watched in fascination as
Alice's nipples were kissed, nibbled and pinched to provide ample extension so
the tiny clamps could bite down and maintain a good grip. On seeing Alice's
expression the girl stated the obvious. "That look like it hurts."
Alice assured her that it did and added that it would only get worse until the
one who put them on decided it was time to take them off. Speaking of him, with
the help of the young lady he put Alice's clothes to rights so she was again
modestly covered and you could barely make out the extra little bumps through
her clothes. However, her face told a different story.
The same sweet face also didn't like the next thing that came into view.
Although she had a small romantic attachment to his paddle she wasn't too keen
on it showing up outside of the soundproofed room.
He turned to the maid and said, "I'm sure you agree that when Jason punished you
it was well deserved."
The girl nodded and he continued, "I'm glad you feel that way. Keep that
attitude. However, when Alice gave you another swat it was not part of your
chastisement but a whim of hers. I remember you saying your slap on her bottom
was not comparable since you had already undergone a relatively severe spanking.
I concur with your opinion. I feel you should know I spanked her long and hard
after we left you so I'm sure her bottom was eventually as sore as yours was by
the time we went to bed. But that was then and this is now. It is my intention
to let various members of the staff have a turn at giving her more than a token
swat. Since you were the first one she put her hand to it is only appropriate
that you be the first one other than Jason or me to give her a proper spanking.
It goes without saying that we can strike much harder than a little slip of a
girl like you so I want you to use this paddle instead of your hand. You can sit
here and she will raise her dress and get over your lap. You may have the honor
of taking down her panties and then you may spank her until I tell you to stop."

With sparkling eyes the girl sat down and with tearful and dejected eyes, Alice
did as he commanded. Unfortunately, the lap in question was so small Alice
barely fit and it was obvious that the spanker wouldn't be able to hold her in
position even with Alice's cooperation so a change in their relative positions
was necessary. Now Alice was on the chair or at least her hands were. Her dress
was gathered on her back and the only thing that stood between her and the
paddle was thin and, of course, sexy. Do I need to say it didn't stay covering
anything significant for long? I didn't think so. Now Alice was the picture of
loveliness. He bare bottom was waiting to feel the first sting and her face was
a mixture of apprehension and discomfort from those two little biters under her
The first swat landed and it was tentative at best but with encouragement from
the other one still standing they got better and better. Or worse and worse
depending on whether you were looking at the seat of the chair or looking at the
seat of Alice.
The one attached to the prettier seat knew better than to stand up when he
called a halt to the proceedings so she didn't see the last two items from the
bag. But it didn't take her long to figure out the next part of his plan as he
explained that the funny looking object was designed to be put into Alice's rear
end and the flared base and thick top would prevent it from being ejected. Not
that it gave her any great pleasure but it was a small relief when he said the
other thing was a tube of lubricant to make insertion a little easier. Of
course, he was referring to how easy it would be for the one putting it in. The
comfort of the one to be impaled was not the primary objective. Alice couldn't
see how large it was but she could feel it and it stretched he going in until
the ever so slightly thinner section arrived and the flared base was touching
Satisfied with the result, he had the girl pull the half-mast panties back into
place and Alice was allowed to rise. She was not a happy camper. Her nipples was
hurting, her bottom felt like it was on fire and she had what felt like a
two-by-four embedded in her. Nevertheless, she was obedient and curtseyed to
thank the girl for beginning her night's punishment. She got a perky, "You're
welcome Ma'am." and the maid was dismissed.
Alice looked at him and asked, "I'm wearing this thing in me to get that part of
ready for something else, aren't I?"
He nodded and she should have kept her mouth shut because she probably would've
been, if not happier, at least a little less concerned if she hadn't asked her
next question. "Will it be one of the rubber things or will you want to use that
Actually, it wasn't the question that was so bad it was the answer. "Neither, it
will be Jason who takes his pleasure in that manner with you."
Her jaw dropped open but she was speechless as he held out his arm. Her head
hung in shame and humiliation at the thought of another man using her for sexual
gratification but there was no arguing against it. She took his arm and he
escorted her to their playroom. Walking was as difficult as you can imagine and
she now had the added baggage of knowing a little of what lay in store as well
as the paddle he made her carry. She had no doubt but that she would feel it
again before this visit was over and, to be sure, a much stronger arm would
wield it. In all likelihood, it would be the arm she was now holding onto for
love and support but then again, she couldn't be sure of anything except that it
was going to be a long night.
The first thing Alice noticed when they arrived was Sally. Her attire, if you
can call it that, consisted of leather cuffs on her wrists and a matching set on
her ankles. The spreader bar was attached to them to facilitate her repeated
self-insertion of the two rubber toys. Judging by the state of her bottom she
also had gotten her first spanking of the evening and it looked like it had been
a good one.
For a moment Alice forgot her own problems and it felt perfectly natural to have
two men remove her clothes. She grimaced at the conflicting sensations of relief
and renewed pain when the nipple clamps came off but the plug in her bottom
stayed in place. She was sent to the table to put two other sets of cuffs on
herself and when she turned around to look at Sally from this side she saw the
other pair of nipple clamps in use.
That's about the time she remembered how she felt performing the forced
masturbation as she watched another female bottom receive painful attention. The
chair strategically placed in front of her friend and Jason sitting down let her
know she would be fulfilling a similar function in this reversed role scenario.
But there were a few minor differences. First, her bottom was already quite red
so there wouldn't be much change in color and second, she still had that rather
offensive thing implanted in her back door.
Eager to provide his girlfriend with the added impetus, Jason wasted no time
peppering Alice with spank after spank. When his hand inadvertently landed on
the butt plug it not only got an extra rise out of Alice but also was an
unpleasant experience for his own fingers. To prevent further discomfort to his
hand he slid her a little farther over his lap so her thighs became the focus of
his efforts. The serving girl had neglected this area earlier so there was some
pale skin reddened after all. Alice wasn't quite to the screeching level but she
did cry a lot and prayed her friend would finish her job so Jason could end his.

Since the butler was occupied it fell to the other man to keep Sally from
falling as she let everyone know she had accomplished her assigned task. Nobody
was happier for her than Alice. That is until she stood on unsteady feet and saw
her most recent spanker unzipping his fly and picking up the lubricant from the
table. She meekly got down on her knees and rested her elbows on the floor. He
gave her some tissues and she used then first to wipe the tears from her eyes
and them to wrap the plug when he took it out.
She wasn't empty for more than a few seconds. The intruder she wore from the
library had done its job and the real thing entered with little trouble. Alice
may not want to admit it out loud but it was not an unpleasant experience. Her
sexual need had been building from the moment her lover suggested a special
visit and the small pain from the clamps, the humiliating paddling she got from
the maid and the walk with the butt plug increased her desires. This last
episode did nothing to decrease her cravings. When Sally got spanked while Alice
was masturbating last time it was very exciting and despite how much Jason's
hand hurt, she found the opposite true this evening. Seeing Sally's expressions
and gyrations while getting her own hindquarters spanked was also arousing. The
shame of being given to another man for his pleasure was almost overwhelming but
she was happy to be showing her total submission.
Who was she kidding? She wanted sexual contact so bad it didn't matter who was
attached to the wonderful thing inside her. This method of intercourse wasn't
her favorite but it was close enough so it wasn't long before she felt her
orgasm crashing over her. She was still riding the wave when he found his goal.
Before she knew it she was rolled over and a very familiar face was looking down
into hers while an equally familiar part of him made good use of where he found
the most pleasure. She kind of liked him there too.
Jason washed himself, unhooked the spreader bar from Sally and removed her
nipple clamps while the other two were busy on the floor. When they came up for
air Jason and Sally had set out refreshments for everyone. Once again, the men
enjoyed watching the uncomfortable squirming of two sore backsides on hard
chairs and one of them couldn't forget that the man who usually saw to its agony
in this room still hadn't touched her. That was yet to come.
The wait wasn't a long one. After a quick trip to the bathroom Alice was
standing in the center of the room. A panel in the ceiling she never noticed
before was open and a steel cable with a ring at the end was hanging down. Her
wrist cuffs were hooked together and then to the ring on the cable. Long ropes
went from her ankles to the heavy table on one side and the bed on the other and
were pulled tight to stretch her thigh muscles. Then the cable was wound up into
a winch in the ceiling till her feet, stretched as far apart as they could go,
were lifted an inch off the floor but it might as well have been a mile.
Sally approached her and mouthed, "I'm sorry." Alice managed a smile and a nod
as if to say she understood and arched her back to present her chest for
manipulation and the little silver clamps. Then Sally was strapped face down on
the table so she couldn't see her friend. Alice was whipped with a thin strap
from her waist to her knees. Both front and back and everything between. Unlike
the time he used the riding crop on these areas, he did not neglect the place
`where a girl should feel nothing but pleasure'. Although Sally couldn't see
what was going on she could certainly hear it and each screech sent shivers down
her spine. To keep her mind off her friend's troubles, Jason stood behind her
and gave her an occasional swat with the paddle, the riding crop, the tawse, and
a few with a cane for good measure.
The fellows left Alice hanging in more ways than one and it was Sally's turn to
give herself to someone other than Jason. He was not neglected however. He sat
in a chair and Sally had her head in his lap with her delightful mouth wrapped
around him. Her legs were straight and a few feet apart as the other man used a
more traditional entryway. Not everybody in the room was having a good time but
three out of four isn't bad.
The three engaged in the more strenuous activity finally finished and Sally was
sent to remove the clamps from the fourth. However, Alice was not released from
the cables and ropes until the room was straightened up and Sally fully dressed.
Only then were Alice's ropes removed and the cable lowered so she was free
again. Jason took her cuffs and while he stowed them and closed the closet door
she was carried to the bed. She was sore all over but determined to use all her
feminine wiles and skills to get the now naked man into the mood to give her the
sexual attention that rightfully belonged to her.
She was successful and fell asleep satisfied.

From then on, the visits to the special room often included Jason and Sally. The
maid found herself needing the same kinds of severe punishments Alice received
and Jason was all too happy to see her get them. He also took a more active role
in Alice's implement enhanced discipline and for all practical purposes, there
were two men who shared equally in the use and abuse of the two women. To be
honest, the four of them couldn't have been happier although happy is not
exactly the word to describe the emotions of the females during the sessions
As Alice had predicted, intimate contact between her and Alice did not stop at
preparing each other's breasts for the clamps and masturbating each other with
the rubber penises. They were required to pleasure each other orally but to
their credit as heterosexuals, it took it took extra motivation from a man
wielding a small but effective whip on the bottom of the one using her mouth.
That was only necessary the first time. Since then they obeyed due to their
submissive nature more than fear of any punishment although they still preferred
sexual contact with males.
However, the part they disliked the most was when Sally was ordered to spank
Alice and vice versa. They hated having to bring any more pain and suffering to
their best friend but also knew better than to disobey. They were assured that
if their efforts were lacking both men would take over and be much more severe
to both the one receiving the whipping and then to the one who failed in giving
it. It was hard to tell which of them was crying more during the process and the
men took pity on them in that they only required each one to punish the other
once but they were a lot more than short and simple spankings.
Outside of the correction room they were monogamous but during these sessions
their bodies were available to give pleasure to either man and sometimes both
simultaneously. Oddly enough, there was never any jealously. They knew the rules
and if the man who loved them tenderly and sweetly in their own beds chose to
satisfy his lust in another slave it was his prerogative. Besides, in time they
realized that neither one was used any more or less than her compatriot.
Sally was spared public humiliation but Alice was not although none of the
events were as bad as the night she was stripped and fondled by the whole staff.
Instead he would think up little ways to test her compliance. For instance, one
night they had dinner and a quiet evening in the library. Just like a normal
evening except that she was only wearing her sexiest underwear and she was the
one who had to go to the kitchen when he wanted coffee. Then there was the
afternoon he gave her a laundry marker and sent her to the chauffeur and the
gardener for their autographs across her breasts. The good news was that she was
allowed to keep her T- shirt and bra on during her trip to and from her task.
She had to remove them completely in the garage leave them off on her way to the
gardening shed. Only when she took them off back in the office to proudly
display that she had followed orders was it not terribly humiliating. He had
also said he would have other member's of the staff spank her and one night just
before they were about to go to bed he sent her to the cook's room in her sheer
and very short nightgown. The woman was waiting for her with a wooden spoon that
she used quite effectively for a long time. It was a teary eyed girl with a
bright red bottom who returned to her bedroom and after having her sore rear end
slammed into the mattress by the man thrusting into her from above numerous
times, had an wonderful climax.
In regards to Alice's studies which was the real reason for her coming to this
house in the first place, they were completed. She had become her mentor's equal
and was no longer his apprentice but his partner. She soon had a client list as
impressive as his but they still did most of their work together as a team. A
very expensive team to their customers but well worth the money. Often they
would have to travel and many a night in their hotel room she would stand before
him and shed the trappings of a successful businesswoman to briefly expose the
undergarments of woman ready for sex. Occasionally, they would turn up the TV
rather loud. Then a nude body would kneel on the bed with her face buried in the
pillows to muffle her cries as the sounds of a belt striking a willingly offered
bottom echoed off the walls. They were followed by her cries of ecstasy as he
took her hard and rough. She was always grateful for nice soft chairs in the
conference rooms the next day.
There were also times when one or the other of them had to travel alone but
hours on the phone at night eased the pain of separation. It was on one such
night when he was away that he planned a special surprise for her.
She was in the library where she normally took his calls when Jason entered
carrying one of the phones from the office. He was followed by the whole staff
who stood silent as he explained that he had been instructed to install the
speaker phone and they were all to wait for his employer to call. In the
meantime, Alice was to stand in the corner. She wasn't sure what was going to
happen but she knew she probably wouldn't like it and that it would also be very
arousing. Alice felt a stirring in her loins as she went to her assigned
location. It was also the first time since her debut that she had to show her
submission in front of everyone. She had forgotten just how humiliating that
could be until now and was glad her face was buried in the corner so she didn't
have to look at them. At least this time she was fully clothed but she didn't
have much hope she would stay that way for long.
She jumped as the phone rang and Jason answered it. A voice she loved asked if
everything was ready. Then he spoke directly to her. "I'm sorry I can't be with
you tonight but I'll be with you in spirit. Move to the center of the room."
He face was starting to turn red as she faced the assembly. He asked Mary to
describe Alice's dress and said, "Ah! Yes. One of my favorites. Now, describe
her slip."
When she said it was not visible he answered sternly. "I don't like to repeat
myself. I want you to tell me which slip she is wearing. Do whatever is
necessary but I expect an answer."
There was silence for a few seconds while Mary moved to Alice and the
disembodied voice said, "Don't leave me in suspense. Tell me what you're doing."

Mary responded, "I'm unzipping her dress. Now I'm pulling it off her shoulders
and sliding it down. She's wearing her white silk slip."
"Very good. Where is her dress?"
With a smile the serving girl told him, "I've taken it off and folded it over
the chair."
"Good girl Mary. Thank you."
The next one he questioned was the maid who had paddled Alice and he only had to
ask her to tell him about his lover's underwear once. He heard her tell how she
was lifting the hem of the slip up and over Alice's head and sending the garment
to rest with the dress. Then she could answer his question.
Alice stood submissively while she was stripped. The cook was next and her
assignment was to remove Alice's shoes, stockings and garter with running
commentary on the state of Alice's embarrassment, which was getting worse by the
minute. The gardener was selected to take off her bra and express his opinion on
the look and feel of the area he uncovered. He said they were very nice to the
touch but were a little small for his taste. The voice laughed and directed his
bedmate to put her arms behind her back and thrust her chest out so the gardener
could see if that made her a little more to his liking. Now his taste test
involved his mouth on her before he answered, "The breasts themselves still
leave a little to be desired but you should see how well her nipples are
standing at attention."
The chauffeur was next and there was only one piece to go. He pulled it down
ever so slowly and all were treated to a wonderfully descriptive litany
extolling every inch he uncovered. He rated her bottom to be near perfect. Round
and firm and crying out to be spanked. Without any instructions from the phone
Alice opened her legs to facilitate his next explorations and to the surprise of
absolutely no one, judged the wet and inviting opening as a gateway to heaven.
Alice's heart stopped when the voice responded, "And you shall have it. After
she's gotten a few spankings you can see if those pearly gates actually lead to
paradise. I can assure you they do but you can find out for yourself."
The next order was for Alice to go about the room and for each one of them to
verify the last man's comment about how ready she was for intercourse. Hand
after hand poked and prodded and increased the desire and mortification of the
naked woman. By the time she returned to center stage she was panting in shame
and lust.
Young Mary was to only one present who had not yet had a chance to give Alice a
good spanking so she was the obvious choice to be the first of the evening to
bring out the color of Alice's bottom to match the redness of her face. Unlike
the other maid, Mary was a large girl who had no trouble placing and holding
Alice on her lap. She was also a strong woman who did not restrain her desire to
truly punish a member of the "upper class". The man in the hotel room heard the
sounds of slaps and cries for a long time before he told Mary to stop. Everyone
in the room agreed that both ends of Alice were now similar shades of red but he
was not through with his partner's bottom just yet.
Alice was draped over the table and her stockings used to tie her hands to the
opposite legs. Unknown to Alice, Jason had brought the cane to the library
earlier in the day and he now produced it from its hiding place. Fearing that
Alice's screams would damage the phone lines her panties were stuffed into her
mouth. The cane was passed to each person who gave her two of the best strokes
they could manage. Sally took the thing reluctantly but a quiet glare from Jason
overcame her reluctance and her two were just as powerful as the rest of them.
Fourteen times the thin rod bounced off the agonized bottom.
When the gag was removed the phone asked what she wanted now. Gasping for air
she said, "I want you inside me."
She knew what his response would be. "Unfortunately for me, that is physically
impossible at the moment but I designate the men there to act as my proxy. Jason
has proper protection for them and they should be about ready to perform on my
behalf. All that is necessary is for you to ask them."
She cried for a moment but her need was stronger than her dishonor. With a
trembling voice she made the most shameful request of her life. She didn't know
which one plowed into her first but he didn't waste any time in a slow entry nor
did he need to. The familiar feeling of rough clothes rubbing and scraping her
battered skin while being filled to glorious satisfaction swept over her. She
probably would've been happy with the two orgasms she experienced before he
finished but didn't complain about the continuation of this activity with the
next man. She was only dimly aware of the raucous cheers and mostly obscene
suggestions from the ladies present.
Now that Sally did not have to hurt her friend physically she joined in the
shouts and acclamations but when she urged Jason to have his turn she whispered,
"Save a little for me later." He smiled and answered, "A request like that might
cost you and it will be your bottom to pay the price." She knelt at his feet,
took him in her mouth for a moment and put his rubber on before saying, "I hope
so but let me be the one to tell you how I want you to do it." She gave the part
of him about to enter Alice another little kiss and he agreed to her demand.
In the heat of the moment, and I do mean heat, Alice had forgotten about Jason
so was mildly surprised to feel a third man move in and make himself at home. Of
course, a man should never treat his home so violently and the front of her
thighs were starting to hurt from repeated contact with the table edge. However,
she just catalogued that as another form of punishment that went along with her
debasement and it added to the passion of submission and sexual gratification.
When she was allowed to stand and face her attackers she had a hard time staying
on her feet as she thanked them for their attentions. Everyone gave her a hug
and a kiss on the cheek before leaving her alone with her man or at least his
voice. Jason had brought two other items in the library along with the cane and
her conversation with her lover consisted of giving him a detailed description
of the feelings and sensations of one of the rubber penises being lubricated and
used in the hole the men had neglected.
When she hung up she gathered her clothes and didn't bother putting them back as
she took her tired, abused and satisfied body to bed.
In Jason and Sally's room there was a familiar scenario being played out.
Familiar that is, to Alice but new to the present occupants. In their intimate
conversations where the two women shared their secrets and vivid descriptions of
sex with their men Alice had told Sally about the things she and her lover did
in hotel rooms. Now it was Sally who had her face in a pillow and Jason's belt
landing on the upraised bottom. Each resounding slap stoking a fire that would
take hours to put out.

Everyone understood Alice's dual role of mistress of the house and part time
slave/sexual plaything to the staff. No one took undue liberties with her or
mentioned the times she was given to them for humiliation and/or punishment
which now occurred about once a week whether he was present or not. The
speakerphone became a permanent fixture in the library but they both liked it
better when he was able to enjoy watching as well as listening to her when she
was given to one or more of the staff for a bit of bottom warming. Although none
of there punishments were quite as painful as what she and Sally received from
their men in the correction room they were usually more than enough to bring out
tears and a bright red glow. No entrance to her body was safe from serving the
men or from the women's attentions with the rubber toys. She would be made to
suffer climax after climax and in the back of her mind was the knowledge that
the evening would end in her bedroom with one last really good spanking just
before hitting the sheets. Her orgasms with him were always the best ones.
Punishment and humiliation were such a part of the life at the estate it should
come as no surprise that Sally and Alice were not the only females who found a
warm rear end to be a very effective aphrodisiac. The cook and the gardener were
often together and after trying to hide her look of contentment and occasional
unwillingness to sit while she prepared dinner they announced their intention to
live together. Everyone was happy for them but not at all astonished. Mary was
the one bold enough to ask, "Does he spank you and do you like it?"
The woman blushed and her lover answered by demonstration. He pulled her over
his knee, bared her bottom and started slapping as he said, "Yes I do. No
offense to the mistress but I prefer a woman with a full bosom and an ample
bottom that likes to be spanked. I've found both right here but she'll have to
tell you if she likes it or not herself."
He ceased swatting and stood her up. She held his hand as she faced the
audience. "If you weren't here I would give him a piece of my mind about
stopping so soon." After exchanging kisses he said quietly but loud enough for
all to hear, "Tonight you will sleep in my bed but not until after I give that
big bottom of yours a real tanning." She held him and said she couldn't wait.
The crowd showed their appreciation at finding two more spanking aficionados in
their midst.
When the applause died down the chauffeur looked at the tiny maid and she nodded
her head. He led her to the chair and a hushed silence fell over the room as he
gently and lovingly stripped her. She stood proudly as her charms were exposed
and was not ashamed of the fact that Alice did not have the smallest breasts in
the house. His huge hand pushed them out a little farther with his thumb
twiddling one nipple while the other fingers were squeezing the opposite number
between them. It wasn't till he had her over his lap and rested that monstrous
paw on her rear end that he spoke. "As long as others are announcing intentions
to form long term relationships this seems the perfect night to tell you we are
also going to share living quarters. And before Mary has to ask."
He raised his hand and briefly exposed its diminutive target before coming down
hard. When it landed it covered the entire surface and she yelped. It was,
however, only the shock of the first swat that caused her outburst and she
endured the next dozen with only a few grimaces. He stopped at her first real
cry of pain and in nothing flat she was back on her feet. She wasn't on them
long as he picked her up for some kisses and her toes were at least six inches
off the floor. The results of the short spanking weren't visible since he had
that very same hand wrapped around her rear end and holding her up. Not only was
the area well covered but his fingers were able to reach between her legs. The
expression her face even when he wasn't kissing her convinced everyone where his
hidden fingertips were lodged. After this brief display of passion he too
promised a longer visit over his knee later.
The only damper on the occasion was concern for Mary. She was the sole resident
without a partner. She saw their worried looks and said, "Don't bother about me
tonight. We have lots to celebrate and it's a happy occasion. Besides, I have a
boyfriend in town who takes care of my needs and I guess that we're a lot like
you. He spanks me whenever he can and I love it. I was going to ask if maybe you
could find a position for him here so we could be together more. We'd still do
our jobs but it would be nice to have him around and even though there are two
more rooms available as of today, he could stay with me and be no bother."
Her employer asked what other skills he had besides spanking and making love to
one of his staff members. Mary took a deep breath and said, "He is a very good
carpenter and cabinet maker and since the old carpenter left a few years ago the
workshop is unused and he is much better than the contractors you have to bring
in from time to time and you have to admit there are lots of things around the
house that could use a little fixing up and improvement and I know he would do a
good job and."
The one who asked the question held up his hand to stop the lengthy verbal
resume and smiled. "Have him come and see me tomorrow. If he's as good as you
seem to think he is he can have the job. I've wanted to find a replacement for
old Sam but haven't found the right combination of skills and the proper mindset
about corporal punishment of grown women to fit into this household. Believe it
or not, your confession about his ability to spank you could be the deciding
Mary hugged him and re-enforced her description of his non- woodworking
abilities. "Oh yes! He's a wonderful spanker. Usually he can only go so far
because I might make too much noise in his apartment but we've snuck onto the
estate lands and used the little cabin by the creek so he could really give it
to me. He's as good as Jason when it comes to using his hand but he likes to
send me out to cut a switch. After I've picked a good one I have to leave my
clothes hanging on the tree that supplied it and return to him nude and
trembling. He's a firm believer in corporal punishment and also knows how to
satisfy the other urges that come along with it. I'm sure he'll fit in nicely
and to prove it, I'd like it you would lend him your paddle so he can
demonstrate his ability on me when you introduce him to the staff."
Again her ode to his prowess was met with a smile and a promise to give him
careful consideration. Then he called for Jason to get out the best champagne
and the party was underway. Since the maid chose not to bother putting her
clothes back on the cook followed suit. Her ample bottom was not a new sight
since she had undergone a few of Jason's punishments during her tenure and was
also revealed during the gardener's recent sample spanking. Although there was
no way anyone could not have been aware that her breasts was larger than most,
seeing them revealed in all their glory was breathtaking. In the course of the
party everyone just had to get a hand on as much of them as they could. Only the
chauffeur was able to totally engulf even one of the massive orbs. The smaller
exposed pair was also fondled extensively by the crowd and in the spirit of fun
the two naked ladies stood next to each other and turned sideways. The
difference in their profiles was so great it was comical but neither woman had
any envy for the other's attributes. Additionally, the well wishers gave both
women more than few good swats on their ample or diminutive rears.
Mary was given leave to spend the night with her boyfriend and if there was
anyone otherwise unengaged, and there wasn't, but if there were and they could
see into the occupied bedrooms, they would have discovered no less that four
good long spankings occurring simultaneously.
The rich are nothing if not paranoid so Mary's friend was subject to an
extensive background check as well as long interviews with the master of the
house and Jason as head of staff. It took a week to satisfy all their
requirements and he was hired. As requested, Mary got to perform the
introductions and presented him with her employer's paddle. He refused it and
gave her a package instead. She hissed, "I love presents but I told them you
were going to paddle me. Can't this wait till later?" He grinned and said,
"Nope. Open it."
Slightly embarrassed at the change in plans she tore off the gift wrap and there
was a chorus of appreciation for its contents. A beautifully crafted paddle of
laminated hardwoods with her name carved on one side. She kissed her present and
then him before she handed it to him and did what was necessary so she could
stand before him completely nude. As I mentioned earlier, she was a big girl but
he had no trouble handling her and his demonstration spanking was much, much
more than a token display of how to break in a brand new paddle.
His real initiation into the family was few days later. During this time the
library was off-limits to everyone except him and his employer. The end result
was a winch like the one in the correction room concealed above a panel in the
raised wood ceiling. The controls for the panel and the winch were installed
within the molding along the wall and if you didn't know they were there you
would never find them. Another nice touch was a portion of the wainscoting that
would swing open on hidden hinges and also appeared to the untrained eye to be a
normal part of the wall. Behind this panel there was room to store various items
that you might not want your everyday visitor to see.
The unveiling of his handiwork was greeted with awe but as soon as Alice saw the
winch she had an uncomfortable feeling. Seeing the leather cuffs come out of the
new little closet increased her apprehension and her excitement. She almost
stepped forward to receive them but he called Mary to him. Alice was very
surprised when he put the cuffs on the girl's wrists and ankles and attached her
to the ring at the end of the cable. Small pieces of the carpet were expertly
cut so you couldn't see the seams and under them were rings bolted to the floor.
Ropes went from these to the ankle cuffs to keep her legs spread and the winch
pulled her up till her feet left the floor.
The explanation given to the staff was that all of the women would be in a
similar position from time to time for the entertainment of everyone else. He
stated the obvious by telling them that they would, of course, be totally
unclothed. They could see that hanging from the wrists was not very comfortable
and were reassured that for most of the time the cable would be lowered so their
legs could offer some relief to their arms. He demonstrated and when Mary's feet
touched the floor you could see the relief. He went to say that their time
hanging unsupported would be slightly longer than Mary's short illustration and
they would experience the thin strap he took from the cabinet on all parts of
their bodies before being lowered. Then they would remain on display for as long
as necessary and if anyone wanted to do more than touch them the cable would be
extended so they could bend over and hang onto it while pushing their rear ends
out for penetration. However, in light of some innocence among one or more of
them, they could refuse anal intercourse but only on their first appearance. He
expected them and their lovers to see to proper initiation into this art so all
entrances to their bodies were available. Of course, that meant their mouths
also but he didn't think that would be a new experience for any of them. Five
women blushed at that comment but no one contradicted him. After everyone had
their use of them they would stay on the cable for one more hour.
Mary was released and each of the other ladies repeated her quick tour. Alice
was saved as the last exhibit. When she presented her arms for the cuffs he
said, "For you, tonight is the real thing." She was expecting this and
immediately began disrobing but he stopped her. This was going to be the newest
member of the staff's first time at seeing her as something other than the
mistress of the house. Because it was also a celebration of his woodworking
skills, he was going to have the honor of reducing her to a naked slave and
preparing her for punishment.
He stepped aside and the young man took his place. Mary had explained how things
were and that Alice was often given to them for punishment and humiliation she
was to be treated with some manner of respect. So he politely said, "Excuse me
Ma'am." as he commenced her stripping. There was nothing rough or coarse about
him or his demeanor but he couldn't hide his joy at slowly removing each lovely
garment. When all her clothes were put aside he did not command but asked her to
give him her arms for the cuffs. However, Mary had also told him that Alice's
naked body was always available to be touched so after her ankles were encased
in leather he ran his hand up the inside of her thigh. When he met some
resistance he moved her feet apart and continued his journey. To Alice's relief
and frustration, he only wanted to run his hand over her sex and not spend any
time there. He did, however, have no objections to fondling her breasts for a
minute. But what seemed the worst to Alice was when his fingers traced a line up
her neck and stroked her face much as a lover would do and not as the man who
was about to string her up to be whipped.
In a few more minutes her arms were straining to hold her weight and the ropes
pulled her legs apart so far that her thigh muscles were stretched and starting
to ache. She tried to relish this small discomfort knowing that soon it would
pale by comparison to what was coming next. And it seemed the same man who had
just had his hands on her was going to be the one to use the strap on her.
Mary wasn't the only one to have had a talk with him about punishing Alice. He
had also gotten some guidance from his employer and it was that man who would
really control the whipping. As the young man wielded the strap he kept one eye
on the older one who, by subtle gestures, directed where to strike and how much
force to use. The first three strokes were very hard across her bottom as if to
let her know this was not going to be a walk in the park. Then he started on her
breasts but very lightly and the strap was almost caressing her. All of a sudden
she jerked against the ties when he came down hard on them. It continued in this
manner, easy strokes to lull her into relaxing and then all hell would break
It was more than a half-hour later when her feet finally touched the floor
again. Even the slightest touch of the many hands that traced the red lines was
agonizing. When she felt her arms coming down as the winch was lowered she knew
what was next on the agenda without being told. She kept her knees locked and
bent at the waist. She felt hands gripping her hips and then with the impatience
of youth, he shoved in to the hilt.
While she was rocked back and forth on the young man he was saying that it was
slightly awkward for a tall fellow like him to crouch down in order to get the
proper angle of penetration. His employer agreed that it would be a significant
problem for all the men when they had the tiny maid in this position and maybe
they could come up with something adjustable to put under the women's feet to
raise their bottoms to a more suitable height.
Alice was torn between ecstasy and humiliation. It certainly felt good to have
the sexual attentions of a man and there was the familiar degradation of being
used by someone other than her lover. But now there was the added shame of
knowing her body couldn't hold his interest enough to prevent him from carrying
on a conversation about woodworking. Although she normally endured her
semi-consensual rape with as much stoic silence as she could this time it called
for more desperate measures to uphold the honor of women everywhere. She
tightened her muscles and allowed herself to vocalize her enjoyment. Her words
surprised everyone and he returned his mental focus to the woman wrapped around
him. She had his attention now and he did his duty with a lot of enthusiasm and
with the ability to control Alice's movements, really was able to slam into her.
Well, at least she was able to revel in her feminine ability to get his mind
back where it belonged at a time like this.
When he was done the cable pulled her back upright so two of the women could use
artificial penises in her. The one busy in front was pinching her nipples and
the one shoving the other toy into the other hole was adding a few spanks to her
delectable bottom.
Then it was back down so Jason could show how the real thing could use her
smaller entrance to the owner's satisfaction. She stayed bent for the gardener
who was more traditional in his tastes regarding intercourse. Then up again so
the other two women could have their fun and the chauffeur thought he would like
to try something a little different. His solution to the height of the vagina
problem was to untie her ankles and lift her so she could wrap her legs around
his waist as she settled herself onto him. He held her hips and took a few steps
forward and back as he explained how the female could be adjusted so his thrusts
could range from just about vertical to almost horizontal. Another advantage of
his method was that regardless of her angle in relation to the floor and the
thing inside her, she could be moved up and down or even side to side with a
minimum amount of effort since her arms were doing most of the work holding her
Alice usually kept her opinions about the ways she was humiliated and abused to
herself but she felt compelled to comment. "My arms are starting to hurt again
but I've never felt anything like this. It's not bad. In fact its..." She didn't
have to finish her sentence. Her orgasm was very obvious.
The promise that she could keep her feet on the floor during the post
festivities display time was not as much of a boon as she hoped. Her legs were
too weak to hold her up long and her arms ended up bearing most of her weight
after all. But more important to her than the aches she felt all over was that
there was still one more person who hadn't laid a finger (or other more
interesting parts) on (or in) her and he was the one she wanted to please the
most. In all the times she publicly satisfied someone else's sexual needs (and
usually her own too) he had never taken advantage of her in that way. Sex with
him was always in a private setting or with Jason and Sally in the other room.
She raised her head and looked directly at him and said, "Please. Take your turn
now. I need to feel you. Lower the cable and take me. Please." He operated the
controls and it was a tired but happy Alice who gladly pushed out her bottom and
in a few seconds was gloriously filled.
She remained open and displayed for another hour and the servants had long since
left to pursue their pleasures with their respective partners but the one who
loved her wanted to see her endure the full allotment of time in that position.
It wasn't too bad as he spent a good deal of that time holding her and doing a
lot of kissing and the like. He had to carry her to bed and eventually they
They were quite happy together and one night after dinner he was the one on his
knees in front of her. He had taken all she had to give but he was a nervous as
a schoolboy when he asked for one more thing, her hand in marriage. Shortly
thereafter, the staff was assembled and told of the good news and everyone
started planning for the wedding. Alice's parents finally got to meet her beau
and were favorably impressed. Her father swelled with pride when he was told he
did a fine job of raising his daughter and teaching her proper discipline. He
was unaware of how his training Alice to take her punishments without question
was such an important part in establishing his daughter and her fiance's
relationship. Everything went off without a hitch and it was the grandest
reception ever seen in those parts.
The other couples in the house eventually married each other also and everybody
lived happily ever after except for that one incident involving the Ferris
wheel, the flute player and the cookie jar but that's another story.
The End