The Photo Shoot

By: Princesscuff

 She was blonde.... had eyes of a seductress.  When she was a bartender a customer once told her she could have anything she wanted and would always get her way with her eyes..... and she knew how to work them to her advantage.  She had lips shaped like a bowtie.... and what a perfect bowtie they made wrapped around a nice hard erect cock.

 She struggled to raise her boys alone.... she had 3 to be exact and they were her pride and joy.  What she wouldn't do for her boys.  She worked full time but also sold lingerie to make extra money so her boys could do things, and go to summer camps and play sports.

 She was looking in the rearview mirror making sure her lipstick looked all right and that her hair was wild yet tamed in a playful way.  She looked good she thought to herself considering the night she had before.  She was nervous but not to the point of sickness like she was known to get.  Her co-worker was hostessing this party to help her get going in the business of selling lingerie.  She arrived, unloaded and got things set up for the show.  Was a beautiful house and she imagined herself living in something just as cozy.  She had met her co-workers husband a couple of times on the phone but never face to face.  He sounded sexy enough.  "He's married", she reminded herself.  Not that she didn't like fucking married men, she enjoyed it.  No strings attached, didn't have to answer to anyone, see them only when you wanted to for that fact of the matter. Was a perfect set up to her?  But she wasn't going to go there again.

 Guests started to arrive, women of many sizes and ages.  One gal stuck out to her.  She didn't like her right off the back.  It wasn't because she was skinny...she acted all prim and proper and she just didn't like women who acted so prudish.  They were usually the rudest and held the most secrets. She was thin...but she wasn't sexy.  Women can be thin or larger and be sexy or not be sexy.  It is all in how they present themselves.  She knew how to be sexy and knew how to get what she wanted.

 Just as the party was getting started, the hostess's husband came home.  He was older, probably in his late 50's, shaved head, and what really caught her eye, he was wearing wranglers. Nothing made her mouth water more than a man in wranglers.  Not to mention her second biggest desire was a cop, he was an ex cop and her third biggest desire and weakness was a man in military, and he was retired military.  This guy had all of her biggest desires all in one package sealed with wranglers.  How she thought about unwrapping him!  She knew his eyes had caught her glances.  She blushed and turned away.  Had to get this party done and get out of there.  He made her nervous for some reason...... nervous in a "her panties are wet" sort of way.

 After the party was over she lingered for a bit and visited with her friend and then got on her way.  She thought of him the whole way home.  There was just something about him.  She desired him and knew who she would be thinking of as she masturbated that night.

 Back to the grind at work...he called a couple of times and they had shared emails as she sent emails to her friend and her friends husband all the time.  He asked her one time when he called, "What is your limit on the kinds of emails you receive?"  She replied quite innocently, "Nothing offends me" and so he sent her some emails.  They were of soft pornographic material.  She knew right then that she wanted this man, more than she had wanted a man in a very long time.  She wanted this man to tie her up in bondage and have his way with her.  She just didn't know if he was open to that.  She enjoyed his emails and replied with giggles and thank yous.  She took the chance and sent him a picture of a gal tied up in bondage.  She waited.... he responded that he liked it..... Then he sent her some telling her that if she wore these to her lingerie parties that he wanted to be there.  Mmmmmmm...she thought, wonder what comes next.  God how she wanted this man.  She wanted him to tie her up, cuff her, restrain her and make love to her and to lick her pussy with his mouthwatering lips.  His tongue.  She wanted this man.

Leaving work one night he was driving up...she saw him coming and her heart beat fast and quick.  She would love to take him right then and there.  They exchanged a few innocent laughs and he was gone.

She was beginning to dream about him at work and in bed.  He called at work, "Did you check out the websites I sent you?"

"Yes I did and I loved them."

He replied, "I wasn't sure what you liked."

"Like I said, nothing offends me.  I will send you some pictures of what I like tonight.

She sent him the pictures and some bondage sites, and waited to see if he would respond again.  He did.  He told her how he carries cuffs in his truck, and that he welded and would make some things for her, belly chain, ankle chain.  MMMM...what fun she could have with this guy.  She wanted him and he wanted her.

Then come her insecurities.  Why would he want me she asks herself?  I'm to fat, he can't be serious?  See, she wasn't always heavy.  She had a beautiful body until after so long of being abused and hurt and beaten and put down, she had to protect herself.  She could never please him so why not become what he would truly hate.  And that is what she did.  She hate's the way she looks, is insecure and won't get naked in front of man for anything...she disgusts herself...she hides within herself.  But she opens the door slightly for this man.

After talking online for some time he tells her he has a digital camera.  He sends her a picture of his erect cock.  "Not bad for an older man," she responded.  He told her "We need to take a photo shoot of you all tied up sometime."  She excited at the thought of it.  Him tying her up and then taking pictures of his work.  All she could think of was being tied up, and sucking his cock with the camera on them.  Let the good times roll.

She was off work one day and he invited her out. She took her two children that were home at the time and he lived on the lake/river so they went outside to play and catch garden snakes and he kissed her when they were out of sight.  The excitement of it sent chills down her spine and wetness in her panties.  The taste of his tongue with a hint of cigarettes (she used to smoke) and manliness throbbing against her leg.  God this man was wonderful and she was going to rock his world.  They kissed for a bit and she gently pushed him back towards his and his wife's bed.  He laid down and she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants..... he was ready for her and she was ready for him.  She leaned down and took his hard erect cock into her mouth.  She slid her tongue slowly down his shaft and glided it up and down...then she took it all in her mouth and sucked it like a juicy watermelon lollipop.  God she was hot to the thought and the feel of him in her mouth..."I am not going to last long sweetheart" he replied...this gave her the incentive to go harder and get him to cum in her mouth.... Mmmmmmm...he released into her mouth and whimpered and moaned, she smiled to herself at the thought of bringing this man she wants so badly to pleasurable moans.  She wanted him deep inside her pussy but she knew her children were outside and that it would not be appropriate.  They could walk in at any moment.  Sure he stood to button his pants he stood behind her and caressed her neck with kisses, "Mom, do snakes bite?"  They quickly went into the other room and answered the child.

 I had better get going she told him...and they left.

 Later that week he calls her and asks if she wants to go for a drive in the county for a photo shoot?  "Would love to" she tells him.  They meet at the lake junction (halfway for them each) and they drive to the hills.  She loves it up here, the fresh air; the scenery...was all so breathtaking and private.  He was breathtaking to her.  Her pussy was wet and hot and moist all in one at the thought of what she knew was coming her way.  He parked after some time driving to a very secluded and private area.  There was a cattle grate and crossing and a gate not to far away down the road.   There were so many possibilities of what could come of this photo shoot out here.  Trees, gates, bushes, cattle crossings...unlimited possibilities.

 He parks and gets out of the vehicle and in the back of his truck he pulls out some ropes, leather and chain restraints, a flogger, his camera and last but not least - his handcuffs.  She smiles with excitement and pleasure that has already welled up in her.... she can feel her clit harden and the juices dampening her panties.  He also pulls out some fluffy pillows and a black fuzzy blanket.  She liked the looks of this day.

 He had requested she wear a black dress with no panties on underneath.  She did just that. She slipped her black sandals off, her toes were freshly painted and as he glanced down, he smiled at the tattoo she had and knelt down to kiss it...but as he did this he wrapped the chain around her ankles and locked them in place. He helped walk her over to the cattle gate.  It was made of iron and strong...He stood her up with her back facing the gate and placed her hands behind her back and hooked one cuff on, "click" and then pulled it around the gate and brought her other hand back and "click" cuffed her in place.  Her nipples were erect and he could see this through the top of her dress.  He bent down and playfully bit her right nipple.   He wanted to see her piercing and pulled the dress up and touched each nipple with his manly hands.... caressing the bars and then gently kissing each of them.  "They are so warm" he responded.  She replied, "They are always warm." But they were exceptionally warm with the excitement she felt of his caressing and kissing them.  He went and grabbed the camera.  These were to be the more modest photos he wanted to take.  But to complete the picture, he placed a leather strapped black blindfold on her and then last but not least...after kissing her luscious lips....he placed a ball gag in her mouth and tied it off.  Now she was ready for the camera.  He snapped pictures and took pics from different angles.  All the while his bulge growing harder and harder in his pants.  He had plans for her this night and he could hardly wait to perform them.

 After what seemed like a long time he uncuffed her and unlocked her ankle chains.  "Let's cuff you around a tree now".  He walked her over to a tree that had a large rock lying next to it.  He took her hands and wrapped her arms around the tree and cuffed them as if she was hugging this tree.  He then took one leg and placed it up on the rock and locked the foot closest to the tree around the tree and locked it in place.  She was curious at first as to why he had one leg hiked up, then a smile spread across her ball gagged lips...she had a feeling she knew what he was going to do.  She could tell he was taking some pictures..... But then when the snapping stopped, he walked up to her....lifted up her dress and he knelt down.....Her legs were spread perfectly enough apart that he could fit his head between them.  She felt his tongue slowly licking the sides of her thighs, up to her ass and then down to her pussy. God his tongue was hot and moist and full of pleasure. He licked her pussy and sucked on her rings and clit until she was dripping with excitement and moaning pleasures from deep within.  She wanted his tongue in her...she wanted his hard erect cock in her but she knew that would come in time.  She hoped so anyways.  He continued to suck her juices and lick her cunt...her clit hardening and throbbing with pleasure.  He brought her to a strong intense orgasm of pleasure.  No man had made her cum like he had.  No man!

 He uncuffed her and took off the blindfold, she noticed his camera had been on and he had filmed this moment of passion and pleasure.  This excited her even more. She always wanted to have something like this recorded.  Only she wanted to record her sucking him off. Maybe next time she thought to herself.

 He then turned her around and spread her legs apart and placed an extension bar between them and locked them to her ankles.  He then took her and helped her lay down in the grass.  Lil yellow buttercup flowers that grow wild and other various wild flowers surrounded her.  He laid a pillow under her head so she would be comfortable.  He then cuffed her hands above her head to a chain he had linked to a tree and locked around the tree.  She was spread eagle and hands up and ready.  He snapped pictures. She looked so innocent with her creamy milk skin and puckered up full lips and erect nipples.  She has a sight to worship. He took quite a few pictures and then decided he wanted to have his way with her.  He stood above her and undressed.  She was moist and wet at the sight of this.  She wanted him badly and he could feel this within her. He needed and wanted her as badly as she did him.

 He crawled up between her legs and teased her tummy and breasts with his cock...letting his pre-cum trace a trail along her body.  He then took the tip of his cock and teased her cunt with it.  Inserting it in her a bit at a time and then withdrawing it.  Only to continue to do that a couple of more times.  Then when she lest expected it...he thrust himself fully and completely into her. Deep and to the core.  She moaned with pleasure and welcoming.  He thrust into her slowly and gently at first and then hard and rough....Awwww...just like she liked it.  "Ride me cowboy," she moaned. God he felt god inside of her.  He was biting her nipples and pulling her hair with his hands....she liked it rough and powerful coming from him.  She wanted him to show her who had the power.  But then he slowed and gently made love to her...letting her feel him in her, feel his gentleness and feel his excitement in her.

 As they both came in unison and in pure passionate pleasure...they laid and he just kissed and caressed her.  Touching her scars and kissing them as if to take them away.  He will never know where they came from and she will never tell...this is the life she wants now.  He made her feel so good and so womanly.  "May I be uncuffed and chained please? " she asks him.  He did as she requested.

She rolled him off from atop her and laid him on his back.  "Now let me saddle up and ride the bull cowboy."  She took his cock and placed her hot warm lips on it....getting him hard and wet, she took her hand and glided it into her pussy and slid down upon him.  God it felt good going inside of her again.  She rode him and gazed at the look of lust and ecstasy in his eyes....bending down to kiss him and kiss his neck, his ears, licking his chest and taking his tongue into her mouth.  She liked the way he kissed and sucked on her tongue and lips.  He was so full of sexuality and she was going to consume him.  She rode and slid her cunt down on his cock time and time again....she leaned up as to go deeper down on him and arched her back as she placed her hands on his chest...gently digging her fingers into him (not to leave any marks but to feel him tighten up before orgasm) her head thrusts back and she screams a moan in pure pleasure...."Fuck it and let me ride you baby" he thrust deep into her and moaned and released his own pleasure deep up in her.  She grinded down onto his cock and just let their juices flow together.  She hopped off and licked him clean...licked his cock and shaft....tasting the mixture of their juices.

 As they came to from being in a trance of ecstasy they picked up their chains and locks and walked back to the truck.  They picked up the camera and climbed in.  "Thank you for such pleasure" she told him.  "You really know how to please and touch a woman."  He kissed her again and his kiss, burned on her lips, his touch, on her fingertips.

 Reflecting on the day as she was going home and he went his way, she realized what fun this could be.  She wasn't out to ruin his marriage or her friendship with his wife.  She wanted his pleasure and his desires.  She wanted to play bondage with him and share their sexual appetites as she can't find a match to her own and neither can he.