The Beginning

Karen’s adventure into freedom

By Princesscuff



I am sitting here wearing handcuffs with my arms behind my back.

My friend is rubbing my shoulders and neck.

I am about to fall asleep and feel as if I just died gone to heaven.

I am more Relaxed than I ever could believe was possible.

The setting is hardly elegant.

I am in the back room of a small office area.

I am sharing my space with a copy machine and old refrigerator.

I could care less.  I could not be more relaxed if I were in a $10,000 a day suite.

What is so special is the lack of responsibility

Here I am a professional businesswoman dressed for power.

Jacket, light brown tweed, which my friend has taken off before putting me in the handcuffs.  Warm cream blouse; slip over with three back buttons, brown slacks that are tailored to my body, not to tight or to loose, just right.  A bra of soft silky satin and it is cream colored of course so it does not show through the blouse.  Panties high cut and lacy and also of silky satin, white and fresh.  Pantyhose, suntan and very silky and matching brown ankle boots.   My make up is perfect and because of my friend’s wishes I have applied a light red lipstick.   That is a major concession, as I do not ever wear lipstick during the day.  

I am sitting in a regular office chair, straight back and not all that comfortable, but at this point it could be an orange crate or an antique French Love Seat and it would not matter. I am sitting here with my arms behind my back wearing “My” handcuffs.  This position with my arms cuffed behind my back causes my breasts to leap up and out, way out.  I am not a small-breasted woman, but one of perfect size and this simply exaggerates the natural rise of them. 

I have always had sensitive breasts, but today, right now my nipples must look like large ripe red strawberries.  They are totally erect and swollen with desire and the slightest movement of them against my bra is pure fire and pleasure. 


I wonder does he know if he reached down and touched my breasts and took a nipple in his soft gentle fingers that I would have the biggest orgasm of my life.  Right here, right now A total and complete orgasm and without any man inside me, no toys helping, my own long fingers not assisting.   Just him on my nipples and the wonderful feel of the cuffs biting my wrists as I strain and push forward trying to touch my breast against something, anything to complete the circle of this huge orgasm that is building and that I so desperately want.

I feel very feminine.

A lady who is being cherished and attended to as a Queen.

Wow what a feeling!

Let me back up about an hour or so.

I meet my friend at his office, which is part of a warehouse unit, for a quite lunch.  In our talks while we have been getting to know each other he has never made any secret that he loves bondage and that handcuffs are his item of choice for a lady to wear.  He has told me that I can only achieve total freedom of mind and soul and become completely relaxed if I allow him to take control and exchange power with me.   I am now beginning to fully understand what he meant. 

I met him a few months ago I had not really ever given bondage much thought.  He has written several stories for me and directed me to other stories he and others have written.   Bondage is the main focus and the stories have opened a new wave of thinking for me.

Yes as a kid I played tie up games like all kids, and of course being the girl I always was the one tied up by the boys and looking back I realize that I got a little thrill from it.  In college I had a couple of guys want to tie me up and I even let one use a scarf and tie my hands above my head while making love.  I really was not tied all that tight and got nothing from it as he was like most men, only interested in getting off.  He had no timing and never got in touch with my needs or my body and did not care if I got anything from the lovemaking (animal sex in a better description) except to stroke his ego. 

I have of course seen plenty of women tied up in movies and on TV and even as an adult had a lover or two that would hold my hands down while they got off.  If I sound put off by sex I am not really, but I have just never really had a man who cared about me first.  That is something I know my friend is about, caring for my needs first, just from his manner and the way he talks to me. Yes he actually talks to me, not above me or around me but directly to me and then listens to everything I say.  I am actually important and respected by him.   What a difference from most guys.   Actually, he is not a guy, he is a mature man and knows how to treat a lady and appreciate her needs.

I wonder will we ever be lovers?

When we are together he looks deep into my eyes.

This is so unusual as I have never had anyone do that before.  Usually they have their eyes roaming over my body and you just know they are looking at you stripping you naked.

He looks into my eyes and into my soul.  It seems that he knows who I am and what I need and want even before I know it.

He understands me.

He truly makes me laugh.  I tell him he is so funny and it embarrasses him.

I arrived for lunch and he told me he wanted me to see something.

He opened his desk drawer and handed me a pair of handcuffs.

I without question or resistance simply reached out and took them.  The first thing I noticed was how heavy they were, and the second how cold and lifeless they seemed.   Next I could hear a strangely erotic sound as they clicked and clanked together.  He let me hold them without saying a word and let me touch them and look.  I took my thumbs and put into each wrist area and pulled on them.  It sort of gave me a visual of how far apart my wrists would be when I wore them.  

Yes, I had no doubt I would be wearing them.  He took them back and took out his key and went into detail of how they opened and unlocked and how the double lock worked and why it was important.  Then he pushed one of the clasps through the base of the cuff to show me how they opened when not applied to my wrists.  The sound of ratchet and the metal against metal had an awesome effect on me.   I think my knees went visibly weak and I know I started my juices flowing as if a waterfall had turned on. 

I moved right next to him and was touching my leg against his as he showed me how they worked.  This was our first touch of any thing other than a handshake.  I know he was aware of it and I know I could feel the heat building in me.  I could see a visible change in him and in his speech. 

I guess I was not the only one feeling the heat.

He explained that I needed to know for my safety.  What safety?  Simply stated should I be cuffed up and some kind of an emergency arose.   Him having a heart attack, or falling down and getting hurt.   If I were alone and possibly a fire or intruder.  His point was simple. 

This is romantic restraint that he is talking about and not punitive and hurtful or hateful. Respect at its highest level.  Both with total understanding of the needs, wants desire and limits of each other.

My safety and piece of mind is of the highest importance to him.

He respects me.

He said let’s go to lunch.

I was still holding the handcuffs and not quite sure what to do with them.  I only knew I wanted to hang onto them and begin the journey to freedom he has talked about.  I looked at him and he smiled and I slipped them into my purse.   You can not begin to understand the feeling.  I was in total anticipation of what would come next.   We had lunch and I excused my self for the powder room.   I did not need to use it, I needed to take the cuffs out and feel them again.  I have no words to explain the strange hold they possessed over me. 

They are totally addictive.

I went into a stall and sat down and took them out.  I lifted, look and felt.  I ran the ratchets open and closed a couple of times.  All sudden they became alive.  They took on their own existence as they developed music of erotic melody with the chain jangling and the metals crisp clank as they touched each other. I just had to try them on.  I knew I did not have a key so I just barely set them in the first ratchet and had plenty of room left and slipped them on my wrists in front.   I felt it coming.  Yes I was going to get off right here in the rest room at Chilies.   God I have never had that happen before.  I had to be super careful as I reached between my legs to put out the raging fire.  I was totally on fire and every part of my body was alive.  I reached and heard one cuff close a couple of notches.   God was I stuck? I did not have a key, and my friend had the only keys.  I did not care all that much as satisfaction was my need right now and I happily worked my self to climax.  I wonder, did was anyone else in the room and did they hear me?  I do not care. I was badly shaking and because of the cuff closing I was barely able to slip off the cuff.  It did leave a mark but now I was totally hooked.  

My friend had me… And The Cuffs Owned Me Totally!!!!

When I returned to the table I was flushed and tousled.

He looked into my eyes and smiled.

Damn I could have died from embarrassment, but instead he simply took my hand that I had marked and kissed it.   He smiled with a knowing grin, sort of like the classic Cheshire cat and said thank you.

I looked shocked and my eyes got as big as the moon.

Thank YOU?   What?

He smiled and said thank you for accepting his life style and allowing him to introduce me to a whole New World.

That is so wonderful and sweet of him.

Any man I have known before would have laughed at me and probably made fun of me.  Not him.  He Thanked Me.

That is so special!

While I was in the Ladies room he had paid the check and we were ready to go.  Normally we would have stayed and had tea and talked.  He knew I wanted to get out there and to a more private place. 

He just knew.

When we got back to the office he took the chair that I am sitting on now to the little back room.   His main office is fully windowed and visible to any that might walk up. My honor and privacy is very important to him.  I like that a lot.


He did not ask, but simply took off my jacket and hung it up.   I opened my purse and handed him the cuffs.   He applied one to my right wrist and closed it down.  It was not going to come off, yet it was loose enough to not hurt or cause marks unless I pulled or twisted too much.  The sound of the ratchet closing and me starting the journey to freedom was beyond anything I have ever felt in my life. 

I was being born into a New World of total freedom and transformed back into the womb of innocence and no responsibility.   After he applied the first cuff he did not say a word.   I held my arm up and felt the weight and the security of the cuffs.  He did not ask and I instinctively turn my back to him and placed my hands behind my back.  He applied the other cuff to my left wrist and I almost fainted. This was my first time and I felt so very special and knew I was cared for.


I have never in my life felt so special and cared for.


As soon as he released my arms they were both cuffed I gave them a good shakedown.   The cuffs were not going anywhere and I was not getting out of them until he took them off.   I felt totally secure and I could feel the responsible always “on” Karen relax and let him take control and take charge on my world.


I know to any that reads this that the idea of being handcuffed and at the power of someone else seems a little scary was and is until you realize that you are totally free.  Do you understand…? Free, totally free!


No decision making - No pressures - No responsibility.

Then you will realize you have just stepped into a world of its own.   Before I had said when I picked up the cuffs for the first time they were cold and lifeless.   Well now having them on for a few minutes they have taken on my body warmth and become a friend and a part of me.   They are living, not dead, as each little movement sends out a song of erotic music.   Each time I move my arms the gentle clink of the chain on the handcuffs sends shivers though my entire body.   The click of the metal of the handcuffs to each other instantly brings me almost to total body orgasm.   I have never been handcuffed before today, and I LIKE IT>



Freedom 2



I am sitting here, cuffed and totally frustrated.  I feel as though my breasts are on fire, and that same fire is burning deep in my sex with an intensity that I have never experienced before in my life. I am totally aroused and deeply on fire inside. I am aware of feelings I did not know existed.  I am alive!


I am not able, because of the cuffs, to do anything about it.


I have the freedom to just sit back and find enjoyment in the fire coming from inside.  I can feel my whole body.  I feel the sweat forming under my breasts.  I feel the hot juices flowing between my legs.  My breathing is hard and labored, not to be free, but because of the freedom that bondage is bringing to me.  I can hear everything, feel everything, smell everything.   I am actually having unrestricted time for Me, Karen.  What a gift he has given to me.  Thank You!


More and more I understand what my friend is talking about.  I have no need for responsibility, no pressures to perform or satisfy a partner, no decision making as to when it will stop and what will I do next.  The cuffs I wear do all the decision making, as I can do nothing except enjoy myself until they come off.




I am not responsible, as I can do nothing except satisfy myself.  I have no pressure to satisfy a lover, as the cuffs are my lover and they control my ever movement.  He is talking to me and telling me to concentrate on my body.  To focus on my orgasm.  To let me know I can and will from this day forward learn how to satisfy myself with out toys, a man or my own hand.  Not that I will not use these in the future, but he is showing me that tradition is not needed.  He is showing me that if your arms, legs, sight, sound are not available then you are free to focus all your thoughts and muscle control and energy on your own sweet sex spot.  You know the one that men never care to find and if they do, they misuse it and your feelings are usually left half satisfied.  That spot!


I am totally free to enjoy my body my mind my spirit my soul, my inner self, and most important the true inner desires of myself.  This is wonderful!


I have only to satisfy me.


“Me” time is a luxury I just do not allow in the busy world in which I have created.


Have I created this world to run from someone, something, or myself?


My friend told me I could be free, and frankly I did not believe him.  How could something this simple free my soul and mind so completely.  I do not understand it at all but he tells me this is just the tip of the iceberg.  He promises me of things he will do to help me reach deeper and further into my self than I have ever done.


I am now really beginning to believe.


He tells me it is not about sex.


So far sex is what it has been that I feel and what I am aware of …I know this; I want him to touch my breasts and massage my sex until I come!


I know if he will do this for me I will explode.


He knows what I want.


He is not doing it.


He simply continues to massage my neck and shoulders.   I want to yell at him to grab me and touch me.   I have no idea why I do not yell at him.


He is so in tune with me that I think that sometime I know that he will do these things only when the time is right, in his judgement, and for me the time is now…


Let’s go…


Let’s get it on!!!!


He then gets another chair and sets it in front of me.   He sits down and lifts my feet to his lap.  Slowly he takes off my ankle boots.

He knows me.


I am racing inside my head.


He knows me as if we have been together for years. Slowly he starts to massage my feet.   Working on the soles and then the toes and up the ankle.   It feels so good.  I had no idea that my feet were connected to my sex in the way they are.  I am starting to spasm and my legs clamp tightly together as I start to come.  


Then, he stops.   What?  Why stop?



He gets up and goes to the water cooler and draws a glass of ice-cold water.  He places it to my lips and I drink deeply.  I had not even realized I was so thirsty, but he knew.  I could feel a little dribble of water on my chin and of course with my hands cuffed behind me I could do nothing about it.  He saw it and rather than use a tissue or paper towel, he leaned over and kissed it off.


How tender and sweet.


I was ready to scream and I leaned up for more and for him to touch me and then as a ghost he was again behind me.


As I leaned up my breasts moved in my bra and I knew I was going to come.


I had not known when he had done it, but while rubbing my neck he had unbuttoned my blouse in back.  As I was moving and trying to get my breasts to rub in the bra I realized he had placed his hand over my shoulder and it was next to my skin, under the shoulder of my blouse.  I moved up as far as I could to help him get his gentle fingers down and into the cup of my bra on my right breast. 


He did not do it.


He simple pushed by blouse over my shoulder exposing it a little.


I wanted again to scream at him, and he came around in front of me and said.  I do not like gags, but if you scream I will gag you. 


Part of your freedom is to scream, but right now is not the time.  You are close to climax and when you do, I expect you to scream like you never have before.  


This is simply the warm up.


What is yet to come today and over the time that we will know each other will make today seem like the first day of your life.  You are only at the window of freedom looking in, and you will soon be at the door of personal freedom and you will be banging on that door with all your might demanding to be let in. 


You as of now do not fully understand what I am offering to you, and you have no real idea of how important it is to me also.   I cannot let down and I am on the edge 100% of the time.  You know that from knowing me in business.   I need to have you exchange power with me so that I have only one focus, you.  When I am responsible for you, your safety, your health, your comfort, your freedom, your sexual needs, your everything, then I can be at peace.   I have no idea if we will ever be lovers, and if we are sometime I will be honored to have you share that personal part of your life with me.  I know this; I will set you free and introduce you to a world you have not known. You must totally trust me as a Master and the key to your Freedom.


He told me remember you have three words…


Red, Yellow and Green.


If I do my job correct I will never hear the word Red.  All I want to hear is Green and Yellow.  You will always have the right of first refusal on anything we try or do. Your rights and wishes are always first and will always be honored.


I was embarrassed to speak but I knew him well enough to not be afraid at my request.  I was going to ask for something that I knew I wanted right now.


Master May I Speak?


Please, do something.


Touch my breasts, go down between my legs, and help me get relief.  Make love to me. Please! You say you care, so do not leave me like this.  I have never been this excited in my life and as you can tell I am on the verge of total satisfaction. 


Please help!!!!

He smiles.


I feel my hair being pulled away from my neck and then a small steady stream of warm air on the base of my neck.  God what a sensation.  I have no idea what he is doing, but he can have about 2 weeks to quit.   The warm stream of air then travels to my ear lobe and under it and across the back of my neck.   I try to turn my head to see but I cannot. I did not see any blindfold in his hand, but he must have blindfolded me, as I cannot see anything at all.  The soft hot air continues and I just keep getting hotter and hotter. I feel totally relaxed and happy.   Free…


He backs off and tells me to stay relaxed.  He is in charge…


Do nothing except enjoy myself.


He tells me to enjoy the freedom of my body without guilt, without having to worry about satisfying a lover, with out the fear of rejection.   He reminds me that to be truly free I must give up my physical freedom and exchange it for total power exchange and control.  He reminds me that he and “my” handcuffs are in control, not me. I belong to me and me alone.  I am totally free and without responsibility.


I would enjoy myself if I could get off.  I start to say something and I feel a finger to my lips.  He simply says, I know what you want and I will help you to get it. 


Now we are getting somewhere.



I start to stand up so he can take my slacks off and he finally make love to me.  I find I cannot move.  My arms are pinned to my sides and my breasts feel like a heavy band has been place over them and around my arms, chest and back.  My legs feel as if they have been taped together.   I can not move any part of my body. I must be totally tied up.  God what a sensation.   I like it very much.


When did he do this?



I hear a pounding buzzing in my head.  What is it?  It just keeps on droning on and on.  I feel cold on my cheek followed by warm.


What is he doing?


I look but I cannot see.


That buzzing is driving me nuts


I yell at him to make it stop.


Then I realize it is my alarm clock.  I manage to roll a little as I am lying on my stomach and as I roll over I am looking directly into the eyes of my oldest dog.  The cold must have been his nose and the warmth his breath.   I tug and find I am trapped and then I realize that I must have rolled myself up in the bed covers.  My arms are pinned to my sides and my legs are wrapped up like a cocoon.  I am laying face down and my breasts are being pushed in and that explains the feeling of a band around them.  I must have had my face in the pillow and that explains not being able to see.  I finally get untangled and head for the bathroom.


I sleep in panties and an old gym shirt.  As I pull my panties down to relieve myself I discover they are totally soaked.


I have gotten them totally wet and soaked with my own juices from my sexual excitement of that DREAM.


I take care of personal business and run the dogs out and as I am fixing a bite to eat, and this indeed is unusual, as I am famished and I do not ever eat breakfast. 


Where did this hunger come from?


I look back over the dream.  Was it a precognition, a premonition, a true dream, a hope and a desire?  A preview of pleasures to come? What was it???


I looked at my calendar and to plan my day and I realize that it is today that I am going to meet my friend at 11:30 for a personal lunch. 


I wonder and hope could the real thing be as good as the dream.


I want that Freedom and I want it NOW!!!!!!!