Aunt Jean
by Praetorian

I am going to date myself with these comments but I think its important to understand how things differed back then. I dare say that today not near as many kids play games that result in babysitters, sisters, or neighborhood girls getting tied up as when I was a young boy. That's not to say that there aren't as many boys, and perhaps some girls, out there who still find themselves strangely attracted to the sight of a pretty actress bound and gagged on TV or in the movies. They just don't play games the way we did. Plus when I was growing up no one had ever heard of feminism or political correctness. Today you tie the wrong girl up and parents may no longer dismiss it as kids being kids. You may not only get a visit from the police but from her parents' lawyer as well.

When I was a kid there were no video games, computers, movie videos, CD's, stereo, or cable TV. Hell, you were lucky if you had a TV and luckier still if it got three channels. Oh yes, TVs were black & white; color TV was still a number of years away. Also, there weren't dozens of sports programs for kids like soccer, baseball, and football. Even if there had been there wouldn't have been any for girls like there are today. High schools didn't have student parking lots because no high school kid had access to a car they could drive to school and leave parked there all day.

Am I saying all those things are bad and we had it better when I was young? No, I'm pointing out that we didn't have dozens of electronic push button ways to entertain ourselves and we weren't involved in multiple school and outside activities that kept us running all the time. If we wanted to play we had to get to know the other kids in the neighborhood, we had to learn to play together, and we had to use our imagination to make up games or variations to games. Girls and boys played games together because we often didn't have enough boys and girls that each could play together and exclude the other sex. Also, in my part of the country summers were hot and air conditioning consisted of a single evaporative fan that some referred to as a swamp box (look it up), mounted in a window where it could cover the most lived in area of the house, so playing outside was the preferred option. We played games like hide-and-go seek, flies & grounders (baseball for 3 or 4 people), kick the can, tag, capture the flag, cops & robbers, cowboys & Indians, washers (poor man's horse shoes) and war. It seems that every boy had several cap pistols or back then so we were well prepared to shoot things up in games of cops & robbers, cowboys & Indians, and playing war.

Coming up with situations or making up stories to act out in games of cops & robbers or cowboys & Indians was easy because there were a lot of western movies and the serials that played in the theaters were always based on the good guy verses the bad guys and the good guys always had a young woman who needed rescuing several times before the bad guys were finally captured. So, it was not usual to play these games and have the girl or girls get captured and tied up. These games were played in every neighborhood. I'm sure many a girl was tied up on more then one occasion and never thought twice about it because it was just part of the game and not out of the ordinary. I'm equally sure that many a young boy who didn't have any real interest in seeing girls tied up eagerly tied these girls up because it was just part of the game.

Anyway, one of the reasons I digressed into how things were was to set the scene for what happened between my Aunt Jean and me. Aunt Jean was my Mom's youngest sister. In fact, Aunt Jean was the baby of her family. She was eleven years younger then my Mom. My Mom had helped raise Aunt Jean, more like a mother than an older sister. This may be why they were so close despite the difference in their ages.

When Aunt Jean turned 19 she came to stay with us while she looked for a job in the city. Mom's parents had been farmers, and in the early fifties rural towns were pretty much just that. No interstate highways connecting everything and no real industry or business other than farming. So, if you stayed in a small rural town you either got a job working in one of the few stores in town or married a local and pretty much did what your parents had done or both.

Since most families had about four to seven kids there were more kids coming out of high school then these towns could support with jobs. The alternative was to go to the big city and look for work, which is what my Aunt Jean was doing. After high school she had attended a business school for six months. Actually for women in the early fifties business schools translated into secretarial school where they not only taught you how to type, take short hand, file, etc., but how to dress, sit, and act proper in an office.

My Aunt Jean was somewhat independent and wanted to be on her own for a while before settling down. I had just turned nine at the time Aunt Jean came to live with us while she looked for work. I instantly became the envy of all the boys in the neighborhood. Aunt Jean was very pretty, had a very good figure and we all had a huge crush on her. One of the things I do miss about the early fifties is that people dressed up. Today everyone makes fun of the old Donna Reed show and Mrs. Cleaver in Leave It To Beaver because they were always working around the house in dresses and heels. That's just the way it was back then. Casual was something you worked in the yard in. People wouldn't dare have gone to church then dressed the way some people dress today. Look at old films of men at baseball games. They are all wearing suits and hats. No one goes to a baseball game today dressed in a suit. Women didn't go out without dressing up. Also, when men and women came home they didn't jump immediately into more casual clothes. They often kept on what they were wearing. So, when Aunt Jean would come home for job hunting she might kick off her heels but wouldn't necessarily change clothes.

Still digressing, the other thing I liked about the early fifties was that some idiot hadn't yet felt the need to invent seamless stockings, much less pantyhose, so women still wore the old full fashioned seamed stockings. Its my personal opinion but I think these stockings just looked sexy. I often think about what it would be like to walk around today and see all the women dressed and wearing full fashioned seamed stockings.

Anyway, Dad was a long-haul truck driver back then and was out on the road a lot. Often, when he would be near by and a new driver was to take the truck or he was just passing close by Mom would drive out to pick him up or meet him. This usually meant that I got to go with her. Back then a long drive for a nine year old was just that, a long drive. Remember, no real form of entertainment other then looking out the window.

On one of those occasions, since Aunt Jean was staying with us, I got to stay home when Mom went to pick Dad up. Round trip she was going to be gone four maybe five hours. Aunt Jean had gotten home around 3:30pm from her last interview. As usual Jean had just kicked her shoes off and remained dressed as she had been for her interview. She was wearing a one piece solid blue dress that showed off her figure very well; it had a belt around the waist, and a tailored skirt that was knee length, and she also wore tope-colored stockings.

We ate an early diner and Mom left about 5:00 pm. Now, I need to point out here that although I had some fantasies about what Aunt Jean would look like tied up I never in my wildest imagination thought it would happen. I was in my room playing by myself with the box full of army men I had collected (early fifties for action figures). I don't know if Aunt Jean was bored or thought since she was watching me for the evening that she needed to entertain me, but she stuck her head in my door and asked it I wanted to play a game or anything. Thinking she had a game in mind I said, 'sure'. (Remember I wasn't even thinking about trying to find some way to tie her up.)

I asked her what she wanted to play, figuring that she wanted to play cards or something. She said she didn't know and asked what kind of games I usually played. I said we usually played tag, kick the can, hide-and-go-seek, chase, ball, or cops & robbers. She said those all sounded like outdoor games, but what about cops & robbers? It sounded like something we could play inside. She then asked how to play. I told her there wasn't any one way to play. We would make up some story that had something to do with cops & robbers then act it out.

Aunt Jean then said "Well lets see what kind of story we can make up". Now, as I said, I had never thought of trying to devise a way to tie Aunt Jean up. But, I was not totally unprepared when it came to thinking up ideas for cops & robbers or cowboys & Indians that resulted in the neighbor girls getting tied up. So, I calmed my nerves and said that I could be a robber. I had been watching the neighborhood trying to decide which houses to rob.

Aunt Jean, bless her heart, said "OK, what do I do?" I said that we could pretend that her husband had to go out of town on business, you know like my Dad is gone a lot. Knowing her husband is gone and seeing her leave for the store one afternoon I decide to go ahead and break in since I know no one is home.

Aunt Jean jumped in with, "OK, I pretend to leave and you break in, then what?"

I said, "Well you get to the store and realize that you forgot your purse and turn around and come back home to get it".

"And, I catch you here robbing the house?"

"Yes, then we just play it out from there".

Aunt Jean asked, "You mean, make the rest of the story up as we go"? I think I said something like 'sort of''. Of course I knew how my version of the story ended.

Aunt Jean says, "So, I'm going to go outside and wait a few minutes then pretend to come back home?"

"Yes, but remember, you don't suspect anything is wrong."

Much to my delight Aunt Jean slipped her heels back on to walk outside. She waited a few minutes then came back into the house just like nothing was wrong. She was even mumbling to herself about being stupid and not remembering she had changed purses. She was headed toward her bed room when she rounded the corner and there I was. I had put the standard bandana mask over my face and had one of my very real looking cap pistols.

I had a set of cap pistols that actually looked like real guns. They actually held six bullets in a cylinder that revolved to fire. The bullets had brass casings that a round cap went into and then a metal bullet went into the casing. The bullet couldn't really come out of the casing. The cap was fired by chocking the hammer and pulling the trigger, driving the casing against the bullet. Six shots and you reloaded. Looking straight on to the pistol it looked like a .38 with hollow point bullets. Something like that could get you in real trouble today.

Anyway the gun looked very real. Aunt Jean came to a sudden stop, gasped, and said, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

I held the gun up and cocked the hammer. "I'm a robber and what I'm doing here is robbing your house. And, I want you to stay still. Stay quiet, and I won't have to hurt you".

Oh, well it sounded like something I remembered from a movie. Aunt Jean said, "I can't believe this is happening. Why don't you just leave while you can?"

With that she actually took a step toward me. I raised the gun up level with her face and repeated, "I said, still and quiet. You aren't even supposed to be here. Why are you back so soon?"

"I forgot my purse."

"I think I found that already".

Again Aunt Jean made a move toward me saying, "You give that back."

Keeping the gun raised I took a step back and said, "Don't make me hurt you, lady. You do as you're told and your husband will still have a wife to come home to." I was actually pretty proud of that line.

Aunt Jean said, "OK, I'll do what you say. Just get what you want and get out of here."

"You're finally getting smart. Now, put your hands up, turn around and walk to the kitchen."

Aunt Jean did as instructed. I was now getting to the part where I was having to swallow hard and control how nervous I was getting. I pulled out a kitchen chair. "Sit down."

Aunt Jean did as instructed. While she had been outside I had quickly stashed some rope in a kitchen cabinet just in case I got this far. Aunt Jean was facing the opposite way and couldn't see the cabinet as I opened it and pulled out a length of rope. She was sitting in the chair with her arms still raised. Standing behind her I said "Put your hands behind the chair".

With that Aunt Jean lowered her hands and did a half turn in the chair. "You're not going to tie me up, are you?" she asked.

Now she had been doing such a good job of role playing up to this point that I didn't know if this was a real question or not. So, I calmed myself and said, "I can't keep an eye on you and search through the house at the same time so I need to make sure you stay put."

Aunt Jean, still looking back at me, said, "I'll behave, honest. You don't need to tie me up."

"I believe you lady, but not enough to bet 10 to 20 years of my life in prison on it. Now turn around and put your hands behind the chair."

At this point you need to understand that I think my heart had stopped beating ten minutes ago, my stomach was upside down some where down around knee level, I wasn't sure I was breathing anymore, and fully expected the game to end. Then it happened. My beautiful 19 year old Aunt Jean, that I had such a major crush on, turned around in the chair and put her hands behind it. "OK, but please don't hurt me or anything."

Even though I was on the verge of fainting I managed to say, "I told you lady, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to finish up and get out of here and I don't want to have to worry about you while I'm at it. You do as you're told and the worse thing that happens is you're a little uncomfortable for a while."

Our kitchen chairs had narrow back so her wrists could actually meet behind the chair. Trying to control my nerves and keep from visibly shaking I crossed her wrists and began tying them together. I made alternating diagonal loops around her crossed wrists and then put a couple of cinching loops between her wrists to snug up the ropes crisscrossing her wrists. I still had a few feet of rope left so I circled this around the chair, her waist, and her bound wrists several times before tying it off. I guess technically I could have quit right then but I picked up another length of rope and looped it around her upper arms and the chair back top. I tied the rope with about three turns going below her breasts and a couple above her breasts before tying it off.

Aunt Jean was now pretty well tied to the chair. She twisted a little bit and said, "Well I guess you don't have to worry about me causing any trouble."

As I was picking up two shorter lengths of rope I just said, "I told you to keep quiet!" I then walked around in front of her, knelt down, placed her ankles together, and began tying them. I know I must have been flushed totally red at this point. It felt like my temperature had shot up somewhere over 110 degrees. Here I was looking dead on at her high heels and actually touching her nylon encased legs as I wrapped the rope around her ankles. I pulled a couple of turns between her ankles to cinch the ropes around her ankles snug. OK, here came the big moment. The hem line of her dress was just barely above her knees. I took the last length of rope and began wrapping it around her legs above her knees and right at her hem line. I was jell-o inside and had to look every bit as nervous and excited as I was.

After wrapping the rope several turns around her knees I was now faced with the question of cinching it snug or just tying it off. I cinched it. Poking the rope between her legs above her knees was heaven. The smooth feel of the nylon between her legs held close together by the ropes was almost more then I could stand. I somehow managed to tie it off without hyperventilating. At this point I didn't know what to do. I couldn't stand up because even at the age of nine I still had the biggest hard-on of my life and it was impossible to hide. I somehow managed to quickly scoot and stand at the same time so I was behind the chair when I finally straightened up. I adjusted myself as best I could so the bulge in my pants wasn't quite so obvious.

I picked up my cap pistol and said, "Now just sit there, be quiet, and I'll be out of here real quick". I quickly walked past Aunt Jean and headed back toward the bedroom. After I calmed down a little, a little, hell, a lot, I walked to where I could see the kitchen. Jean was testing her bonds to see if she could get loose. I finally moved to parts of the house where I could get more and better glimpses of Aunt Jean tied to the chair. She was sitting still now. It was like she realized she wasn't going to get loose and gave up trying.

After about thirty minutes I returned to the kitchen. I had taken a pillow case off of my pillow and put some things in it to look like loot from the house. I said, "See, that wasn't so bad now, was it? I'll be leaving and you're OK."

With that Aunt Jean said, "You're not going to leave me here tied up like this are you?"

As I opened up my pillow case I said, "No, not exactly like this", as I pulled out some handkerchiefs and one of Mom's scarves.

When she saw this Aunt Jean's eyes widened and she said in a fairly loud voice, "You're not going to gag me, are you?"

I proceeded on with "Look lady, I can't have you screaming your head off as soon as I'm out the door. Every house in the neighborhood would be able to hear you. I might as well untie you and let you call the police before I leave."

"No please, I won't make a sound, honest."

"Well I need to make sure that you don't because like I said earlier I'm not going to bet 10-20 years behind bars on you keeping your word. Besides, it shouldn't be that long before someone finds you."

Aunt Jean begged, "No please, my husband's out of town. There won't be anyone to find me."

"OK, give me one of your neighbors' phone numbers and I will call them as soon as I am well away from here."

Aunt Jean still looked at me pleadingly and said, "No, please let me go."

"Look lady, that's the best offer I'm making". I picked up the gun, pointed it at her face, and cocked the hammer. "The other choice is I put a pillow over the barrel to muffle the noise and then you won't have to worry about whether you're found or not."

With that Aunt Jean quietly said, "The next door neighbor's number is Whitmore 63875".

I pretended to write it down and put a piece of paper in my pocket. I wadded the two handkerchiefs up together. "I promise I'll call, you've been good and I have no reason to wish you harm". I moved the handkerchiefs toward her face and she actually opened up to let me stuff them into her mouth. I don't know which was the greater turn on, tying her nylon encased legs or stuffing that gag into her mouth. I took the scarf, walked behind her, lowered it down in front of her face and pulled it between her lips forcing the handkerchiefs into her mouth. I tied an overhand know and cinched it tight then secured it with another overhand knot.

When I walked around to pick up my bag, which I quickly placed over the front of my jeans to hide the bulge that had once again formed there, I noticed that the scarf was deep into her mouth and her cheeks were bulging around the scarf where it came out of the corners of her mouth. Game or no game, my Aunt Jean was really tied and gagged. I was surprised that she hadn't questioned why I was really gagging her when a pretend gag (def: an actor pretends to gag an actress by loosely tying a scarf over her mouth and the actress pretends she can't work the gag off and can't make a sound) would have worked.

I pretended to leave but just went outside and positioned myself where I could watch her through the window. She struggled some more but again finally gave up and just sat there. I was so engrossed by looking at the vision of her bound and gagged that I almost forgot the time. It had been thirty minutes since I had gone outside. I went around to the front of the house and came in pretending to be the neighbor. I called out, "Hello, anyone home? I got a call saying I should come over because someone needed help."

I knew where Aunt Jean was and was listening for her, but could barely hear a low hhheeeeemmmmmpph. I was really surprised at how thoroughly I had gagged her. I finally walked into the kitchen and with an, "Oh my God! What has happened here?" I ran over to Aunt Jean. However, unlike in the movies where the first thing the good guys do when rescuing the girl is pull the loosely tied scarf down off their mouth I instead began untying the ropes around her arms. I then untied the ropes around her waist and wrists. I then began untying the rope around her knees.

Aunt Jean didn't immediately untie her gag but instead rubbed her wrists a little then finally reached up to untie her gag. By now I was working on untying her ankles. I saw Aunt Jean pull the cloth from between her lips and then work the two handkerchiefs out of her mouth. She wadded everything up together and laid them on the table as I removed the rope from her ankles.

I waited for a reaction. Instead Aunt Jean said, "Thank God you found me. I was afraid I wouldn't be found for days."

I thought 'OK, she's still role playing', so I said, "I got a rather strange call saying someone next door needed help and I needed to get over there. I went to the house on the other side of me first and they didn't know what I was talking about. I got over here and the door was unlocked and slightly open so I came in."

Aunt Jean said, "Well it's a good thing you did. I've been robbed."

I gathered up the ropes, handkerchiefs, and the scarf to go put them away. I couldn't believe how wet the handkerchiefs were. While I was putting the ropes away in the garage Aunt Jean called out to me and asked if I wanted a coke. I said, "Sure, I'd love one". I came back in and Aunt Jean was sitting at the kitchen table sipping a coke. There was one for me on the table by the chair next to hers and a plate of cookies on the table. I sat down and took a drink. I couldn't help notice marks left by the ropes and the gag. I was thinking, 'Wow, I did that'.

Aunt Jean looked at me and asked if I had enjoyed the game. I said that it had been fun and she had done a really good job of playing her part. Aunt Jean stunned me by replying that it had been fun for her too. She said that we had done good at making up what to do and what to say. Aunt Jean went on to say that this had been about as real as actually getting robbed. She said that she hadn't expected to be tied up as tight as she was but that it had made everything seem more real because she really couldn't get loose. She then added she had really been surprised by how little noise she could make through her gag and that making things more real had actually added to the game. It had been more interesting than she had expected and my cap gun had looked so real that it was almost scary when I threatened to shoot her.

Encouraged by this conversation I said that we would have to play again sometime. I was really excited when Aunt Jean said, "OK, that would be fun."

* * *

The next opportunity to play came about a month later. Aunt Jean had found a job and had been working for about a week. She was continuing to live with us until she could save up enough money to get out on her own. As before, Mom was going to pick Dad up. Depending on whether or not they had to wait on the new driver to take the truck they would be back around midnight.

Aunt Jean wouldn't be home from work until around 5:30 PM. Mom was leaving at 6:00 PM so she set something out for dinner and Aunt Jean would fix it for the two of us to eat. I was outside playing when Aunt Jean got home. By the time I came in around 6:15 Mom had already left and Aunt Jean was in the kitchen heating up supper. I can still remember to this day the sight of her standing at the stove as I walked in. She had her back to me and was still wearing the same outfit she had wore to work that day. She had on a white long sleeve blouse, a belted black tailored skirt that came to just above her knees, sheer black full-fashioned seamed stockings, and black patent leather high heel pumps with at least a 3 inch heel. If I live to be 90 years old the sight of a woman dressed like that will still give me a hard-on.

Aunt Jean turned her head back over her shoulder, looked at me and said "Supper is almost ready. Go wash up and sit down."

I didn't want to appear to eager to play cops & robbers again and didn't know how I should bring the subject up. As we ate Aunt Jean looked at me and said, "Well, are we going to play again?"

Her comment caught me off guard. "Play again?"

"You know, cops & robbers. You said you wanted to play again sometime."

This was way too good to be true. I said, "Oh yes, you bet". Aunt Jean asked if I had a another idea for a story we could act out. The answer was 'Hell yes'. Instead I told her to let me think about it while we ate.

After supper Aunt Jean began clearing away the table and putting dishes in the sink. While she did this I explained my idea for the game. Aunt Jean would be the daughter of the richest man in town. I would kidnap her, take her to my hide out and hold her for ransom. I would have to leave her there while I went to deliver my ransom demands and collect the ransom.

As Aunt Jean cleared the last dish form the table she said, "Sounds like I spend the whole game tied up again."

"Well, you said you like the game to have a real feeling. But, we can change the game or make up a different story."

"No, I guess the kidnapping story will be OK. How do we start?"

I said that I would capture her and put her in my car and pretend to drive to my hide out. I would then take her out of the car and into my hide out, hold her there while I made the ransom demands, and picked the ransom up. Aunt Jean said "OK." She added that it would take her about fifteen minutes to finish up the dishes (remember, no dishwashers..).

I said that while she finished the dishes I would go find some rope and hide in the garage. I told her when she finished to come into the garage and I would surprise her and kidnap her. In the early fifties the typical house only had a one car garage. Since Aunt Jean's car was in the driveway and Mom's car was in the garage, Aunt Jean had let Mom take her car rather then doing the driveway shuffle.

I waited in the garage for Aunt Jean to come out. As she opened the door leading from the back porch to the garage I hid behind the door. Once she had stepped through the door I stepped up behind her and stuck the barrel of my toy pistol into her back. "Don't move and don't make a sound!"

Aunt Jean acted startled and started to turn around. "What the heck is this and who are you?"

I pushed her shoulder and told her not to turn around. I got a tight grip on her right arm and stepped up close behind her and held my pistol where she could see it. Aunt Jean then totally surprised me by stomping the top of my right foot with the spike heel of her left shoe. Fortunately, she didn't stomp as hard as she could or I might still have her shoe sticking out of the top of my foot today. She then tried to pull away from me. However, it seems that my reaction to having my foot almost impaled was to tighten my grip on her arm.

Holding on to her as she tried to pull away I stuck my gun hard against her back and said in my best gangster voice "OK lady, one more stunt like that and I'll use the butt of this pistol against the back of your head. Now stand still and you won't get hurt. And don't try and look around at me."

"OK, I won't try anything. Who are you? Just take what you want and leave."

I answered, "It's best for you that you don't know who I am or what I look like. And, what I came here to take is you."

With that Aunt Jean gave a half hearted tug against the grip I had on her arm and said, "Take me? What for?"

"Well, your daddy's rich and I'm not. If he wants you back then when I leave town I'll be rich too."

"You're kidnapping me?"

"You catch on quick. If you do what you're told you won't get hurt. I have nothing to gain by hurting you. If your daddy does what he is told you'll be home safe and sound before you know it. Now we're going to have to take a little ride. And, since I can't take a chance on you getting any funny ideas while I'm driving I'm going to have to tie you up."

"OK, I understand." She then placed her hands behind her back.

"That's good, but first take this." I handed her a black scarf. "Take this and tie it over your eyes good and tight."

Aunt Jean took the scarf and blindfolded herself with it. Next I placed two handkerchiefs in her hand. "Put those in your mouth".

Aunt Jean pleaded, "Please don't gag me. I promise I'll be quiet."

"Well, putting those handkerchiefs in your mouth will help you keep that promise. Now put them in your mouth!"

With that Aunt Jean stuffed one of the handkerchiefs into her mouth. I then prodded her with the barrel of my pistol and told her to put the other one in. Aunt Jean then stuffed the second handkerchief into her mouth. I handed her another black scarf. "Take this and tie it in your mouth to hold the handkerchiefs in place. And, make it good and tight. If I have to redo it you won't like it."

Aunt Jean took the scarf and cleave gagged herself with it. She actually did cinch it tight when she tied it off. It actually looked tighter then the one I had tied the last time we played. Now that she had blindfolded and gagged herself I instructed her to put her hands behind her back. This time I tied her hands together palm to palm. It just seemed to make it easier to wrap the rope then cinch it up between her wrists (I hadn't actually thought of tying a girl's elbows together at that time). I then took a long length of rope and wrapped it around her upper body and arms. Wrapping the rope above and below her breasts stretched the material of her blouse tightly over her breasts and framed them nicely between the rope. It was then I realized one bonus to tying a girl's wrists palm to palm was to cause her chest to lift slightly up and thrust slightly out. The sight of her ample breasts bulging against the tightly stretched fabric of her blouse was for this nine year old a major turn on. At least with her blindfolded I wouldn't have to spent the rest of the night trying to hide the bulge in my pants.

I opened the back door of the car and let Aunt Jean over to it and helped her sit down in the back seat. I then tied her ankles together. Wow, what a sight. My 19 year old aunt wearing a white blouse, black skirt, sheer black full-fashioned seamed stocking and black patent leather high heels sitting in the back seat of the car bound, gagged and blindfolded. I had her lean over and lay down across the back seat.

I then threw a blanket over her. "This should keep you out of sight until we get to where we're going". I got in the front seat of the car and pretended to drive off. I fixed the rear view mirror so that I could see my captive under the blanket in the back seat. She had moved around enough trying to get comfortable that the blanket had slipped some. Her bound ankles and black patent leather high heels were showing out from under the end of the blanket.

I waited about fifteen minutes before I pretended to stop the car. Saying, "Well, we're finally here", I opened the front door and got out. Opening the back door of the car I pulled the blanket off on Aunt Jean. I reached in and helped her sit up in the seat. I untied her ankles and helped her out of the car.

"Come on, let's go inside." I led my bound captive into the house and into her bedroom. I had her sit on the edge of the bed. I then knelt down and began to retie her ankles. Just the sight of those legs, in those stockings, and those high heels was enough to send me up the wall. Touching her legs as I tied them was my idea of heaven.

Her tailored skirt had risen up some when she sat down on the bed. I could just see the beginning of the reinforced top of her nylons peeking out from under the hem of her dress. I tied her legs together above her knees. The feel of her nylon clad legs as I pulled the cinching between her thighs was once again almost more then I could stand. When I finished I was actually trembling. I just stood back and looked at her for about ten minutes before I began to regain some composure.

Getting back in to character I said, "We're going to be here a while. If you promise to keep quiet I'll take that gag out of your mouth". Aunt Jean nodded her head. I untied the scarf cleave gagging her and was again impressed by how tightly she had tied it. After removing the scarf from between her lips Aunt Jean tilted her head slightly back with her mouth opened wide. I reached in and pulled the first handkerchief out. I then had to reach way in to her mouth to get the second handkerchief. This was almost as big a turn-on as putting the gag in her mouth.

Aunt Jean worked her jaws around a little and licked her lips. I asked her if she would like a drink. She again nodded her head 'yes' rather then speaking. I guess she was taking her promise to keep quiet seriously. I held a glass of water up to her lips and let her drink.

I waited about another twenty minutes before pretending to come back in to the room. "It's time for me to go let your daddy know I have you and what its going to take for him to get you back. Since I'm going to have to leave you on your own for a little while I'm going to have to put the gag back in your mouth. Do you want another drink of water first?"

Aunt Jean nodded 'yes' again. I held the glass to her lips and let her get a couple of swallows. I picked up the two handkerchiefs and placed the first one against her lips. Before I could tell her to open up Aunt Jean opened her mouth to accept the gag. I shoved the first handkerchief in followed by the second one. I took the scarf and placed it between her lips. As I was tying the first overhand knot in the scarf behind her head I said, "You've been good so far so I kind of hate to do this, but I can't chance you getting any funny ideas while I'm gone so I'm going to have to tie this gag really tight."

With that I pulled the two ends of the scarf as hard as I could, cinching it deep into her packed mouth. Aunt Jean let a muffled grunt out through the gag. The corners of her mouth looked like they were pulled almost back to her ears. I secured the scarf with a second overhand knot. Giving her a gentle push on the shoulder I told her to lay back on the bed. I then took her bound ankles and pulled them around so that she was now stretched out length wise on the bed. I told her to roll over onto her stomach, helping her do so. I now took a length of rope and looped it around her bound ankles, cinched it tight, and ran the other end between her bound wrists. I drew her ankles up until the back of her high heel pumps were touching her finger tips and tied it off. I pretended to leave by shutting the bedroom door real loud.

Of course I didn't leave. My eyes were riveted to the hogtied vision that lay before me. Aunt Jean appeared to try and struggle a little. There were some strained muffled grunts that barely escaped through her gag as she strained against her ropes. After a couple of minutes she realized that she wasn't able to move at all and just lay there. Her breathing seemed to be more labored because of the tightness of the gag in her mouth.

I debated how long I should wait before pretending to return. Aunt Jean had already been tied up for over an hour already. One thing her futile attempts at struggling did accomplish was to cause her skirt to hike further up her legs. Fully half of the reinforced tops of her stockings were now visible. After fifteen minutes I opened and shut the door pretending to return. I said, "Well now if your daddy can just follow instructions then I will be out of here, you'll be safely home, daddy will be poorer, and I'll be richer. I see you stayed right where I left you. Just a minute and I'll let you stretch out". I then let her out of the hog-tie. I rolled her back over on to her back, swung her legs back around so her feet were on the floor, and helped her sit up.

After about a minute Aunt Jean forced a long low muffled grunt out through her gag. "You want the gag out of your mouth again?" Aunt Jean nodded 'yes'. I said, "OK, but remember not a sound. And, when I leave to go pick up the ransom I have to put it back in just as tight. Understood?"

Aunt Jean again nodded 'yes'. I moved her hair out of the way so I could get to the knot holding the scarf in place. I really had tied it tight. I was having to work at getting it loose. Aunt Jean bent her head slightly forward to help me get a better angle on the knot. Being that close to her was intoxicating. As I worked on getting the knot loose I was brushing up against her bound arms. I could smell her perfume. I looked down at the sight of her blindfolded eyes and gagged mouth, her breasts framed by ropes above and below straining against the fabric of her blouse. The reinforced tops of her stockings, the white rope binding her legs contrasting against the sheer black nylon of her stockings culminating in the sheen of her black patent leather pumps.

I actually felt myself getting dizzy when the first knot came loose and brought me back out of my dazed thoughts. The final knot came loose and as it did Aunt Jean let out a groan of relief. Aunt Jean lifted her head and as I pulled the scarf from between her lips I noticed that her chin was wet. I then noticed a long strand of spit suspended from her chin. When I pulled the first handkerchief out of her mouth I understood why she had been drooling. The handkerchief was soaking wet. The second handkerchief was packed deep in her mouth and it too was soaking wet.

Aunt Jean retched slightly as I pulled the second handkerchief out. I thought 'Oh boy, this is it. I got carried away. Game over.' Aunt Jean coughed a couple of times, moved her jaws around some like she was testing to see if they still worked, and licked her lips. She didn't say anything. I held the glass of water to her lips. "Here, drink."

She took a couple of big swallows. I pulled the glass away and asked her if she wanted more and she nodded. As she drank I said, "Sorry about having to leave you like that, but I have a lot riding on this little caper and I am not about to take any chances".

I waited another thirty minutes before announcing that it was time for me to go pick up the ransom. "If everything goes OK then two hours after I have the money I'll make a quick call and tell daddy where he can find you."

For the first time Aunt Jean spoke. "What if everything doesn't go OK?"

"If I get caught then I'll tell them where to find you. Only you won't be there. I set up another hide out to make it look like I was holding you there. When they get there they will find food that has been eaten, a glass of water with your lipstick on it, ropes and cloth to look like someone had been tied up. They will even find one of your ear rings. I will protest that I left you tied up there and don't know what could have happened to you. Of course you will still be here tightly bound and gagged. And, here you will stay until, well, you know. So, you better be thinking good thoughts, praying that daddy doesn't do something stupid, and that I don't get caught".

I asked her if she wanted another drink before I left. Aunt Jean had her head tilted slightly downward and she whispered, "Please, let me go."

I had gotten two dry handkerchiefs. I pressed one to her lips and said, "Open up". She didn't. I pressed the handkerchief more firmly against her lips and she turned her head away keeping her mouth tightly clamped shut. "Look, we can do this the hard way or the easy way, but one way or another this gag is going in your mouth".

I pressed the handkerchief against her lips again and this time her mouth parted just enough for me to push the handkerchief in. I packed the second one in her mouth, placed the scarf between her lips, and pulled it around behind her head. I took my left hand and pushed slightly forward on her head. Taking the hint Aunt Jean tilted her head forward. I moved her hair away from the nape of her neck and knotted the scarf, again pulling it as tight as I could before tying it off with a second overhand knot. I again had her lay back on the bed and as before moved her legs around so she was once again laying lengthwise on the bed. Rolling her over I again hog-tied her so her heels were touching her hands.

Aunt Jean had been tied up for more then an hour and forty five minutes at this point and I knew she had to be very uncomfortable. But, I was torn between ending the game or enjoying the sight of her hogtied on the bed. The last time I rolled her over her skirt had finally ridden up enough that I could see just a hint of her creamy white skin above her stocking tops and the black tab from what had to be a black garter belt attached to the back of her stocking right where the seam was. I just bet she was wearing black panties as well. I decided, what the heck, she can take this for another thirty minutes.

Finally I went out to the front of the house and pretended to be her father coming to look for her after paying the ransom and getting a call from the kidnaper. I loudly called her name. I could not hear a sound from her. I continued walking through the house calling her name. I stopped to listen, expecting to here some faint muffled sound, but still nothing. Getting worried I headed for her bedroom. I burst through the door and said "Jean!" I then heard the faintest of uhhgaa's coming from her. I thought to myself 'Damn, I did tie that gag tight'.

I immediately untied her wrists from her ankles and helped her to sit up on the side of the bed again. I took mercy on her and began untying her gag. It took about five minutes to work the knots loose. Finally I pulled the scarf from her mouth. Again the handkerchiefs had been compressed well back into her mouth. I had to reach my fingers deep into her mouth to pull the first handkerchief out. The second handkerchief was about as far back in to her mouth as it could be without it actually going down her throat. Reaching in to pull the second handkerchief out I could feel Aunt Jean's throat produce a couple of involuntary gagging sensations. As the handkerchief came free she again produced a retching sound along with another involuntary gagging sensation. This was followed by some coughing and sucking in a couple of deep gulps of air.

Much to my surprise Aunt Jean didn't immediately tear in to me about how tightly I had tied, and especially how tight I had gagged, her. Instead Aunt Jean stayed in character. "Daddy, thank God you found me".

Playing daddy, and breathing a huge sigh of relief, I said, "Don't worry Honey, everything's going to be OK. I'll have you out of this in no time." I left the blindfold on and began untying her legs. With her skirt still hiked up past her stocking tops I didn't even want to take a chance on missing this opportunity to indulge myself. Once I finally freed her arms and wrists I removed the blindfold.

Again Aunt Jean surprised me by not immediately jumping up to pull her skirt down. Instead she remained seated on the bed and said, "Wow, that was great. I really felt like I had been kidnapped. It started to seem so real to me that when you were talking about going for the ransom I forgot for a minute that we were only playing a game. That bit about having another hideout set up to look like I had been there was a great idea." Then she said, "I am really thirsty. Lets go out to the kitchen and get a snack and something to drink."

With that she stood up and casually pulled her skirt down as she walked down the hall. What a sight that was from the back. This nineteen year old goddess, with this fantastic ass, walking down the hall in high heel pumps, sheer black full fashioned seamed stockings, tugging a skirt down that was up past her stocking tops just like it was no big deal.

Once I was able to stand up and walk I joined her in the kitchen. We ate a piece of pie and talked more about the game we had just played. It was amazing. There was no "Why did you have to tie me so tight? Why did you gag me like that? Why did you keep me tied up so long?" There was nothing about did I enjoying looking at her with her skirt hiked up or anything like that. She was into the game and the role playing. Getting tied up and gagged to her was nothing more then part of the game, a way to make it seem more realistic.

I told her if we played again that it was her turn to make up a story to act out. Aunt Jean paused for a moment and then enthusiastically said, "OK". I wondered if the story she would make up would somehow involve her getting tied up. By the time Mom and Dad got home Aunt Jean and I had already gone to bed (no, not together). Which was good, because as I watched Aunt Jean get up from the kitchen table and head for her room the red rope marks around her legs were still quite visible through her stockings and there were still very visible lines around her cheeks from the gag.

* * *

It was beginning to look like I would never get the chance to play cops & robbers with Aunt Jean again. She had finally saved up enough money and located a place of her own. She was planning on moving the first of next month. However, fortune must sometimes smile on horny kids. Mom was going to pick Dad up once again. This time though it was far enough away that they planned on having a late dinner, spending the night in a motel, and coming home the next morning.

Now I was beginning to wish I hadn't told Aunt Jean to come up with a story the next time we played cops & robbers. She might come up with a story that didn't even involve her getting tied up. I, on the other hand, would invent a story that would keep her tied up all night.

The next day I deliberately woke up late. This insured I would be late getting to school unless someone drove me. Aunt Jean volunteered to drop me off on her way to work. Perfect, just what I wanted. On the way to school I said, "Well, are we on for a game of cops & robbers tonight?"

I was curious to see how Aunt Jean would respond. Much to my delight and surprise Aunt Jean said, "You know, I have been thinking about that and I think I have a story. It's not as good as your stories though and, I'm still not sure how to make it work. I will give it some thought during the day. There is still something I need to figure out how to do." Well, needless to say I had one heck of a time concentrating on school that day because I kept thinking about Aunt Jean and what might happen that night.

After Mom had left Aunt Jean fixed the two of us some dinner. Aunt Jean was still in her work clothes. She was wearing that same white long sleeve blouse, tailored black skirt that came to just above her knees, sheer black nylon full-fashioned seamed stockings, and black leather high heel pumps as before. As we were sitting at the table eating I casually asked her to tell me her story for our game of cops & robbers. Aunt Jean said all she was able to think of was a variation of the first game we played. She would pretend to go shopping and leave the house. A robber parked at the end of the street, watching the neighborhood, would see her leave. Thinking the house to be empty he would break in. The robber discovering me in the house would have to tie me up to keep me out of the way.

I was somewhat disappointed this story involved me getting tied up and not her, but not totally disappointed. I had experimented with self-bondage but had never been really tied up by someone. The idea of Aunt Jean tying me up was kind of exciting. Especially the idea of her tying me up while she was dressed the way she was.

I was already thinking about what was going to happen when I realized she was still talking about the game. I heard her say, "Then I come home and find you tied up. Before I can reach you the robber grabs me and ties me up to."

That snapped me back to reality in a hurry. I pretty much understood how I was going to get tied up, but Aunt Jean? I asked, "Is someone else going to be playing?"

"Someone else?"

"Well, I can pretty much figure out how I get tied up, but how are you going to get tied up?"

When Aunt Jean said she was going to tie herself up I actually felt a shooting pain through my balls. She said, "Well, you remember this morning I mentioned that there was still something I needed to figure out? Tying my legs up should be easy enough and so should gagging myself. The trick is tying my arms and hands so that it seems real but still escapable. But, I finally figured that out this afternoon. I can loop rope around my upper body and keep it just loose enough that I can squeeze my arms through after I finish. The extra space my arms take up should remove any slack and snug the ropes up. My hands were the real problem. I finally figured out that I could coil some rope in a series of loops that were just big enough for me to slip my hands through. Once I had my arms through the ropes around my body I could work them around behind me and slip my hands through the already coiled loops of rope. I still needed to figure out how to snug the ropes around my hands up enough to make it a little bit of a challenge to get free, so that even though I had tied myself up it would still seem real. If finally came to me that I could take a length of rope and double it in two. I could run the loose ends back through the looped end and slip this over the coiled loops of rope I prepared for my wrists once I had one wrist through. Once I worked my other wrist through the loops the doubled loop could be tightened and cinch the loops tight around my wrists.

"The trick now would be how to tighten the cinch rope. I finally realized that if I sat with my legs folded under me then I could run the loose end of the cinch rope around the rope binding my ankles and tie if off. If I then fall over my legs will naturally come away from my hips and pull the cinch rope tight. This will leave me tied like I was the last time we played when you left me to go collect the ransom."

I was struck dumb. Needless to say, I did have a major hard-on after listening to Aunt Jean describe how she was going to tie herself up. All I could manage to say was, "That might work." The idea that she had actually been thinking about how to tie herself up and make it seem as real as possible was something that turns me on to this day when I think about it.

It was difficult to contain my excitement during dinner. Once we had finished dinner Aunt Jean said, "While I'm putting the dishes away why don't you get the stuff we will need for the game. And, put it in your Mom and Dad's bedroom. Their bed is bigger so we will use it."

I got out all the rope I had, several handkerchiefs, some long scarves and placed everything in my parents bedroom. I turned to leave the room and came face to face with Aunt Jean. She had found my rather real looking cap gun and had put a bandana over her face as a mask. In a gruff voice she said, "Hold it right there. I thought everyone was gone. Now, I'm going to have to deal with you."

Playing my part I said, "You'd better get out of here. Someone will be home any minute."

Aunt Jean, still using her gruff voice, said, "Shut up kid and do as you're told and you won't get hurt."

"You'd better leave me alone."

Aunt Jean replied, "That's exactly what I plan on doing, right after I tie you up." Pointing the cap pistol right at me Aunt Jean ordered, "Now sit down on the bed."

I did as instructed. Aunt Jean picked up a piece of rope and ordered me to put my hands behind my back. She either had experience at this or she had paid good attention to how I had tied her because she tightly tied my hands palm to palm and then cinched the ropes up by running the last foot of rope between my wrists and around the other loops before pulling it tight and knotting it. I knew without testing her work that I would not be getting my hands free. Next she picked up a longer piece of rope and began looping it around my upper body pulling my arms tightly in against my body. I had no play in my arms or wrists at all.

I asked, "Do you have to tie so tight?"

Again using a gruff voice Aunt Jean said, "I'm not going to chance my getting caught on you can getting loose". Next Aunt Jean tied my ankles and my legs above the knees just as tightly as she had tied the other ropes. I have to tell you the sight of her dressed the way she was leaning over to tie my knees, coupled with the touch of her hands on my legs as she pulled the cinching ropes between my upper thighs, was causing a major lump to form in my jeans and I could feel heat move from my neck up as my face flushed slightly red.

Aunt Jean picked up a couple of handkerchiefs and began to wad them up into a ball. I said, "You're not going to gag me too, are you?"

"Sorry kid, but there isn't much point in tying you up real tight if your not gagged good and tight as well." (Where had I heard that line before?) "Now be a good kid and open wide." I did as I was told and opened my mouth. Aunt Jean began to work the wad of cloth in. The feel of her delicate long fingers on my face and in my mouth as she worked to get all of the cloth packed in was as wonderful as her touch on my legs had been. Whether you like to be tied up, do the tying, or both, playing games that involve bondage with an older girl provides a great excuse for a young boy to experience touching and being touched by her.

After finally getting the handkerchiefs packed in my mouth Aunt Jean folded one of the scarves onto a long thick pad and forced it between my teeth and over the handkerchiefs in my mouth. As she leaned forward to knot the scarf behind my head I found my face up against her right thigh. I was so intoxicated by her closeness that I hardly noticed when Aunt Jean pulled the overhand knot she tied as tight as she could which forced the wad of cloth deep into my mouth. It wasn't until she had tied a second overhand knot in the scarf and stepped back that I noticed the tightness of the scarf, which coupled with the size of the wad of handkerchiefs in my mouth was already starting to become uncomfortable. However, by now I was so turned on by this experience I didn't care.

Aunt Jean took my bound legs and swung them up on to the bed and rolled me over on to my stomach. I was now laying face down and cross ways at the foot of the bed. Aunt Jean then tied a short piece of rope through my ankles and drew them up until they touched my hands before tying the rope off by wrapping it between my arms and ankles so that my ankles were literally bound to my wrists. I couldn't move anything. I was amazed at the job she had done.

Aunt Jean said, "There, that should hold you". And then she turned and walked out of the room. Laying there on the bed I turned my head toward the bedroom door and watched her as she left. The motion of her ass as she walked, molded by that tailored skirt, was perfection. Her long perfectly shaped calves encased in sheer black nylon with those wonderful seams running the length of them down to the reinforcing of her stocking heel which disappeared into black leather high heel pumps was icing on the cake. Our house was the old pier-and-beam construction with hard wood floors. To this day the sound that a woman's high heels make on a hard surface causes me to turn my head to look at her. There was a clock on my parents dresser that I could see from where I lay. It had only been fifteen minutes since Aunt Jean has left the room. My mouth was one constant ache. The ropes seemed tighter and more confining the ever. Every part of me wanted to stretch out. And darn-it, my nose itched.

After about twenty minutes Aunt Jean returned. She walked into the room with her hands up pretending that someone was behind her with a gun. She even pretended to carry on a one way conversation with the invisible burglar. Aunt Jean said, "Please, you don't have to hurt us. Just take what you want and leave. OK. I'll do whatever you say, just don't hurt the boy." Then, pretending to look at the invisible burglar Aunt Jean said, "you want me to tie myself up? Ok, Ok, I'll do it. Yes, I'll make it tight."

With that Aunt Jean sat down on the side of the bed and began to tie her ankles together. My Lord, I was laying there tightly hog-tied and gagged watching this stunningly beautiful young woman tie herself up. She actually hiked her skirt up some just to make it easier for her to tie her knees together. It's a good thing I was on my stomach. I had never been so hard in my life. A blind person could have seen the bulge in my pants.

Next she picked up a couple of the handkerchiefs and stuffed them both in to her mouth. Aunt Jean then took a scarf, pulled it firmly between her teeth, and tied it every bit as tight as I had ever gagged her, locking the handkerchiefs deep within her mouth. Siting there on the edge of the bed with her stocking legs securely bound and her cheeks bulging around her gag Aunt Jean took a piece of rope and began coiling it in to a series of small loops. With this done she tied the two loose ends together using two overhand knots. She slipped both her hands through the coil of rope to see if they need to be adjusted looser or tighter. It looked like a pretty snug fit to me.

Aunt Jean lay the coil of rope on the bed and proceeded to work herself around on to the bed until she had her legs drawn up underneath her and was sitting back so that her rear end was resting on her heels. She took a short length of rope, doubled it in half, and tied the two loose ends together. Rising up off her heels into a kneeling position she ran one end of the double loop between her ankles and around the rope binding them together. Once she had the end of the rope back up between the ankles she passed the other end of the double rope between the strands she had just pulled through forming a good cinch loop which she pulled tight. This left a long strand of doubled rope laying loose and also firmly knotted around her ankle ropes.

To accomplish this feat Aunt Jean had twisted her upper body around just a little in an attempt to see what she was doing. This had the effect of pulling her blouse tight across her chest. Very tight. Her breasts were pushed outward, because she had her arms pulled behind her back to tie the rope. This caused the fabric of her blouse to both mash and mold her breasts at the same time. It was a wonderful sight. At the same time the strain was causing her take deeper breaths. Since it was impossible for her to breath through her mouth her nostrils were actually flaring as she sucked in and blew out air.

With this task finally completed Aunt Jean sat back on her heels while exhaling a long blast of air through her nose. I was to enthralled watching her tie herself up that I no longer had any knowledge of discomfort I was experiencing from being tied and gagged so tightly. Also, much to my delight, when she sat back onto her heels again I noticed that somehow during this latest effort her skirt had worked its way further up her legs. More then half of the reinforced top of her stockings were now showing. Aunt Jean couldn't look down without noticing the same thing I was. With her arms still free she could have easily pulled her skirt back down. For some reason she didn't.

Aunt Jean picked up a long piece of rope, doubled it in half, slipped it around her chest above her breasts, ran the loose ends back through the looped end, and pulled it snug. She made one more pass around her chest above her breasts and then two passes around her chest below her breasts before tying it off. In making the transition from above to below her breasts she ran the rope diagonally between her breasts which served to pull the fabric of her blouse in. Coupled with the ropes above and below her breasts this made an already tight blouse even tighter. Much to my surprise the next thing Aunt Jean did was to pick up another scarf and blindfold herself with it.

She now began working her right arm through the loops of rope around her chest. Once her right arm was encased by the loops she began the struggle to get her left arm under the ropes. Not being able to see and the ropes being tighter then she most likely intended required a real effort on her part to finally get her left arm through the ropes. Working her arms back so her hands were behind her reduced some of the tightness in the ropes. However, working her arms through the ropes had pushed the ropes circling her chest above her breasts down across the top of them. Coupled with the added tightness caused by having her arms inside the ropes her breasts were now smashed between two tight bands of unyielding rope. This produced quite a visual effect when viewed from the side looking upward from my position.

Most women might have thought at this point in their exercise in self bondage that enough was enough and call the game quits. But Aunt Jean pressed on. She felt for and found the coil of rope laying beside her legs. She slipped it over one wrist. She then used the other hand to form a loop from the loose end of the rope she had cinched around her ankle rope. Without something to cinch around this loop would fall apart, so she slipped it over the coil of rope then worked her other wrist through the other side of the coil.

She had done it. Aunt Jean, going in the direction away from me, fell over on to her side. Then with some effort rolled back over on to her stomach. She was now laying on the bed next to me in what looked to be a very effective self-induced hog-tie. Her head was pointing in the opposite direction from mine which meant that my head was just about even with her knees. When she had flopped over onto her side one of her high-heels had fallen off so she now had one shoe on and one shoe off. Her skirt had completed more of its journey up her thighs. It was now up past the top of her stockings and I could see the tabs of her garter belt where they attached to her stockings and a hint of creamy white flesh between the hem of her skirt and the tops of her stockings. I was in bondage heaven.

I think it was the realization that I felt something wet that finally brought me back to some form of reality. My gag had become soaked to the point where I was drooling profusely and a sizable wet spot had formed under my chin. It was then that I looked at the clock and realized it had been an hour and a half since Aunt Jean had begun tying herself up and about two hours that I had been tied up. I figured that since she had blindfolded herself Aunt Jean had lost track of time. I was surprised that we had stayed tied up this long.

Movement next to me drew my focus back to Aunt Jean. She was working her hands in an effort to try and free them from the coil of rope she had slipped them through. She was making a futile effort to bend her legs down closer to her wrists in an effort to provide some slack in the rope used to cinch the coils of rope tight around her wrists. It seemed to be a hopeless effort. Her ankles were so close to her hands already it was difficult to move her ankles closer to get any slack at all. She could only keep then bent for a few seconds and every time her ankles snapped back up the rope cinched tighter.

That's when I got a cold clammy feeling all over and realized Aunt Jean couldn't get free. As close as her ankles were to her wrists she had almost no play at all and the rope cinching the coils around her wrists had been pulled too tight. By sitting on her heels her ankles and wrists had been about as close together as possible when she tied the rope off. Not having any previous experience at tying herself up she had not left any slack in the rope connecting her ankles to her wrists. When she rolled over and her legs released from under her the cinch rope was snapped taut and she was in as strict a hog-tie as I had placed her in the last time we played. There was not enough play to allow her to bend her legs further up to release the tension on the rope.

We were screwed. My only vision at that moment was one of Mom and Dad walking in to the bedroom in the morning and finding the two of us hog-tied and Aunt Jean's skirt up around her hips. The effort that Aunt Jean had been putting into trying to get loose had caused her skirt to continue rising. When she rolled over onto her side in her struggles to free herself her skirt was now hiked high enough that I actually had an unobstructed view of the black panties Aunt Jean was wearing.

There were frustrated muffled grunts escaping through her gag as she struggled. I could see her nostrils flaring as she sucked air in and blew it out as her struggles began to take their toll on her. I could see that her gag was completely soaked through. Her chin glistened from the saliva that had seeped out of her mouth. A huge wet spot was clearly visible on the bed where her chin and mouth had been. In fact, her gag was so soaked with saliva that as she clinched her jaws, in an effort to pull her hands free and suck enough air into her lungs, small saliva air bubbles would form on the surface of the scarf binding the handkerchiefs in her mouth. Then like wringing out a wet rag drool would run off the cloth and down onto the bed. Once a strand of drool just hung between the corner of her mouth and the bed like a spider's web glistening in the morning dew. She finally rolled back onto her stomach and lay there, exhausted from her efforts and trying to catch her breath as best she could with a huge gag stuffed in her mouth. My next glance at the clock told me we were now starting our fourth hour.

It was another half hour before Aunt Jean had regained enough composure to renew her efforts to get free. This time she managed to roll onto her side facing away from me. She was desperately mmupphing through her gag and making movements with her fingers like she was trying to direct someone to her. Finally I caught on. She wanted me to roll toward her. With some effort I finally managed to roll my stiff and some what numb body toward her so that we were now facing in opposite directions from each other. But, our hands and feet were now touching.

After continued mmupphing and struggling on the part of Aunt Jean I caught on that she wanted me to try and untie the rope holding her ankles to her wrists. The same rope which held its tight cinch on the rope around her wrists. As I tried to feel around for the knot, with fingers that by now felt like tree stumps, I had an added thrill. My fingers were playing around the slick patent leather of the one stiletto high heel she still wore and the silky nylon covering the foot that her other shoe had fallen off of. This was great. I could actually feel the ridge of the seam running along the bottom of her foot and up the back of her heel. The exhilaration of this moment was not providing just a whole lot of incentive for me to locate the knot. I let my fingers wander around her feet for several more minutes while I tried to locate the knot. All the while Aunt Jean way mupphing away trying to encourage my efforts to locate the knot.

The tension on the rope had tightened the knot considerably. The problem was I needed some slack in the rope to work the knot loose and the tension of the strict hog-tie was keeping the rope very taut. I hit upon the idea or bracing her feet against mine. By scooting up just a little it would push her legs into her just enough to take some of the tension out of the rope. Getting her feet braced against mine was the easy part. Scooting while in a strict hog-tie, especially after almost five hours, was the hard part. Aunt Jean caught on to what I was trying and began trying to scoot down to help out. I wish I could have been turned the other way because her efforts to scoot down dragged her skirt up all the way to her hips.

Anyway, we did get some slack in the rope and I began working away at the knot with fingers that felt like lead. It took me 45 frustrating minutes to finally work it loose. I rolled back over onto my stomach and Aunt Jean did the same. That's when I discovered what effect the scooting action had on her skirt. The sudden release of the tension on her legs as she rolled over must have been somewhat painful because even though she had a very large tight gag in her mouth she let out a very loud and very long groan as her legs straightened for the first time in almost five hours. What a sight! Here I was not more then three feet from a pair of gorgeous legs, encased in sheer black full fashioned nylons, broken by bands of white rope around the ankles and above the knees, stocking tops fully exposed, garter belt straps leading up six inches of creamy white thighs and disappearing under a black skirt that was bunched up around her ass.

After a while Aunt Jean rolled over onto her back and with some effort raised herself up into a sitting position. She inched her way toward me and began muupphing and motioning with her fingers. If was hard for me to pull my gaze away from the bound legs that were now right next to me. Realizing she wanted me to roll back onto my side and help her work the rope cinching her wrists loose I tore myself away from wanting to rub my face against her thighs and rolled over. With her working her wrists furiously and me tugging at the rope it finally loosened and her hands pulled free.

Aunt Jean worked her arms around in front of her and sat there for a couple of minutes rubbing her wrists trying to get circulation back into them. She finally worked the rope around her upper body and arms off over her head. Next she removed her blindfold and looked over at me. Her chin was glistening wet from the almost constant drool that now seeped from her soaking wet gag. Instead of finishing untying herself she immediately started untying me. She released my hog-tie and untied my legs. I experienced first hand the sudden shock of pain associated with the release of limbs held under tension for a long period of time. She was now working on untying my wrists. Once they were released I just lay there for several minutes feeling the tingle of thousands of pins as feeling started to find its way back into my legs and hands.

Satisfied that I could now take care of getting the rope off my arms, Aunt Jean went about the business of finally untying herself. I just lay there and watched. She still had made no effort whatsoever to pull her skirt down. When she bent over and reached down to start untying her ankles a large amount of drool spilled from her mouth and trailed down to the floor. She took one hand and wiped it away.

By the time Aunt Jean finished untying her ankles I had gotten the rope off my arms and was sitting beside her on the bed. I began untying my gag while keeping an eye on Aunt Jean as she untied the rope above her knees. I don't know if I had gotten use to the pain in my jaws or if they had gone somewhat numb like the rest of me, but when I pulled the packing from my mouth I instantly remembered how much my jaws ached. Even though the packing from my mouth was soaking wet my throat was dry because I had been unable to swallow for almost six hours. My jaws didn't want to work at all. My mouth wouldn't close on its own.

I glanced over and saw Aunt Jean fumbling for the knot holding her gag in place. I made some incoherent sound and indicated I would untie it for her. She turned so that her back was to me. She pulled her hair aside with her right hand so I could get to the knot easier. Angry red rope marks were circling her wrist. As I fumbled with the knot of her cleave gag my eyes were still drawn to her legs. Her skirt was still up so her stocking and garters were still fully exposed. Finally the knot came loose. Aunt Jean reached up and pulled the cleave gag from between her lips. As she removed the first handkerchief she let out an Ahhhhhhh sound. I assumed that the pain in her jaws was now hitting her just as it had me. She tilted her head down slightly as she pulled the handkerchief out and a large amount of drool literally poured out of her mouth down onto her stockings leaving a huge puddle of saliva which slowly began to spread out into a large wet spot. The next handkerchief had molded itself to the back of her mouth and she had to work to get it loose and pull it out.

She turned to me and tried to say something but her mouth wasn't working any better then mine was. I figured she was asking if I was OK so I nodded yes and made a sound that came out something like "oooo". Aunt Jean nodded yes as well. We both sat there for a few minutes just trying to catch our breath and give things time to regain some feeling and start working again. I was being too obvious and Aunt Jean finally realized that I was starring at her legs. Rather then getting upset she instead gave me a friendly punch in the arm, laughed, stood up, kicked off her other shoe, pulled her skirt down and headed for the bathroom on legs that were still somewhat wobbly. I headed for a drink of water.

I was sitting in the kitchen when Aunt Jean walked in about thirty minutes later. She got a glass of water and sat down. After taking a long drink she looked at me and asked, "Are you sure you're OK?"

"Yes, what about you?"

Aunt Jean said she was OK as well. She then said, "I'm so sorry. I never imagined that I wouldn't be able to get loose. I only intended for us to stay tied up for about an hour. If I ever do that again I'll certainly know what not to do."

"I realized we were in trouble after a couple of hours went by. All I could think of was what would my parents think when they got home and found us."

"I know. I was thinking the same thing and how was I going to explain it. I mean, how embarrassing, not just being found tied up but with my skirt up like that. And, having to confess that I had tied you up and then myself."

"I don't think my parents would be very understanding."

Aunt Jean added, "Well, I don't know about your father, but I'm sure your mother would."

I questioned, "My mother?"

"Oh, sure. Your mom, being the oldest daughter, and having to watch after the younger kids, was always getting tied up as part of your uncle's games."

I told her I had no idea my mom had played these kind of games as a child. Aunt Jean said, "I think it must be a phase all young boys go through."

"Phase?" I asked.

"You know, wanting to tie girls up."

I didn't reply to that. It was no wonder Aunt Jean hadn't had a problem with being tied up as part of our games. She just figured I was in that phase where I liked to tie girls up and she was the girl of the moment. She then asked, "you mean you have never tied your mom up?"

"No, I never thought about asking Mom to play any of our games." Then I said, "Well, if you like to act out stories that feel real, you have to admit this certainly turned out to be very real."

Aunt Jean laughed. "Yeah, it did, a little too real. Maybe I should have practiced tying myself up before I actually did it."

"A real burglar couldn't have done better." We actually now laughed at what half an hour before had been a serious situation. "If we ever play this game again only one of us gets tied up, OK?"

Aunt Jean laughed again. "That's a deal. I probably should just leave the tying to you."

I think my heart stopped momentarily when she said that. Then Aunt Jean said, "Come on, we need to take care of those wet spots on the bed." We took a damp cloth and wiped the spots where we had drooled all over it. If I had been older then nine there would have been another more embarrassing wet spot where I had been laying. As it was I dry fired about four times during the time we were tied up. We hung the bedspread out to dry.

By the time my parents came home the next day the bed spread was dry and back on the bed. The gag marks had disappeared from our faces. Aunt Jean had changed into a pair of slacks because there were still red marks visible on her legs. We both wore long sleeves and were careful not to let the cuff of our shirts ride up to revel the hint of red rope marks around our wrists.


Unfortunately, I've never had another opportunity to tie Aunt Jean up. Even though there is a ten year difference in our ages we have always remained close. I always thought that was because of the games we had played and especially the night we almost didn't get untied. Although we never talked about it, I often wondered how Aunt Jean had felt about being tied up. She must have not minded it too much or she would not have agreed to play "Cops & Robbers" the second time, much less the third time. I remembered what she had told me about my Mom and knew she must have grown up thinking it wasn't unusual for boys to play games where the girl gets tied up. She did seem to get in to the role playing. I often wondered if she had any idea just how much I really did like seeing girls tied up and liked tying them up even more. I treasured the memories of when I tied her up playing cops and robbers. I'm sure Aunt Jean would be more than shocked if she knew how many times I had masturbated while I recalled a vision of her bound and gagged in her stockings and high heels.

A couple of years later Aunt Jean was over at our house for dinner, along with her future husband. We had finished eating and everyone was in the living room talking. The TV was going but I was the only one really watching it. It was an old sit-com called "Oh, Susanna". I always wanted to watch it because I was in love with Gail Storm the actress that played Susanna. As luck would have it, this episode involved her and her co-star getting tied back to back and gagged. I was transfixed to the screen, but for some reason glanced toward Aunt Jean. She was looking over at me. When she saw me look in her direction she looked at the TV screen then back at me. She gave me a wink and turned back to the conversation. I went to bed that night wondering if that wink was a "Hey, remember us playing cops and robbers?" or if it was a "You like that, don't you?" wink. Guess I will never know.

After Aunt Jean told me about my Mom playing tie up games with her brothers when she was a teenage girl I began to think about how I could get Mom to play Cops & Robbers. Since Dad was on the road a lot that meant that there were plenty of opportunities to try and involve Mom in our games. Soon after the last episode with Aunt Jean I and two of my friends were playing. I suggested we play cops and robbers. We went into the house and told Mom we were playing cops and robbers and needed a kidnap victim and asked her if she would play.

Mom said, "I suppose you want me to be the kidnap victim?"


To my surprise Mom said, "Well, OK. It has been years since I was a kidnap victim. I suppose you want to tie me up?"

I could not believe how easy this was and how casual Mom was about it. If it hadn't been for Aunt Jean I would have never have had the nerve to try and involve Mom in our tie-up games. So, the three of us proceeded to tie Mom to a kitchen chair. Mom was wearing peddle pushers (capri pants), which if you can believe it are back in style again, a blouse with the tail out, and bare feet. We had her hands tied behind her back, rope wrapped around her upper body, around her waist, just above her knees, and around her ankles. Mom commented on how good a job we had done and how she didn't think she would be able to escape.

Mom then completely floored my by telling us where to find some clean rags that we could use to gag her with. So we stuffed her mouth full, cleave gagged the packing in place, and blindfolded her. We left Mom tied up for about an hour. We then told her we had picked up the ransom and needed to move her to where we had left instructions she would be found. We untied her from the chair but left her hands tied, gagged and blindfolded. We then walked her around the house and finally had her sit on the floor in the living room where we tied her ankles together and then laid her on the floor and hogtied her. We left her like that for another thirty minutes before the rescue. Mom didn't seem to have a problem with anything. So after that Mom became a regular and willing participant in our games.

The End